Dumb Rappers Need Teaching…

Tupac has the be the O.G. wack rapper that inspired billions of people to jump on his dick and claim that he we was the best that ever did it. Tupac would have been an ill rapper in the Melle Mel / Grandmaster Caz era, but inside the era where his work is framed he is not even in the top 25. Tupac however, was Hip-Hop. For too long people have assumed that by rapping someone becomes Hip-Hop by default. Uh uh. Representing the artistic cultural movement of Hip-Hop through rapping is a totally different practice. Although Tupac was overrated as a lyricist he still attempted to codify the reasons why he felt he was disenfranchised. I respect him for that. He certainly didn’t have to use his voice in that manner. It could be because of his death that many other rappers have steered clear of material that exposes supremacy and its filtration through our society.

The same shit happened after John F. Kennedy got mer’cked. A lot of good progressive white folk fell back and stopped marching for equal rights and equal protections because they figured if America’s favorite son could get his wig pushed back then they could certainly get ‘disappeared’ with the quickness. Privilege was kept in place and as long as the politicians would hire more police maybe the rest of the country wouldn’t have to worry too much about the struggles of ‘the other’. This worked pretty much after Malcolm Shabazz was killed and it nearly crumbled after King was killed but then the Army came in to put out the fires in Watts and elsewhere. The inequality along lines like education and economics was prevailing, but Hollywood created films that displayed colored people becoming empowered, albeit through criminal behavior. Meanwhile the U.S. government and their COINTELPRO operations dismantled community based education and empowerment groups like The Black Panthers and M.O.V.E. Don’t any of you find it odd that The Black Panthers were shut down by the government and replaced with the Bloods and the Crips?

I found it odd that people drove to my ‘hood to copp drugs. Since opium and coca leaves aren’t harvested, processed, granulated and all the other things that have to happen to them before they are viable for retail sale, why is it that all these people drive up my block to get this shit? In no uncertain terms Tupac asked that question aloud. Someone that I will never consider the greatest rapper of all time, may have been one of the most progressive Hip-Hop icons ever. Maybe Chuck D is more progressive as far as education and economics are concerned, but Tupac is certainly more iconic. The fact that Tupac resonates to some of you at this very moment speaks about his importance. I think a lot of other forces understood this as well. Tupac wasn’t scared to look to the root causes of dysfunction within his community and because he was part of the community as well he sometimes described the issues with the voice of dysfunction. I do believe that Tupac was going to call shenanigans on privilege and supremacy and if you were a fan of his music you would have to make a choice. The choice would be whether or not to continue to support the system of supremacy. Tupac was certainly hardbody Hip-Hop. His skills as a rapper? Not so much.

Fisty Scent is a waaaay better rapper than Tupac, but he is far from Hip-Hop. Fisty comes into the rap music game for a singular reason. To make money. Not to push the art of Hip-Hop forward. Not to challenge the status quo that seeks to criminalize young males as ‘the other’. Fisty actually pushes that agenda harder than anyone before him. Get rich or die trying has become a mantra for too many kids as opposed to getting a skill to start living. There’s no one that comes to this drop that can’t tell me that their lives haven’t been made better by education. I’m not just talking about regular classroom education either. Trade schools and internships engender skillsets that benefit the participant for life. That’s what we should be focused on too. Life. Who are the people inside of Hip-Hop that speak to you of empowering your mind and your body? I’m not saying that we as people and practitioners of Hip-Hop culture can’t enjoy ourselves and party sometimes, but what artists make you want to expand you vocabulary? What artists make you want to open a travel guide or a motherfuckin’ dictionary? That’s who you should fucks with. Although I will never place Tupac on a pedestal for his rhyming ability I can respect him as a man that tried to push himself to a place farther than society expected him to go.

Tupac was a big dreamer with a monster work ethic. Work = Love.

Hip-Hop needs more love.

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  • Mpho

    first and foremost…… 1st

    Now Billlly there are too many insults you have thrown at PAC over the past coupla posts but even entertaining the opinion of that fisty is a better rapper than MAKAVELI, doggy thats when i stopped reading this shit WTF are u talking about man, tell me of a song that fisty made that made u jus smile and thank god u r a black male in this bitch we call life ??, when did u hear a fisty song that made u appreciate your shorty and moms?? when did u hear a fisty song that made u think of all the good times u had with ya deceased hommies (No Homo) and most of all when the fuck did u hear a fisty song that made YOU feel special Nigga??

  • Incilin

    I dont get it, didn’t you put Me Against The World on your top 10 list?? And Pac is a great rapper no matter what the bloggers say. I don’t think there’s any point to us actually debating it, but I needed to have that said and the some of the other c-boys will agree with me.

    And yes, 50 is that by all means. Here’s a guy who said he would wrote for Bush if he didn’t have a criminal record. He’s a real black republican, lol. Good post.

  • H2



    billy, tell us what albums to cop so i can, ” expand my vocabulary, open a dictionary and strive to be the best”. let us know billy

  • http://www.fuckbol.com jake

    I think it’s Bol’s turn to praise Pac for once after bashing the rap legend for years.

  • nation

    i love this. i’ve been saying this for years. i appreciate how you grasped people’s anger from the last thread, and knew you could have something by doing a whole entry about it and rolled with it.

    people are gonna be so mad. congratulations…

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Next drop is “Tupac is the greatest spoken word artist of all time.”

    Hip-Hop > poetry

  • C.Dot

    2Pac was a bad rapper even though he had much substance and Lil Wayne is a bad rapper because he has no substance(In your opinion not mine). Please explain brother?

  • C.Dot

    It seems to me that you have arbitrary reasons for liking and disliking certain rappers for certain things. Which is cool it always your opinion. Please denote though that your opinions are merely that your opinions not gospel.

  • G Off

    Pac went from being overrated to underrated in the past few years. I used to have to break the news to people that Pac was an average technical rapper that got by on emotion and drive, but now it has gotten to the point where you have to let people know that Pac had way more skills than most of the jokers that are around today, especially 50 (and I am only talking about skills, not $).

  • JJ LVL

    wut is wit all this hate on ‘pac? he wasnt the best lyrically, but on many accasian he actually had something important to speek of, things that matterd, u know things that meant somethin, to me it just sounds like ol’ fashind east – coast – hate

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    C Dot,
    I didn’t think that Tupac was a great lyricist and I didn’t care for his technique, but I do admit that he displayed a deeper level of knowledge and courage than most of the rappers of his time and now.

    Lil’ Wang however has been part of a rapping clique for over ten years and his rhymes sound like hogwash to me. Wang lacks complexity and depth in my opinion. He has never created one song that I have wanted to rewind in order to hear a verse of his repeated. And this is after ten years of him being a rapper.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10274 BillysAjoke

    50 is a business man, he’s not a leader or an artist, he capitalizes on violence and makes most of his paper touring his pro violence in Africa, a war torn suffocating nation. 50 is cancer, Pac is water sometimes pure sometimes 40 proof but still he was an element. Billy your a hip hop critic, not a fan. You argue for the sake of arguing, go be lawyer and omit your passion to create objection. Pac was Jimi Hendrix of our time to never be repeated or conquered and yes Hip Hop is dead, only because the true fan is ignorant to the culture and continues to support coke rap.
    R.I.P Tupac & fk u Billy

  • You Idoit

    Its funny, all crack head’s of a colomlists diss Pac like it will go out of style in a minute… but there favourite rappers would die to be him, and yes you herbs always gotta put Pac’ on your lame magazines. SO why you acting like you wasn’t down witt tha dude? WHat are you mad because your life is pitiful? or that maybe PAc met u homos and dissed ye?
    outlawz for lyfe
    makaveli r.i.p.

  • x-mas kid

    50 is no where near Pac…lyrics,rhyme schemes,or emotions…come the fuck on

  • P-Matik

    “Don’t any of you find it odd that The Black Panthers were shut down by the government and replaced with the Bloods and the Crips?”

    You didn’t see “Bastards of the Party” did you?


    Tupac was a Poet,Revolutionary and Dope MC, he is The Dopest Mc Ever!!!! Look up the Definiton of being a MC and Tupac fit the Description. Just becuz he didn’t show off like Biggie or Nas,but, he did it in a more intelligent way, through his Songs that are still just as Powerful as when they were recorded. 50 Cent is not even a True MC, so to say he is a better MC than Tupac is Retarded as hell, and they need to Fire u for that Shit.

  • Malik C.

    Why do people keep saying that their favorite would love to be like Pac? I love Quentin Tarantino but my opinion of him as a director doesn’t hinge on the people that want to be like him.

    Great blog Billy. Most people don’t understand the different between Hip Hop and rap. No one is teaching them. Well you do have dudes like Kweli, but no one is paying attention to him(and others). But I’m being redundant. Pac may not have been the best rapper, but he was by far the most important to the hip hop community.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com King Ben Whats Really Thizzin’

    Fif better than Pac? Really dawg? I don’t really bump Tupac and know he still is better than Fif. Your posts’ are wack. Quit biting Bol. Step it up queer.

  • Pancho

    Lil Wayne has no classic albums….

    Allen Iverson has no rings…

    Lil Wayne = Classic mixtapes

    Allen Iverson = 50 point games and scoring titles.

    All of that doesn’t mean that Wayne is the best rapper alive…or that AI is the best hooper alive

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    “You didn’t see “Bastards of the Party” did you?”

    Not yet, and someone told me that there is a connection made between the Panthers and gangs today, but then I ask you why the Panthers were dissolved overnite yet the Bloods and Crips remain.

    Obviously, the Bloods and Crips directly support the greater plan of supremacy. I don’t believe the hype that the Bloods and Crips are outgrowths of the Panther movement. The ideals that were espoused by the Panthers are 180 degrees of what is the Bloods and Crips beliefs.

  • ezey

    on some real shit….im not really a ‘pac fan but i respect his legacy. sure ambitionz az a rider, brenda got a baby, and countless other tupac songs are really good but i jus dont really feel the guy like that(no homo). but i this post is really on point with whats wrong with rap today. while in 2007 its cool for rappers to wear shirts that say “im not a rapper…….im a hustler” or what ever, in the 90′s rappers were focused on sending a message and perfecting the craft. and by the way billy u hate entirely toooo much on wayne…the guy can rap, so get off his back and take his music for what it is. but good post….

  • yung ceasa

    i knew this was gonna follow a lil wang bashing, like i said in fresh’s drop…..
    (click this link to see it http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10261)

    muthafuckas mainly rap bloggers love to hate on pac and wang…..see myself i aint too much of a wayne dick rider (NULLUS and no homo). but see i know why everybody likes to hate on wayne cause he kissed another man on tha lips (and does do it very often from wat i heard), but i didnt know why people love to hate on pac. i see now that it isn’t overall hate but just mere criticism not really meant to be hurtful, but pac fans, such as myself took it tha wrong way.

    when i said wat i said on fresh’s post it wasnt supposed to be a big discussion, it was really a rhetorical question you know one i never really expected it to be answered but billy you actually helped me alot. i used to ponder to myself why tha government had tried so hard to get rid of tha panthers, but cant do anything wit tha b’s and c’s, and tha reason it used to confuse me was that tha panthers were pushin for equality and justice for black people, whereas tha bloods, crips and every other gang are just killing black people.

    i realized that tha reason im so much a fan of pac is not so much for his lyrical wordplay or anything like that but moreso because his views are were similar to mines, and im only 16 you cant despute that tha shyt he talked about is still relevant. tha subject of his songs was some shyt that i identified wit, i still stand by my opinion that he’s top 5 d.o.a., but thats tha thing thats my opinion not anybody else’s. cause see to me if someone is so fuckin influential to tha point that people are still talkin 10 years after tha fact then they should be considered for tha greatest of somethin. you also cant despute tha fact that dude was one of tha smartest rappers ever, he was one of those niggas that would say “advasary” instead of “enemy”, thats another thing about that dude he makes people think…..cause see im just a 16 year old, mixed dude, but i still relate to dude and almost errybody else does too on some levels…..

    thanks for this post billy reel talk mane.

  • Marlon

    Hip-Hop-Poetry=Absolutely nothing!!!
    Pac’s song’s> Fiddy’s songs
    Your stuck(possibly on stupid) if you believe different!!

  • M

    Panthers were positive!! Bangin’ Aint

    Free Jeffery Akara and Moses Shakur!!!
    Panthers Forever!!!

  • Philip

    Good post, Pac was iiiiight that 7 Day Theory shit was pretty cool.

    But as far as the rest goes, your not relating.Sure people can try to make broke kids lives better, but they arent doing enough, and I doubt they could.

    If your dead broke and can barely afford food, which path would you really wanna take?If you see the hard, long road of getting educated, you’ll never die rich.If your lucky and become a doctor or a lawyer or something maybe, but not much else.And, let alone the fact that an opportunity like that will almost never show up.You dont see doctors throwing around 100 dollar bills in limos in the middle of two girls.

    And then, when you sit a king pin roll by with his platinum chains and SUV with huge rims, wont you envy it?Why would you take years of struggling with an education when you can become rich in no time through drugs?Why help improve societ when your desperate to just improve yourself.

    Biggie said it best
    “The streets is a short stop
    Either youre slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot”

  • Cuban Link

    Good post, Pac was iiiiight that 7 Day Theory shit was pretty cool.

    But as far as the rest goes, your not relating.Sure people can try to make broke kids lives better, but they arent doing enough, and I doubt they could.

    If your dead broke and can barely afford food, which path would you really wanna take?If you see the hard, long road of getting educated, you’ll never die rich.If your lucky and become a doctor or a lawyer or something maybe, but not much else.And, let alone the fact that an opportunity like that will almost never show up.You dont see doctors throwing around 100 dollar bills in limos in the middle of two girls.

    And then, when you sit a king pin roll by with his platinum chains and SUV with huge rims, wont you envy it?Why would you take years of struggling with an education when you can become rich in no time through drugs?Why help improve societ when your desperate to just improve yourself.

    Biggie said it best
    “The streets is a short stop
    Either youre slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot”

    ^^^^That was me i dont know why the fuck it posted my name as Philip.

  • smog

    THHEE Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    billy, tell us what albums to cop so i can, ” expand my vocabulary, open a dictionary and strive to be the best”. let us know billy

    that shit was funny man
    props to sunday though and great title, best thing ive read on this sight in a month

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    Tupac might not be the best lyrically but he dumbed his stuff down to have a larger appeal.

  • Ali

    greatest of all time is Rakim but Pac is 2nd….cmon he spit it from tha heart….tha gangsta shit he made was good but its songs like “thugz mansion” that put him over tha top….& i dont care what ne1 says…biggie sucks dick

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10274 Jaymc1988

    i disagree completly.. yah tupac might not of been the best lyricist ever but his emotion in his voice n how he told things make him so important to hip hop and a voice for everyone… 50 cent shouldnt even be mentioned in the same fuckin category as tupac let alone takin him for the top spot i mean cmon fifty goes for bitchs pac took pain away… n please PLEASE stop hatin on wayne.. hes nice as fuck no homo he can rhyme yah some of his shit is wack but wayne is fire cant wait for the carter 3.. pzzz

  • http://cajunpeach.typepad.com Cajun Peach

    Great post Billy! i like the rappers that give me something to think about. i can dance and jig along to any rapper talking about money and such but it’s hard to find that one that makes me zone out and bring me to that free and open mental state. i believe that only small-minded and/or young people will envy someone with a hot car or nice clothes. you’ve got to think bigger. you’ve got to think investments and savings and legit, long-running ways of sustaining for you and your family. not many rappers are gonna speak to you on that level. few of them speak here and there about it, but nothing that really sticks out. so why not tune into AM radio stations for a little while and give the FM’s a break? why not tune into some Money Talks or political based programs instead of BET and MTV every once in awhile? the rappers aren’t going to do it for us. and if you think the dope game is the only and best way out, then you’re ignorant. this is 2007! you’ve got to jump out of that box and think way beyond the paramaters. as fare as Billy’s question…Nas at times and Andre 3000 since forever and forever always! and beyond that, you have to take these rappers for what they are because how many of them are really trying to send us a thought-provoking message?????

  • Dr Flav

    Shock Blogs are usually the best when they make outlandish statements without reasonable facts or arguments to back their malicious claims. “When you throw dirt you lose ground.” as quoted from C. Tech Its like you’re throwing matches in the ocean to evaporate the water, Sunday. T. Shakur’s legacy will remain and your opinions will exist as unsubstantiated ramblings of a disillusioned mad blogger.

  • BlackGenius

    “Billyfagdance”is dissin rappers all you gonna do on here you need a hug,a drink,and some new pussy!!!!!!

  • Dr Flav

    After a second reading, its like its like you know the man deserves his props, but you are forcing yourself to give them up. I mean 50>Pac, I literally LOL at that. Pac was thoroughly hiphop and lyrically significant, so significant that he was considered a threat by the socalled GOAT, BIGGIE. You spoke about folk rewriting history on a previous blog, by attempting to go against an artist whose new work ends in 1996, comparing him to the ever evolving genre of hiphop is a disservice to the man, who cannot defend himself and his fans who have no desire to see this type of self serving crap you wrote, save this shit for Weezy @ least he can bring the debate to your front door if he chooses.

  • Pablo

    Wayne has a monster work-ethic, yet you criticize him at every opportunity possible. This blog is much like the subject of it; a walking contradiction.

  • Carlito

    Pac really got what he wanted to say through (unlike Baby Compton). People heard what Pac said, and they understood him perfectly. Youth growin up right now can probably even relate.

  • http://www.bonfiles.com Bonfiles Lenoir

    ‘Some’ of you blind fokkers missed the entire point of this column. He used 50 as a litmus against Pac not for lyrical skill or popularity but how Pac represented his passion for Hip Hop.

    I’ve never been a Pac fan and I sure as shit ain’t a 50 fan, but I can appreciate the drive in both of them.

    Pac was a much better actor than rapper anyway. Who knows how he would have applied his militant style and work ethic had he still been around.

    Preach, Billy.

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    if people looked past the whole 2pac thing, they’d realize that this is a powerful blog.

    but of course they won’t, so the message ends up flying over their heads as usual.

    sad, really.

  • youngz’ in the building

    damn sunday, yer just dont get it…

    I respect cats like big and jay.. they were WAYY better emcee’s lyrically than pac woul;d ever hope to be. But the thing is, there is no zenith to being lyrical, there is always room to improve, someone better in the horizon – hell for a hot minute (pre-eminem show) i thought slim shady was the g.o.a.t in that aspect. My point is as good as YOUR favorite rapper is.. in time someone doper will come along( although it might seem bleek with the current state of hip hop )

    But pac came with the inteligence. not the type of knowledge you get from an ivy league, but pure, God given talent to analyse the current state of the situation around you, understand it, and pass it along in a third person perspective, all in rhyme form. Now thats an art.


    i agree wholeheartedly about how big ‘pac was. i also agree with the fact that these rappers today focus completely on money and not the artistry of hip-hop. rappers today are the richest we’ve ever had, but they are the least original in almost any music genre. these dudes are copycats. real talk. why do you think rap has become really about the producers nowadays. that’s why we need more artist like lupe fiasco and outkast. i am hopeful and optimistic about this shit though.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Good thread party people. Everyone’s talking, but unfortunately no one’s listening.

    Someone on the thread posited the perfect scenario. Why struggle with an education when getting rich by selling drugs is so much easier?

    How many real, really real drug dealers do you know. Are they rich? Are they as happy as the kids that will be graduating from college, high school and grade school this month? Are their families as proud of them.

    Like I said before, Pac’s skill never impressed me like a Ghostface or a Raekwon, but it was with courage that he exceeded those rapping shortcomings.

    I’m all for giving praise to those folks with the courage not to take the easy way out. Those of you who took the long road this year get my respect. Salute to the graduates of 2007. Salute to the interns that are working their way up in whatever field it is. Salute to the young’ns that want to build instead of bang.

    read this drop a couple of more times and you might be able to catch up with the kid… Then again, nahh, you won’t.

  • real reck trill

    Damn I cant believe these eastcoast dudes in denial. Its like east coast against every coast always been. The east started that yes we know but it got boring real quick. The west came and made it gangsta. Pac took it over and mastered it saying fuck metaphors and punchlines he started gettin str8 to the point and he got more respect that rakim or ghostface. Pac is known as the best rapper alive despite what Eastcoast crybabies think. They think cuz they use big words that make no damn since and a punchline here and there makes them the best. So therefore when Pac came and snoop and dre came and took it over the West was known as Hip Hop. Then Cube came with that Today was a good day and that put the icing on the cake. The west was owning. The west had more radio play than the east and more respect worldwide. BIG only made two hot albums so he not even top 25 rappers of all time sorry PIG fans. Wu Tang lasted a few years only a couple that they were hot. Jay-z was a dick rider first he was spitting fast mid west style then he took BIG style and mixed it with Nas style. So to me he was over hyped but it worked. Nas to me was the best out of NY he was original. Even though he talked about africa more than queens and fell off for a scond with that oochie wally BS. DMX was hot (no Homo) for a while till he fell victim to that herion and powder. New York has never been consistent. Thats why they always mad because they never really was on top. Well jay was but Nas ethered him and jay got him back with fucking his girl and putting the condom in the baby seat so they cancelled each other basically. Now the south hot so its obvious that the south is going to get hated on mostly. Next the midwest will take over and the east is going to be saying kanye is gay, or common is old, or lupe got hit by a bus while on his skateboard. This a real blog. XXL hire me to even out ya blogs and stop making them one sided

  • EnglandRepresent


    Excellent post, I understand exactly what the fuck you’re yakkin on about.

    And the fact that the Panthers got disbanded and were then ‘replaced’ by the b’s and c’s is a little more than suspect. I swear, your government has got some shady shit in their closet.

    Excellent post.

    Biggie > Tupac

  • http://N/A Ayigansta


    This is what we get when everybody is trying to sound intelligent by aligning a couple chronological events and throwing in a couple pseudo eruditions and think they reinvented hot water.
    I wanted to respond to this herd of nonsense as in an exchange of ideas, a debate between knowledgeable people before this sorry excuse of a columnist proclaimed 50 Cent to be better than ‘Pac.
    Bitch, please. 50 Cent better than ‘Pac? Ha Ha Ha. That shit doesn’t even deserve to be dwelt upon
    Anybody that has an ear to listen knows that there are 2 Tupacs:
    The pure poet who could stand anybody lyrical heat: that’s the ‘Pac that was rolling with DIGITAL UNDERGROUND and that’s the 2PAC of the early years.
    And then there’s the 2PAC that traveled the country and look reality in the eyes and knew that the only way he could touch the uneducated crowd is to speak their language.
    Education is not necessary suppose to impress the so-called “elite”, (and I use the word very loosely), but absolutely to empower the abandoned crowd. That’s exactly what 2Pac accomplished by doing what Jay-Z will call: “dumb down for my audience”.
    Now you may go through his rap and not see the preconceived nonsense that they told you in College lyricists are suppose to be. But that exactly because you guys have no imagination to go beyond your own stuck curriculum to recognize that everybody is dying to be 2Pac because he was the most intelligent in his way to approach the problems that his generation faced.
    Like Mark Twain said: “I never let school get in the way of my education”
    So keep telling yourself you have the analytical intelligence to crack the ‘PAC code.
    He practically prophesized this kind of nonsense by saying on “RAP Phenomenon” By DJ Vlad that people like you will judge him on a specific period instead of having the intellectual honesty to analyze his whole body of work. And once again the NIGGA was right.
    By the way euh, Einstein, the government is having a hard time dismantling The Blood and The Crips not because they don’t want to but because they can’t. Unlike the Black Panthers who have had a single HEAD that could be taken out and was taken out the Bloods and the Crips are made of autonomous chapters that operate regionally. Like ‘Pac said:” They don’t die. They multiply.”
    But I guess they told you in College that Black People are not smart enough to switch gears and practice the scorched earth politics to survive attack by the government.

    Get another job, son.



  • http://xxlmag kane corleone

    First how old r u Mr.Sunday?Matta fact how r old r most of these bloggers?U young dudes kill me got the nerve 2 compare even think of comparing even writin the shit is just wild 2 me.OG wack rapper huh? Thats all i keep seein is that bullshit look if u cats aint Crip or Blood please STFU!!U were correct about what the nigga was tryin 2 get across 2 Black Males but cuz was wild,PAC was n the streets as a artist on the block,aint none of yo so called mc’s 2day doin that shit,”This nigga scared”!!!And 50 is n the game 4money shit who aint?MONEY=OUTTA THE HOOD&EFFED UP SITUATIONS!!But 2 all u bloggers 17-29 u r not hiphop stop speaking on shit u have no clue about Makaveli must have really ethered your whole so called favorite rappers,well since cuz aint here to tell u sidebusters 2 eatshit&die i’ll do it for him.

  • http://xxlmag kane corleone

    XXL is trippin with this bullshit so what u gonna disrespect on cuz Cday 2? And Cuz if ya’ll aint Crip or Blood STFU!!Please dont speak on shit u have no idea about.the only thing 50 did that PAC didnt do was shut down a whole crew,and who aint in the game for doe,if ya’ll so hiphop u outta know niggas was gettin raped,Money=outta the hood!!

  • The Spaniard

    This post is the truth. After looking at the responses and rereading the original post I have come to the accurate conclusion that the vast majority of people who response with their panties in a bunch about his opinion on Tupac have a learning disability. Instead of letting your man-love for Tupac drive you blind with rage you should find someone who can translate english and point out the premises in an argument for you. Then that same person can proofread your response and let you know when you have made a massive error in thinking.

  • K

    You write like you’re fifteen years old.

  • http://ohstewardess.blogspot.com Ace

    word is born. Mr. Sunday gets it right. I’m glad that someone else aside from myself has come out and said that Tupac is a wack rhymer. I think 50′s a wack lyricist too, but that’s left for personal choice. Regardless, I think this post summarized why I’ve been frustrated with so much of the hip-hop coming out now. You should have also noted rappers that make you want to read a book about the Black struggle in America and learn the truth about crack.

  • Tiro

    Kane Corelone you sound like a kid bruh.

    Yo I wholeheartdly agree with your post billy. Rappers need to start talking about what needs to be heard and push boundaries a little.

  • Danny

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    “Fisty Scent is a waaaay better rapper than Tupac”

    No wonder your always saying Cam’Ron lost to 50!

    50 is really paying to say all this, isn’t he??


  • beeyo

    Yeah this shit was the truth. Except for 50 better than Pac, but I get your point. I think the saddest thing is how empty headed most of these commenters are. They see one thing in the post they don’t like and that’s all they see. They don’t get the fucking point. Like this 76 year old crip for instance, did you even read the fucking post?
    Money = outta the hood… For now. Unfortunatly, there are still 10 million other people left in the who in no way benefit from you getting money. Pac had nowhere near as much money as 50, yet he has had a profound impact on the mindstate of a lot of people. But you know what? Who really gives a fuck. Fuck it. Get money. Maybe yall was right. Hip Hop is dead. Fuck it. Hip Hop needs more cowbell.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Stop bombin on Billy’s opinion.

    I loved Pac for what he stood for within his music, he had that rebel spirit i developed from my own life’s experience and self-education of seeing how fucked up this 24hr dance-a-thon of a life really is once the music stops playin.

    Pac’s mentality was perfect example of why the COINTELPRO was started in the first place. As an MC, though message-heavy when he wasn’t full-blown belligerent with revenge, just wasn’t strong enough to carry the torch of others before him. His message got diluted by reckless action. for every “Keep ya Head Up” type rhyme, was a jail charge inspired by him “keepin it real”.

    Iconic most definite, but thats where i think the simplicity of him as an MC come into play. Pac’s message is/was no different from a Mos Def or even Dead Prez in meaning, but i think the complexity and content of them as MC’s kinda eliminated all the “real niggaz” out there who were too “real” to pick up a book to understand and digest their wordplay as opposed to Pac.

    Most of the MC’s after Pac tried and still try to do their best rendition of him, from his looks to even his rebellious nature. I hope they realize one day that they can’t be him, because despite all the murder, murder, kill, kill, bullshit they say in the booth, these dudes are scared to spend a few nights in jail and get an R.O.R. let alone do anything as near as gangsta for shootin a cop in ass for unjust harrassment of a stranger with the same skin.

    I aint about to weigh into the Blood/Crip thing, cause i think at least 30 of the 39 murders currently in my city are all gang-related and its sad to see the youth so lost they’d stand up for a color before themselves as men.

    and not even comparing Pac to anyone else, because what Pac did and what he stood for is personified in his music, but seriously, as far as MC mechanics, he just wasn’t that seasoned beyond one hell of a work ethic and image-appeal.

    It’s ok to recognize Pac wasn’t considered a great because of what he penned, but how he penned it.

    And be honest, most of you dudes on Pac’s dick couldn’t name 5 songs before Me Against The World dropped that wasn’t radio singles, to even act like ya’ll was Pac fans to begin with.

    go fix the wheels of ya bandwagons and stop actin like Billy said God doesn’t exist, good blog!

  • Rizzop

    “Fisty Scent is a waaaay better rapper than Tupac”……I cant believe you had the chops to type that shit! Listen to one of the song fifty even did with tupac and you’ll notice that tupac’s 12 year old verse is better than anything 50 has ever written! Only thing 50 really spit om was power of the dollar. The fact that you made on all the points about tupac speaks to his importance. The things you just praised him for are the things he rapped about! So you can say that lyrically he was wack, but he said some of the hardest shit ever? He never spit a verse that made you wonder about the world you live in? Is that not lyricism at its best? I do agree with the rest of the post though, but that 50 is a better rapper than tupac shit is crazy.

  • Cinsere

    People are finally publicly voicing shit that a lot of us have been saying for YEARS!



  • http://XXL All Dae

    Tupac did suck as a rhymer. 50 Cent is pushing the artform by making good music. His songs r constructd well. He does speak on social ills but is not blut about it or in yr face. Check out his joint w/ Mobb Deep about going to heaven. Plus his verse on How We Do with Game is nice insite on his feeling on having new money. I don’t like preachy rap.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Here’s why 50 stays winning and ‘Pac stays sinning.

    50 = COINTELPRO (look this up if you don’t know)
    ‘Pac = The Black Panther Movement

    You could say that the Panthers were more important as a positive force and most of the people on this thread have heard of them more than the gov’ts movement to disenfranchise Black leaders, but which one of these operations is STILL in effect?

    The last thing that today’s rap fan wants is to be informed or educated. Today’s rap fans wants to be high on pills like their favorite artists. Fantasy beats reality.

    Fisty Scent wins.

  • S.I.N.


    I keep seeing this pop up as of late. I am glad that we have finally gotten to the point where our love for BIG and PAC has not blinded us anymore to the point where no one can NOT like them.
    The post’s message was excellent and one everyone should read, I just have to disagree with that notion of PAC not being a great lyrisist.

    What was lost in this generation of rappers is the fact that your rhymes HAD TO MAKE SENSE and HAVE A LASTING IMPACT. Pac’s rhymes are legendary and no matter what corner of the globe or state you are in everyone can recite as least 2 Pac songs verbatim.

    Me being an MC myself i look at PAC’s lyrics differently than the average listener. He was a master of staying on top of the beat and never lose the message in his rhymes. He could get lyrical when he wanted and felt the need.

    Anyone looking for proof listen to Me Against the World track 2 “IF i DIE 2night” or All EyeZ on Me track 5. To suggest that Pac was an inferior rapper is just wrong by all accounts.

    Pac like Melle Mel, Chuck D,Scarface and several pioneers before him knew that the best way to reach the people was to communicate to them. The reason his songs are so memorable is that if they were not rhymes they would be conversations.

    Big did not have astounding wordplay, but he won because he knew how to talk to people and realize that the best MC’s “talk” to the people. All of the best MCs knew this.

    Again, To say that Tupac was inferior lyrically to a Jay-Z, BIG(who stole his style i might add!), Nas, or anyone for that matter is completely backwards and contradictory of your whole post.

    There is no one clear cut way to gauge what makes an MC great. Some are punchline heavy, Some tell good stories, Some know how to rock a crowd, and some can do a little or a lot of all those things.

    But i will say, when it is all said and done for the MC’s you put before him, will we be able to pick up their music 10 years from now and it sound like it was made yesterday? With the exception of Nas i can’t think of one living MC who has made that much of an impact or



  • S.I.N.



    I know every one has an opinion on who the greatest rapper to ever grab a microphone is or was. Mr. Sunday for some certain reason has respect for the man now after writing tons of blogs blasting him as a fake thug and one of the worst rappers of all time. What the “f” happened to you the past week. Did you read “THE ISIS PAPER” OR “MESSAGE TO A BLACK MAN” to get you back in the black frame of mind or did something happen to one to remind you of the struggle and who personified it as an actor. You still get no love from true Pac fans. Even Nas stated in an interview he didn’t have half of the balls Pac had. Biggie and Puff hated on him after giving them a start opening up for him, JAY Z even give him props on his CD’s and everyone knows PAC hated his ass. Every rapper now has to try to get on a CD with him. TI wants to compare himself with PAC. These cats are dreaming and not rapping from the heart. That’s why Pac moved people, one thing you are right about “Mr. Billy” is the fact that most rappers are scared to rap about social issues that really effect blacks and minorities as a whole. Speak against the system and have people backing you then you have a problem. Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Pac. All killed by the system in which they battled against. Some love to say Biggie was the best. Okay Biggie was nice on the mic but Pac was important for the struggle. Listen to the cramp that’s out now. All about materialism and whores, no substance. Pac was the greatest and you Pac haters keep talking lyrics, what the hell are you listening to on his songs. Billy your ass is a true Pac hater and maybe you wrote this since you just found out that a chick you are trying to hit is a Pac fan and since she reads your blog, your hypocrital ass is going to get a coochie coupon but to no avail. Between Pac and Lil Wayne, I don’t know who you hate the most. Your time is comning black sunday trust me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/larrybrite larry brite


  • http://www.myspace.com/mworld33 mannyworld33


  • John Brown

    Of the topic, today would had been Biggie’s birthday. He would had been 35, if he had not gotten shot on March 9. I hope everyone will bump Ready2Die and/or Life after Death and appreciate the timeless music he left behind. BIGGIE wasnt the greatest but he sure nuff touched people’s heart with his music.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “R-I-P in memory of? …. never show your enemies love”
    -Lil’ Kim
    Welcome to Brooklyn!

  • these posts are racist

    “Tupac has the be the O.G. wack rapper”

    Billy X Sunday, you are a clown and lost any credibility to talk hip hop.

    “The same shit happened after John F. Kennedy got mer’cked.”

    Billy- You think JFK got wacked because he was progessive and a champion of civil rights? That’s just not true, historically or factually. The reasons he was wacked are pretty much unknown, but he had a lot of dealings with the mafia and…he was the president of the US which means there are a lot of reasons he could have gotten wacked out. JFK by the way didn’t sign the civil rights act into law. If he was such a champion of civil rights, he and his little brother (atty general at the time) would have made it first thing on their list to end segregation and the institutional racism against black people. Read up.

    “Fisty comes into the rap music game for a singular reason. To make money.”

    Billy-If Fifty wasn’t worth over 50 million and still living in the ghetto would you or anyone else be talking about him? No. do you expect a man without any high school education who’s mother was killed as a kid selling drugs to grow up and be a philosopher and one who makes it his goal to indiviually better the black community? That’s nonsensical. If he was still poor he’d be another stat…instead, he got on his verbal hustle and made millions. I can’t fault HIM for that. We cannot start the discussion of what is wrong in our communities by using 50 or any other rapper as a reference point…that’s just not a real conversation.

  • thecollinb

    Internet Pac tippers are the worst…….there’s 30 people in this thread to amped up on Pac Juice to understand what is being said. Pac was an alpha male yes, a leader by instinct yes, an intellectual type yes…..was he as nice as his peers of the day on the mic, HELL. NO. He had a vision for what he wanted for his people and through the american created martyrdm (sp) of his death he became an icon.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    u northern mofos disgust me…you speak o rapping and hip hop as if it is some sort of martial art that can be critiqued based off of predefined standards…tell me BILLY…what are these predefined standards and who came up with them…last I checked…hip hop was about self expression and individuality…yet when a person expresses him/herself, they get criticized and spoken down on…the problem is that the north and others are not doing anything worth while so y’all want to criticize other peoples success and advancements…that is classic crabbing and hate…STOP CRITICIZING ART AND SELF EXPRESSION…if you dont like the picture that is painted, walk on to the next exhibit…all music is there to be appreciated…if u dont like it say nothing and move on…the reason why Pac is a Legend is because of his effect on the people and his connection to the people…the peoples’ voice…thats hip hop…


    that is the exact reason why we don’t have any black leaders…we r fighting an invisible enemy…the education system, judicial system, social system, drug arena…they all are set up for us to lose…even the welfare system…it facilitates complacency…teach a man how to fish instead of dropping him a fish a week…its called empowerment…they dont want to do that…and the dont want you to do that so they do everything within their power to keep you disenfranchised…we pay taxes just like everyone else…therefore we deserve to be treated like citizens (not refugees)

  • Dr Flav

    read this drop a couple of more times and you might be able to catch up with the kid… Then again, nahh, you won’t.”

    Surely you jest. Fact is this entire drop lacked cohesiveness, therefore it was only natural for someone to chose certain parts of it to respond to. Im waiting to see who someone lists as so lyrically superior to a man, whose words were so profound that college courses were established on the basis of his work. A man whose body of work was so large that people fiend for his throwaway tracks to study just for an inkling of the greatness he presented in life. So even with all the young black men should expand their vocabulary and read more books rhetoric you presented, mind you in interviews Tupac spoke on books that influenced him, you sulley your writing with opinion that has no solid backbone. If you wanted to present your feeling regarding the destruction of black power movements and the infiltration of drugs in the community, why did you not focus on that? Where does a 50 vs Pac comparison fit into that? Many of you posters are early to mid twenties and probably cannot relate to the things that Tupac tried to communicate to society, some cannot even relate to the lifestyle the man grew up in and wish to try to compare his work to your favorite rapper of today, which is asinine considering they probably were influenced by Tupac. So I will say that on one hand there are some good points to this blog, on the other hand, much of this was posted for shock value to get a rise out of the “billions of people to jump on his dick and claim that he we was the best that ever did it.” Thats alot of people, even considering the sarcasm and pure assholery of that statement.

  • http://Stopshowingmyemail.com It was written

    I’m not as annoyed as I am disappointed. Why use him as a ruse?

  • Dr Flav

    “The last thing that today’s rap fan wants is to be informed or educated. Today’s rap fans wants to be high on pills like their favorite artists. Fantasy beats reality.” WTF is up with all the generalizations? Speak for yourself money! As far as The Panthers vs Cointellpro, government agencys can exist as long as our tax dollars are alloted to their continuation, the Panthers were a grassroots community organization that grew nationwide due to its impact on the people, it was destroyed due to a concentrated effort of a entitity that was much stronger than it,
    the US government.

  • The Tools

    I’m not religious about reading the posts here on xxlmag, but I do come through whenever I have the time and it crosses my mind. The first thing that became just ridiocrity to me was the other dude that hates on everybody. I understand that’s ‘his thing’, and getting under people’s skin is a sure way to keep yourself around…I just don’t understand how people can fall for it 7 days a week, all year long.

    You, on the other hand, seemed to me to have a good way with words and come up with some cool subjects. At least you’re driven, it would seem you post more blogs than anybody. But the last two I’ve read, it’s become clear you’re driving the nail that ‘Tupac sucks’, and you’ve decided this is gonna be ‘your thing’. I’ve seen other bloggers start jumping on it, I guess that’s what’s cool now…spitting on somebody who lost their life for the same culture you’re now raping for a chump paycheck at xxlmag. Somebody who nobody ever, ever put up to be the most lyrical, but is by far the best songwriter hip-hop has ever seen.

    College courses on your writing? Learn the ropes, rookie. Don’t sell your soul for that check…shock value money is short.

  • these posts are racist

    Dr Flav-


  • therealwayno

    It’s scary to think that an individual or group of individuals planned out a path of destruction for an entire race and actually put it to action. Took away our strong positive leaders who sacrificed everything four our greater good and replaced them with negative leaders who took everything for themselves.

    We used to be strong in our music. Teaching through music, surviving. We don’t even have that now. Someone planned that too, but either we don’t believe it, or we don’t care.

  • Dr Flav

    Thats what up TPAR, thanks.

  • kt

    wow are you even listening to the music everybody in the game wanna be pac i bet all yall was screaming balling yes jimjones should pay pacs peep for that shit 50 owes pacseep money jay owe pacs peeps money and the list goes on and on and on tell me a rapper he hasnt influence

  • Chad Biggz


    I’m at work so this will be short…

    50 is waaaay better than Pac??? & work=love. And Wayne puts out way too much material and he only gets HATE.

  • http://N/A Ayigansta

    Yo what up with my post

  • these posts are racist

    Hip Hop Bloggers new tactic: Bash the greatest rapper, lyricist, beloved poet ever, Tupac and you will get lots of attention and responsive…Billy, you are doing the same thing you condem people like 50 cent for doing…just trying to get attention and benefit themselves.

    Also, you’re historical analysis of the civil rights movement with respect who did what, etc. is off.

  • http://www.fuckbol.com these posts are racist

    what the fuck are you taling about. What do you mean most of Pac’s fans are white like it lessens him as an artist. biggie, jay-z, and nas have fans that are mostly white. So who gives a fuck.

  • these posts are racist

    “what the fuck are you taling about. What do you mean most of Pac’s fans are white like it lessens him as an artist. biggie, jay-z, and nas have fans that are mostly white. So who gives a fuck.”

    I didn’t say this…I don’t know why someone else is posting under my name.

  • Dr Flav

    Yo is something missing here? LOL! Why y’all got TPAR responding to shit that aint there no more, slap boxing with ghosts and shit, thats wild.

  • Dr Flav

    making sense now…

  • these posts are racist

    “making sense now…”

    Dr Flav,

    I’m confused…

  • Dr Flav

    Im talking about where you said someone else is using your handle.

  • these posts are racist

    Got it…
    Anyway, i’m waiting for Billy to respond to my comment.

    I am also confused as to how these bloggers think Tupac can’t rap.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Tupac was a great song writer in the same sense as Nelly is* but aren’t really impressive with the lyrical skill

    (*not saying Nelly’s is nowhere near Pac’s level, i’m just saying .. there are great song writer and then you have great lyricist who can’t make a song worth shit .. see Canibus)

    My Effin’ Opinion is that Pac was the greatest (rap) song writer that we have seen thus far in Hip Hop History. His range from thug shit to sensitive subjects, to party tracks is unparallel.

    It is also my Opinion that B.I.G. was the greatest rapper.

    but then again, “the greatest” whatever doesn’t exist beyond your own mind.

  • http://N/A Ayigansta


    Why are people talking like’ Pac got killed because of his social raps or his revolutionary message?
    Like the government has something to do with his death?
    Did BIG got killed because of his rap to?
    Come on people.
    ‘Pac got killed because he associated himself with wrong people.
    It’s not between a COINTELPRO and a Black Panther. It’s just a trouble young black male making questionable choices in a moment of weakness and paid it with his life. Period. End of story.

    Unless you have more compelling facts please get off the nonsense and try to enlighten the youth

  • Bang

    garbage post

  • South City

    Judging from the ass heads in the comment section, it’s no wonder why the U.S. is behind in so many educational disciplines.

    Lyrically Pac wasn’t as sophisticated as other conscious rappers (i.e. Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Kweli, etc), yet he managed to have an impact far greater than any of these rappers could ever hope to achieve. Why? Simplicity. Pac was concise, to the point and rapped in a way that didn’t require a nigga to pick up a dictionary.

    When Pac is ever discussed as a revolutionary, I always point to dude’s legacy. What exactly has he done, besides inspire my niggas to that dead end that is Thug-Life? Go in any hood in America (sans NY) and ask any nigga on the corner who their favorite rapper is. I’ll bet Carlos Beltran’s mole that they’ll say Tupac. No doubt hip-hop is a large part of the hood. Anybody who says other wise either isn’t from the hood or has their head in another man’s ass (no homo). If hip-hop is a determining factor in people’s perception of the world, and Tupac is the most visible and influential factor, and the hood is still fucked up (a 56% highschool graduation rate for African-Americans), then what, exactly, is Tupac’s contribution to the betterment of our hood?

    I’m a fuckin’ genius, so I know it’s unfair to place all of society’s ills on Pac’s shoulders, but it can’t be denied that Pac’s influence hasn’t been entirely positive.

    StL, out.

  • mike

    no joke, i thought a 12 year old wrote this…terrible

  • http://xxlmag.com WritersBlock

    your completely right, nothing impacts the world more then the lyrics of “toss it up” and “how do you want it”

  • Cuban Link


    “How many real, really real drug dealers do you know. Are they rich? Are they as happy as the kids that will be graduating from college, high school and grade school this month? Are their families as proud of them.”

    Well one Im from Queens so i know a quite a few.And second, like I said, when your barely survivng, are you gonna care what your family really says?And how many families do you think care, if they actually manage to become rich.Then the families get paper too.And, does it matter if so few dealers actually become rich?All it takes is that one dealer who did get rich and everyone will try and follow.No black people broke out of the system in slave times and post Civil war times, but they still thought they could.

    and they arent looking at the future of 10-20 years.They want money now.And drugs gives it to them.Its like something you buy the 99 cent store, you wont get anything that lasts long or is any good, but its easy to get and itll keep you happy for the moment.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Si Ryan

    what tha fuck is you talkin bout man… so mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation, so you can be mo familiar wit tha nigga you facin…. – 2pac. i mean i’ve heard better lines but i swear to god i have never heard fisty spit shit like that… your fuckin stupid…

  • http://xxlmag.com d


  • Carlito

    It looks retarded when people write in capslock.

  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK DONOVAN

    Brilliant post Billy X.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jumz JUMZ

    This has to be the BEST POST I EVER READ.. hands down

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    LOL @ The Bitchmades Catchin Feelings.

    Excellent drop BXS.

    Ive always said that Pac was an amazing poet, activist, writer and artist. But technically he wasnt that good, point blank.
    People just hold these cats up like they’re martyrs to the game so just because they died you cant express an opinion other than they are the GOATs. WTF?
    Obviously these cats arent paying attention, just skimming and getting offended.
    Pac was defs more hiphop than 50 on any day. He brought more in the way of thought to the game and pressed important issues, ala Lupe, Common, Mos, Ect. But the difference was Pac hid his messages behind that “Thug Life” image, so people payed attention.

    50 isnt talkin about shit but money hoes clothes and drugs. Rapper shit.

    The message is that theres a difference between Rap and HipHop.

    Hiphop is babygrande records. Hiphop is Battle Axe records. The cats that stay in their lane, send their messages and dont do the shit to get rich, they do it to either reach someone or because they love it.

    Rap is 50 Cent, T.I., JayZ, all them cats who are in it for the money and the money only. Fuck a message, a movement, a change, they only want the change.

    In that manner 50 is a better rapper than pac. But 50 isnt HipHop.

    Reading Comprehension People.

    1 hunned.

  • http://thexfacta.wordpress.com the-xfacta

    Yo my man killed Pac with that comment, no pun intended… I agree though Pac was over rated!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    EReal Says:
    In that manner 50 is a better rapper than pac. But 50 isnt HipHop.

    in no manner is 50 better than pac…50 modeled his career after Pac…think about it…

    and how in the hell is 50 cent not hip hop

    how is rap not hip hop

  • Dr Flav

    “Ive always said that Pac was an amazing poet, activist, writer and artist. But technically he wasnt that good, point blank.” Ereal, Im asking, during that time period he reigned before his death who was “technically” better?

    “The message is that theres a difference between Rap and HipHop.” Rap is under the umbrella of hip hop, along with DJing, graf, breakin and fashion.
    “Hiphop is babygrande records. Hiphop is Battle Axe records. The cats that stay in their lane, send their messages and dont do the shit to get rich, they do it to either reach someone or because they love it.” If that was the case, why even incorporate to become a label, every signed artist or label is in it to making a living, unless you are a rappin dentist, lawyer or accountant.

    “In that manner 50 is a better rapper than pac.”
    capitalist maybe, rapper, not so much.

  • Toadman

    I not agree with that idea “Pac was a bad lyricist”…oh well that’s your opinion about ‘Pac so say what you wanna say, I don’t have time to hate on you (and I’m not here for). But you are right when you are talking about the difference between rap and hip-hop, so here I agree with you. Indeed THERE IS a difference! Good job man.

  • Lazy

    This was a better than decent post except while Pac wasn’t the best lyricist ever billy tends to belittle his skills on the mic to the point of exaggeration albeit to make the point about the difference between hip hop and rap. You still did recognize that lyricism ain’t necessarily hip hop unlike most from the east coast and that Pac’s message transcended lyricism.

  • http://www.sohh.com EReal


    IMO, Ghostface, Nas, Raekwon, Inspekta, Mad Lib, Andre 3000, ect.

  • these posts are racist

    There’s not a rapper discussed on this post/comment section that would agree. Tupac is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

    RIP, the greatest Hip Hop poet and rapper.

  • Cuban Link

    50 is better than Pac.The only vibe Pac could give off was a depressing one (like in Brendas Got a Baby) And I wont lie, 50 is a lyrical artist.He just chooses not to use his talent

    Look at Power of the Dollar.I refuse to believe 50 lost that fire, I think he just realized how to get mainstream attention.Pac was iight, but 50 is better when 50 gives a fuck.

    Also, 50 is getting back there.Straight to the Bank is full of subliminals.Did anyone else catch “No more platinum, I only wear gold?”

    Pac was important for society, not for Hip Hop.Every rapper is pretty much forced to say he loved Pac, cuz of Pacs cult following.I mean if a rapper said he wasnt feeling Pac, noone would cop his shit.Chino XL is the only one to not fall back and let Pacs cult overwhelm him

  • jimmy

    this is the first dallaspenn.com worthy post you’ve done for xxl.

  • dave180

    as a 31 year old man who is from brooklyn ny and who went to alabama to go to college tupac inspired so many people when homeboy was alive. he is the blueprint of hip hop today. bigs rakim nas chuck d kane i loved them dudes man but as far as a nation from north south east west if pac was still alive and was running for president man he would win hands down. i told kats a long time ago when homeboy was alive after juice came out he became bishop on the mic. when he was going to court getting shot and all that kats including myself was rooting for him and never pictured him dying like he did because he was like superman on some shhhhhhhhh. if pac was alive man listen he would win a oscar, grammy and a tony award cuz he was that good i’m not going to front. some of his songs used to get on my nerves cuz thats all they would blast down south. he was simple enough where everybody would understand what he was saying where ny rap was metaphor heavy and was really showing skills where pac kept it simple but had a true passion with his simplicity that is unparalled in todays hip hop

  • S.I.N.


  • fred

    nuts! pac would have destroyed half if not all the rappers out today fisty is a great marketer
    and he had a whole album of dre and no one had the
    push he had in the history of rap when he came out his lyrics are average at best ….



  • Michael Davis

    First.. Tupac was the first (and possibly still is among) real artists to have a rhyme scheme that nobody can top. It’s easy to make a club hit. (soulja boytrash).. but he not only rhymed excellently, he stuck with a topic and never left it. He was extraordinary at writing his lines.. Not many people can still top it today.

  • http://www.myspace.com/twicewise chase moore

    2pac was better than biggie….straight up…i think BIG is hellllllla overrated….pac had better content,rhymes schemes and delivery…..

  • Yo

    Look at yous…A poor guy wants to make his career booming…Beefing a dead man, where will you be 10 yrs after your death? What u have is a disease it has the name of the guy who put fire to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, just to get his name known..but I dunno, I need teaching from you..Ill be brief, respect the dead, don’t hate, and watch yourself in the mirror asking yourself what would If I were less stupid or ignorant?
    THUG LIFE….is equal to chickens come back home to roost but IGNORANT takes it to the first level, you talk but you don’t know that’s a shame, go to school read your book dont let them fool you billy

    Peace man