Best publicity stunt evar?

Again, you’re going to want to put on your tin foil hats for this one, but here’s something that occurred to me as I was reading about yesterday’s big anti-G-Unit rally: What if 50 Cent planned the whole Tony Yayo slap incident as part of the promotion for his new album?

As far-fetched as it sounds, you have to wonder any time an incident causes as much media attention as this, especially since it’s all occurring a right around the same time the new Young Buck album – the most anticipated G-Unit release in ages – hit the streets, and a mere matter of months before the new album by 50 Cent himself hits stores[1].

Think about it: Having Tony Yayo slap Jimmy Henchmen’s son is probably the most brilliant crime slash publicity stunt Fiddy could have pulled. I mean, slapping a kid is illegal, but it’s not that illegal. Plus you know Fiddy has got those big time Michael Ray Richardson-style lawyers. How do you think he manages to not do time despite the fact that he’s always driving around with no license and guns in the car?

What’s more, having your teenage son slapped like a little bitch is probably the most utterly humiliating thing a guy could possibly have happen, short of having your wife tampered with, but it’s not like Jimmy Henchmen can really do anything about it either. If anything happens to anyone associated with G-Unit anytime in the near future, people will know it’s him and he’ll just end up being sent back to jail.

Only thing is, now Fiddy has gotta worry about a possible G-Unit backlash based on this little kerfuffle. Slapping a kid, even if it’s not just to hype up your boss’ new project, is about as morally defensible as driving home drunk three or four nights a week; personally, I don’t have any problem looking the other way, but of course it’s going to be a sensitive issue to people who are into the whole feigned outrage thing.

Honestly though, I doubt there’s much cause to be worried as of yet. To read some of the reports of yesterday’s rally, you’d think it was the beginning of the end for G-Unit, with thousands of kids in “Ban G-Unit” t-shirts steamrolling 50 Cent albums C. Delores Tucker-style. But, as you can see in this video, it’s basically just one guy, and he didn’t even bother to spring for more than one CD and a few G-Unit t-shirts.

[1] Another thing you have to consider is that both Fiddy and the Game just so happened to release new songs on the same day as the new rally. Hmm… My guess is that you’ve already heard both of them, but if not feel free to check them out in the Bangers section.

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  • bigheadbol


  • bol

    fuck first

  • Ali

    It’s 2K7 nobody is gonna sell more than a million, 50 will be luck to do 500,000

    • The Artist Formally Known As Prince

      The 2nd day the album was out he passed 500.

    • Harmen

      he did like 1.14 million

  • spotrusherz

    yeah and don’t forget skulls & bones, the jews, the communists and scientology

  • cwhat

    whoever says first is gay…..

  • Dipset

    R.I.P 50′s career… look wat its comming too… so sad and pathetic…

    “50, Stay Up!” lmao lmao!! bitch nigga!!! hahahaha lol.

    • Impulse 187 / Dipset Sucks

      You obviously havent heard the new albums.
      50 Coming back.
      The older, better 50.
      The Get Rich Or Die Trying Type 50
      Plus, you talking shit, but the only people in Dipset’s crew that are any good was Jim Jones Hustler’s P.O.M.E. and Juelz Santana. Good thing Juelz coming out with a new album.
      Cus Jones new album is garbage, except that
      “Don’t Love Me No More” song.
      The rest of Dipset is garbage. ESPECIALLY Cam’ron.

  • first mutha fuckas

    First bitch

  • Bol

    >yeah and don’t forget skulls & bones, the jews, the communists and scientology

    Good point.


    great theory there Sherlock. (sarcasm)

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I doubt it was a publicity stunt…I think Yayo slapped the dude because he was getting beside himself and Yayo was like F’it…five to the face…SLAP!!!…I don’t think 50 had anything to do with it…Im sure Yayo considered the beef and it was an influence but 50 had nothing to do with this…you dont involve kids in anything (unless they put themselves in the middle of it all)

  • The Bizness

    “SAve our Kids, Save our kids …Ban Bol ummm hunh I mean Ban 50 cent!!!”


    1. Who knows what occured because if a 14 yr old start talkin greasy to me , he gets slapped also ( if that was the case). However, CZAR entertainment, lookin straight bitch made…. How are asking to stop the violence in the communtity they day you put out a song called ” Body Bags”. Make up your mind, you want some gangsta shiiit or you don’t.

    2. i’m from detroit, and i aint never known nobody 2 ask somebody how old they were b4 they got slapped. plain and simple, the lil’nigga was talkin shit, and excuse yayo (a criminal, i may add)
    4 slappin or talkin shit back to ém, nobody really knows wat happened, so wat the fuck iz every1 trippin’4? marchin and shit. if u in the street and u open yo mouth and say some slick shit, to some1 yo age- u mite get yo ass beat. and if u a lil’nigga talkin shit 2 a grown man, you mite just get slapped.
    this shit is only big news bcuz its a popular rapper doin this 2 a label owners kid, so now
    al sharpton’s fat ass is involved and some people are protesting.
    shit is wack cause this type of thing happens everyday but now its a big deal……. by the way who gives a fuck bout what sharpton thinks, he was the same nigga callin 4 them white boys to be thrown under the jail in that duke rape case not 2 long ago, now the bastard looks like a damn fool after we find out the bitch was lyin the whole time. what happens when muthafuckas jump 2 conlusions w/o hearing all tha facts first. so all yáll fools jumpin on yayo’s nutsack over this bullshit need to calm da fuck down……

  • joe jack

    You sir are an idiot if you condone putting your hands on a kid. I predict rap will improve once 50 gets shot again.

  • John Cochran

    It’s not even a bid deal. Ol heads slap youngins up all the time. If you from a rival click and you get caught solo, shit happens. Fifty prolly didnt plan it, but he’s gonna benefit off it. They already playin his corny ass song on the radio. He need to stop tryin to do party music.


    Who gives a fuk if some bitch ass rich got slapped? Yayo should have done it twice.

  • al

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THis nigga right here is speaking the truth

  • EReal

    People are wayyyy overreacting to this shit.
    Exspecially bringing 50 into it when he wasnt even there. Even Game wants to make this a 50 thing, its tired and old. Nobodey even knows what happened yet. Im sure Yayo didnt slap the kid for no damn reason, the kid probably asked for it. In which case he deserved it. I just think this is an attempt by Jimmy to undermine 50 and G-Unit and try to get some $$ out of this bullshit.
    As far as Al Sharpton, hes a fuckin ambulence chasin media hog. This dude sits on his fat ass doing nothing but straightening his hair and pickin his ass crack until some OUTRAGE or TRADGEDY happens. Those kinda people are poor excuses for civil rights leaders. Everyone else was already on the G-Unit hate train thats bitchin now, so fuck em. Everyone just wants to take down the top dog, we’ve seen it so many times its fucking ridiculous. Crab Barrell ass nukkas.
    As far as your theory, I was discussing the same thing at another blog earlier today. This could be the best possible thing to happen.
    Look what happened when they banned EMINEM, look what happened when they banned 2 LIVE CREW, or NWA.. lol.
    The only thing kids wanna hear more than something that scares their parents is something their parents and society as a whole FORBIDS them to listen to. It was EM’s claim to fame. I say go smack a busload of fuckin high school kids, its just gonna turn into mega DOLLARS!!

    Its funny tho, you can easily tell the stans from the real cats, lol.
    Oh, and Game is a bitch man. Either you want beef or not. His song was gay as fuck to me, because we all know he isnt gonna do a damn thing. He never does shit. Dude has a sun tatoo on his chest and a butterfly on his face and is a stripper who lies about hookin up with video chicks and then bags some busted ass school teacher and knocks her up. Thats your favorite rapper, and those are facts. That shit is NOT gangsta.

    Yayo is fuckin crazy, hes been runnin his mouth alot lately. After what happened to Isreal Ramirez, I wouldnt fuck with Yayo. He stays with them black flag hatians, and we all know about them crazy ass hardbody hatian nukkas.

    You been on point witcha fat ass Bol, bravo!

    1 hunned.

  • Meka Soul

    on a hilariously unrelated note, according to the world’s most accurate website:

    “In 2004, Wayne Carter released Tha Carter. This album is marked as a personal milestone as he claimed to have finally perfected his trade of riding the dick of Birdman… Recently Wayne was recruited by the Boyz N Da Hood as their fourth member after Young Jeezy left the group to engage in his solo career. Due to scheduling conflicts involving kissing Birdman and the promotion of Tha Carter II, he would never be formally named an active member of Boyz N Da Hood…”


  • bogully

    i think more than anything the big deal is about smacking someone elses kid. although its hard to say what the little rug rat said to yayo, im sure it was provoked, and theres some grown ass 14 yr olds at there that can step outta line, i mean that doesnt give yayo the right to slap him, but if he was provoked what ya gonna do? if the lil kid is throwin the dozens on him in front of all his little homies, yayo cant take that and just walk away so he prolly reacted cause he didnt have anything clever to say back. oh well.

  • First

    ^^ whoever says first is gay…..

    - Then why didn’t you say first? By the way Bol, your Jew-hating ways are not getting any easier to read. This is getting rediculus.

  • Dipset

    BUCKUALL Says:

    April 3rd, 2007 at 3:01 pm
    Who gives a fuk if some bitch ass rich got slapped? Yayo should have done it twice.

    ^^^ Fuckin Hater… Whats wrong nigga?? you don’t know how to make money so you hate on people who actually have some???

    Niggas like that will never be rich!!! fuck nigga…

  • First

    ^ rediculous

  • Martel


  • Hopboy

    You people who are making a big deal about this kids age are retarded. 13 year olds can be charged with Murder in this country. Which means if you do adult things you can be charged with adult crimes.

    This kid is 14 years old and is the son of Jimmy Henchmen…. what the FUCK do you think he was doing. He was popping his mouth, acted gangsta and Yayo Slapped the fuck out of him. End of story. I really don’t believe that this kid was going to the Mall or the Library and big bad Yayo slapped him. Nope, you act tough and you get slapped.


    gayme sucks.

  • Bol

    >on a hilariously unrelated note, according to the world’s most accurate website:

    They don’t call it that for nothin’!

  • b-ease

    This is the funniest shit to ever happen in hip hop history.

    Also, considering this and Busta’s week carrier getting shot last year, is Tony Yayo the official “nigga you dont wanna fuck with”? I mean, i never thought much of the guy, but damn, bad shit really does happen when he’s around.and he seems to be responsible for all of it.

    Speaking of Busta, i know as black males in this country we’re required to be fundamentally anti-snitching, but come on… he shot your man! in front of witnesses! if he didnt even take the necessary precautions himself to stay out of jail, why should anyone be expected to follow some “street code” that the shooter himself didnt adhere to?

    That had nothing to do with anything, i just had to get that shit off my chest.

  • gunit

    naw ur a fuckin idiot joe jack. homeboys right, all yall jumpin to conclusions when we dont even kno the whole story yet. by the way 14 yrs old aint a kid, its a teenager. and if that nigga was jewish he’d be considered an adult when he hit 13. so all u fuckin bitches cryin about this can go take a piss in the wind

  • b-ease

    This kid is 14 years old and is the son of Jimmy Henchmen…. what the FUCK do you think he was doing. He was popping his mouth, acted gangsta and Yayo Slapped the fuck out of him. End of story. I really don’t believe that this kid was going to the Mall or the Library and big bad Yayo slapped him. Nope, you act tough and you get slapped.

    im sure the kid was talking shit, nobody with sense can dispute that, but isnt part of being a grown man with (presumably) money being bigger than situations like that? i mean, the kid MAY have deserved it but i dont know if that means Yayo should have done it.

    And “Return of the Mac” is disgusting!!! (for the first couple of listens, then it just gets kind of redundant) its still disgusting tho!!!!

  • Belize

    >but it’s not like Jimmy Henchmen can really do anything about it either. If anything happens to anyone associated with G-Unit anytime in the near future, people will know it’s him and he’ll just end up being sent back to jail.

    ^ I dont know what kinda folks u know..but if any repectable OG got there kid’s face mushed/smacked or punched. Jail aint nothing but a time to smile about protecting ur fam.

  • Anthony

    thats what im talking about bol!!, now that your thinking again, great post, 50 aint your rapper favorite rapper for nothin’, stuntin’ 101, thats how you get that paper when u know how to create a buzz, damn yayo’s a soilder…

  • b-ease

    A couple facts:

    1. Black people can not be racist. Racism was a system INVENTED in the 15 century to justify the inhumane condition of people of other colors (especially Africans) in light of conflicting Christian doctrine. I dont give a fuck what your dictionary says, thats the truth.

    2.Black people are inherently physically superior. But that’s only because white people were smart enought to breed us for athletic traits rather than intelligence.

    3.White people arent evil. Just unified. If any other race watched each others backs this much, we never would have had slavery.

    4.Black havent benefitted from welfare or affirmative action nearly as much as whites. the main recievers of federal welfare has always been white farmers (particulary in the northeastern part of the counctry) and white women have statiscally benifitted from affirmative action more than anyone.

    I’ll be back with more…

  • sk

    YO ANY YOUNGIN’/ LITTLE NICCA TALK SHIT 2 ME i’m put them in their place these little niccas gotta learn respect shit I never ever ever ever ever talked shit 2 older cats when I was coming up. This what happened he invited Yayo 2 his privates like alot of these little niccas do and Yayo tried 2 take his head off.

  • sk

    Yo who the hell using my name&address fucking xxl


    Yo BOL , I swear ya read my comments on the game’s “body bags”. I told you all If this was some street shit henchmen would handled every thing diffrent. How ya gonna be a gangsta’s son and snitch and yo momma gonna bitch. This coming from the man that supposedly had PAC shot ?? Come on man this ain’t about beef — USE YOUR BRAIN — IT’S ABOUT RECORD SALES . Quit stealing my comments BOL. Why didn’t ya say this 3 days ago. Don’t act like you ain’t reading tha BLOGS. Maybe I can ghost write for ya .. Just send them checks.

  • b-ease


    All due respect. I believe that you posted a comment similar to this topic. I also dont think that its out of the realm of possibility that bol read your post and it gave him an idea. However, i think you’d be seriously mistaken to assume that you OR bol were the only people thinking about this. me and my people were saying the same thing (jokingly) as soon as it happened.

    What you have to understand is this. Bol is a comedian. Nothing he says is original. Thats the beauty (nullus) of it. he takes the shit we ALL think (but probaby wouldnt/couldnt be able to in public) and gives it a large forum. and does it in a way that makes everyone laugh they’re asses off.

    People that dont like bol’s posts are people that treat themselves and hip hop WAY too seriously. That’s not to say I think everything bol says is classic, just that the people who dislike him are probably doing so for the wrong reasons.

  • daesonesb

    Remember that thing in the sopranos where this rapper pays Bobby Bacalieri to shoot him in the ass? Fifty should get on to something like that.

    I think that might need a nullus?

  • ky reppa

    yo im 15 and if i talk shit to an older nigga im gonna back the shit so fuck the little nigga suck it up kid

  • The Game BWS G-Unot

    Fuck 50
    He’s done


  • b-ease

    this is a test… i think xxl’s comments are working in real time again…

  • b-ease

    never mind, i think i just got lucky.

  • Cuban Link

    50 is on top again for this one.He just became my favortie rapper again

  • Da B

    AY B-Ease


  • truth

    Most of these people are convicting Yayo before his day in court. I don’t believe Yayo smack that little nigga but I do believe some niggas Yayo was with probably smacked that little nigga and Yayo probably laughed. I’m willing to bet that Yayo beat these bullshit charges in court.

  • Chicago

    First off, Tony Yayo is a bitch for slapping a 14 yr. kid, if told by 50 or not. Secondly, this is playing right into the hands of G-Unit. Game has already started the dissing, and thats what 50 wants. ATTENTION ON THE UNIT!
    On a side note, I read some comment about 50 not being able to sell a million records. I dont even like 50 like that and i know hes going to sell. Look at Jay-Z, Kingdom Come wasnt his best and he sold 2 million plus in the U.S. only.

  • b-ease

    truth Says:

    April 3rd, 2007 at 9:38 pm
    Most of these people are convicting Yayo before his day in court
    I dont know why, but i seriously laughed out loud for over 4 minutes after reading that (tears and everything)…

  • holyfazeAfrica

    who gives a fuck on them rich niggaz slappn each ada’s asses,am not G unit fan,but hell no why is everybody else strssing,who knws if the Henchmens and snitches tyrna use it to fight 50 cos they lost the battle in the rap game,if they thought hiphop is dying and they wanna revive it why is Henchman revenging ‘n allowing Game to release another voilent sh*t.

    open ur eyes this aint bout the kid,its hunger for cash cos the business aint doing sh*t,to solve this lets not buy Game and 50 ‘s sucking beef tracks and let yayo the criminal be judged,and the kid to go to skool n stop insulting em elderly niggas in the street then you will c another bitch-ass stunt be pulled–fuck em all.



  • Tyler

    I don’t think this whole thing was set up bro. . but the way ‘dat dude 50 gets down wit his business I think he will make it work 2 his advantage. But we will see. I think Jimmy is gonna flip this into some loot and into a big time favor from Jimmy Iovine. .Well I would anyway. I mean the kid is like 14, he will get over it. It’s not like he was analy raped like Bol was.
    Get with it or Get Rolled over by it:

  • Rizzop

    Any publicity is good publicity….at least they got ya’ll talkin about him

  • EReal

    If you think 50 is really worried about this shit, then you obviously didnt listen to the same track I did. LOL.

    Its even got Yayo laughin in the background, LMFAO..
    classic, cosidering the situation.

  • peezee the jeteye

    i agree completely

  • zokinho

    haha this shit is funny…YOung Buck-Buck the World is fuckin insane every SINGLE song go cop that shit ASAP…50 cent-Curtis comin on june 19th 50 cent-Before I self Destruct comon out feb.4th 2008 go cop that g g g g g unit


    Yo! what’s wrong with you clowns. This fool slapped a kid, a grown as man slapped a kid, so what if he talked greezy to him and i’m not saying he did.
    This fool Tony Yayo is a coward and that’s a fact. If he is that bad of a gangster how come he didn’t slap Game or Buck for talking greezy? That’s because he knows this mother fuckers strike back, at least Game anyways, don´t know about buck thow.
    I mean how dum is you if you can’t talk back to the kid or even better ignor the little one but insted slap him and by doing so risk the little carrier you have going?
    I think yayo have shown us time after time the level of his intelligence by going back and forth to jail for stupid actions.

    You can try to justify this shit for youself but don’t try to bullshit me fool.