April was a mess of a month. Yes sir. Mainstream media launched a full scale attack on hip-hop culture. With glee. Every single one of society’s ills was dumped on the shoulders of rap. And, yep, Cam didn't do anyone any favors by saying such a silly thing on 60 Minutes.

Still, the sun is shining up here in Canadialand, and it looks like I might be able to pull out the flip-flops and baby tees this weekend, and I am officially Cup Half Full girl today. So allow me to highlight the top 15 things that made me smile during this last few weeks of ceaseless controversy.

1. Russell Simmons went on Bill O’Reilly's show and didn't get called the funk out. I don’t agree with everything he says, but you really have to admire Rush for being able to command Bill O’Reilly's respect. I have no idea how he managed a rapport that verges on friendliness with that man, but it’s nothing short of impressive.

2. M1 on Fox News. I pretty much have endless respect for that dude. He's one of the most principled guys in the industry.

6. Loso drops soon. (One thing though: I don't give an eff about your damn chain. I kid, I kid.)

7. 50 Cent has named his album Cuuuuuurtis. How freaking hilarious is that?

8. I am feeling Bless 1's "Starving Artist" track. Check him out.

9. My countryman Seazon did a video called “The Reporter” that's getting big buzz up here. ADD news for our generation is a genius concept!

10. Meka Soul has a blog now. It's enough to turn me into a certified c-girl.

11. Akon is on every single rap record released right now. Luckily, I love Akon.

12. Did I mention I can rock flip-flops soon? Time to go get my nails did. Walking on pedicured paws and whatnot.

13. The White Rapper Show is airing in Canada now. Hallelujah hollaback.

15. For the first time in my entire life, I'm not broke. Write all day. Write all night. This is the life of a Go Getta. Yeeaaaaah.