The Four Rap Songs That Changed the World

One of my favorite hobbies as of late has been to take these bullshit lists put together by Rolling Stone magazine and pick them apart to see how they rank hip-hop artists against one another. You’ll recall that I did something similar a few weeks ago with their list of the top 25 artists from New York, in which they had Jay-Z ranked ahead of the Notorious B.I.G.

The other day, I came across yet another bullshit list they’ve put together – The 40 Songs That Changed the World. Apparently, this time there’s some sort of contest, sponsored by the high-end tequila brand Patron. If you don’t like the list Rolling Stone put together, you can send in your own and they’ll create a new list based on your suggestions.

It’s not clear whether or not you actually win a bottle of Patron.

The list they’ve put together isn’t bad, except that it’s heavily skewed towards the skewed towards the baby boomer generation. While the list is numbered from 1 to 40, the selections are in order based on chronology, with Elvis’ “That’s Alright,” from the 1950s, at number one, and The White Stripes’ “Fell in Love with a Girl,” from 2001-ish at number 40.

Here are the four rap songs that made the list:

27) Sugarhill Gang “Rappers Delight” (1979)
33) Run-DMC “Walk This Way” (1986)
36) Public Enemy “Bring the Noise” (1987)
38) Dr. Dre “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” (1992)

So I guess the question is: are these the four rap songs that changed the world the most? Granted, it’s kind of a retarded question, but bear with me.

Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” wasn’t the first rap record, but I guess the other one, whose name I can’t recall off the top of my head, doesn’t count because it’s probably not very good. “Rapper’s Delight,” meanwhile was a pretty big hit in its time and was the first song that introduced a lot of people to the idea of rap music. So I guess it should be on the list.

Presumably, Run-DMC’s 1986 collaboration with Aerosmith was placed on the list by virtue of the fact that it was the song that helped spread rap music to cracka-ass crackas in the suburbs as well as the flyover states. Having grown up in the suburbs in a flyover state, I can attest to the fact that cracka-ass crackas around here love “Walk This Way.” And I suppose if you were going to pick a rap song for that reason, you could do worse than “Walk This Way.”

Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” definitely seems like the most questionable song on the list. Nothing against Public Enemy or the song itself, but you’d have to think that if they were looking for the song that brought political consciousness to rap lyrics, they could have gone with Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s “The Message.” Instead, “Bring the Noise” seems to be on the list because what would a list of rap songs in a rock magazine be without at least one Public Enemy song?

Finally, there’s Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” Again, nuthin’ against Dr. Dre or the song itself, but it’s hard not to look back at “G Thang” as the final nail in the coffin with regard to the gentrification of gangsta rap. Where as just a few years prior, Dre and Ice Cube were rapping about police brutality and how fucked up things are in the ghetto, “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” is all about smoking weed and pouring 40s on bitches and what have you. In that sense, I’d say it’s pretty good choice.

Overall, I don’t think Rolling Stone did that bad of a job with this list. The few rap song that are there are pretty hard to argue with. If anything, I wish that a) there were more rap songs on the list overall, and b) the list included some rap music more current than “Nuthin’ But a G Thang,” which came out 15 years ago, fer chrissakes. What do you d-bags think? Are there any songs that definitely shouldn’t have made the list? And which songs should be there but aren’t?

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  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “Straight outta Compton” pro’lly shoulda made the list in place of “G-Thing” just cuz this was the first time anyone outside of Compton itself was introduced to this place

    Now-a-days the word Compton is synonomous with Gangs, Crime and the worst places …

    “Straight outta Compton” was pro’lly the record that introduced Gangsta rap to Hip Hop ..

    Another one that DEFINITELY has to be on the list is 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny” .. you’re talkin’ about parental advisory stickers on music and Supreme Court hearings over freedom of speech. If that didn’t change the world, I don’t know what did.

  • what up kicko?


  • whatupkicko


  • Incilin

    Let’s not be confused here. I am not totally sure, but I have a pretty good feeling about this; Rolling Stone didn’t make the list. As I recall I saw a Patron site (I work in adversiing, so I see shit like that) that asked users to suggest what they thought was the greatest/most perefect things like prefect girl, perfect movie, and prefect song. I think Rolling Stones just took the songs users posted as their faves and made a put them in order, played with it a bit, and fucking called it “Songs That Changed The World”

    But your arugment against G Thang aint all that correct. Your right about what you said, it did lead to gentrification , but the list is about what changed the world. And without a doubt that song changed gangsta rap, which changed rap in general, which chaged white ppls perception of rap, etc. etc. etc.


    Dear Mama

  • Sammie Davis

    I’d say that as for putting a public enemy song on there “Fight The Power” would have been a better choice.

    Im not mad about Nuthin But a G Thang, cus it was a song that defined hip hop and most noticeable the west coast (for good or bad) for quite some time.

    How bout a Wu-Tang song?? Maybe “C.R.E.A.M” or even a B.I.G. song like “Big Poppa”.

    just some thoughts.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    LOL @ Brittney Spears being on there…Sade could have tookin her place…

    …Michael Jackson should be on there but wrong song…”Do you remember the time” was epic mainly because of the video but still the song along with him are out of this world…


    Its hard to comment without knowing what other songs made it -im not too familiar with the white stripes, but i suppose elvis commericalized rock and roll or whatever..

    bombs over baghdad was responsible for the war in iraq II -thats pretty world changing i guess.

  • thoreauly77

    co-sign effin on 2 live crew. it went to the supreme court!!

    another example of a song that changed the world — “laffy taffy”. it changed the world… for the worst.

  • Soulrise

    How is it that the Oxford Dictionary can recognize B.G.’s “Bling Bling” but Rolling Stone can’t? A song that introduces a new commonly used and accepted word into the English language would seem to make some type of impact.

  • stoneyisland

    Any diss song ever made should have made this list. These diss songs have caused too many young brothers to be cut down, murdered over what? a fucking song? we are own worst enemy and white america has to be loving it….Hip Hop is dead.

  • john cochran

    I’m too young to really remember any of those songs being current, so basically they’re sayin nothing relevent came out in 15 years. I cant think of a song that changed the world, so maybe thats right. I mean there’s been plenty of hot shit, but world changing? Hmmmmm….

  • A.Cambry

    23. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

    Yes sir!

    Dre “Ain’t Nothing But A “G” Thang”…well, if Shitney Spears is on there, I’m aight with Dre being on there.

  • EReal

    I got Ashley’s Email. LOL, get on your job XXL.

    Anyway, another good drop Bol. I agree on basicly all of your comments.
    I also co-sign Effin. 2Live should be on there. Also I believe NWA should be on the list.

    What the fuck are the White Stripes and Brittney ‘crazy hoe’ Spears doing on that list?

    Byron, your favorite magazine sucks. Speaking of RS tho, what ever happened to pancake face? Another W for Byron?

    1 hunned.

  • Killa King Ben

    Hard Knock Life ain’t no song on the radio like that since.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Soulrise Says:

    April 26th, 2007 at 2:02 pm
    How is it that the Oxford Dictionary can recognize B.G.’s “Bling Bling” but Rolling Stone can’t? A song that introduces a new commonly used and accepted word into the English language would seem to make some type of impact.
    I did not think of that but this gives me the chance to give you haters another reason to hate…WEEZY CAME UP WITH THE TERM BLING…

  • thoreauly77

    an important song that they left off is body count’s “cop killer”.


    “we are own worst enemy and white america has to be loving it”

    it’s like our McDonalds…..

  • thoreauly77

    neil young’s “ohio”.

    u2′s “sunday bloody sunday”.

    miles davis’ “bitches brew”.

  • EReal

    I did not think of that but this gives me the chance to give you haters another reason to hate…WEEZY CAME UP WITH THE TERM BLING…
    Hell Yeah thats another reason to hate Weezy.

  • BIZ

    Another one that DEFINITELY has to be on the list is 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny” .. you’re talkin’ about parental advisory stickers on music and Supreme Court hearings over freedom of speech. If that didn’t change the world, I don’t know what did.

    ^^^ true!

  • BNW

    dear mama by the great 2pac.

  • BNW

    oh yeah, C.R.E.A.M by wu-tan clan. i’m down with the West-side but i guess to backpackers this was the shit.

  • Mista23

    Why not Afrika Bambaata’s “Planet Rock” which basically was highly responsible for spreading hip-hop and the b-boy culture. If you think about it, the song gave birth to Techno and the use of akward, eerie computer, digital sounds in records.

  • Combat Jack

    The Show – “Dougie Fresh & Slick Rick”

    Sucker MC’s – Run-DMC

    F**K The Police – NWA

    The Message – Muscle Scrimmons

    Roxxanne, Roxxanne – UTFO

    Rock Box – RUN DMC

    Planet Rock – Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force

    The Bridge Is Over – BDP

    Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy

    Deep Cover – Dr. Dre. Feat. Snoop

    Passing Me By – Pharcyde

    Can’t Touch This – Hammer

    Fight For Your Right To Party – Beastie Boys

    Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice (sorry)

    Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc

    How Ya Like Me Now? – Kool Moe Dee (old folk hip hop)

    Hard Knock Life – Jay Z (I was in Mexico when this came out and saw a 50 year old Jewish woman singing this joint in our hotel elevator, that’s when I knew dude was going to sell past 3 milly)

    The Benjamins – Diddy

    Juicy – B.I.G.

    Dear Momma – Tupac (for you stans out there)

    Flava In Your Ear – Craig Mac

    Dre Day – Dr. Dre.

    Hit Em’ Up – 2Pac

    Put It In Your Mouth – Akinyele

    Ether – Nas

    Takeover – Jay Z

    Shook Ones – Mobb Deep

    In Da Club – 50 Cent

    Let’s Get It Started – Black Eye Peas

    My Melody/ Eric B For President/ You Got Soul – Eric B and Rakim

    My Name Is – Eminem

    Baby Got Back – Sir Mixalot

    California Love – 2pac

    Children’s Story – Slick Rick

    Scenario – ATCQ

    It Takes Two – Rob Base & EZ Rock

    Parents Just Don’t Understand – Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

    PSK – Schooly D

    Fat Boys – Fat Boys

    The Breaks – Kurtis Blow

    Minds Playing Tricks On Me – Geto Boys

    Me, Myself & I – De La Soul

    G Thang – Snoop Doggy Dogg

    Protect Ya’ Neck – Wu Tang

    Throw Ya Gunz – Onyx

    Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – PM Dawn

    Man, I can go on and on!

  • Combat Jack

    Oh yeah, Rapper’s Delight – Sugar Hill Gang

  • yung ceasa

    fuck britney bein on therre wherre tha fuck is that “jesus walks”….i dont give a fuck wat kanye’s sexual preference really is or tha way he dresses or wat ever all that shyt is irrelevant to his talent that song marked tha first time a rapper was considered a gospel artist (which to me by tha way was an insult to both genres). but tha whole point im tryin to make is that “jesus walks” is about some reel shyt, that britney spears song is bout a fuckin teenage nympho thirsty for dick. i agree about just about erry other song like marvin gaye’s “whats going on” amongst others but britney spears definetly shouldnt be on this list but that “jesus walks” should be.

  • ANU

    cybotron – clear

  • honky true

    I definitely think “The Message” would be a better fit than “Bring the Noise”–PE is good but their records now sound hella dated…besides the old school flow, “the Message” could’ve been recorded yesterday.

    Seems like OutKast should’ve made the list…they’re awesome and they cross/break all sorts of boundaries (even if their new stuff isn’t hip hop or, you know, good)

  • toole

    master p drop the south was on and alot of inde lables poped up

  • jericho

    bone thugs ..crossroads

  • Cinsere

    They shoulda called the list “Songs that changed the face of music” rather than “changed the world.”

  • dobydigital

    god rolling stone hates the 90s so fucking much. i remember on their albums list radiohead wasnt even in the top like 100, and then it was “the bends” ahead of ok computer. and now on this list, a whole 3 songs? wow.

  • marlon

    I agree with all on 2 live crew. They have to up there. There the reason for the explicit lyrics stickers!

    I think big poppa should be up there cause big niggas was the cocliest people in the world when that came out! Made it kinda cool to be big!

    Whatabout rock the bells by LL or self destruction that had a shitload of artists on it!

    Eminem cause he’s so damn controversial! Cleaning out my closet comes to mind!

    How about Nas-if I ruled the world. Jay-Z- hard knock life!

    Lastly, for more recent, I think ridin dirty should have a spot if the list was longer! Shit was supposed to have a 20/20 special about racial profiling!

    And NWA express yourself and f*** da police

  • chitown

    I agree with Jericho You can’t forget Bone Thugs they put the Midwest on the map. Crossroads is one of the best, richest, and crossover songs of all time. Everybosy loves that song I don’t care who you are. Half of 2Pac’s singles could be up there, SDD-Gin & Juice

  • Fernando

    Bol Says:

    ” “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” is all about smoking weed and pouring 40s on bitches and what have you. In that sense, I’d say it’s pretty good choice.”


    LOL….Damn Bol, thats a pretty good assessment. How can something so bad feel so good?

    Not making a Rolling Stone list as a rapper / rap group probably gives them more street cred than making it. How did eff the police not make it?

  • Fernando

    Mobb Deep – Hit it from tha back

    “from the back, from the back, from the back from the back….how we hit it”


  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    hmm Rappers Delight deserve a slot on da list, not even fully clear on who actually wrote da song, but regardless, it pushed being an MC in the Hip-Hop world to the mainstream. Jer-z Up!

    i’d replace dat Dre shit wit a random NWA joint, possibly Str8 Outta Compton for makin it to the mainstream during a time we was still hopping over our legs. Mad Love To Kid-N-Play.

    Bring The Noize? nah i think they was tryin to be a lil racially universal wit dat choice, right group, wrong song choice. Cowards, lmaoo.

    And i guess they added Run DMC for the fact that fused this sudden revival of the Rap-Rock thing in the mainstream. To my dudes Billy-Bong, Bart-Dawg and Wood-Dro of Hydroponic Vomit, keep doin ya thing homies, these rich dudes jackin ya style and gettin richer from it boyyeeee.

    but these are the only 4 of 40 songs that are rap-oriented that changed the world.

    obviously the panel has been too busy sniffin blow the past 28yrs to fully have came up with a credible list.

  • Ali

    i don’t agree with “bling bling” being on tha list like sum dude way up there……i know its a commonly used term but E-40 made hella terms and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve 2 be on tha list…..he sucks he made up “pop ya collar” but chea he sucks……….iono much bout tha history of rap but a coupla songs shoulda definetly made it…………Rakim & Pac shoulda made it


    Bol is a Genuis(sometimes) and then theres times when even Bol don’t know What in The High Hell he is Talking about!

  • Atl’s own

    2 Live Crew “Me So Horny”
    - shit went to the supreme court

    2Pac “Dear Momma”
    - at the height of gangsta rap Pac
    showed that thugs are people w/
    feelings too.

    Outkast “Player’s Ball”
    -forced niccas in da dirty to evolve
    far beyond booty shake and caused
    record companies to search the dirty
    South in droves forcing what is now
    the southern takeover.


    return of the “G”- outkast

  • NickeNitro

    This list is stupid and this post is stupid.

    Also, looks like someone made their own list of Songs Played at Starbucks That Changed Coffee Orders the Most:

    thoreauly77 Says:

    neil young’s “ohio”.

    u2’s “sunday bloody sunday”.

    miles davis’ “bitches brew”.

  • Malik C.

    I think people really need to look at the title. “Songs that changed the world”. I’m positive 90% of the rap songs you guys listed 99.99% of the 80s and 90s babies haven’t ever heard of. Hell a kid in my class thought ALL the members of Wu-Tang were dead. If your own fans in the genre don’t know the songs, they couldn’t have possibly changed the world

    On the list. The Beatles-Revolution 1 should of been up there. They put Elvis way too high up there though. I’m probably know the song if I heard it, but can’t remember off title alone. It’s a decent list, if there was a little less discrimination for the younger generation it could have been better. In their defense though, newer songs still have to pass the test of time.


    2Pac’s “Brenda’s got a Baby”
    Nas’s “One Love”
    Biggie’s “Juicy”
    Ghetto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks”

  • che

    Changes – Tupac.

  • Cuban Link


    Planet Rock-Afrika Bambaataa?
    Public Enemy-FIGHT THE POWER???
    White Lines By Flash too???
    Straight Outta Compton by NWA?
    C.R.E.A.M.-Wu Tang Clan?
    Fucking with Dre Day-Dr Dre
    The Bridge is Over-Boogie Down?
    Eminem-Stan(u know those crackas running the grammys love that song-and gave birth to the term Stan)
    Eminem-The Way I Am(his first record about his actual life that was a big hit)
    NaS-anything from Illmatic(especially The World is Yours, One Love, n Lifes a Bitch)
    Jay-Z-Dead Presidents Pt.II
    A Tribe Called Quest-Can I Kick It?
    Me So Horny-2 Live Crew(thanks for the parental advisory stickers guys!)
    Minds Playing Tricks On Me – Geto Boys
    Coolio-Gangsta’s Paradise(I heard this on Z100 2 days ago in the morning.Just for that, it has to be up there)
    Either 1st of tha Month/Crossroads-BTNH(both had the same impact)
    Brendas Got a Baby or California Love-Pac(if it wasnt for CA love,, he wouldnt be worshiped nearly as much)
    It Takes Two-Rob Base
    Shook Ones PT II-Mobb Deep
    In da Club-50(do u honestly think 50 wont be in the text books years from now)
    Flava in Ya Ear-Craig Mack
    Big Poppa-BIG(Juicy was better, but Big Poppa one was more important)
    Busta Rhymes-Put Ya Hands where My eyes can see
    Busta-Woo Hah!!Got u all in check
    Ice Ice baby(everyone knows this song)
    50-Ghetto Qu’ran(unintentionly launched the one of the highest selling artists, and nearly crumbled one of the biggest drug empires ever)
    Eminem-Lose Yourself
    Tipsy-J-Kwon(the only artist to ever have a song every one in the world likes)

    need I go on?
    Also, co sign with N-Cred about Michael Jackson, Thriller shouldve been up there instead.

  • dre4life

    yeah i would say straight outta compton or fuck da police should came b4 g thang. i dont know bout replace brin da noise, but fight the power could b placed into consideration. n even though i wont called it a classic, eminem wit his my name is did changed the world, dats a fact


    Nas-life’s a bitc…hot song…hot album

    B.I.G.- hypmotize…rap club banger

    50 cent- in the club and the g-unit reign starts, as breif as it may have been

    dr dre-forgot about dre. With this song Em wouldnt have been popular (and no white kids would like rap)..which means 50 wouldnt have been popular..which makes for Ja Rule as the king of rap”…i guess we will never know

    2pac-california love

    BIG changed the “Rap World” with 10 crack commandments ( 16 and im pretty sure thats when all the coke-rap got popular…corect me if im worng)

  • killaDeLL

    no its master P – make them say ughhhh

  • Brizzlelean

    u guys are missing the concept of the list… songs that changed the world, or how it was perceived once that record dropped… Get A Bar!

  • DANJA29

    Keeping to the plan and the point of the list, I’m automatically gonna keep out those songs that were great but did little to change anything. So that bascally rules out Nas, Mobb, Jay, Wu, and shit like that. Not that they aren’t incredible songs, but impacting the world? Nah.

    I think NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” def. belonged on the list. That’s the most known song from an album that basically stretched the limits of content on albums and shit was never the same since.

    I agree with “Rapper’s Delight” and “Walk This Way”

    I would’ve also included “The Message” because that was the first Reaganomics-era song to address what was goin’ on in the black community, and got the “message” out there to lots of people. If that’s not impact, I dunno what is.

  • triplesixninja

    The West Side was running this around 92-94 then wu tang came and took it back to the east around 93-97. So to say that CREAM doesn’t belong on the list is blasphemy travesty tragedy ur majesty.
    forgive me a got off on a little tangent at the end there but that was my bobby digital alter ego that just kicked in.
    RZA is the best emcee ever.

  • thoreauly77

    nickenitro- your criticism is well founded. those songs had no social impact. for all their obviousness, they should certainly be left off of the list. seems like rolling stone really had it nailed. kudos nickenitro, kudos. the only thing more illuminating than your skin-tone is perhaps your mind-boggling ability to tell it like it is.


    Some of yall are looking TOO much from a hiphop/rap perspective. I haven’t seen the list, but if those are the only four rap songs then I would add “My Name Is..” by Eminem. First, to represent music made in the past 15 years. Second, it not only change the look of rap music from within, but also gave the greatest consumer of rap music (white boys) a face and voice. I got a question: Ae rap sales falling off because white boys aren’t buying no more?

    Think about how rappers that have gone platinum (say Chingy or Lloyd Banks) who couldn’t sell more than 250,000. I’ve heard that white boys consist of 70-75% of rap sales. So, do the math. And they could be simply downloading it but what if they are sick of it? That would be far-fetching noting how much hate each rapper gets from any given rap fan or critic. LOL

  • Killa*J

    “Tipsy-J-Kwon(the only artist to ever have a song every one in the world likes)”
    any previous credibility… gone

  • ridda

    “mind playin tricks” should definitely be up there!!!!!!! its fucking magnificent

  • pete

    I looked up the definition for the word “gentrification.” It’s just one more reason why Bol should buy a dictionrary before acting like a journalist.

    gen·tri·fi·ca·tion /ˌdʒɛntrəfɪˈkeɪʃən/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[jen-truh-fi-key-shuhn] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun 1. the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses.

  • i’ll shit bag u

    fuck bol u bitch bitch ass nigga!!!! 1

  • lol



  • Malik C.

    Again, people don’t understand your favorite does not mean it changed the world. IMO there really shouldn’t be more then 5 rap songs if you’re making this type of list. How long has rap been big really? There are what THREE rap albums that have sold over 10 million. Marshall Mathers LP, Life After Death, and The Love Below/Speakerboxxx. You can take off Outkast because it’s a double CDs and they count each individually still. So that’s really two. There are several(at least) rock bands that have done more then that(go Diamond). Rap has hardly been big long enough to justify having so many damn songs on a list like this. Educate yourselves a little on the other genres before adding 35 different rappers to this list.

  • Combat Jack

    Cuban Link, your list looks like mine.

  • hiphopsingh

    Jay-Z—i just wanna love U. Set the rules for commerical hiphop songs that are still used to this day.

    Meth and mary—set the rules for hiphop/rnb collabos, peep how the rest follow this example.

    Eminem—Stan. Non-commerical track that showed the white boy can release anything dope (or in this case wack) and the media were gonna co-sign anything.

    50 cent—in da club. He’s still on top right?

  • Tha Ace

    yo everybody is forgettin some shit
    2pac – Dear Mamma
    2pac – Brenda’s Got a Baby

  • Yezzir

    thats exactly why neither of you should be able to post cuz 95% of those songs didnt change the WORLD

    theres more to the world then your lame ass hip hop community

  • Tha Ace

    i think planet rock should be on there too

  • Tha Kid

    1.Nothing but a G thing – Dre n Snoop

    2.C.R.E.A.M.- WU TANG





    7.I GET AROUND – 2 PAC




    I think these changed Hip Hop the most, without these songs everything would still be mediocre and predicatable.

  • NickeNitro

    thoreauly77 Says:

    nickenitro- your criticism is well founded. those songs had no social impact. for all their obviousness, they should certainly be left off of the list. seems like rolling stone really had it nailed. kudos nickenitro, kudos. the only thing more illuminating than your skin-tone is perhaps your mind-boggling ability to tell it like it is.


    Open a window — you smarted.

  • thoreauly77

    i sure did, because
    a. i hate starbucks, and youre probably right that they co-opted those songs, but i wouldnt know because i would never shop there.
    b. though your comment was pretty funny, you didnt contribute anything to the actual discussion, you just thought you’d interject something smarmy.
    c. you didnt bother disputing the songs i listed as changing the world or not.

    anyhoo, enjoy your mocha latte. i for one am going to crack open a pbr and enjoy my friday.

  • South City

    Record sales aren’t the sole criteria for a rap song being able to change the world. Hell, I think the only rappers that have gone diamond in the past 10 years are Eminem (Marshall Mathers LP), Nelly (Country Grammar, and probably why he’s still around, because you know, he sucks and all),50 Cent (GRODT), and Outkast (SB/LB). Those albums changed the rap world, became apart of pop culture, but hardly changed people’s perception of hip-hop altogether. I agree with Rapper’s Delight, but the Message should have mos def been on there. Hell, I woulda put that over the PE joint.

    Nuthin’ but a G-Thang was a huge record, but I hardly think it changed the world. But being summoned to the White House by Ronald Reagan because of the impact of your music means that you have become an issue in America; a big issue. On the strength of that alone, Straight Outta Compton shoulda been on the list.

  • Malik C.

    Country Grammar didn’t go Diamond. 50 Cent did, but that was worldwide, I was speaking in the context on US only. If you included world wide the gap between rock and rap would be huge. Outkast had a double CD-I.E. even though 1 CD case actually sales it counts as 2.

  • ROC

    HIP HOP IS IN A STATE OF comatosis……..o well…who will bring it back?

  • Cuban Link

    Combat Jack Says:

    April 27th, 2007 at 10:41 am
    Cuban Link, your list looks like mine.

    ^mines a lil bigger and better.Sorry, but u dont got tipsy.

  • Philip Chun

    “…except that it’s heavily skewed towards the skewed towards the baby boomer generation.” Typo “skewed towards” repeats

  • dolo

    How can you fuktards forget ‘eric b for president’ by eric b and rakim. Basically changed the mcing game.

    Also I agree with meth and mary,although it mighta hurt the game more then help and it wasn’t the first of its kind.

    How about the infamous triggerman song which was the precursor to all that south ish ..

    Last but not least ladi dadi.. That was first record with some cursing on it …. better call oprah!!

  • 813-Tampaboi-813

    crossroads-bone thugs

  • respected_user

    I don’t think any rap song ever changed the world.At most,maybe it changed the perception of the world,and I can’t even begin to think of a song that did that,and I’m a rap encyclopedia brown.

  • Washington

    Rapture, by Blondie (don’t front)

  • http://sdf roc

    HIP HOP IS IN A STATE OF comatosis……..o well…who will bring it back?


    Saul williams

  • Smiley

    Where’s the UGK? Granted y’all East Coast “purists” talk down on the current state of hip-hop, but the fact of the matter is that without UGK, we’d still be on some old boom-bap or g-funk shit. “Tell Me Something Good”, “Pocket Full Of Stones”, “Diamonds & Wood”, all good examples of the sound that helped craft the dominant style right now, and any could have replaced a filler song.

  • KingTime

    А Вы знаете какой сегодня праздник?

  • Вега

    Вы всегда публикуете только лучшую информацию. У вас просто супер блог. Спасибо

  • Журналист

    Спасибо, интересно почитать)

  • Uncle Chuck

    There are NO rap SONGS, just raps. Rap is spoken, songs are words SUNG to a melody. Rappers rap, singers sing.