What good is freedom of speech anyway if a man can't make the occasional joke about fucked up-looking black chicks, crazy-ass Asian people, or, god forbid, forced sexual intercourse with Condoleezza Rice?

As the Don Imus incident proved, sometimes you gotta watch out. While the I-man managed to build a vast media empire saying all sorts of inappropriate shit, obviously no one warned him of the dangers of a), suggesting the coarse nature of black women's hair is unappealing, or b) suggesting light skinted black women are more attractive than dark skinted ones.

But at the same time, why should Don Imus, or anyone for that matter, have to lose their job because black women have no self-esteem? It was announced recently that Don Imus is suing CBS for breach of contract, and I for one hope he makes out big time. Clearly something's gotta be done about this current state of PC uber alles before we don't have any right's left at all.

In case you haven't heard, talk radio hosts Opie and Anthony were recently suspended for 30 days from their show on XM Satellite Radio for a bit in which a homeless guy fantasized about having force sexual intercourse with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as well as First Lady Laura Bush and the Queen of England Elizabeth II.

The thing is, I didn't even know you could get suspended from satellite radio just for telling a joke. My parents have XM in their car, but I don't really mess around with Opie & Anthony. But I've heard my fair share of fucked up shit on the Howard Stern Show as well as the various other shows that come on his station on Sirius Satellite Radio.

You would think that if you're shelling out $15 dollars a month or whatever it costs for satellite radio, you could hear a homeless guy fantasize about banging the president's wife if you want, and indeed there's been a bit of a bit of a backlash against XM Satellite Radio. Fans of the show are reportedly cancelling their subscriptions to XM in protest.

People Against Censorship (PAC), a group that has been formed in reaction to the recent firings of radio hosts, is organizing rallies outside of Opie & Anthony's CBS Studios for the remainder of this week. They also put together a list of things fans can do to support the show, including cancelling their subscriptions and jamming XM's phone lines.

Like I said, I don't get XM anyway, so I'm probably not going to contributing to the protest much other than spreading the word. But I do find it rather unfortunate that things have gotten to this point. It's one thing if you can't curse or call black women nappy headed hoes on regular, free radio, but it's a whole other thing if I'm actually paying money.