Koch Records Won…

I admit that ‘Curtis’ will pwn everything in it’s path when it is actually submitted for retail distribution, but those numbers won’t matter for the second quarter of 2007. The winner for this fiscal period isn’t really one artist, but the movement known as Koch Records. They single-handedly kept Hip-Hop alive this spring and even released an album from rap veterans KRS-1 and Marley Marl that proclaimed as much. No label has released as much quality Hip-Hop music as Koch has this year and the anticipation for other artists in their stable should keep them active for the rest of the year.

Let’s review a short list of Koch’s Hip-Hop albums so far this year…

Prodigy: Return of the Mac – This album was better than I thought it would be. Truthfully I wasn’t really expecting to hear too much new spit from P and he surprised me by sounding as energetic and hungry as he did. He brought a different energy to this project then he did on the G-Unit disk. No wonder Fisty Scent was pissed off. This was the Prodigy that he paid for.

The RZA: Afro Samurai Soundtrack – Have you heard Cameo Afro? That shit is fire like a motherfucker. Somebody from Koch need to send me this album ASAP so I can review this shit.

Joell Ortiz: The Brick: Bodega Chronicles – You already know this kid is my nigga and he might have the best Hip-Hop album out right now. That joint called ‘Connections’ with Ras Kass and them other dudes has been my anthem for the spring. Your favorite rapper should hire Joell Ortiz to write for him.

Duke Da’ God Presents: More Than Music 2
– A weedcarriers montage of already used quote unquote freestyles. If the same verse is spit in several different places it should lose it’s freestyle status. I still think that Dip fans only buy bootlegs, but it’s whatever whatever.

Snoop Dogg Presents: The Big Squeeze – Another weedcarriers celebration. Snoop recorded this joint in his backyard tool shed. No, he really did.

KRS-1 featuring Marley Marl: Hip-Hop Lives – As a statement to refute all the negativity and naysayers regarding Hip-Hop’s demise. I enjoyed this album more than I thought I would. KRS-1 can be a little didactic with his rhyming and content but he didn’t beat me over the head this time with his knowledge of Hip-Hop and when he was overbearing at least Marley Marl made the music enjoyable. You won’t be disappointed if you copp this album.

DJ Khaled: We The Best – Weren’t we just talking about this guy?

So far as variety of music Koch had the block on lock for the second quarter. No album other than maybe the DJ Khaled joint will do big numbers but they are all serviceable efforts and not the type of contract obligatory 12 track joints that some majors release. I think Koch will begin to become the A & R shop for the majors. Don’t go to Koch to make money. Go to them to get your shit pressed and put into the streets.

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  • Latino Thug

    koch is the hottest label in the game now, even more than the majors, they building an empire right there.

    but as we all know empires don’t last forever.

    by the way billy, stop hating everybody (specially ‘pac) you’re hurtin’ yourself.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t hate anybody. I offer criticisms based on my own personal value system.

    Most undereducated people view criticism as hate because they haven’t been taught objectivity. Who have I HATED?!?

    Don’t use terms just because they’re popular. You make yourself look like a stupid follower. A gotdamned sheep. A fucking lemming. Think of something original and then open your mouth. Judging by your screen name you are prah’lee just a coward follower without a mind of your own.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    Koch Is The GraveYard, Curtis June 26th, eat a dick no homo



  • http://www.xxlmag.com ALL THAT IS!

    Billy that was amazing how u ripped Latino Thug lol! a new one . but whats really funnier is the fact that u did it intelligently.. yo learn from Billy and co stay in school peoples hiphop is not boosting your brain power its draining it..
    for example your favrite rappers pops mad pills zanex,volumes and shit and u follow him and proclaim him your lord and saviour because he can copy and paste hova’s swag .haha hova’s shadow is better than his wanna be an mc ass talking bout i dont care if u’re a prostitute singing off key with a flange in the vocal mix stupid (c)lil waynes new song “Prostitute” sukkers



  • P


    Well I have noticed that you do go out of your way to berate Lil Wayne for any effort he puts forth and your views are one sided most of the time…Like when you went over that lil Wayen We takin over freestyle and you were correct on alot of points…but then on some parts you went out of your way to attack what he said…like the “sporadic” thing(there goes a polysyllabic word)…which Noz ponted out he wasn’t wrong in using

  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal

    I’ll give you the Joell, the Rza, and the KRS.

    That Prodigy was garbage to me,… I could see where they were going with it, but the beats felt flat and too jazzy for my tastes. I dont know about that man.

    You’re co-signin weedcarrier albums and callin that HipHop when you just did a full fledged assault on 50 not being HipHop, but rap. So you call snoop’s and duke da broad’s weed carriers hiphop? Come on now homie.

    Why dont you do a drop on BabyGrande or Battle Axe records, that whos really keepin HipHop alive, now if you had said “Koch Music Distribution” I would feel you (pause)(no weezy). But naw man, Koch Records is not keepin hiphop alive. I’d think you’d try to do more than scratch the surface, BXS.

    1 hunned, haters.

  • ONE50

    X, write something about how rappers been giving out inside information since 1997.

  • ddubbzz

    nice post…yea 50 tried to bash on Koch…but they are doing there thing. 5 years from now they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Eh..do you blaze while you post? I know you be high nigga

  • smog

    yeah does everyone remeber when the hottest shit that koch had was afu-ra, man i used to love me some afu-ra!!! whirlwind through cites bitches!!!

  • beeyo

    Have they really “released” anything? Don’t the artists have to do pretty much everything themselves? Don’t the artists have to really pull their own wieght, not only in recording listenable albums, but advertising and working the streets with their product?

    On second thought…

    Yeah Koch records is alright. Other than the fact that Cam is like the VP or some dumb shit, and Alan Grumblatt sounded shook as a mothafucka when he spoke to Fif for those 2 seconds on Hot 9.

    “Hi Alan!!”
    “Uhhh…. Hi…..”

    “!!!PUT CAM ON THE PHONE!!!”

    Shit, the majors are the ones who made Koch so successful. If they actually had the nuts to really push an artist, and weren’t scared to death of declining record sales and losing money on every rapper, Koch wouldn’t even have had a lane to squeeze through. Koch would be… well, Koch would be Koch 2 years ago. But, they took advantage and look at em now, well on their way to being bought by out by Jimmy Iovine. Not hating, but it’s gonna happen eventually. Ask Russell.
    And I wanna hear Joell on some Aftermath shit. That boy is criddiddazzzyy, sonnnn!!!
    Otherwise, uhh cosign the post.

  • Malik C.

    I’ve been listening to Joell Ortiz, he’s good. Just not REALLY interested at this point. RZA’s name alone is enough for me to listen, and I finally watched Afro Samurai.

  • The Spainard

    “Most undereducated people view criticism as hate because they haven’t been taught objectivity.”


  • meenstreek

    I’m definetly gonna re-up once Mr. Ortiz drops his debut on Aftermath.

    The 125 pt 2 joint is getting much play on my Kenwood.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy, you coward racist, why won’t you address my comments? What’s wrong, you can’t handle someone who exposes your racism?

  • Latino Thug

    Billy, so insulting me makes u more educated, huh? I see.

    but hey you still one of my favorite columinst, that’s because i don’t hate, i respect people diferents point of view.

  • beeyo

    Oh, and I loved that “Mac 10 Handle” video.

  • these posts are racist


    You called wayne Bin Laden. One of the reasons you list for this compairison is because he hangs out with DJ Khaled. How is that not racist? DJ Khaled is an American, born and raised in the US. But because of his Arab background you say someone who hangs out with him can be compared to a terrorist? So are you non-black friends bloods? Crips? carjackers? crack dealers? crack babies? lazy welfar reciepients? or are we safe since the govt already locked up the bad black kids?

  • John Brown


    I think the real question is when will KOCH do a RAWKUS or a LOUD on they artist. Everything can’t last forever and Im pretty sure that UNIVERSAL will make a plan to shut it down.

    IMO, if I was the head (no homo) honcho at KOCH I will try to make a compilation album with all the hip-hop heavyweights. Before time is up.

  • EReal

    beeyo Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 11:09 am
    Oh, and I loved that “Mac 10 Handle” video.
    Yeah that shit was ill grimy.

  • beeyo

    Pay Attention Please:
    Sorry bout the caps, I just wanted everyone to read that shit. The president will have damn near complete control over public and governmental buisness in case another plane hits us, or God forbid even another Katrina happens.

  • gman1020

    dipset all day

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    somebody tell Koch if they got the gwap to invest, they can holla at US, we do everything for self basically, but the extra $$$$ wouldn’t hurt nothin but some MC Sling-A-Ki’s dream of that one platinum ringtone!

    exiting my clouded parallel of seeing life via my 3rd eye and back to the monitor, Koch released alot of good shit the past 2yrs, unfortunately lables seem to have been investing heavy $$$$$ into the “goon account” of alot of major artists, you know da $$$$$ that they pay their dudes to shoot em in da ass-cheek or earlobe with. Da $$$$$ to makes ya lil cousin become a masked gunman with accompanying “cloud-killers” aka the bullets that only get shot in the air.

    enough of this shit, i shall return after i grub on this Turkey and Cheese jumpoff!

    Rock, Rock On!

  • these posts are racist

    N-Cred/Dr. Flav:

    Where is your outrage over Billy’s blantantly racist blog about DJ Khaled yesterday????

  • smog

    yeah truth that “Stuck to You” has hot production and a sick video, and that Mack Ten Handle song is hot even though its bitten from Dipset Anthem

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Sin Pifferachi cracks me up. You know how someone that be burning it down gets when the have the munchies. I hope that turkey and cheese was warmed up. That shit would be crazy.

    TPAR, if you still want to talk about racism as opposed to bigotry (and they are different) then go back to the thread that shit was relevant. This thread is about Koch Records becoming the entire record industry’s A & R department.

    If your shit is hot on Koch then a major will put some dollars on you.

  • these posts are racist


    I’ll respect that. But let’s not play semantics. Racism/bigotry, the moral equivalent of both or one or the other…you know what I mean. That’s a weak way to respond.

  • these posts are racist


    And you mention Khaled’s name so i felt it was relevant to defend him. Why don’t you address me in the other blog then?

  • http://www.fedex.com EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 11:39 am
    N-Cred/Dr. Flav:

    Where is your outrage over Billy’s blantantly racist blog about DJ Khaled yesterday????
    TPAR, are you seriously tryin to get people to side up? GTFOH. You’re ridiculous, lil homie, I hope this is a stan, forreal.

  • beeyo

    “Four cornered room starin at candles..”
    That shit was a song way before dipset bit it. You lucky I can’t remember who sung it.

  • these posts are racist


    Are you seriously telling me what I can and can’t say? GTFOH.

  • these posts are racist


    i’m waiting for your response.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy you’re a chump wankster who pretends to be a critical thinking intellectual. You took such an easy route dissing a group of people (Arab Americans) who its OK to diss. You’re nothing more than a shock blogging bigot.

    How do you justify discussing a well respected DJ in the context of terrorism? Just because he’s of Arab decent??? How? How do you not see how horribly racist that is?

  • beeyo

    TPAR, please go watch some “Chappelles Show”, or “Mind of Mencia”.
    Also, do a pushup or two, Mr. Sensitive. If a person is proud of their race or culture, that person should be confident in himself enough to be able to TAKE A FUCKING JOKE. Of course Khaled got made fun of in a terrorist format, can’t make fun of an arab for watermelon, cornrows and grits, now can you? Jeezuz, brother you’ve got the temper of a pissed off spanish woman. Or are you saying that we shouldn’t mention race in any type of way other than “Peace and Love and bring everyone together” hippie type of shit? Censorship, sir? I do believe I’ll call you Tipper Gore from now on.

  • http://www.fuckmuslims.com EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Are you seriously telling me what I can and can’t say? GTFOH.
    Not sure where I told you to do anything. GTFOH is a figure of speech, in case you werent informed. Anyway, like BXS your case would be more appropriate in the Osama thread, Al-Zwahiri.


  • http://www.myspace.com/ghanghiskhan Building#4


    It was Geto Boys. Mind playin tricks on me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sin aka Sin Pifferachi

    nah sun its too warm to be eatin hot food like dat, my shit was a bodega bonus cut, wit da extra turkey and shit. But nah i’m at work, i did find a special treat in the ashtray before i left my headquarters tho….

  • Rodjilius

    koch is hot period dipset khaled joell and i still gotta get khaled and joell’s albums
    and by the way u were right about dipset fans doin bootleg

  • these posts are racist


    Nice attempt…Tipper Gore? Playboy, you really have it twisted. I grew up in one of the most notorious housing projects in Chicago, supported myself since age 5 and managed to graduate from an ivy league grad school. I am no Tipper Gore.

    And now I’m standing up for a group of people the way I wish people would have stood up for my people when it was OK to be blantantly racist agains them.

    I simply call out Billy for being the fake intellectual hypocrite that he is.

  • these posts are racist

    By Robert Fisk-

    A brief description of life in a Palestinian Refugee Camp…

    It is a place of Palestinian fury – and almost as much Palestinian blood. The bandage-swaddled children whimpering in pain, frowning at the strange, unfatherly doctors, the middle-aged woman staring at us with one eye, a set of tubes running into her gashed-open stomach, a series of bleak-faced, angry, young men, their bodies and legs torn apart.

    There was eight-year Youssef al-Radi who was cut open by shrapnel in the arm and back yesterday morning and brought to the Palestinian Safad hospital at Badawi, another refugee camp in Tripoli, his feet bleeding, a tiny figure on a huge stretcher. He hasn’t been told that his mother died beside him. Nor that his father is still in the Nahr el-Bared camp.

    And let us not forget six-year-old Aiman Hussein, who was hit by up to a hundred pieces of metal from a Lebanese army shell – in the neck and the spine, the tibia, the foot, the back, you name it. The doctors had to rush him to Tripoli because they could not operate. Visit the Safad hospital if you dare. Or climb gingerly out of your car on the Lebanese army’s front line at Nahr el-Bared and walk past the sweating, tired soldiers who have been told they are defending Lebanon’s sovereignty by doing battle with the gunmen of Fatah al-Islam – who are still hiding in the smashed, smoking ruins on the edge of the Palestinian camp.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    aye Beeyo, Scarface said dat in “Minds Playin Tricks On Me” (the 4 corner room line)

    That video made my day, on Bushwick Bills part when he did his best Spudd Webb reinactment and jumped up to punch da dude dat stood about 6 or 7 feet, that he see’s in his sleep.

  • these posts are racist

    I’d keep my discussion in the other blog, but Billy won’t address my substantive points on why what he said is racist and bigoted.

  • these posts are racist

    As slaves from Africa. My people were forced to sleep, spoon fashion in the bottome of ships, while their feces, urine, mentral flow, spit, etc. soaked them. They were sold on auction blocks. Their babies sold, their women raped, their men humilated, beaten and treated worse then dogs. So if someone called me a slave, i would be upset. You call Khaled a refugee and terrorist to dehumanize him and play off of stereotypes that are OK today.

    I am morally consistent and will call you out on it, each time you do this.

  • http://www.fuckmuslims.com EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 1:27 pm
    I’d keep my discussion in the other blog, but Billy won’t address my substantive points on why what he said is racist and bigoted.
    Why you on BXS’s dick all day? If you’re ivy league graduate, dont you have something better to do?
    Did you say age 5?

    “Hey, lil baby, what you doin out here so late?”


    You’re a funny dude, lil homie.

  • beeyo

    You don’t just call Billy out TPAR. You challenge him to engage you in one on one debate in front of a buncha people, when you could just tell the story like you just told off the bat and enlighten people from the beginning. Instead, you beat around the bush until someone engages you, then proceed to participate in a meaningless back and forth with some random commenter about the level of Billys racism, then you might drop some knowledge.Your NAME is These Posts Are Racists, yet you never just come out and tell us why these posts are racists, you just tell us that they are.. Like, if we hear Billy call Khaled Osama, we don’t know that’s a racist comment. Either that, or you whine about your comments not getting posted. If your comments were worth the keyboard you typed em on in the first place and actually contributed something to the topic besides complaints, I’m sure your shits would be posted from the jump. Your whole online persona is like begging people to pay attention to you under the guise of a righteous cause. Next time a post is racist, tell us a story like the one you just did first, instead of bitching about how fucking appalling and ignorant Billy is.
    And that shit you just told us is some fucked up shit, I hope you didn’t just copy it out a Sally Struthers textbook or some shit.

    Sin, good lookin. Face is the fucking BEST!!!!

  • beeyo

    Damn, Billy approved my last commen DUMB quick.

  • beeyo

    Yo, for some reason my girl got that Bushwick video “Only God Knows” on VHS. Even a fuckin psycho like Bill had a positive message at the end of his shit, where the smoker tosses the pipe across the street after goin through all his demons. That’s called contributing , Wayne, Cam, and TPAR could learn a thing or 2 about it.

    Matter fact, Bills shit on “Fuck a War” sounds like he recorded the shit yesterday about George Dub. Did I tell yall bout Dubyas little scheme? Scroll up if you aint heard, they bout to turn America into a fucking one man dictated kingdom.

  • hannah Smith

    The problem is the majors created silly expectations off the back of the Eminem and G-Unit boom years, so now anything that doesn’t look like doing close to a million in the first week is shelved or kept in limbo.

    Koch are gonna sell records ‘cos they release records – cats at majors sitting on Saigon and Papoose albums might do well to put down the pipe and take some notice of that little bit of common sense.

  • thoreauly77

    hannah has a good point. someone mentioned babygrande as well, and i would add def jux, rhymesayers, nature sounds and more to the list. seriously though, why is anyone surprised that the majors simply don’t get it?

    beeyo- i saw that and yes, it’s truly fucked up. congress has to step up to this challenge. personally i think they need to instate a special investigation into bush and his violation of the constitution and then start the impeachment process.

  • Chris

    Yeah but all those albums sold nothing, and werent even really good. So how did they win anything? What cause they put out the most albums or something? I dont get it?

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    >I don’t hate anybody. I offer criticisms based on my own personal value system.>

    i’m definitely using that quote.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I’m back on the thread, miss me family?

    TPAR, you are clownshoes deluxe. You raised yourself at age five and you are now an Ivy league grad. Two words for you… Nigga please!?!

    My previous drop at this site could be construed as bigoted, but should never be construed as racist. What race of man is arab? That sounds like an ethnicity to me. Since arabs come in every skin complexion possible how does my farcical anti-arab sentiment become racist. Since you don’t understand that supremacy is the system that buttresses racism I will do a drop on that down the road after I have finished talking about your favorite rapper.

    TPAR, your’e a nickle bag attorney so please stay in your lane when it comes to this commenting shit. Say “First” or “Co-sign” or something easy like that.

    Chris, the reason that Koch Records won is because they don’t sit on their ass and let their bottom line determine when they will release Hip-Hop music.

  • thoreauly77

    -Since arabs come in every skin complexion possible how does my farcical anti-arab sentiment become racist.


  • cracka killaz

    its ture the jews at koch have steped the rap game up for these nigros

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    >if you still want to talk about racism as opposed to bigotry (and they are different)…>

    >My previous drop at this site could be construed as bigoted, but should never be construed as racist.>

    jeebus. it’s almost as if you’re my long-lost brother.

    no “humpin’ on my daddy.”

  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    The majors stay losing

    ask columbia

  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    btw great post

    no homo

  • Moe Real

    “supremacy is the system that buttresses racism”

    ^^^ This is ridiculous. You fat, ignorant, old, uneducated, humourless, Kraft dinner-eating, no money-having, wish-you-were-Bol-but-you-don’t-have-the-degree fraud.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Moe Real,
    so tell us what the social and economic system is that supports racism?

    There is some grown man talk that is about to come to this blog. Your comments indicate you aren’t built for the truth that will come down.

    We’d all be better off if you sat your ho ass down for the next minute, or better still, killed yourself.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy X,

    You didn’t address anything I said.

  • these posts are racist

    You see young Billy. you ignored all of my comments and tried to drag me into a discusssion of “what is race?”. Or the difference between bigotry and racism and how you discussing a young well respected American born DJ who is of Arab decent in the context of terrorism simply because of his arab decent is not racist…Come on man. Address what I said earlier. What you and BOL do is the moral equivalent of what is and has been done to blacks for years now…I can’t believe you directed your last comment at me with a straight face.

  • Around and Around

    Billy, nice job at attempting to change the discussion on TPAR.

    Race: NOUN:

    1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.
    2. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race.
    A genealogical line; a lineage.
    Humans considered as a group.

    So by definition, Arabs CAN be a race, nice try, you fake ass columnist.

  • Smokey McPot

    Nice post.. I agree totally..


    I agree. Well said Billy.

  • http://hhfanatic.blogspot.com/ HHF

    Damn man you expanded my idea from here: hhfanatic.blogspot.com/2007/05/bumping-my-music-joell-ortiz-brick.html

    Good post

  • http://hhfanatic.blogspot.com/ HHF

    Good post

  • these posts are racist

    Yo Billy, what up kid? you got ethered and can’t respond? Pseudo intellectual bigot shock bloggers…crack me up!

  • Lazy

    “Since arabs come in every skin complexion possible how does my farcical anti-arab sentiment become racist.”

    WTF does this mean Billy? Don’t black people come in more skin complexions than arabs? Would you tolerate farcical anti-black statements?

    Dont get me wrong, im not really angry but that didn’t make sense. In your defense you did recognize that your statements are farcical, i dont think racists will now accuse arabs of really being cannibals, and you just say shit like that to get some people like TPAR angry and other people to laugh.

  • Misfit

    Why don’t you just buy the afro samurai soundtrack? It’s out now.

  • crown_holder23

    thats funny that koch got all them heavyweights and still considered a low level record company is crazy…considering who these dudes was when they was on a major shit they could mount an attack on the rap game and do some good instead of beefing with a ridiculously wealthy 50 cent thats like 100 millionaire Rosie O’donnel and that crazy beef with Billionaire Donald Trump
    i’d do what Master P did to pastor troy if i was 50 cent, if koch is the graveyard if you flop from there where is there to go,oh i know use them g4′s to distribute them records hahahaha

  • Ray


  • these posts are racist


    White Supremacy is a unique racism in the US. A black person being “racist” against a white person in the US will never be the same as white supremacy. There is a unique historical context for white supramecy and nothing is parallel to it. The current Anti-Arab sentiment in the US does not mirror white supramcey and does not come close to the horrors and atrocities suffered by our people as a result of white supremacy. Your blogs and anti-Arab statements contained therein mimic that of the white supremaist rhetoric…it does cause the same effects as white supremacy and all the bad it caused, but should still be condemened….and you should know better. I hope that clears things up for you.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^^ Awww shit party people!

    TPAR, XXLMag Dot Com’s resident nickle bag attorney works on holiday weekends too.

  • youngz

    TPAR…u desperately need a smack down or a beatcchh… W T F..raised yourself from age 5, growing up in the projects, if u were raised in my hood (QB), we smack ya lame ass every day, u act like such a beatcchh…u aint no attorney, u be sellin them bootlegs, be thankfull our country gave u a visa… F off…

  • youngz

    u don´t no anything about struggle, my people been under the “hangar” for decades..I know for a fact that alot of u arbas are very rascist yourself…dissing brother and sh.., fake az cry baby

  • these posts are racist

    “TPAR, XXLMag Dot Com’s resident nickle bag attorney works on holiday weekends too.”

    Billy, my feelings are hurt bra.