Why do black people hate white music?

First of all, the title of this post is a misnomer. As I mentioned on this site a few weeks ago, black people like plenty of white music – just not very good white music. For example, if it wasn’t for black people’s inexplicable fascination with Spandau Ballet’s “True” going on 25 years after the fact, R&B singer Lloyd would almost certainly be working at a UPS or something.[1]

But it’s true in general that black people are much less into white music than white people are into black music. For example, while it’s not uncommon to find black people who listen to nothing but black music, the idea of a cracka-ass cracka who listens to nothing but cracka-ass cracka music is essentally unheard of at this point. Even crackety-cracks who live out in the sticks and like country music have been known to blast Fiddy Cent from their pickup trucks.

In fact, there was a minor kerfuffle last year when a white musician had the sheer balls to admit that he’s not particularly fond of black music. Actually, I think it began when Stephin Merritt of the ’90s-era synth pop group The Magnetic Fields gave a presentation at the Experience Music Project’s annual Pop Conference extolling the virtues of “Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah,” from the controversial Disney musical Song of the South. Then someone uncovered a list he had written of the 100 greatest songs of the 20th century, which had hardly any black artists on it.

Racist alert!

Meanwhile, it would be hard imagine such a controversy if, say, R. Kelly put together a similar list and didn’t include very many artists, despite there being something like 15 Keith Sweat records on iy. As much of a crime against music as that would be, it would still be much more socially acceptable. I wonder why that is.

Thoughts on this matter:

a) Obviously there’s more pressure on the black community from within to toe the party line when it comes to matters like taste in music, and, god forbid, taste in women – lest one run the risk of being viewed as a self-hater. It used to be that way with white people as well, but it seems like they’ve done a much better job of getting over it.

b) It is true that so much of what’s referred to as “white music” is essentially black forms of music being performed by white artists. In that sense, maybe it’s not so much that black people hate white music (because, as John Mayer would say, there’s no such thing), but that black people hate white people; and hence, black people (and obviously I’m generalizing) hate white music – that is, primarily black forms music performed by white artists.

c) It seems like this is one of those issues where things are actually getting worse rather than better as time goes by. For example, it seems like the generation who grew up with BET is a lot more close-minded when it comes to music outside of the R. Kelly-Jay-Z axis than the generation immediately prior to this one. Similarly, it seems like commercial radio is one of the last institutions in this country where segregation is so widely accepted.

And, of course, maybe black people don’t like white music because they just plain don’t like it. What do you ‘bags think?

[1] In researching this post, I consulted the world’s most accurate encyclopedia to do a little research on “True,” since I knew it had been sampled more artists than just Lloyd and P.M. Dawn, but I’m not into bad music enough to know them all off the top of my head.

As it turns out, the list of people who have sampled and/or covered “True” is a veritable who’s who of artists who never should have happened to hip-hop, including the likes of the aforementioned Lloyd and P.M. Dawn, as well as Silkk the Shocker, Nelly, Queen Pen and will.i.am. That guy Z-Ro, who Noz was trying to hype up last year, also sampled it, on his most recent album. That’s gotta mean something, right?

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com yai


    • http://BlackMagicSwingBand.com Denise Black

      Here is a good one no make that GREAT one for everyone. I have a 17pc band in the Atlantic City area and there are several neighborhoods and 4 different towns on the island. The Black population won’t hire my band becasue I heard that they consider my band TOO WHITE. But what they don’t know is- if you removed the Black influence from the big Band era – the 1940′s- there is very little BIG band more like little band. Joe Garland, Edgar Sampson Sy oliver Joya Sherrill The Duke the COunt Ella Sarah I could go on forever. So I perform in MArgate a pretty white community and the Black Community is missing part of their heritage that I DO thru music. I even have a WALK thru Black histroy doing the Black performers from the Big Band era and the 50′s and NO ONE from the ci
      ty of Atlantic City will even have the courtesy of Calling me back on the phone. Even tho my name is Denise Black I an Italian. BlackMagicSwingBand.com any and all comments are appreciated because I am totally in shock that these so called music directors can CALL themselves a part of the Music scene.

      • dee

        To Denise Black
        I am black and my last name is white! so we have something in common. I hate that you went through this but you have to understand a few things. First, black people in general are rude when it comes to calling back, writing back, etc. I found this to be true in an increasingly higher and higher number of whites too, as etiquette diminishes and narcissism increases. I have written NAACP, BET, Ebony, Essence and received nothing, not even a do-not-reply email saying we received it and will get back to it. Same with phone calls. I think it is a sign of the times and that 30+ years ago black people had more manners than today. Lack of exposure to the greater culture’s code of conduct with respect to such rules is sorely lacking. Secondly, blacks resent whites imitating their culture, that is blacks that aren’t profiting from such things. While I myself appreciate you keeping black music alive, giving credit to blacks that were second to none and changed the face of music, there still exists inside of me a resentment. It’s not directed towards you per se but towards all of the world who steals black culture (how I and many other look at it) and profits from it while ignoring the plights of large numbers of brothers and sisters who are getting shot by cops, put in prison and relegated to poverty. it’s not a blame thing but ghetto folks need so much by way of attention so they can learn how the world really works. Like this magazine for instance. It is owned and run by whites and not only that, they own over 100 hip hop publications. What are THEY doing for the black community? Nothing but putting base and foul things out there that poison the minds of kids who may not have parents who themselves know how the world works and what vileness does to a culture. White guys making a profit on the highest selling music in the world and employing few blacks. And then, there is the issue of what blacks like and what moves them and for the most part it comes from other blacks. It’s an intangible, summed up by a saying of duplicate but not replicate. Check out Kings of Comedy and watch Steve Harvey playing black music to the audience. That zone all involved entered is uniquely cultural and black, and that’s my honest opinion. Lastly, I’d say to let those white audiences know what you put in your posts because our history now and before we were slaves is buried, routinely and eventually credited to people who had nothing to do with its generation. Being in a white supremacist society affects all, even those with good intentions. Just enjoy your white privilege, and I am not being smug (see Tim Wise) and realize that the issues are much bigger than both of us. God bless.

    • dick

      thats because most black people 80% maybe not you are not intelligent enough to be appreciate musicians like mozart, bach(look up blacks & iq on the internet) it is always easier to dumb yourself down and listen to 50 cent also Thank you black people over 2000 years in africa and you cant even build ANYTHING above 1 story high yet you come here and you dumb down the population to the point that white people are listening to some of the stupidest shit ever made !goddamn! if aliens ever came down to our planet im sure theyd LOVE all of the “contributions” that blacks made question what in the history of mankind have blacks accomplished ? i dont wanna hear about peanut butter ok?

      • musician

        Have you ever built anything over one story high? And I bet you would consider yourself very smart, right? With no grammatical mistakes in your WHOLE comment. Wow! If you knew anything about IQ tests you would know 1, that they don’t measure natural intelligence. That’s why you can improve and why certain cultures have different averages. And 2, you would know that IQ scores, when invented, were reduced for blacks and women, no matter what they scored. Suck it. and go back to school.

      • dee

        Oh contraire my dear racist. Just like now you have history wrong. From Africa came the mathematics Europeans stole. From Africa came the Greek culture the savage Kelts and Druids stole. From Africa came classical music that Napoleon buried. You are an ignorant white racist who has been as brainwashed as your other savage buddies. You have stolen our culture here and you have done the same through history and then revised all into a lie. I’d suggest you google who taught Mozart when he traveled to France at the tender age of 20 to study under Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, from whom he stole everything. I’d suggest you watch the YouTube video, The Real Greeks, parts 1-3 to really learn about your pathetic history. And if you can read, I’d suggest reading cheikh diop who won a Nobel prize and pioneered carbon dating refuting European lies. Finally, I’d watch the videos on black inventors on YouTube. you rob, lie, cheat and steal and then come on this post to spread your evil venom. Why? Because that is the way of your people. Just because you left shit out of your HIS-Story books doesn’t mean the truth, like grass under concrete, doesn’t eventually surface. Run back to your cave and find some other revisionist history to spread, cause the days of Euro lies are over buddy.

        • Anonymous

          You just said that Europeans stole mathematics, Greeks are Europeans and they didn’t steal it they asked if they could study in Egypt. How can a celt steal Greek culture, they are two totally different cultures LMAO. Egyptians weren’t really even black, they were more of a dark bronze life the Greeks, possibly a little darker. And remember, humanity has been sharing with one another for 1000′s of years. No one is stealing anything retard.

      • http://weliveitthis.ning.com/ GetemGirl

        wow! Are you serious? I didn’t know listening required intelligence! so, black peopl ae dum because they don’t listen to Mozart? well anybody that don’t listen to hip hop is dumb and ignorant!

    • dee

      I don’t think peer pressure has anything to do with it. it has always been that way with black people, even before so-called integration. Look at the black prom pictures people redicule and denigrate. That’s just how we are. Pioneers. We look to other blacks to define us. And we end up defining the world. You betta rec-kon-eyes.

  • wow


  • wow

    second and third

  • giantstepp


  • Jimmy I


  • http://www.myspace.com/choosehiphop yeyo

    My favorite song (most likely):
    Pat Metheny – Last Train home

  • these posts are racist

    for fcuks sake…

  • FLIP

    That guy Z-Ro, who Noz was trying to hype up last year, also sampled it, on his most recent album. That’s gotta mean something, right?


  • http://www.myspace.com/chronikill ROXONE


  • derfla the hus’la

    white music>>>>>>>>>wack>>>>>>this post
    rock has no soul no more plain wack.

    black people racists? rethink that statement bol

  • TaZ

    wdf does race matter in music… you put out good shit nd ill listen to it. ther is no white music and black music, thats why there are genres jackass

  • derfla the hus’la

    wow immidiate feedback.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chronikill ROXONE


    • doclove

      @ROXONE’s 1st statement: your a racist. white music having no rhythm, yo learn some music theory and musical timiming bro. You mean white music enjoys rhythm outside of 4/4 timing and enjoy playing instruments instead of looking fly in front of an overly based beat.(this shit goes for my bros doing reggaeton too)

      @this stament by ROXONE: I’ve got retal experience, and i was an industial design major for a minute. I understand product quality at this point. SO…

      to inform all my ghetto/whitetrash/hood folk…

      JUST BECAUSE YOU SPENT ALOT OF MONEY ON SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE IT QUALITY. REPEAT THE EXPENSIVE SHIT YOU BUY ISN”T ALWAYS QUALITY!!!! May look fly but the “treatment” that went into making it look sick WEAKENED the denim so that it wont last more than a year. There are good expensive dope jeans/clothes, but more often than not its only slightly better quality that ur paying at the gap. Just another corporate scam.

      On top of that “white people” grind there shit to the ground and the soles almost gone on ur kicks, where as your average ghetto person will waste money on clothes EVERY MONTH/WEEK. Only white people who have daddys that own everything can afford to do that, and there daddys DEFINETLY didnt do that shit til they were “WORTH” somthing.

      @this article. I’m Inclined to agree to some extent even tho i thing your post are usually pretty onesided/bullheadish.

      Growing up a Hispanic boi in NYC, there are alot of similarities in the black/spanish culture and ALOT of these things ring true in both communities, but for some reason (and i’m gunna call it our tradition for played instruments usually of the siland variety) there we’re alot of hispanics who walked the line on “white” and “black” music, I probably more than most of my piers. I watched alot of this happen growing up tho, always so sad.

  • derfla the hus’la

    so Iam like checking out that ugly fergie video glamorous and when she stops at the drive through at the tica bell iam wondering aint that rey serving that ugly bitch

  • haha

    haha this niggas gettin ripped!
    LRG=80.00 range

  • JLY

    R.I.P. Eazy-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com billblackfish

    Hey Bol Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    black people come off racist because think about it, they just came off all forms of slavery 40 years ago.Thats not much when u think about it.Latinos have never been in slavery, Indians were like 600 years ago, and White people never, and were always on top running shit.So generally black people may still have a lil steem to blow off for white people, wheter they realize it or not, u know that self consious shit.But then again a whole lot of white music sucks.A lot of blacks people like Eminem, so racism isnt why they hate white music.I mean, some older rock shit like Nirvana was decent, but today rock sucks, and country sucks even more.And what else is really white music?I guess pop but black girls like that shit.

  • Sigh

    Yo u some dumb mother fucker how u gonna steriotype an genralize a whole race let me get this straight what ur saying is if u black u gotta act a certain way talk a certain way listern to a certain kinda music some people would call this racisim but maybe ur lard ass is to busy eating to work that out an hu gives a fuck who sampled a white person big deal get it in that head of urs music is music it aint about wht race ur our it about expressing urself u the problem with the world

  • these posts are racist


    I’m happy to see you care so much about racial justice and that you are in the fight against racism. Unless of course its racism and xenophobia against Arabs and Muslims.

    Your ignorance is sad.

    RIP, Eazy-E

  • Red

    Music has nothing to do with race. I am a black woman and I like all types of music. I might be bumping Jeezy one day, and then the next FallOut Boy, or Gym Class Heroes. Unlike some black people who are ashamed to like something different. Good music is good music.

  • thoreauly77

    white people can’t dance, and are culture rapers of course.
    black people can dance super good, all of them.
    latinos beat their women.
    asians all look alike.
    jews are greedy.

    i think this just about sums it up, right?

    ^^^ since we all know that this is untrue (except the part about white people of course), why would we get upset when we hear something so absolutely ridiculous? so why get mad at bol when he writes this stuff to see how pissed you get?

  • Fin

    Black ppl are more racist than white; simple.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Bol, kinda of ironic that you blast “blacks for liking wack white music like John Mayer, but not good white music”.

    Music taste to some degree is subjective. I along with many folks of all races like John Mayer’s music.

    OTOH, you support the Gin Blossoms as damn near the music GOATs. I never heard anyone else, of any race, say the Gin Blossoms were any good. The CW (conventional wisdom) for these douches ranges from wack to “ok at best”.

  • NoMamesBuey

    My opinion is that the main cause of the “music segregation” is that’s there’s very few pop/crossover acts that are any good in the 2000s. Pop music has the biggest chance to appealing to diverse groups of people, including race & age.

    Who is there now in the 2000s, Nelly Furtado/Timbaland, John Mayer, Usher?

    In contrast, look at 80s quality pop artists:

    Prince, including his GOAT weed carrier crew (his WCs > most “main artists”) which included The Time & Shelia E
    Michael Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Tina Turner
    The Gap Band
    Earth Wind & Fire
    Stevie Wonder
    Rick James
    Luther Vandross
    Living Colour
    Bobby Brown

    Phil Collins/Genesis/Peter Gabriel
    Hall & Oates
    Bill Joel
    Sting/The Police
    Steve Winwood
    Men at Work
    Duran Duran
    The Doobie Brothers/Michael McDonald

    With quality pop artists like these (don’t front, all of yall have at least a few Greatest Hits CDs of these cats), there was less “music segregation”.

    If the 2000s pop generation was this prolific then I think the 2000s segregation would be much less.

  • DANJA29

    It’s this simple, BOL: most of us don’t like that super- white bread shit or any of that so-called good (beacause Rolling Stone said so) shit.

    We like rock music that’s HARD AS SHIT and pop music with slick-ass beats. We like white ’80s shit with the lil’ slick synth lines, or someone with a good voice.

    Most of the time you can’t lose with nice drums or a nice synth. It’s really easy… but shit like the Gin Blossoms for example- just ain’t poppin’. For anyone but you.

  • che

    these posts are racist, are u from the UK?

  • varep

    I think conventional wisdom for the gin blossoms is that they are a lot better than “ok at best”.


    i got black friends that like pink floyd and tom petty

  • these posts are racist

    -No playboy, I’m from the Southside of Chicago…and still live in the Chi.

  • smoke 1

    i got black friends that like pink floyd and tom petty

  • http://myspace.com/tego_f_baby Tego

    There was a time when white people had to listen to/ watch black videos/ music to get to their favourite songs. But since they John Crowed the media into ‘Black Entertainment’ ‘White’ and ‘Spanish’ there’s no reason for anybody to care about anything anybody else is doing. Of course that hurts hip-hop the most because it’s still the music of the poor.

  • Ace

    For all the haters who say that this post isn’t accurate, you haven’t grown up Black. (A) is the most accurate description of why Black people don’t listen to white music. It took me years to get over my guilt for feeling like a sellout and the fact that members of my own family still call me a sellout for listening to the so-called “white music.” Towards the whole theory, people just aren’t getting access to that. I worked at a college radio station and had broadband in high school; I hit the net and the archives and expanded my musical thought outside of hip-hop and techno (british rap music more so than grime, but that’s for another day). The mainstream is striving to pigeonhole thoughts about music and listening to stuff outside of what is deemed “black.” On the real, I’d love to hear Howlin’ Wolf and T-Bone Burnett on the “Black Adult Hits” station and Kraftwerk, Spank Rock, and Cassius on the hip-hop stations. Rap samples “white music” all of the time, so I don’t know why the stations are so hesitant to play it. What’s wrong with playing a little Daft Punk every once in a while. Lastly, Bol, on the real, you need to stop hating on Spandau Ballet. True’s a hot track; I don’t know why you can’t get down with it. It’s got that new romantic, slow groove to it and it’s better than listening to Keith Sweat.

  • lol


  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    It’s not that I dislike “True.” I just find black people’s utter fascination with it bizarre.

  • Kno

    hmmm…..can we say, sampling…races just switched roles…back then, Whites couldn’t do anything without sampling Black music, now, its switched Blacks needs to stay “different” by using rock samples.

    at the end of the day, music is the class barometer. On some, I’m better cause I listen to rock or I’m more in touch cause I know about rap.

  • eauhellzgnaw

    Black people don’t hate white music, but people who listen primarily to black music are conditioned to have a filter that makes certain types of music resonate more than other music.

    Hence, late 70s- mid 80s melodic synth soul from white artists makes sense to most black people; metal, stadium rock, stereotypical indie rock? Not so much. It has to do with familiarity with black music conventions–certain sounds, rhythms, vocal styles, etc. The reverse is true too. People for whom “classic” and indie rock is the default music don’t really get rap and post-70s R and B. They may love it, but they have an outsider’s persepctive that probably limits their appreciation/understanding of it.

    Plus, there’s a generational aspect to it. Talk to your parents and grandparents. I guarantee that most of them were listening to certain mainstream white artists as well as race records/the R and B stations. Those of us who remember the 80s know that black people listened to white pop artists too. In the 90s the divide became more stark for several reasons.

    As for the John Mayer thing–that has to do with lack of exposure to good rock that’s not popular as well as his associations with certain black artists. It’s like people who don’t know anything about rap except what they see on MTV thinking that Eminem is the greatest.

  • DJ Chill

    I don’t belief there is a thing such as black music but a lot of different types of music were created by black people like Rock & Roll, R&B and Hip Hop. Music is universal just like the colors black and white. And just like math. I think its how you are brought up and not the color of your skin. Because I have a white friend who grew up in the hood with me and he perfers black girls with a big ass over a white girl and he dresses just like we dress in the hood.

  • Malik C.

    Why is everyone “agreeing” with Bol saying John Mayer is bad? He only quoted him with saying “music has no color”. Regardless John Mayer is great.

  • ah huh

    Back on the bullshit posts I see, why on earth did you feel that this post would be any good on any level. Another thing, fuck Ebonics, why don’t most of you blogging D’bags up there at XXL proof read your shit or effing use spell check god dammit. Especially you Bol, you’re supposed the one niggah with half a brain up in that piece. You don’t want to end up being in the same bracket as Sickamore and the rest of the barely literate bloggers (you know). Yours’ and BillyX’s are mostly a pleasure to read cos they’re well written but YOU seem to be falling off lately. Rushing your work are you. C’mon now. One yourself.

  • ah huh


    It’s like people who don’t know anything about rap except what they see on MTV thinking that Eminem is the greatest.

    well said, I think definitely second that …. Amen

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    wait, Bol.Dont u listen to all that indie rock shit?So u pretty much contradict this whole blog.

  • ThingAlec

    Holy crap. This was a good read. Props Bol!

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Black people don’t hate white music, but people who listen primarily to black music are conditioned to have a filter that makes certain types of music resonate more than other music.

    Yeah, but if that’s the case, then how come it doesn’t work in reverse?

  • east oakland

    i dont really have much more then mtv to introduce me to “white” music.. im much more into rock then rap now.. its pure poetry.. a lot deeper then the chains, money, bitches, money over bitches, cars, and then the one track hopin the hood gets better that spells almost every mainstream rap album.

  • The sauce

    I am 35th snitches

  • http://yahoo.com billblackfish

    Hey Bol Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Dr Flav

    Well System of a Down is a hot group to me. Are they white? Being raised in southern WVA, there were no black stations the best we could hope for was Rick Dees weekly countdown, most of our “black music” was imported from out of town. Im happy to say I can name @ least one song from each artist on No Name Beuy’s list, I can add The Cars, Billy Idol, Twisted Sister, TOTO, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Taylor Dayne, Chicago, Ratt, Meatloaf and dont get me going with the Alabama, Hank Williams “Bocephus” Jr, Statler Brother, Hee Haw country. Basically if you love music, you can love it all @ least until your folk in the piff session tell you to “cut that white bullshit off!”

  • http://xxlmag.com DC’s finest

    Bol, usually I respect the fact that Bol has expanded horizons but now i’ve come to realize that Bol is a straight up Oreo. I like some white music too. Although he gay, Elton John’s shit b rockin. Hall and oats be on some soul shit too. Please don’t b closed minded and ignorant like a conservative white man becuz two wrongs does not make a right.
    PS: Fuck BET

  • http://xxlmag.com DC’s finest

    Oh yea, and Blacks have every single reason to be prejudice and racist toward whites,…and asians, …and jews,…and sometimes even Latinos(have u seen their little racist cartoons). We’ve been through so much that we deserve to run wild and make wuteva actions we feel we need to. The only race that does not deserve racism are the Native Americans.

    • Anonymous

      yo have you heard of the holicost and have YOU grown up in africa where they have real hoods

    • doclvly

      yo have you heard of the holicost and have YOU grown up in africa where they have real hoods

  • http://www,dirtyblackho.com i iz a real niggggggggaz

    i iz wanna knowz whyz uz coonz bez liken des songz

  • Dr Flav

    Xenophobia, damn thats a $100 word you dont see everyday, damn T.P.A.R. get down Cholly! (Charlie) Does anybody remember Night Tracks? A video show from the 80s that came of WTBS The Superstation. I recall waiting up to four in the morning, VCR on pause, waiting to record Whodini’s Funky Beat, between “Broken Wings” and “99 Luftballoons.” Oh and I cant forget Duran Duran.

  • NickeNitro

    Bol, you’re seriously a moron if you can’t see that every other genre has been guided under careful control by giant corporations over the past 30 years. At least with hip-hop, it’s only maybe 10 years. You have to realize by now that all your precious “indie” rock labels are unmarked subsidiaries.

  • NoMamesBuey

    age discrimation/ “segregation” is another problem with 2000s pop music.

    In 80s pop you had 40-somethin Tina Turner (still hot though LOL) & dorky mid-30s white dudes like Phil Collins.

    No one gave an eff about their image though, cause damn it the music was dope.

    Nowadays both listeners & the TI execs care way too much about image. Fock that focus on the substance, the actual music.

    Mofos need to pull an Andre Agassi. Agassi started out saying “image is everything”, but over his career morphed into a substantive dude who is a GOAT candidate in 2 fields – tennis & charity/philanthropy (read about it on los internetes)

  • http://yahoo.com billblackfish

    Shut BOl up

  • eauhellzgnaw

    “Yeah, but if that’s the case, then how come it doesn’t work in reverse?”

    It does.

    As much as people like to brag about their diverse tastes, the type of music they privilege (or privileged in their formative years) colors how they listen to and evaluate other genres.

    Think about those who cite punk as their default music, metal heads, people who favor stadium rock, or the current crop of hipster dickheads who dominate mainstream criticism (all of whom have replaced the insufferable boomers who exalt “classic” 60s-70s rock). They love PE, Beasties, NWA and Wu because these artists represent an aesthetic that has reference points for them; but I bet you anything that the defining albums for these fans come from U2, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Weezer and the like.

    And how many of these rock-1st fans show anything but disdain for quiet storm or 70s soul-disco, for instance? Would you expect any of them to understand the appeal of Anita Baker, Luther, Levert, etc. in a way that most 30+ black music fans do?

  • pileofshirt69


    White people have names like Lenny,
    but black people have names like Karl.


    I think that this is a great column. BOL, I didn’t dig your shit in the past about southern artists, but this really touches up on some sensitive issues.

    Another question, why is it that when a white man tries to apologize to a black man for the things the white race may have done to him and his ancestors (perhaps trying to pursue a friendship) he is pissed on for it??? In generalization of course. Like what some call reverse racism…

  • http://www.myspace.com/shoduction sam

    “black people come off racist because think about it, they just came off all forms of slavery 40 years ago.Thats not much when u think about it.Latinos have never been in slavery, Indians were like 600 years ago, and White people never, and were always on top running shit.”

    The etymology of the word “slave”:
    [13th century. Via Old French esclave from medieval Latin sclavus “Slav, captive” (see Slav), because Slavic peoples were widely captured and enslaved during the Middle Ages.]

    ^Slavs are white.

  • oh man

    black people come off racist because think about it, they just came off all forms of slavery 40 years ago.Thats not much when u think about it.Latinos have never been in slavery, Indians were like 600 years ago, and White people never, and were always on top running shit.

    Dude, fucking educate yourself. Almost every race, every single little one, was a slave at one point in time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bigsydproductions i say

    “Oh yea, and Blacks have every single reason to be prejudice and racist toward whites,…and asians, …and jews,…and sometimes even Latinos(have u seen their little racist cartoons). We’ve been through so much that we deserve to run wild and make wuteva actions we feel we need to. The only race that does not deserve racism are the Native Americans.”

    american belongs to the natives.i got to admit that the rest live on stolen land.you can never have peace on stolen land.blacks were forced here though so they are not inlcuded.The rest of all of you know that you live on stolen land and YOU CAN’T HAVE FREEDOM ON STOLEN LAND,so you always going to have problems with each other.just take south africa as an example.America is a messed up country thats how the rest of the world look at it.how many of you know where iraq,ireland,brazil is on the map of the world.exactly.they you go.narrow minded huh

  • derfla the hus’la

    why do people think that in order to broaden your horizons you have to listen to white music i.e rock?

    I personally dont think shit of white music and certainly dont think Iam missing out on anything by not listening to white music.especially coz most people who claim to know white music jus listen to mtv and mainstream shit which is even lamer.

    if you really wanna broaden your horizons listen to kwaito, reggae, zouk, rumba,bashman,soca, calipso etc there’s plenty of music besides hiphop and rock.

    do you lames even listen to anything produced outside the u.s?

  • Malik C.

    How the hell is rock “white music” when it came from the blues? That’s like if all white people came to Africa it would then be a white continent, wait that already happened……

  • rec

    i think it comes with exposure. how can you like something you’ve never listened to? not “heard” but listened to. if you start to actually listen to different kinds of music you start to gain an appreciation for what different genres have in common and not always the differences. for instance i hear the argument that rock has no rhythm. okay. name me a rock band with no rhythm section? (no drums or bass)it’s just different…the emphasis may just be on melody rather than rhythm…the more you listen the more you can appreciate it for ‘what it is’ as opposed to what it’s not…

  • Yung Kush

    Its not part of black culture…
    Yeah white do rape other cultures…
    I won’t sit up and lie and say that I don’t listen to white music,…Its ok
    Black people aren’t goths, emos, or hardcore rockers…

  • these posts are racist

    Dr. Flav-

    I’m glad to see you are impressed with the word “xenophobia”. But more importantly, do you agree with my substantive points?

  • Malik C.

    Black people aren’t goths? Bullshit. There are a number of black people into “white” genres/sub-genres. Go look for a documentary called “Afro-Punk”. Regardless there is no such thing as “white music” or “black music” here in the U.S. FYI, one of the best people of all time in “white music” is a black guy named Jimi Hendrix and one of the best people in “black music” is Eminem. Please don’t drown in the irony.

  • Marlon

    Cuban Effin Link^
    There hasn’t been slavery for like 140 yrs
    ^”Black folks just got out of all types of slavery only 40 yrs ago,
    C’mon Bol Call these idiots on there Bull$#!t “Canadian Honkey”

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=8654 Jay

    first of all to the person who wrote this FUCK YOU…and ill tell u y.. u sit there and say racist this racist that but ur in there call white ppl crackers n shit like thats wuts good .if anythin this world isnt jus white ppl being racist many many black ppl r racist u dont hear white ppl throwin around nigga on records but u hear black artist sayin cracker n its ok bec hes black and that aint racism.. ithink everyone needs 2 shut the fuck up and if u say ur not a racist stop sayin racist shit weither its to white black asian paki who cares jus keep ur fuckin mouths shut… black ppl can do wut they feel and its ok but if a white person does that same shit were racist.. fuck all of u white or black

  • EReal

    Co-Sign John Mayer.

    Why does everything have to be racially motivated? Why cant people just like what they like?
    I was just at Ultra Music Festival 9 at WMC 07 and there were people of evey race and gender and even teh gheys like Bol all partyin together and enjoying the same music. They do it in europe all the time too, I.E. Love Parade.
    How bout Rock the Bells tour with Rage and Wu?
    How about the Smokin Grooves tour?
    How about the Jay-Z mashups album?

    Theres been plenty of tours and Cd’s that were cross genre and successfull.
    I think america is just race obsessed in general and its sick.

    1 hunned.

  • Drew

    We don’t like white music because we just don’t fucking like it! It’s not just about likeing a kind of usic there’s a cultural influence behind it. Man blacks are “hood” an the hood talks. If the hood doesn’t like certain shit then thats just how it is.

  • o_O

    Bol you suck major.

  • Askari X

    Kill all white people.

  • jersey

    co-sighn jay

  • Bol AKA self Hating NIgga

    bol at first I thought you were disgrace to black people but, i changed my mind you’re a disgrace to mankind. Dont you know there are highly impressionable kids on here and you feeding them this bullshit as a joke. I’m sorry I like hip hop thats it dont get mad at me. What I eat dont make you shit.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    ROXONE Says:

    March 26th, 2007 at 2:33 pm
    what he said

  • Music Junky

    If you dukes think that any music by a white person automatically has no rhythm then y’all seriously need to go out more or open your fucking minds.

  • Music Junky

    If you dukes think that any music by a white person automatically has no rhythm then y’all seriously need to go out more or open your f*****g minds.

  • derfla the hus’la

    there reason there’s white music and black music is that white people have a tendency of taking a certain genre and making it their own while they exclude everyone else.

    we have seen this in Blues,rock,disco etc
    they never want to aknowledge the presence of other races in the genre that they steal and dominate.

    check you history Elvis anyone black people always do music for everyone to listen to no matter what the race is you can connect to music black people do so yes there is such a thing as black music.

    but white people always want to fuck it up check your history.

    so the problem really isn’t in the black people but what white people do to the music black people come up with.

  • the pimp

    Why ask why????Music is music stop putting a color on everything…And thanks for perpetuating racsism…

  • Malik B

    >That guy Z-Ro, who Noz was trying to hype up last year, also sampled it, on his most recent album. That’s gotta mean something, right?

    You really need to listen to I’m Still Livin’, Bol.

  • Dr. Colossus

    When i was growing up I was ridiculed for listening to rock. I had one kid say “I hear you listen to rock and roll? What’s with that?” “I said I liked it cause of my parents and he told me that was no excuse.

    There is a lot of pressure on black kids to be “black” whatever that means. I felt it. Now that I’m 25 I don’t give a fuck. Plus I play bass so why would I listen to exclusively rap? Almost no one can play an instrument!


    Most white music is black music watered down.I only listen 2 black music except for Eminem and Robin Thicke becouse most white music is pointless.

  • Who the F cares?

    Black and white people are all racist to some degree, some more than others. The difference is it’s often more socially acceptable for black people to actually express this publicly, whereas a white person saying anything racial (not even necessarily racist) gets put in his place pretty quick.

  • Hottsauce

    I’m a child of the music television era. I can remember acting a damn fool when Van Halen’s “jump” used to come on. As I grew up it seemed that life began to steer me in a different direction and I wanted to hear something that I could relate to, you know? So, I agree with what you’re saying. Good job, finally!

  • Victor Trammell

    Bol’s blogs are nervewracking. I don’t agree with him. Black people are into their culture because they need to be. It’s just a shame that we’ve been socially drawn to subconciously hate ourselves. This is obviously prevalent in hip hop. If all black music was about us unifying ourselves and getting it together, then their would be no suburban white buyers. White people to me aren’t interested positive black roles to be played in society. Most suburban white children find black sexualization, violence and resentment entertaining for the fact that they are attracted to the rebeliousness. People in general are fascinated by what they are not in any connected to. White people to me are more racist because they are so threatened by having to deal with emerging world supremecy they make drastic politcal decisions that endanger everyone. White racist neocons are like, “Hell if we can’t have all the power no one will.” Nuclear war is comming, so keep on talking about music, movies, food, and sex. It won’t help you when the time has come.


    Music is music you fucking child. Grown folk know if the music is good, it’s good! Again, grow up toiletBol. Who gives a fuck what color the person is. Thats from a “craker-ass craker” you fucking chocolate pickle kisser.

  • EReal

    you fucking chocolate pickle kisser.
    LMFAO! Classic. (No Lil Wetsalami)

  • http://www.juneseven.net disdick jones


  • dtown

    can i say that all the people that said whie music sucks need to take a step back and listen to the likes of dave matthews, warren haynes, led zepplin, the beatles, foo fighters, red hot chilli peppers, eminem, just to name a few (could go on forever).musicans who actually play REAL music. i feel that bol was stero typing people who listen to hip hop or people that come from the ghetto. i know plenty of black folks that tend to listen to white music on a daily baises. but how can you catoragize black music or white music anyways?

  • Homie N

    its just a shame so much of life is racially motivated. n i aint just speakin out of my ass i see the shit go on evryday

  • http://www.king.com fernandez

    black americans are stupid why do you think they were slaves. most blacks still think like slaves closed minded people, most blacks are to poor to travel outside of the states. black americans need to be sent away from america they are killing this great country with crack, crime,and hoes

  • Mr. Generalization

    Wow. I never knew one could write straight from the arse without a shred of research. If this isn’t a generalization, then I don’t know what is. What is black music? What is white music? What is red music? This is soooooo stupid I have to stop writing.

  • ty from linden blvd


    ^^^^^^****BLEEP BLEEP****BLEEP BLEEP****




  • truth

    For the mother fucker that is saying latino never were slaves. You dont know SHIIITTT what my people in South America… We were slave, rape part black, part hispanic and part NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN. You fucktard!!!! You still have your ways in Africa. My people ways was crush only spanish we know. So dont say that the latino (South American) were never slave. Most of your black asses end up more in the south than the nort. look it up its part of history. Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico. The B-boy shit is really a fucking martial arts!!!!! From Brazil you fucking bitch.

  • The hics

    I agree with dr.colossus, im from the U.K during my younger years i conformed to the role that everybody expected me to act like through fear of being called a coconut. Then finally i met a group of people who actually liked the real me and i finally broke free of the stereotype i thought i had to stick to, now i like all different orientations of music, Rock,alternative,hip hop, soul, drum and bass,grime,easy listening and all types of other shit and im an aspiring author/artist(we need some more black writers). Now if anybody of my race says ‘you aint black, your a coco’ i laugh at them, their still slaves to the stereotype and years of conditioning, doing whats expected of them by society.

  • iff

    there is no such thing as black or white music. when u see lenny kravitz doing rock and robin thicke singing R&B, come on! we need to be a little more open-minded. there’s nothing wrong with a little fall out boy, AFI, or my chemical romance on ur mp3 player next to juelz santana, alicia keys, and jay-z. it’s called DIVERSITY, y’all.

  • kate

    well im mixed with black and white.(moms black and dads white). and i think music shouldn’t have a color on it. music is just music. i don’t really listen to rap or rnb but everyone in my family does. it doesn’t matter you like what you like. and people need to stop believing in sterotypes and quit saying people who don’t fit them trying to be white. its so stuiped.

  • http://myspace.com/princecookiejones Prince Cookie

    Yeah…I grew up on grunge and hip hop…I’m black…I dress normal…not hood. I love Nirvana and Black Sabbath as much as Jeezy (only the mix tapes) and Little Brother…I got messed with all through school by black kids for it. I was a fag, a lame and every other label in the book. I’m not gay and I’m not a loser. But, I am pissed that black people (and everyone else for that matter) seem so small minded about music. I play drums and guitar and play “WHITE PEOPLE MUSIC”…One day people will undestand music resonates in every soul and strikes some chord with everyone of every race…whether its hate anger sadness or a simple hatred of the song itself…the way I see it there is always someone in the middle like me who gets looked over by people who have never been in the middle but seem to kno everything about wat its like to be there.

  • grapes


  • Satania666

    Well I’m a black woman and I love metal especially extreme black metal from Scandinavia (Europe)! I went to see Dimmu Borgir, Devildriver, Iced Earth, and Kataclysm about four weeks ago. I would say there are some blacks, like myself, that are into other forms of music. I don’t like “soul” music it bores me, sorry. I’ve seen and read other posts stating blacks aren’t metalheads, not true don’t stereotype. So I have been made fun of (by blacks of course) it doesn’t bother me any more. I’ve broken all relationships with those types of racists people.

  • annonymous

    What I find kinda lame about this article is that people have lost sight of where music comes from, all types. Music’s history (today’s at least) has evolved from the same place. In my own belief, classical music is the only true “white” music. Since white’s and black’s have lived in the united states most music has just adapted from spirituals and such. Yeah us whities had our banjoes and shit playin what ever the hell it is…but rock music, classic rock music evolved off from the blues. which came from spirituals. I like rap, but i like classic rock and very little metal. See we are all caught up in calling things racist that it furthers us from unity and peace amongst ourselves. lets look at music this way spirituals->blues->rock (oldies)->Rock (classic)->Rock (heavy metal goth/that B.S.)
    Blues:->r&b->hip-hop->rap……if it were better illustrated we’d find music of all origins connected to each one of us just like adam and eve is “connected” to everyone

  • 6PcK

    A lot of ignorant people over here. Fuck man..it’s so fucking simple..You feel certain music or you don’t. What kind of music is all up to you. Don’t have to bring slavery in to this…’black people have the right to be racist and prejudiced’… man shut the fuck up…people of every race have gone through misery in history..dumb fuck

  • K-Lillz

    Not completely true. Have u realised that out of the top selling rap artists, 2pac eminem, jay-z and beastie boys the majority is white,as there is 3 beastie boys or 4. i dunno. Imma whitey and I listen 2 alot of black music, but also there are alot o white people that hate rap and listn 2 almos no black music or none. Like emos.

  • cty

    black music, white music= american music

    after all chuck berry started the rock and roll sound and yes blacks listened to rock music in the 70′s and 60′s it wasnt white music then, the white kids used to have to hide there black artist under the bed from there parents…..

    learn the history of rock n roll black and white people have always done the same music but the scene was sometimes segregated
    its american music just like you hear

    people say puerto rican music or mexican music

  • joeink

    lets not forget about the irish.

  • asdf

    I get funny looks when I burst out with Avril or Alanis but then again we give funny looks when they come out with It Was All A Dream…. so I guess thats life

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Junkman

    A lot of white people I know don’t listen to and will never listen to Black music whatsoever. I always call them out on it. Of course, I listen primarily to “Black” music.

  • http://XXLMag.com Brian

    White People Suck!Thay Don’t No How Black Peeps Rool.Themm Crackas dumb.After what that bitch ass kkk member “James Earl Ray” Did To Martin Luther King.You Know i hate white people.I beat the mess out of this white boy in mi class named Matthew.Sometimes I just get tired of White people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hanch

      You need to grow the fuck up Bro!!!! I just dont get all this hate over shit that happened 50 years ago at least. Now if a white person said they hated all Black People for this one black guy raping a white girl in the 1820′s then that white guy would be nailed to a fucking wall. Yall need to grow up Racism is Over unless you keep it alive. We have a Black President for christ sake. Get Real!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Music is Music i love all music im black and i followed the Grateful Dead and i Love Hip Hop music is music thats all i can say and im so sick of all this racist shit. Like i said Racism is Over unless you keep it alive by hating somebody cause of the color of there skin or hating them for something that they didnt even do. So a white guy killed MLK does that mean that all white ppl supported that or was involved???? No and if you answer yes then your just fucking retarded. Whited People have tried so hard to make up for what there ancestors Did Hundreds of years ago but the thinking is nowadays is well if they pay us then we will forgive them Get the fuck outta here with this Racist Bullshit

  • My Name is Neo

    I hope there are some thoughtful people left out there who still have ears to hear this…There are so many ways, as a gardener, to guide a plant to grow crooked and deformed. Should you blame the other plants around you? Or the gardener? Who is REALLY the gardener? White people? The gov’t for hire?…Or maybe…the hirers? Think about that statement until it begins to ring revolution. Somebody has to prevent African-Americans from ever truly, on a mass scale, becoming plain old “AMERICANS”, so that America’s left doesn’t wake up and unite across false divisions like race to fight contemporary fascism.

  • Koba

    i was about to say
    Nirvana was the last shit Black people actually put on play

  • J

    the mainstream rap that exists now only perpetuates stereotypes. Guess who’s making money off of black people talking about killing peopleand acting like thugs…. rich old white guys.

  • peter

    Actually, there is no such thing as black music. Harmony is from Europe. Period. I-IV-V chord changes, or ii-V-I chord changes are European. The dominant 7th chord is Eruopean. The drumset is from European marching bands, guitar, brass, woodwinds–all European. Blacks LOVED European music but wanted to do it their way. Blues and jazz are a mix of white music and black ATTITUDES. Blacks brought attitude to music. The music itself is purely white. Even the slave songs. African folk songs sound nothing like American black folk songs. People need to read some more.

  • Keena

    IGNORANCE: It’s not that black people don’t like white music or white people don’t like rap music. There are many many black people that like, love and even sing “white” music. And vice versa. ***Jimmy Hendricks, Michael Jackson, Seal, Emenim are few of many who have crossed over. So stop starting racial tensions for NOTHING. IT’S STUPID. We are all children of God and should finally stop dividing ourselves into groups (I’m dreaming, but it would be nice to see us come together just to see how better this world would be).

    Now, if you can’t send your address so that you could tell me your hateful words to my face. Then please keep your negative thoughts to yourself!!!

  • Mystique

    Interesting. Black music? White music? What’s the difference? Music is universal. Humanity as a collective has a considerable amount of evolving to do before we can overcome the obstacles of racial barriers and make social progress.

  • GOD

    nah i dont think black music sucks unles its rap and rap is shitttt. Cant stand rap. Im more of a nine inch nails, marilyn manson, tool, Korn, placebo and old school music man myself but thats me i guess. peace out

  • doclvky


    heard joel ortiz or someone say that nickleback was there shit… sigh

  • Ruth Goose

    I’m black and I am listening to big band right now on Pandora. I tend to be drawn to instruments and vocals. Therefore, I do like metal for the drums and guitars, bluegrass for the stringed instruments, rock for the guitars and drums, rap for the beats and rhythm…and so on.

    When I taught 4th grade I taught a unit on bluegrass and one of my black students was dancing to the rhythm. I was glad, because he was able to find something in it without thinking about it being “white.”

    If only adults could be like that. I play African township in my “urban” classroom. They laughed one good time, but I quickly told them not to hate, because different music may be a part of people’s culture…and those very students may very well be among them.

    I just try to find something that I like in all music.

    Heck…I’ll even bump some oldies…ya’ll can keep the black and white music battle…i’m just gonna enjoy the music!!!

  • Ruth Goose

    The following are some of my favorite genres:

    –Neo-Soul (ie. Amel Larrieux)
    –Classic Soul (ie. anything Motown and pre-2000s)
    –Oldies (ie. most 50s, most 60s, most 70s, some 90s)
    –80s (ie. Phil Collins)
    –Classic Rock (ie. Eagles)
    –Gospel (ie. Joann Rosario)
    –Contemporary Hymns (ie. Getty and Townend)
    –Bluegrass (ie. Alison Krauss)
    –Country (ie. Rascal Flatts)
    –Americana (ie. Mindy Smith)
    –Underground Christian Rap (ie. Corey Red and Precise)
    –Hard Rock (ie. Audioslave)
    –Alternative/Punk Rock (ie. Anberlin)
    –Vocal Jazz (ie. Ella Fitzgerald)
    –Classical (ie. Bach)


    who cares? i sure as fuck dont. this is america. people dont have to like anything.

  • dee

    I saw this same question posed on a all white site, which discussed evolution and Darwinism, and they say that since all music came from blacks, from spirituals, gospel, ragtime, big band, blues, jazz, rock, rock and roll, all white music is an imitation, for the most part, of black music. Since they can replicate but not duplicate and since there are an infinite number of black artists able to rock, soothe and heal the black soul, why would blacks listen to white music. Since black music licks, drum rolls, horns and voices have been dissected and put up for sale for musicians to use, it is still impossible to touch the soul of black folks without that DNA coursing through your musical veins. The moment that best shows this is when Steve Harvey played some old school tunes in Kings of Comedy. Those moments of fellowship between him, the audience and the music said it all. It was a zone of love we rarely have and reminiscent of what happens in church when our people are doing there thing. That’s all I’m saying on this post of xxlmag, owned and run by whites, who now own this comment??? Still slaves.

  • http://xxlmag.com kris

    wow this is races but i dont lisen 2 rap if i cant understand it i wont lisen 2 it im a rocker so ya shut up im alsome and ur not hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://xxlmag kris

    wow that worked

  • http://jaweirdcrazymemories.info/ Ronda Ekins

    Do you know of released reminds me of another corresponding the one that I just read in other places?

  • rjj

    It’s rather sad how most (80% or more) of the black Male population between the ages of 15 and 25 get arrested and end up doing ‘time’. Black on black crime is increasing at a rapid rate. Education is the key. Just ask Oprah….she wanted to invest her money in helping educate the young Black Americans only to find out they were more interested in ‘sneakers’ and cell phones……so she invested her money in buliding schools in Africa where the Black Children welcomed her help and subsequently florished. Also…what ever happened to Rev. Jesse?