The Greatest Album You Will Never Hear…

Shouts to all the XXL Mag Dot Commenters that had the courage to make a list of 25 or more of your favorite rap albums. Making a list can be fun, but there is also hell’a anxiety involved because it’s impossible to quantify rap albums into a top list, even if you use the top 100 of all time. There is just too much good shit that has been released in the history of the game. Think about how technologically revolutionary the last twenty years of recorded music has been. Hip-Hop has been the prime beneficiary of most of that forward progress in terms of production.

Since you humps are the argumentative types then can we agree that Dr.Dre is arguably the most prolific music producer in the last twenty years. His fingerprints are all over the popular music and Hip-Hop genres. I don’t have to sit here and recount to you all the music that he is credited with producing. Chances are you listen to some of it everyday. In my mind, what’s even more important than all of the Dr.Dre produced classics that you’ve heard already are the Dr.Dre classics that you will never hear. The Rakim abum. Detox. And now, Only Built For Cuban Links 2. I didn’t want to believe that OB4CL2 was going to disappear into the Aftermath abyss of unreleased material, but here we are in almost the third quarter of 2007 and the buzz for this project is nil. Instead the Interscope machine is gearing up for a new Fisty Scent drop.

I can remember seeing Raekwon in concert last year and he seemed pretty confident that OB4CL2 was going to be released. Busta Rhymes was helping push the project forward until he went bananas from smoking a bong of that Barry Bonds. The RZA was rumored to have some tracks on the disk too, but even that chatter has gone silent over the last few months. If I were Raekwon I would do something to get my name in the news. He should call Oprah Winfrey a nappy-headed ho. Maybe he could adopt one of those bald headed African ski jumpers that he befriended during that VH-1 documentary. Hell, smack somebody.

The biggest problem that I have with Raekwon’s new project is the album’s proposed title. Only Built For Cuban Links is a consensus top 10 album for all rap music fans that have any fucking sense. The anticipation that is generated by naming this joint after that classic is setting all of up for disappointment. Raekwon hasn’t released a follow up disk with half of the intensity of OB4CL. He has to literally jump out of the window to bring old fans and new ones back into his corner. That’s asking a lot for someone who doesn’t release music with enough frequency. I hope Raekwon can pull it all together in time so that he doesn’t become another Aftermath mystery, but I’ve seen it all before so I’m no longer surprised. Only Built For Cuban Links Two will be the greatest rap album I’ve never heard.

Update: Raekwon interview via Nah’Right Lite

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  • ONE50

    iron man is Only Built For Cyban Linx 2 in my book. Now way he make do it like he did in 1995. He doesn’t have the build up like he did back then.

  • jblaze

    its hard to follow up a classic album like that

  • CB4MVP

    I thought the Rakim album, was Detox?

  • beeyo

    Watch out Billy, ya boy Joell got a boat in that ocean too. Sheeeeet, they did it to Rakim, they’ll do it to anyone. Is Dre signing all the rappers with the power to change the hip hop landscape purposely, in order to keep the industry where he wants it? Or is he too scared of blemishing his record of top selling CDs to release anything nowadays? Or is the product coming out of Aftermath just not up to par with his own high as heaven expectations? Or are the artists he signs just not on his dick like Fifty, Em, Busta and Mr. Butterfly Face, therefore not “worthy” of his full attention? When the FUCK is Dre gonna do an interview and clear the air?

  • beeyo

    Or is Iovine putting the kibosh on this shit? Wait, didn’t Iovine sign Rich Boy? Rich Boys album drops, and Rakim gets let go? WHAT THA FUCK?!?!

    And where the fuck have you and the other guy been for the past two days? Did you and Noz meet up somewhere and throw down? Squash it?


    i agree that dubbing this album a sequel can’t be positive. the first was a classic. that fire will be difficult to recapture, but it is possible. anybody remember stillmatic.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Dizzleman says “I agree that dubbing this album a sequel can’t be positive. the first was a classic. that fire will be difficult to recapture, but it is possible. anybody remember stillmatic?”

    There were a lot of external forces and tensions that were the impetus for NaS to recreate some great music again.

    1. To show Jigga up

    2. To honor his mom who was dying with cancer

    Those types of challenges can bring out an artist’s gifts but you can’t create those challenges artificially. To be honest, I don’t care what the album is called if it has music from RZA and Dre.

  • dubcity

    Yo check the new Rae interview on, he’s still working on that shit and promises it to be a classic, got Dre and Rza, how the fuck could it not be?

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i don’t got no fuckin’ sense! hah.

    and i dunno, some of Dre’s beats lately are questionable.

  • Yung Ether

    let’s not forget that dr. dre/ice cube album

  • Whoa

    Let’s Not Forget The 2nd Firm album too.

  • Rizzop

    You cant rush greatness….Im buying that shit regardless. Wu tang someof the only niggas that just rely on talent and not gimmicks in their records.

  • eauhellzgnaw

    The Vatican mixtapes had some fire, so I know Rae can do it, but letting Dre fuck with this project was the biggest mistake Rae could have made. It will probably not drop this year. And if it ever does drop, it will be inconsistent. RZA, Pete Rock, RZA, Doom, sure, but Dre + Wu will never work.

  • The only opinion that matters in life

    I hear rae ain’t gonna have ghost on there and if that’s true this album is surely gonna be a weedplate. plus did anyone see this guy’s myspace picture…he had blow on his nose purposely.

  • EReal

    What the fuck does Dre do all damn day?

    Im still waitin on my fuckin HITMAN album.

    Jesus H.

    1 hunned.

  • meenstreek

    WHen I first heard about Only Built for Cuban Linx 2, I was a little wary. Only Built 1 is a top 5 album.

    The thought of having RZA and Dre producing tracks on the same album intruiged me. I hope it drops.

    However, after The Big Bang failed to jump off the way it should have, I’m starting to think Only Built 2 might be wishful thinking.

  • Incilin

    All I know is that I wish OBFCL2 would just come out. It prolly won’t sell much, and its almost impossible for him to recapture the magic of before so whats the big deal? The waiting is killing me.

  • King Ben

    To be honest, I don’t care what the album is called if it has music from RZA and Dre.
    I agree Billy X. .

  • King Ben

    To be honest, I don’t care what the album is called if it has music from RZA and Dre.
    I agree Billy X. .

  • Tha Ace

    i agree on this one and i second the firm 2
    but i’m still gonna download all the tracks off OB4CL2

  • mister adam

    don’t forget that unreleased king tee aftermath album. i downloaded it and the shit is so god damn hot, they should have released it.

  • DANJA29

    Rakim didn’t get “let go” as much as he and Dre decided shit wasn’t workin’ out and agreed to part ways.

    Rae’s album is a “whatever” case at this point. If it comes out it comes out… if not, so be it. My anticipation for Cuban Linx II died years ago when it was supposed to come out and never did.

    Oh, and co-sign dude who said “Ironman” was the Cuban Linx sequel… and no matter how good this new album ends up being it’s not gonna stand up to the OB4CL name.

  • thoreauly77

    waiting for guffman, part eleventeen (c) the good doctor.

  • Vee

    I remember Stillmatic. 2nd Childhood? Ether? One Mic? Rewind? Then again I remember It Takes A Nation of Millions, Freestyle Fellowship, De La Soul is Dead, Main Source 1st Disc, Jealous Ones Envy and even Isaac Haye’s Black Moses album.

    Some of the greatest combos in the NBA failed to win the championships. I would love to hear Dre + RZA live up to their potential but who knows. Or Dre + Timberland. It doesn’t really mean anything until the project is actually done.

    And simply based off Rae’s last two release projects and his recent bitter old school emcee attitude . . . who knows. His skits were horrible on his last two CDs. OB4CL II will not sound or feel like the original. Just like Chronic 2001 did not sound or feel like the Chronic. Times have changed, SO HAS DRE and SO HAS RZA. I’ll celebrate those antiquate releases but I won’t hold my breath for OB4CL II.
    Yeah, I felt burnt when I learned that the “Oh My God” project was dead. The extended version “Addictive” featuring Rakim was so sick. . . . why oh why.
    Yeah, that’s the Greatest Album I Never Heard. And I’m glad Rakim did not go gangster-gangster.

    In the mean time, I’ll just look forward to the next Ghost release, 8-Diagrams, a possible Meth-Red CD, and Muddy Waters CD without the weed carriers. Another Meth CD would be good but without the complaints.

  • Vee

    Oh, BTW RZA has an interview on the Formula about OB4CL.

  • Cuban Link

    Well not doing the Rakim album was a good idea.I dont wanna see him take a chance and tarnish the legacy.Go out on top, and stay out so u can never fall down, you know?Detox, I hope, will drop this or next year.I think Dre might do that one.And im disappointed to see the Rae album not drop, with all this crap out I need music built for me, no pun intended!Aha, I just had to throw that in.

    Anyway, is anyone else hyped for Fab’s new CD?For some reason, Im just really excited for it to drop, no OB4CLII not dropping.Diamonds was only OK, but Return of the Hustle and Make Me Better got me pumped for this!I havent really been looking forward to a CD date since naS dropped in December!

  • V!RTU (the Hip-Hop Anchor)

    The world of Hip-Hop would not be any less dope if Raekwon never existed. His contributions are insignificant. Raekwon has done nothing to improve/progress Hip-Hop. He’s had a couple decent tracks, but nothing that should be remotely considered “dope”. Raekwon hasn’t even made anything that I MIGHT get.
    Dr. Dre is better off not wasting his time with an artist that isn’t worthy of that level of production.

  • King Ben Fo’ Real

    Virtu, I respect your opinion dawg for real, but are you smoking Compton crack mixed with Arizona meth? Raekwon is apart of the WU-TANG CLAN! Wu-Tang who each and every member was solitified as RAP L-E-G-E-N-D-S! OBFCL 1 IS SO A HEAD OF ITS TIME ITS RIDICULIOUS HE INVENTED COCAINE RAP WITH THAT ALBUM. Now I know your gonna say cocaine rap fucked the game, but that is not the case with this album he painted a picture of what mothers fuckers in the hood mindset was like on some real drug dealing shit. That album is epic period, if Rae never existed rap would not be the same think about it.

  • Malik C.

    It’s not ALL terrible. You can still look forward to the new Wu-Tang album this year. I can deal without a new Raekwon album for a while. As long as I can get my GhostDoom album this year I’m good.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You should just kill yourself for coming out like that.

  • Belize

    You know fiddy dont want Wu to blow

  • the low end theroy

    anybody who wastes time insulting dre or rza and rae.STOP!!!! dre gave us snoop -rza gave us wu-tang …rae gave us a classic album..dont front you know they had ya open….and because you got this pop-hop cats like wayne -jezzy -mke many fake rappers not mc’s to list..i wont go channnel zero cats become forgetful all of a sudden….question from the 90′s baby…where’s the 2000 classic album????classic means songs one to whatever dope..these cats these days might pen 2 out 14 joints that might be a 5 0ut of 10 ratio….no lyrics no substance no real talent ….respond!react?…..

  • Ali

    get it str8….rakim left tha label himself cuz all tha cussing they did & shit….Dre respected that & didn’t even start arguin over money & contracts & shit he just ripped that shit up……..& iono bout raekwon tho

  • xxxxxl

    VIRTU is a RETARD. into that leanin wid it, lip-glossin’, stay flossin, wit ma 28s. if he or she had ANY respect for hip hop and it’s legends, you’d jump off a bridge right now for insulting a member of the wu, especially one with a CLASSIC album.

    go die. NOW. or step your legendary hip-hop knowledge up. you pick.

  • DrewDown

    Dre was just on Power 106 out here in L.A. maybe about a week or 2 ago and told the Morning Show that with out a doubt he’d be dropping The Detox project….We’ll wait and see

  • Devo G

    Its the curse of Hov!!!! Just about erbody dat was talkn dat shite last summer – the 4th qtr, about J done run into some type of potential carrer threating mayhem. Ray, Cam, and Jimmy.

  • http://youtube/user/warickhunt B.B

    Hittman was fire on 2001.
    Top 10 dead or alive!
    (Is he still alive?)