Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

I knew something was bothering me about the ten year celebration of Notorious B.I.G.’s murder.  The fact that this crime hasn’t been solved yet is what pisses me off.  Black people go to prison unjustly every single day and you are telling me that the L.A.P.D. couldn’t have rustled up some gang banger from Compton or Watts and accused him of the crime?  Lord knows they prah’lee killed somebody.  Let them spend twenty years in the clink and then release them on some DNA snafu. This shit happens all the time here in New York.

A bunch of high school hoodlums were public enemy number one for allegedly raping a jogger even though the evidence was mishandled and the jogger herself lied.  Those dudes spent 16 years living under the jail until DNA evidence that exonerated them was finally brought to the light.  I don’t see why the L.A.P.D. now has a conscience about mishandling case facts and truth.  We were all too ready to accept B.I.G.’s death as the spillover from a bi-coastal gang war.  All we needed was a gang member to blame.  Preferably a darkskinned Black male, since they are the posterchildren for fear in America.   If the L.A.P.D. can’t provide us with a guilty looking darkskin jig what good are they as a police force?

One thing is for sure and that is how good the L.A.P.D. has been at killing jigs whether or not they were flagging.  If I had the time or the motivation to dig through the Amnesty International archives I’d find hundreds, if not thousands of instances of brutality by the L.A.P.D. beginning during the Watts riots.  As a state sponsored fascist military organization no one comes close to kicking Black ass the way the L.A.P.D. does.  Even the Ku Klux Klan considers them to be excessive.  So I don’t see why the L.A.P.D. couldn’t have rustled some jig kid out of his bed and dragged him through a phalanx of news cameras as the accused killer of Biggie Smalls.  It’s not like that hasn’t been done before.

Could it be that the L.A.P.D. is so racist that they don’t even feel like assuaging the Hip-Hop community at all?  They don’t even consider us worth the time and energy it would take to create a phony suspect and motive.  That’s the really fucked up news.  When you are considered politically insignificant.  When you are totally disregarded concerning policy and politics is when you have been shitted on.  Forget the fact that some corporations wants to sell you their sody pop and their automobiles.  The Hip-Hop community needs political and social equity.  This can only be achieved by actively participating in your community’s social infrastructure.  Volunteering to coach a little league team or youth mentoring are ways to fast track this social change.

The question remains…  Who is gonna take the weight?  Are you going to keep pointing the finger at other organizations for their lack of commitment to your needs or are you going to put the ‘H’ on your chest and handle your future hardbody style?  The little munchkins in your neighborhood want to know.

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  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    stop beating a dead horse (no pun intended)

  • Stand UP

    RIGHT ON!!

  • crimerate

    Good challenge Sunday, but your posing it to a bunch of armchair assholes. These same assholes might even have good intentions, but they will never make it out of their basement to realize them.


    L.A.P.D is more hardbody than your favorite rapper and some of them even rep sets.



  • EReal

    They havent found the killer because the killer was that corrupt ass L.A.P.D. officer with that was invloved with the bloods and did all kinds of fuck shit. They cant find a suspect because the L.A.P.D. is busy trying to cover it’s own ass as usual. Why you think they just had to pay 1 million to BIG’s mom??
    I co-sign that people bitch too much and dont take action. Im the first to bitch but Im also the first one to vote. I even am going to court right now petitioning to get my rights back so I can vote in the 08′ election. (Felon)
    Its so fucking insane the shit thats going on right now. There was a interview / blog about Immortal Technique in the SOHH NYC blog by Reckless.

    Heres what happened.
    “The Pentagon prevented hip hop / rap artist and hip hop activist Immortal Technique & others from joining the Rally by denying entrance to the March on the Pentagon.”

    “The Pentagon and Virginia State Police, many clad in riot gear, wearing gas masks and wielding batons, blocked people coming from the subway/metro who wanted to attend the demonstration. They also blocked buses from accessing the Pentagon in contravention of the agreements reached in the permit. This required people to walk nearly two miles to get to their buses following the rally.”

    Technique said in response to this incident:
    “I am not a big fan of marches and rallies because I have always believed that the system must be attacked economically above all. But, if coordinated well, they can effect change and remind people that this war is still costing lives and no matter who the father of Anna Nicole’s Baby is or who wins the next season of American Idol or what new song is on the radio, people are dying, both from this country and in massive numbers in the Iraqi Civil War. March 17th, even with all the problems we faced, was a success in reminding people of the insurmountable evidence of corruption, self righteous moral depravity, and dishonesty present within our government… Because we have issue with the administration we should not be painted as people who despise their country. If I am not pleased with a book I read or a movie I watch that doesn’t mean I hate the concept of film in general or that I take issue with printed literature on a whole. The administration presently tries to attach itself to the idea of America as if they were the far right standard by which all should be judged by as Americans. This White House after all just concerns itself with the well being of its stock holders, make-shift praetorian guard of politicians and political contributors.”

    Immortal Technique is the fucking dude. Everything he said is spot on. They just take the rights away like nothing, with their so called ‘Patriot Act’. Heres another one off the list, freedom of assembly. I cant agree with this entire post more. Im sick of this shit, and I can say that because I actually VOTE. I actually give a fuck about my country and my people, and the state of the union is FUCKED. You sheepole are busy leanin snap poppin and buyin your chains and dubs to realize whats been going on for the last 8 years. These sheepole are brainwashed, dont question, dont stand up. The youth and the next generation are dis-associated, de-sensitized, materialistic, selfish and narcissistic. Our people, and tons of innocent people are dying every day while yall throw some d’s on it. Its crazy.
    Get knowledge people, it truly is power.

    1 hunned.

  • thoreauly77

    n-cred: you are always standing on your soap-box preaching about black solidarity and leadership, yet when billy suggests being active in the community all you can say is “stop beating a dead horse”. let’s forget for a moment that you saying your comment was even potentially a pun implies that b.i.g. was a horse, but it seems like you read the headline and then went straight to the comments, ignoring or (egads!) not even understanding what was being said. what’s really awesome is how in order to respond to this, you would probably have to go through your transcribed archive of nas songs.

    billy- as for the b.i.g. case, it seems that the expose of the lapd that came out a couple years ago in the la times was significant enough to at least get the ball rolling so that big’s family could sue the pants off of la; i think that’s important. i wonder if his family is putting that money into his community? don’t you live near his old neighborhood?

  • Edwin

    >>Heres what happened. (a bunch of stuff)

    man, I’m glad I didn’t get out of bed to go to that. I’d have been PISSED.

  • Dr Flav

    Well Mista Sunday, Suh, Ah reckon Ize and mah peoples been studin mo bout uh drankin 40s uh blue bull, cheap wine and uh cleanin our shootin pistuls. We ah tryin to be hippy hoppity lak dem Noo Yawkas be uh doin. Hell, sum uh aint even got da desent sents to know we uh livin in da midwest, (shoot out to dem Texus Folk) let ahlone fix ahselfs on bein poelitikul. I reckon dem ole white peepuls gonna keep on ah killin us poe dum nigres, lessun ya show us da way Mista Sunday, causin heah we wuz thankin Texus wuz as uh fer south as ya kin git and you learnt us, Mista Sunday, YOU LEARNT US! NOW DONT DAT BEAT AWL! Ah luv dis heah come puter box.

  • Dr Flav

    It took a lot of effort to be that creatively ignorant, do me justice and dont censor my post please Mista Sunday Suh! Lol

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    @ thoreauly77

    you are right i did not read it…why…because Silly Sally has no credibility…and yes i read the title and blew it off…even now i dont give a shit what Silly Sally had to say…but hey…such is life…tune in to my next sermon…time:when i feel like dropping knowledge again…until then…kiss my ass…

  • thoreauly77

    looking forward to it.

    “go dj go dj go!”

  • http://www.myspace.com/robinthahoodo_o robin_tha_hood

    boo yah


    woot, thank god i dont live in a fucked up country



    If u don’t like it stay the fuck out of LA. Point Blank!

  • K.O.T.S.

    What I find more amazing is that PAC’s “murder” is more of a mystery. I mean he got shot on the Vegas Strip, but yet not a single soul saw nada. I believe that the only way we can ever find out the truth about Big’s and Pac’s murders is if they send them to a CSI show. Fuck the Po-po and fuck those those low-lives that took Pac’s and Big’s life.

  • these posts are racist

    It’s sad man.

  • Young B

    CO-Sign E-real –
    Thats real talk — maybe he should have written the article.

  • Cashus Clay

    The LAPD Are more crooked then a meth addicts teeh we should no by now that them niggas aint intrested in helping the hiphop community let alone the GOAT of this rap shit

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You are welcome again at my blog, for now…

    I don’t have any idea what Christopher Wallace’s mom does with whatever small money she receives from her son’s efforts. You will note that the award that was granted from her lawsuirt was to pay for legal fees.

    I don’t care what Jay-Z or Steve Stoute or NaS or Wayne or Vanilla Ice or anyone does with their money either. That is their business and they are responsible for their actions to their GOD(s).

    Here’s what I do with my time and my money…
    Once a month I volunteer at a children’s clinic in East Flatbush and for an afternoon I read children’s books to the patients. Our discussions this week have inspired me to read and give away some Dr. Seuss stories. Who knows, maybe the next Lil’ Wang will come from Brooklyn (looks for sarcasm emoticon).

    I was a Little League coach and Boy Scouts scoutmaster in Corona, Queens up until Sept. 11, 2001. Afterwards, I spent two years on the recovery and removal project at the site. I still do public works regularly and that is how I found out about the volunteering opportunity.

    You didn’t need to see my resume but I am also saying that time is money. Any time we can contribute to our community is like money because we are re-investing in people.

    Do your part Thoreauly77, whatever it is that you do I guarantee GOD will return to you tenfold.

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    A bunch of high school hoodlums were public enemy number one for allegedly raping a jogger even though the evidence was mishandled and the jogger herself lied. Those dudes spent 16 years living under the jail until DNA evidence that exonerated them was finally brought to the light.

    ^I remember that…Fuck the Police.

  • New York Nigga

    police iz just a gang like da crips accept they got da government backin them up

  • thoreauly77

    billy- thanks for the reply. i do not believe in any god of any sort, but what i do believe in is community action. i feel that once your business is taken care of at home, it is time to help out the community. and for me, it’s not just a philosophy either: i have tutored children from broken homes at the local methodist church; tutored/mentored children at the battered women’s shelter; rallied my city council to make the streets in my neighborhood safer for the kids to play by implementing several extra safety precautions (probably made me pretty damn unpopular to the morning commuters, but fuck em); coached youth league soccer; etc.. anyhow, you know i am not making it some contest like “hey look at us, we’re totally fucking great”, you know? i know you’re not either. what i am saying though is that i find it sickening when some people are completely reactive rather than proactive — and insist on spouting off powerful quotes by famous leaders like dr. king and malcolm. fine, reference nas, quote dr. king, but FUCKING DO SOMETHING. some people on here talk real big about what we need to do to create change in our communities, but in the end, don’t do a goddamn thing but complain about what’s NOT getting done.

    as for big’s family, i just hope that his legacy becomes more powerful than two classic albums and a place amongst the g.o.a.t.’s.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday


    I understand that coming here to talk about your social politics and community service is not whats up, and I won’t bore you with talk of GOD since you choose not to believe in something greater than man.  It’s not gangsta or hardbody, but for some lil’ shorty those moments of service you contribute could be the positive spark that makes them stay in school and continue to want to learn.  Whatever force motivates you to help others get by is what’s really good.
    I tell dudes that the NaS song ‘I Can’ is the most hardcore song in rap music since Public Enemy was on the scene. The song tells the listener that he or she has all the power to shape their universe right in their hands. Nothing has to be purchased or consumed for that power to be assumed. That’s hardbody shit when you think about the agenda of supremacy and capitalism.

    I come here to XXL to find the soldiers on the low. I know they’re lurking and reading these drops. One day they’ll be called upon to help put this shiite right.

  • Ghost

    Not that he should, say, as much as Voletta Wallace, but Puff doesn’t really seem to give a fuck about all of this. He was especially cryptic and evasive in the XXL interview in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue…

    “I believe Biggie is not here due to the fact of the negative energy. I can’t say this person did it to him, ot that person. It’s just the negative energy.”

    Understandably, perhaps as Busta followed suit after the murder of Iz, the nebulous nature of his comments steer him away from alienating himself or becoming a conspirator. And I guess it could be all hearsay to him, but it seems that from someone who did numerous tributes and released tons of post-humous material would be a little bit more involved in bringing justice to such an atrocity instead of talking about his death by throwing it to the cosmic winds of Karma. He has washed his hands and it isn’t likely they will get dirty again. However, other messages, like those in his (probably ghost written) lyrics, have posed troubling afterthoughts about the life and work of Big…

    “I took him from coal to diamond/I molded his mind/into the most phenomenal artist of any and all time”

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean? He goes on to talk about his mentorship to Tyanna and how no one can fuck with his devotion to big…and then what?

    Seriously, what now?

  • notorious A.G.C.

    great post

  • Rizzop

    Good post…….Its reppin time folks, lets get our shit together so our kids wont deal with the shit we have to

  • John Brown


    Of topic, I know how much you like to do those rappers/football/baseball/basketball players blog. So I was watching ESPN classic last night and it was a fight between Foreman and Hollyfield. So I started thinking about who Foreman can be if he was a rapper. So first to mind was LL, because of the longevity. But then he also had endorsement deals (i.e. the grill) so I thought maybe Jay-Z. So what Im asking is if you can do a blog about what rapper is what boxer in the hip-hop world.