Hate me now

Oh dear. Here comes another post on sexism in hip-hop from yours truly. I’m sure you all are tired of reading about it. Truth be told, I’m tired of writing about it. If I was smart, I would put my head down, ignore the ignorance, and never write anything gender-related again. It’s certainly not winning me any popularity contests with readers. And I can’t come up with one single way that it benefits my career to keep getting into it. I’ll have you all know that I tried to bite my tongue on this one. I really tried.

None of us should be discussing sexism in hip-hop in the wake of the Don Imus controversy anyway. As my girl Laina said the other day, there’s no reason that black people should have to answer for Don Imus’s racism.

But since everybody and their grandmother is now talking sexism in hip-hop all day long, including Ms. Winfrey and company, and dudes are throwing out the silliest, most tired defenses ever, and I keep getting MySpace messages from young female hip-hop heads thanking me profusely for speaking up—I’m going to have throw my two cents in. Again. Sigh.

Let’s be honest. The sexism in hip-hop is indefensible, and it just makes dudes look like clowns defending it. Yes, there’s a lot of respect for mothers in hip-hop. But, no, that doesn’t make it any easier for young women who love hip-hop and/or make their living in the culture. Yes, hip-hop artists deserve freedom of speech. But, no, they’re not simply street poets telling abstract stories. By and large, rappers really do believe a lot of what they say on wax. (I know, because I’ve spent years asking them directly.) Yes, there’s a distinction made between bitches/hos and sistas. But it’s a fine line that separates the two, and women in the culture are essentially considered scandalous until proven otherwise. (You have to work pretty hard to prove your innocence, by the way.)

Yes, North American society is mad sexist. No, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for hip-hop to continue to hate on women. Yes, it’s true there’s a lot of rappers who have more enlightened lyrics and don’t make booty clap videos. No, that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to coerce you into random hotel sex before they learn your name. Yes, of course there’s loads of good men in hip-hop trying to grapple with this. (Respect to Mr. Simmons, Dr. Chavis, Common, and Mr. Liles for going on TV and confronting it.) No, I don’t think it’s enough.

Yes, I say all of this out of a huge love for hip-hop. No, I no longer expect hip-hop to love me back. Sorry. You all can go ahead and hate me now.

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  • thatdukeSuave

    If they hate ya, they hate the truth. Which most prolly do. Good to see ya again, T. Now back to the music…

  • Roc

    Who’s sayin hip hop isnt sexist? Just not the sole or even main source of sexism in this country, this whole blame the music thing is getting tired. Not the reason for sexism, racism, drugs, etc., but more of a reflection. Of course it can influence others like any other part of media but only to a certain extent.

  • Rizzop

    (You have to work pretty hard to prove your innocence, by the way.)……………………………Do any women realize that if certain women werent doing any and everything to make themselves look bad, there wouldnt BE a problem? Men didnt create groupies, men (some) arent the ones selling their ass for money….if there was no video hoes in videos,and women didnt have act like hoes, that would force companies to do other things and come up with new ideas, and maybe men wouldnt look at women the way they do! And im not saying that every women is a hoe, but ya’ll wear tight fitting,provocative clothing (and most women do) for a reason, because men like it, BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO!!!! All im saying is that for every action there is a reaction. My mom never walked around sucking and fucking whomever to get ahead, she worked hard, and therefore my sisters knew that was how a women was supposed to carry herself. So please go to the ROOT of the problem b4 and blame the women who actually act like BITCHES AND HOES b4 putting blame on the men…its all about looking in the mirror….And not just to wipe your mouths off (no disrespect to the real women of course)

  • Were Read 2 Def

    I can respect that. Hip Hop doesn’t make me degrade women. BTW…U ain’t posted in a minute.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    (c) Jay-Z’s song “Bitches & Sisters” 4 the difference between the 2.

  • http://----.com Rider

    You still don’t get it do you?

    The issue has been brought up, and any decent self respecting human being acknowledges the existance of the problem. But now you are taking it too far, and you are DEFINETLY creating a boomerang effect.

    You are starting to look like spoiled little girls that keep whining over the same thing over and over again. It’s like if all the problems in the world were connected in some way to the sexism in hip hop.

    In case you missed my point: with this kind of blogs, at this stage, you aren’t gaining any extra support…you are just getting people annoyed, hence pushing them to ignore the issue or worse be even more sexist.

    We all know rappers are sexist, and it’s wrong. But, to be fair, we also know from proven statistics that too many women are sitting on their asses instead of taking control of their own lifes (and the black female comunity is the worst, according to the statistics).

    Tara let’s see a blog on that…FOR ONCE.
    I’ll even give you a famous quote to inspire your work:
    “…Stop talking, start walking.
    Stop crying, start sweating…”

  • A.Cambry

    As a woman, I’m going to have to be real and honest enough to say that we are 90% of the problem. Really, some women need to decide what they are truly worth. I mean, to date I have never seen that girl who let Nelly swipe a credit card down her backside speak for herself. You know why? Because she has accepted the fact that she is a video hoffesional. Tara, I can defend women like you and myself who may have been called derrogatory names for absolutely no reason by men who may be closetly gay but no, I am not going to stick my neck out and protest against misogony for a bunch of chicks who dig being objectified. And really, is calling a woman a Bitch or a Hoe any different when we call men dogs & bastards? What’s wrong with calling out someone’s scandalous behavior?

  • http://officialhiphop.blogspot.com JOE CASTRO

    @A. CAMBRY

    You make a valid point across the board. The issue should never be about hip hop, not in this context anyway. The more important point here I think is self accountability.

    Every brother out here knows which women they can get away with disrespecting, and those they can’t. As a dude, there are women in my circle that I won’t even say things like ‘shit’ around, let alone a direct insult towards them such as ‘bitch’.

    Any time a talentless rapper has video auditions, the line is usually around the block. Some women who go out for those auditions are professional dancers (not strippers) with aspirations of being choreographers and that sort of thing; they usually aren’t chosen. The ones that are chosen typically fall into the category of ‘video hoes’. Noone forces these women to degrade themselves in the videos, they choose to do so.

    So from the eyes of most of these talentless rappers, it’s ok to disrespect women in the song, because it completes the cycle of them being disrespected in the video as well.

    I think people get caught up in the profane language and not look at the bigger picture. The fact is, anything that can be used against hip hop has and will be used against hip hop. If changes need to be made in hip hop, it needs to come from within, not from those that never understood it in the first place.

    Funny how nobody (as far as mass media is concerned) voiced their opinions/backlash against hip hop until the prolonged decline of hip hop record sales. I think that’s worth noting also.

    click on the byline to visit the Official Hip Hop Blog

  • N.O. 4 life

    everything you put up was basically right beside the fact that you said your gonna go with hip hop because really oprah doesnt giva a damn about hip hop…..also has anyone noticed that actual rappers are quite unaffected on this lil controversy….prolly due to the fact that when shows like oprah and those lil segments on cnn are about hip hop they blame the rappers without involving or directly accusing any rappers.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Tara, I love you and I love all women.

    (the drop I have today at XXL is going to get me some serious poon tonite)

  • GeorgiaAd

    Cee-lo said it best “you have to respect yourself before I can. If women would stop going after dudes for their money and fame, then they maybe these rappers would stop calling them hoe’s and bitches.” And stop letting music define you, have a little self esteem.

  • beeyo

    Cambry’s a guy in disguyse.

    Men are dogs. We call women hoes cuz a lot of them are, and its become the popular thing to do. There are a lot of men who want nothing other than to do disgusting things to a womans orifices. But if there weren’t women who obliged us dogs every time we wnt hunting for for a hoe( and there are a lot of us) thered be a lot more rapists running around the earth. What exactly are you defending against Tara? Womens actions, or mens?
    And fuck Oprah. She puts hip hop on trial in front of a bunch of white people. If she cared she would be more active in the movement to rectify hip hops, and the black communitys, problems as a whole. No, she sells it to her audience in order to keep makin her money. Same reason almost every rapper conforms to the norm, in order to make money in this industry. Wamp wamp.

  • The Spaniard


    I listen to hip hop almost exclusively and I like many of the songs that “disrespect” women (ironically, I like some songs about smoking weed and I have never even considered smoking, to me it’s pretty stupid overall). However, as an individual, I have never disrespected anyone, male or female, who did not deserve it. The problem is much deeper than some idiots talking nonsense in a song (or any other media form). Personally, I like racists, criminals,and misogynists to be upfront about their true feelings so they can be ostricized accordingly.

    …and, yes, some of these rappers are street poets telling abstract stories. The fact that some believe whole heartedly that most (all) women are hos, bitches, or whatever is irrelevant. Banning or censoring certain songs or words will accomplish nada. If there is enough outrage people will stop financially supporting the companies that produce material objectional to them. Until then…”Bitches ain’t shit but hos and tricks!” j/k


  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    for some reason, this year women have determined that every time a rapper says bitch or hoe, it refers to them. but please believe that 50% of the time they are refering to some niggas as well. u know these rappers don’t hold guns to these women’s heads when they are shaking they ass in videos. the rappers don’t hold a gun to they head when they wait at the hotels to fuck these niggas. but they try to pass it off as “oh i’m trying to be a model” bullshit. you want some quick fucking cash, plain and simple. look at michael strahan’s wife. she doesn’t deserve shit.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    we luv u tara but we don’t luv deez hoes

    like da ice t song said – “some of these niggaz is bitches too”

  • A.Cambry

    beeyo Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 9:06 am

    Cambry’s a guy in disguyse.

    “women like you and myself who may have been called derrogatory names for absolutely no reason by men who may be closetly gay”

    My point exactly.

  • Jonesy

    I’m a 20 yr. old black male…

    I agree with Tara. Your views are on point so ass always I can see your point. EVERYONE is talking down on Hip Hop like NONE of these issuses existed before Rap music. With so many people attacking our culture of course we will defend ourselves and our behavior. (Its just sad that our defenders our ignorant as hell)

    Run DMC did not invent misogomy. T.I. did not invent sexism. These were prevalent in american culture forever. But since rappers talk about it openly it becomes a huge problem. God forbid a black angry man says bitch. Oprah does not like rappers who promote sexist veiws or degrade women. FINE. Is this a reason to hold a national black caucus? NO!!!

  • Calibud

    Good Post. Keep being true to yourself, fuck what everybody else thinks.

    It’s fucked up that women who are employed through Hip Hop (or just live it) have to go through all the bullshit sexism that comes with it. Hip Hop is HIGHLY sexist and we’re all part of that problem. I myself am a walking contradiction when it comes to how I feel about women. Think 2Pacs “I Get Around” and “Keep Ya’ Head Up”, that pretty much sums up how I think most of us approach how we feel about women. Now how we all fix this is beyond me, right now Im still trying to diagnose the problem.

  • Hannah Smith

    You were doing okay for once until you mentioned Mr ‘Heidi Hoe’ Common, who also has a nice sideline in racism and homophobia.

  • http://xxl q-buro


  • http://www.myspace.com/chronikill ROXONE

    “Yes, North American society is mad sexist.”

    Ahh, as oppossed to the liberated and enlightened societies in Middle America and South America. And certainly Asia, where they still practice foot-binding and abort female babies.

    Do you actually think this shit through, or is this like “freestyle writing”?

    I’m not hating on your points -which are usually vaild, but the way you go about making them cause me to imagine you whining in a high-pitched voice “come-onnnn guuuuuys…it’s no faaaa-iiiiiiir.”

    if i had more time, I would bring up some ridiculous contradictions in your writing -but since I don’t, I’ll just leave you with this quote from Jeru…”ya playing yaself”

    Do they let women vote in Canada?

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Yes, there’s a distinction made between bitches/hos and sistas. But it’s a fine line that separates the two, and women in the culture are essentially considered scandalous until proven otherwise. (You have to work pretty hard to prove your innocence, by the way.)

  • lelee

    The real problem is America continually spitting out men and women who don’t want to grow up. I see this on a daily level with family members and friends. We have people in their late 30′s who want to act like their teenagers. Then these same people have children who don’t know how to grow up and be responsible adults and it’s killing this country. Look at Russell Simmon’s old @ss… He is 50 or almost fifty, I would like to think that a 50 year old grown man would know better than to spew those lame @ass comments on Oprah’s show. Oprah and Russ are practically from the same generation… Oprah is a grown @ass woman, Russell is an adult who refuses to grow up.

  • beeyo

    @ Cambry
    That wasn’t derogatory, that was a simple joke. I’ll let it go, cuz I know quickly women can get emotional.
    And Billy’s right, I love you Tara, and we should treat you with the same respect that we should treat all women.


    Oh now Mr. Simmon’s wants to speak on the issues, no talk of such issues when he was running Def Jam making millions off of sexist rappers. Oh I get it, get paper by any means necessary, and then I’ll be a hypocrite and people will forget the fact that, by my artists calling women bitches and ho’s, actually started the foundation for my empire. Even Tara will forget about that if I speack against this now, plus I’m rich now so people tend to overlook small things like me contributing to this problem when I’m paid out the anus.

  • Bayboy

    I just wanna say that here in America, people are hung up on sex. People are bred to suppress their feelings and sexuality and that’s why there’s so much mysogyny and anomosity among the sexes. In Europe, the human body is considered natural and beautiful. Women aren’t considered hoes just cause they got some nice tight spandex on. Men and Women in America are in general caught up and uptight

  • ONE50

    we love you. keep doing a good job

  • DefineMc

    with the amount of hip hop ( songs ) i have accumulated…i am still to call a girl a bitch or a hoe….

    actually i refer to most men as hos and bitches….

    am i still out of the loop? or should we not call any gender bitch or ho

  • http://brandonsoderberg.blogspot.com brandonsoderberg

    It totally benefits your career. You are the lone, martyred, white, non-American female fighting hip-hop’s horrors. I’m surprised you don’t have a book deal about it already…

    Plus, North American society is sexist? Are you comparing to Europe? Or the “Third World”? North America looks pretty good comparatively…

  • Moe Real

    Instead of Common preaching to us on TV, he needs to get up and make a good album. Change from within. Because hip-hop does not take criticism well.

  • J Millz

    The bitch and ho shit will stop when sistas stop doing somethin’ strange for a little bit of change. I can understand where the girls point of view comes from tho.

  • http://XXLMAG.com YounGuttaBkaBlaqueCzar(LongLiveDaKing)MW

    Tara is bad..dats all i gotta say on dat subject..

  • To Tara Henley (From A Fan)

    I’m a big fan of your writing and think your articulate and make valid points…I’ve written a little bit on Oprah’s response to Hip Hop but my words are probably too long to fit this posting area. I’d be honored if you’d visit this link a read my response.


    If you’re generous to provide feedback you can send it to choiceworks05@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time.

  • sss

    good post

  • http://www.myspace.com/flamilia MR. FATSO

    Umm mo real..i might be a lil subjective here but Common made probably the best album to come out in the last two years (BE). I’ll say “probably” because Food and Liquor and St. Elsewhere is biting at its heels.

  • sATaLyte

    Really though, did anybody see how those Spelman chicks put Common’s ass in check?

    When he started going on about black women being disrespected for more than 400 years, blah blah blah, before I could even think about how stupid it sounded those ladies were already calling him out on his stupidity.

    Big ups to that. I get sick of his holier than thou schtick sometimes.

    Chicks don’t act like they are tired of Bitch and Ho in the music. In the club, they love Luke bootyshake music, and R Kelly and Jay Z and god knows who else talking about bitch and ho.

    Most guys don’t go around calling girls b’s and h’s, ladies may have been called that at some point in their lives by a guy, but it is not that rampant within our community.

    Also I am not so sure they really hate to hear it in the music either. Black women really get off on bravado in men, and that cheauvanistic mentality in the rapper shows toughness, edge and appeal. Then the women (the ones we want at least) gravitate towards it, so nothing changes.

    The up and coming rappers see this and realize that it works, so people want to get mad at them for recreating the wheel.

    Black women, no we are not in the hood calling you bitches and hoes all day!

    Stop lying, and lumping all black men in the dog category.

  • Cinsere

    Real Talk. Respect, sis.

  • mo grizzy

    just cuz a rapper says “bitch” does not mean he’s saying every woman is 1. yall read to deep into this. i dont get mad when women say “all men are dogs” and that really is referring to me.

    double standards are great huh?

  • thoreauly77

    you know, i was listening to otis redding the other day and thinking, wow, the ultimate, most sincerely amazing and pure thing in the world, the most beautiful incarnation of god on earth… is the woman; that generation, a mere two generations ago, went from this ultimate reverence of the female to this generation’s complete disrespect of the female.

    how on earth did this happen? well, it’s certainly not as simple as saying “these hicks is just a bunch of ho’s”, or ” these girls don’t respect themselves these days”. why don’t a lot of women have self-respect these days? could it be that after being referred to as a bitch or ho your whole life, with little or no education or strong family structure, you begin to believe it? i am a believer in personal accountability of course, but i also feel that when a young lady is only presented little option for upward mobility and lives in a social structure that literally breeds misogyny, this is the ultimate outcome.

    c’mon everyone, it’s time to start treating our women like the queens that they are; they all have the potential and none are irredeemable.

  • thoreauly77


  • http://poisonousparagraphs.blogspot.com/ Dart_Adams

    Listening to maistream rap nowadays I KNOW it doesn’t love me…with all the songs about killin’ “niggas” and robbin’ “niggas”, and gaining material wealth by any means necessary being played 40 times a day on major radio stations. Now they wanna shut down internet radio. Dark days are ahead, y’all. One.

  • Bang

    Tell women to boycott and protest against the men

    instead of BUYING THE DEGRADING RECORDS from R Kelly and Snoop

  • Pancho

    Jay-Z- Bitches and Sisters

    (Let’s describe a certain female)
    (Let’s describe a certain female)
    (Let’s describe a certain female)

    (Bitch) you know my name and the company I own
    (Bitch) you like my style and you smell my cologne
    (Bitch) don’t try to act like my track-record ain’t known
    (Bitch) you probably gotta couple CD’s in your home
    (Bitch) don’t make me say it twice, you acting all up tight
    Also diddy like, like, like
    You ain’t a (Bitch), I ain’t no ball player, you ain’t gonna get pregnant again
    Hit off with paper, you gonna get hit off and slid off
    Before the neighbors take off to go to work
    So just, take off your shirt, don’t hit me with that church shit
    (Bitch) I got a sister who schooled me to shit you chickens do
    Tricking fools, got a whole Robin Givens crew that I kick it to
    They be hipping dudes, how you chickens move, I be listening to
    (Bitch) (Bitch) (Bitch)
    Don’t make me say it thrice, you acting all up tight
    Also diddy like, like
    You ain’t a (Bitch), You ain’t no better cuz you don’t be fucking rappers
    You only fuck with actors, you still getting fucked backwards
    (Bitch) Unless you fucked a dude on his own merit
    And not the way he dribbles or ball or draw leverage
    You’re a (Bitch), No ma, you’re a (Bitch)

    (Let’s describe a certain female)
    (Let’s describe a certain female)
    (Let’s describe a certain female)
    Say Jay-Z, why you gotta go and disrespect the women for? Uh

    (Bitch) Sisters get respect, bitches get what they deserve
    SIsters work hard, bitches work your nerves
    Sisters hold you down, bitches hold you up
    Sisters help you progress, bitches will slow you up
    Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids
    Bitches in street with their nose in your biz
    Sisters tell the truth, bitches tell lies
    Sisters drive cars, bitches wanna ride
    Sisters give-up the ass, bitches give-up the ass
    Sisters do it slow, bitches do it fast
    Sisters do their dirt outside of where they live
    Bitches have niggers all up in your crib
    Sisters tell you quick “you better check your homie”
    Bitches don’t give a fuck, they wanna check for your homie
    Sisters love Jay cuz they know how ‘Hov is
    I love my sisters, I don’t love no bitch

    ^^^^Can this get ANY clearer? Props to Tara if she wants to defend ladies/sisters…if she’s trying to defend ALL women (including bitches)…

    well…that’s where these lyrics come in.

    (I can only think of one female in the current rap game that is not a bitch at the moment…Jean Grae.)

  • crossbow

    It is absolutely indefensible for a great deal of things that these rap artists do. But as long as there are people who want ot see and hear these things, it won’t stop. Majority of the time the radio requests and the 106th and Park requests are made by women, who want to hear these songs that promote sexism, and mysoginy. It has to be an absolute overwhelming force which causes Hip-hop to change. Til’ then, expect business as usual.

  • http://www.myspace.com/petelastname1 Pete Lastname

    I love you back, Tara. I think the difference b/w you and Oprah is you aren’t disconnected from hip hop culture, so you actually have a grasp on what’s going on.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff


    I love you and i love women. (Billy told me to say it, lol)

    nah but real talk ya opinion is well respected by me. You probably one of the few realists in this blog shit for the fact your analysis and understanding seems to come from a true love of the culture.

    Rock on babygirl!!!!!

  • Dr Flav

    Hip hop reflects the attitudes of some of the people involved with it, the people are members of society, it is not fair to group all people under the umbrella of a few or even a majority of a societal segment ie male hip hop listener or female hip hop listener. Its likely a personal thing involved when people act or make assumptions about another, hip hop is not a poison, its been poisoned, I suggest everyone read Min Farakhans interview on Allhiphop.com he drops jewels…***goes back to listening to LL’s “Big Ole Butt” track.***

  • Incilin

    Aww, Tara I can’t hate you. That would mean I hate all the female bloggers I read, and that would me a dag gone sexist, now wouldn’t it? This post is on point, and true. But I’m with Bol on this one with the; “lying ass media kicking hip hop while it’s down” and that hip hop is a lot less violent now then it was ten years ago. I really need a better way to defend hip hop and sexism, and your no help.

    Maybe you can answer to me why rappers like Jay, Snoop, or even Em have scores of female fans yet are totally disrespectful to women, while conscious MCs like Common or Mos Def (who hold a lot of respect for women) get no love from the females or the public in general.

  • Rob

    First of let me say I love and respect you and all women (particularly Black women) in general. The problem with hip hop (and I know you take this as a cop out) is the problem with society in general.

    A. Young boy grows up in fatherless home, spit on, grimy self-hatred in a community filled with self hatred and grows up with no real male figures
    B. Repeats cycle

    C. Becomes a rapper and part of the racist, mysognistic culture, acting out their(coporate America) stereotypes while living their rapper fantasies.

    So rapper says:”whitey says its all right, so it must be. Ya’ll didn’t love me when I was broke so F*%k ya’ll.”

    So Issue really comes down to where is are community as a whole. Oprah wants to sanitize our air waves which is fine. But this can’t come about until we deal with the real problems in our community. Assimilation plays a big part in that and from the 70′s – 80′s we loss a lot of the spirit and togetherness in our communities.
    And until like minded conscious men and women effectively tackle these real problems, than negative portrayals in the rap game won’t go away and is just the tip of the Iceberg.

    Big ROb

    The real issue or

  • Pezee the jeteye

    I wish all women were like you tarah



  • scoop

    yo g’s up hoes down if that biatch can’t swim then she bound 2 drizown!

  • http://ohstewardess.blogspot.com Ace

    tara, I feel you. hip-hop tends to be offensive towards women, sometimes blatantly so. I can definitely get behind you on that. On the other hand, I really can’t get behind you supporting Oprah, as she hates rappers and rap music.

  • Pablo

    I definitely respect this blog, but it’s not only women that’re getting trashed on record. The caucasian population(see; crackers) get an equal amount of abuse from most hip-hop records, and rarely ever win any respect. A lot of people fail to mention this; well, no, not entirely. A lot of HIP-HOP HEADS fail to mention the amount of hate directed towards Caucasians. And let’s be honest, at least 70% of us visiting this site everyday, and posting these comments are white dudes.

    I feel for the discrimination you feel, Tara, but I sadly can’t see it going away any time soon. Just know that, even as a long time hip-hop head(all my life), it hasn’t soured my opinion on women one bit. I still love ya’ll more than I do my male counterparts.

  • BklynBandette

    I’m Truly at a loss for words right now … NOT!lol.

    HIPHOP IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The problem is the divide between Black Men & Women. HipHop is a Reflection of that Divide. It only does what we tell it. And the “Ventriloquist” of HipHop are the True Dummies. The fools who control it need to be dealt with.

    But let’s address our role in this. 4Real, we paying these Hoes too much attention. As a Black Woman, I know plenty of Black Men who should be EXTERMINATED! Especially those who trick and hoe with Other MEN. But I ain’t gonna Sing, Rap, & Dance about them all Day! And I Damn for sure ain’t paying them any mind. I Keep my distance. And it’s really just that simple for Dudes too. You have a few choices in the matter. Like I said before, If ya don’t like hoes THEN U & YOUR DICK NEED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING! Stop acting like your dick just arbitrarily slipped into these Skanks unbeknownst to you. If that’s the case and you have no control, you’ll do a Man too, Huh? Take Responsibility AND Accountability. Everybody talking about how these chicks is tricking for dough. Who are they tricking with? Each other? Sometimes. But if that were the case y’all would really be calling them everything but a child of God. Females trick ’cause they want to and dudes get tricked on ’cause they want to. Stop flauntin’ what you have to these broads and there wouldn’t be a problem. Dudes, y’all can’t have it both ways. You can’t invite a chick to your pockets then get mad when she gets in. If you know what a quality female looks like- Rock With Her. And the others- Leave’m Alone. If all your songs is about a woman sticking you for dough, then it’s happened to you more than once. You know how the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    Men and women both need to take responsibilty for this one. Black folks wanna Rule the World but act like we Can’t Rule Our Bodies. How You gonna clean up the environment yet your body is rotting with AIDS? Our people are contracting it like it’s no one’s business. Our Brothers ( and the Sisters too) are over-populating the jails. The educational system in our ‘hood is Poor. Employment, Health-Care, and recreational facilities are scarce. And all we’re concerned about is maintaining the rights and privileges to disrespect each other. Ain’t That Brilliant? Everything I mentioned is what ails us in the ‘hood Everyday. But dudes hardly rhymin’ ’bout that. It’s All About The Benjamins. And the Benjamins are all about Negative images of African-Americans. And here we are giving it to them. Instead of fighting the powers that be, who facilitate our conditions, we wanna fight Al & Oprah. ???

    We Need to choose our battles wisely. Let’s Keep it Real: Bitch, Hoe, & Nigga is NOT used to Emphasize a point- it’s just for shock value. It’s an ongoing competition for “Potty Mouth Of The Year”-Males & Females equally. The behavior on BOTH parts is EMBARASSING. And we need to get our minds right and clean up our own mess.
    I Love Y’all, So I Gotta Speak The Truth.
    It’s TIGHT but it’s RIGHT!

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • EReal

    As long as women are supporting the stereo-type and sellin their ass for money in video’s strip clubs, ect. As long as girls wanna fly off the handle and smack their man around and as soon as he pushes them away they call the cops. As long as you have scorned girls trying to destroy a dudes life of start shit in the club or have guys fight over them, this is gonna be how it is Tara-Squad.

    Im sorry that the ammount of mysoginy in hiphop bothers you, that sucks. Fact of the matter is they are spitting overwhelming truth. Just like everyone wants to say “Show some real black rolemodels” “show some of the real female rolemodles”, but what actual percentage are role models?? Maybe you come from a country / neighboorhood full of snobby broads, goodie goodies, and moral elites but I DONT. I see bitches and hoes every damn day. I see role models too but its like 1/100.
    Everyone wants to censor what the truth is, the mirror of life and the mirror of the street.
    Let me ask you something. Should we ban Jerry Springer? Maury? Geraldo for having sluts on there that have 10 paternity tests and are SURE that the next one is their baby daddy?
    All Oprah does is show you those moral elite role models, all people ever talk about in regular life, news, ect. Is those people, so if we take it out of hiphop to make YOU and OTHER WOMEN more comfortable with the music (WTF?) who is gonna show the other side, whats really hood?? Who? Maury? Springer? Its okay for them tho right? GTFOH.
    Thats what yall wanna turn it into, a Disney art form, a PC ISSUE???
    Nope. Its real, and if you wanna stop it, holler at your female counterparts and tell them to quit becoming the stereo type. You see how these little girls dress when they hear brittany spears? how bout Dirrrty Xtina?? You wanna ban her too? GTFOH.

    Tara-Squad, you know ive been a big supporter of you, but I cant ride with you on this one.

    1 hunned.

  • Pancho

    I respect this blog post, because it’s ok to be stand up for what you believe in…

    BUT seriously…maybe if ladies would stop acting un-lady like, maybe we wouldn’t have as much women bashing in hip-hop that we have today.

    Like EREAL said…where I come from, I see too many women that fit the “slutty” stereotype everyday of every month of every year. Hip-Hop is supposed to reflect what we all see on a daily basis….

    Maybe that’s why Hip-Hop is f*cked up nowadays…we see too much drugs, sex, cars and all that bullsh*t on the streets and there’s not enough positive to go around.

  • Marlon

    Dear Tara, I am a hip hop head from Saskatoon that lives in T.O. And I just wanted to shout you out some love and let you know I’m feeling you and that you are on point.(& im not jus’ doin it cuz sundy said so)

  • Sincere

    the type of candy i sell i call it deeeez nuuuutz

  • Sincere

    people need to stop using my name, yall motha fuckas aint sincere

  • http://www.racialicious.com Carmen Van Kerckhove

    Well said, Tara.

  • Combat Jack

    short, sweet and straight to the point. thanx t.

  • http://mattersofrace.blogspot.com Wendi Muse

    it’s so disappointing to see the really negative comments regarding black women in response to this article. several comments generalized black women as lazy “hoes,” but in actually, according to statistics regarding education levels and careers, black women exceed black men. so i encourage you all to not make sweeping statements and say most black women are hoes, bitches, or do nothing with themselves, because I, along with every woman in my family and all black woman with whom I am friends, are doing something with themselves, fighting the potential of becoming a statistic and hoping to avoid the stereotyping that is a component of far more than just hip hop (ahem…in movies, music, the press, politics, all of it…black women are often dehumanized for the sake of someone else’s gain) and that many of the people posting comments here seem to espouse. next time, before you decide to post some uneducated filth that demeans black women or women in general, get your facts straight.

  • rat worship

    LOL dis post is mad halaries cuz bitchez r fucken stupid !!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    The comments here are complete nonsense. Black women are on average better educated with higher employment rates than black men. 99% of rappers arent rapping about hoes because the majority of black women are hoes. They’ve chosen to dedicate the vast majority of hip hop to making a small percentage of black women the representation of black femnininity. And there are absolutely no counterbalancing images of black women in pop culture. If hiphop as a popular music form dies then good riddance to all that bull shit.

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    Your idea coincides with mine.and I think it’s better.

  • http://sportsnewsox.info/ Muriel Ochinang

    Perfect piece of writing, well crafted I must say.