What’s today bitches!?!? You gotdamn right it’s Sunday. So while most of you are ironing your shoes and polishing your dress slacks for the upcoming work week I’m over here listening to the first great album of 2007. Get your chips together and go copp the new Consequence album. It’s produced by your boy Tudda and the shit is proper Hip-Hop music from the first track on down.

Some of y’all might know about this cat Consequence since he has been in the game for a minute now. Dude carried weed for Tribe Called Quest after when Jarobi got disappeared, but for the last few years he has been stashing sacks for your boy Tudda and the G.O.O.D. music gang. I know that most of y’all think that Rhymefest was Tudda’s main bag handler, but the truth is that Cons is that dude with the slick wordplay and metaphorical wit that you hear when Tudda spits. You can clearly see that come forth on this album. It’s a G.O.O.D. thing too that Cons hasn’t given all his good shit to his weed owner. There are a bunch of tracks on this album that make it worth the ten dollar price tag.

Job Song
– This is the album’s intro track and the signature snare drums from Tudda with the classic sample of Bob James let’s you know that this isn’t your cookie cutter mainstream rap record. Cons breaks down the frustration of needing a job in order to provide him with the dough to pursue his real dreams as an artist.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
– If you fucks with Nah’Right then you heard this shit like ten years ago. Classic Tudda music and he guests on the joint as well. Head nodding Hip-Hop makes me want to put my backpack on and press rewind.

Night, Night - Consequence comes hardbody on this track and let’s the listeners know that if he has to he can shoot joints like a rapping Roy Jones. A nice rapping Roy Jones. I swear I hear a Quincy Jones sample on this joint and I wouldn’t be surprised either since your boy Tudda got it like that.

Feel This Way – Tudda’s personal valet and wig brusher John Legend comes on this track to sing a smoothed out hook and get all the chicks moist. It’s a cool track for the middle of the album and it will be on the radio if these music industry execs don’t totally mishandle this project.

There’s more G.O.O.D. shit on this album like the 'Grammy Family' track with DJ Khaled and a bunch of skits similar to the College Dropout and Late Registration. I can see this album going gold on the strength of Tudda’s production and presence. Consequence is a great lyricist, which is evident by all the hits that he has helped fashion for his boss, but I will have to co-sign some of the readers on this site that argue that it takes more than just lyrics to make a great emcee.

I saw Consequence perform at a CMJ event in NYC over a year ago. He has charisma and stage presence that all great emcees need to have, but there was still something that kept me from checking for his music on the regular. The album is still dope and it marks the first platinum worthy offering for this calendar year. Hopefully for Consequence it will allow him to catch some shine from under the shadows of Tudda. Then again, maybe some people are destined to be weed carriers for life.

Speaking of weed carriers… Isn’t Spliff Star due for a new album?