Where The Ladies At?

There is always this talk about the good ol’ days. The good ol’ days… Fuck the good ol’ days. I don’t believe that walking backwards helps you move forward. I think that taking a glance behind you is progressive, but all of this Hip-Hop’s golden era talk is self-defeating. Hip-Hop and rap music’s changes are based on several factors, mainly the support of the fanbase, and secondly, the directives of the corporate entities that profit from the culture. If fans support lackluster, undeveloped art then the corporations that sanction and underwrite the bullshit will keep feeding it to you. Fans of the culture need to speak the fuck up.

Only a few years ago there were mad amounts of female Hip-Hop artists. I’m talking about commercially viable microphone mistresses. Rah Digga, Lil’ Kim, Foxy, Eve, Missy, Amil, Rage… I don’t have to name them all, but you know what I’m talking about. Where are these chicks at now? And where are the young broads to take their place? It’s like the entire industry budget for female emcees has been given over to country singers and emo bands. Rap music has become an arena where only guys can play in. This might be acceptable to several music executives who commission your favorite rappers to take press photos after they have been oiled up heavily, but for fans of the culture like myself it seems to be the death knell.

How does a culture survive without the union of man, woman and child? Hip-Hop and rap music has been pissing on their female constituency just like your boy Robert Sylvester. I’m not talking about the general misogyny of a ‘Tip Drill’ video, but a worse type of abuse, the abuse of ignorance. All y’all niggas straight up ignored Lil’ Kim’s last album. Black niggas, white niggas, hindu niggas, Mexican niggas. All the types of niggas that used to ride for lil’ mama fell back. You can front if you want, but Lil’ Kim spits harder shit than another rapper with Lil’ in his name and y’all niggas already know who I’m talking about. She was the most hardbody rap chick of all time (before Fox Boogie’s meltdown and Brandy’s body count) and none of y’all hollered back. I ain’t totally mad at y’all though because I borrowed a d.l. of the album and the shit was meh. But still…

I’m telling you right now in advance don’t sleep on this chick Persia. I saw her perform last week at the wrap-up party for the (white) Rapper Show and homegirl’s spit got better. Truth is that she was still trash but she had the look of that chick who would wear your nutsachs for a goatee and then steal money from your pockets when you fell asleep, and then go to the weedspot and cop a fifty bag and then go to the bodega and buy two forties and eight dutches and a pack of gum and then come back over your crib to get blunted. That shit is hot sometimes. I hope more white chicks get back into rap music because of Persia, but not like Paris Hilton. That bitch Paris Hilton likes to use the ‘N’ word with the ‘ger’ on the end when she talks about Black folks. And then you see all these southern rappers rushing to get on a track with her. Timbaland, 3-6 Mafia… Ludacris?!? Don’t these niggas remember when their parents had to use the same bathroom that the circus animals used?

All I’m saying is that Hip-Hop and rap music need to recognize the need for an actual female presence in the culture as opposed to just dudes that get oiled up by their stylist.

Can I get a group nullus to that?

Hallelujah holla back?!?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

    As long as Angie Martinez doesn’t start rapping agian, i’m with it!

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA


    Billy Sunday *hearts* Bol…


    Nice post but most of female mcs are wack(but then again most rappers are wack) but I can’t belive you forgot about the female g.o.a.t Laueryn Hill. Jean Grae, Diamonique, and Remy Ma are descent female rappers

  • John Cochran

    I agree NORIEAGA, most are wack. They all talk about getting you to buy them purses and sucking dicks. I had Kim’s last album though, it was alright. L boogie is def the best ever, but she dont spit anymore or something. She made the female Illmatic and then bounced on us. Besides the singles, Remy’s jiont was trash to me. She let me down. Maybe if a chick got on thier John Brown grind and presented a movement I would listen, but until them I dont even wanna hear what a chick has to say.

  • Cashus Clay

    Am not a Macho Over the top nigga or anything but the female mcs out there are straight wack. I guess u could make a case for Remy Ma but not the rest of the skeet bags spitting right now. Maybe one day another Mc Lyte will emerge. Maybe…

  • NickeNitro

    Wow, you sure are really fighting for hip-hop culture just like you said you would…Right…I guess having Bol’s dick in your mouth while he’s rimming you makes you talk sideways sometimes.

  • http://brandonsoderberg.blogspot.com brandonsoderberg

    >>NickeNitro Says:
    March 7th, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Wow, you sure are really fighting for hip-hop culture just like you said you would…Right…I guess having Bol’s dick in your mouth while he’s rimming you makes you talk sideways sometimes.>>

    Man, NickeNitro, you sure go out of your way to be so negative!

    For me, most of those female emcees weren’t very good and as for Kim, her ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ rip-off ‘Lighters Up’ was the reason I slept on her album…

  • Pancho

    um…we would have more vocal female mc’s if…

    1. These corporations would ACTUALLY take advantage of true female lyricists (Jean Grae is a perfect example).

    2. Mosr female mc’s suck…in SOOOO many ways…lol.

    3. Most female mc’s are doing things that are NOT related to rap (Eve= television sitcom, Foxy= gettin arrested for uncontrollable anger).

    4. Where their work ethic? (where’s Missy, Amil, Rah Digga, Khia, Trina right about now? Don’t they have music to create? Do the last three even HAVE A DEAL?).

  • Heat_Seeker

    Billy, I really wish you’d get off bol’s nuts. Swagger jackin his style and words, lmao!!!!

  • sk

    “he’s alright but he’s not real”

  • http://www.MOREMENOCAL.com Andres Menocal


  • Boner Jams 03

    i don’t even like bitches TALKIN so u know damn well i dont wanna hear em rap…they just need to shut the fuck up,swallow my babies and fix me ham sandwiches

  • http://www.myspace.com/lone11 lone1

    This was a good ass blog….and before Billy Sunday came along…yall cats were crying…shit…you can see by the amount of replies cat gets that he got some good shit to say…whether the subject matter is agreeable or not…

    Yo…good read fam…keep the ill shit coming…peace!

  • Boner Jams 03

    and lets not even get on that lil kim 5 mic bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! u tellin me that her album belongs in the same category with illmatic??? NIGGA PLEASE!!thats when i OFFICIALLY stopped fuckin with the sauce…you think the fact that dave mays was her manager had anything to do with that???things that make you go hmmmmmmmm (c) Arsenio Hall

  • John Brown

    Yo, Billy thanks for the shoutout anyways. Female that are “MC” just dont got no one to back them up no more, thats why you dont hear from them. Look, Kim dont got no one, Foxy is deaf, Eve is doing her…wait shes just doing whatever, Digga lost Busta to ‘roids, and Missy is dyking it out with that chick from A.N.T.M. so who can they go. Trina got drop from Atlantic and now she aint got a home. I think the last Female MC that I truly wanted to hear spit was …hmm…thinking….thinking…Exactly my point…Forget bout Female MC’s and post the blog bout “WHY BIGGIE WILL BE SHITING ON JAY” if he was alive (friday is 10 years since the K.O.NY passed away)you got 2 days….


  • John Brown

    Oh by the way Billy Bolday, Luda is from Chicago he was just raised in ATL.

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    I suspect you may be schizophrenic, Sunday. Nice post….tomorrow I expect something slightly more ig’nant, though. One.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You think I don’t know Luda is from the Chi? Y’all niggas can’t have it both ways – Luda rep the ‘A’ since he got on like U.G.K. rep the south even though they from Texas.

  • Rizzop

    Damn ya’ll batting 1000 right now fam. i gotta agree, but i thought rah digga was nice with her first LP back in 1990??? Either way the game needs balance, and we need salt an peppa to start checking these hoes relying on they child support (i.e. niggas) to support themselves…..Fuck being a hoe set this shot straight. My little girl is three and spits hard as fuck already. I made sure she had some MC Ren and MC lyte in the womb!!!!

  • T-Vine

    Mad props Billy!! See..I was trying to tell people people that there is something about Kim. Kim was trained by the BEST B.I.G. and that’s how she established herself. At times she is extremely ghetto with her persona and all but she has lyrical enthusiam and intentions and tries now on her own and with the help of others (MOBB DEEP and some others)to stay true to the game. She ain’t no holla back girl KIM was and I still believe the Truth. Everybody that came out after her tried to bite her style and image. Foxy was another, lyrics was bangin’. Eve slamin.’ Right now I think they are all “too concerned with fashion.” Honestly the mess that’s out now, Trina “THE WHACKEST CHICK” and Remi “LIMITED VOCABULARY” ma are whack. People have to remember us quote un quote educated chicks like myself is not going to support some sleez bag chick talking about D*ck! I kinda gave KIM a pass on some of her stuff because she was flowin’ but there is a limit, you have to come correct especially if your lyrics are Whack! Unfortunately, the young girls today do not spend enough time in school to learn sound rythms, vocabulary words, and are not very articulate so when they open their whole conversation is about stealing somebody’s man, turning them out, and the name of a designer ending it all with, “so now what B*tch?” That’s all we can expect right now..but I will keep hope alive!

  • T-Vine

    One more thing..why are people hatin’ on the concept of female MC’s..This is a great topic at least Billy cares enough to even evoke the thought..It’s refreshing..Would it have been better if he said, “Where the B*tches at,” what’s with this spread of disrespect for women period in Hip Hop. We can’t catch a break. I consider myself a true hip hopper and I don’t care if you are man woman or Lil Bow Bow, if you are wack, your wack but if you got skills then I’m going to say so. No where in the scheme of things were we supposed to be left out of the discussion. All yall rocked to Roxanne Shanta, Lyte, Latifah, Salt $ Peppa, Sista Souljah, Bahamadia, Finesse & Synquis, Yo-yo, and (maybe Rage not me though), so don’t dismiss us we have lyrics no.. you rather hear , “meet me at the mall..meet me in the car..meet me at church..meet me in jail…it’s goin’ down..” where you really gone be playa? Is it really goin’ down?

    Thanks again Billy!

  • http://xxlmag.com eskay

    >>nutsachs as a goatee


  • John Brown


    UGK rep the South because they are from the south. By the way have you done that post that I have been telling you to. Time is money. On another note. I was listening to my 90′s cd the other day and shit it makes me appreciate it even more now. I had to go to Circuit City and Best buy to cop another copy of all the CD’s I was listening to, just to have it there and give it to my seed one day. It also was made me think that what happened to our parents with the 60′s and 70′s music how no one cares about it no more it will happen to ours. Soon we will have a radio station with the brand being “hits of the 90′s and yester years”. That shit sucks to me. Just my random thoughts that I wanted to let out.


  • mannyworld33

    to answer your question sundy they’re all trying to act, lol

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You must have missed this info the first time so I will repeat it…


    Peep this map and go cry in your bowl of stale cereal.


    Louisiana is actually part of the midwest region but they got voided off to the south behind some man kissing man incident.

    Which one of you retards said Oklahoma was part of the south?!?


    Yes, Texas is LONGITUDINALLY south, but so is California. What is your point? Texas is still in the Mid West bracket.

  • Pancho

    “Unfortunately, the young girls today do not spend enough time in school to learn sound rythms, vocabulary words, and are not very articulate so when they open their whole conversation is about stealing somebody’s man, turning them out, and the name of a designer ending it all with, “so now what B*tch?”

    I agree…however, when do you cross the line when it comes to female lyrical content…Kim was just as nasty as Trina…

    T-Vine…Oh PLEASE tell me you have heard of Jean Grae…she the only female mc that has any merit to me (MAYBE Remy Ma cuz she can spit from the top of the dome…and Foxy if she would CONTROL HER DAMN ANGER).

  • Stevie Williams

    Lmao. Billy Sunday is suck a wigster. Your advice is to listen to Persia from The White Rapper show? AHAHAHA!

    Billy Sunday = Biggest Backpacker ever, yet the only ‘commericial’ artist he likes is a poser bitch from the suburbs? AHAHAHA! Hey Billy Sunday, how about you stop judging rap on subject matter, and start judging it on lyrical skill?

  • i’m tired of this shit

    can we get somebody to rob this nigga for real. Im tired of this angry black man. we need to come together and pay anybody that can hurt this guy and have the pictures to prove it. We need to get rid of angry minorities. They are bringin this country down. Harlem stand up

  • i’m tired of this shit

    can we get somebody to rob this nigga for real. Im tired of this angry black man. we need to come together and pay anybody that can hurt this guy and have the pictures to prove it. We need to get rid of angry minorities. They are bringin this country down. Harlem stand up

  • i’m tired of this shit

    this motherfuckin complainin about Paris Hilton now this asshole is stealing from sickamore. Man taking from another asshole that is low. I would forgive you but anymore of this trash and i’m going to have to come hurt your career. Not that anyone cares because xxxl is run by angry minorities.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Ain’t is some shit when somebody gets pissed off an accuses someone of doing THE SAME SHIT that they do ..

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    March 7th, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    I will allow you your opinion because youre dumb, but don’t put my name on your lips when you are lying.

    This is the muthafuckin’ pot callin’ the kettle black!!

    Ain’t this what the fuck people like you and Bol do for a fuckin’ livin’???

    Niggaz like Lil’ Wayne can use the same fuckin’ sentence against you. Callin’ him a snitch and gay … or Bol callin’ Kanye a closet homosexual..

    You know what? we allow you your dumbass opinions as well, even though you put rappers names on yo’ muthafuckin’ lips and are lying, right?

    Listen BS, don’t get all sensitive on me and shit. You’re gettin’ your panties up in bunch about NOTHIN’, a fuckin’ comment. You don’t think the niggaz you post whole blogs about feel the same way? STOP ACTIN’ LIKE A BITCH-NIGGA.

    … this is the smokin’ gun that definitely proves your “bitchmade”

    “you wanted to stay outta Bol’s lane but you just had to comment” .. fuckin’ clown ..

    I know you read it nigga .. you disappoint me.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday


    you are shamelessly riding my dick. you obviously want to be my fucking intern.

    okay MEOW, go get me some cheesecake from Junior’s you effin lame.

  • che

    um…lady sovereign? haha

  • rec

    Jean Grae = Bump!

    she’s really the only one holding it down in my books…where are u Ms. Hill?!

  • http://myspace.com/twerkolator twerkolator

    actually, wikipedia (that great bastion of internets knowledge) says:

    “As defined by the United States Census Bureau, the Southern region of the United States includes 16 states and is split into three smaller units, or divisions:

    * The South East States: Florida, Georgia,North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia
    * The East South Central States: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee
    * The West South Central States: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and TEXAS”

  • http://myspace.com/twerkolator twerkolator

    “Yes, Texas is LONGITUDINALLY south, but so is California. What is your point? Texas is still in the Mid West bracket.”

    oh yeah, not to nitpick, but i think you mean LATITUDINALLY here…

  • EReal

    LOL @ Lil Kim being lyrical.

    Persia can spit a lil bit man. I liked how she flipped her voice on that stripper tack they did and her verse was aight. I just cant be down with a fat fuckin slob chick that cant walk up a hill without having a cornary and that waves big black dildos in peoples faces. Like it or not, image is just as important as everything else.

    Jean Grae is the most lyrical Female Mc EVAR. That dosent make her the best. The fact that she is so Lyrical throws the word “commercial” out the window on her.

    Remy Ma, IMO, was our only hope of a true, out the ghetto, battle rappin, freestylin, female MC. Except, just like everyone else in the imginary “Terror Squad” she was mis-managed. Her album concept was whack and there was interviews with Fat Hoe himself tellin her she needed to act more like a broad and dumb-down her flow. Look what that got her.
    I was stoked to hear when she got released and really pissed when Fat Hoe’s jealous broke ass put a clause in her release that she couldnt goto G-Unit.

    Eve, mehhh… Shes on Aftermath, which means no album. LOL. Plus they just signed Joell Ortiz as their next big thing. ChChChCh-Yeahhhh.

    Foxy, man she busy puttin in her weave and beatin people up over nothin to do anything.

    Its missing, but is there even a market anymore?? Are chicks actually buying female rap albums?? Are people buying rap albums period??

    * Side Note

    LOL @ The Re-Up bags up 13,700 units this week. To date, the compilation has sold 903,100 copies. >>>> The Game gets sidetracked this go ’round, slipping seven seats to No. 79. Doctor’s Advocate hauls in 10,000 units this week and 869,800 in total.

    ALSO! Beyonce had outsold Jay-Z by 1,000,000 copies. LMFAO.

    1 hunned.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Just pointing out the facts son, that’s all. I’m like that dude in the audience of a magic show, pullin’ the magician’s card.

    You gotta wake up earlier in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes.

    And I don’t gotta resort to just hurlin’ insults at you either. Which is primarily what you resort to when you don’t have any logical justification for anything.

    And as for dickridin’ .. who was the one who HAD to say something to ME in Bol’s lane? Huh?

    C’mon, you bigger than that …

    (don’t ruin your manicure tryna comeback with some witty insult either, it’s not a good look for you.).


    On the real tho’, I ain’t even gonna fuck wit you no more .. Imma let you say what you say and do what you do. cool?

  • king blair

    Female MC’s Suck Cuz Women Are 2 Dang Emotional An Unbalanced For Their Own Good. The Female G.O.A.T Luaren Hill Let Da Dick Fuck Her Head Up She Need 2 Call 3000 An Ask Him How He Got His Mind Right. The Rest Of Them Need 2 Stop Being Gold Diggers,stop Just Rappin Bout Pussy,stop Eatin Pussy,get Some Ill Beats,make Hits,put Other Chicks On,an Dont Wait On Niggas 2 Put Out Shit Drop A Mixtape Or Something. And If All Else Fail Make Porn

  • John Brown


    I didnt miss the info, I just dont support stupidity or ignorant opinions. Like you said Luda has been repping the south since he came out so thats why he is a southern rapper. Every rapper from texas which include UGK. So you said Luda is a southern rapper because he repped the south since day 1, but why isnt every texas rapper a southern rapper, because they all rep the south since day 1. Pleas eexplain that…

    BTW, my cereal aint stale I got water BITCH…


  • Guy DeBord

    Best XXL post ever. I think. Got me amped.

  • EReal


    Id smash the fuck outta Diamond from Crime Mobb. Im lovin that blonde weave and her body is lookin tight in that rock your hips shit.

    Off topic, but oh well.

  • Incilin

    The reason we aint “holla back” on kim’s last album because the shit was wack. the songs and flows where just boring, and she needs to change her style up. How come you forgot about Ms. lauren hill on your list?? She is by far the greatest female mc. to me most female mcs jus wanta be one of the guys and they rap the same sexual shit the do. ms. hill on the other hand was a real woman. and a real mc.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sunkuttrecords Fletch

    If we’re talkin bout female mc’s whay hasn’t anybody mentioned Shawnna? She’s got the hottest flow of any chick and catchiest cadence. She never seems to get credit even though the only femcee I would say even compares is MC Lyte.

  • http://crunktastical.blogspot.com Fresh

    Them hoes worried about copping new lace front wigs and shit. The last thing they are concerned with is releasing an album.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Rah Digga was the shit.

  • Bang

    The irony -

    all of Today’s tv Hip Hop is aimed at Hoes.

  • New York Nigga


  • the~ghost~of~hip~hop~past

    Fuck it, most female EMCEES’s only talk about sucking dick and taking niggas money

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    This reply goes back to John Brown. Chris came to Atlanta and disavowed Chi Town. He adopted the swagger of a dude from ATL. If he was based out of Chicago and hollering the south you would call him an idiot wouldn’t you? Why can’t someone from Chicago rep the south? Chicago is south of Canada. If Chris Bridges had his way you would never have known where he was born and raised.

  • Fabo

    This i agree with. hopefully something will give.

    Going to a hip hop concert where theres no girls sucks dick. Even if the show is dope. Case in point, i could count the number of shorty’s on 1 hand when i went to see the clipse out here recently. SHit was disturbing.

  • John Brown

    My point exaclty Luda reps the A and you consider him a “southern rapper”
    UGK reps the the South but since they are from Texas you dont consider them rappers from the south, your still with that midwest crap.


  • John Brown


    Almost everything is South of canada.

  • EReal

    Chicago is in illinois which is south of canada.
    A state like florida is south of georgia. Or south carolina being south of north carolina. Based on borders that is.

    Who cares anyway, why do yall take this region shit so seriously???

    Because yall Bitchmade. LOL. sorry, had to.

    1 hunned.

  • Weezy F. Baby

    “You can front if you want, but Lil’ Kim spits harder shit than another rapper with Lil’ in his name and y’all niggas already know who I’m talking about”….????

    It has been brought to my attention by an affiliate of Cash Money Records and Young Money Records who goes by the name of Currency the Muthahfuckin Hot Spitta that you are claiming that Lil’ Kim is a better rapper than me Lil’ Wayne aka Birdman J.R. aka The Fireman aka Weezy aka The Best Rapper Alive aka I AM HIP-HOP!!

    I think this assertion is both ludacris and insolent; however, I do find your juvenile attempts at increasing your readership by constantly throwing barbs at moi quite amusing indeed. I would have you know that although I might sound “gutta” and “hood” on albums, I am currently penning a novel loosely based on my life, which is guaranteed to win the Pulitzer. I think I will dedicate a line in Chapter 7 of the piece (Playa Haterz) to you Mr. Sunday.

    PS. I STILL got Army Gunz and I’m STILL the Sergeant’s Son!

  • T-Vine

    Big up Weezy..it took a minute but you flipped it up and came out differently and I believe there is a greater respect for you as an artist and entertainer now that you are solo….independent..you stepped up your flow and trust me it’s been noticed. A lot of what Billy writes, in my opinion, evokes a consciousness, and begins a thought process, which eventually creates dialog and a discussion, which is why we are here today. The mere fact that you are penning a novel is a depiction of how the fans of rappers from the South have a difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction. Here you are writing a book and the message in the lyrics and image of rappers from the South is that they are ignorant, have limited vocabulary, and can’t and don’t read. It will be interesting to see how many true hip hop fans actually go out and support your book. I’m wondering how many will be fans that support the ones who are considred Whack Southern rappers, unlike yourself. What people will find interesting is that you are different and have a level of knowledge and respect for hip hop, and that you are trying to establish yourself as a heavy hitter. It’s all about the flow..the way in which you use and spit the lyrics..continue flowing and raising the bar..and you will go far..I wish you the best and I’ll keep an eye out for the book..excuse me Novel! Peace T-Vine!

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    uhhh T-Vine…

    Nahh, forget it. Carry on.

  • T-Vine

    I know Billy ;)..thanks for not saying it out loud! Still a lady and trying to be nice, you know..Still got ya back! Peace!


    Billy are you from the south? I mean to say Texas and louisanna is midwest just sounds utterly ridiculous to those of us who live here..We never refer to our selves as midwestern… ever..I’m just amazed at how people in the north think they can just re-classify us when we can go right in our backyards and be in Mexico!
    another thing is when the geto boys, Scarface, UGK were poppin in the early 90′s i never heard anyone classify us as nothing but southern…Now that we have dominated the music sales by region now ya’ll wanna divide us and call us the midwest.?..Man this is the main reason why i believe east coast will never be like they were ever again…ya’ll hate tooo much! and it’s not enough negroes in the entire east to fill up half of texas, so to criticize us is basically stupid ..because if you inadvertently start a south vs east conflict with all the hate u spewing…the east would just get annihilated whether it’s record sales or street shYt…that’s why you never here southern rappers respond because we know the difference between business and personal..and personally speaking we handling our business!..
    as far as biatch rappers…man i got shit to say about them ..aint no hoes talkin bout shYt right about now so fuckem!

  • J.R.O.

    Real T, Sunday.

    Ya’ll remember 24k? Lyrically, she was good, but damn, she was fine as hell. They need to put her on the milk carton, tho’.



  • db

    Jean Grae, that’s about it lately. Alif from Senegal, they’re the shit too.