Lil’ Wang Is The Allen Iverson Of The Rap Game…

I’m not pissed off at Lil’ Wang as much as I’m pissed off at Dirk Nowitzki. That butter leather so soft hump fucked my NBA bracket up in the first round. I had Detroit and Dallas in the Association’s Finals. And then I found out Dirk was just a chick with a stick. Take this lesson from me party people, don’t bet on professional sports unless you are the one fixing the contests.

It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown your favorite rapper under the bus so I figured I could compare him to another beloved loser from the NBA since we are talking basketball anyhoo. I also decided to let this be one of the times that I didn’t mention that Wang likes to kiss men on the lips even though Charles Barkley kissed some ugly ass old white man on the lips during All-Star weekend. Maybe that is how he and Magic Johnson keep their jobs on television. Lord knows that Barkley and Magic have enough money between the two of them to hire a gotdamn speech therapist. Have you ever listened to these two ‘Bama monkeys? I can’t understand shit they are fucking talking about. Instead of wearing suits and ties they should put on overalls and walk barefoot through the studio like some Huckleberry Finn rejects.

When Lil’ Wang isn’t rapping he sounds just like those dudes. Lil’ Wang should only talk in rhyme form. That would help to make him a better emcee too. I remember reading somewhere that Tupac went for three months straight only talking to people in rhyme verse. Tupac was still lame, but can you imagine how much worse he would have been if he hadn’t practiced? That’s always been Allen Iverson’s Achilles heel. Dude hates to practice. Nevermind the fact that its been proven fact that practice only makes you better at something. It certainly doesn’t diminish your skills. I suppose A.I. didn’t feel like practicing because everyone on his team was lame. Right now Lil’ Wang doesn’t have anyone playing on the Cash Money squad that has any talent either. You need to have talent on your team to spar with to sharpen your skills. Michael had Scottie. Tim Duncan had David Robinson. Hakeem Olajuwon had the hardbody Vernon Maxwell. Lil’ Wang had Gillie the Kid until he snitched on him.

So like Iverson all Wang has now is a whole bunch of tattoos and no championships. There was a rumor that Juelz was going to be traded to the Cash Money team, but I guess they are going to wait until the off season before they sign any free agents. If I was the GM at Cash Money I’d look to get better through the draft. If you are going to retain Lil’ Wang as your franchise player then put some people around him that can help him score more often (nullus, as always of course).

Didn’t Lil’ Wang just change up his management to incorporate Kanyeezy? This was a smart move. Kanyeezy’s management is like the Arli$$ of the rap game. Hopefully the first thing they will do is bring back in a credible ghostwriter for Wang. Maybe Common will write a few Wang songs too since he is part of that whole tight fitting lady jeans movement. Also get him some reliable bench players to carry his pills around. He should never get busted again with a case of hallucinogenic pills in his pockets. What do you think Marcus Camby does for the Denver Nuggets? You didn’t think he was there for his defense and rebounds?!?

Lil’ Wang is the Allen Iverson of the rap game because someone has to have all the talent in the world, but stay losing. That is just his destiny. Over ten years in the league and still no closer to being a champion. The only thing that Lil’ Wang gets each year is another year older.

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  • Janice

    “Have you ever listened to these two ‘Bama monkeys? I can’t understand shit they are fucking talking about. Instead of wearing suits and ties they should put on overalls and walk barefoot through the studio like some Huckleberry Finn rejects.”


  • Savage Life

    This is why niggas dont like yall Eastcoast niggas disrespectful. Always hatin on someone.

  • jamesBrown

    wow i’m actually 1st

  • Jason

    Great comparison. Both work their asses off, possess talent that often makes their peers look ridiculous, dominate despite underdog status, have singlehandedly carried their franchises, and couldn’t give less of a fuck what grumpy old men think.

  • Jan

    “Have you ever listened to these two ‘Bama monkeys? I can’t understand shit they are fucking talking about. Instead of wearing suits and ties they should put on overalls and walk barefoot through the studio like some Huckleberry Finn rejects.”


  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Precisely. This is why they stay losing too. Can you imagine how good they would both actually be if they had ever met their real biological fathers? This isn’t just a problem for the NBA or rap stars alone.

    Jason, you wouldn’t be such a man in drag if you knew your dad either.

    And Janice from the U.K., I see you out there. I will have to ask the moderator to get your comments into the thread.

  • The Spaniard


    1) Great advice on not betting on professional sports. Find something a bit more productive to risk the money on than groups of, it seems, fickle and emotional men playing a game. I’ve been watching the NBA playoff and I have never seen a larger group of BITCH-made pussies in my life. constantly screaming and going into historonics, most of the time over some bullshit. Either the fuck up homo, play ball, and stop trying to catfight after you get knocked to the ground or meet up at the luxury hotel and do whatever it is you have to do off-camera.

    2) The Tupac and Lil’ (Wang) commentary is just about the most accurate piece of writing I have ever seen in print or the internets.

    3) Is it that (BXS) “hates” Lil’ (Wang) or does he just think that his musical ability sucks balls (It does.)? I would guess that Lil’ (Wang) and A.I. could not care less what some random critic thinks of them but that thought applies equally to both positive and negative critics. If BXS should stop hating then you fairies should stop licking his brown starfish (very homo!). If you are not a menace to society then by all means, congratulations on making money and supporting your family. At the same time if your music and/or personality is shitty then, yes, I “hate” you.

  • paychexx

    man you a hater, i understand that it your opinion, but that why nobody fucks with yall east coast niggas jusy like savage said. i dont like lil wayne, but he from the south like i am. if the south is so bad then why everybody wanna be like us. haters!!

  • Chad Biggz

    This was terrible. I was followin you for a minute than you started to lose me. Like Marcus Camby was defensive of player of the year. Lil Wayne is gettin better Carter II over tha Carter I, Dedication II over tha Dedication. Ghostwriter. That’s hilarious. Wayne puts out like 5 mixtapes a year since before 500 degreez. And an album every year as well. His ghostwriter needs a break if that’s the case. If AI played wit Shaq he would have had a ring. And if Wayne was from NY, he would have even more dick riders (NO WEEZY F. BABY lol)

  • paychexx

    dude a hater, hey bol your weed carrier trippin’.

  • Jerz!

    Tupac was still lame, but can you imagine how much worse he would have been if he hadn’t practiced?


    Really? Disrespecting the dead? That’s wassap? That’s what’s hot right now?

    P.S. Read Bol much?

  • The Spaniard

    4) sike this post is lame. and Weezy the best rapper alive!

    5) BIlly u a hatin’ ass bitch-made nigga! Afraid of the real!

  • The Spaniard

    u kno u trash when u talk ’bout 2Pac the God!

  • slim

    Yall some hating ass niggas everybody know wayne is the best so just leave it at that fuck boys

  • Danny

    Lord knows that Barkley and Magic have enough money between the two of them to hire a gotdamn speech therapist. Have you ever listened to these two ‘Bama monkeys? I can’t understand shit they are fucking talking about.

    Thats cuz you have never heard Shannon Sharpe!

    Everytime he makes comment, Dan Marino just looks at him with a confused stare, then looks at the camera with a face expression that says, WTF???!!!

    All I understand when he talks is ………..FOOTBALL!!!………..and thats about it…. lol

  • yaboy

    this shit is a tub full o laughs…

  • dirtyranger

    BXS is just talking shit. I agree that AI is probably going to be one of the best who never won it. And I think Lil Wayne is good, but could be better.

    But, like Jay Z said, you sound like some lame throwing stones at the throne. You can dislike a dude without having to assassinate his character’s caliber.

    Is this what passes for blogging nowadays. If it is, then it’s fair game for me to ask: what have you accomplished Billy X. Sunday? Other than blogging (something that you don’t dominate), why should the world remember you or even speak of you (whether you are dead or alive)?

    As for the Tupac comment, I will quote Nas. “Why don’t you let a great veteran live? Dick sucking lips, semi-auto at your cart’lige.”

  • Optimist Rhyme


  • Daniel

    lil’ wayne = bad
    2pac= good

  • agee

    Message the Lil Wayne…..stay off the pills, weed, coke, and syrup. You need you health. I personally believe he is the most improved rapper to date. I think Gillie helped him become what he is right now. Some times a nigga needs some guidance. He probaly always had it in him.
    He simply needed the help.

  • Kane Corleone

    That Tupac shit was the most disgusting thing i have ever read since coming to this site,personally not a big fan of Lil Wayne,all he has is new york flow w/southern drawl thats why a lot of eastcoast cats either hate or love this dude.That being said no on can fukk w/Makaveli the Don stop comparing these lame too many tattoos havin bandanna wearing mutha***** w/a G

  • King Ben Whats Really Thizzin’

    Damn pac ain’t that bad, I agree with you though, how do you have 5 albums no classics and call yourself best rapper alive.

  • Kane Corleone

    The Spaniard says^^^^ u now u trash when u talk about 2Pac the God.”I think the Don must have shitted on their favorite rappers when he was alive cuz XXLMAG.COM is always disrespectin

  • EReal

    I can’t understand shit they are fucking talking about. Instead of wearing suits and ties they should put on overalls and walk barefoot through the studio like some Huckleberry Finn rejects.
    A-YO! LMFAO!

    I completely agree. Ive had this argument with my home boy who is a Wayne fan so many times.
    Dude has talent, and could be bad ass, if he listened. If he practiced or tried to get better. Instead he already thinks he’s the best. Now I know cockiness is a requirement, but how do you get better at anything if you already think you’re the best? Wayne could get a lot better, but he wont, he’d rather take a couple OCs a couple Bars, smoke a L and go in the booth and say dumb shit in the mic and use his voice tone to ride the beat. lol.
    He says he dosent write, well shit Id hate to see him perform. I mean if ur in the studio noddin off of OCs and Bars when ur spittin, I doubt you’re gonna be able to do a decent live show. Or youre a liar. I cant decide.

    Either way, I agree. I could read a hundred posts on why Wayne sucks, its like reading shit about Dipset suckin ass. You’re just like damn, so the whole world isnt crazy. lmao.

    1 hunned.

  • beeyo

    Since I’ve started reading your post Billy, I have been noticing all the borderline or str8 up blatantly gay shit Weezy be saying in his rhymes. Sometimes I just get a creepy ass feeling when he says some shit. Like….
    “Stuck in the hood, like they poured semen on us…”
    “Money, money, money get a dollar and a dick…”
    “I like my shots straight, not gay…” ( yeeeeeeeah right)
    “My rags always red like my menstrual cycle…” ( or some shit like that)
    “SMACK!!” ( sounds of lips smacking against Babys)
    ” Feed me Baby, he feeds me babies…” ( alright I made that one up)
    Etc., etc.
    My point is, it’s hard to appreciate a rappers talent when you don’t like the rapper him/herself. And Wayne has been gettin wierder an stranger for a while now. Some people call it thinking outside the box, or being creative, and maybe that’s what it is. But it wouldn’t be so hard to swallow (aahaha no pun intended nh) if he wasn’t so adamant at being gangster. In recent videos, he strikes me as a cross between the old and the new Busta. He’s really flamboyant and charismatic with the strange shit he does while rapping ala old crazy ass Busta, yet he tries his damndest to come across as the most fucking hardbody G who has ever walked the streets of a ghetto ala new Bustas Aftermath image. Wayne confuses me very much. It’s like he’s comfortable everywhere else except his own skin. Is he Gangstergangsta G’d up, or is he leftfield mad genius Andre 3000 type? Is he the best rapper alive, or is he gonna ” make it flood, now you gon need a (wait for the punchline!!! ) boat”?
    Once he fucking turns into a real man we can all relate to, then I think he will be appreciated as he really should be.

  • J Smitty

    Naw the AI thing iz all wrong Lil Wayne iz the Kobe Bryant of the rap industry ya dig, because kobe has by himself carried his team to the play-offs in the western division( which iz harder then AI carring his team in the east division)Kobe did thiz with players that don’t play to their potiential(Lamar Odom,Kwame Brown, Luke Walton) just like weezy had made his name with no huge producers or guest appearances. The reason lil wayne iz like kobe is because right now lil wayne iz is the closest thing to Jay-Z like kobe is the closest to MJ.

    Plus right now Weezy and kobe is dominating the game.

    But for both of these guys to reach their full solo potiential they need additional pieces.

    Ex. kobe needs a point guard, and a down low presents.

    Ex. Weezy need big producers and guest appearances from quality artest(Jay-z,Eminem,Nas, etc)

    Its so many ways that Weezy and Kobe can compare they both started out with their teams on top, both of their teams left them by themselves, and they both managed to come back on top.

    Ex Kobe has #1 selling jersey,playoffs, Scoring title

    Ex Weezy Carter 1&2 platnum,like father like son gold, on everyone track, rated by xxl mag to have most anticipated album.

    if this is to long sorry just thought I should speak my mind Ya DIg.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Nobody wants to be like the south. I’m from NY and I’m down in NC getting money ’cause these illiterate ass niggas just want to listen to Jeezy and get high. Haha!!!!!! No problem with that cause I’m getting mad $$$. Thanks you ‘Bama ass niggas from the South for being such fuckups!!!

  • Moe Real

    This from a guy who listed The New Danger, the third best Mos Def album, in his top 25 of all time.

    Billy, does your arm get tired from all the wanking you do?

  • J Smitty

    Ereal:Dude has talent, and could be bad ass, if he listened. If he practiced or tried to get better. Instead he already thinks he’s the best. Now I know cockiness is a requirement, but how do you get better at anything if you already think you’re the best?

    Weezy says he the best because you should say ur crafts the best u shouldn’t say well my flow is okay…Naw Nigga say your shits the best every rapper does thats shit….well at least the great ones…lil waynes just under microscope because people cant believe how weezy been shitting on the game, weezy not great yet but he is that next dude niggas just cant let go of the past and honestly I dont expect them to because thats what they grew up listening to.

    and let me ask you a question if Jay Z doesnt write how does he perform?

  • John Brown

    What do you think Marcus Camby does for the Denver Nuggets? You didn’t think he was there for his defense and rebounds?!?


    I thought that this job was for NENE or Najara?

  • B.O.N.Y

    Listen meng, us eastcoast niggaz got no reason to hate, becuz we’re garbage right now as well (My mixtape is fire tho- “Shoot at you” remix ft. joe budden, go get that!!!!)….But anyways, Lil Wayne lost it. I admit, “Tha Carter 2″ was the best album of watever year that was….shit, the south has had the best albums of the year the last 3 years…..Truth is, Currency is whack, Mack Maine- whack, Wangs Pops- whack…..that chick nikki is hotter than them 3 niggaz but as we all know, Female rappers have no lasting power…..longevity!!!!…..weezy f will be hot for a minute, cuz nobody on his team gonna outshine him….gillie got no credibility so hes out the question…who knows whos swagger jacking? and even if they trade for Juelz “get ya bandana smacked off by tru life” Santana- HES GARBAGE TOO!!!!!….I RUN HARLEM!!!!! as far as rappin goes….i need a dutch….fuck rap meng….na, fuck these fake ass, whack ass rappers….CAN WE GET FAB AND JOE BUDDENS ALBUMS YET!!!!!!!!!!

  • the truth speaks

    I can’t front he is aiiight, but, he has never made me reach for the rewind button. I am not ever “blown away” by his wordplay and I dont learn anything from him.

  • Latino Thug

    Billy, WTF is wrong with you, why you niggas from the east always hatin’ on ‘pac.

    you wished tha notorious P.I.G had at least 25% of the talent tha ‘pac had.

  • Dip Set City

    Hatin’ on AI? Lost a reader

  • pete

    billy, looking at “your” mugshot, how tall are you five foot one?

  • J Millz

    I’m tired of niggas blowin smoke up wayne and juelz asses. Yeah, there ok but yall are on some best rapper alive shit. Im mean…he heard J say that he freestyles his rhymes, so then he say’s he freestyles his rhymes…He thinks that 2 platinum records make him the best…Juelz thinks he’s a gift from god. Jay could buy cashmoney,youngmoney,and diplomat records if he wanted. Wayne thinks having millions in jewelry makes him the best mc and he don’t even got more money then jay. he kisses baby on the lips… He got good word play but most of his songs are just a bunch of crazy comparisons, same as Juelz…Lil weezy and Juelz think that there Esco and Hova…No where near there yet yall.

  • sobossy

    i’m bossay

  • panthergod

    Billy, WTF is wrong with you, why you niggas from the east always hatin’ on ‘pac.

    you wished tha notorious P.I.G had at least 25% of the talent tha ‘pac had. ”


    ‘Gimmie Tha Loot’>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tupac’s career.

    Tupac made some classic music, but he will NEVER deserve to be considered on of the most talent rappers, ever.

  • smog

    this post has little to know research or thought put into it. you really know your sources about iverson, dude likes to practice, obviously, dudes game is tight, thats why iverson be whillen out some times becuase people like to assume that since he got street cred he is not responsible,
    2 wayne is the hardest workin mc in the game, dude puts out so many mix tapes, he is all over everything, a very hard worker.
    3and check those sources again, ask iverson if he is a loser, he will say no, he is livin his dream and supportin his family,
    4ask wayne if he is a loser, actually dont, he might just eat you for a snack,

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    What would possess you to put your hard earned moolah on Dirk Diggler (no Dirk Diggler) after last year’s meltdown in Miami?

    That cat aint street, he’s sweet (no .. uh .. whatever). Jason Terry is the most hardbody brother on that team. I knew they’d get knocked outta the first round.

    Dirk is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, that cat ain’t got no heart. The majority of those foreign players have the fundamental skill and discipline to get the job done but they lack that killer instinct that you get from growing up tryna survive on the streets. Will beats Skill.

  • che

    >Tupac was still lame

    FUCK you man, you’ve pissed me off with you’re stupid shit,are you fucking mentally retarded you fucking cunt? you’re disrespecting tupac cuz it’s ‘cool’ right? the dude accomplished more in 25 years than you could in 6 lifetimes, so why don’t you get your dick outta bol’s anus and go find you’re girl who’s in the bathroom fingerfucking herself while looking at a lil wanye poster and go find something useful to do? like kill yourself.

  • che

    and why the fuck are che’s name and email address coming up? this site’s fucked.

  • che

    and now my comments aren’t posting!

  • C.Rob

    FINALLY! u admit Wayne has talent, all the talent in the world!

  • jrjomo

    Lol, you bet on the Mavs.
    We can agree that Wayne is not a great rapper, but average. Pac on the other hand before signing to Death Row had some classics with real songs, unlike your wanna be italian mobster roll model. Who is his own write was a great rapper with subject matter that left a lot to be desired. Production helped him out a lot as well. AI needed some help so kick rocks.

  • EReal


    Like I said, cockiness is a requirement. And on wax is one thing. But this guy in interviews actually talks as he believes he is the GOAT and shit. I see the potential for him to be insane if he maybe tried to switch his flow, ride the beat, mature his flow, use more metaphors maybe. Think about it, dude has how many mixtapes out? Wheres the growth, wheres the maturity of his style? I know dude has some heat right now, and he’s doin his thing. I respect the grind man, fo sho. Its the argument that he’s such a great MC, when he’s a marginal MC that could be great. Thats just my opinion, alot of people seem to be madd cause he’s lowering the bar as to what is considered ‘lyrical’ and that those real ‘lyrical’ MCs dont get the credit he does for being 1/2 as good. I recognize that, and I would agree, but Im not mad at it. Whats hot is whats hot and numbers dont lie, but whats hot isnt necissarily THE BEST, kna mean? Theres amazing MCs that hafta be gimicky and dumbed down just to sell records because they gotta eat, and theres MCs that wont ever really be recognized because they go against mainstream… everything is based on opinion and personal prefrence.
    Ive heard amazing verses from Weezy, and Ive heard absolute shit verses, like I said theres signs of greatness,..but he needs to evolve.
    Its like Eminem with Dre. Or 50 with Em, Or When Serch hooked up with Nas, or when Timbo hooks up with Timberlake, ect. Theres a relationship and a work ethic and trust that creats growth and amazing records.
    That, to me, is whats missing from the equation.

    as far as JayZ live, I dunno man, I guess they transcribe the record and play it on the monitors on the stage, but someone who knows their material and writes their material is going to be a better performer, IMO. and a better artist IMO. How can you really put across what you’re trying to say without thinking about it first, just off the rip, theres no depth and I think if what Jay says is true, that its a rarity. To make albums off the dome, no writing that is.

    1 hunned.

  • EReal

    2 wayne is the hardest workin mc in the game, dude puts out so many mix tapes, he is all over everything, a very hard worker.
    I can go in my attic and make 100 Mixtapes in a week. That dosent mean im good, or im working hard to evolve my style and become a better rapper, or to mature lyricly. It just means I have alot of time and drugs on my hands.

    Lil Wayne Says:
    “Im bored, yall wanna come down to the studio? Imma snort some OC’s blow a L and hit the booth”

    1 hunned.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    lmaoooooo@this blog

    wow! the storm continues………interesting parallel though, lol!

  • John Brown

    My Effin’ Opinion Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Jason Terry is the most hardbody brother on that team.

    MEO, I agrre with you when you say that Dirk is not tough, but Jason Terry isnt the most hardbody player on the Mavs. I think you are overlooking Jerry Stackhouse. If you dont think he is the most hardbody player on that team, go ask Jeff Hornacek if he knows who Jerry Stackhouse is.

  • mp

    This is dirty ranger. Billy aint posting my shit. what an asshole… and mp, your email is all over the internets. XXL needs to get their shit together.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    @ John Brown ..

    That’s right, I forgot about Stack .. that cat has some screws loose tho’ … he’s the type that won’t talk shit and then just “black out” on a nigga. He can gets that crazy “i’m not all together in head” look with them bugged out eyes and it’s a wrap.

    I still think Terry is naturally the hardest (N/H), but Stack is definitely the craziest

  • YungFree

    Don’t ever compare Lil’ Wayne to 2pac, thats probably the dumbest comparison i ever heard in my life. And why the fuck are u hatin so hard. Why dont u do somethin productive instead of spending time on hatin on people who could give a fuck about u

  • BlackGenius

    Billy Sunday has got to be one of the biggest haters on earth for sayin all this shit about muthafuckas he don’t know.Shit it would be funny as fuck to find out about your boring ass life.That’s why fools like you will just write about hip-hop while others really live it.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Jason Terry is the most hardbody player on Mavs.

    And yes, Tupac was a wack rapper. Nuff’ said.

  • Content

    saying shocking shit for comments…not a good look.

  • Crossbow

    AI? More like Chris Webber. Think on it. Came to attention as part of a storied team (Fab 5/Hot Boys), goes to the next level, makes a name for himself, only to choke each time when it matters most. Maybe Carter III will be hot and the Pistons win the chip. But, since history likes to repeat itself, I fuckin’ doubt it.

  • jynx

    I can’t believe this fool said Pac was lame. i didn’t even want to finish the article after reading that. I stayed everywhere and all music from whatever side. Just a fact that you eastcoast cats need to remember. W/out PAC no Biggie, DMX, 50, hell the whole G-UNIT or Jigga. Be glad for PAC becaused he changed the whole rap game. I don’t feel Wayne at all just his real old shit with the Hot Boyz but he has mastered his art. Major disrespect to hate on the dead.

  • Honestasicanb

    Haters never stop hating. XXS never has anything to say anymore. The LOX, Fabolous, and Memphis Bleek make your fab five. A lot of talent with nothing to show. Wayne the best thing going and if not him it has to be someone from the south. So keep waiting on papoose, joell ortiz, mims, saigon, and all these other corny sounding muthafucka to make something worth hearing and stop hating the people thats doing it. And Jay-Z sounds like shit now to.

  • Tha Ace

    man talk about lil wayne all you want
    but pac??????????
    what the fuck son is you crazy sayin that shit
    pac is the jesus of the RAP GAME you fuckin LAME and u should THINK THE SAME

  • J Smitty


    Let me explain something to you their different types of rappers but their iz one type of MC.

    LEt me explain their Lyricsist, krunk rappers, and hit making rappers. a lyricist like nas,eminem, mos def, and papoose are straght lyrics. krunk rappers are young buck,TI sometimes,lil jon, Dj unk, and hit makin rappers are snoop, 50 cent, lil bow wow.

    Now A MC has everything lyrics, make hit songs, and has charisma, My MC are B.I.G., JAy-z, Busta Rhymes,The Game, and Lil Wayne.

    lil wayne is versitaile he’ll murder positive subject( hollywood divorce, feel me, little girl gone)he’ll murder R&B songs( you, Lock you down) he’ll murder party songs( We takin over, holla at me) he can really rap about anything and pretty much hang with anyone and anybeat.

    thats why I love to see him on a track wit eminem or Jay-z because I gaurantee he’ll be if not on the same level better because the nigga has to much pride.




    first off…. Currency is better than Tru Life

    Brisco is better than Memphis Bleek

    Pastor Troy signed to cash money

    and Wayne is better than Jay Z.

    who the hell is Gillie? he must be east coast because i’ve never heard of him just like half of the east coast artist that niggaz hate on the southern rappers for just to give these boring ass lazy ass east coast rappers who do nothing but put a boring as verse to a sub-par beat by a so called producer (Just Blaze) no ad-libs, boring ass hooks, the beat will make you fall asleep while behind the wheel, while rappers are on the same subject matter as southern rappers (LOX) but you claim that they are lyrical because they can say that they sell dope the way that NY niggaz say that they sell dope, but when Jeezy do it, you hate, just because the lox aint getting shine…. although we like them down south…the truth is the truth. if the rappers on the East Coast so much better than southern rappers how come they arent getting shine/air-play/money? because they are not better, this is entertainment and the East Coast artist just arent entertaining (Sean Price *Yawn*) i would buy Toni Parker’s album before i listen to a song from Sean Price. i’ve been seeing so much hate for southern rappers from so many diffrent sites and i’ve came to the concusion that i’m going to be biased… FROM THIS POINT ON I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO ANY ARTIST THAT CLAIMS NY, NJ, PA, ETC… AND IF I HAPPEND TO GET TRICKED TO HEAR A SONG FROM SOME RAPPER WITH A EAST COAST ACCENT ON A MIXTAPE OR ANYWHERE I WILL NOT IN NO SHAPE OR FORM SUPPORT IT… THE SHIT IS GARBAGE ANYWAY. The East Coast is dead, and did i mention GAY (Mase (yeah he from NY remember) & Lil Cease), Jay has always been garbage and dude had the nerve to say Pac was lame, but Jay couldnt make one red cent when Pac was alive, Jay was afraid of Pac (Nas was too) but you clowns claim them as the best… so the two niggaz that are the poster boys for the East Coast are the two niggaz that the Greatest rapper of all time, made look like pussies… you niggaz can, whine bitch and moan all you want to about how your favorite rapper fill in the blank__________ is better than any southern rapper but where are they at? trying to get on the level that the lowest selling southern rapper (lil Flip) is on….LMAO… East Coast rappers need to set realistic goals like outsell Lil Flip, and stop talking about bringing NY back it’s not going to happen. live with it or just kill yourself.

  • nowayne

    they wont even post my comment


    i’m looking 4 backlash.

    wayne has to be the best rapper b/c there is a site dedicated to hating him. when (East Coast rapper name here)get’s a website dedicated to hating on him, then he is doing big things.

    you niggaz know that he’s a threat to your favorite rapper, that’s the reason why you google i hate little wayne because you are having internal battles with yourself, there is something inside you that saying that Wayne is the greatest and you are trying to fight it like a dope fiend trying not to relapse.

    i bet NY niggas go to WW (Wack Wayne) meeting just to keep from relapsing and listen to Wayne.

    the blog writer sounds like he’s on some AA shit

    (Blog writer)”Hi my name is Billy Sunday, and I Hate lil wayne”

    (Croud) “Hello Billy”

    then they hold hands and talk about why they hate lil wayne.

    about a year ago he was Detoxing and shaking in the bed from withdrawls from not listen to his Carter II CD, because wayne said he was better than Jay-Z…LMAO that nigga was shaking like Pookie, and his lips was ashy and shit like he was eating Starch.

    this lil wayne hate group didnt start until he told the truth and said he’s better than Jay-Z, before that ya’ll was on his dick.

  • che

    why does some dumb motherfucker keep posting comments with my name?

  • memphis

    Wayne has been going platinum ever since he was like 14 or something. He has even seen platinum plaques after the Hot Boys broke up. He even had some of the most reputable names in the rap game to give him props. How is he a loser? From what it sounds like, he’s a winner.

  • calibud

    J. SMITTY on point with the Wayne/Kobe comparison, but forgot to mention that both had teamates leave the franchise only to remain under the same coach Birdman/Phil. Wayne already rhymed about this in the Show Me What You Got freestyle and the comparison was accurate as a mutha fucka.

    Oh yeah for the record, thanks to Golden State and the homie from Crossroads High (What up B) a nigga turned $10 into 200.

  • Crossbow

    I’ll never understand how a formulated opinion is always misconstrued as “hate”. Never brought up the kissin’ shit, just what I thought was an on-par comparison, but I’m now a hater.

    To say he’s the best thing goin’ is disrespectful to every nigga that’s nicer than him, including the 3 or 4 from the south that actually are. But I’ll reserve my judgement once I hear the Carter III.

  • calibud

    why do niggas Hate wayne so much……. ?
    I say…….fuck em…he’s a man kisser anyway. If it ain’t 50 or the nigga HAYES….it ain’t really street. O and shout to young jeezy he’s the streets. Shout out to BMF free big meech

  • render

    Your knowledge of ball is garbage. Robinson was washed up and Duncan had to carry his navy lovin ass to that title. And Iverson? First ballot HOFer. Even Zeke knows he’s better than him.

    Rap aint a team sport. Drop the damn analogy

  • Mr. Whats beef

    okay now your on my hate list,

    Allen Iverson-damn good, one of the best that ever did it.

    Lil Wayne- ^^^^^^^.

    Billy suck a d***k, thats your new name.

  • That NIGGA

    yo u a fuckin hater dawg, stop writin dis dumb shit….its a waste of my fuckin time

  • slim goody

    fuck yall hating ass wanna be niggas stop hating because you are nobody lil wayne is the shit and anybody that says hes not is a goddamn lie. The nigga who running his mouth probaly broke as hell and jack his dick. i bet you can’t fuck with lil wayne in a battle put your money up nigga if you got any. thats why black people can’t get ahead know to busy hating on one another

  • calibud

    Oh yeah, not to mention Kobe and Wayne are/were young phenoms. AI has always been an older cat, he didnt come in as an 18 or 19 year old. AI has always been beloved by all. Kobe and Weezy? No so much, nobody in their respective fields receives the love/hate treatment like these two dudes. I could remember back in High School trying to school my dudes on how Kobe was on his way to being the best in the L but all people could say was that he was a wanna-be-Jordan. Sound familiar?

  • sk

    AI has always been beloved by all.

    Never has their been a more wrong sentence/statement.

    Stop smoking that CALIBUD. Do ya history first.

    NBA trying 2 ban the crossover dribble cause of AI(SAID HE WAS PALMING THE BALL)

    The judge who really wanted 2 throw the book at him for his involement in that bowling alley incident b4 he went 2 Georgetown.

    There’s more but I hope you get the picture/point.

  • pott730

    tupac lame ? this dude doesnt have a clue must be a ny nigga. name a rapper better than wayne or tupac

  • orangejuicejones

    Billy, you’re hateful of your heritage to even say some shit like that about the way African American Vernacular English and Magic Johnson is from Lansing, Michigan a majority white city

  • Juelz

    man i aint read dat bullshit but it sound like a fuck nigga wrote that and if u dont know what fuck nigga is cuz its a south slang dat mean u a buster a sqaure ass nigga a straight pussy and how da hell yall compare wayne and pac

  • Teeb23

    If everyone would just stop posting a comment on this clown’s post the site would notice he generates no interest and replace him.Billy…. for real… your a grown ass man and you wanna be called Billy, I like that. Try Bill or William if you want people to take you serious. Fuckin’ Billy… I love that shit.

  • Dr Flav

    Lol, You trying your damnest to get a flat screen off these Wayne posts. Fact is NY great Shawn Carter cosigned Wayne years ago. Another fact is, Wayne is arguably the best in his age bracket. Tupac is wack/lame, he sure shut BIG’s mouth on the rhyme tip, I witnessed that and Im sure you were around during that long period when dude didnt utter a word after Hit Em Up came out, that is until he was dead on some subliminal shit. Please fall back on that calling black men monkeys, makes me think you a pawn for Mr Charlie.

  • tensai

    yo lil wayne’s sick u gotta respect someone who can improve this much….but this rant was fucking hilarious too u gotta admit….although its just another hater…doin his job to the fullest…nevertheless this shit is fuckin funny as fuck

  • smog

    “if i heard jay-z rhyme over the show me what you got inst. a week later lil wayne rapped over the show me what you got inst. and killed that shit why do i want to hear you and your wack ass crew spit 300 unfocused bars on the same beat after i heard my two favorite rappers, and there it is justice for all.”
    little brother/mick boogie -justice for all mixtape track 7

  • xxxxxl

    bitchass homie, you don’t know shit bout the NBA if you were bettin on dallas. check their season series. 3-0..or some shit like that. golden state gave Dallas 3 of their, what, 15 losses?

  • Amsterdam

    nah … first off… the writer of this piece will be cursed… for speakin on the dead in such a disrespecfull way..
    if PAC would be standing in front of you now.. you would be honored to eat his shit.. think twice..

    gimme the loot >>> tupacs career… ARE U F*CCING SERIOUS MAN???????! you still a slave boy…

  • Cuban Link

    thats like Ozzy Osbourne, noone understands a cotdamn thing outta his mouth except when hes singing

  • Russell B

    You are right pusha t is also an iverson type

  • Cuban Link

    and btw fuck you Billy, Marcus Camby is the best defender in the whole NBA.

    and btw Fuck Weezy, even if he did get good, which he didnt, it took like how long to get any better (in your opinions) like 10 years.That nappy haired nigga’s whaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • calibud

    AI has always been beloved by all.

    Never has their been a more wrong sentence/statement.

    Stop smoking that CALIBUD. Do ya history first.

    NBA trying 2 ban the crossover dribble cause of AI(SAID HE WAS PALMING THE BALL)

    The judge who really wanted 2 throw the book at him for his involement in that bowling alley incident b4 he went 2 Georgetown.

    There’s more but I hope you get the picture/point.

    Your talking about David Stern and his boys, they dont like anyone. Im talking about fans and media have always been hard on Kobe from saying he shoots too much, not a team player, cocky, selfish, you name it they hated.
    AI hates to practice while Kobe is a gym-rat and Wayne lives in the studio. Im sorry but comparing AI to Wayne was just a terrible stretch. This dudes career reflects Kobes so much its eerie.

  • Pancho

    When Lil Wayne drops a classic album, let me know…that’s when he’ll become the best rapper alive.

    Until then, I’ll try to enjoy his nursery rhymes when they are rarely well done.

    Who becomes the best rapper alive by dropping classic mixtapes anyways?

  • J Smitty

    Pancho Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 1:04 pm
    When Lil Wayne drops a classic album, let me know…that’s when he’ll become the best rapper alive.

    Until then, I’ll try to enjoy his nursery rhymes when they are rarely well done.

    Who becomes the best rapper alive by dropping classic mixtapes anyways?

    Puncho weezy has 3 classics already

    I Laugh when I hear loser that just got hip to weezy sayin he was weak when he was younger. The block is hot was a classic because the nigga was sixteen, rapping about guns, drugs, and having a daughter at a young age yet he never cussed through the whole album, and real niggas brought his album and he went plat.

    and the carter 1 & 2 was instant classics trust me if their wasn’t a valid arguement that weezy could possibly be the best the media would let wayne have it.

    and to be the best you have to have good mixtapes thats when you jus show niggas that no one fuckin wit you.

    Puncho you dont know what the fuck ur talkin about.

    come up with your own opinion don be a dick rider actual listen to the nigga first CD listen to his sqad mix tapes, then check out the carters, the dedications, and the droughts, I gauranteed you’ll feel the nigga… thats why when niggas hate on wayne or claim they wrote his shit you kjnow that they haven’t followed weezy career.

  • J Smitty

    Oh and Weezy the Kobe of the rap Game.
    Ya Dig

    AI isn’t as versatile as Kobe ( Iverson good though but he not even star of his team anymore)

  • clammyclaude

    very true very good article

  • west philly’s finest

    Lil Wayne is the T-MAC of the game. He came into the game at an early age and it took a couple of years for him to become nice. But for as good as he is now he’ll never be considered the best by everybody. But if Wayne is the A.I. of the game it’s in stature.

  • dopegirl82

    You are about the dumbest mutherfuckin person in world making comments about Tupac. Are you stupid matter fact you spit a verse.

  • Stax On Deck

    Calling another man Lil’ Wang is just GAY! Gay-Ass-Column…

  • ds12

    yeah, lil waynes the best, thats why ya’ll hatin on him

  • J Smitty

    West Philly 81% of bet viewers said weezy was the best on rap city so their is a huhe fan base that thinks he is the best buddy.

  • dez

    lil wayne>lebron

  • Nawledge

    the only thing that i have to say, is that even if lil wayne may be a fag, he still got some rapping talent. i mean do you actually LISTEN to what the guy says? if u want me to give u an example, “I GET HEAD IN THE STRANGEST PLACES/ TWO AT THE SAME TIME CALL IT CHANGIN FACES”. Get it? two at the same time call it changin faces?! while i dont really respect him as a PERSON you have to respect him as AN ARTIST. And another thing,


  • Derrick Harmon

    Billy who ever the fuck you are a fucking hater and you know it so raise your fucking faggot hate all you want Pac is the best that ever did it deal with it.keeping talking down on the south and you will be touched.Keep talking down on Pac and you will be touched.Just curious thou i guess you think BIG was the best??put yea dont forget fuck you bitch as billy.

  • EReal


    Im not sure if you’re quoting or commenting, so i cant really respond but to say that JayZ is probably just as overrated as Wayne and that song was garbage.
    I think Dirt Angel or fuckin Jibbs coulda spit better bars on that shit sandwich.

    1 hunned.

  • The Surrealist

    Forreal though…Lil Wayne is not the best rapper alive or even the best rapper in the South for that matter. I don’t know about T.I. but, Ludacris and Andre 3000 would murder that dude in a battle real talk.

    I don’t think he even forreal wants it with Papoose, Saigon, or Joel Ortiz. Fuck Joe Budden would merc his has in a battle. All this clout and hype is what gets niggas over.

    I mean stack up “The Takeover” and “Ether” bar for bar. Which was more factual to this present date?

    Jay points: You don’t sell, You’re not consistent, I piped your girl, I’m runnin shit.

    NaS points: You’re gay. Your roster didn’t sell well. You love attention. You quote BIG alot. You were influenced by alot of different people. Queens niggas run BK niggas. He could eat everyone on that roster.

    As it stands: NaS works for Jay. Jay’s girl looks better. God’s Son and Street’s Disciple were average. The Roc is in limbo (save Kanye and Beans on the way back with SP and Foxy.). Jay is universally debated as the Best overall MC to ever do it.

    I could go on, but the point stands that media makes the man based on hype, then accolades.

    Pac >>>> Wayne.

    Every day all day.

  • kt

    get off this niggas dick all that hating just lets me know how you really feel about him bitch

  • E.Williams

    Some people hate.

  • HNIC

    East coast niggas are some of the biggest crybaby ass niggas that I’ve ever seen in my life… Stop complaining about the south and step your fuckin’ game up!!! Shut us down with some hot shit or shut the fuck up!!!

  • HNIC

    Who were the last East Coast Cats to move units? Jay-Z and 50… to quote Jay; “Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.”


    weezy has nothing so far to consider himself the best. he has NO classic albums. in addition, his “improved” rhyme skills are question not to mention his sexuality.

  • calibud

    Who’s to say whats a classic or not? Certainly not East Coast niggas, cant trust them enough to get past their own baises. IF Carter 2 aint a classic, its damn close. Im not sayin reasonable doubt aint a classic, but only a certain class of individuals understood that album. For those who didnt get it (because of age, region whatever..), that doesnt give them to say it wasnt a classic.


    Nawledge, the arguement against that line would be that he’s rhyming abou gettin head rather than trying to change the world (not an artists job). You have to allow an artists to be themselves and give them the space to come from the heart.

  • smog

    yall heard it first from ereal, news flash, he gonna be the next columnists for xxl mag, his first article is gonna be –
    jibbs is better then jay-z

  • Bk’s Own:Dollaboy

    Get off My Dick.

  • Cuban Link

    @ Nawledge, yeah no shit ya dumbfuck how do you not get that punch?It just sucked.I think Vakill has arguably the best punches, but Chino XL is fucking with him.However, they are both underground so needless to say they are better than most mainstream MCs.

    If Weezy is the best for dropping “classic mixtapes” wouldnt 50 Cent also be considered the best?But I dont hear anyone saying that, and 50s early mixtapes were amazing, prolly better than Weezys

  • Big Ham

    Dude you are a joke. Wayne doesn’t have a ghostwriter. If he did he would have carpel tunnel from all the work he has put in. Like someone else said you sound like a hater throwing rocks at the throne. Also Wayne and Charles Barkley are from NO and Alabama respectively. They talk with a southern accent. Stay true to your roots. LOL at Bama monkey. You are a fake joke. Look in the mirror before you comment on others

  • supasoak

    Yall east coast niggaz mad cuz swizz beats album didnt sale


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