Again, you're going to want to put on your tin foil hats for this one, but here's something that occurred to me as I was reading about yesterday's big anti-G-Unit rally: What if 50 Cent planned the whole Tony Yayo slap incident as part of the promotion for his new album?

As far-fetched as it sounds, you have to wonder any time an incident causes as much media attention as this, especially since it's all occurring a right around the same time the new Young Buck album - the most anticipated G-Unit release in ages - hit the streets, and a mere matter of months before the new album by 50 Cent himself hits stores[1].

Think about it: Having Tony Yayo slap Jimmy Henchmen's son is probably the most brilliant crime slash publicity stunt Fiddy could have pulled. I mean, slapping a kid is illegal, but it's not that illegal. Plus you know Fiddy has got those big time Michael Ray Richardson-style lawyers. How do you think he manages to not do time despite the fact that he's always driving around with no license and guns in the car?

What's more, having your teenage son slapped like a little bitch is probably the most utterly humiliating thing a guy could possibly have happen, short of having your wife tampered with, but it's not like Jimmy Henchmen can really do anything about it either. If anything happens to anyone associated with G-Unit anytime in the near future, people will know it's him and he'll just end up being sent back to jail.

Only thing is, now Fiddy has gotta worry about a possible G-Unit backlash based on this little kerfuffle. Slapping a kid, even if it's not just to hype up your boss' new project, is about as morally defensible as driving home drunk three or four nights a week; personally, I don't have any problem looking the other way, but of course it's going to be a sensitive issue to people who are into the whole feigned outrage thing.

Honestly though, I doubt there's much cause to be worried as of yet. To read some of the reports of yesterday's rally, you'd think it was the beginning of the end for G-Unit, with thousands of kids in "Ban G-Unit" t-shirts steamrolling 50 Cent albums C. Delores Tucker-style. But, as you can see in this video, it's basically just one guy, and he didn't even bother to spring for more than one CD and a few G-Unit t-shirts.

[1] Another thing you have to consider is that both Fiddy and the Game just so happened to release new songs on the same day as the new rally. Hmm... My guess is that you've already heard both of them, but if not feel free to check them out in the Bangers section.