Australia Don’t Love Them Ho’s…

Let’s get this straight from the gate. Australia was colonized by the British as a penal outpost (extra nullus). The most dastardly Britons were sent there to kill off the indigenous peoples. Now some two hundred years later we find that the country has forgotten their roots as the final destination for undesirables.

More than racism and supremacy, which this is certainly a product of, the fact that the Australian government is denying Snoop Dogg access to their country is blatant censorship. Snoop has had his difficulties repeatedly here in the states and he did have that one incident at Heathrow Airport, but no one was killed. Hell, shots weren’t even fired. So who do the Australians think they are for denying Snoop his right to enter their country?

Snoop is being denied his right to work freely in an open market. Let’s see how many freedom-loving capitalists chant ‘Free Snoop’ at the top of their lungs. If Snoop doesn’t work then he can’t buy uniforms for the Pop Warner team he coaches, and he certainly can’t afford those diamond studded dog leashes that he makes women wear. Dickies and Chuck Taylor’s can be found at any Salvation Army store so I’m sure Snoop will still be able to afford his wardrobe.

I wonder how many other rappers will come to stand alongside this blacklisted Black man? Do you think we’ll see a political movement of pop musicians like we saw when everybody refused to perform in Sun City, South Africa? Hell to the no. Rappers are your most cowardly and greedy animals. Some rapper is figuring that with Snoop’s inability to enter Australia their availability moved up the queue. Rappers might be the worst profession in the world when it comes to establishing solidarity for the preservation of someone else’s career. Okay, that’s not accurate, crackwhore is the worst profession is those regards, but rappers are a close second.

So now I’ve decided that I will boycott Australia until they return Snoop’s eligibility to enter the country. This means no more Snapple Kiwi-Strawberry drink for me. You know kiwis come from Australia? No more shark fin soup for me either, but in a pinch I will still enjoy barbeque baby fetus since that comes from Korea. Most of all I won’t watch any ‘Crocodile Hunter’ reruns. Let’s see who those television sponsors get to buy their microwave snacks now that I am no longer tuning in.

Free Snoop Dogg!

213 – Got To Find A Way

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  • sATaLyte

    I will also continue my boycott against Fosters.


    I bet they let the Rolling Stones in.

    You know since they played at the Superbowl after the Janet Fiasco.

    Which leads to the question…What rapper has ever done anything as destructive as the Rolling Stones?

  • Incilin

    Wait, aint Snoop banned from like all of UK? Or at least Britan? Aren’t you boycotting them?

  • yaboy

    i will club the next kangaroo i see in the name of billy sunday

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Snoop needs to adapt the team logo of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the Pop Warner team as an indirect “fuck you” to the Aussies …

    For real though, how much money could he be losing by not touring in Australia?? I don’t really think it matters to him, plus it may boost his record sales there since he’ll be considered “taboo”

  • Bol

    What did the Rolling Stones do, again?


    That 213 album is one of the greatest records of any genre ever, and noone gives it its props, makes me sad.


  • John Brown

    I dont know why but hiphopdx blogs are better than anything I have read on xxlmag dot com in a while (with the exemption of Billy’s J.O. interview). Thats just my opinion, I think the staff at xxlmag dot com have been slacking off and think that since they are on top no one will challenge them. But they have to wake up and notice hiphopdx dot com is on their tails (no homo). Just my random thoughts.

  • John Brown


    Your taking a stand against Australia for not allowing Snoop to their country. But how come you never said nothing bout ENGLAND when they also denied him access to their country. How come?

  • thoreauly77

    do we have to ban robbie?

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    They know what Snoop all about…he’s the real deal…what he said on 106 & park waz the truth…

  • First

    What the fuck was up with that fetus eating picture?? I almost puked . . . is that real?

  • EReal

    Because they’re hippocrites and because Snoop didnt even do anything in australia. England had a reason, Australia dosent.

    I will also join the boycott against Australia including – Fosters, Outback Steakhouse, Crocidlie Dundee, and the movie Boomerang, just becuase of the name.
    I dont watch the Australian Top Model anyway because australian bitches are ugly and have hairy bushes, so I will boycott that as well.
    In addition I will launch tirades against anyone with an aussie accent about how their country sucks and should eat shit for banning tha Doggfather.

    If there is any other ideas for the Aussie ban, Im down. They’re back-ass-ackwards and upside down anyway, let em get killed by those damn invisible jellyfish, the fuckers.

    Save Snoop! Kill a Wallabee!

    1 hunned.

  • A.Cambry

    Wow, I thought it was bad that they ate dogs & cats. Homeboy’s eating a premature BBQ’d baby.


    you need to post a warning up to that fetus link…thats some sick shit

  • John Brown


    Are we banning ever Russell Crowe movie (i.e. GLADITOR) and that guy who did WOLVERINE, are we gonna banned all XMEN’s movie? If so thats gonna be hard (no homo) to do.

  • thoreauly77

    dang and i really like

  • jak me hoff


    Fuckin country was founded by criminals.killed off all the aberigenies..

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    I’m really tired of this corny ass Hip-Hop Assassination Attempt.

    wit this bullshit ass censorship issue, first off last i checked dat lil Parental Advisory mark meant, “Watch What Da Fuck Ya Kids Listenin To Johnny”.

    All this banning niggaz from countries is gay, if the man was allowed a passport let him enter as long as it’s legal sanctioned. First off he got booked to do a show out there obviously, and unless you on some grimey shit gettin the good folk for their hard-earned $$$$$ why even initiate the show to begin with. I hope the peeps who paid for the tickets and Snoop get compensated for the bullshit turn of events in this scenario.

    The only thing Hip-Hop made me do was help my bullshit ass days go by giving me a random soundtrack to life as i live it.

    From the gunplay to the Gospel Rapper spittin bout Church on Sunday.

    Live, Hip-Hop Live Muthafuckaz!!!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You make a great point since Robbie is really Hip-Hop. Hmmmmmm, nope Robbie is gonna have to move. Down with Sydney.

    Thank you for explaining to that blank why the hell we aren’t boycotting England.

    John Brown,
    HipHopDX blogs are better than the ‘X DUB’?!? Sounds like you been fucking with the other other ‘x’ too much like your boy whathisnameis.

  • frenchymartin

    HE’S EATING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    barbeque baby fetus hahahahahha that just cracks me the fuck up


    “…Good Day Mate…”

  • Andrew

    > What did the Rolling Stones do, again?

    Hired the Hells Angels to act as security at Altamont, and paying them in beer, leading to a dude getting stabbed to death.

    Among other things.

  • sf

    that bbq’d fetus is some fucked up shit

  • sk

    lol @sonny cheeba

    go hed boycott all the x-men, cause x3 killed the franchise that shit sux balls(no cam), can’t believe that nicca(ratner) was fucking SERENA

  • whitewolf

    the didnt let him in because of his previous history with drugs and firearms. it has nothing to do with his lyrics. the fact he currently is under prosocution isd also another reason for the ban. i hate it as much as the next person, but they do have a point

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^^ Do you see how the censorship is supported via association fallacy? I wonder does Australia deport it’s own citizens that are convicted of drug crimes.

    There are two things at work here… censorship through removal of access and white supremacy.

    Was Paul Hogan denied access despite bilking the Aussie gov’t out of taxes on 300mil of his earnings?

  • Uncle Sam Killa

    god damn you americans suck. how the fuck do you ban a whole country? matter of fact it was only one person at the immigration department who banned snoop any way not the whole fuckin country. what do you care any way we are the ones who miss out. i remember when australian mc phrase was deenide access to the states a couple of years back because he had a criminal record so whats the big deal? you guys are so scared of arab people you wont let most of them in anyway. so in respose ill make it my mission to fuck up any arrogant american who comes face to face with me (again) and believe me there are plenty of you pale cocky cowboy speaking punks in my city.

  • rawandrew

    Billy do you realise that the kiwi is a bird that is NATIVE to New Zealand….you know…native….as in that’s the only place they exist? so boycotting Australia won’t stop you drinking your kiwiFRUIT and strawberry snapples

  • Con

    You guys diss Australia for being a penal colony but forget that that America is the real basket case for putting niggers in slavery – PEACE

  • EReal

    @ JB

    Crowe is a fucktard anyway, and the Xmen franchise sucked, it aint got shit on Spidey. Nicole Kidman’s washed up ass can get it to.

    You arent an austrailian are you? Your country full of haters and hypocrites. If you are you can eat shit from tha Doggfatha. lol. (my promised diatribe)

    1 hunned.

  • Malik C.

    Australia bans everything Billy. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Lion King wasn’t rated R there.

  • jay

    “i will club the next kangaroo i see in the name of billy sunday”


  • John Brown


    How you know I’ve been X’ing out on that X man…lol

    Im just saying that lately the bloggers here are slacking on their material. Your probably the only blogger on here that has something to say (since Sick is bussy “A&R’ing”). And most of the shit you write bout is comedy to me. Best blog on this site to come out in a month was that J.O interview that you did and that was in the last week alone. Like the section in XXL says “STEP YA GAME UP” to all the bloggers.

  • DocZeus

    Umm, Billy. I’m not an Australian legal scholar by any means but the difference between Snoop Dogg and Paul Hogan is that Paul Hogan is an Australian citizen and Snoop is not. Australia does not have to let anybody they don’t want into their country so he doesn’t really have any rights in Australia.

  • 6 100

    Ayo Billy, just so you know Kiwis are from New Zealand, not Australia.

    So go get you a case of them kiwi strawberry snapples. Any nigga that drinks those is suspect anyways. . .

  • NotoriousAgC

    “Dickies and Chuck Taylor’s can be found at any Salvation Army store so I’m sure Snoop will still be able to afford his wardrobe”—-ETHERED

  • dubcity

    kiwis dont come from aus you fucking idiot

  • traebiz

    How bout give the aberigenies their country back..and the indians, and South Africa, and….

  • dave

    Firstly Billy, the Kiwi Fruit comes from New Zealand, secondly how many people can get into the USA when they have the slightest of criminal records, you say that the reason the Australian immigration Dept. didnt let Snnop in is because of racism yet you can turn around and put out an article inciting hatrred towards a country that has no real say in the matter

    ohh yeah there was also an emergency court case held to try nd get snoop access to the country after public outcry


    dont be dissin all of OZ because of the fucking immigration department billy. Snoop has a following down here, and we are backing him up, were are of ur fellow American MC’s helping Snoop out. Huh. so watch ur mouth billy, cause u dont know how many “wogs” will have u done.


    FUCKIN BULLSHIT… im in australia… and thatll mean i never get to see snoop! FUCK! fuckn bullshit…. evry rapper has criminal issues… nearly all have been jailed / imprisoned for firearms/drugs/assault (xzibit, lloyd banks, young buck)… for fuck sakes… lloyd banks & young buck smoked weed on stage down under here in australia… i mean wtf.. absolute bs

  • b

    australia is a british commonwealth territory.hence if the united kingon does not consider u as a desired personality in their country then u are guarateed never to be allowed to enter canada,australia,new zealand and a buncha west indian countries cos they are all ruled by the same queen .snoop fucked his money up the moment he assaulted those custiom officer at heathrow airport in the u.k

    he would never have tried that in the states .they only did that here cos they no that most brithish custom officials are not armed and dont carry weapons.

  • b

    p.s kiwis are from new zealand not australia

  • b

    australia also has one of the most nontolerant immigration laws in the nowadays u need to be on some serious shit to get in there .even british citizens (whose queen runs that country)cant just get in there like that especially if they have a criminal record.snoop is no exception.he fucked up and had been fucking up for a while.we all love snoop but sometimes he needs to be checked.



  • Ha!

    It’s funny that you mention Australian’s killing off Aborigines and stealing their land but…where is the mention of the Native Indian’s who are still being punished to this day?! And on their own land too which was STOLEN from them. AND to add to your ignorance, you put a name to it and celebrate it every year. Thanksgiving anyone?
    You boycotting Australia and it’s residents will not defuse the situation or make it right. Snoop was denied for a reason; i.e, drugs and weapons charges. They tried to ban Eminem from coming down too back in ’00…or doesn’t that count because he’s white?
    Your immaturity amuses me, when the only hypocrites in the whole matter are American’s. You talk about denying someone access into a country? Look in your own backyard before you go poking your nose into someone else’s.
    Stick to what you know best and don’t get involved in situations that don’t concern you (as usual)
    Snoop’s a big boy, he can handle his sh*t on his own. So quit riding his d*ck and ask yourself…who really gives a f*ck?

  • Aussie

    you yanks are hypocrites, you dont let anybody with a criminal record into your country, so why the fuck are you puffing up when australia doesnt let in snoop, who has a criminal record. thats why we hardly get any of the good emcees.

  • Jonathan

    Look, yeah, this shit is fucked, and Snoop should be able to come in here. But that’s the way the world is; you have trouble with the law, and you’re going to find it tougher traveling to foreign countries. Dudes coming to the U.S. would have the same issues. Probably moreso, because drug laws are much harsher in America than in Australia.

    And you Americans fall back, alright? You guys do some fucked up shit in the world, and I still stand by you guys. Watch where you’re running your mouths.

    @B You’re gon’ have an easier time immigrating to Australia then you will trying to move into the States. You tried getting a green card? That shit is hard.

  • http://n/a Australian Reader

    First up, u ignorant Americans don’t know shit bout any country outside the US. And wat’s with always playing the race card wen anything ever happens 2 be unfavourable 2 Black ppl.

    A)Kiwi’s Don’t come from Australia

    B) He neva booked a concert – he was banned from hosting the Australian MTV VMA’s

    C) 2 whoever sed “Australia bans everything” well at least we won’t up end up with fuked up gun/gang problems like u guys have

  • AATM

    Australia reader, Australia is a land of criminals. Check out your history!

  • Liam

    As an Australian and a fan of hip hop, I say fuck Australia and fuck Snoop dogg.

  • John

    I wish you could all listen to yourselves talk. You sound like a bunch of spear chucking street thugs.

    Everything was fine until we had to fight that disruptive civil war.

    You militant black panther Malcom X assholes bring poverty, hate and prejudice on yourselves with the way you act and talk. No wander your hated so much and not by only whites but by other minorities as well.

    How come blacks make up just 25% of the population but commit 70% of the crimes?

    I wouldn’t let that nigga rich snoop pig in my country either!

  • kommett

    Kiwis come from New Zealand, fuckhead