Remember towards the end of the movie Goodfellas when Robert DeNiro realized it would be easier to just kill off the members of his crew rather than continue paying them? I wonder if that's not what's beginning to happen with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

This morning, Fiddy did an interview with Miss Jones in which he revealed, among other things, that Sha Money XL is no longer the president of G-Unit; that Olivia has been dropped from the label like a bad habit; that he doesn't plan on spending any more time helping weed carriers like Lloyd Banks and Mobb Deep with their albums; and that he's only doing as many more albums as necessary to fulfill his contract with Interscope. Damn[1].

Fiddy, who loves to use such interviews as an opportunity to display his increasing mastery of bullshit marketing jargon, also mentioned how the marketing of the most recent Jay-Z album could very well be the future of hip-hop; and indeed I can't help but be reminded of the time when Jay-Z retired from rap music to become the fake president of Def Jam and subsequently carved Damon Dash out of his life, as well as his various business ventures, as if he was a malignant tumor. Could that be what's happening here as well?

The truth of the matter is that, as was the case with Damon Dash, it's likely that none of these d-bags ever contributed much to Fiddy's bottom line. For example, in another recent interview Fiddy mentioned that Mobb Deep's Blood Money ended up costing him $5 million. At least guys like Tony Yayo and Young Buck would occasionally physically assault people, but my guess is that, as he transitions from his career as a rapper to whatever he does next, he views pretty much all of them as dead weight.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the TIs put him up to this just like they did with Jay-Z. The next thing you know, Fiddy will be given some fake executive position with Interscope. What do you 'bags think?

[1] He also suggests that he's going to sick his team of lawyers, which he refers to as Jew-Unit on Jimmy Henchmen's son for claiming Fiddy was in the car when Tony Yayo slapped the shit out of him, which I of course couldn't help but find amusing.