Just another reason why Miami and every other town is wiping the floor with New York Shitty. The new video from DJ Khaled "We Takin Over" is surprisingly dope. Everyone seems like they're happy to be there, smiling and genuinely having a good time. Not to mention the song is fuckin crazy. Some other observations:

-Miami Beach > Hudson River
-Khaled > DJ Clue
-Try to get Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Cam'Ron, 50 or any member of G-Unit/Roc-a-fella/Dip Set/D-block etc all in one Funkmaster Flex video without someone's kid getting slapped. Not going to happen
-Fat Joe moved to Miami
-Gil Green > Whoever directed "This Is Why I'm Hot"
-T.I. sold 1.6 > Jay-Z sold 1.3
-Khaled & Rick Ross did the "Hypnotize" video justice for that one scene
-Verses in order of dopeness: Wayne > TI > Ross > Joe > Birdman
-Scenes in order of dopeness: Ross > Joe > TI > Birdman > Wayne
-Gloria Velez is making a comeback
-No scenes with TIP & Wayne together
-Guest appearences by: Bun B, T-Pain, Cool & Dre, One Of The Miami Heat Players, Pitbull, Akon...or NO ONE from NYC. Not that he needed anyone
-Call A Cab > Long Island Iced Tea
-Lambos > Rolls'
-This is all on Koch, by the way

When Drama drops the 'Feds takin Pictures' video, I'll probably do a "Atlanta > NY" too