There have been two divergent streams of thought buzzing around my head regarding Hip-Hop music.

1. The ridiculous censorship issue which will only cause artist to create a new word for ho.

2. The Hip-Hop project initiated by Joey from Staright Bangin’ in which we list our favorite Hip-Hop albums from 1 to 25.

These two issues reconnect when you look at the albums that people have selected. None of these lists that I have seen featured have a female artist’s album. Albeit some lists contain Digable Planets and the Fugees work, but no one even mentioned Lauryn Hill’s ‘Miseducation’ which might be the greatest Hip-Hop album evar in front of ‘Illmatic’, ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’ and ‘Ready To Die’.

What are some of the reasons for the blackout against Lauryn and her female counterparts? Is rap music just a bastion for old boy recidivism? Are rap fan’s being programmed to hate women’s contributions? Do female emcees generally suck tits? Even though the answer to all these questions above is yes I still feel like there is a sinister plot in the works. I told you before that Hip-Hop, like humanity, can not survive without women. And even though there are tons of women in content decision making positions throughout Hip-Hop it remains the responsibility of the consumer, the listener and the fan to put this ship on the right course.

Bigger than the word ho is the theme that women have little to no use other than to be objectified and consumed. This has to be replaced with the idea that women are warriors. The Black Panther party was totally progressive with this idea. Next, men have to simultaneously become dependent of their wombs. Too many men still live with their mother in a modern day Oedipal circle where they remain dependent of the womb for nurturing (hopefully not in the form of breastmilk, because that would just be wrong).

When a man grows up he can be relieved of his childhood notions that a girl can be beat up in the schoolyard. He has to be able to see that a woman bears his seed and still marches on the path alongside him. This is pretty elevated thinking in general to consider women your equal but it is the only way to counter the programming of patriarchy and capitalism that abounds throughout American culture. We as men have to recognize and be active in empowering women. I read Tara’s article this morning and I feel a little bad for her because she has become used to wearing the t-shirt that reads “Victim”. Everyone should go to her blog today and tell her that they love her and they love women.

Especially Bol and Noz. They are the president and vice-president of the He-Man Women Haters Club.