Here I Am Preview


1. “Tamborine”

Produced by Swizz Beatz

This is a good lead single to reintroduce Eve to the hip-hop world after such a long layoff. Swizz provides an energetic beat that’s sure to get the party started. Lyrically, however, Eve is a little rusty with nonsensical lines such as, “Doin’ it big like I live in the Taj Mahal/Talk shit and I don’t get in the blazey blah/That’s why they lovin’ ahhh.”

2. “Cash Flow” Featuring T.I.

Produced by Swizz Beatz

Eve and T.I. trade verses over a dope horn arrangement by Swizz Beatz. While the beat sounds like it was custom made for T.I., Eve spits some dope, braggadocio verses. This track was actually leaked last year, but Eve is keeping it on the album.

3. “Get That Money”

Produced by Swizz Beatz

This is the best song out the six previewed. Over a choppy drum arrangement by Swizz and a lush piano loop, Eve reminisces about her family life growing up. The first verse is about her month, second about her grandmother and third about her personal struggles. It’s an honest, introspective effort that shows Eve hasn’t lost touch with her roots.

4. “Get It In” Featuring Sean Paul

Produced by Swizz Beatz

This is the second single and it’s what you would expect out of an Eve and Sean Paul collaboration. Swizz provides a decent Caribbean influenced beat with a beautiful Spanish guitar. Eve still sounds young and hungry. Her flow is sharp. But the song is still rather predictable and cliché.

5. “Turn Me On” Featuring Sizzla

Produced by Swizz Beatz

According to Eve, this is one of the three reggaes songs on the album. Unfortunately, the first lady of the Ruff Ryders sounds a little too much like Foxy Brown on this song. It’s a decent effort.

6. “All Night Long”

Produced by Pharrell

This song finds Pharrell doing his best Timbaland impersonation with an annoying Middle Eastern beat. Eve actually sings throughout the song, but it’s obvious she’s out of her comfort zone. Her subdued vocals lack the necessary range and emotion. The beat doesn’t help either as Pharrell’s heavy kick, snares and bass drown Eve’s vocals out.

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  • d

    first bitch

  • E

    When is it dropping?

  • http://yahoo.com myspace.com/cardomuzik

    O snap,
    when this dropin n damn girl looks like its ganna have some sick beatz, come on man its Swizzy

  • sk

    lol, When is it dropping?


  • che

    when did she get hot??

  • hyphie510


  • Aftermath

    does dre produce anything on this album or is it mostly swizz!?!?!?



  • Stack$

    souns lyk this shitz gon be fya. damn eve b lookin fly hea

  • http://none Naradiq

    Man, i gotta feeling she needed to listen to tha DOC…thats why all these niggaz getting bounced to Geffen as is! Don’t be coming around kissing his ass if the shit flops….My man is right, too many Swizz tracks don’t equal a hit album

  • babyboy

    She is fine as hell, that se* tape was crazy though ahah

  • Baby Bt

    fuck that sex tape……….

    74 boss till da world blow

  • hyphie510

    Disregard my last statements. Swizz is da monsta.Def going to buy this album. SWIZZY!!

  • chris

    do u all know that this album is still coming under aftermath.

  • Mike

    I’m really looking forward to getting this album I’m going to buy it the day it comes out. What I’m looking most forward to hearing is the song all night long. Eve singing isn’t something totally out of the ordinary – think of all the hooks she has sang in her previous albums! Also, she was a singer before a rapper. Her voice actually isn’t half bad, what’s good is that it isn’t like too overbearing, it’s sweet and light, the perfect thing to counteract her rapping. I can’t make a judgement on all night long yet because i haven’t heard it, but somehow i think that it will be much better than described here. Her voice is quite good, trust me.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10470 Brian

    Swizzy beatz is da monsta, I’ve got no doubt that its going to be a big album. Too many swizz productions can be bad but since its coming under out under his own label ‘Full Surface’ he might have put in a lil extra effort.

  • http://MySpace?? CORRIE T

    Cant wate 2 get this Album!!!!!!!
    Eve… got my luv always!!!


  • Hey Girl Hey!

    OMG ITS COMING OUT TOMORROW…. unless eve pushes to a different date again!

  • Shawn

    This CD drops August 7 I can Not Wait “till it hits stores I will be the one to rush to the stores and buy it. Can Not Wait

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