"My whirlpool is bigger than Cam's swimming pool. And he shouldn't be in front of no camera with Daisy Dukes on." - 50 Cent

The last time we heard from Cam'ron, he was holed up in the world's shittiest timeshare down in Florida somewhere letting his eye heal and kicking it by the pool in his boxer shorts. In the video, he claimed his vacation would be over Friday and that he was coming back to New York to do... something or other. Well, it's Wednesday now, and we've yet to hear from the guy. Again, you have to wonder what's going on with Cam'ron.

In an interview yesterday with MTV, Fiddy didn't bother to speculate any further with regard to Cam's whereabouts, but he basically suggested that Cam'ron is not on his level and hence he's not going to waste very much time beefing back and forth with him. You'll recall that this is the same tack Jay-Z took, for the most part, during his beef with Cam last year.

To wit:

You're talking about a guy who sold 270,000 [copies] his last record. I sold 9.8 million my last record. I'm not going to exhaust my audience by talking about somebody they have no interest in.

Who knows what's going to happen between now and the end of the summer, but it would certainly be unfortunate if this year's beef with 50 Cent ended up the same as last year's beef with Jay-Z, i.e. with Cam dropping a shit sandwich of an album and catching brick, while Fiddy is off on resorts and islands somewhere balls deep in an R&B chick.

Granted, I sorta kinda work for Fiddy, but back when that video of Cam and the TI from Koch taunting Fiddy on the radio surfaced, I was hoping this would be Cam's moment. Maybe he could record another album on a par with Purple Haze, and it would sell a whole lot better due to the publicity generated by beefing with the best-selling rapper in the game.

But I suppose that was all a bit too much wishful thinking. 50 Cent is like the Teflon Don of rap at this point. If he can win in beef with pretty much every other rapper in the game right now, obviously a bum like Cam'ron isn't going to pose much of a threat, let alone the fact that Cam has already got his share of issues with guys like Tru-Life and even his own crew.

Speaking of which, and again who knows what the real situation between Cam and the rest of Dip Set is, but I'm pretty sure there isn't even a precedent for a rapper getting kicked out of his own crew by one of his weed carriers, right? I don't know if that's as bad as getting beat up by a girl, but it's in the same ballpark.