Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Rap Again…

Freaky Zekey is rhyming now. The Diplomats are now officially a problem. These dudes are like the antithesis of the Wu-Tang Clan. Think about it… What rap group has as many niggas in it as the Wu, but the aggregate skills of the entire clique are nil? Who do you really want to hear in the Dips? Cam? Jimmy?! Juelz?!?

Cam’Ron was white hot a few years ago in the ‘Hey Ma’ era and I honestly enjoyed listening to him more than Jigga, but since then Cam has become trash. It’s like he hasn’t pushed his style any further. If you rhyme the exact same way you did ten years ago it says to me that you haven’t grown as an artist. The problem could be that Cam’Ron is doing too much shit right now other than rapping. Maybe he’s drinking that Syzzurp. I did. That shit was nasty.

Juelz has been on the cusp of becoming that next great voice for too long. It’s like his window is closing on him being a young nigga with status. Eventually you have to step up and deliver. Juelz has had them moments where you say “Awww shit, this lil’ niggas about to kill it!”, but afterwards you say, “meh.” Juelz might have Ken Griffey Jr. Syndrome. We call Ken Griffey Jr. ‘The Kid’ up until this day and his azz is damn near forty years old. You ain’t no kid no more Ken Griffey Jr., and you ain’t no lil’ nigga no more Juelz. It’s time for you to step up for real. Let J.R. Writer be the lil’ nigga now.

For a minute now Jimmy has been rhyming, and I’m being generous by calling it that. At least he’s established his voice in the game. It’s like a gloriously stoned version of Tupac. Cam and Jimmy together have styles that play off each other. Where Juelz was definitely supposed to be Cam taken to that next next. Now several years later after some mean classic collabos with the Heatmakerz production unit the Dips have begun to backslide into obscurity. I say obscurity in the context that these niggas were supposed to be in the lead and the first dudes that come to mind when you want to hear some sick spit. Too bad that shit hasn’t materialized.

So now fresh from the pen after doing three bullets for ecstasy Freaky Zekey might just save the Diplomats movement. That ‘Suga Dooga’ track has a classic Harlem World type sound. I’m feeling the guitar strum and the phony gospel broad in the background. Did Heatmakerz do this joint? I don’t know but I like it. This is the kind of start to the summer season that the Dips need. You have to put your bangers on the table while everyone is out at the park and the beaches and the convertible tops are laying low. You have to bang all year actually, but especially in the summer. I think the Dips can pull it off.

Can anyone say, “Baaaaaalin’!”

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  • J.R.O.

    Hmmm… Yeah, they could come up. But, they were saying that five years ago.

    Murder a first sayer!

  • 1P

    Look Up At Me.

    I can fuck with the dips. They aint no main course or anything like that but they a nice lil alternative ya mean? They like the Wii to me. A nice quirky lil distraction you show all your friends…then you bored of it 15 minutes later and you go back to the 360 or the PS3 or some shit.

  • That Dude

    Man I always thought the Dips were wack!! And I ALWAYS thought Cam’ron was garbage. I hate it when his fans are like listen to his old shit!!!



  • http://foshiggadale.blogspot.com/ ?
  • Danny

    Killa Cam is siiick!! kid has more potential than any rapper I know…. He just to busy makin money to sit down and write as much as others… but duke is siiick… I have never heard a Cam song that I can say is wack…. niggas consistent.

  • Cashus Clay

    We bring the burners,B
    we turn you burgundy
    Morning news you niggas, Son
    Ron Burgundy”
    This sums up the Dips lyrical ability but at least there good at shit talking



  • Ali

    Mandeep is not cool

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    > Did Heatmakerz do this joint? I don’t know but I like it. >

    it was actually lil’ fame from m.o.p. yes, the g-unit m.o.p.

    the irony is delicious [pause].

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    i always listened to the dips. cam needs to up his game

  • LJ

    The Dip Set IZ THe Boy band Of Hip- Hop. NOT RAp.

  • LJ

    The DipSet IZ the Boy Band of Hip-Hop(sorry HIp-Hop). Not Rap.The Ladie’s Like The Color’s.

  • Fin

    When these cats dropped Diplomatic Immunity, they were the truth. You’re absolutely right, they all had that window where you thought they’d bring the heat and step their games up (Juellz and Cam).

    I still listen to Cam just to see if he can do what he did. But at the rate he’s going, I think he’ll just keep clowning around.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    “Did Heatmakerz do this joint?”

    lil’ fame from mop made that beat.

  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    The song is cool overall I listened to it or what not. Cam is wack, he starting to look like one big publicity stunt. The weezy and juelz a be a good look though, maybe.

  • http://www.msn.com King Ben Who Better

    DIPSET!!!! Cam gonna come with some crack, I know Juelz commin with some crack, and you know Ruger Rell and J.R. gonna have some crack. Shit its gonna be like the ’88 crack boom. YA DIG!!!!!!!!!!

  • skizzle

    “I honestly enjoyed listening to him more than Jigga” after I read this stupid ass quote I refused to read the rest of the story.

  • iNfAmOuS

    @ 1P:
    If the Dips are the Wii, who would be the 360 n PS3? 2b truthful, as a group, whether u one likes’em or not, they the hottest in the game. I couldn’t agree more wit Billy. Juelz has been hot since day 1, but he just can’t seem 2 capitalize n take the crown. Not 2 say he ain’t bangin’, but he’s alway had that potential 2b the new face of hip hop. As I’ve said b4, they need 2 push J.R. n 40 some more. J.R. 1a the sickest of the head. It feels good to read an article on the Dips w/o mentioning 50 or beef.

  • ill will

    if AZ joins Dipset they get underground money, bk love. smart move since they beef wit hova………

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    This is going to seem ass backwards… cuz I’m taking it from Dipset to Games…

    Newsflash niggaz. For you dumbasses that own a PS3 or a 360, look at numbers. Since it’s release, the Wii has doubled 360 & PS3 numbers combined. And tha’s sad considering that
    1) PS3 & 360 have better graphics
    2) more 3rd party gaming support and
    3) the 360 got a 1 year head start on all the new consoles.

    Now back to regularly scheduled commenting.

    Dipset is fye, nigga. Juelz needs to bring it and be THAT NIGGA. J.R. needs to be pushed better and niggaz need to stop sleeping on 40 Cal. Freeky Zekey, however… all I can say is I laugh everytime I watch Dipset The Movie on Youtube… “2 for 5 purpletoooooooooops”

  • Mac

    Don’t book Juelz for a show. Dude just sonned us on a booked show and won’t even send the money back. I guess people ain’t really ballin like they say. If he can’t even send back 12,000 thats not his.DON’T BOOK JUELZ. And by the way the reason this chump didn’t show…”My stomach hurts”.

  • Mac


  • Rizzop

    Cam was better on SDE to me, them dudes could do so much, it just seems like the quality of all hip-hop acts get worse and worse (ill always cop a scarface/nas album though)The thing is, the artists are more about the money than the art, nas was not lying to niggas….it dying

  • http://xx,.mag.com Young One

    dipset is so lame tha only one out dipset that can rap is juelz

  • meenstreek

    Dip shits are wack.

  • EReal

    Co-Sign FIN

    When Immunity dropped, I copped that shit and I thought they had somethin. Cam was bringin heat on the Roc. After that it was just, fizzleeeeeeeee.
    Oh Boy and H&C are the really only two tracks anyone mentions when discussing cam’ran. Thats SAD. I thought they were gonna get better, bring that heat and be the replacement for the ailing RR label. Like you said, Sunday, it just never materialized. There shit had no growth, the lyrics are wack, their rhyme schemes are played out. They’ve gotten to the point where the only thing their stans can quote is their ad-libs because the rest is garbage, and thats sad as shit. At least someone can quote MIMS, lol. (When we keep it hyphy, we take it to the bay, frisco to sac town they do it everyday) And I DESPISE that track. Their shit is played out, they constantly bite, most of em cant ride the beat for shit. Cam cant rhyme to save his own dick man. Jimmy can spit better at this point. I think gettin shot fucked up something in Cams brain and He’s regressing. As much as I hate to admit the shit, i think 50 was right. The Dips would be better off without Cam’ran. Real Talk.

    1 hunned.

  • http://xxlmag.com Anthony

    ‘suga dooga?!! did u actually listen to these fools rhyme?, believe me the sound is fire, but the cam aint sayin shit (again) and the remix?!! wtf is juelz doin looking at cam’s rhyme book?! he better hope weezy can save his ass! D’oh..

  • Incilin

    Yeah, you on point with this one. Altho I never liked Dipset before (And absolutly glorify Wu-Tang) I like them more and more now as my “fave non rapping rappers”

  • smog

    Sundays comparison to wu is right on. Thier group mentailty is real street more than any other group in the scene. With that kind of cred they could go real far, if cam’s album sells, after jim jones album, then juelz drops a hot album they could get real big.

  • Jo-Jo


  • G-Unit2k7


  • Flip

    good shit sunday

  • xxxxl

    cam’ron. you are not ballin’. jim jones. u can do better. jr. get more known. 40. same ting as writer. juelz. TAKE DE CROWN. rell…haven’t heard too much. lol

  • xxxxl

    oh and zekey. same as rell. dukedagod. WHERE ARE YOU. stop actin like dipset number 1 movement in town, its not…but it has potential…just make better rhymes, n stop usin catch phrases like ballin’ to claim ur fame. it’s may be good…but never classic.

  • ak47

    cam and jimmy are both straight garbage. cam was aight when he was with the roc, and thats stretchin it. jones been wack.

    santana got some promise though. he can’t fuck with lil wayne, but he had some ill verses on that “blow” mixtape. he’s definetly the hottest outta dipset, and is spittin way harder than most other up and comin rappers.


    Co-sign on your comment about Juelz he’s always shown promise but hasn’t made a classic yet. But neither has Ludacris or Jadakiss.

  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    As much as I hate 2 admit it, The dips are trendsetterz

  • Michelle S.

    No! What is the world coming to?

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    lol, at the title of this shit being the synopsis of Freeky Zeeky droppin a track.

    maybe i need to find a new piff spot….lol

  • Young Stunna

    complement there ear than there gear than there skillz cuz this is why they hot.

  • John Cochran

    the nigga juelz can spit at times, but he’s too busy tryin to keep up with wayne. the dips are corny as hell. Every lil nigga runni round tryin to dress like em though, I give em that. Cam been wack since 2000.

  • Hip-hop is on the phone

    50 was right about cam, juelz is on the come up cus his third lp is bout to drop, and a album with lil wayne, and u know who’s ever with wayne is gonna get there shine, but far as group wise, they fallin not ballin, plus 50 bout to come back with some real hot shit so ah the units bout to get a nother chance, and remember what happened when the unit first came out, they were a problem.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy X Sundah,

    I co-sign. Dipset is wack. Booorrrrinnn!!!!!

  • marco

    dasse nao konsigo escrever pa

  • http://www.xxlmag.com marco

    sera ke é agora

  • Cubano Link

    Can anyone say, “Baaaaaalin’!”

    ^u spelled it wrong ya dumb shit.Its Baaaaallin’! 2 Ls stupid.

  • these posts are racist

    Cubano Link:

    I intentionally said “Boring”…and mocked how they say “Ballin”…Get it? “Baaaalllin”! vs. “Booorrrin!”

  • Omar



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