I should've known when I heard a few weeks ago that Tony Yayo allegedly slapped the shit out of Jimmy Henchmen's teenage son that this would only be the beginning of a trend in which rappers go around and slap people to generate publicity for their various upcoming projects.

I mean, it's seems like the perfect crime when you think about it. Whoever your opponent is will be way more embarrassed than they would be if you made a dis record about them (think about the last several dis records you've heard), but it's not like they can do much about it.

If they complain to the police, they'll be considered a snitch, which is obviously verboten in hip-hop/the ghetto, but if they actually retaliate with violence that goes beyond slapping somebody, everybody will know who did it and why. So they're kinda screwed either way.

For what it's worth, as long as nobody gets killed (it's been several weeks now and no casualties yet), I'd say this is a healthier situation than what was going on in the mid '90s with Bad Boy and Death Row. Like I said, it's not like any of these dudes could actually get away with killing somebody.

In case you haven't heard, and I can't imagine anyone hasn't at this point(the shit's plastered all over this site), Tru Life is claiming to have done all sorts of shit to Dipset, including having punched Cam'ron in the face the other day, and stolen Jim Jones ring when some other kids beat him up recently.

Hilariously, Tru Life is claiming that he didn't do this to generate publicity for himself, but because he didn't like how Dipset has been promoting gangbanging among today's youth. So you see, him beating the crap out of Cam'ron and Jim Jones was actually sending out a message of peace.

I also found it kinda odd that Tru Life would so freely admit to having done all of this illegal shit. For example, in the statement his management released to this site, he makes it clear that yes, Tru Life has been going around beating and robbing people, which, last time I checked, isn't exactly legal.

To wit:

The rumors are true. He did punch Cam’ron in the face. But he honestly doesn’t want to promote violence. He really feels strong about ending gang violence.

But like I said, it's not like Cam and the Dips have much in the way of recourse, especially since Tru Life is apparently such a badass. Cam himself was just on TV the other day talking about how he doesn't talk to the police. Which makes you wonder how they're planning on responding to this.