There is always this talk about the good ol’ days. The good ol’ days… Fuck the good ol’ days. I don’t believe that walking backwards helps you move forward. I think that taking a glance behind you is progressive, but all of this Hip-Hop’s golden era talk is self-defeating. Hip-Hop and rap music's changes are based on several factors, mainly the support of the fanbase, and secondly, the directives of the corporate entities that profit from the culture. If fans support lackluster, undeveloped art then the corporations that sanction and underwrite the bullshit will keep feeding it to you. Fans of the culture need to speak the fuck up.

Only a few years ago there were mad amounts of female Hip-Hop artists. I’m talking about commercially viable microphone mistresses. Rah Digga, Lil’ Kim, Foxy, Eve, Missy, Amil, Rage… I don’t have to name them all, but you know what I’m talking about. Where are these chicks at now? And where are the young broads to take their place? It’s like the entire industry budget for female emcees has been given over to country singers and emo bands. Rap music has become an arena where only guys can play in. This might be acceptable to several music executives who commission your favorite rappers to take press photos after they have been oiled up heavily, but for fans of the culture like myself it seems to be the death knell.

How does a culture survive without the union of man, woman and child? Hip-Hop and rap music has been pissing on their female constituency just like your boy Robert Sylvester. I’m not talking about the general misogyny of a ‘Tip Drill’ video, but a worse type of abuse, the abuse of ignorance. All y’all niggas straight up ignored Lil’ Kim’s last album. Black niggas, white niggas, hindu niggas, Mexican niggas. All the types of niggas that used to ride for lil’ mama fell back. You can front if you want, but Lil’ Kim spits harder shit than another rapper with Lil’ in his name and y’all niggas already know who I’m talking about. She was the most hardbody rap chick of all time (before Fox Boogie’s meltdown and Brandy’s body count) and none of y’all hollered back. I ain’t totally mad at y’all though because I borrowed a d.l. of the album and the shit was meh. But still…

I’m telling you right now in advance don’t sleep on this chick Persia. I saw her perform last week at the wrap-up party for the (white) Rapper Show and homegirl’s spit got better. Truth is that she was still trash but she had the look of that chick who would wear your nutsachs for a goatee and then steal money from your pockets when you fell asleep, and then go to the weedspot and cop a fifty bag and then go to the bodega and buy two forties and eight dutches and a pack of gum and then come back over your crib to get blunted. That shit is hot sometimes. I hope more white chicks get back into rap music because of Persia, but not like Paris Hilton. That bitch Paris Hilton likes to use the ‘N’ word with the ‘ger’ on the end when she talks about Black folks. And then you see all these southern rappers rushing to get on a track with her. Timbaland, 3-6 Mafia… Ludacris?!? Don’t these niggas remember when their parents had to use the same bathroom that the circus animals used?

All I’m saying is that Hip-Hop and rap music need to recognize the need for an actual female presence in the culture as opposed to just dudes that get oiled up by their stylist.

Can I get a group nullus to that?

Hallelujah holla back?!?