After reading Billy Sunday's post about Lil' Wang I couldn't help but feel bad for the dude. Blame it on the rain and estrogen. So I decided to put my crew over at Crunk & Disorderly up to the daunting task of saying a couple of nice things about Weezy F. Baby. You see we're not bitter bitches all the time, just most of it.

His body is a wonderland. Weezy's sweat alone can clean lime deposits from your shower head, be used to clear black marks off your white Air Force 1's and kill the weeds in your garden. The smegma from his penis? It double as re-twisting gel for his dreadlocks.

He is for the ethical treatment of insects. It looks like a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is going to crawl out of that v-neck onto his shoulder at anytime. They're his friends.

He could start the next dust bowl storm by scratching his neck if he wanted to. Your favorite rapper can't do that.

He doesn't follow trends, he sets them. Here's an early prediction for you: all the hipster kids on your block are going to be rocking jeans with cum shots / bullet wounds this season.

He has a face made for the big screen. David Banner is trying to get his thug thespian on, that's cool. But if another installment of the Trilogy of Terror series ever got poppin' again Wang would snag the lead role without having to submit an audition tape.

Everybody has at least one good quality. Let's try to make it our responsibility to shine a light on them. Remember your spirit, online hip-hop nation.