You can look inside any magazine and see the resurgence of 80's fashions is in full swing. Fortunately for us this hasn't been limited to donkie ropes and door knockers.

El Presidente and L.A. Reid traded beauty secrets with one another at Fabolous' listening party last night. I'm sure Jay forked over a laundry list of products available at Carol's Daughter since he is an investor. Antonio is always looking for new techniques to keep his lip gloss poppin.

If you've been listening to the industry chit-chat surrounding these two the last thing you would expect to see is them acting all chummy with one another. Word is that negotations for Jay's new contract haven't been very successful. To add sugar to shit, it is also speculated that L.A. believes Dame Dash has proven himself to be a much more viable option and may tap him to replace Hova once his contract expires.

To make matters even worse it is rumored that some 40 people, believed to be the entire Roc La Familia staff, were laid off yesterday. Damn, I hope that White Castle Chris and Neef work at are accepting applications.