Lil’ Wang Isn’t That Bad

After reading Billy Sunday’s post about Lil’ Wang I couldn’t help but feel bad for the dude. Blame it on the rain and estrogen. So I decided to put my crew over at Crunk & Disorderly up to the daunting task of saying a couple of nice things about Weezy F. Baby. You see we’re not bitter bitches all the time, just most of it.

His body is a wonderland. Weezy’s sweat alone can clean lime deposits from your shower head, be used to clear black marks off your white Air Force 1′s and kill the weeds in your garden. The smegma from his penis? It double as re-twisting gel for his dreadlocks.

He is for the ethical treatment of insects. It looks like a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is going to crawl out of that v-neck onto his shoulder at anytime. They’re his friends.

He could start the next dust bowl storm by scratching his neck if he wanted to. Your favorite rapper can’t do that.

He doesn’t follow trends, he sets them. Here’s an early prediction for you: all the hipster kids on your block are going to be rocking jeans with cum shots / bullet wounds this season.

He has a face made for the big screen. David Banner is trying to get his thug thespian on, that’s cool. But if another installment of the Trilogy of Terror series ever got poppin’ again Wang would snag the lead role without having to submit an audition tape.

Everybody has at least one good quality. Let’s try to make it our responsibility to shine a light on them. Remember your spirit, online hip-hop nation.

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  • MzNikki

    *keels ova*

    I can’t mess with ya’ll hoodlums today Freshalina! I just.can’t!

  • me

    Fresh, you never cease to humor me. I just want to know if it was Baby who’s responsible for licking those cum shots on Weasle’s pants.

  • Alicia

    This negro has an unfortunate face. At least he was nice enough to block 30% of it with his sunglasses.

    Lil Wayne: For the Kids

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I hope a female wrote this because this is something a female would say about another female.

    You don’t have to like him or his music but kill the bull-ish. A man shouldn’t comment or have opinions on another man’s physical appearance and features, women do that.

    one word: disgusting

  • Tee

    You can’t even ack right on other blogs Fresh..What are we going to do with you???

  • skeptical

    Dang Fresh why did I get the visual of weezy’s sweat clean a shower head. He looks like the scum that I pulled out of my drain yesterday.

  • fresh

    I’m a woman dahlin’.

  • Star Anise

    As I said over at C+D: My new improved double ultra strength Febreez does not stand a chance against the funk powers of Weezy F.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    oh, it is a female…way to jump on the bandwagon…very strong minded I see…did you mention ANYTHING about his music and how he is the most sought after rapper to be on a feature (75k)

  • Kleopatra Jones

    I’m really feelin how he rocks them smediums shirts…Basically he can do for us what Children’s Place do for our children..Not too many can do what he can…

  • Kleopatra Jones

    Fresh please start a Who The F Cares file for the Stans..Mmmkay?

  • fresh

    Honey, please. I’m not here to do that. I talk shit and gossip. Don’t cyber pistol whip me on a Friday. I just got my doobie wrapped.

  • Tee

    *Rings siren* STAN ALERT!

  • skeptical

    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    hey get off fresh. And why are you not “n-credible” anymore? blue pill didn’t work?

  • Snap

    “how he is the most sought after rapper to be on a feature”

    What the hell does this mean? See, Fresh, this is why I don’t come over here, with all your hippety hoppity music and things.

  • Jazz

    Funny, Fresh

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Fresh did you read my last comment on your last post about it showing me as “logged in” as you. It’s a serious prob … It happended twice.


  • fresh

    ^^ Yeah I just saw it a couple minutes ago. Im not sure why it does that. I just thought it was me. A couple of days I was logged into someone else name. I’ll let the editor know. Thanks for the heads up.

  • NoMamesBuey

    DJ N-Cred must’ve been selected by his peers in the Wayne Stayne community, to be mentored by a Gee Dubbz weed carrier:

    Advanced Techniques for Defending the Indefensible (Gee Dubbz, Little Wang)

  • Chris Hansen CREOLE!

    you know long hair don’t care!!!

    I would never let Lil Wayne use my bathtub. He’s have to hose off in the back yard

  • J Smitty

    Fresh just hopped on billy the ice cream sunday dick. My nigga looks fresh to me( no homo) why the bloggers hate on wayne so much yet the magazine likes the nigga so much? answer the Fresh

  • Jacob

    Lmao,so true,wow,all you lil wayne fans are idiots,wake the fuck up!!! his rhymes make no sense

  • T.R.E.Y.

    ok, good effort at tryin’ to be funny, but mentioning smegma? c’mon now

  • Onyx Swan

    J Smitty…dude ain’t fresh in the LEAST! If someone came up to me with those jeans on, I’d hand him some change and walk the hayle away while trying not to breathe! Ew!

  • Meechie_Da_Classic

    see fresh , see what you start with the lil wayne stans.. I swear you lil wayne stans kill me defending this dude. I betcha yall wanna take Baby’s place at Lil Wayne’s offical Ass Hair Shaver !! Most of yall need some lil wayne’s sweat to really clean your White Air Force 1′s that go with ya’ll school uniforms..Grab a book ya bastids

  • Miami Greg

    I think DJ N-Credible is craving a jar of Lil’ Wang sweat to rub all over himself at night. Yup, that’s it.

  • Omar

    I was eating while reading this, now I am no longer hungry. Thank you!

  • thoreauly77

    fresh- first of all, that’s some funny stuff. second, i am all for any post that riles up n-cred; seriously, how can he get mad at something so obviously meant to be a joke? it’s not even hating! third, all your c&d heads are fucking hilarious!

  • Meechie _Da_Classic

    How the hell is lil wayne fresh with that xxsmall v-neck shirt that he got out of the big boys clothes department???That negros sweat can be used to for “power steering fluid”.. pour some in and watch your “momma sponsored” car turn better

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    damn 2wice in 1 day, lmaooo!

    but come on, the part about his meat could’ve been left out, bad enough we had to see dat pic of him and baby kissing for almost 3 months str8.

  • reen

    Fresh! Another killer post! Tell Lil’ Wayne’s dad the Toxic Avenger to strike up the band for n-credible, cause anyone who can’t see a joke for what it is, is a sad case.

  • What The Fuck

    Really these fucking bloggers need to grow up. Nothin but hate. Honestly I dont like Lil Wayne as a rapper either but really this isnt humerous.

  • Malik C.

    Today has been funny as hell, thanks for continuing the funny Fresh.

  • Whoa

    fresh ur a fagot

  • tseliot

    n-cred might just — could possibly be — absolutely is — THEE biggest douchebag ever to post in the xxl comments section.

    and seriously: “the dj formerly known as n-credible?” man. how could a dude who actually logs in with a name like that NOT be a stan, a tool, and a homo all rolled into one??!

  • beeyo

    Aaaahahaha Wang fans need more cowbell. Fresh, my only complaint is that you post not nearly long enough posts often enough. From now on, post 3 times a day on XXL, okay? Thanx.

  • Anne Marie tha funkee Mom

    Lil’ Wang smegma! Totally fucking gross!!

  • sk

    lmfao at n-fag

    he has wayne in his dna for life

  • yung ceasa

    you know im neiter a wayne stan, fan or hater, if he makes a nice punchline he makes a nice punchline….but if he makes some unintelligible, pre-schoolish type shyt then i wont fuck wit it (no homo).
    but my whole point is that it just struck me, all bloggers hate both wayne and pac…..wayne skill is nowherre near wherre pac’s skill was, but both of these niggas are hated by rap bloggers….

    see i dont get why muthafuckas hate on pac, was it because he was one of tha few actual intelligent rappers past, present and future? who was more concerned about change and movin forward as a people while other muthafuckas just talk about “party and bullshyt” (not a stab at b.i.g. cause i bumps hit shyt too but take it how you want it)

    but wayne i can see why people hate him cause he kisses grown men on tha lips and says “damn right i did”……

    jus statin facts

  • beeyo

    I think they hate Pac cuz he wasn’t particularly nice as a lyricist. He had passion and delivery bythe boatloads, but his rhyme scheming was closer to that nursery school shit than it anything. And even though Pac spoke about moving forward as a people, he stayed embroiled in some dumb shit. His message on wax was different than what he really did in real life.


    I don’t understand where all the hate for LIL wayne came from. The fact that he claimed to be the best rapper alive?

    Hov did the same, but I always thought his flow was mediocre at best. If rappers really got respect based on skill then BIG PUN(ISHER) would have been as famous as fiddy.

    Granted the south may not have the greatest flows in the world, but everywhere is dumbing down. The most famous rapper from NYC is fifty cent. Need I say more? I think we can all agree that wayne is at least better than he. Listen to Amusement park. Christ.


    I agree with Yung above me. Who hates on Pac? That is just sad. You hate on Pac, I say fuck Biggie. He wasn’t that good either.

    Listen, Nas has virtually no flow.
    Jay Z, isn’t a god.
    Neither was Big.

    The greatest rapper from NYC ever was Big Pun and he is severely underrated.

    People will deny it, but I swear to god (I have done so)

    compare all of T.I’s albums to BIGS and T.I has a better flow when it comes to polysyllabic rhymes, how many syllables between each rhyme, and style of transition.

    P.S. Big didn’t talk much about anything but drug dealing and murder. Thank him for the sudden twist of fate in Hip Hope. Bitches.

  • J. Lamb

    Lil’ Wang’s smegma as re-twisting gel? Fresh, that’s the nastiest thing I’ve heard since the “Damn right I kissed my Daddy…” freestyle. You know that ain’t right!

  • Dude

    LOL! Talk about queer blog-eye for the straight rapper. It’s one thing to talk about his sweat, but when you try to joke about another man’s smegma…yeeeah.

    It would come to no surprise if your b-hole was the size of a hoolahoop.

  • Savage Life

    I find it hilarious that you all say you don’t like Wayne, but he’s is the most talked about rapper on this website. Any publicity is good publicity. Keep talkin about my favorite rapper.


  • missile6

    Wayne is a gimmick ass rapper. He don’t live what ha rap about. Ihate seeing rappers who act like they rapping about they life and they are being fradulent. For instance dude is not blood he waiting till he got some paper to claim a set, that’s wack. He runs around talkin bout he got shot, true, but he shot himself……not gangster. He is not even original with his style, he jocking jim jones’ swagger. He’s confusedn, two years ago he was all on Hova’s tip now its jim jones. He’s a rapping prostitute, he jumps click to click. He has some cool flows but its nothing we will be debating in another ten years like Pac, jay and Big, oh and Nas. Pac haters: pumping ya brakes. Was best lyricist, no, best rapper, hell yeah hell yeah. Lastly people shoud reas before making comments, Fresh is a GIRL, that’s means she can say things about guys and it not be called gay.

  • Pancho

    Lil Wayne does not spit unintellgible, schooltype rhymes…he spits nursery rhymes!

    Albeit, some of them are nice, but a lot sounds forced.

    A joke is a joke though…Ima have bad nightmares now.

  • Pancho

    UHHH OHHH Says:

    May 19th, 2007 at 4:12 am

    I don’t understand where all the hate for LIL wayne came from. The fact that he claimed to be the best rapper alive?

    ^^^Maybe because he kissed Baby on the lips, and then said “Damn right I did!”

  • Sunny

    Weezy is the best rapper alive today, he deserves respect

  • J Smitty

    Man more niggas like wayne then dislike him or he wouldn’t be succesful its jus that Alot of these niggas that respond to these blogs or nerds and nerd don’t like wayne they like Joell Ortiz,Little Brother, and lupe Ya dig and lilttle wayne iz a fresh dressin nigga( no homo) Niggas wit bread dress like that us we weae roca-wear and LRG so niggas thst don’t know fasion wouldn’t understand his swag

  • yung ceasa

    Dude Says:

    May 19th, 2007 at 8:16 pm
    LOL! Talk about queer blog-eye for the straight rapper. It’s one thing to talk about his sweat, but when you try to joke about another man’s smegma…yeeeah.

    It would come to no surprise if your b-hole was the size of a hoolahoop


    fresh is a female dude

  • WTF

    ‘Pac was overrated.He was good but not that damn good.

    But some of you are stans.It was just a joke.I like Wayne but I know when something is a joke.Get your panties out the bunch!Thank you

  • South 19

    For all you Wayne haters talking about his rhymes don’t make any sense Shit the last time I check nothing Ghostface or Nas (except for Illmatic) put out made any sense. To all you NY dick riders if wish realy hard maybe someone from the NY will finally put out something hot but I doubt it.

  • Kleopatra Jones

    OHHHHH MY GAWD!!! Calm down please…Take a sip of this STFU and let it breathe please!!!! This is all in fun…PAC, BIG, JAY, NAS or GHOST didnt have shyt to do w/the posting about dirtbag…This aint even a NY thing either…Dayum!

  • Tyler

    Yo home boy. . From the looks of your post, U seem 2 know alot about sperm & jiz. . this is the perfect time 2 say U just hit us all off with 2 much information.
    Hip Hop ain’t Dead, she just down here deep in the South gettin’ the shit fuck’d outta her ‘dats all yo. We took over Hip Hop. . next we will lock down Soccer & Hockey
    Lose Yo Mind At:

  • PMAO

    Poor Weezy. DOn’t worry Baby will kiss it make it better.

  • Cinsere

    South 19 Says:

    May 21st, 2007 at 11:38 am
    For all you Wayne haters talking about his rhymes don’t make any sense Shit the last time I check nothing Ghostface or Nas (except for Illmatic) put out made any sense. To all you NY dick riders if wish realy hard maybe someone from the NY will finally put out something hot but I doubt it.

    Nas – Still Dreaming, from Hip Hop is Dead, 2006:
    How you a man waitin’ for the next man to get rich?
    Yo’ plan is to stick out yo’ hand real quick
    So if he feed ya family and he serve you shit
    Then he need that head you get and he deserve your bitch
    Since you wishin’ cash fall from the sky all ya life
    Dwellin’ on the past when you was alright
    When you was gettin’ cash but wasn’t too bright
    Now ya luck down you feel like, bustin’ them shells
    Nobody owe you, can’t do nothin’ for self
    Want niggaz to show you, how to come up wit’ green
    I schemed since I was teen, what the fuck was your dream?
    Rental cars, little broads, sayin’ you was seen
    Wit’ little niggaz wit’ a chain you was doin’ ya thing
    How high was I? You the thousandth guy
    That came around thinkin’ we can see, eye to eye
    We on a different echelon, coulda got bread together
    Now you gets deaded on

    Ghostface – “Whip Me with a Strap”, from Fishscale, 2006:
    Picture me snotty nose sittin on my aunt’s lap
    The kid like 5 or 6, shit I would curse back
    I got it from the older folks sittin in the living room
    everybody had cups, Stylistic’s song boom
    but then came Darryl Mack lightin’ all the reefer up
    baby caught a contact I’m trying to tie my sneaker up
    I’m missing all the loops strings going in the wrong holes
    It feels like I’m wobbling, look at all these afros
    Soon as I thought I was good the joke’s on me
    I heard a voice “get in the room, I get angry”
    Sting my feet catch a tantrum
    spit, scream, fuck that
    Momma shake me real hard, then get the big gat
    That’s called the belt help me as I yelled
    I’m in the room like “uh, eh-uh,eh-uh” with mad welts
    ragged out, bad belt yes her presence was felt
    Then get my black ass in the bed it’s time crash out

    ^^^You’re off your fuckin’ rocker, yo!

  • reci

    can we find ANOTHER great rapper 2 h8 on?? all dis lil wayne stuff is gettin old….and err bdy already know da south got it on lock so there’s no argument…

  • Gnicks

    Nas makes sense to me!! In Still Dreaming I think he was talking about how some people wait for life to throw them a bone, while others go out and get theirs. I thinks that’s what he’s talking about, but I may be wrong. I’m really not sure what Ghostface was talking about.
    Anyway, Wayne says stuff like:
    I have no brain I am retarted, You be my Jane I’ll be your Tarzan, I keep pussy running like a faucet…..blah blah blah.
    He’s okay as a rapper but he’s not anything close to the best. What are his songs about? Money, Girls, Sex, Drugs and Stunna. Mabye people will stop hatin’ on him when he gets some substance.

  • Jay

    lil wayne is one of the sickest rappers alive. period.

  • j dubz

    ha you guys need a fucking life who spends time talking shit about someone is a dick rider i like wayne he makes sense if you have a brain and can put wordplay together but for anyone to spend time dissin someone really must hate themself and for all this wayne dirty shit ha yah well to the men he could prob fuck your girl and to the women you would be all over him if you meet him but hey i guess envy kills

  • Big Rizz

    “compare all of T.I’s albums to BIGS and T.I has a better flow when it comes to polysyllabic rhymes, how many syllables between each rhyme, and style of transition.”

    You must have just listened to two biggie songs in your life homie. Tell me one of TI’s songs you had to rewind because the shit was ill and not because he was talking fast (“im talkin to you”)

    Secondly….”Listen, Nas has virtually no flow.”…….Ask your favorite rapper his top five and see if this mans name dont come up. Hes done so much in the game hes been able to be that young slick talkin flashy nigga, to being a humble veteren in the game…..Please really listen to a rapper/mc’s body of work b4 you spit out bullshit.

    Gotta co-sign cinsere….Do this niggas listen to albums or skim through it?

  • Big Rizz

    The south got what on lock?? That shit sound stupid, Only nigga that sold shit was TI and that was when???…Nobody is selling shit since the south “took over”…..”Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns” B.I.G

  • South 19

    Anybody can grab one or two nice verses from any rapper. The fact is Ghostface can’t even explain half of his own rhymes he proved that when he was on Rap City w/ Tigger. Second, Nobody is selling solid records in the music industry period. Rap, Rock, Country, Pop, you name it they are all down at least 20%.

  • hottnikz32

    on whip you with a strap he was talking about how it was back in the day when your parents was entertaining in the living room or whatever and you come in basically minding grown folks business. in the verse Ghostface was in there while his parents were smoking weed and he caught a contact. when his parents noticed him they told him to leave, he get angry and he winds up getting his ass beat and sent to bed. what’s not to understand? I don’t know about anybody else but I damn sure can relate to this song. one the best from fishscale.

  • Tittayballs

    LMAOOoooo! Fresh, this is hilarious! I’m a Weezy fan, but comedy is comedy.

  • Belize

    fresh Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 4:16 pm
    I’m a woman dahlin’.


    My woman-dammit!

    Fresh, lets get our weezy and trina on (pause)


    BIG JIZZ or whatever… Do it yourself. Listen to B.I.G’s albums and T.I.P’s albums side by side my friend. Do it yourself. I did. Prove me wrong.

    All the girlies call me big poppa
    the show stoppa.

    If that’s not ABC rhyme scheming I don’t know what is. Most of the tyme Big never even got above two syllables.

    As for Nas, all you have to do is listen to his verse on doctors advocate.

    He rhymes section with felon, then goes to intersection and on to sex and drugs.
    This is no flow. It is sad to say that Nas is any better than anyone else from NewYork.

    Give me any rhyme Nas ever had and I guarantee I can top it with syllables delivery and accuracy of topic.

  • killa

    hey fresh no matter what you wanna say about weezy he still makes more money than you hahahaha. you cant be serious with this article. just cuz hes half youre age and makes 4 times your salary in a week doesnt mean you gotta go talkin about cumstains and dicks on dudes jeans. and the insects thing? im not sure whether that was supposed to be a joke, or youre just a fucking idiot. hey fresh, YOU the one with the cumstains from all that dick you suck as a writer. grow the fuck up.