I'll admit it: when Cam'ron kicked off this current round of beef between himself and Fiddy Cent, with that video of himself and the TI from Koch yelling "Curtis" into a speakerphone, I wasn't sure what to think. I mean, how are you going to beat a guy like Fiddy in a rap beef when Fiddy hardly raps himself?

Indeed early on it didn't seem like Cam'ron would be much of a match for 50 Cent. Cam's YouTube video for "Curtis" was amusing enough as far as these things go, but I'm not sure how effective it was as a dis record. Fiddy's YouTube videos for "Funeral Music" and "Hold On" with Young Buck seemed much more devastating, if only for the bits with Fiddy talking shit at the end of them.

But that was all before G-Unit suddenly imploded like Building 7 of the World Trade Center. Now, with the increasing backlash against Fiddy over Tony Yayo slapping the shit out of a 14 year-old boy, and with Fiddy more or less firing half the people in G-Unit, he all of a sudden seems that much more vulnerable. All Cam has to do is join the pile-on, which I'm sure he will.

Already (like since yesterday), it's been announced that Cam has changed the title of his forthcoming album to Courtesy Curtis, which is just comedy. You'll recall that Fiddy had already changed the name of his own forthcoming album to Curtis, as if to suggest that he had already won the beef with Dipset. My guess is that now he'll be forced to change titles again, but who knows.

As Cam told Miss Jones earlier today:

"He’s losing the battle and he can’t go to sleep. When he was on Angie Martinez, he said he’s got bags under his eyes. Well, he must got a month and a half of bags under his eyes. It must be drooping down to his knees, because he really lost and he can’t take it."

Again, I can't help but be reminded of the situation last year with Jay-Z. If you recall, Cam spent most of 2006 taking shots at Jay, but it wasn't until Jay pretty much ethered himself, with the shit sandwich that was Kingdom Come, not to mention the ridonkulous marketing efforts behind it, that even Jim Jones was able to come in and finish the job.

I wonder if that's not what's about to happen here as well.