It wasn’t but five minutes ago that Ofrah Winfrey was turning 50 years old and dancing up a storm to Fisty Scent’s megahit ‘In Da Club’. Now Ofrah done did an about face and shitted on Russell Simmons during a lap dance. But that’s how a prostitute will act when her pimp snaps his finger, and you best believe Ofrah is a prostitute. The thing you have to recognize about a prostitue that is different from a ho is that a prostitute is loyal to her pimp. A ho will eff with whoever pays her for that trick. A slut does it for the love of the game. So if a nigga calls a bitch a ho, but he nevers pays anything for the trick, that bitch was a slut and miles away from being a prostitute. This is another reason why Hip-Hop is dying… Niggas don’t know the difference between sluts, ho’s and prostitutes.

I blame 80’s babies for not being able to tell the difference. If you leave Hip-Hop music in their hands this shit will cease to exist in less than two years. Why? Because they all have the same voice. Everybody fresh out the trap. Ha! Y’all niggas wouldn’t know the first fucking thing to do in the trap. And when I say y’all niggas I’m especially talking to the white that read this page. Yes, y’all neggars! You living on borrowed time in the trap every fucking second and when you go to spend that dough you might get a pair of sneakers out of a day’s work and you might not. Why? Because every fucking body is in the trap with you. Y’all niggas is racing after fiends to make a sale before you get underbid. It’s so ridiculous that you hope you see your uncle or cousin looking to copp that way you can make a sale with no competition. Now somebody in the trap catches feelings because you have made more sales than he has. Pop, pop, pop.

I had to learn firsthand that there was no money, or future in that lifestyle. I lived it before niggas rapped about it. It hasn’t changed and there’s even less money in the trap than before. It’s not like there’s less fiends, but there’s more niggas standing on the block, and there’s more shorties to take their place after they get knocked. Some dumb azz nigga was telling me how T.I. has these remorseful songs about living the lifestyle. If that’s the case then maybe he shouldn’t be dealt a class action lawsuit for all the little niggas he inspired to stand on the block, and I have yet to hear any rapper (other than real grown men) question how this country gets filled up with heroin and cocaine in the first place. In the meanwhile, the mainstream media continues it’s incestuous relationship with supremacy by acting like crime begins and ends in Hip-Hop culture. I myself want to leave rap alone sometimes and just fucks with Stevie Wonder shit or Funkadelic or ‘Trane, but then I realize that I can’t leave rap in the hands of the lazy 80’s babies. Shit will be dead in less than two years, and I’ll still be waiting for Saigon to drop his album.

I wasn’t fucking playing around when I told you that Hip-Hop was under siege. In a minute, niggas that never listened to a word of rap are about to decide what motherfuckers can say on an album. Just when someone was ready to put the truth of the game into people’s ears they are gonna lock down Hip-Hop so that you never get that realness. Fuck all this Holly’hood shit with guns popping for no rhyme or reason. Actually, they pop off for no reason, but only for rhymes. Ofrah’s pimp has told her to throw Hip-Hop under the bus and y’all niggas are walking it out over the cliff like a bunch of lemmings. There’s no way I can leave this Hip-Hop shit in the trust of you 80’s babies without guidance from some niggas from the 1970’s. Good thing for y’all Lil’ Wayne was born in 1979.