Free R. Kelly

I try not to read VIBE magazine as a rule, because I’m not teh ghey like that, but I see this month’s issue has a big cover story on whether R. Kelly is guilty of a crime, or just guilty of being black.

You’ll recall that R. Kelly was busted a long-ass time ago when a video surfaced of him banging some 15 going on 30 year-old woman and then taking a piss on her. The tape was widely bootlegged and became a minor Paris Hilton-style sensation despite the fact that the girl featured in it was way under age.

I suppose it would be self-incrimination to suggest that I’ve seen the video myself, but suffice it to say that broad could’ve fooled me as well. Is that what R. Kelly’s defense is supposed to be? (I didn’t bother actually reading the story.) I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t believe R. Kelly is a big ol’ pedophile?

In addition to the Piss on You video, you’ll recall that R. Kelly was busted again when 5-0 raided his home down in Florida and found a camcorder with more footage of him doing his thing. But that evidence had to be thrown out because they didn’t have the proper search warrants or some shit.

And there had been rumblings all throughout the 1990s of him cruising for young tail at his old high school and at the same Rock N’ Roll McDonalds immortalized in song by the late, great Wesley Willis, including his brief marriage to the similarly late though debatably great Aaliyah. (I wonder if she got peed on.)

The thing about R. Kelly, as my old man’s college roommate Kevin likes to point out, is that the guy is kind of a genius. It’s hard to argue with the contribution Arruh has made to society, what with him having produced such great works as the “Ignition” remix and his remix of Bow Wow’s “I’m a Flirt,” which doesn’t even have Bow Wow on it. Fuck Bow Wow.

And a case could be made that when it comes to statutory rape, as long as there was no real damage done, why should anyone be penalized? Again, I can’t claim any first hand(!) knowledge of the video in question, but my guess is that it wasn’t this broad’s first time being peed on, let alone doing the nasty.

As far as the race element is concerned, I can kinda see that as well. Didn’t Jerry Lee Lewis once marry his teenage cousin? His career may have never rebounded (this was, after all, the 1950s), but I don’t see him in jail. What ever happened to equal protection under the law?

Don’t make Arruh put the whole damn system on trial!

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  • 21stCenturyKid

    So…. you just watched the Boondocks episode on R. Kelly and read some wikipedia? This is crap. I expect better from you.

  • Avenger

    R Kells should not be allowed to use the race card on this. Justice is Justice as long as our laws state if you fuck someone of a ceratin age then you need to go to jail then book him dan-o.
    Ever watch to catch a pediphile R kells has issues and he is using his race to get off the hook OJ the remix. The only reason it is dead in the press is because he did this to a black girl and I don’t want to hear all that rah rah from the I hate black women fan club lead by BOL talking about she looks like she been taking dick for years. Because you don’t blame the victim and if somebody is breaking the law and doing dumb shit with a minor and they old enough to know better the play at your own risk rule is in full affect. I don’t care if she was turning tricks just this morning if you get caught with the broad you got to take it like a man and what’s with all this video fucking any way if you want to see yourself fuck on tape you are R kells you could have barely legal but legal Video hofessionals do porns with you every night.

  • jrjomo

    At 15, one should be able to decide if they want to get pee’d on or not. Although she may have consented to everything, she was still a minor, so he needs to do some time.




  • double dd no less

    r. kelly is guilty he has a thing for youn tail you know like bol has for white tail. He has done this before with other little girls you have to stop him. And stop with all this crap about the man being a genius his music has been straight up shitty.yOU REMIND OF MY JEEP COME ON

  • chuck

    I’m a huge R.kelly fan, he’s a musical genius, but he is guilty as sin, and although i’d hate for him to go to jail (mostly because thatd be several years without the king of R&B)… his ass needs to be locked up for what he did.

    yes, that means im so selfish that i prioritize crimes with them affecting my musical tastes. sue me.

  • Brooklyn B

    this girl is a straight slut she deserved it. I would have made that ho drink my piss and eat my shit. would you assholes stop erasing my comments shit I hate this site.


    Fuck Bow Wow.
    that required a no homo

    SPM went to jail for smashing little girls but he dosen’t have the same amount of skrilla that Kells has.

    Also R.Kelly’s verse on “make it rain remix” is possibly the gulliest verse on any remix ever.

  • R. Kelly likes raw meat

    In America, there are laws put in place to protect minors from child predators. These laws don’t say that sh#t about it being okay to sex up a minor as long as she looks old enough to do it. “Arruh” Kelly is a teenage predator, as proven by his marriage to Aaliyah. Tell me, What are the chances that this guy just happens to keep being tricked into believing he’s screwing grown women by 15 year old girls? Either you all need to stop calling the man a genius (because if he’s getting played by teenagers, he couldn’t possibly be smart) or the broads up top are aging hella fast.

    Better keep KeKe Palmer’s lil’ young ass away from him or else she’ll be getting pee’d on next.

  • harlem B

    this guy should go to jail for what he did to that poor girl. It reminds me of what kobe did to that little white girl in colorado.

  • ONE50

    Hey he can flirt all he want in jail! It seems like you are semi-OK with Old Heads blowing 15 yr old young girls’ backs out…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE


  • EReal

    I dont give a fuck about R.Kelly. Who gives a shit who this dude fucks. Was it a seven year old? Was it a 10 Year old? No it was some groupie bitch who begged for it and let dude piss all over her. SO who fuckin cares?
    Bol you a faggot for speculatin on R. Kelly’s sex life and talkin bout fuckin Bow Wow.

    Step Ur Game Up Jabbah.

  • KB

    Brooklyn B is all mad and gay and shit!!! HA!HA!

  • In Ya Eye

    dont be talkin shit bout Aaliya

  • In Ya Eye

    dont be talkin shit bout Aaliyah

  • Incilin

    Didn’t Woody Allen marry his own daughter?

  • Big Homie

    R. Kelly was definitely makin’t it rain before anybody else did. True story lol

  • Larry Brite

    What’s the diff. between R-Kelly & a liquor store clerk ???? : NOTHING! – BOTH serve minor’s on ‘accident’ & BOTH are suppose to CHECK I.D! (sorry Kell’s)

  • King

    How da fuk he suppsoed ta kno how ol she is she did’nt look no 15

  • ak47

    i dont see nothin wrong with a lil bump n grind.

    but i do see something wrong with pissin on a fuckin high schooler. i dont care how old that bitch looks. fuckin her alone would have been just wrong. urinating on her was just icing on the cake. that fool has problems with underage girls that stem back to him hookin up with aaliyah (r.i.p).

    r kelly is the preverted uncle in everbody’s family tree. how come he can piss on 15 girls and keep makin tracks but don imus calls some 20 year olds hoes and loses his job after apologizing?? i dont understand why nobody is calling for r.kelly’s career. dude is nasty, and not in a sexy, r&b way. more of a child molestation way.

  • these posts are racist

    I don’t really get your point(s)…Your thoughts here are pretty incoherent. You appear to sarcastically imply that the R. Kelly has not contributed much to society and therefore discount the contribution R&B and hip hop has on society, which he clearly has contributed to, on a grand scale. And then you take issue with the criminial justice system’s handling of adults (those defined as over 18) having sex with teenagers (those defined as under 18), but don’t really make clear what aspects of the criminal justice system you have a problem with and what you suggest is a more appropriate…response to such behavior (?) I don’t get it.

  • stoneyisland

    R.Kelly is a 43 year old man, he is not gonna change. If you think he hast fucked or pissed on some young girl SINCE the sex tape then you are just plain fucking retarded. Was the young girl in the tape 13? who knows she looked young as fuck but she obviously wasnt new in the fucking game, that said if I had a fast tail ass 13 year daughter running round acting grown and shit I STILL WOULD NOT WANT some grown ass 40 year old nigga digging her out. Does he need jail? I’ll let the courts decide but if you think R.Kelly is the only grown muthafucka out here fucking young girls then you need to be pissed on…….

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Kells need to stand trial for this shit so I can really get some laughs. I wanna see him stand in court and say thats not me.

  • g00nz

    debatably great Aaliyah. (I wonder if she got peed on.)

    ^^^^^^ smh

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    1.) I don’t think the girl was forced to do anything, this is R.Kelly we are talking about.

    2.) The FBI has files on all rich blacks in America.

    3.) The law is one thing and natural law is another.

    4.) There is no crime here.

    R.Kelly is a human being regardless of his money and fame. Everyone has made mistakes and have done wrong at some point in their lives. The dude makes wonderful music and no that doesn’t justify what he does wrong past or present. Speaking from a criminal stand point, he has sone nothing that warrants him being jailed. Same with Brandy and the person who died after she accidentily ran into the back of the vehicle. Was she on drugs? No. Was she drunk? No. Im sick of the media and vampires(families that want to sue if a famous person breathe on them to hard) blowing things out of control. Only God can judge these people not you, me, or the “Justice System”.

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “And a case could be made that when it comes to statutory rape, as long as there was no real damage done, why should anyone be penalized?”

    Great effin point!

  • jacob

    can’t justify that shit cause someone else got away with it…u sick fuck!!


    R KELLY IS A SUPERFREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashim

    Y’all boys is crabs yo. It don’t matter if she got sense enough to know whether or not she wanna be pissed on, its illegal to smash these lil girls cuz they don’t have good sense yet. How many lil broads did you go to HS with who was dealin with old heads cuz they had cars and whatnot, only for them girls to grow up and realize how lame and sick them dudes where? Kells took advantage of that young girl, point blank, and hell yeah he need to go to jail.

  • thoreauly77

    r. kelly is a disgusting, child-molesting piece of shit; anyone that uses the defense/justification of his despicable actions by saying that the girl was no stranger to sex is also a disgusting piece of shit that obviously harbors fantasies of fucking mentally and physically abused children as well. think about it goddamnit, he is a fucking predator that takes advantage of emotionally fragile/immature young girls and further abuses them. what else is there to understand? how does his status as a musician even remotely relate? it simply doesnt. i personally hope he goes to prison and finds out first-hand what it means to be raped, because thats what he deserves for all the children he has fucked up for life.

  • Fin

    It’s legal if you marry an underager and her parents consent. Kells definitely needs to do some time; this celebrity justice system is ridiculous. Race ain’t shit, the only color the law sees is green.

  • First
  • these posts are racist

    The justice system is definitley biased against blacks and has been for years. As a lawyer, I can attest to that. But, on a personal level, I feel it is wrong and disgusting for a person over 18 years old to have sex with a 15 year old. I won’t get into a “slippery slope” discussion and believe there are shades of grey, i.e. an 18 yr old and 17 yr old, and this has been misused in racist ways against blacks (there was a recent story from the south that was a truly shameful prosecution)…but that doesn’t mean R Kelly isn’t wrong for having sex with a 15 year old.


    Yo BOL , you must be grasping for something to write about. I mean come on man I don’t care who you are you don’t mess with an underage girl.Next you gonna say it’s ok if MJ was playing with little boys if they parents consent. I’d like to see your response if this was you’re 15 year old dughter getting pissed on by R. Kelly. By the way the 15 yr old was tryna move up in da biz and at 15 probably didn’t see what she was doing was wrong.

  • Straight from the horses mouth

    Sources close to the situation have told me that an R. Kelly “look-alike” would follow Kelly to each city he would perform at and trick women into thinking he was Kelly in order to take advantage of them. Apparently he’s the one in the video, not R. Kelly.

  • G2

    Yo, most of your blogs are f’ed up already, but the Aaliyah comment was way off base. Show some respect bruh.

  • John Cochran

    1. ASK FOR ID
    These dumb ass young girls will get you hemmed up out here fellas. It’s something in the water that got em lookin like grown women at 13-14. thats why I mess with ol head broads, fuck that. these young hoes just like older guys cause we got cars and can take them to red lobster and shit.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    i think r kelly needs to be put in a room with some gay’s with aids so they can rape that motherfucker

  • Meka Soul

    squirting in a broad’s face = peeing on her face.


  • Meka Soul

    >r. kelly is a disgusting, child-molesting piece of shit…>

    but damn if some his tunes ain’t catchy.

  • John Cochran

    Something gotta be said about this young whores parents. Where were they when she was rinsing in piss. people not raising thier rugrats, they’re lettin’ tv do it. Then they wonder why thier daughters are knocked up or on porn tapes. She shouldn’t have even been alone with him.

  • Meka Soul

    >Again, I can’t claim any first hand(!) knowledge of the video in question, but my guess is that it wasn’t this broad’s first time being peed on, let alone doing the nasty.>

    seeing as how calm she was as arruh unloaded on her face, i wholeheartedly agree.

  • king blair

    aaliyah getting peeed on is a stroke of genious an dame dash hit that lol

  • DD

    Alot of older men do fuck with teenage girls and have gotten away with it but does that make R.Kelly any less guilty? No, he’s sick and needs help. And to be honest his music is not all that great. Will people be singing “U Remind Me of My Jeep”, “Sex In the Kitchen” or “Imma Flirt” in 20 yrs? I seriously doubt it. Most of his music has no real substance, the only thing he talks about is sex. And his voice isn’t all that great either, he’s practically just talking on most of his records.

  • DD


  • Fernando


  • Fernando

    “Dont bring your daughters around me, CAUSE IM A FLIRT”

    R Kelly is a G.

  • Fernando

    John Cochran,

    That “whores” parents are probably where all other black parents are..

    The mom is working a double-shift somewhere in the Chi.

    And the Dad was probably east the second he found out he had a kid. Thus resulting in a 15 yr old who gets pissed on after blowing r&b singers

  • these posts are racist

    “i think r kelly needs to be put in a room with some gay’s with aids so they can rape that motherfucker”

    Wow. I think you need to be put in a room with some books.

  • adlib311

    Yes if it is tru, R kelly should be put in jail, But then again, Anyone who seen the video is also taking part in child porn, and should be jailed also!!

  • these posts are racist


    Why does a racist like yourself spend time on a hip hop site?

  • these posts are racist


    Why does a racist like yourself spend time on a hip hop site?


    John Cochran, that whole car and red lobster shit is the truth!!! HA!HA!HA!HA! These young bitches now and days will flip for a honda accord and a steak dinner. And by flip I mean fuck and suck you.

  • Fernando

    Imus got fired……….whoopedy freakin dooo.

    Now black women can go back to bumpin the E-40 classic “gimme head hoe”. But at least they wont cry at night after being called a nappy headed hoe by somebody they dont even listen to. They need to be called hoes by Snoop, Fiddy, or Ludacris to make it feel right….

    Wow, this is funny! But instead of attacking the real problems, it probably feels better to wallow in the shallow waters of victomhood.

  • Cortez

    My comments may cause some of you to have a seizure but here we go…

    1st – Pedophiles are, by definition, attracted to “pre-pubescent” children so R-Kelly is NOT a pedophile based on what we know.

    2nd – I would assume R.Kelly has problems relating to mature adult women. What’s his issues with with women with life experience(whatever that means)? I don’t have the slightest idea and don’t really give a shit as long as he isn’t raping anyone.

    3rd – These types of situations should be handled on a case by case basis. It seems obvious that that girl was there of her own accord and I would argue that most people have the mental capacity to consent to sex. What is so magical about the age of 17 anyway? if R. Kelly was sixteen would that make the sexual act legal. I assume it would. The real problem is this girl wasn’t raised to believe she shouldn’t be sleeping around and getting pissed on.

    I have a 15 year old daugther and I am as certain as i can be that if R. Kelly, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to use her as a fuckbag she has been well-equiped to make the right decision.

    I am in my mid thirties and I don’t, as a general rule, deal with women not in their late 20s. My experience is that I can’t relate to anyone younger than that. R. Kelly may have some maturity issues but I don’t believe he should be in jail.

  • Fernando

    Sorry TPAR,

    I forgot that 70% of black kids born out of wedlock & studies showing an appalling amount of black dads abandoning their kids doesnt mean anything. Just keep ignoring facts & playing the victim….I know it feels better.

    Havent you ever asked yourself “Why does every black athlete give props to his Mom the day he gets drafted, but not the Dad?” BECAUSE HE PROBABLY WASNT THERE.

    Read this article by a BLACK writer. Maybe you will wake up from your blame game that you love to play…

  • Fernando


  • John Cochran

    If I hear the name Imus one more time this week Imma slap me a nappy headed hoe.

  • TheUltimate

    R. Kelly needs to go to jail.

  • R.C.

    kellz been behaving like that for a long ass time & i sorta feel betrayed to know that when i was bumpin’ “I wish”, “home alone” w/keith murray, “be happy” w/B.I.G. & all them other dope songs – he was fucking young girls. co-sign Cortez: if you mature & a grown man, you can’t relate to them young hoes, that don’t have no idea (yet) of what’s personal hygene, whose subject matters can be heard in the next ciara/lil’ mama/remy ma song.i do admit that some of them looks older but shit!!! keep ‘em in your little league/farm system ’til they at least 18, better yet 21

    if they do jail him, keep him away from all other inmates cuz it could get ugly & pretty sure he got groupies there too!!!

    hopefully he’ll change or get some help cuz his music is crazy

  • FuckBol

    I`m surprized there are no tapes of you gettin peed on by Jim Jones or any of these other nothing-ass faggot rappers you adore. How many nutsacks do you scrub per day u fat biotch? I think u wanna fuck R.Kelly you fat hoe. You`ll probaly try to have his next child you fuckin rectum. Your the type a fat ho to go search thru the gotdamn trash and try to salvage used condoms for nut so you can insert it in your fat ass!!!


    i put r kelly in the same lane as wacko jacko i listen to his music because he make hits and it’s good. what these fools do in there personal life is none of my business. fucked up people usually make the best music anyway

  • The Originator

    R. Kelly is harder than most of these soft ass rappers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Djana Palmore

    i dont think r kelly should have got in trouble for that. that girl new the buisness she already new what a do and if it was not r kelly it would have been somebody else. he was not her first or the last. why dont the trip of of the other duded she fucc with why they got to fucc with r kelly cuzz he got money thats why. keep ur head up r kelly im ur number e1 fan and i love u god bless u

  • LOC

    Your post sounds like that Boondocks episode from last season…
    I feel you though

  • Maddi Is Gully

    LMFAO @ Brooklyn B.
    Bol U Also 4got 2 mention dat he eats he ass out.
    Now dats sum straight Raw as Shit.

  • common sense

    first of all you need to realize that no matter how corrupt they may be we have lawmakers and they make laws so people dont go crazy in the streets could you imagine what it would be like if there were no laws, unfortunately r. kelly broke one of them laws, knowingly or unknowingly the girls age. he is a superstar and loads of girls are going to want to get with him young and old and they will do what ever it takes just to say yeah i slept with dude. now as a superstar you should know not to get yourSelf in those situations, its like what fifty cent said just cause i dont be in the places i used to be does not mean i aint hood its just that if i dont put myself in situations then it can’t happen, why dont other people follow that example, rappers have worked hard just to get them selves that bit of paper, and just to appear hood they still doing the bullshit they dont need to do, so the paper or their freedom gets taken away. As a grown man r.kelly should accept what he got himself into, he knows that the government dont want to see black people in a certain position of power and will do anything to take it away even if that means useing one of our own to take what little we have away. Alot of us spend our whole life trying to get out of the ghetto why make some dumb shit put you back to square 1. guilty or not guilty i dont know but just by the conversation you have you should know if you talking to a MINOR.

  • Maddi Is Gully

    Hey wea the fucks my post.
    Dat liks ballz!!!

  • jacquez
  • Prodigal Son

    Bol you need to really do a proof read of your work, your article is incoherent, you basically skimmed the major theme of your arguement: why is it racist? I really get the feeling you love sensationalism, and I’m all for debate, but sometimes your actual articles are really stupid and don’t really merit a response when you say ignorant stuff such as “i don’t read Vibe because I’m not the gay like that” -first of all, it doesn’t make grammatical sense and secondly it’s got nothing to do with matter. Then you clearly destroy your entire line of arguement by saying “i didn’t read the article” – - So you have no foundation in which to base your arguement on. A journalist has a certain artistic licence and I think you really need to organise your thoughts before you write stuff that makes you sound ignorant. I’m pretty sure most people on this board agree with me and your entitled to your opinion, just make sure you can back it up with concrete evidence.

  • Simply Devine

    For you to say “I wonder if she got peed on” when referring to Aaliyah is fucking blasphemous.

  • Tyler

    Bol, yo’ boy R be coming with some heat no doubt but it’s also obvious ‘dat he be coming wit’ 13 year olds and leaving them wit Pee as well which ain’t cool cuz’. . I mean I have never even tried peeing on a chic but I don’t see what U get outta ‘dat shit dude plus who can’t mac on a 12 year old? Oh Bol, my bad I mean beside U?
    Get wit it or Get Rolled over by it:

  • agee

    Let God be the judge. Nuff said.

  • Yall are funny

    Often times I find these posts to be highly lacking a coherent point or a bit of a stretch, but I read them for entertainment purposes, so it doesn’t really bother me … on another note however, when did R. Kelly become 43, isn’t he 39?

  • http://xxl bk


  • smog

    man kells did that shit, that girl was his god-duaghter man she went to my school

  • kay

    what a stupid article- racism is a person going to work and getting abuse because of the color of their skin racism is not commiting a crime and getting caught

  • che

    Brooklyn B says:

    this girl is a straight slut she deserved it. I would have made that ho drink my piss and eat my shit. would you assholes stop erasing my comments shit I hate this site.

    LMFAO! best comment of the day!

  • Mr. Sinn

    why’s everyone on Kelly’s. He ain’t the only one that be doing this. The trick knows what she was there for. Plus I would piss on her too.

  • Little Miss CeCe*

    cols OH- Man I’m not feelin this old stuff. Mr.Kelly did this if you ask me but he shouldn’t have to go through all this,her young self wanted it!! and as far as bow wow goes hes from the CO like me but hes WACK AND IF KELLY makes im a flirt aHIT then cool!!!!!

  • mystiric

    i dont care what color you are how succesful you are,any pedophile should be in jail

  • mannyworld33

    jacquez Says:

    April 13th, 2007 at 7:26 am


  • realtalk

    r kelly might have a thing 4 young girls but who has the prove tht these girls didnt lie to him.they have grown women bodys.if it were u and u saw a girl wit a body like those girls u woudnt even ask there age u would dive strait in lol


    Totally was thinking what 21STCENTURYKID said when I read that…that last paragraph is copped straight offa the Boondocks

  • squuuuurt

    Perhaps the girl liked being fucked and pissed on by R Kelly

  • squuuuurt

    Perhaps the girl liked being f***** and pissed on by R Kelly?

  • Steph

    so what u sayin is jus because a girl is hot n tha pants r kelly should get away with fuckin her y do u think he goes around lookin 4 young girls n not adult women? because he probably knows that a lot of girls that age start 2 rebel n start smellin themselves. but its up 2 us 2 take care of our people he shouldve told her 2 take her young ass on, jus like sum boys start 2 rebel n start sellin drugs n joinin gangs girls rebel n start trying 2 wear certain clothes n mingle with guys but its up 2 us 2 b tha grown ups n put them n their places im sure u or r kelly wouldnt want sum over grown ass man stickin his dick n your young daughter n a lot of girls do rebel at a certain age even if u r teachin them right n doin what u need 2 do as parent but does that mean a grown as man have tha right 2 stick his grown ass dick n her im hopein tha sayin what goes around cums around is true then we will c if everyone who thinks r kelly should get away with this shit still feels tha same

  • Steph

    Bk says: fuck bitches, would u happen 2 b talkin about your mom,sistas, daughers (if u have any),grandma etc?