101 Illmatic fans can’t be wrong

Lame new trend: reading Bangin’ & Weiss’ list of hip-hop bloggers’ 25 greatest albums of all time and then throwing a bitch fit because it wasn’t exciting enough for your liking.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or on the park bench where KRS-One used to live) for the past several weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard of the collective list of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time that Passion and Bangin’ (nullus) put together. I posted my own list here a few weeks ago, but since then I haven’t mentioned it as much, just because quite frankly I’m tired of hearing about the shit.

In case you missed the final list, based on everyone’s contributions, here’s the top 10 for your reading pleasure:

1. Nas, Illmatic
2. Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
3. Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
4. Raekwon, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…
5. Dr. Dre, The Chronic
6. Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
7. A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders
8. A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory
9. Eric B. & Rakim, Paid in Full
10. Mobb Deep, The Infamous

As you can see, A Tribe Called Quest, which I love like a milkshake (nullus), somehow managed to place two albums in the top 10 despite the fact that many people, myself included, made it a point to restrict their lists to one album per artist, except of course for the Wu-Tang solo albums. Speaking of which, the Wu actually managed to place two albums in the top 5 and two more albums in the top 15.

As I noted in a post on my own site, the overall list does seem to skew towards the mid ’90s, at the expense of the late ’80 – the so-called Golden Age of rap – and especially the 2000s. I think my own list included a few more older albums than the overall list, and if I had to guess, I’d say there would be a lot more of them if the hip-hop blogosphere wasn’t made up primarily of twentysomethings such as myself.

Still, there was quite a bit of overlap between my own list and the top 25 (17 of 25 total and 16 of the top 20 – that’s like 80%!), so I could only complain so much.

Sean “Hurricane” Fennessey, meanwhile, had some things to say about the list, as well as some things to say about hip-hop blogging in general. He was too busy doing whatever it is he does to come up with his own list, but according to The Hurricane, the overall list skewed “Eastern and obvious,” which he took as a sign that hip-hop blogging is pointless compared to the important work he does with Vibe magazine.

The thing is, The Hurricane has had his share of run-ins with hip-hop bloggers over the years. About two years ago, I had to call shenanigans on the fact that he gave Kanye West’s Late Registration a glowing, ridonkulous review in Pitchfork and didn’t bother to mention anywhere in it that he just so happens to be the proprietor a Kanye West fansite.

Later, a guy named Ian Cohen called him out for his similarly ridonkulous Clipse stannery, to which The Hurricane responded with the following email, which was widely circulated in lower-level music writing circles. Normally I draw the line at posting people’s personal correspondence, but I figured this would be instructive as far as understandin this guy’s thought process.

Just for the record, I read blogs, just like every other magazine editor I know. If you actually want to do this for a living, you really ought to be careful about airing people out.

No hard feelings. You just sound like a chump.


So obviously a lot of his issues with the list and the hip-hop blogosphere in general were informed by his having been a sort of community punching bag for the past several years now. I’m not saying I disagree with everything he said in his post (people really do need to get over The Blueprint); I’m just saying.

Not to be outdone, XXL’s own Noz the Cracker expanded on The Hurricane’s post with his own post in which he criticized hip-hop bloggers for following whatever’s trendy rather than having any actual taste of their own. Ooh.. Having followed music blogging for a few (ahem) five years now, this is the same complaint you see brought up time and time again by dudes upset because no one else likes whatever bullshit they’ve decided to champion in any given week. (In Noz’ case, apparently, D4L.)

The truth of the matter is that people, in the aggregate, tend to be right about these things. If most hip-hop bloggers agree that albums by Nas, Biggie, and the Wu are the best rap albums evar, maybe it’s because those really are the best rap albums evar. Complaining that such a list is lame because it’s too obvious is like complaining that Maxim’s list of the hottest women in the world is lame because there’s too many white chicks on it. Sometimes the truth really is that obvious, but what are you gonna do?

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  • b-ease

    the mid-90′s IS the golden age of hiphop. And an overwhelming majority of the best hiphop music ever created has been done by east coast artists. Thats fact. I wouldnt have put two Tribe albums in there either but thats better than us lying to ourselves and putting some shit like Raising Hell or (god forbid) Me Against the World in there.

    • ty from linden blvd

      actually the golden age of rap is waaaay earlier…prolly from the maybe 87-88 to 90?

      i would go out on a limb and say the second golden era is from 90-91 to about 95-96.

      we have pretty much been in the shitter ever since.

    • combat jerk

      you ‘pac haters should get a life esp combat jack juz coz u hate ‘pac doesn’t mean he ain’t great .your opinion is not the gospel truth.and infact it is not his fault that pple consider him g.o.at when you obviously don’t.he didn’t annoit himself king unlike big
      b-ease u must be the most stupid person in the planet if u think any of the tribe’s album is better than MATW you are letting hatred cloud your judgement.not that i blame u after all what do u expect from losers like u and combat jack….hating

  • Combat Jack

    Tupac is waaaay overated.

  • http://www.fuckbol.com yes


  • b-ease

    And Cuban Linx is better than Illmatic. So is Life After Death. So is It Was Written for that matter. but whatever. the nature of music itself means that there wont (or shouldnt) be a real consensus. but as far as consensuses go, this is a pretty good one.

    And I think Late Registration should have been in the top 25 too. pause.

    • Bread

      Life After Death isn’t consistent. If you put all the best songs on it on one CD, it might be up there.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com yai

    I Dont have a problem with the list, but reasonable doubt would have been my number 1, then illmatic, people need to understand that there could never be a right or wrong list b/c everybody from different coast got they own classics so nobody would ever agree with each other, maybe on some, but how rare is that.

  • http://www.fuckbol.com yes

    Is bol making derogatory stateements about blacks in the last sentence. Reply me if you kno im counfused right now

  • thugler

    Great post.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com yai

    oh yeah, the blueprint, atliens, and the diary should have made the list, just my opinion…

  • Julio

    true. Nas is the GOAT.

  • Incilin

    Although I love the album, I really don’t think The Infamous belongs in the top 10. Top 20 for sure, but top 10 seems like a bit too much.

    And I think its important to note that just about everyone followed that one album artist rule, and everyone ended up picking a different outkast album. which may suggest that maybe outkast is so incredible that all of their records are equally good (expect of course for Idlewild) and they deserve a specail spot. But this top ten list is pretty on point.

  • smog

    good post except for bullshit at the end about white women in maxim.

  • J S-O-T

    it’s totally pointless bangin’ on about “the best albums ever” because someone will always argue with you, i respect anybody’s list but me personally, i would of kept “Illmatic” as no.1 but i woulda threw some Jay-Z, Eminem an’ maybe even one of DMX’s early albums…

  • Christian Prz.

    I don’t even bother to read this shit about fav. album’s anymore – just let people have their own taste, why the hell say what’s good n what’s not – not like those enjoying the work you don’t won’t listen to it ’cause you (or anyone else) makes a point of how they’re not classy ’nuff.

    Bullshit lists.

  • these posts are racist


    Are you saying that white women ARE more attracticve than women of color or are you saying you THINK that to be true?

  • http://xxl q-buro

    CAPTIAL PUNISHMENT…..on some real shit listen to it front to back….its top 10 most def!!!!!!!!

  • eternal1999

    where the hell is Bone Thugs e.1999 eternal

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Are you saying that white women ARE more attracticve than women of color or are you saying you THINK that to be true?

    I think black women are the mothers of the universe, but my penis is a hardcore racist.


  • Cinsere

    DMX are frickin kidding me J S-O-T?? DMX is one the worse rappers ever! I agree with the top 10 except were the hell is “Reasonable Doubt” B?

  • http://xxl slim gutta

    no scarface album? the diary and the fix were classics

  • Fernando

    Just bumped Illmatic the other day.

    I dont know how this earned best album EVAR awards from all the bloggers.

    Its definitely a solid album, but not the best evAR!

  • these posts are racist

    …and illmatic is a hot album. unreal. when it first came out, i was really into west coast rap and didn’t appreciate that much. but a few years later, i listened and have been in love ever since. illmatic stays in my tape deck (…i-pod/cd player, but you know what i mean).

    But ever since 2pacalypse now, nothing has moved me like a Tupac song. as a 12 year old kid in the ghetto, Tupac helped me through countless nights. And now, as a 28 year old attorney, Tupac helps me through countless nights. Illmatic and Tupac’s albums 2pacalypse now-Makavelli are truly timeless classics that speak to a generation of of people like me.

  • SukedowN

    You gave noz a capital ‘C’ in ‘Cracker’? That’s respect.





  • Crimson

    I remember when it was universally accepted that 87-88 were the “golden years” of hip hop. Funny how now it’s often stated that the early- to mid- 90′s was the “golden era.” It’s all bullshit.

  • Intifada

    Everytime I get bored of today’s “Hip-Hop” I resort to listening to Illmatic.

    It’s a timeless classic.

    The product of Hip Hop at it’s rawest and most beautiful form.

  • http://fuckbol.com hey

    “But ever since 2pacalypse now, nothing has moved me like a Tupac song. as a 12 year old kid in the ghetto, Tupac helped me through countless nights. And now, as a 28 year old attorney, Tupac helps me through countless nights. Illmatic and Tupac’s albums 2pacalypse now-Makavelli are truly timeless classics that speak to a generation of of people like me.”

    hey “these posts are racist” send me your e-mail cause i need to ask you sum questions about Pac, because you always mention him in every post I see.

  • thoreauly77

    hey where’s “please hammer don’t hurt em?”

    fuck this list!

  • these posts are racist


    Why are you still talking hip hop? You hate black people! Seriously, go find a site that bashes blacks and muslims (sometimes black muslims) and have fun, stay off of a hip hop site. You do realize hip hop was started and is kept alive by……..black people don’t you?

  • these posts are racist

    i posted the following twice and it won’t appear.
    BOL, are you saying that you think white women are more attractive than black women? (i understand that you say black women are the mother’s of the universe…)

    Also, i didn’t say “how does it feel to get schooled on your own blog”. i try to be mature and respectufl in my conversations.

  • Dr Flav

    Lol @ Crackheads = Leprechans. ***pushing enter while humming “The P Is Free.”***

  • diazizback

    how is reasonable doubt not on that list

  • Big Ron

    ice cube’s amerikkka’s most wanted should be #1&hov’s reasonable doubt shoulda easily been#2!!!!!!

  • akex

    im only 13 and this is my top 30:

    1. illmatic, 2. Ready To Die, 3. Livestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, 4. Muddy Waters, 4. Death Certificate, 6. Mecca & Soul Brother, 7. 36 Chambers, 8. Liqued Swords, 9. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, 10. Doe Or Die, 11. Reasonable Doubt, 12. Full Clip, 13. 6 Feet Deep, 14. Music to Driveby, 15. Step in The Arena, 16. Wrath of The Math, 17. Very Best of Brand Nubian, 18. It Was Written, 19. 7 Day Theory, 20. Very Best of Das EFX, 21. Dogg Food, 22. Whut? Thee Album, 23. Sun Rises In The east, 24. Here Come The Lords, 25. Supreme Clientele, 26. Lost Tapes (nas), 27. The Realness, 28. We Come Strapped, 29. The Diary, 30. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted

  • Cuban Link

    that Maxim’s list of the hottest women in the world is lame because there’s too many white chicks on it. Sometimes the truth really is that obvious, but what are you gonna do?

    ^aha lmao, very true.

    Saying the list is catered towards the East is stupid, because lets face it what southern CDs would be up their?I could see something by the Geto Boys, but not on the top ten.

    Also, that list i pretty much co-sign with, except a few things:

    Midnight Marauders shouldnt be up there
    Low End Theory should be at #7
    Reasonable Doubt should be at @ 9
    Paid In Full should be at 8
    It Takes a Nation and the Chronic should switch places; The Chronic was good and more important production wise, but It Takes a Nation was more important for the growth of hip hop.

  • lowendMytheory

    No reasonable doubt? crazy……Kanye was a breath of fresh air when he was the guy-next-door type rapper but late registration was nice…but a lil overated.

  • Daniel

    “It’s a wonder why nas never got the formula right again”

  • ill will

    if you don’t read maxim cuz of white girls u read king. anyways why NOW u shit on illmatic. Bol man i believe you should executive produce an album i think it’ll be banging. Bol What’s Your DEFinition on hip hop?????

  • beeyo

    For real, how the fuck did crackheads turn into leperachauns?
    Do Bol and Noz have problems with one another?

  • http://XXLmag.com Kane Corleone

    These lists or so called 25 of all time is BS,its just your opinion u cats r not rap critics ,or even real mc’s,as a fan we can talk shit about the rap albums we purchase cuz shit we paid wit my/your/fiends/crapgame money,but as a mc you dont hear other mc’s doin that shit,bloggers r just that bloggers, and cant no blogger tell me what hip hop is ,or who’s got great lyrics,i base a album off of when i hear it again can it take me back 2 when i first heard it,and if i related to a niggaz album did it give me chills then,as does it still do that but its just what it is My Muthaeffin Oppinion.Word 2 my Pops Happy C day Nathaniel E. Roberson Sr.

  • Real Ish

    take off the infamous and out reasonable doubt in there cuz thats a classic but illmatic should be #1

  • John Brown


    There is no such list. Yes the top 5 albums will be the top 5 albums maybe 4 times outta 5. But that doesnt make those albums the best. Im from Miami and to be honest with you I rather listen to Outkast (early albums) than Nas. But thats just because I can relate more to Outkast than Nas. A kid from NY cant relate to Outkast like a kid from the South. Making list is a waste of time and a way to start arguments and debates.

  • Cuban Link

    @ Ill Will, KING is sick too, especially cuz they put my girl Rocsi on the front cover this month.But both are just great

  • J Millz

    John Brown Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    There is no such list. Yes the top 5 albums will be the top 5 albums maybe 4 times outta 5. But that doesnt make those albums the best. Im from Miami and to be honest with you I rather listen to Outkast (early albums) than Nas. But thats just because I can relate more to Outkast than Nas. A kid from NY cant relate to Outkast like a kid from the South. Making list is a waste of time and a way to start arguments and debates.
    Don’t get me wrong, i think Outcast and Goodie Mob are dope but “I’d” rather bump nas, but thats my oppinion but if you go down south the list would be Scareface,Outcast etc.

  • Mutumbo

    man, your a faggot.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    besides, there’s no Mosley Elliott albums on there, so it’s immediately disqualified.

  • NickeNitro

    Yeah, Sean Fennessey and all the other fakewits that write for Pitchfork are basically those idiots from high school drama club that thought they had writing talent (and continue to falsely think so, blaming their lack of success on “subjectivity”) but really are just boring dorks. They all started listening to hip-hop unwittingly when they bought The Score after hearing “Killing Me Softly” and now try to distance themselves from their formative years spent listening to underground and east coast hip-hop by attacking anything that reminds them of that because they have an unrelenting need to feel superior to cover-up the damage from their failed writing careers, but it’s pretty obvious since they seem to have a clearer, more empathetic understanding of the minds of the “backpackers” they continually address than anyone I’ve ever met. Basically.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    Nick, i’d agree with your comment if it was directed toward the tru-skool “Illmatic is the greatest thing since sliced bread” crowd.

  • da_realting

    all of my choice!!!!!your the fu ing mann!!!great minds think alike!!! only the real attract the real!!!

  • E99

    East 1999 Eternal = best album ever created.

  • cheeks

    that list is garbage…no Jay-Z…thats BS


    Operation Doomsday should be on the top 10

  • Soerin

    the chronic 2001 should be in it !

  • jonesy

    the marshall mathers LP, Get rich or die tryin should´t be overlooked, just cause they sold in millions…

  • hes a bitch

    aquemini should the uno

  • Cinsere

    Yo…XXL needs to fix their damn website…there’s a comment up there by “me” that I didn’t write…and the 2 comments that I did write didn’t show.

  • ACE

    Pippen is a great basketball player but thanks to Jordan and Phil Jackson, “The Chicago Bulls” are the best basketball team in the history!!! Raekwon is a great rapper but thanks to Ghostface and RZA, “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” is a classic Hip-Hop album!!!

  • ACE

    Pippen = Raekwon
    Jordan = Ghostface
    Phil Jackson = RZA
    Chicago Bulls = Wu-Tang Clan

  • ACE

    90′s Chicago Bulls = 90′s Wu-Tang Clan

  • jeff

    I will paraphrase Snoop Dogg “You gave him 5 Mics, but I sold 5 Million”. I really do believe that Illmatic gets the praise it gets based off the fact that it got 5 Mics back when the Source was still a somewhat reputable magazine. All of the remixes that came out soon after were way better than the actual singles that ended up on the album (The World Is Yours & It Ain’t Hard To Tell). Back in 1994, if Illmatic was as great as everyone says it was (and still is), Nas would’ve sold more than Biggie, Bone, Warren G, and everyone else that was out that year. I mean come on now, he was on Columbia/Ruffhouse, and he had a huge machine behind him. After I heard Nas was working on a full length LP (around late 93), I knew he would end up getting 5 mics as long as his album was good. Rap Sheet, The Source, Rap Pages, etc..all jumped on his jock after that verse from that “Live From The Barbeque” single which I admit was pretty dope, but I mean..the hype surrounding him was politcal hype. The same politics that got him five mics and all of that acclaim early on is the same politics that robbed The Chronic and Death Certificate of five mics. Illmatic was a very good album, but if you look at the average person’s best of hip hop list, half of their albums are usually from 1993 or 1994, and most of that shit made a way bigger impact than Illmatic did. Nas’s verse on Verbal Intecourse made people go cop Illmatic, not none of his songs. Verbal Intecourse better than any verse he spit on Illmatic. AZ’s “Life’s A Bitch” verse was the gem of the whole album, and he wasn’t even signed at the time. Nas has always been a phenomenal talent, but he never made an album that I could consider a bonafide classic. I listened to Lost Tapes way more and for a much longer period than I did Illmatic.

  • Big Rizz

    This has got to be the stupidest shit ever. Of course people will never agree to this list because its all about what YOU like! So why waste time doing it. I like cuban linx better than all them shits, with ready to die a close second. And i dont think the infamous is 9 spots worse than illmatic. It has more to do with a nostalgia thing than anything else. (I bought cuban linx like 5 times cuz the dudes where spitting so hard) But thats just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…they’re like assholes, everyone has one. The one thing we can all agree on, is that not one album since the begining of this millenum is as good as any of the albums listed.

  • the truth speaks

    The list is pretty accurate to me. 2 golden era gems are on there. Maybe a golden era LL album could have taken the place of one of the Tribe albums, like I’m Bad, or Walking With a Panther… where Uncle L unwittingly ushered in the bling age. Peep the album cover kids, moet in all the chicks hands too, jewels, ect. Or Mama said knock you out, (wouldnt understand if you werent around during the LL and Kool Moe Dee Battle) or a Long live the Kane, or even 3 feet high and rising, ie. the classic and 1st hip hop album with skits, between the songs! Reasonable Doubt does seem to be missing though as well…… Not sure who should be where, but these are my pics. I am 30, so my span may be a little different but, hey….

  • jeff

    Also…most lists are biased. People feel the need to throw a lot of shit on their lists to prevent arguments with one-dimensional readers and critics, but it’s doubtful that it is a representation of their actual opinions. People have different tastes, and most of these albums are not unanimously enjoyed in the same capacity by everyone that hears them, but yet…you pretty much see the same albums on everyone’s list. If you did random polls with people who were not writers and musicians, you would see a lot more Too Short, Geto Boys, E-40, Ice Cube, Outkast, Jay-Z, Bone, etc. on these lists. Just because someone knows how to type eloquenty doesn’t mean that they know what the fuck they are talking about. Spring and Summer 1994, Wu Tang and Death Row was the shit…not Nas.

  • ~L7~

    I’m really gay……and so is BOL. I believe the list to be skewed to the east coast, since most of you too-much-time-having bloggers are from the east, U have no choice but to be bias to your regional style.

  • Sincere (Sin)

    I like the list (Imo not my top 10). But I think Enter the 36 Chamber and Illamtic are not even the Wu nor Nas best albums. Perfer Wu Tang Forever and Stillmatic on the list.

  • Danny

    Maybe if I post as Danny the Dipset Dick Hanger my posts will get up?

    Ya Dig?!!?


  • http://www.sohh.com EReal


    Elliot must be mad at me. lol.

  • South 19

    BOL, U fat greasy piece of sh*t. Is there anyone U don’t hate on? U need to up your self esteem and pull your skirt down!

    Not from “South 19″ but from YO MOMMA!

  • http://www.sohh.com EReal

    South 19 Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 10:46 am
    BOL, U fat greasy piece of sh*t. Is there anyone U don’t hate on? U need to up your self esteem and pull your skirt down!

    Not from “South 19″ but from YO MOMMA!
    How is it that dumb shit like this gets posted, but relevent comments, like mine, dont?

    XXLmag is getting lame with this comment censorship shit.

    1 hunned.

  • yaboy

    typing ’1 hunned’ after every comment is lame.

  • http://www.sohh.com EReal

    I think that Nas is overrated, I rather listen to Rotten Apple than to Illmatic or Stillmatic. NAS is overrated and only NY cats think he is GOD. NEGRO PLEASE.

    1 hunned

  • http://www.sohh.com EReal


    Your lame son, I’ll fuck you up. Pussy negro.

  • Tray

    Actually I’d put The Infamous higher, it doesn’t have the influence of most of those albums but it’s a better listen than some of them too (Paid In Full, The Chronic – half of which is forgettable..)

  • http://www.sohh.com Real-EReal

    Both of those not me, obviously.

    @Ya Boy
    I only type it after the first comment I make actually. Besides, half your entire comments are lame. So try to stay off my dick, eh? That goes for you too stan boy, I dont use those words. Step your game up.
    Besides, Elliot dosent even let me post anymore, LOL.

  • J Millz

    Yo EREAL, Would you really rather bumb “rotten apple” than Ill or Stillmatic?…like you’re really bein’ serious?…

  • http://www.sohh.com EReal

    J Millz yes I am beeing serious. NAS is overrated to me. All his songs are the same subject, just that he changes a few words here and there. A different beat. Rotten Apple to me is a more balance album than any NAS album. Listen to NY NY or Change.

  • Rizzop

    “I think that Nas is overrated, I rather listen to Rotten Apple than to Illmatic or Stillmatic. NAS is overrated and only NY cats think he is GOD. NEGRO PLEASE.”……………How can an MC be overrated because he is respected by his peers? People have throw all kinds of shit at Nas saying he is a walking contradiction, etc, etc (since when is growing up being contradictory?) Either way Rotten Apple was fucking horrible compared to his first album. At least nas got better b4 he got worse. Homie only got two albums and fell off! hes still got time, but ya’ll young dudes cant compare someone with 7-10 albums with a dude with two

  • Port_o_Prince

    …On the real and this is coming from a Nas fan. In ’94 Nas album was only getting bumped in NY because I know at least down here in FLA that year people were bumpin WU, Warren G, Outkast,Scarface, BIG, and Craig Mack(believe or not). That album was not highly acclaimed like alot of these stans are making it out to be. Around those times Snoop was the biggest star in rap music and Doggystyle was the best album. I dont know why people overlook doggystyle when they talk about that era. Illmatic is undoubtebly a top 5 album but i dont think it had the impact people are making it out to be

  • jeff

    PORT O PRINCE HAS SENSE!! Lol, the only thing is..back in 94, only NY critics was making a big deal out of Illmatic, not people buying cds. I stayed up in NY there the ENTIRE summer of 1994 and DOGGYSTYLE and ABOVE THE RIM was the albums getting the most play. You gotta post up in here more often bro, I feel so alone sometimes…lol

  • Bashin

    The Chronic Should be no.1, i love those winy syns. doggystyle should be no 2. biggie no 3, nas no 4, and fuck the rest.j/k

  • http://www.modelminority.blogspot.com m.dot

    lower-level music writing circles.

    You are a f-cking fool for that.

  • http://xxlmag.com chouny

    wheres liquid swords, or return 2 the 36 chambers or tical….wu-tang forever. ironman, supreme clientele. these r classic albums. and where the hell r the gravediggaz? 6 feet deep was an insane album!!! gravediggaz were the only muthafuckas besides wu-tang that were jus plain crazy and still listenable. GRAVEGIGGA…NIGGA! WU-TANG 4EVER MUTHAFUCKAS!!8 DIAGRAMS-JULY 7TH. OB4CL2 COMING SOON. WU-TANG’S BACK ON THE SWARM BITCHES!!!

  • congratulations

    you are a homo for caring in the first place

  • BK Banga

    NWA Niggaz4life, Jay Z Vol 1&2,

  • ty from linden blvd

    look at that list…and then u see nas statement is true….

    queens run u niggas ask russell simmons

    haha!@!!!WE THE BEST!!

  • tony starks

    forget what you herd dis is da top ten albums ever.
    1. illmatic
    2.only built 4 cuban lynx
    3.ready 2 die
    4.Cormega- the truth
    4 enter the wu 36 chambers
    5. the Infamous
    6. it was written
    7. murder musik
    8. apocalypse
    9. lost tapes
    10. supreme clientele
    those are da best fuck da rest this wahat every true hip follower should be on. dis what da UK is feeling fuck da rest we dont want it tell da rest not to come to da UK you’ll get hurt if yer do.

  • tony starks

    peeps need to recognise Big l’s lifestyles of da poor and dangerous and cormega’s the truth otherwise yer slipping. Korrupt shouild be there too. da rest should stay away from da uk WE DONT WAANA HEAR YOU. you shit rappers com,e to the UK you’ll get hurt.



  • tony starks

    1. illmatic
    2.only built 4 cuban lynx
    3. ready to die
    4.enter the wu 36 chambers
    5.lifestyles of da ppor and dangerous
    6.the infamous
    7.cormega- the truth (just in case yer fake ass don’t know bout cor- marfucking mega)
    9.it was written
    10. murda musik.
    11. dooggy style (gots to have snoop there too punks!!)
    the rest aint shit apart from game the lox and llloyd banks first LP is ok. da rest need to stay da fuck out da uk yer herd we dont want you here playing yer shit. they come down here they’ll get hurt.

  • panthergod

    EReal Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 11:26 am

    “I think that Nas is overrated, I rather listen to Rotten Apple than to Illmatic or Stillmatic. NAS is overrated and only NY cats think he is GOD. NEGRO PLEASE.

    1 hunned”

    All this proves is that you are a certified faggot.

  • J Millz

    @ EREAL

    Nas’ songs are all about 1 thing?…Yeah…because lloyd banks is really a well rounded rapper right…I could understand little bit if you said Banks’ first album but “Rotten Apple”… Just cause Nas wasn’t the shit doesn’t mean his shit wasn’t good…example: 50 is more popular than Joell Ortiz, But who’s the better MC?…If 50 can be called an MC…Oh well…it you’re oppinion…if how you be feelin…


    @ JEFF

    Ayo I feel what you saying about Snoop and the ABOVE THE RIM sountrack making the most noise because I’m from Chicago and those albums were getting much play here around 94. You musy be an older to have been in NY around the summer of 94. Your opinion on the topic is much appreciated.

  • afrikka 4 life..

    i like the list but how 2pac aint in there. as well all know pac is one of the greatest rapper of all time and he made better album than most of those yo’ll got up there…… i think pac should be in that list

  • Jason Murk

    This list has to be based on the opinions of east coast niggas over the age of 25.

    Aquemini (Outkast) and Ridin Dirty (UGK)should be in the top 10.

  • http://www.yahoo.com noughskrilla Nima Ghana

    Nas is the shit..Why is ya’ll bitches hatin on God’s son.I dont really have a problem with the list but IT WAS WRITTEN AND STILLMATIC should be there…Ether is better than every single track on Rotten Apple..fuck ya’ll

  • mrlex


  • bizzle

    rotten apple over illmatic? Homie you’re deaf and dumb…don’t sleep on that doggystyle though…that shit changed the game

  • Ras

    Where is pac? this list aint right.