You Won’t Be Smiling On Riker’s Island…

A few months ago UnKut Dot Com held down a guest blogger spot at this site with a mean drop on the most gully prison songs in rap music.

UnKut Dot Com Presents… Rap’s Musics Gulliest Prion Songs

Please go back and listen to that shit. He ended his drop featuring one of the GOATs inside of the Hip-Hop arena. Kool G Rap’s song dedicated to New York’s most infamous criminal detention center was the realest real talk ever put on wax. Peep the hook of the song…

“ You might have been coolin’,
You might have been stylin’,
But you won’t smilin’ on Rikers Island“

That nigga G Rap ain’t never lie in his rhymes. Although some of today’s young Black children take their fashion cues from prison inmates I don’t think many of them could handle the daily brutality that is meted out behind bars. No one bangs out like predicate felons do. They’ve become programmed to be like the beast that has them encaged. Desensitized and unremorseful, some of these people would kill their own flesh and blood. Some of them are even so far gone that they can no longer adapt to society outside of their cells. These people feel more stable in prison than they do outside of it. Tell me how fucked the fuck up is that?!?

That shit sounds crazy but if you have ever done the knowledge of the prison INDUSTRIAL complex then you understand the large amounts of money that are being made on the essentially free labor of state’s property. That’s one of the reasons I would never wear anything that said State Property (even though Uncle Sam pwns my azz – April 15th anyone?) and I’m sure it’s why I’ll never see a white wearing a t-shirt that says nigger, even though white was the very first nigger (Schwarze-negger).

All of you e-thugs and wannabe hard rocks should do yourself a favor and watch this video I have linked here. It’s about the culture on Riker’s Island, the remnants of slavery which are still in effect and what kind of person the prison system develops. You can learn that a ‘Buck Fifty’ scar gets its name because that’s usually how many stitches are required to close the gash. On second thoughts, if some of you kids have a soft stomach then maybe you shouldn’t watch this video…


If for nothing else just peep the dude from Louisiana who eats 38 shells point blank from the Shreveport police and they have the shit on tape. Son is shot in the face and he doesn’t go down to the ground. This dude was the epitome of hardbody.

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  • John Cochran

    I’m not one of these brothas that glorifies that prison shit. When niggas come home around the way, niggas be celebrating and shit like they graduated. It’s a sick state of mind. Me myself, Im only about 5’6 150 lbs. soaking wet, niggas would eat me alive up state.

  • Worley

    Prison is straight slavery. When you are sentenced the judge actually says you are now the PROPERTY of the this or that state’s Department of Corrections. Slavery was essentially the same thing. You were the property of a citizen of a particular state. Any job pays more than 4 cents an hour. Do the knowledge.

  • nation


  • Evorgleb

    yeh its messed up when we live in a world where niggas act like you aint a real man unless you did time. no thanks i’d rather not waste years of my life. I got the army for that already

  • cd

    most dez niggaz 2day wanna bang and shit. most of dem be dead in a minute espically lil niggaz


    It’s sad that people glorify prisons. I doubt they’d feel that way if they ever saw someone get shanked in real life or see someone get their head cracked by a pair of socks full of batteries.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Guillermo X. Domingo, keep up the good work, son.

    I’d like to see stats on the fraction of the prison population that is solely there because of the “war on drugs”. Of course they serve the role of workers for the “prison industrial complex”, so to change this would require a big effort to nullify the corporate prison lobbying douches.

    I wish we took a look at the policy of the orange homies in the Netherlands. If that isht is working we should copy it.

    In the business world, if someone has a “business process” that is effective, you call that a “best practice” and copy that isht is feasible. The US Gov could stand to do this, at least on the “drug war” issue.

  • AZ

    It’s absolutely true the coporations be using that free black and latino labor cats just ain’t up on game.

  • render

    lmfao, where’d this shit come from? gotta give cred where cred is due, you killed this post. Hopefully we get more of this than your suspect obsession with wheezy.

    kids gotta learn that prison aint juvie. I know enough dudes that think they can handle a bid cause they did 6 months in supervised daycare.

  • pete

    Well, after almost six months of pure shit posts, you really knocked it out of the park with this one. I couldn’t stop watching that once it started. I would of liked to hear a whitey’s pov too.

  • pete

    A few more things.

    It started off with the comparison of convicts to slaves, and then it just trails off into the stories of a bunch of dudes who just got out.

    Granted thos stories are pretty interesting, like that Pureto Rock who would keep his razor in his foreskin, or that fat fuck who was fucking boss.

    But, what is the labor they speak of? The movie could of gone more into that aspect instead of showing a few clips of a dude working on fixing a floor and a bunch of cats in orange cleaning up highways.

    It made good points, but I just dont think they followed up them enough. It was good watch and it made any of that shit you see on MSNBC on a saturday afternoon look like an after-school special.

  • thecollinb

    i saw that dvd about 4 years ago and no bullshit i threw the fuck up after seeing that kid get shot the way he did…..and we’re supposed to beleive that was necessary force. I’m never one to get on the “they’re doing my people wrong” shit cause for the most we do it to ourselves (my pops always told me “you teach people the way they should treat you”) but for some odd sick reason the “majority” has it in for us and what’s worse is that we wont ever start a progressive swing until there is some sort of unifying idea of cultural well being.
    ….and kids think this prison shit is sweet??!!?

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    The most remarkable thing about persons of African descent; is our unique
    ablilty to adapt. I have been to Goree island in Senegal (a slave port) and have seen the ‘the door of no return’

    Its a miracle; a testimony to God that our fore fathers survived that brutality.
    The brothers at Rikers, from the States and Puerto Rico are going through it.

    However, slaves were stripped of identity; for that reason alone the comparision is hard to make.

    Damn good blog and the documentary was decent.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    how long ’til XXL drops this clown

  • Nick

    I’ve been locked up for a lil and this is what I have to say: Anybody that leaves the beast and doesn’t change his ways is straight stupid. It’s terrible and you got to adapt to another lifestyle. Rappers need to stop glorifying the system.

  • J.R.O.

    I spent 3 weeks in the local jail and that shit was boring as hell. I was like, ‘how the hell can someone just kick it up in here like it’s nothing?’ I guess because they have to. Yeah but, fuck jail and fuck glorifying it.

  • thug

    im a thug

  • thug

    im a thug nigga.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Believe it or not, but hip hop has cats programmed the wrong way. They call other cats out for not having a rap sheet. Even Nas in “H to the Omo” says to Jay-Z, “Un was your first court case, you ain’t have no priors”. Don’t muthafuckas know that if you have priors or a rap sheet, that means YOU GOT CAUGHT. Since when the fuck is it “cool” to get caught doing something. I respect the nigga doin dirt who has never gotten arrested. Isn’t that the fuckin’ objective? To hustle smart so that you don’t get caught? If you got caught, that means you slipped somewhere.

    If you think getting caught is cool, It just means you were dumber than the cops. Have a gameplan and stick to it (i.e.- if your driving around with a large amount of drugs in your trunk cuz you “serve”, DON’T BE DRINKING OR SMOKING WEED WHILE YOUR DRIVING dummies!, you’re suppose to be as discreet as possible).

    Shit like this is what separates dumb thugs from the likes of Italian organized crime.

  • EReal

    Holy Shit! Did those cops get indicted for that shit?? That one CAC walked up and shot dude execution style to the head and the guy didnt even have a gun, he was walkin away. WTF?!?! Shit like that and the Sean Bell shit piss me off to no end. Cops are for the most part fucking assholes with serious power issues. They are suposed to uphold the law and they feel like they’re above it instead. The system protects these fucks and it sickens me.

    Prison is fucked up. They charge you to be there and then make you work for free. I just want to point out that this video is an extreme case and it all depends on your crime and how much time you’re doing if you’re going to be in that position. Its fucked up because you have these cats doing 10 years, probably like 7 – 8 with gain time and you lock em up with these cats doing 20 to life. The lifers are the ones that are the most violent, because they’re more instutionalized and they’re doing life already so what the fuck do they care if they get another 20 for stabbin your ass?? They dont. That street mentality is what fucks it up because you put these cats that are already on the strets robbing and stealing and killin shit and you put em in jail, they’re just gonna rob and steal in jail too. I also think its fucked up that the CO’s contribute to the beef and have their own agenda.

    Prison isnt a joke people. Its defs not a good look to spend 10 – 15 years of your life in prison because you hafta be ‘gangsta’. Lets see how ‘gangsta’ you are when you get locked up and get a Buck Fitty across your chest homie. Yayo was in Rikers, I seen that DVD… maybe thats why he’s sofa king insane. Did you see the pictures, this guy’s eyes were bugged out, yo.

    Anyway, like I said, it depends on your crime. Me, Ive never done more than 364 so I got to stay local instead of going up the road. My boy just got back from 2 years and he said that shit was nothing. It depends on if you’ve been convicted of a violent felony. Drug felonies, unless they’re racketerring or major traffiking you’ll probably goto medium or even minimum security facilities, not that you cant get split in there, but its alot harder to justify getting another 5 years for attempted when you’re doing 2 or 3.

    Either way, fuck it. That video was insane and makes me glad Im not in rikers. Heh.

    1 hunned.

  • ApeDujeous

    Dude, you’re off. But its understandable. “NEGGAR” is not a German word. I think you got confused, because plowman actually translates to “EGGER,” from the verb “eggen.” In German, adjectives such as “Schwarz” are conjugated depending on the noun they modify. Egger is masculine, so “schwarz” becomes “schwarzen.” So, “Schwarzeneggar” (a mutation of “Schwarzenegger”) DOES mean “black plowman,” but not in the way you think. Everyone thinks his name is a compound that breaks up like this: Schwarze-neggar, but it’s actually Schwarzen-egger. As others have said, the n-word has roots in the Romance languages.

  • P-Matik

    Pistol Pete = the original predicate felon

  • Belize

    NAw…i can’t watch dat shyt mayne…jail just sucks. period. Esp. in AZ, cut our fuckin Sheriif gives us pink clothes to wear. Thats Y i dont bump Cam.


    check out my 1st blog on Belize’s site!!!