Hip-Hop 2007: Dead Rappers = 2, Platinum Rappers = 0

All across America in cities like Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, St.Louis and of course Killadelphia poor people, mostly Blacks are merc’king each other like the shit is some new fashion trend. There was that brief period in the late sixties – early seventies when the Black Power movement had been shut down and he ghettos were filled with horse that poor people, mostly Blacks, realized it was so much easier to prey on their neighbors than to look to achieve anything substantial outside of their communities. This was the mentality of poor people.

Now since all Blacks weren’t poor people there were still plenty of Blacks that had no problem doing crazy shit like going to school, getting vocational training, and even voting to improve their quality of life. These Blacks still had family members that lived in the ghettos and those ghetto dwellers wanted to be part of that progressive movement as well. Heroin was fucking shit up something serious and a bad situation was just getting worse.

Then Hip-Hop culture was born as a reaction to the lack of opportunity and services provided to ghetto dwellers. The artistic movement that was fusing music and art and dance and fashion was getting into the eyes and ears of a larger global community. With this opportunity some of Hip-Hop’s best poets used the music to describe the conditions that they lived in daily. For my money, there will never be a more realer, truthful song than Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’.

Eventually, the folks that make money off everybody by colonizing people and committing genocide got wind of the Hip-Hop artistic movement. With promises to make the artists, mostly ghetto dwellers, wealthy and secure the colonizers were given access to Hip-Hop’s secrets and it’s mythology. The Gods of Hip-Hop which had been Peace, Unity and Love were replaced with money, sex and drugs. The genocide had begun.

Hip-Hop would be used to lure generations of poor Americans, mostly Blacks, into a false sense of wealth and security if they could only use their power for expression to rap. This was the bastardization of Hip-Hop. There are endless ways to express oneself in the true meaning of Hip-Hop. Graphic arts, design, dance, speech and musicality are all forms of expression. The fact that the colonizers used speech was directly connected to their genocidal agenda. Picture the pied piper leading his followers to jump from the edge of a cliff. This would be the future for Hip-Hop’s rap music.

We find ourselves now in an era where the music of Hip-Hop is literally devouring itself from within. The murder of a rapper (Stacks Bundles) was allegedly committed by another rapper (Charles White), while the creative and even consumer apex of Hip-Hop appears to rapidly dwindle every day. Maybe this is what has to happen to rap music and to Hip-Hop in order for it to survive. Maybe all the possibilities for commercial profit have to wane so that the colonizers will discard the carcass like they did to so many others. Maybe then we can return the peace, unity and love to the music and the culture that needs it so desperately.

R.I.P. Hip-Hop

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  • dronkmunk

    Who died?

  • young


  • Incilin

    “We find ourselves now in an era where the music of Hip-Hop is literally devouring itself from within.” and “Maybe all possibility for commercial profit has to wane so that the colonizers will discard the carcass like they did to so many others.”

    ^^ Once again, as I’ve noted on past posts, your flirting with Marxism. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but just to say Marx often suggested that capitalism would eat itself alive. I’m quite certain that the commierical aspects of hip hop (The ones that chase capital gain) is what has left you in such disdain of the current hip hop scene making Marx all the more right.

    By the title I thought this would be one of your comic posts, but I was wrong. It’s a great title that should have been saved for another post (It actually sounds like something Bol would write).

    BTW, as far as two dead rappers, whose the other one? Maybe I’m forgetting here, but the only person I remember getting killed was Stack Bundles. The suspect in his case got killed. This is true. But the claim was he was an “aspiring rapper” just like every other black person I see on the news (Another way to discredit hip hop). I aint never heard of him until I read about his death. I don’t know if he totally counts. It’s like that Chris Rock joke where if you want to get away with murder you should put a rap demo in the guys pocket.

  • HNIC

    Very well said… I get it; Capitalism & Materialism raped and killed Hip Hop music. I can agree with that. Although, there are some, who are becoming more few and far in between now-a-days, that still do it for the love of it, and I commend them.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Socialism, not Marxism please. And any great, fair, just democracy can have both capitalism and socialism. The two should not be mutually exclusive.

  • N.O. 4 life

    this is probably the most intelligent thing you have ever put on this website ever…the only thing is that the destruction of hip hop really has to do with the fact when it became mainstream it began it reached a high of sales due to white people (85% of all bought hip-hop at a time)once the big shot record people grabbed hip hop they basically choked her into sumbission and made her come out with the same image over and over until it was no longer acceptable to be any way but that way…the internet and bootlegging kicked her while she was already choking and eventually the newer generations who do not even know the true meaning of hip hop are unknowingly sticking the steak in the heart with their bad taste

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    my question is this: where are the strong black leaders (not talking cultural ambulance chasers like jesse sharpton) that are attempting, and having an influence mind you, to eradicate this problem? dead prez, amongst others, did a recent press blitz that has attracted enough attention that the white house is in discussion to disassemble the gitmo prison system; this is progress, but it is not in our public conscientiousness due to the fact that we have essentially two media outlets that have their own (opportunistic) agendas. the entire thing is sickening. we have more black millionaires than ever in our history (which = political clout mind you) and there are sitting on their hands, silent so as not to upset the status quo. again, i am sickened. and on top of that, it is EVERYONE’S responsibility to eradicate this, not just black leaders, but leaders of all creeds and races.

    where are we people? why are we fighting each other in the streets rather than mobilizing against our corrupt government? why have we abandoned and disrespected the legacy of the panthers, the civil rights leaders, and mostly, where is our self-respect?

    and why is hip-hop now a metaphor for the absence of solidarity and progress?

    answer: we have let it become one.


    OUT HERE IN THE BAY…Rappers are creating a movement>>>NOT BEEFIN.

    Hip Hop creates blueprints for Hustlin;

    Entrepreneurs, Orchestrating and illustrating Tycoons>>Ballers, Block Monsters, Hustlers, Bosses, Shotcallers…WE SOME TIMERS!!!


    Peace and love is one thing; but DON’T BE A PUSSY ABOUT IT!

  • Chris S

    very well put b sunday

    i think the only hope for hip hop in the future rests on the shoulders of 2 people: Lupe & Papoose(and maybe saigon, if he can get his shit straight with atlantic)

  • Da Answer

    this blog was real talk.

  • Will The Thrill

    co-sign Thoureauly 77.

  • gteach

    “Eventually, the folks that make money off everybody by colonizing people and committing genocide got wind of the Hip-Hop artistic movement. With promises to make the artists, mostly ghetto dwellers, wealthy and secure the colonizers were given access to Hip-Hop’s secrets and it’s mythology. The Gods of Hip-Hop which had been Peace, Unity and Love were replaced with money, sex and drugs. The genocide had begun.”

    ^that’z real talk.

    GREED and JEALOUSY are 2 of hip hop’z GREATEST foes.

  • havoc08

    snap and crack music isn’t helping either. rapppers are trying to show off how rich they are or whatever, and when the album drops, they can’t even go gold. everybody needs to stop sounding the same and get some originality

  • dnero718

    thats the realest shit i ever read

  • http://myspace.com/djmainevent DJ Main Event

    any guesses as to what’s gonna emerge from the ashes of hip-hop billy?

  • T.R.E.Y.

    well i ain’t never heard it told like that before, maaan!

  • John Brown

    Goes to show you that the new motto is “GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN”…or maybe is to much dumb-fucks that wanna be rapper…

  • Latino Thug

    the realest post i’ve ever read from you billy.

  • Blaksteel

    Deep post Billy X keep it up bro we need info like this.Respect

  • stoneyisland

    Billy X, tell this bullshit to all the black and brown brothers in the US Military who are getting bodied up daily. Fuck hip hop, the shit is dead anyway. Iraq is way more dangerous then some punk ass rapper who can only sell records by starting beef……

  • Gutta Gutta

    One of the realest posts I’ve read in a while. Contrary to popular belief, real hip-hop will make a comeback. We won’t let it die.

  • Around and Around

    Bottom line is mainstream hip hop sucks right now. Who says Wayne is the best rapper alive, check his lyrics they speak for themselves….
    Homeboy got a 9, that a cop couldnt find
    I could get to it even if I was blind
    Scary movie be screaming when I rhyme
    I’ma ‘King’ you can ask ‘Steven’ if I’m lying
    I’ma Prince too demanding like my mom
    Too bold too cold like wet Sa-lam-Me!
    Me! It’s all about me!

    What the hell is that?

    On a side note: Anyone notice that ‘Dope Boy Fresh’ by 36 mafia has already been done by Gena?

  • Around and Around

    stoneyisland Says:

    June 23rd, 2007 at 8:56 am
    Billy X, tell this bullshit to all the black and brown brothers in the US Military who are getting bodied up daily. Fuck hip hop, the shit is dead anyway. Iraq is way more dangerous then some punk ass rapper who can only sell records by starting beef……

    Black man ain’t got no place in the white man’s army.

  • ak47

    >Maybe then we can return the peace, unity and love to the music and the culture that needs it so desperately.

    Im going to have to respectfully disagree. Though im not against peace, love, and unity, Hip-Hop has been prosperous without any of the above. Whether it was in 1995, when 2pac was on top of the world and it seemed hip-hop had reached a pinnacle, or 2000, when there were plenty of successful and platinum rappers all gaining popularity (Jay-Z, DMX, Eminem, Nelly, Dr. Dre, Ludacris, etc), I dont believe any of those artists promoted peace or love, and damn sure not unity considering all the classic diss records (Hit em up, Takeover, Ether etc). Being an 80′s baby, I wasn’t listening to the music really back when “The Message” was out. That very well may have been what Hip-Hop was about then, but for the last 15 years, hip-hop hasn’t been about peace, love, or unity, but rather threatening to kill people, bragging about shit, and getting fucked up.

    Does that mean peace can’t work in hip-hop? Not necessarily, although I wont be holding my breath. What seems more plauisble is another classic battle, with 2 Hip-Hop heavyweights going back and forth, both who have a LEGITIMATE beef, both who are capable of making classic records/albums, creating a buzz and reviving the music. Either that, or a breakthrough new artist that has unlimited potential of making hot ALBUMS, not just a couple HITS. Your probably thinking that would just end up in another dead young rapper. Not necessarily, as Jay-s and Nas proved to battle with intensity without the violence.

    just my opinion, no hatin…

  • r0 ceezy


  • grapes

    NICELOOKIN’ on that post. Wow, all too true. Hip-Hop is dying…not just because of the Internet and bootlegging, but the people making the music are getting away from the main message of hip-hop. We’ve gone from things like “The Message” – Grandmaster Flash to “Lip Gloss” – Lil’ Mama. Like…WHAT THE FUCK? I understand people like Lupe and Pap “bringing hip-hop back”. There are two statements that disagree with that though.

    1. NO FUCKING AIRPLAY, they’re too serious and complex for kids these days to understand and request on your favourite radio station.

    2. Two rappers alone cannot bring hip-hop back. We need ALL rappers and MCs to get in on the movement to get it to become real again and unfortunately, because of “talent scouts” and shit, listening to bullshit mixtapes by kids singing about their favourite kind of lip gloss or their new dance, we’re fidning more and more kids who are topping the charts with their BULLSHIT.

  • grapes

    One thing i have to disagree with though (with AK47), when the fuck was peace, unity, and love in hip-hop? like…”Fuck the police” – N.W.A., “Ether”-Nas, “Takeover”-Hov…like. Beef is a main part of hip-hop. But at the same times, these days beef is escalated to a different level. Like in Jay-Z Vs. Nas…they actually RESPONDED to each other. Game is out dissing 50, hoping to make a dime instead of using his talents on making songs that mean something like his idols, N.W.A. By the way, 50 Cent won. Fuck 300 bars, and no offence to Game. But he still hasn’t sold as much as Get Rich or Die Trying (which is a motto that basically destroyed hip-hop, along with 50 Cent). 50 didn’t even need to say anything back, just made his business. and made $400 mil off of Vitamin Water. WHY THE FUCK DO ALL YOU HIP-HOP ARTISTS GOTTA BE SO GREEDY? I know growing up in the guttas is hard, but DAMN. How bout this: instead of enjoying it by yourself, getting 4 mansions, 6 cars, a jet plane, and still having millions to keep in the bank. SHARE IT AROUND. pass it to your brothers and sisters in the ghetto, help them out! But then again, if you get rid of the ghetto, hip-hop will REALLY be dead. So it’s a bit of a dilemma. Either everyone becomes wealthy enough to live suburban and hip-hop dies, or rappers stay greedy, keep their money, and let some next kid die due to hunger. I don’t know bout all y’all, but I’ll listen to some stupid ass rappers talking bout poppin’, lockin’, and droppin’ rather than let my people in the hood keep dying. Keep ya heads up.

  • doctor69

    excellent post X I remember my moms’s playing the message those lyrics is what changed hip hop and as far as battling is gonna happen but record sales don’t make a winner have you hear fifty go at nas really hard since he realesed mc burial which was an underground dis track beef gonna happen but its when people become sore losers is when shit goes down there used to be a time when you fought somebody win or lose next day your best friends now everybody gotta get revenge till somebody’s dead now as far as leaders we have none sharpton tries then fails he wants to march against cops but won’t march against black on black crime there still an unsolved murder in bk crown heights he hasn’t reached out to complain to the residents about there no snitching policy which won’t help this girls family get justice or the fact bengamin chavis talks unity but helps promote a fake blood gang aka the dipset or we won’t tell on other kids when they doing wrong in the streets plus the decline in the black family where everybody wants to have a baby moms’s wifey but no married life just kicking facts

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    It’s nice.

  • these posts are racist

    “The Gods of Hip-Hop which had been Peace, Unity and Love were replaced with money, sex and drugs…”

    This is just nonsense. Anything that can make money is exploited in America, that’s just common sense. But to suggest that there was some glorious time in Hip Hop where everything was positive, is just not true. What years are you talking about? The mid-late 80′s Big Daddy Kane was talking about money hoes and clothes…”The Message” was released only 5-6 years before that. Its not like rap was all “positive” and “motivational” for a long period of time. Since its inception, rap has reflected a whole host of things, positivity, negativity, etc. And much of it does reflect a reality…and much of it is exploited…etc. The picture you paint is innaccurate and does not reflect the true history of rap. Moreover, for you to slam rappers who come from nothing for saying the things they say in order to enrich themseleves, flies in the face of what most humans would do when they lack basic needs…

    Your so far from understanding shit that I don’t know where to start.

  • killa the dawn

    rap and rock talk about the same shit…..so y isnt rock and roll dead? dumb *ucks dont get they love to see us talkn about hip hop dyin specially at a time when they think thats all we have

    woooah glad 2 be black and not poor

    Skull Gang *itch

  • Cuban link

    ^^Rock and roll aint dead because no rock fans give a shit about the lyrics, its about the guitar talent and drums i guess.Hip Hop was based on witty rhymes, creative lyrics, and the pains of the ghetto.

    Guitar talent isnt lost in rock, lyrics and the heart of hip hop is

  • doctor69

    killa dawn is a dipset fag fuck the skull gang that’s worshipping death

  • YDJR

    Look i’m 21 and in the middle of both generations of rap and this is how it is. Hip-Hop just lost touch with the younger crowd because well all of the music that had a message just stopped mattering and rappers that had a meaning in their rap started to sound like angry politicians instead of artists trying to tell a story about life & struggle. So if the music don’t relate then nobody will listen and the younger crowd from what i know feel like The “Hip-Hop is Dead-Heads” always seem to be griping and complaining (like their parents) about the “good ol’ days” of rap that none of them ever even remmeber. I mean since there are so many people who know good rap when they hear it. Seeing by how many people are always involved in this “hot topic” . Maybe we can get rid of all these whack ass rappers. Like Rich Boy or The Shop Boyz. Then maybe we would listen to some real lyrical content. Besides, with the exception of Papoose, Saigon, Kanye & Lupe i think all the other super-lyrical rappers out now that actually got a a good bar-game is commercial. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP CRYING ABOUT ANOTHER MAN’S COME UP. If 50 makes $400 Mil off Vitamin Water then let him do that. What does that have to do with hip-hop???? Nothing, Absolutely Nothing. And “positive” & “negative” rap came out at almost the same time. By the way since when did everybody become a backpacker anyway???? I mean damn i would just be happy being in or watching a descent rap battle. A freestyle session wit MC’s from your hood and they all had a sicc verse that everybody in the hood had to listen to. Instead of a song that just makes you dance a little jig. And why is it a “jig” ,because when you see a white person do it, you almost feel ashamed that your race of peolpe created the dance.

  • wars4foolz

    Maybe all the possibilities for commercial profit have to wane so that the colonizers will discard the carcass like they did to so many others.
    And why is it a “jig” ,because when you see a white person do it, you almost feel ashamed that your race of people created the dance.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka Revolutionary Rhyme Rebel X

    ok^^^^^, looks like someone can’t take the stereotypical bullshit we been goin thru since 4 score and fuck it…….

    back to the agenda…

    Hopefully now these dudes see that the problem aint hip-hop music, but socio-economic ills that we are faced with in the urban community in general. If anything Hip-Hop would be the positive, it’s legit $$$$, rap lyrics and such didn’t kill Stack or the aspiring rapper. It’s not even proven that it was a retaliatory effort, i don’t think even the dumbest of killers are gonna skip town for a few days and come back to the hood after catchin a body, thats why i think the whole connection is bullshit. Coincidental, sure two dudes from the same area who happen to be rappers get merked. You seen the media eat it up soon as it hit the presses, they makin it into a Big vs. Pac aka “Rival Rapper” theme.

    Hopefully this is a wake-up call for all these dumb fucks thinkin banning words and such are the cure to social and economical problems or urban crime in general. Words are words, we got free speech if nothin else in this world for free, we get blamed for violent crimes like we manufacture weapons and drugs in da PJ’s or some shit.

    These lost fucks must think we pop in a Pac CD and go for broke pickin coke plants and puttin 2gether gun parts and shit for mass-production. We got guns to protect ourselves, legal or not. Cops kill innocent kids and get away wit a slap on a limp-wrist. We get caught with our means of self-preservation and get a prison record even. It’s guns in da hood cause no one really cares to get em out da hood. Most of da guns in da hood comes from those who can get em legit, and i don’t know too many dudes from round my way who can get guns legally, actually i know none. Possibly this is the evolution of the genre u was speaking of in the last few sentences.

    Comming Soon!!!!

  • fireforreal

    Fuck everything.As long as we keep focusing on these rappers telling us it’s cool to kill each other if you have issues with someone and don’t tell the cops if someone is murdered,this will happen more and more.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    Nas had rapped about it but ppl weren’t listening hell public enemy too, we still have artists that know whats really wrong with hip-hop and wats effecting it from mos def to kweli to common and lupe and more. long as we have the negative around its going to be a hard fight.

  • R.I.P. Stack Bundles

    R.I.P. Stack Bundles SSSsquad Up

  • spitta


  • young troopa

    damn i see niggas going to blame this shit on the south too. and these two rappers had nothing to do with the south so why is a nigga still bringing the south rappers up in this conversation. You dont see rich boy going kill shop boyz cuz they record got more airplay. Hiphop is not dead. its dead in the east coast though because they artist is to worried about being on top. Stack actually had skillz to bad we will never see it though why cuz another east coast rapper hated and killed him. The East said hiphop was dead when the west coast brought the gangsta movment and owned the sells it turned into a big eastcoast and westcoast battle. cuz the west did what worked for them. stop bitchin if you on the east coast and go support your artist cuz bitching and complainin is why hip hop is ded in the east now. thats just real talk.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Its funny to me.

    I somewhat agree with this, for the most part. Even tho it is very much in the “fuck the white man its all his fault” school of thinking. I mean, there isnt any disdain for those black artists that took the dough? The ones that when the A&R says we need more guns more bitches, they abliged? Why isnt it their fault for selling out? Just because they were poor? It goes hand in hand, I just think people are afraid to evolve in this genre. Noone is pushing the envelope. Everyone sees a gimmick and rides it out until the next gimmick. In rock music there are so many different bands and genres and progression in the sound. I mean you had rock n roll in the 70s, then in the 80′s you had Glam Rock / Hair Metal, then in the 90′s you had grunge rock and heavy metal hitting the scene, then in 2000′s you had your Tool, and your RATM, ect. and now its pussy ass emo rock n shit, but theres still pieces of each genre left.
    The problem with hiphop is haters and this mentalitly of this is hiphop and this isnt. Im hiphop and you’re not. That Justin Timberlake is pop music, when its more hiphop than pop. That Gnarles Barkley is just rock, when its really mostly hiphop. Everyone in hiphop is so image concious and self centered that theres no room for us to grow and mature. See the thing is that sales are suffering across the board from digital downloads. Fabo only missed the #1 spot by 50K records and that was KEITH URBAN, CRACKA ASS CRACKA, kna mean?
    Think about the progression of hiphop, from the party music and breakdancers to the social activism of PE to the pimp rap of Ice-T and Too Short, to the gangsta shit of NWA, Cube, ect. To the south with Outkast and Ghetto Boys, back up top to Mobb Deep Nas, Jay, back down south to Master P, Cash Money, to the midwest with Nelly, Eminem, Kanye, this shit progresses and moves around and everyone has something different to say. Did anyone ever doubt outkast was hiphop when they were pushing hiphop to the edge of creativity? Nope.
    Fact is hiphop is NOT DEAD. I dunno about you but like a couple months ago I saw Herio, Del (solo), and Souls of Mischeif all in 2 weeks. Ive seen Peanut Butter Wolf, Swollen Members feat. Ghostface live, Joell Ortiz is signed to aftermath, Pap is about to drop, La Coka Nostra, Moka Only, anyone on BabyGrande records, Blacksmith Records, Good Music,
    man hiphop is alive and well. Fuck Sales since when do sales make you hiphop? We got cats down here still writin man! (Represent HRS 407 Kers1, Kepher, Scryber, JUGE, JURY the rest of my crew)
    We still got scribble jams, immortal technique, I just saw Termanology live in florida.
    Theres a silver lining to every cloud. Maybe the sales are declining? Who gives a shit? Not me.
    Hiphop moves around, always has, and its starting to have sub cultures in it! Thats diversity and its a good thing to me.
    It boils down to me, that yeah, alot of the people are gonna write long ass rants about how “yeah this sucks” “im sick of 50 and Chamil and TI and Luda” “fuck the man” all this shit.
    Then they gonna get in their car, hook up their IPod, and bump that T.I. vs. T.I.P. that they downloaded today because it leaked last night and not even think twice.
    If you wanted hiphop in your life or what I guess for the sake of this post and BXS we’ll call “Real HipHop” you’d look right under your fuckin nose. YOU are hiphop. WE are hiphop. Most of all the MCs that are hiphop are still there, yall just arent checkin for em. So all this bitchin to me is pointless.

    Sorry, kinda went on a rant there I hope I stayed on topic. Havent had a real urge to express my opinion on the latest posts here.

    1 hunned.

  • http://www.myspace.com/vyrus181 Lawrence Land

    Hip Hop music vs. Rap Music. Skills vs. Commercial success. The back packers vs. the bling blingers. There has been a war going on inside no “fan” is safe from. Since the turn of the new century, for those who are involved in it by six degrees of separation, whether spitting over a beat, laying down the tracks, writing the lyrics, or observing the genre and appreciating it in all it’s varying forms, it has become a critic’s paradise. Everyone from journalist in the media, to the young kid hanging around the studio, believes they have a vice grip, on what the pulse of the music should sound like. 50 Cent and Young Jeezy, only rap about being thugs, gangsta’s, and murderer’s, who move drugs, wear expensive jewelry and sex the best ho‘s. Talib Kweli and Common only rap about the struggle, consistently spearheading the movement against corporate gain, and capitalist MC’s. There is an imbalance with aligning your train of thought with either of these two, one way tracks. Hip Hop and or Rap music in general, could have possibly been born out of necessity. So all of the topics and sub-topics that have sprung forth from it, were relevant issues that were birthed at the same time as the culture itself, making them, at the very least, fraternal twins, in a womb with enough room for each to coexist, without taking away from the other seed’s development. On the other hand if this was an art form that was created from want, it is a want to be heard, understood, and appreciated, not only for it’s contribution to that which is our song, but to be respected for it’s points of view, no matter how brash or toned down the message may be. Bleeding hearts who wish the genre to remain in it’s hay day, are doing no less than the often looked down upon “machine”, to rip apart the essence of what we enjoy, in their endless tug-of-war. With neither lending much weight to their valid arguments, the fans remain on opposites sides of the fence, wanting to know what the grass feels like on the other side, but can’t get over the beauty in the color of the lawn on theirs. Unbiased opinions and points of view that are open to suggestion could perhaps change how things play out over the course of time, but as with many things, even after initially reading this article, it will be too soon to tell what impact the words will have, when those bent on remaining pigeonholed in frames of mind, never liked the big picture. Fans are fair-weather creatures of habit, rarely if ever remembering a song put out by their then “favorite” artist, even if the track is only 2-3 years old. Supporters are diehard, figuratively risking life and limb to lend a hand in assuring that which they appreciate, doesn’t pass away without a fight. Who are fans and who are supporters? This is a question that is mostly answered by the individuals who are labeled as such. But every-so-often, it is ring tone download sales and successful “comeback” albums that tell you who’s going to last, and who’s on their way out of the door.

    Everyone and their mother these days has a song or 5 on MySpace. If you’ve ever heard a rap lyric in your life, or you’ve done poetry, or made a beat, then you’re ready for the big time. All the lyrics you’ve written are relative, and have not only meaning, but are the illest things that anyone in the history of the culture has ever uttered. No one on your block has better skills and you know Russell Simmons baby momma’s limo driver, but aren’t you forgetting something??????? There’s a major difference between saying something that’s profound vs. what’s considered a punch line. At times those line’s intersect, i.e. the Notorious B.I.G.’s verse from Victory, on the No Way Out album by Puff Daddy, where he says: “Ya’ll f*ggot’s ain’t killing shit/oop’s Cristal keep spilling shit”. That verse holds a lot more meaning than what was actually said. Since it’s not up to me to make up your mind for you, it would be a good exercise to collectively ruminate on not only what was said, but how it was said, and the different meanings it could have. That’s the beauty of opinion in society. While those who keep their perspective distance from the hip hop culture, just so they can lob grenades at it from behind their mansion walls, tell us how it’s destroying society, there are many others who not only grew up with the root causes of the content behind the lyrics, who do defend the poison being put out, but also fall short by not joining forces to bring forth the necessary solutions to temper the base of the content. Though it may be true that those who purchase the bulk of the music live far beyond the border’s where it’s soul originated, it’s origin dictates the direction where it is headed. I hope for the artist sake that they remember that. I encourage all to keep this one final though in mind: “To say that someone is weak is an observation and not a judgment. To say that some one is inferior is a judgment and not an observation.”

  • SugarHill

    He said niggas killing each other like it’s a fashion trend…..damn that shit was funny.