Are black Muslims with the terrorists?

As my boy Billy X Sunday, who really does mean well, pointed out the other day, perhaps no one has taken advantage of the promotional opportunity provided by the mixtape scene more than Osama bin Laden. Everytime you turn around, bin Laden has got a new tape out bragging about 9/11, talking shit about the Queen of England, and trying to swing the election in favor of the Democrats as if he was Russell Simmons.

I’ve joke-not-joked before about black Muslim rappers such as Lupe Fiasco and comments section gadfly TPAR being with the terrorists, but recently Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri – his weed carrier, if you will – put a tape out that specifically targets black people for recruitment into al-Qaida. In the tape, he name checks Malcolm X a/k/a al-Hajj Malik al-Shabaaz, whom he refers to as a martyr in the fight against American oppression.

According to a transcript of the hour-long screed, Zawahiri said this is “the culture which the struggler and martyr Malcom X (may Allah have mercy upon him) fought against when he told his repressed black brothers in America, ‘If you’re not ready to die for it, take the word “freedom” out of your vocabulary.’”

“Freedom is something that you have to do for yourself,” he quotes Malcolm X as as saying. “The price of freedom is death.”

Ruh roh.

Which begs the question: How likely are black Muslims to actually pull some shit like al Qaida? I mean, it’s one thing to join a bullshit religion just to spite white people, but it’s a whole other thing to let some A-rab talk you into blowing yourself up. As much as I like to think that my people have better sense than that, the article where I copped the above quotes also includes the following list of terror plots involving black Muslims which have been foiled by the government since 9/11.

- A group of black Muslim converts in Miami who allegedly conspired to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago (some had rap sheets).

- A Chicago black Muslim, Derrick Shareef, who allegedly plotted to blow up a local shopping mall.

- A black U.S. soldier, Hassan Abujihaad, who allegedly fed terrorists classified information about U.S. battleship movements in the Strait of Hormuz.

- Black ex-con Muslims in Torrance, Calif., who allegedly planned to attack military recruiting stations and synagogues in the state. The plot was initially hatched in prison.

I know at least in the case of the kids who were going to blow up the Sears Tower, the extent of their terror plotting didn’t involve much other than copping matching jump suits and standing around in a parking lot talking shit; but I always took that more so as a testament to the utter inability of so many black men these days to actually follow through on their plans than proof that they weren’t real terrorists. But what can I say? I’m a racist like that.

At least I’m not with the terrorists.


Interestingly enough, I joked before about Osama bin Laden trying to swing the election in favor of the Democrats as if he was Russell Simmons, but even this new tape includes a bit where Zawahiri suggests that America forfeited its chance at protection from terrorism by re-electing Bush Mengele in 2004. “The Americans deserve what they’re getting,” said Zawahiri. “They chose this liar two times, so let them pay the price for their choice.” Damn.

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  • DARK

    listen here bol you faggot ass nigga wit a white swagger shut your ignorant ass up mothfucker you dumb ass dont know wut yous talkin bout look my pops is muslim my moms a dad aint an insane terroist bol you a sterotypin bitch fuck you nigga.

  • A-Deep

    1st bitchesssss, yeah im LAME!

  • Intifada

    The #1 Terrorist is the United Snakes of Amerikkka.


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I haven’t read this yet, but judging by the title, TPAR is gonna have a field day with this.

  • ONE50

    Watch out bol, there a black muslim standing right behind you.

    smell that? bol just shitted himself

  • beeyo

    See, bol said, its gonna come true. Damn you bol!!!

  • Incilin

    Quite the opportunist you are Bol. You noticed the amount of backlash Sunday got for his arab comments so you couldn’t help but have a field day with it. I can’t help but laugh at you actually refering to Islam as a “bullshit religion” but like I wrote in Sunday’s comments, that sort of corny foolishness is sorta what I expect from you anyway.

    It’s not like I’d expect any worthy poltical thought nor discussion from a hip hop blog (I’d much rather read Slate or the Times for that) and posts like this is the reason why.

  • thoreauly77

    yep bol, you’re right, black muslims are with the terrorists — all of them. thank you for putting together such an insightful and fact-filled (and fun!) article, completely devoid of rhetoric. truly hip-hop on a higher level.

    on a side-note, calling TPAR a comment section gadfly was pretty funny. no offense to TPAR of course.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    … (post read) …

    why does this post remind me of the scene in “Barbershop 2″ where the militants and Cedric are in the barbershop and they’re “we gonna fight and we gonna die” … and Ced is like yeah! yeah! whoa,whoa,whoa …

  • agee


  • yai

    Your gonna receive comments today like, “what does this have to do with hip hop? But hiphop sucks so bad now, u kinda forced to talk about somethen else. As 4 Bm’s rollin wit terrorists, idk, but their reiligion is all messed up…

  • Around and Around

    Well Bol not only are you a racist but just a straight up moron.
    FYI those fools in Miami were not Muslim, they were part of some group called the “Seas of David”, supposedly connected to the Yahweh Ben Yaweh cult.
    So, do you think Malcom X would then be ‘with the terroist’ then were he still alive?

  • these posts are racist

    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by non-mulsim black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

    Non-Mulsim Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

  • Tyler

    Bol X 2 the rescue. Damn now if we can just figure out what the hell this has 2 do with hip hop then we may have something.
    Hip Hop ain’t Dead, she just down here in the South walkin’ the track pullin’ tricks 4 us, ya’ dig:

  • http://xxl q-buro

    Real Talk….FUCK AL-QUEDA….FUCK IRAQ…AND ANYONE ELSE WHO TALKIN SHIT. In my opinion, i think we as a society (meaning America) will destroy itself from within with our liberal human rights bullshit. Fact is, human nature through history is brutal….even the development of this nation was built on blood. People need to realize there is a food chain type system in the world and if we keep half assin our foriegn policy, we gonna slip out of the top spot. We need to keep to ourselves….fuck the rest of the world that evidentally hates us anyway. I think we need to finish this iraq thing quickly with an assault that reminds the rest of the world that we aint fuckin playin. If we bitch out we are showin them that we aint willin to keep it as gully as we say….callin our bluff. Let show’em why we got the biggest dick on the block ya digg? Werd on the streets needs to remain that we (the US) aint the one to fuck with. I kno alot of cats are dyin out there but you know what, alot of cats before any of us died to give us what we have today….thats how it goes… tryin say shit needs to get straight for the sake of our kids…

  • Moe Real

    Can’t believe you gave TPAR a shout-out in your post. Essentially, you let him win.

    Also of note: Steve Earle sung about the white Al Qada supporter, John Walker, in the song “John Walker’s Blues.”

  • Around and Around

    Bol insulted the ‘bullshit’ religion of 1.5 billion people.

    I can tell by your statement you have a deep understanding of Muslims and their religion all 1.5 billion of them. What are you banging Ann Coulter?

  • landLORD

    … get you hand outta my pocket !!! …

    *BLAAAOW !!!*

    … die, you fat, wanna-be white, fuck …

  • landLORD

    … why you ban my comments asshole ? …

  • FuckUPayMe618

    Most niggas aint organized enough to pull off an attack. Plus niggas aint stupid.LoL

  • Danny

    Yo Bol!!

    Watch out, the kid Joe Buddens is coming for your fat fucking head!!! hahahaha

    Ya dig??

  • Latino Thug

    bol i kinda startin’ to realize that you ain’t nothing but an ignorant chunk black male who criticize (wihtout a strong basis)just because doesn’t have nothing else to do.

    but hell, diversity it’s the beauty of this world, keep talking ignorant shit, it’s the type of bullshit we all expect from you anyway. Besides sometimes is entertaining.

  • these posts are racist

    I just realized that I’m really the racist…..please forgive me, Iam also a homosexual Bol can we get together?

  • AK47

    im still tryin to find the part in this post about hip-hop……or any kind of music at all……still lookin……ok, i give up.

    you and your boy billy could learn something from noz about blogging, hes killin yall right now. fuck, buddens makin yall look like clowns, and this aint even his career.

  • salim212(proud arab muslim)

    hey, bol, how could you put such a non-sence article on xxl. go do your research before talking shit about islam. how can you hate on a religion you dont even know. you a racist, boy, talking shit about arabs and islam. man, who you think you are.

  • rashadlogic

    Bol…I can already tell you need some pussy. Badly.

  • MAR$(The Kanadian)

    All Religions are phony!! especially the jesus worshippers, Wake up and smell the mystacism people it’s 2007 not 0009 AD. We evolved like all the other creatures on the planet. If anyone should understand that it’s the evolving culture that is hip hop! HIP HOP wake up!! Jesus chains are Wack!!

  • Dr Flav

    these posts are racist Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 3:36 pm
    I just realized that I’m really the racist…..please forgive me, Iam also a homosexual Bol can we get together?

    Congradulations Elliot your blog just reached Sohh status, and motherfuckers think that gay shit is actually funny, they need to go on face they fears on the other side of that closet.

  • Carlos

    shut the fuck up ppl. he is the most honest blogger up in here and gets little or no credit for his shit. i’m glad he said what he said on here. bol is no racist. he just says what no one else, black or white, has the balls to say. yo bol, keeps the blogs coming.

  • Grassisgreener

    Bol? Byron? Hungry B?

    Your blog is as sensational as ever. Is it informative, unbiased or even well-written? No! But it certainly gets tongues wagging. You say some wild shit, Orson, and because you’re not repsected as a journalist, no one holds you accountable for some of your more assinine comments. What the hell is, “it is one thing to join a bullshit religion just to spite white people…”? I’m assuming you’re talking about the Nation of Islam, because traditional Islam is a global presence that has existed for hundreds of years. Islamic thought and culture has benefitted and helped shape practically avery civilization in the world, including the European civilizations that seem to strike you with such awe and subsequent self-loathing. If not for advances in mathematics, science and metaphysical thought ,their contact with Muslims brought to them during the Crusades, Europeans may not have experienced the intellectual and cultural resurgance commonly referred to as the Renaissance. Also, Al-Islam is not predicated on any racial ideals or preconceptions. The Nation of Islam has some serious racial fetures at the core of its theology, but my interaction with Black Muslims have always left me with the notion that the adherents of this particular faith are less concerned with white people than the average Blck man or woamn. This includes you, who seems to take some sort of sadistic pleasure in numbering the merits of white people while castigating your own at every turn. As a matter of fact most Nation of Islam adherents appear to be more concerned with taking responsiblity and control of the economics, housing, education and security in their own communities in an attempt to empower the families within said communities to solve their own problems, and devlop a strong base for self-mastery, self-sufficiency and control of their collective destiny. While I enjoy your blog, I think you might want to take a detour at the library when your travelling to your next feeding, Gravy Boy.

  • ronburgandy


  • dolo

    Its funny when folks like q buro say that folks died in wars for what we have today, when the usa hasn’t fought a war to defend ‘its democracy’ ever …. how can there be justice on stolen land … we have ignorant folks like qburo who say ‘we’ and ‘them’ but what exactly does that mean ?? Such a drone apparently uses terms he coopted from foxnews ..

    And bol . All those instances say ‘alleged’ and who are we to believe everything we read in the media .. Facts will get misconstrued and some group always has to take the blame for a few crazy individuals

  • Black Moor

    1st thing 1st, As-Salaamu-Alaikum. After reading your article I find it hard to believe that this gentlemen (Bol) really believes what he is writing. I’m sure in the spirit of “what if” this concept was created. Me being an African American and Muslim can guarantee that there is NO black Muslim conspiracy that exist. However it is possible that a convert to Islam can fall under the influence of a corrupt Ideology and become lead to commit acts that go against the teachings of Islam. Here is an example: Although the KKK state they are a christian organization, it is obvious that the thousand of heinous crimes they have committed in the “Name of Jesus” totally go against any and all of Jesus teaching

  • rhickey

    hey q buro, why dont you go sgin up for the army? i hear they need help these days

  • beeyo

    What was the point of posting that shit about non muslim Black people killing mad white people? I don’t get your point brother.

  • R.C.

    co-sign w/ rhickey…Q-burrito the fuck you doing chilling behind a computer talking all that rah-rah, join uncle sam’s army unless you too young, so basicaly you ain’t saying nothin’ & just for slavery alone… something got’s to give.

    the lil’ mo’fucka said “liberal human rights bullshit” c’mon! without that, Hip-Hop wouldn’t be around & we’d still be serving “Massa”, wtf

  • john cochran

    Here in Philly we got one of the biggest pop.s of black muslims. We call em akies. You’d get so many holes youd look like a cheese grater. You only write shit like this so that idiots like TPAR can attck you thinking you’re serious. You know better than to say most of the shit you write in public, thats why you stay couped up in your apartment watching adult swim.

  • john cochran

    TPAR, if I want stats Ill type britanica in my browser. Stop rattling of numbers tryin to seem smart. You prolly just as nerdy and outta touch with reality as bol.

  • Jay

    I don’t think that black muslims are terrorist but I do think that they are lost. A black muslim her self said that muslim is a religion of hate. Look up Christianity, it is not a religion. I dare you first look up the work religion and research Christianity and I will guaranty that you will find out that it is like a way of life. Either you choose to side with God or you don’t. According to the Koran, any one that opposes the Koran is punishable by death. If you don’t believe in Jesus or God than that is the choice that you made. You wouldn’t have to worry about a guy with a bible trying to kill you. Like I said before black Muslims are not with the terrorist but I think they are lost and need to find themselves.

  • Bol

    >Here in Philly we got one of the biggest pop.s of black muslims. We call em akies. You’d get so many holes youd look like a cheese grater.

    What can I say?

  • DARK

    bol you nerd ass nigga who was molested by his science teahcer and goes to star track conventions 4 words for you shut the fuck up.

  • daesonesb

    shut up bol

    all you’re trying to do is get people mad.

  • http://N/A Ayigansta


  • anthony

    more than hip-hop on a higher level, keep it commin’ bol..

  • Dip Set City

    Random comment….Eminem is a crazy motherfucker when it comes to disses. ‘Nail In The Coffin’ really was that for Benzino. And he shouted out XXL in the adlibs…holla!

  • Ali

    haha wow u really don’t know shit about nething…not even hip-hop…..damn at least stick 2 tha rap knowledge u THINK u have (u fuckin suck) but dont come in here talkin shit about muslims & arabs….i can do tha same shit right now i could say sumn like “maybe if slavery still existed then rappers would try harder & if they get a XXL rating album they can be free” haha bitch go back 2 tha rap or shut tha hell up



  • ty from linden blvd

    bol u lost it this time….

    u should only do your blogging when u actually have some shit to really say,and not when your tired of listening to your teh ghey old rock music.

  • ty from linden blvd

    another thing bol…..

    remember who trains all these terrorists…..

  • abdulnasir imam

    c’mon byron, i’m SERIOUSLY disappointed in u. no one shld cal anotha man’s religion ‘bullshit’, even if u think so.

  • black-jihad

    negro please!bol you can be serious when you said “bullshit religion”!
    christianity teaches you to worship a whiteman they call god or god son and the trinity!
    islam teaches us to worship no one but the unique god just as abraham used to do!
    which one seems to be a bullshit religion?
    if god got a son he may have a uncl a sista a nephew and why not a brother in law!lol

  • J.Tapp

    BOl you a fucking discrase to the black people!!
    just get a face job like michael jackson you fuck boy and call yourself white .
    fucking sell out

  • Illmiyah

    The fire of the here after is sufficient!
    Get you mind right!

  • asd

    Bol, you dn idiot!

  • http://xxl q-buro

    R.C. (like the cola?)& rhickey…..
    I enjoy the feedback…..You both simply help me prove my point. I am not going to join the army….but am simply offering support for those who fight for the rights that we all cherish. It wouldnt hurt….whether you agree with the war or not….to show some fuckin support for the country that our soldiers are dying for. Or you can keep playin the slavery card for all the misfortunes in the black community. And R.C.,you may be right….maybe i shouldnt be in front of a computer talkin this rah rah shit….but atleast i dont blame my views on something that happened to my ancestors 300 years ago. Ignorance like your belongs in the cottonfield….deal with that

  • Crocker

    Damn Bol, Got Muslim’s catching feelings……. crying out shame if you ask me….lol


    The only thing I have to say to you BOL you are one ignorant ass. You are saying The Nation of Islam is a bullshit group and “Muslim” is a bullshit ass religion. Number one you should respect any one beliefs, it’s their relationship with God and their beliefs and not your fat ass”s. Your dumb ass should know that Muslim is the religion of your African ancestors and not Christianity which was started by caucasian’s (check your history). Africans (our ancestors) went through a lot of bullshit
    (rape, castration,stripping of culture, murder, etc, etc.) for your want to be white ass to be here. So Malcolm X (RIP) and Louis Farrakhan were and are bullshitters. I don’t know where your punk ass resides, but go to local mosque and tell that to the brothers at the mosque, better yet one of the women there would deal with your thong wearing ass. You are one brother that’s straight up lost and you love to call caucasian’s cracka ass crackers in your blogs and you are one of them and know it deep down inside. You hate who you are (being a gay black male) and don’t have the heart to understand what and who you are. I feel sorry for your mother bitch!

  • http://xxl q-buro

    “how can there be justice on stolen land …” First off….the “stolen land” proves my point….human nature is cruel…its kill or be killed…ask the navahoes. I use terms like we…(real niggas) and them (bitch niggas)…and its quite obvious where u fall….

  • Around and Around

    Would Malcom X be with the Terrorist?

    answer that.

    And as TPAR’s stats shows you are obviously with the true terroist’s you’re black, they cause more problems than any per capita wikpedia don’t lie…….

  • Khalil

    islam is not a peaceful religion. its the only religion that says that its ok to kill innocent people in order to “protect” their beliefs. the reason why we only see and hear about the terrorits muslims is because the “moderate” muslims dont speak out against the radicals. they stay quiet. if what these terrorists are doing is not what real islam is about, then there should be some outspoken moderates that say what the terrorists are doing is wrong. but there arent any to say that because they are afraid and are a bunch of cowards. allah is dead

  • ss

    i’m not actually surpised that you would write something like that bol. you are the type black man rappers are referring to as nigger in there records, you make me sick.


    damn fat boy you always erase my stuff. i guess i said someting that got under your skin and you are suppose to be a writer and have thick skin!
    that’s usually how it goes with critics, love to be critical of others, but can’t take it themselves. if this actually makes it through this faggot erased my shit!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    fuck you!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Moor

    “Khalil – Allah is dead.” My dear brother in humanity, inshallah or GOD Willing I would like to give you an Arabic lesson. 1st lesson – ALLAH is Arabic and translates in English to GOD. So may GOD forgive you for your ignorance. 2nd lesson (Islam – the root word is “Salaam” which means PEACE! The greeting As-Salaamu-Aliakum – means peace be upon you! Islam is PEACE, however if all you watch is FOX Jews then all you see is what they want you to see.They don’t want you to see Muslims speaking against terrorist, that’s not good news! Besides do Christians speak out against the KKK or Timothy McVeigh? NO, THEY SHOULDNT HAVE TOO!! Do you feel obligated to condemn black criminals every time someone black kills someone? No, you would be a fool to take ownership of every crime committed by a black person, so why should I. Oh yeah ISLAM FORBIDS THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE PERIOD!!! please take time to study Islam before you make up outlandish lies about my religion, if you have any question about Islam please email me at and I will be happy to ans them. Peace or Salaam!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    My Effin’ Opinion Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 11:03 am
    fuck you!!!!!!!!!


    An Effin’ Imposter

  • kt

    dog you been watching too much bill Oreily stop killing your people man you know the usa is where terror is born and bread shit we made the word up the proper term should be revolutionist

  • these posts are racist

    “May 24th, 2007 at 3:36 pm
    I just realized that I’m really the racist…..please forgive me, Iam also a homosexual Bol can we get together?”

    I didn’t post this.

  • ishue

    i cant believe XXL would even allow BOL’s dumbass to post this. How can he get away with callin Islam a bullshit religion? Are u kidding me? He has no strong facts to support his arguments, dude juss loves the attention and needs pussy fast

  • smog

    Yeah man I dont really get why you cited those statistics – care to elaborate?

  • babyboy

    thats bullshit he aint recruiting black people he just trying to turn the attention to the other side, man fuck islam anyway, fuck them bomberman motherfuckers

  • Pancho

    The most powerful weapon in the world today is ignorance

  • these posts are racist


    Posted some random facts of alleged terrorist black Muslims, e.g. – “A Chicago black Muslim, Derrick Shareef, who allegedly plotted to blow up a local shopping mall.” His examples were meant to prove the broad assertion that “Black Muslims are with the terrorists”.

    By his logic, what do my stats prove? That non-Muslim blacks are all murderers, robbers, rapists, etc.? That blacks in America are all criminials? No. Exactely.

    Think critically.

  • Khalil

    Black Moor says: “Besides do Christians speak out against the KKK or Timothy McVeigh?”

    its funny how muslims always say that. those people arent Christians, they distort and pervert Christianity to show their hatred for people. im not ignorant, i know what islam is about. i dont watch “Fox Jews” as you call it, which shows your ill feelings towards Jewish people. but you still cant answer that fact that there is no muslim leaders whether in the church or leader of a country that condemns these radicals. if people in general dont know what the real islam is, than you would think someone would speak up tell people what its really about. but islam isnt about peace. its about hatred, sexism, legalism…
    by the way, we dont worship the same god. your god (allah) is dead. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Around and Around

    Khalil, Go ahead and google ‘CAIR’ you will read condemnations, for every event.

    And what do you think Christian Arabs call God………… guessed it Allah.

    It’s the Arabic word for God, like the Arabic word for Bol is Shar-muta

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Wow, do you people honestly think that America is over there fighting for “our” freedom? That answer to that is no. They are fighting for control. There are high powered people calling the shots. The people that make the actual decisions know that people will die but their reasoning is that the ends justify the means. Like I said, they have humans killing each other for control. They are not giving the Iraqis freedom; they are imposing and forcing “democracy” into their culture. What has democracy done for you and me? There is no such thing as a government for the people by the people. This government is serving the interest of few by manipulating the reasoning and perception of soldiers, citizens, and the world. America has so much blood on its hands it is ridiculous. This war is wrong. What America is doing in these foreign countries is wrong.

    You got brainwashed spiritually dead people like Bol that believe that America is in the right. People need to wake up and start to view things on a global level. Americans’ lives are isolated and shut off from the rest of the world. Why worry about the 3rd world when we are living ok. This is the same logic that is used when it deals with the rich and poor. We need to learn to live as one. America is so isolated on so many levels (race, social status, democrats, republicans, and liberals, young, old). The same strategy was used by a few to maintain control over many (slavery). Divide and conquer. Wake up people because Satan is very active in this day and age because he knows he doesn’t have much time left. Turn to the truth and knowledge so you will be empowered and prepared to deal with the enemy and his deception.

    Go to google, hit the video button and type in Black Hebrew Israelites, then select the video called “The Missing Link in the Matrix”.

    All praise to Allah.

    Yashoua told us to praise Allah not him(Jesus.

    He also said not to worship images, look at the catholic church and how they deal with imagry. Wake up people and live in truth. It will free your mind, spirit, and sould just as it did with Neo in the Matrix.

  • Fernando

    Lookey here.

    I suppose you all heard about how 25% of young Muslims think suicide bombings are justified in a recent poll.

    Now Im not saying that we should go on a Muslim Manhunt, but if the USA should so happen to D-Bo the entire region and start persecuting Muslims here in the states, I probably wouldnt care. In the words of Chris Rock, “Im not saying that I’d do it……BUT I understand” These fools are crazy.

  • Fernando

    There are definitely Muslims that Condemn radicals. But guess what? There are so many damn crazy terrorist thugged out Muslims, that the ones that act decent are the exceptions now! Islam = Most violent cracked out religion EVAR!

  • The Italian Stallion

    I still can’t understand how it’s possible to be a muslim and live in the U.S. There’s a big contradiction here.

    The answer is that your way of living Islam is really edulcorate. For us in Europe and for the real muslim by nature, black muslim from your country are too funny. You’re not serious, you’re just a joke. As if you were embracing Islam to be “hype” or this kind of shit. You’re not living it. You don’t know shit about what’s a muslim life.

  • Bol

    From MTV:

    According to information in the release, the G-Unit leader has additions to the project that came into consideration when making the decision to push the album back. Because of those potential tracks, 50 and company came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t be able to make the original release date.

  • Bol

    ^Er, wrong comments section.

    Fuck it…

  • these posts are racist

    BOL-What should be done to control these crazy blacks…see below.

    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by non-mulsim black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

    Non-Mulsim Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

  • Around and Around

    Yeah I think it’s time that Blacks show that they are not with the blacks that commit crime, why are there not more blacks speaking out about all the crime caused by blacks. Where are they? Or do they support it?

    See how idiotic this logic is???

  • Bol

    Nobody’s suggesting black people don’t commit crime. But I’m assuming you’re saying there aren’t any black Muslim terrorists. I’m saying there might be.

  • KMay

    Bol is awesome
    TPAR is annoying

  • 818

    i can’t believe you name dropped mengele. that’s some baller shit.

  • dolo

    Q burro … Fighting for what rights?? None of these wars have shyt to do with ‘democracy’ .. Ignorant fukks like q burro are programmed and cannot think beyond the nonsense they are fed by the machine …

    Fernando .. Get your shyt straight was not 25% of u.s. Muslims .. It was 25% of a group of 1000 .. There are a fe million muslims in this country . Don’t believe the hype kid

  • Misfit

    Bol is nothing but a shock blogger. He makes comments like refering to Islam as a “bullshit religion” because his blogs have no substance. He’s nothing compared to the other bloggers who actually give a shit.

  • GHS

    fucking racist wanker go suck ur cock b4 u talk about religion. Religion and terror is seperate and if u think all muslims are terrorist then u stuck up ur own moms ass. U fucking racist bitch

  • these posts are racist

    “Nobody’s suggesting black people don’t commit crime. But I’m assuming you’r saying there aren’t any black Muslim terrorists. I’m saying there might be.”

    Stop being dishonest BOL. You made a broad general statement of Black Muslims being with the terrorists…to support this broad assertion, you cite a few examples of “Black Muslim” alleged terrorists…I cited a lot more examples of non-Muslim black criminials, murderes, rapists, etc…and per your logic, that would mean “blacks are with the murderers, rapists, etc.” Do you get it?

  • bol”s real father and khalil’s too

    look you muthafuckin cocksuckin terrorists islam is not a bullshit religion as you call it by the way i will not going to curse jesus or mosses because i am a muslim and i believe in them by the way most of your souls is too fucked and belong in hell because you all what you think about is to be a fake wannabe gangsters while you sticks dildo up your asses so don’t talk shit about a thing you don’t know by the fuck america no arab want’s to be in it it’s a country for faggots and devil worshippers so fuck the us who wants to be a cocksuckin stupid american faggot we don’t acclaim voilence to any other religion or any other race we havent done shit to you you took palestine and gave to the jews by the way i dont hate jews but it is not their fuckin land to take it by force and kill the palestinian kids while black babies were getting killed in the streets of the drowned new orleans while the ape bush put all the money the goverment got to kill innocent arab civilians in iraq he left black kids dying in the strrets with no food or shelter and the cocksucka gave 300 mils to israel worth weapons to slain more kids in lebanon so who is the terrorists muthafucka so if you christians saying you are peacfull why were burning crosses and killing jews and blacks we didint killed jews and slaved black islam was the first religion to free blacks our fault we freed bol’s and khalil’s ancestors any way khalil is an arabic name so that because your master who used to bang your mother was an arab but islam came and set you free and your mother and we also we didnt kill your christ and we didnt burn jews in the holocaust so before you say anything about islam go read about from a trusty source not from the zionist orginazitions that is fucking up your mind any way you americans are the most ignorant fucks in the whole world you dont know anything outside your country and if you know you do through t.v and the t.v says what the goverment want to say and want you to know anyway you cant know what islam is because your spirits is fucked up thinking about the silly stuff you fuckin americans think about like if your bestfriend can join you in banging your girlfriend witj you in threesome shit like and by the way khalil allah is alive and will never your god was stabbed and tortured and crossed and killed as you say fuck all you jesus is innocent from your souls peace upon him

  • bol”s real father and khalil’s too

    fuck bol

  • the islam truth driving you nuts


  • the islam truth driving you nuts

    fuck xxl

  • mizreddzda1

    try this 1 on for size… a recent poll showed that over 70% of the us muslim community believes that the 9/11 attacks were not commited by muslim terrorists. Fact, the towers were built over a FEDERAL RESERVE, and after the towers went down and the “recovery mission” started the FDNY then turned on the mayor for basically leaving the firemen to die after the gold n money was recovered…(if u think im lying look it up), all i’m saying is if the muslims were in on this terror plot then why don’t they know about it and if that was the only way i could get to millions of dollars in gold coins and money i’d blow the towers up too…


    Is Bol Hitler’s Black Bastard Child? This nigga is a Closet Racist, he hates Muslims and thats Fucked up cuz he looks just like one of them Bean Pie eating Mutafuckas! I think Bol should go look for Terrorist in Iowa or Wisconsin because at least there he can become a Real Star.

  • Bol

    >You made a broad general statement of Black Muslims being with the terrorists

    I did nothing of the sort.

  • soud heyari

    BOL shit nigga you a fat ass mothafucka with a big head trying to act intellectuall with your fuckin glasses i will fuck you up you are so retarded how did someone like you get a job like this. NIgga im arab i wont blow you up but i will knock you the fuck out ya dig

  • yung rao

    this blog has nothing to do with hip hop
    so i do not understand why they allowed this garbage. i hope god forgives bol and every other ignorant as im sure all their knowledge comes the news . Islam seems complexed and restrictive but it is not it is a way of life the right way i dont expect most of you to understand. We are not gods children but his slaves we ask for guidence and forgiveness.People like Bin laden dislike americans because of their way of life and also because they influence the youth through music,movies etc . Im muslim and i do not agree with terrorism because it doesn’t send a message that muslims are like everyone else . Islam itself can spread to this part of the world without having to kill or degrade other religons .Im muslim and avoid those who are not down with my religon as anger is against islam .Malcolm X is a real muslim i do not believe he would agree with Bin Laden p.s. not surprised Bol has put out a such blog since i read in his earlier blogs the arab community is whats wrong with america

  • DARK

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  • ceezy4sheezy

    bol need to stop eating all them twinkies and he might be able to post something informative just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this bullshit

  • the islam truth driving you nuts

    look you muthafuckin terrorists you and bol and your little khalil you are the mothafuckin cocksukin terrorists england took palestine and gave to israel by force and start killng our children while the u.s is getting fucked up in the ass by the zionist orginazitans giving israel money and weapons to slain our children in 2006 lebanon war there were still black babies dying in new orleans for the lack of food or shelter except saving your people bush let them die in he streets while putting all the money in iraq and giving the rest to israel to slain extra civilian arabs and muslims and also fucking blacks up their asses and that ain’t new because black were slaved for africa to work in the u.s and they still are they still are bol and khalil who just praise jesus claiming he is their god because he is just portrayed as a white male by i dont hate christians or jews but coclksuckers over here are too fucked because you are just a wanna be fake ass gangsters while you are just a little broads who are scared of everything so mothafuckas now you hate malcolm x because he was areal muslim he never used force with any body and he was in the nation of islam which they are really terrorists but he knew the truth and became a sunni muslim thats because his soul wasnt fucked like you mothafuckas out there he was a true peacfull warrior he wanted peace for his own race even if they werent muslims while you muthafuckas were wondering if your best friend can bang your mothers or not so khalil and bol before you read about islam go know about it first from a trusty source not from your fuckin media because it only says what the govermrnt want to say and you know that americans are the most ignorant fucks in the whole world yo dont know shit outside your crooked nation and khalil you fuckin faggot you say allah is dead cocsucka allah is alive never die your god who was tortured and crossed and killed as you claim but thats not true because jesus wasn’t killed peace may be upon him so you fool just go fuck yourself and by the way khalil is an arabic name which means that your ancestors were getting fucked by their arab masters and islam came fought the slavery and set you free our fault anyway then the white man came and slave your mother again and now you are saying that we are terrorist like we were burning crosses and killing blacks and jews america is the garbage can of the whole world your history says you are the criminals of england and you were sent to this land after columbous killed the indians like the fuckin italians who put conteract killings while they are praising jesus you are just a nation of crooks mobsters whores theives and racists and homosexuals and devilworshippers you are just so jelaous with all the power money and weapons you got you cant fuck with us you are still getting fucked in iraq palestine and israel lost in lebanon because we are thr truth anyway you cant fuck with our culture and religion and you can’t erase us and take our land so go fuckyourselves or find some fags

  • the Real Terrorist

    George Bush is the World #1 Terrorist

  • the islam truth driving you nuts

    fuck america and israel you lost to us and you will always lose you are the real terrorists

  • $NoWmAn

    Bol u a ignorant ass muthafucka. Yall americans just dont realize Bush is more dangerous the Osama will ever be. But shit nigga, for u to say a religion that has 1.5 billion followers is a bullshit religion, then you just at the bottom of the barrel dread. And furthermore, i’ve read a coupla a ya posts, and u dont really seem like a devout christian to me, so i really dont know where the fuck u get off talkin about other peoples religions. and so u kno, i’m a chistian who lives in turks and caicos (in the caribbean) so i aint biased to no side. But on a real, think bout ya shit before you write it and put it on the net. Cause some stupid ass muthafuckas gon go ahead and believe it (and i know this aint ya real opinion, u jus doin this to get people talkin bout u – u seem like a smart nigga and i hope for ya sake u above that). one.

  • black-jihad

    bol!god said in the quran:
    “the truth is from your lord!
    let him who will,believe,
    and let him who will,disbelieve”(quran:18 v29)
    the message is clear islam give you religious freedom!
    but islam give to the muslims the right of self-defense:
    “fight in the cause of god THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU,and do not transgress limits,for god loves not transgressors”(quran:2 v190)
    ben laden and the terrorists are transgressors so according to islam god don’t love them!
    the verses are clear!bol!!is it a bullshit religion?

  • black-jihad

    bol!god said in the quran:
    “the truth is from your lord!
    let him who will,believe,
    and let him who will,disbelieve”(quran:18 v29)
    the message is clear islam give you religious freedom!
    but islam give to the muslims the right of self-defense:
    “fight in the cause of god THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU,and do not transgress limits,for god loves not transgressors”(quran:2 v190)
    ben laden and the terrorists are transgressors so according to islam god don’t love them!
    the verses are clear!bol!!is it a bullshit religion?

  • black-jihad

    bol!god said in the quran:
    “the truth is from your lord!
    let him who will,believe,
    and let him who will,disbelieve”(quran:18 v29)
    the message is clear islam give you religious freedom!
    but islam give to the muslims the right of self-defense:
    “fight in the cause of god THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU,and do not transgress limits,for god loves not transgressors”(quran:2 v190)
    ben laden and the terrorists are transgressors so according to islam god don’t love them!
    the verses are clear!bol!!is it a bullshit religion?

  • calimovement

    blacks still selling crack to there own people and using a crime sheet as a basis for who gets the most respect in there neighborhood…..that is one race you aint got to worry about pulling off anything that requires more than a day of thinking.

  • Bol’sahouseslave

    You know whatso funny there is a website call panpacific that say” There has been orders to change the color of “terrorits” from brown to black in an attempt to prolong the US’s excuse to bomb even no christian country. And Blogs like this reenforce that.

    In the words of Rass Kass “white people run it and black people run too it”….every single time.

  • Supremacy

    looks like somebody has woken up on the wrong side of the bed and got fucked up the ass and was fooled to believe all black muslims are terrorists, seriously, sort ur fukin head out u twat, islam has got nufin to do wif terrorism, only alot of ignorant people are fooled to believe islam is about blowin ur self up, those who blow them selves up are js fucked in the head n go straight to hell, in islam committing suicide n killing others wif u ,u’l go straight to hell, so dont say islam is bout terrorism , n u cant say all blak men are terrorists, it dnt mata wa colour u r, terrorists are just fucked can come in all colours n diff religions mate!!!!

  • Peace be upon you

    You know Bol those comments were really ignorant. Al-Islam is a beautiful way of life. The media only shows you what they want you to see. You should know that by now, you’re talking about a nation that has been build on slavery and than tries to act like they truly represent freedom. Grassisgreener told you the truth about the wonderful benefits that Al-Islam brought to humanity. If you want to know about Al-Islam please study it with a sincere heart.

  • justme

    I am very disappointed in this man (bol). Your usual shit was always very insightful; this was a cheap shot man. Althought you are intiteled to your opinions, you cannot say things that are offensive (calling islam a bullshit religion!). C’MON MAN! this is pure ignorance i wish you would research rather than presume.


  • Ali

    muslims & black muslims are NOT terrorists! there is NO such thing as terrorists or terrorism (check out Ron Paul), there are only extremists and every religion has them (Jews, Christians, Muslims,etc). You’re an ignorant bastard, educate yourself.

  • Town Biz

    I hope it happens. That would be Osama biggest mistake….black folk will tell on him so quick. For the most part we aren’t willing to kill ourselves for the cause. We mike go to jail but I don’t to many brothers will to give up there lives in order to fight George Bush.

  • moh.p

    fuk you boi…u arrogant dikhead u dissin your won black brothaz, a lot of black poeple are muslim cos they follwing the truth..look back at your african poeple they were muslims..malcolm x, muhammed ali, even a bucnh of rappers, common ice cube etc all muslims…dont diss a religon u dont understand even napoleon from 2pac outlawz is muslim.

  • RC

    ur a retard
    u fucking piece of shit.
    hope u burn in hell



  • Q Tip

    assalaam alaikum means peace dont debate it.

  • Aisha

    To put it simply:

    We reap what we sow.
    If not in this life, the next.

  • Muslim boy!!!

    Muslim Is Not for terrorist…!!it’s A Good Relligious!!!The Real Terrorist Is Satan That live At White House!!!!