300K Is The New Platinum…

Shit is really fucked the fuck up in the rap game right now.  Dudes that were selling millions of records are now having millions of downloads.  The record industry is scared shitless and frankly, so am I.  What if the record companies confiscate all the instruments and turntables and cassette tape recorders, a la the DJ Drama raid just because we aren’t buying enough CD’s?  Shit could get that ill party people.  What do you think the army is doing in Iraq?  They are killing everyone that is illegally downloading oil.  After they get recalled and come back here what’s to stop them from kicking in my door and shooting me in the back because I just DL’ed some white label Amy Winehouse shit.  Allegedly… 

I’m not saying that I download shit because I don’t have to.  As a culture critic and internets celebrity most record labels just mail new shit to me for me to listen to.  Incidentally, the new Prodigy project is enjoyable rap music surreality, but it won’t reach the heights of Mobb’s classic albums and neither will Redman’s latest disk ‘Red Gone Wild’.  Both of these offerings are filled with the type of Hip-Hop music that made the genre ‘can’t miss’ just seven years ago.  These artists will be gotdamned lucky if they even reach 300K which should be the new platinum certification number.  I say 300K because that is how many units The Clipse sold for their last major label drop.  Only Jay-Z gets downloaded more than the Clipse.  Them dudes should have sold two million, but they were DL’ed over 1.5 million times.  I don’t even like The Clipse like that but they are in the forefront of this trend that has men wearing their little sister’s skinny jeans and colorful sweathoods that zip up over your face.  I give them niggas that much credit. 

Do you remember when a million used to be a million?  There was a time when a shitty album like that new Jeezy joint would go platinum just on G.P.  Back then a million dollars was actually a million dollars too.  Nowadays niggas get a million dollars for designing a can of sody pop or a fuckin’ color.  That shit fucks up the game for the rest of us in the long run.  While niggers are caking up off their popularity has anyone said a fucking word to us about how we can increase our wealth?  Which Roth IRA mutual fund to fucks with or which 401K to put our chips in?  Hell nahh!  Niggers just tell you where to spend your money and how much of a chump you are if your whip ain’t 2008 or better.  Y’all niggas love these niggers too.  Heaven forbid I say anything about that lil’ nigger on this blog.  Y’all skinny jean, chain belt wearing fanboys will flood your Tampax.  So the rich get richer and we stays poorer.  And dumber.  And still poorer for the fact that our music, our art, and our culture becomes the landscape of the lowest common denominator. 

Don’t act now like you didn’t want this to happen.  I see you out there snapping your fingers and walking it out to the remake of the zip coon song.  You should just go kill yourself after your grandparents boycotted buses and were bitten by German shepherds in order for you to go to a school with some competent teachers.  Fuck it, I don’t care to argue with you anymore since it’s just an exercise in futility.  Let’s all just let our chains hang low since we are caught up in mental slavery. 

At least chicks are coming back into the rap game

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  • My very first comment


  • T.R.E.Y.

    uh oh, pseudo-Bol returns!

  • Incilin

    Man, you just went off in a bunch of directions. Why couldn’t you just stick to the stuff about record sales? (the iraq example was pretty funny tho)

    its almost as if u had a great idea for a post and when u wrote it out it was only like half of what u wanted. so u just filled it up wit tha ideology of “u kids these days don’t know what good music is !!” just to take up space. funny how thise post is longer than ur regular ones.


    Best Blog of the year.

  • Cashus Clay

    The days of going platnium in this rap shit is over more so if you aint rapping bout the latitude of ur chain Maybe this rap shit needs a good purge if the sales dont improve at least the quality of Music will

  • tseliot

    another drunken rambling rant courtesy of mr. billy x. sunday . . .

  • Sean Pierre

    Mr. Sunday –

    While I understand your job as a social commentator is to be provocative and entertaining, you seem to have conveniently glossed over a number of gaping holes in your argument; to wit: If YOU accurately know the total downloads of Jay-Z, The Clipse, et al., it’s safe to assume both the artists and their record companies are keeping track of these numbers, as well. Additionally, they are more than likely aware of from who fans downloaded this music. Accordingly, the sources of these downloads must have paid the record companies for the usage of their material or risk expensive litigation. And, as unscrupulous as many have made record companies to appear, it would be a real stretch to believe that any sort of agreement licensing the use of music for download is not accompanied by a per sale rider or fee to be paid to the record company by the download source for every download completed. So, if your favorite rapper is not getting paid because fans are using the latest technology, fault the artist and his management, not internet-savvy fans.
    As far as the contempt you displayed to rappers who have not, as yet, shared the advice they pay financial strategists tens of thousands of dollars to obtain – Do your own research! There is nothing preventing you from doing your own legwork, scouring the financial publications and identifying winners that not only are turning profits, but are in line with your own personal beliefs and interests. Your rant is dangerously close to sounding like sour grapes because you aren’t getting a handout. As a point of interest, the more successful rappers couldn’t tell you about a Roth IRA anyway because to qualify for a Roth you have to earn less than $110K annually as a single person or $160K annually as a couple – well below the income of a successful rapper.
    Finally, your distaste for “snapping your fingers and walking it out” is apparently not shared by the legions of fans that support those songs, their artists and that genre. Your reference of “grandparents (who) boycotted buses” is ill-applied because those people took action decades ago so that they and their offspring could be free to enjoy the same privileges as all other citizens of this country – not to assume an air of superiority over people and/or pastimes which are dissimilar to our own personal preferences. I am not in any way trying to subvert your right of expression. My goal is merely an attempt to provide a counterbalance to the opinion you expressed.

    Be Well,
    Sean Pierre

  • Crossbow

    No loyalty anymore. I know all record sales are down, but hip-hop is really, really down. You still see rock, country, and pop artists go platinum consistently, but when the bootleg man is selling the new Paul Wall for $3, shit won’t stand a chance.

    Bonus question: Why does a nigga in a pink shirt and skinny jeans have to say “no homo” before he says something that sounds like a double entendre?

  • Chanel

    The #1 reason Rap albums don’t go platnium any more is because the bar was lowered so low that the average fan has now convinced themselves to stop buying and start rapping themselves…Result, more music than ever and fewer heads buying albums.

  • RingTone B

    Real talk on lack of platinum success for rappers these days. Everybody I know downloaded the clipse’s hell hath no fury even though I told them it would be sick. Them niggas can seriously spit & no one wants to pay attention cuz niggas get a nice beat or a sing-a-long hook or a stupid dance & they get all the play. Shouts out to The Clipse, Lil Wayne & real mc’s who can spit & don’t dumb down their lyrics or sell-out to make a dollar.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaanswermikeyd Dip Set City

    Were you drunk when you wrote that?

  • That Dude

    Best Blog of the year from Billy Sunday I agree!!!

    But Damn you went off!!!! Shit was funny as hell!!!!

  • Bump

    my name is Bump and i’m a lame duck ass nigga. Somebody beat my ass cuz i suck.

  • crossbow

    Though record sales are down overall, hip-hop sales have plummeted. Country, Rock, and “TRL/Disney Pop” artists go platinum consistently. There is very little artist loyalty in hip-hop. But, when the bootleg man can get me Lil’ Wayne’s new mixtape and Paul Wall for $5, hip-hop don’t stand a chance.

    Bonus Question: Why was the term “No Homo” popularized by men who wear pink shirts and skinny jeans and earrings similar to what Elizabeth Taylor has in her jewelry box?

  • crack

    sunday obviously prefers the easy butt sex access that comes along with wearing ur jeans to well past ur ass crack. he is just mad bcuz he tried on some of those jeans and they made his legs look like a pair of navy blue twinkies

  • LOC

    another drunken rambling rant courtesy of mr. billy x. sunday . . .


  • http://www.soundclick.com/flamilia Mr. Fatso

    I feel you on the sales mane, but hatin’ on new treads makes you sound like someone’s granddad. That’s not a good look homie.

  • skizzle

    Who cares about record sales most artist make they money off touring and endorsements anyway. Just put out dope albums with dope lyrics and hopefully the Richboy’s of the world will fade away.

  • Pancho

    co-sign this post to the fullest….

    guess girls are now doing songs that have no meaning….

    Lip Gloss = Chain Hang Low for females

  • HHS1982

    Real shit, and I’m sure you gotta feel me on this Billy, there is something UNDENIABLY HIP-HOP about that Lip Gloss track/video. We all had that one chick in school that had maaaaad spit at the lunch tables and sometime she was even kinda cute. I know y’all gonna knock it cuz 1. itz a chick (fuckin fags) and 2. the song is about lip gloss, but this reminds me of the good old days when a nigga could havin fun spittin about his adidas!


    It’s about time we get some real shit on this website.

  • thecollinb

    Ehhhhhhhhh, I hear you BUT:
    black people bootleg, we don’t really download like the caucus of caucasoids do. The majority of black folks still dont have the internet in the crib really so the first part of your “Billy X Sunday goes the fucks off” blog is kinda moot.
    other than that you’re still pretty much hitting the nail on the head although to be objective i still think that you’re looking for entertainers to be more than entertainers. Charles Barley told us years ago he wasn’t a role model and i haven’t seen too too many black figures step up and say they were role models either so you gotta cut some slack….are theys same niggers mainstreaming negative stereotypes of black culture, yes, but we’ve always been a self destructive race. fuck can you do?

  • jacquez
  • BirdsFlySouth

    Dude can I get you to stay on topic? You started off talking about album sales then you ended up hating on the south.

    Don’t get made b/c D4L sold more than Nas. LOL!!!
    So yall just keep telling us why you hot and you ballin and we’ll keep snapping our fingers on the way to the bank.

  • http://governmentnames.blogspot.com Government Names

    “I say 300K because that is how many units The Clipse sold for their last major label drop.”

    Hell Hath No Fury didn’t sell anywhere near 300K, though. I’m not sure if they even cleared 100K.

  • Rizzop

    Good shit, man what we need to figure out is how to solve this shit b4 rap becomes extinct…..

  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK DONOVAN


  • John Brown

    WAKE me up when you have something good to right about.

  • EReal

    Fucking Church, and funny as hell to boot.

    This line right here is classic.
    “Heaven forbid I say anything about that lil’ nigger on this blog. Y’all skinny jean, chain belt wearing fanboys will flood your Tampax. ”

    ” I see you out there snapping your fingers and walking it out to the remake of the zip coon song. You should just go kill yourself after your grandparents boycotted buses and were bitten by German shepherds in order for you to go to a school with some competent teachers. ”
    Real Talk.

    He’s not saying that “you kids dont know music now adays”. Hes saying that they’re dumbed down and only desire to hear what they’re told to hear, and dont hold their artists accountable for giving them good music. I understand thats just what some people like. I can be in the moody for Jeezy sometimes, like a song or two until the Yeaaaahhhhhsss and Daayyyyymmnnns get annoying as fuck. Except 90% of the time, when you ask someone “why do you like Jeezy” or “why do you like lil wayne” all you’ll get is you’re a hater. Cause he’s hot. Because he’s put out 5 million mixtapes. Then, when you attempt to rebutt their comments and offer things such as “I can go in my attic and make 5 million mixtapes, that dosent mean i’m good. it means I have alot of free time”. They’ll say oh fuck you weezy or jeezy or game hater. Thats because 90% of those people have never asked themselves that question about any artist. “Why do I listen to (rapper name here)?”. Fact is this new generation for the most part isnt asking questions period.
    I think this rant is more, wake up and smarten up. Or at least IMO.

    1 hunned.

  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    I gotta give you kudos on this one Billy X, you hit the nail on the head. Its a damn shame when you see the numbers that good hip hop sell. Redman, Ghostface (both albums), are not going to sell what they should have. Everyone will blame the guy in charge over there, but it has a lot to do with the way the game is now. There is nothing to force a person to go to the store and buy it, before you can get to the store its at the gas station. The mainstream don’t play real music no more, all you is here is something about being fly or what you should go out and buy. It all is part of the dumbing down of the black youth. Watch Bet for a day and every song is elementary, and the youth of today eat it up. They think thats all there is.

    Anyway I digress, good words Billy, keep up some real talk. Lets get one on Imus next, what you think of that?

  • JE1NEK


  • http://www.msn.com King Ben U Beezy !

    I said that 300 is the new platnium a long time ago, when Jim Jones dropped, he was running around like he sold 4 mil. Shit is just horrible, gold is the diamond.

  • Belize

    X says: neither will Redman’s latest disk ‘Red Gone Wild’.

    ^Hmmm…what u smoking on?
    Red Gone Wild > Malpractise

    Tell me im Lying.

  • Belize

    By the way, I like that 300K is the new plat. It will force artist to create a better product and consumers to stop watching soundscan but instead listen to “word of mouth”, shyt(!) thats how Biggie, Meth and most 90′s artists (no Heavy D) went Plat.

  • Malik C.

    Would of been funnier with “juking and jiving” references. I’d have to agree on all fronts of you blog though.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    billy, this post was all over the place, but entertaining nonetheless. i think the artists need to be proactive about making their own music using their own money, that way the chances of their records getting downloaded and then bootlegged are lessened considerably. how many of the independently owned albums have been leaked?

  • thoreauly77

    oh and i think 50000 is the new platinum!

  • DANJA29

    damn, this degenerated from a humorous blog about how niggas’ sales are hangin’ low… to a mad ramblin’ rant about today’s music.

    Yeah, we’re def. not in those late-90s/early 2000s days when damn near anybody with one hit single was goin’ platinum in a month- those were some HUGE times for hip-hop. But now we’re back to how it was prior to that, when only a lucky few are still gettin’ platinum, and if they’re less lucky (but still lucky) they’ll hit gold.

    I wish I could say this will inspire people to make better albums so people go out and buy ‘em… but as iPods are sellin’ more and more everyday (and becoming more and more affordable), I’ma say that ain’t even gonna help. Cause all that’s gonna do is make the albums more in demand and people are gonna have even less patience, so they’re gonna download ‘em just as fast as they already are.

  • public domain

    Try not letting these white folks (radio, MTV, BET,the former Source magazine) control what you listen to and maybe album sales will increase….Until then let hip-hop rest in peace…

  • AZ

    This is exactly what black people do…Just talk about shit no action! EVER!!

  • JR

    some of the shit dude said was tru nd some was juss not associated wit the subject like “the iraq cituation” the other day when 50 cent was hot 97 he brought up something which i think really influences record sale quote 50 said ” since sales aint what it use to be it’s all about the generation that buys the music if its da young generation dat like artists like Jay-Z or Nas or Jeezy they gone use Limewire nd download it cuz they have the knowledge to do dat. Ex. If A Robin Thicke project drops it will probably do better than a Clipse or Young Buck album cause most people who listen to Robin Thicke are the older generation

  • Ashim

    The realest shit I ever read on these here blogs. Great fuckin work.

  • ONE50

    Yall stupid as the music you cherish these days. The blog is talking about how niggas always end up settling for less. Niggas can’t have nice shit no more. When ever something is old to us we throw it away and settle for the next shiney new thing available.

  • ONE50

    Yall stupid as the music you cherish these days. The blog is talking about how niggas always end up settling for less. Niggas can’t have nice shit no more. When ever something is old to us we throw it away and settle for the next shiney new thing available.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com Enigmatik

    Good post, dude.

  • The Leak

    you would be a lot beeter columist if you start acting professional about stuff. you can still give your opinion and be bi partial. Instead you stay on waynes dick…ok you dont like him, we dont wanna hear that shit in everyone of your blogs though. U had a good point but just like the majority of the rest, you launch bullshit tirades at people the wrong time. Get your shit together

  • Atl’s own

    man dis shit was all over the place!

    a lil funny (“…walking it out to the remake of the zip coon song…”).

    but mostly BS

    which makes me wonder how can u criticise peps on makin BS music when u writin’ BS post.

    whats da difference?

  • Gkid12345

    Word up look at lloyd banks. Hands up was the best single released on G-unit records and he only managed 300k. U needa go butt ass for your record to sale a million. I wonder if there will be a new diamond set. 5 million should be diamond at this point.

  • gagan

    fuck u niggas this is real talk man

  • gagan

    fuck u niggas this is real talk man

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    i empathize with this blog’s purpose (hold, rappers ain’t supposed to have vast vocabs)

    ummmm, this shit was the truth son!!!!!!!!!

  • http://cameuprecords.com A-Town Hustla

    These labels are encouraging bullshit by continuing to sign wack ass artists.

  • AK47

    so lemme get this straight…. you want jeezy to start rappin about 401k plans?? i aint tryin to hear that shit. i listen to music to feel good and have a good time with friends, not cuz i need sound financial advice.

    you started off with some truth though. 300k is about equal to platinum in the late 90′s. the internet changed the game.

  • ak47

    point taken. 300k is equivalent to platinum in the late 90′s.

    as for the rest of the shit you said….

    you shouldn’t be looking to hip-hop for sound financial advice. do you really want jeezy to rap about 401k plans?? how many haters would clown him for that?? you shouldn’t look to music to solve your life’s problems. music is mainly for feeling good or having a good time and for you to bob your head to when your blazin that good shit.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I wouldn’t look to Jeezy for financial, or any advice, but there is a constituency that looks at these artists as the only legitimate success stories from their community.

    So if an artist isn’t man, or woman enought to tell the constituency that they only spit the shit that their bosses direct them to there should be some life lesson/advice in their music.

    I love to have a good time myself. I mitigate that by working my azz off at a 9-2-5 in order to keep my lights on and pay for my booze and occasional pifferachi. I just gave you real talk right there. Find the nuggets of real talk in the above post and use them. Don’t dwell on the fact that your favorite rapper is just a pawn to keep you broke and dumb.

  • http://myspace.com big D


  • kane corleone

    Are those NY numbers?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I’m of the belief that a change will come, but we have to open our minds and our hearts to get to that next next. There’s a lot of work to be done. Don’t be a coward. Don’t be scared of peer pressure or not looking cool. That peer pressure is a bitch and the nigger that everyone is looking up to dropped out of school at 13?!? I don’t even think he can read this blog because that nigger is prah’lee illiterate.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Hey Billy (or anyone else) do you think it’s feasible for artist and record companies to drop the price of the CD’s to sell more. Let’s say to like $7. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cost nearly as much to make it and people may be more inclined to buy a $7 CD than a $10^ CD?

    Just asking

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Interesting thought but I don’t think that’s it’s about selling CD’s anymore per se. The only time I listen to an actual CD is in a car. If go on holiday and copp a rental with an iPod port I’m gravy. the medium of CD’s is a dead format.

    record companies should have done this shit a million years ago… make niggas buy shit from them direct. just like those t-shirt companies don’t press your shirt until you’ve paid that is how Interscope and Universal should deliver the digital files and CD’s if you should chose that format.

    Set up a website that allows me to preview their artists tracks and allows me to download the joints I want. maybe I wanna spice my shit up with some of that artists vintage tracks or some one-offs? they can have all of that available to the user as well.

    It’s kind of funny to me how the recording industry embraced the portable format change from cassettes to CD’s in a heartbeat, but now they’re stuck on stupid.

    also, and most importantly, it’s time to get some of these record label’s progeny out of the boardrooms and put people that actually know shit in their place.

  • Hoodsavior

    ^^^^…billy i said the same shit…if i thought of the shit months ago…they should of thought of it years ago…what are the Doug Morris’ makin all this cake for if they cant come up with the solution to the problem?…is there a speed bump we are missing?…or maybe they get there money up front so fuck the artist?..stever jobs doesnt like black people?..who knows…but they are makin this shit 10x’s harder than it should be…

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

    good post as usual…

    the record industry is DEFINITELY hurting, but their not going broke!

    artists like The Fray, Barbara Streisand, etc sell tons of records still for the TI’s….

    Rap just happens to be the hottest medium of the last decade

  • http://myspace.com/itscalledcrack James

    This is whack and isn’t going anywhere. horrible hip-hop columnist. he should be fired. he goes from some hip-hop economics to effing spike lee bamboozled social revolutionary commentary at the bottom. he needs to be fired.

  • CMR

    Umm has anybody also thought about the fact that alot of music is being downloaded more than ever is becase the majority of it is straight garbage. Also has anybody thought about whats gonna happen when your burnt cd wears out cuz they only last so long or your old ass computer 15 years from now burns out and all your downloads are gone and you wanna hear one of your old albums again. Then you gota go buy it. And if its like 10 years old that shit gonna coast like 20 bucks. So downloading is actually helping these fools. In 20 years they gona be gettin some fat royalty checks when everybody wants to hear they shit again

  • http://organicmutant.com spdier

    Speak it, Billy! You got me.

  • http://shaytheexec.blogspot.com Shay

    I hope you were being sarcastic when you mentioned LIL MAMA at the end, if not you contradicted your whole blog. If anyone thinks that NY/SOUTH Type track is real hip hop then your as wrong as MIMS!

    All that snap music should be put into a category of it’s own, not with Hip hop. Those types of songs should have their own awards,Music channel, and Chart show.

    At least when I tune into BET, I wont hear repetitive shit, and WACK topics such as ”LIPGLOSS”

    Shay aka A&R Superstar

  • lex

    BS Urban radio, merk DJs, & shady promoters make this business more headache than its worth.

  • mannyworld33



  • http://www.organicmutant.com mutant spider

    Speak it, Billy! You got me.

  • Young Stunna

    i thought dlin was illegal in the states already?

  • JML5150

    The true blame for low sales is the artist themselves, albums lately suck and radio for force feeding us garbage in their so called (payola)rotation (payola). Alot of rappers cant be called artists because artists think abstact and free. Rappers think, street banger, girl song, club song, big name rapper/singer collabo, weed carrier/crew memeber posse cut, etc. I spend alot of time between LA and Vegas and all the radio stations play the same regurgitated bullshit. This is why I’m Hot is one of the worst/simple songs I’ve heard (NY beat this kid within an inch of his life), its one step above Laffy Taffy only because it did not sound like a Casio keyboard sampler. 15 Tracks (3 singles, 5 skits, and 7 filler songs) is the industry standard formula. Why do I want to take a chance and spend $13.99 or so on that when I can “test drive” it for free? I know I feel like shit when I buy an album I know after 3 tracks is garbage I cant take it back…

  • b-ease

    There was a time when a shitty album like that new Jeezy joint would go platinum just on G.P.

    The new shitty Jeezy joint did go platinum off GP (or at least 800,000)

  • http://www.donnyslaughter.com Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    The reason Hip hop sales are down is probablly becuz Blacks buy more bootlegged cd’s than anyone else, Pop and Country fans may still be loyal. So when U hear that rappers calling Black women bitches and hoes, don’t think we the only ones buying it, cuz most over the counter cd’s even of hip hop are buy White folks, which is why they think it’s cool to say ‘Nigga’ and all the other street lingo that we Black folks use, record and sell to them

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