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Joey from Straight Bangin’ and Jeff from Passion of the Weiss are both responsible for saving Hip-Hop when they started this project to cull top 25 lists from anybody and everybody who reads their websites. It spawned all kinds of debates and chatter about rap music and it made most of us blow the dust off of our cassette collections. It surprised me how much great Hip-Hop I had forgotten. It also made me laugh when I remembered the albums that were considered “underground” when they debuted. At the end of the day I realized how Hip-Hop has been the soundtrack to my life. It frames the way I receive information and how I communicate with the world around me. It clarified my value system and my desire to see equality for all peoples no matter their racial background or economic standing. Hip-Hop has the power to help me dream of a better place where I can live without destroying my neighbor in the process. No addicts, no dopefiends, no orphaned, homeless children, just love, peace and truth. Sure, that’s some pie in the sky shit because capitalism means that someone has to be exploited, but that’s my shit. In the meantime I say fight the power by educating yourself and party for your right to fight by celebrating your survival in the day to day stuggle.

Over the last couple of days there has been a little discussion between myself and another writer here at XXL Mag Dot Com. The discussion hasn’t been properly filtered so some people think that my comments allude to an exclusiveness to Hip-Hop based on someone’s background. As if being disenfranchised and Black makes you more Hip-Hop than someone who doesn’t fall into that criteria. No and no. Hip-Hop started as a multi-racial, multi-class artistic movement. Rappers and deejays from the south Bronx blended with breakdancers from Brooklyn and graff writers from Queens. What held true then remains today… It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. If you aren’t moving the culture forward with progressive thinking and progressive action then you aren’t perpetuating the art or the culture. But you know what… Enough utopian fantasies about Hip-Hop and the culture, if it survived the sudden deaths of two of its most iconic personalities it will survive the disagreements of an old man and a doppelganger fanboy coward. When you aren’t here at XXL Mag Dot Com you should find the time to hit these sites up…

Straight Bangin’ – Nuff’ said
Passion of the Weiss – the REAL Status Ain’t Hood
OhWord – Word is bond
UnKut – The essence of Hip-Hop in blog format
Dallas Penn – You can’t handle the truth

Shouts to XXL Mag Dot Commenter Belize who showed some courage with his Jay-Z and B.I.G. selections on his top 25 list. Let’s see how you all feel about this breakdown…

1. Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet (The height of socially conscious rap music with the most incredible production team evar)
2. Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Links (True, it’s a Raekwon album but his work with Ghostface is like peanut butter hanging out with jelly)
3. Nas – Illmatic, B.I.G.- Ready To Die, Tupac – Me Against The World (Call these three albums the Holy Trinity of Hip-Hop)
6. 2Live Crew – Nasty As They Wanna Be
7. OutKast – ATLiens (My favorite ‘Kast disk although Aquemini is the shit too even though I can’t pronounce that joint)
8. De La Soul – 3 Feet High And Rising (De La and Prince Paul opened the doors for rappers from the suburbs)
9. Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted (A top 10 G.O.A.T. with production from the G.O.A.T.’s of sampling)
10. B.D.P. – Criminal Minded
11. D.O.C. – No One Can Do It Better, Snoop – Doggystyle, Dr. Dre – The Chronic (A testament to the production skills of Dre more than anything else, and The D.O.C. is arguably the best Midwest rapper evar)
14. Wu-Tang – Enter the 36 Chambers, O.D.B. – Return to the 36 Chambers, GZA – Liquid Swords (Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with)
17. Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped (Best. Album. Cover. EVAR!)
18. Beastie Boys – Licensed To Ill (Second best cover in rap history)
19. Kanye West – Late Registration (Best new millennium rap record)
20. Jay-Z – The Dynasty (This is the record Jay-Z should have retired on. He was on top of his game as a lyricist even though Eminem ate him alive on that track)
21. Eminem – The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP (Definitely top 5 emcees of all time and one of the great students of rap lyricism)
23. Lil’ Kim – Hardcore (The undisputed Queen of raunchy rap)
24. Redman – Whut! Thee Album (Redman brought the mosh pit to rap music)
25. Kool G Rap – Road To The Riches (Of all the albums listed you need to copp this joint if you love Hip-Hop street stories. A masterpiece)

And most importantly, for those of you keeping score at home… Noz lost.

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  • http://www.dipshit.com Me

    you’re a douche

  • Holla

    I think you mean Jay-Z’s The Blueprint – not The Dynasty……..fact checking, it works.

    Seriously, that list is terrible. You should be ashamed.

    Lil Kim????? You got to be kidding me.

  • thoreauly77

    #20 is kind of confusing. do you mean that he should have retired before he got ate up on the blueprint’s “renegade”, or did you mean the blueprint as opposed to the dynasty?

    either way, yeah belize’s list was tight, and surprising. and passion’s was about as close to mine as anyone could get… what can i say, thats just my shit!!

  • Erik

    Noz won.

  • ill will

    late registration?? fuck thattttttttttttttttttttttttttt. college drop out.

  • john cochran

    I agree up to late registration. How you got that above marshall mathers lp. That shit was kinda weak. And I think you mean the blueprint. If so, yeah he shouldda went out like that. I think all you guys need to update your lists. You’re prolly like 40 somethin, but none of the youngins know any of that shit. I know only cause Im an old soul. Show some love sometimes and stop livin in the past.
    50-GET RICH OR DIE SNITCHIN( dont front)
    RZA- BIRTH OF A PRINCE(most slept on ever)

  • N.O. 4 life

    lil kim naaah…everything else seems straight especially due to the fact he put more than one album on some numbers…. nothing notable is left out that i can think of…..i know we coulda threw somebody from new orleans on that list… Master P,Juvie,Wayne??(thats me being biased though)……….
    it’s solid a list overall the best i seen yet

  • N.O. 4 life

    he didnt use more than one number i read it wrong

  • C.Rob

    if u think Noz lost, you must cant count homie….

  • john cochran

    I agree NO, he coulda put 400 degrees on that shit for you. Hell, project pat layin da smack down couldda been shouted. I know what yall thinkin, but cop that shit, youll be knockin that shit for months, pick it back up and it still knock.

  • http://nahright.com tony new orleans

    nas the best east coast rapper ever,


    That list is really bad bruvva. yeah peace out c-town lg 404.

  • http://nahright.com tony new orleans

    how u not have scarface on the list, the only dirty south rapper u had was d.o,.c. and most ppl didnt kno he is from dallas, that cat not from the midwest

  • no

    define “properly filtered”. You’re blogs are unedited right? Sounds like backpedaling to me… it’s whatever though. who cares..

  • K

    A true winner doesn’t have to claim he won.

    If you had any sense (and any hope of actually being perceived as victorius), you’d do yourself a huge favor and edit that last line.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff


    4 still poppin off shots down the hall at Noz.

    man ya’ll gonna be aiight i guess.

    as for the list, i can agree with it. Personally i don’t do the list thing, but the albums named holds alot of weight personally in what helped me develop my vast preferences of talent and artistry in terms of Rap.

    well this is a good ass Playoff Game, i got a log of mean green rolled.

    and dats Word to Devin The Dude.


  • Brizzle
  • Brizzle
  • http://poisonousparagraphs.blogspot.com/ Dart_Adams

    For mine check ‘em out @ http://poisonousparagraphs.blogspot.com/


  • E. Black

    Seriously homie, before you start trying to check Noz, check yourself and do some proofreading/fact checking in your posts.

    You do have excellent points and concepts at times, but it’s hard to take you seriously when you mess up even the most basic facts about album title, cds, etc.

    You damn near if not pushing 40. E-beefing is for kids. Word to kris ex.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Tony New Orleans,

    i’m an East Coast dude and trust me i been Bangin Both volumes of “My Homies” as well as “Untouchable”, “The Fix” and “The Diary”, i agree with you that Scarface should have a slot on that list somewhere.

    actually listening to “2 Real” right now even though i know Face aint literally rappin on da track.

    Fuck It UGK and Mr. 3-2 did their thing!

    If anyone can find me that Facemob alubum, alert me or some shit.

    Once again i’m jus a dude from NWK,NJ but it was one time in my life da only Southern Rap i thought existed was from Rap-A-Lot and Suave House, and then “Playas Ball” hit BET…….

  • Malik C.

    I’m surprised someone actually put The Slim Shady LP. It seems like that album is always forgotten when someone talks about Em. I Still Don’t Give a Fuck has so many great lines on it. Replace Kanye with Lupe for best album of the 2000s and I’m good. I would have changed some numbers around like putting Wu-Tang and Eminem higher. Otherwise it’s pretty good. Mad love for Ice Cube too.

  • ONE50

    I don’t agree with 2 Live Crew being on that list at all. OK they were huge in the late 80s. But the love affair for me was more about the asses in the videos. However as I think about it, they are in fact the pioneers of the sight and sounds of today’s hip hop. But The Infanous definately should be on that list.

  • Malik C.

    You know the dudes from Unkut are Aussies right?

  • Pete

    No Scarface?

    How did that Dynasty album make the list? 1-900 hustler was a rip off of the Convicts’ 1-900-Dial-a-Crook.

  • tseliot

    you may “feel” hip-hop, in terms of the lifestyle, background, etc., more than noz, but it’s obvious that noz understands the artistry of RAP MUSIC (–can we distinguish hip-hop from rap, please? it would certainly clear up the “is lauryn hill” hip-hop arguments. a: yes, but her album is certainly not RAP MUSIC).

    some of your picks are ridiculous. lil kim in the top 25 ever? 2 live crew over wu-tang, outkast, etc.? seriously? are you even judging these albums based on their artistry or are you just culturally ass-kissing, judging what makes a rap record “great” as based on what it’s impact is in a particular culture (“rap from the burbs,” “politically conscious rap,” etc.)?

    artistry is independent of its effect, remember. some of these selections just appear as if you said to yourself: “hmmm, i don’t have anything from a female mc yet. i should throw in lil’ kim just to be fair.” and that doesn’t represent a top ANYTHING list properly . . .

  • ro ceezy

    Best list i’ve seen yet

  • i’ll shit bag u

    that list sucks public enemy was garbage

  • T.R.E.Y.

    while i’m kinda tired of borin’-ass ATLiens bein’ chosen over Aquemini or Stankonia, you had the cojones to pick Kanyeezy’s best and hated-on-way-too-much album, so it’s all good.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    and i noticed that Em reference with Jay, did you mean to list Blueprint?

  • roy

    i basically wasted my whole day reading these damn lists so now i feel like i deserve to speak my piece, since i am absolutely baffled by the fact that i haven’t seen:

    -CYPRESS HILL-s/t (?!?!?!?)
    -kool keith- sex style
    -jeru- sun rises in the east
    -smif n wessun- dah shinin
    -keith murray- the most beautifullest thing….
    -daily operation
    -biz never sleeps
    -soundbombing 2
    -jb’s done by the forces of nature

    anybody else notice these omissions, or any others??

  • http://noooo.com jay

    wow this list is pretty bad…Eminem was not even on the Dynasty lol. I’m surprised this guy didnt throw Jeezy on this one whatever that album name was.

  • Bubz

    Why does a list of the 25 great rap albums have MORE that 25 albums. Someone couldn’t make up his mind


    This was a Decent List, I woulda put Tupac’s Me Against The World Higher like #2, I would put Jay-Z’s Blueprint higher,Nas Illmatic is good,what about Kanye’s College Dropout Album? That was WAY better than Late Registration, and he cemented himself as the Best MC of the 2000s with that Classic Album.

  • Moe Real

    You’re an idiot. Nothing wrong with the list, it’s just that you’re an idiot. You’re just trying to start shit with other bloggers, like Bol does. But the difference is: Bol has a sense of humor and all you can do is front like a typical internet thug.

    Noz is playing chess, you’re playing checkers.

    I always hated you anyway.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    Dropout better than Late? that’s crazy talk!

    LR‘s production shits on Dropout‘s bigtime, thank you Jon Brion

  • http://www.xxlmag.com E Black

    Eminem in the “Dynasty” album??? Get your facts right!!
    all this fuss to have an incorrect list…pfff
    BS anyway

  • http://www.xxlmag.com E Black

    what’s up with the list thing anyway??!!

  • Cuban Link

    who am i?

  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    Okay. Not a bad list – it explains ur personality to the fullest. DOC is still the truth, as far as ghostwriting (c) Snoop. Surprised me though with THE DYNASTY, I always took you for a Vol. 3 listening-type nucca..lol

  • midwest_ressurection

    just for the record…Eminem ate up Jay-Z on Takeover which was on The Blueprint, not the Dynasty…BUT…MAD MAD MAD props for finally putting Eminem albums in the mix…This guy is arguably the best of all time…He makes one dumb ass cd and everyone wants to diss him…dont sleep on the legend that never says he is the best – he just knows he is

  • J.R.O.

    “7. OutKast – ATLiens (My favorite ‘Kast disk although Aquemini is the shit too even though I can’t pronounce that joint)”

    Yeah, I remember calling it ‘Ac-you-mini’ for a bit. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    Good shit, Sunday.

    Where’s ‘Strictly Business’ or ‘The Great Adventures of…’ tho’?

  • Incilin

    Lol, you got to be the only nigga tha goes out and gives multiple ties instead of actually deciding. But I gota admit it was a pretty good idea. Thank god somone put Me Against The World on their list where it belongs. And it’s nice to see Em make the cut for once. But there is no god dam way Dynasty is the best Jay album. I consider it one of his worst (But still better than Kingdom and Blue 2 and those rkelly joints) but either Reasonable Doubt or Blueprint belongs there (Even Bol put Reasonable Doubt on his list).

  • Dr Flav

    Its a shame how personal preferences regarding favorite albums turned into something so pathetic. I could never list a true top list of favorites due to the fact it changes so frequently due to mood or controlled substance ingested. Both of you won in a Special Olympics kind of way, exciting to see you compete, but filled with sad pity and compassion at the outcome. The whole debacle was unprofessional and BOTH of you could do better. Dont you guys have each others emails and phone numbers. I know Bol is giggling like a sissy @ a dildo party @ y’all foolishness. SMH @ the losers who got a hard on and picked sides in this net banging bullshit. TO EVERBODY, FUCK YO COUCH AND YOUR TOP 25, MINES IS THE BEST…EVAR!

  • FuckUPayMe618

    that list sucks public enemy was garbage

    ^^^reason why hip-hop is dying

  • http://xxlmag.com d

    the list is just an opinion take a vote by the people and let them judge the debate thats the only real way to have some dialouge in this subject manner foreal dawg!!!

  • SooWoop77

    Your a fuckin retard the Dynasty didnt have renegade on it that was the blueprint
    your pass as being a smart blogger revoked

  • J Millz

    Public Enemy wasn’t garbage but #1?!
    Your 3 should have been 1. Lil kim shouldn’t even be on this list. Did you really but albums up there because of how the cover looked. ( ) suck that
    / /
    / /
    ( ( ( )


    I feel like we just got punked! I think Bol is influencing you a little too much. I think Tara can do a better list than this.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    So it was Blueprint that had the ‘Renegade’ track on it? Fine, then place ‘Blueprint’ as the title of the greatest Jay-Z album. I can’t tell you ‘Blueprint’ from ‘Blueprint2′ because I’m pretty sure I caught them both as DL’s. All I know is there is a track that Eminem eats Jay’Z's food. I refuse to listen to that song anymore because I can’t believe Jigga refused to go back in the studio and spit some shit to be on par with Em.

    You don’t like this list?!? You are gonna hate my next 25.

  • ONE50

    You need to put The Great Aventure of Slick Rick on there like now!

  • kob killa

    y aint Diplomatic Immunity 2 on this shit, list is wack

  • kob killa

    Y aint diplomatic immunity 2 on the list? this list is lame, DIPSET is the 07 P.E.

  • http://www.unkut.com Robbie

    “You know the dudes from Unkut are Aussies right?”

    It ain’t no mystery.

  • daesonesb

    splinter deaded that beef didnt he… Good old splinter, saving hip hop on a daily basis.

  • mars

    These lists are tired. Anyway my 2 cents: 1) stunts,blunts… Diamond D 2)Peoples instinctive travels… ATCQ

  • The Spaniard

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they enjoy and what their hobbies are. In most cases I try not to criticize and judge personal tastes, after all, male homosexuals like fondling ball sacks and I’m sure they sincerely enjoy they activity. I don’t understand it, but it’s a (semi) free country. Anyway, if you really think Lil’ Kim as a “top 25″ album then you sir, in some respects, are a fucking idiot. Lil Kim? Wow. (To your credit Geto-Boys “We Can’t Be Stopped” was entertaining as all outdoors! Fuck a War, I Ain’t a Gentleman, Homie Don’t Play That….CLASSIC!)

  • kidkron3


  • Malcolm

    noz won

  • NoMamesBuey

    BX Sunday, weren’t you criticizing someone for not putting Lauryn Hill “Miseducation” in their Top25.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    *throws up*

  • EReal

    21. Eminem – The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP (Definitely top 5 emcees of all time and one of the great students of rap lyricism)
    Bout fuckin time. Even tho to me Marshall Mathers LP was better. He came into his own on that album.

    Oh and Im lovin the 90′s Weezy Stan Babies newest excuse line for being undereducated on hiphop :
    “Stop living in the past” LMFAO.

    Im sure we’ll hafta hear that every time we have an opinion and they dont.

    1 hunned.

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    props for the lil’ kim entry. i was wondering if anybody was gonna throw that in.

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    i’m never one to jump into a squabble [i haven't even been in a fist fight in over 10 years], but:

    noz, mr. sunday:

    please stop.

    this shit is outta control.

    it doesn’t matter about skin color, it doesn’t matter if you can pull out the most obscure lil’ half dead verse out of wherever. it doesn’t matter about exclusive sneakers.

    xxlmag.com gave you two the chance to flood the internet world with your respective knowledge of this culture that many of us have turned to for inspiration. hell, xxl magazine was the reason i stopped limiting my own writing to personal entries. if anything, you two have helped me try to step my own game up on the historical and journalistic aspects on hip-hop.

    but this e-beef shit has got to stop. the shit undermines you two’s respective characters, and it’s making y’all look like jackasses.

    i had to come in to my 9-5 extra butt-ass early, and honestly the last thing i didn’t want to see were some of my favorite writers going at it like schoolchildren. the shit is silly.

    noz didn’t lose.

    sunday didn’t lose.

    hip-hop lost.

  • irishwesty

    what about jim jones hustlers pome? LOL

  • NoMamesBuey

    Ereal said “the Weezy Stan Babies”

    I call this group the Wayne Staynes.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Hip-Hop ain’t lose, The Heat did.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I feel everyone on the Noz/Billy “stop” movement, but hey sometimes you gotta get hardbody on this shit when someone crosses the line. (no sides taken, btw)

    Meka, I don’t want this to come off soundin’ like a diss, but if you haven’t gotten in a fist fight in 10yrs, then you pro’lly let a lot of shit slide ..

    “It was a small thing really yea, but keep lettin’ them small things slide, it’ll be your failure”
    – Prodigy, Eye for an Eye

    Billy, I can’t disagree with any selection on your list (but if I did and I had a blog, i’d post some gully shit about how your list sucks and mine is the bomb .. lol)

  • Were Read 2 Def

    What’s wrong with The Eminem Show?


    No Pac, but Lil Kim. Straight up all of you are some real Tupac haters. RIP PAC!

  • smog

    this isnt a 25 list its like a 30+ list what they hell? dude how are you about to put multible albums in one slot. isnt the whole point that you can only limit it to 25, this article is null and void sunday go back to grammar school and learn some counting

  • Hendrick The Lead

    I cant believe Nas only has one album on their. Dynasty for Jay-Z is wrong. Wu Tang Forever should be on their.

  • BEEF

    you ethered noz and don’t let up cause this fool needs to be put in place for supporting the south. I hate you both but i am rooting for you. If you slap him get it on videotape.

  • http://nobodysmiling.com/blog The only opinion that matters in life

    First, I respect Noz and Billy both respectively. As someone who blogs as well, it’s inspirational to see others who don’t dumb down their content so it’s more digestable to the public. And you guy’s shit is often funny (props to Bol too). I’m glad you guys are beefing. I used to think Billy was just a ranting jackass until he dropped that etherization on Noz. And I didn’t read many of Noz’ blogs but after viewing how he handled himself I did. A distinction needs to be drawn between rap and hip hop. Every rapper that rhymes ain’t hip hop. And all hip hop ain’t rap. You guys should handle your strife in two ways: squab then debate in an open forum for the public on the distinction between hip hop and rap. Y’all choose the order. Well, perhaps you don’t have to box but the debate would be dope to see.

  • http://nobodysmiling.com/blog The only opinion that matters in life

    A clash between bloggers was inevitable. It’s made both of you step your games up. The next move should be the debate between the distinction between hip hop and rap and if there is one followed by an outback fightclub knockdown match. Billy v. Noz. The epic battle rages on.

  • Jason

    obviously u hav a problem wit jayz wha happened to REASONABLE DOUBT thats a top 10 album easy and im call bullshit on da kanye being the greatest album of the 2000s blueprint stilmatic and both little brother joints were hotter than anything kanye did


  • Were Read 2 Def

    Here’s my list:

    25. Melvin Flynt: Da Hustla
    24. The War Report
    23. Reflection Eternal: Train Of Thought
    22. Stillmatic
    21. Grandmasters
    20. All Eyez On Me
    19. 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
    18. The Score
    17. Supreme Clientele
    16. The Eminem Show
    15. The Black Album
    14. Doggystyle
    13. Liquid Swords
    12. The Marshall Mathers LP
    11. Murda Muzik
    10. Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
    9. The Blueprint
    8. Ready To Die
    7. It’s Dark & Hell Is Dark
    6. Chronic 2001
    5. When Disaster Strikes
    4. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    3. It Was Written
    2. Blackout!
    1. Wu-Tang Forever

  • wtf

    How the fucc you not have pac on the top 25 but you’ll put that nut guzzling ho kim on that shit xxl you lost my respect and fucc first

  • http://aol rob

    dumb ass you meant blue print how the hell can you define 25 of the best albums and dont know that u a white boy trying to step foot in the rap culture huh

  • che

    noz won. billy saying noz lost is about as obvious as jay-z saying nas lost or vice versa. it’s not like billy’s gna say ‘yeah i lost..’



  • chris

    why didn’t my comments get posted

  • Wardypop

    wow yall om acid like a white dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • x7an

    aight list dp…i don’t agree with all of it but respect the justifications. when i have some time i’m gonna make a list and either post it on the comments here or on dp.com…props on the d.o.c. selection…i gotta say though dela’s dead is better that 3feet high and rising( dela’s dead was the soundtrack to my senior year in high school) and i feel like the the west coast version of the bomb squad cube assembled for death certificate(the boogie men it think)beat them at their own game. i’d probably take kim, eminem and kanye off the list

  • PX

    where the fuck is liquid swords by the gza?
    and the infamous fucks on lil kim and half the other shit here

  • julious wilcox

    where is weezy???? you cannot have any list without weezy! you must not have ever heard “stuntin like my daddy” which will go down as arguably one of the most important songs in hip hop history!


    The asshole that said public enemy was garbage gotsta be a kracka or wishes he was a kracka it’s that real BLACK MUSIC NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gb_geminiyahoo.com KNOWBODY

    Yo thats hiphop from ’86 forward not ’96 you gang of ignorant assholes and for that bitch who said public enemy was garbage you gotsta be a kracka or wish you was a kracka as for Kanye? its that real BLACK MUSIC NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://outlawz_585hotmail.com M.C

    ALL YA catz are hillarious—say what you wanna say but all your muthafuckaz are extremely dumb for not putting ALL EYES ON ME–on ya list—The album that sold more than any album in the history of RAP–you dumb fucks—Oh by the way Scarface did not made that list WOW…You mofoz must be new to this RAP sht….LL did not made that list? ALL THE NIGGAZ THAT STAMPED THE GAME__YOUR ONLY TOUCHED ON A FEW>>>>what’s up with that but fucking em’s is up there–WOW LMAO…fuck outa here

  • tensensi

    From Billy Sunday’s 2.27.07 post “Tru Life Lost:

    I won’t pretend to be an A & R for my day job, but I know what I like and I know what is missing from all the artists that are in my iPod. The true spirit of Tupac. Tru Life needs to live up to the depth of his chosen emcee name. He needs to spit true stories about the lows and the highs in real life. All the shit that we all can relate to on the daily.

  • Mo

    This list sucks.
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    LMAO @ Kanye on the list.
    This list sucks.
    This list sucks.
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    This list sucks.