Failure to Launch

As I noted last week, in my story on the new Bone Thugs N Harmony album, it’s the rare occasion that you hear the single from the new T.I. album, “Big Things Poppin’,” on the radio these days. Though it’s been out for a few weeks now, I only recall hearing it once or twice right after it came out.

This despite the fact that T.I. had the best-selling rap album out last year. King, which hit the streets the same week as the film ATL, sold something like half a million copies its first week out and went on to sell well over a million copies, which is about as good as it gets these days.

Its single, “What You Know,” was all over the radio last summer. Personally I was never too crazy about it, but I know a lot of people really were. Ccracka-ass cracka Noz even went so far as to suggest that a) it was the best rap song that came out all last year, and b) T.I. is the new Big Daddy Kane.

Gotdamn shock bloggers.

Here’s the thing: “Big Things Poppin’” kinda sucks balls anyway. Even if you were a big fan of “What You Know,” it’s hard not to hear “Poppin’” as a pale imitation of it, not unlike the umpteen different 50 Cent records that all kinda sound like either “In da Club” or “Magic Stick.”

If anything, the fact that “Poppin’” has failed to catch on thus far could be viewed as proof that today’s hip-hop community has more taste than I’d like to think. But of course I couldn’t possibly have that much faith in humanity.

Case in point: the last Ludacris album. You can still occasionally hear the singles from it on the radio to this day despite the fact that I don’t recall anyone being particuarly crazy about them. Even my esteemed colleague Sickamore was left with no choice but to give “Money Maker” a vote of no confidence.

So obviously there was some sort of cooperation going on at all levels of the music industry, a fact that was made even more clear when Luda’s Release Therapy beat out King for Best Rap Album at the Grammys, which was widely viewed as an upset.

Am I suggesting money was exchanged for radio spins and awards for the Ludacris album? Obviously I wouldn’t know one way or the other. But I wonder what it was about that album that made it so much better received than the new T.I. album has been so far.

When I read last week that the Warner Music Group, the group of major record labels to which T.I. is signed, was laying off 400 people, I wasn’t sure what to think. But now I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe those poor bastards really were that inept.

If this new T.I. album does about as well as I expect, which is not very, I wouldn’t be surprised if even more of them got the axe, and rightfully so.

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  • jaas


  • Rusty Shackleford


  • Prodigal Son

    all of the the songs I’ve heard so far have been unimaginative and displayed little energy and rhythm that makes T.I usually so cool to listen to…. hmmm,

  • slim gutta

    TI blows dogs for quarters

  • Everyone is stupid besides me of course

    I agree T.i joints just sounds like remixes to me

  • Everyone is stupid besides me of course

    I agree T.i joints just sounds like remixes to me

  • john cochran

    The new single sounds too much like “top back”, the one from the chevy commercial. Like Luda, once they start eatin on a certain level they get lazy and loose creativity. I didnt even like King like that, Trap music is more my shit. But who knows, he might just be testing that song out on the radio, since its still some time till it drops. He need to warm up on the mixtapes, then call Swizz back up. Even still, he’s still the King and you’re still a hater.

  • slim gutta

    damn papoose is shitty DRE shoulda gave that beat to joell

  • slim gutta

    TI aint gonna do those numbers again this

  • J.R.O.

    Good one, Bol. We know two people on your shit list.

  • thecollinb

    the only time leading with a Mannie Fresh single worked was for Jeezy and that was partly due to the ad libs homeboy put on it. Mannie is a strong producer but i dont think that was T.I.’s or the real tI’s smartest move….shit poppin or shit sandwich?….lmao @ Noz being the white dude on the Jazz that got banged on by Baron Davis…yall bloggers are really posterizin that nigga.

  • CL


    Why haven’t you written anything on the Jim Jones/Camron situation??? It has been a week and nothing from you? Are you slipping or does Dipset pay you that well?!?!?!

  • Andre 3000

    even “what you know” was not being played 24/7 when it leaked. it took a month to gain some momentum after it debuted.

  • shawnlawrencejames

    check the charts (Billboard Hip Hop RnB)…that single is climbing very well (enroute to a number 1)…im not too crazy about it either but i gotta give credit where its due

    its performing better than 50 Cent str8 to the bank…

  • jamie

    they play that shit all the time in atlanta

  • Jason

    I think it’s the album’s stupid ass split-personality gimmick. Ripping off Nelly hasn’t worked in years.

  • public domain

    If these clowns would stop forcing their weak-class music down people throats and not pay the radio station for spins and save the money for those awful videos maybe doin’ 100k copies would actually be acceptable….HipFlop is king…Long live the Souf…

  • Meka Soul

    >Ccracka-ass cracka Noz even went so far as to suggest that a) it was the best rap song that came out all last year, and b) T.I. is the new Big Daddy Kane.>

    i guess that means we should be expecting a playgirl photospread from clifford soon.

    extra extra pause on that one.

  • King Ben

    T.I. sucks now.



    You can’t tell me that isn’t ‘launching’… The internet counts…a whole damn lot man.


    50 will outsell T.I. and everybody else this year

    g g g g g g unit

  • jeff

    T.I. has never really dropped a good album, but being that I have lived in Atlanta since 1998…I can tell you that numbers wise, T.I.’s album will sell about the same amount as Snoop and The Game’s last album. He will roughly ship about a million copies (without a hit), and with a hit it may move 1.2 by the time the album runs its course. His groupie support is extremely strong, so it doesn’t matter how awful the album ends up being, there’s a lot of chicks who are going to buy like 2 copies. Keep in mind that he’s light skinned and mostly every black high school chick has a crush on a guy that either pretends to be or favors T.I. (lightskinned, bony, and hat cocked to the side). T.I. is what Pastor Troy could not be. P Troy only had male support which made him fall off quicker than he had risen, but T.I. got the groupies on lock. I personally know about 6 chicks that have bragged about him getting them in the sack, and T.I. means more to them than anything.

  • thoreauly77


  • First

    Does T.I. stand for Tall Israeli?

  • outya’self

    He will never be able to top “Trap musik”, no matter how hard he tries!

  • outya’self




  • noz

    “T.I. is the new Big Daddy Kane.”

    This is not what I said. You should consider firing your research assistant.

  • noz

    and yeah the new TI is shaping up to be a mess. too much clef.

  • outya’self


  • FutureBlackLawyer

    I agree exactly bol, alot of established rappes just dont care. They just want money. Lil wayne is the most creative rapper to me because none of his albums sound alike. He gets better like every month, and he always got a new mixtape out. The only reason why peeps dont like him cuz they think he gay which he aint, or becuse of the gillie situation. But what artist on a major label u kno who progresses with every album like wayne, instead of getting lazy or worse.

  • Knowledge

    Did you guys not hear the exclusive promo on HipHopDX? T.I. & TIP – Just the King… with some guest on it, supposed to be big and the beats already hot…

  • Gutta

    T.i. did get robbed of the grammy but at least luda has always been consistent….ti’s leaked songs sound garbage but honestly who puts out good music anymore??? if jay-z can put out an album that gets mixed reviews than u know everyone else will get the same treatment if not worse.

  • Ali

    naw man T.I. is sick although big shit poppin’ didn’t impress me alot……….its gon be hard 2 top KING but I’ll think he could do it…..”poppin” wasnt a let down track like Amusement Park………man i thot 50 was geared 4 another legendary album like his 1st, but i see another massacre (horrible album) coming…….but yea neway i think TIP will be fine…after all he gon have Eminem on sum tracks & a coupla Dre beats

  • Prince Of The South

    I Normally disagree with you but I been thinking the same thing since I heard the record. First time I said it was hot then I really listened to it the second time and compared it to what you know. TIP my boy but I don’t see him being on top this year last year nobody really big dropped. Jay came in the last month and sold what TI did in a month. This year everyone who has a household name is comming and I don’t feel like he’s strong enough to compete, but we’ll see.

  • FuckUPayMe618

    TI 1st 3albums were hot. Now his shit sound recycled. I’m definitely gonna download his LP. I figure since he trynna play us we should do the same by bootlegging that album.

  • DocZeus

    “He will never be able to top “Trap musik”, no matter how hard he tries!”

    Wow, thats like not being able to top “I Am…” if you were Nas. Ouch. Thats ether right there.

  • mr.martin

    about the last album i apologize for it, man i can’t call it muthafuckin wyclef spoiled it
    - canibus 1999
    - ti 2007

  • Mr. Whats beef

    JEFF was right he done said it all, homey album will do fine on the count of all these females that claims they would die for mr harris, its like a flu u catch the t.i. bug, hell grandma’s probably like that lil dude, he got male support but most of the males gonna bootleg his shit hard, the lady’s coming up out their pockets for tip or or their boyfriends pockets anyway, but comparing his album to 50 cent no, my man fif gonna have a good year, he’s back again.

  • http://uh asdf

    the song just came out and the hate has started. gimme a break

  • Bol

    >This is not what I said. You should consider firing your research assistant.

    Believe me, that bitch has got her share of verbal abuse to look forward to.

  • dee barnes

    DocZeus Says:
    “Wow, thats like not being able to top “I Am…” if you were Nas”.
    Not really though, cause when comparing Nas to TI ( although insanely idiotic)that would make Trap Music Tip’s illmatic, cause nobody checked for that first jiont with the stupid neptunes single. I would compare it to jigga and say that Trap was his blueprint, cause after blueprint he made 3 throwaway jionts, all singles and no substance.

  • Rag thang

    You know your shit bout to flop, when u have last summer single (top back) gettin more radio play then your new single.

  • diggsy

    If you remember a lot of the songs off “The Leak” were kinda so-so, but in the end everybody was bitchin that KING didn’t win the Grammy.

  • dre4life

    wit internet n the fall of mixtapes, hip-hop needs another “invention” on a level dat can b compared 2 british, straight outta compton or the chronic. n t.i. aint gonna b the 1 2 do it, so it really doesnt matter if ti vs tip fails or not

  • young_fane

    Dammmmmnnnnn…… Niggaz hatin already….. I dont even really fuck wit homey like dat…. But just yesterday he was the biggest shit poppin??? And because he make 1 song thats aiight, (like, your favorite artist, whoever it is, hasnt done the same thing) He’s fallin off??? Come on now…. I didnt really like King like that, but come on, wit all the bullshit music thats out 2 day, u gone tell me tip shit gone be trash??? I doubt it!!! He nice….. 1.I know niggaz that fuck wit him hard….. 2. Like my man said above, his female appeal is sicknin…. my bitch got a shirt wit dat nigga face on it…. and 3. He was nominated for a fuckin grammy!!! Thats never eva eva eva eva eva fall off activity right there!!! Dats like sayin he falls off if u niggaz thats hatin dont like him…… Regaurdless, white america loves him…. AND THATS WHERE THE MONEY AT….. REAL SHIT

  • young_fane

    O yeah…. If Suge Knights makin reality shows….. How the fuck Tip gone fall off??? That shit crazy!!!

  • John Brown

    outya’self Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 3:22 pm
    He will never be able to top “Trap musik”, no matter how hard he tries!

    IMO, his best album is IM SERIOUS, I still jam to that album now-a-days. Shit, I bump it more than Trap Muzik, Urban Legend and King. I think whats hurting T.I. though is that he is rushing back and making another album. I know you gotta stay relevant now-a-days but there are other ways to do it. Like guest apperances, songs on soundtracks, tours, dropping your weed carriers album. Shit Im not a huge Wayne fan but Wayne last ablum was in December of 05 and T.I album was last year around Marchm, I think. But yet he is coming with another album before Wayne. You gotta keep em waiting a lil bit longer. I think that why 50 sells, he takes time between albums (even if they do suck). Well thats just my opinion.

  • DANJA29

    a little premature? I think so. I think a much more accurate call would be how 50′s “Straight To The Bank” got such a “whatever” reaction, as has everything else off that album so far.

    You can never really call shit like this, to be honest. A lead single’ll come out and get limited play at first, but once that video comes out, people treat it like it’s the best thing ever. So I’ma say hold off a lil’ bit on the TI downfall blog.

  • Firre

    It depends on how he do on the song wit’ Em and/or Jay-Z. If he can pull off an upset verse, that might be some shit 2 talk about…Other than that, what goes up, must come down…

  • thoreauly77

    fucking lame byron. ti and the post.

  • DocZeus

    Dee Barnes,

    I was talking sideways about TI there with the I Am… comment. I was suggesting that Trap Muzik was as mediocre as I Am and it would be sad if he could never be able to top a record as uneven as I Am…

  • T.R.E.Y.

    damn Bol, what does impress you these days? you’re spot-on with some of the wack ish on radio, but everytime there’s a legitimately great big single ya gotta go and shat on it.

    talkin’ ’bout “What You Know,” i ain’t had the (dis?)pleasure of hearing “Big Ish Poppin’” yet.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    oh, and the reason Luda won the Grammy is because he’s a more established name. not some nefarious TI (PUN!) conspira-sah, which i notice you point to a lot in these posts.

  • fre$h

    to FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 4:37 pm
    TI 1st 3albums were hot. Now his shit sound recycled. I’m definitely gonna download his LP. I figure since he trynna play us we should do the same by bootlegging that album.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^what the fuck country east saint louis hatin peice of shit trying to play us u playin urself river rat faggot

  • youngz

    Who cares about T.I…He´s one of the reasons hip-hop is dying. Tired of all this nonsens southern stuff, only scarface can hold it down!

  • Rizzop

    Its always hard to top yourself, ands while i do prefer trap music, i really dont expect much from most artists these days. The new single isnt the best shit ever either, its his just repeating the same shit over and over. Homie wasted a mannie fresh beat

  • jonesy

    T.I suckz ballz

  • Mpho

    Hate Me Now, Nas is like, Favour for a Favour (thts how its spelt in S.A.), money is my bitch, Small world and u say that album is mediocre , it ain’t a classics but it damn sure ain’t mediocre, u just can’t say that bout Nas kid jus like u can’t says for Jay

  • Cinsere

    Ccracka-ass cracka Noz even went so far as to suggest that a) it was the best rap song that came out all last year

    “Kick, Push” was the best song of last year…but I’d put “What You Know” in the top 5.

  • Chubb Rock

    I think the concept of the lp is creative, but I truly doubt that he will be able to compete with 50. I feel it was a bad move to have the same release date as Curtis. It will generally be good for hip hop, but @ the end of the day Curtis’s influence is much greater than Tip’s.

    And that’s real talk!


    DON’T HATE ON MY BABE JUST BECAUSE BIG SHIT POPPIN ISN’T POPPIN DOESN’T MEAN THAT TI AIN’T A Gangsta rapper u sexy ti keep doin your thing baby boi


    T.I is a strait rapper. Really, if u were to ask me who are the best rappers in the game, I would put him in my top 20 (falling in between 15-20). but his new song is kind of whack. it dosent even bump like dat down in 3-0-5. and dez miami hoes love that nigga!! O yeah another thing. STOP RIDIN ON 50′S DICK! HIS INFLUENCE IS NOT THAT SERIOUS! I AINT HEARD NOTHIN FROM G-UWHAK YET, EXCEPT “IF U WANT SOME” BY BUCK, AFTER THAT EVERYTHING FLOPPED. “CAKE” WAS A STRAIT SONG, BUT IT FLOPPED, TERRIBLY! REALLY, THIS YEAR BELONGS TO MIAMI!! DA 305!! C-RIDE, BRISCO, JOE HOUND, TRIPLE C. LOOK OUT FOR DEM NIGGAS. CHECK OUT MYSPACE.COM/HUSTLEMAN123 4 SOME REAL MIMAI MUSIC. PEACE.
    STATE SQUAD!!!!!!!!

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    lmaoo@the name Public Domain, nah its funny cause i always leave that portion of ASCAP unchecked when registering my songs and just so happens thats what i was doing before i came to this blog again

  • babyboy

    T.I was the best selling artist for 2006, but he wasnt the best sellin artist releasing an album in 2006, jay-z and luda sold more than him, by now even jeezy has sold more than 1.5mil

  • babyboy

    Remenber the line, I am not Robocop i am chubb rock, ahahah


    t.i. didn’t have the best selling rap album, jay-z sold 2 million before year’s end.

  • Don of the Trap

    What up to all the haters ouy here in the world.What up Bol……I HATE YOU!!!!!!! I really mean that from the bottom of my heart.Anyway the song sucks but it’s the King so he’ll be good maybe the song will just have to grow on ya….well maybe not but he should be fine. Bol you know what i want you to do….@#% yourself please for real hip-hop fans im out got a life i have to tend to

  • Cuban Link

    i thought King was pretty good.I listened to that CD a lot until the summer hit when i just got sick of it. I gotta co-sign about Big Things Poppin being a rip off of What You Know, but you cant blame him.How can u burn 50 an TI for having songs that sound similar when those original songs were humungous hits?

    and, since he just pushed his other album last year, if the video doesnt catch on for Big Things Poppin’, theyll prolly just back it till 4th quater.

    also, just for the record, the reason 50s copy-songs get so much play is that he switches it up ever so slightly in the right places to give it a different sound.TI didnt do that.

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  • kt

    I agree most of that shit is wack as fuck to me I only liked asap and rubberband man you gotta listen to the old shit just to remember why you felt have these dudes anyway

  • KingOFyourMAMA

    kt Says:

    May 16th, 2007 at 1:38 pm
    I agree most of that shit is wack as fuck to me I only liked asap and rubberband man you gotta listen to the old shit just to remember why you felt have these dudes anyway

    ^^^co-sign^^^ I also like You don’t know me, dat song was my all time Fav TI song

  • Watchhimdo200000

    this is apart of his plan to give the streets the wrong tracklist then come back with something killing when he decides to drop…If u think he didnt no that songs sucked then ur dumb….believe me tip will out sell everybody in the first week as usuall….staying 4 steps ahead is what he does…/watch a whole new tracklist before the album dropps….to much has already leaked…

  • Sickmade

    You are an ass hole, it sounds better than that sorry ass 50 single.Eat a dick!!!!

  • Mossberg pump

    all these up north ass dick heads haten on t.i. because their favorite rappers go wood and fuck bol ole child molesting looking ass…HIDE YOUR CHILDREN FROM THIS Queer..

  • Treacherousss

    Some of y’all got it twisted on here. T.I. WAS the best selling rapper that released an album in 2006, at least in the U.S.A., i’m not sure about worldwide. U.S. sales, T.I. is at like 1.7, while Jay is at about 1.4-1.5. Luda is at like 1.2 along with Jeezy. I know King sold at least an additional 700,000 copies outside the U.S.

    And T.I. won’t flop. I don’t think he’ll do 1.7 agian, because those 1.7 seems unrealistic (even when he did it). Jay came outta retirement (publicity right there) and dropped a radio friendly single, and didn’t move 1.7 mill.

    Big Shit Poppin is a grower, thought it was so-so at first, now I bump the shit out of it. I’ll be in line first day to cop it, along with at least another 250,000