A-Town gossip heads are all buzzing over Pastah Mase's recent fender bender. On Thursday night the rapper allegedly side swiped a Range Rover while trying to pick up a transvestite. The pursuit of pussy, ergh dick, can be dangerous. I've got a few stories of my own I would love to share but this isn't the time nor place.

The unidentified woman called in to V-103's Ryan Cameron Show the following day to dish the dirt.

Initially I had issues believing her story since a few details were a little suspect. For example, what type of dinner party pops off at midnight? Girl stop. I suppose that is what they are calling gang bangs now. I really need to update my thesaurus. But ol' girl knows damn well she was in route to a t-bag session. I'm not hating, I'm just saying.

This incident wouldn't be Mase's first trip to the punch bowl for a sip of tang. People have been whispering about him for years. Next time he wants to meet up with Noxema Jackson for a bible study he should save himself the public humiliation and log on to Adam 4 Adam and call it a fucking night.