The Real ‘Red Gone Wild’ Review

Nuff’ respect to all the readers of this blog that actually went to Target, Best Buy or K-Mart and bought the Redman album.  I do have something vested in seeing Red succeed with this long overdue project, but it’s only in the overall sense of Hip-Hop living and yada, yada, yada.  I don’t want y’all to get crazy and start buying up all of these old fossilized rappers’ shits just because or the Neptunes are doing some of their tracks.  Redman’s shit was worth my 16 bucks just for the sheer amount of content that the CD included.  Considering the fact that his last album was damn near in the last millennium this offering could have been a double album.

I don’t know a gotdamn thing about releasing an album so maybe it’s a good thing that Red didn’t double up on this return to the spotlight.  When I saw Red in concert last year with Raekwon he had a little crew with him that was performing as the Gilla House gang.  It was three dudes and none of them were particularly memorable, but you just knew that Red was going to give his weedcarriers their time to shine with this album.  Being that this is Redman, you know he’s got hell’a weedcarriers too.  Red’s got so much weed he prah’lee has a dude on staff just to carry the Dutch Masters box.  The Gilla House gang has a few tracks to spit on during this album but not enough that you really get tired of them and not enough that they take away from Red’s skills.

I remember one time in my old apartment in the now Dominican neighborhood of Corona when I was doing some spring cleaning.  I usually did this every four years so that I really had some shit to clean.  I was removing this area rug from the living room and under it I found a blunt about ¾ long.  Holy shit!  This was like a treat too since I didn’t have any smoke on me at the time.  I may have been on one of my weed sabbaticals where I don’t smoke at all for several months just to prove to myself that I am the lord of the castle.  Finding this el was a sign to me from GOD that I should smoke.  I did, and damn was that shit good.  Listening to Redman’s new album was like finding that blunt under the rug.  You knew the game was missing something and here it is.  Btw, I don’t endorse smoking anything even though there was this report released that says that alcohol is worse for you than weed.  Go figure.

The opening track on the album is called ‘Fire’.  And for good reason.  Listening to Redman flow is like watching a real artist paint.  He’s stylistic and quirky, as opposed to lame and jerky.  He’s a real emcee rapping, not just some dude that people like because they don’t know any better.  Redman still flows like it was 1997 which was good and bad.  It’s good because no one else puts punchlines together like he does.  He brings that crazy mofo style back to the game where you have no idea what he’s going to say out of his mouth, but you know it’s gots to be funky.  The only reason I say that this could be a bad thing is because I caught a few lines that seemed dated.  I mean this dude did have this album completed over four years ago so I cuts him some slack.  Redman with a shot of Novocain on his gums is still better than your favorite rapper.

The other fly shit about this album are all the rap stars that came out to support the project.  You know Meth is gonna be on that piece, as well as Keith Murray.  Ghostface, Erick Sermon and even Biz Markie make a guest spot on this joint.  Snoop and Nate Dogg get down with a weed tribute song.  If Snoop only rapped about weed he might be the greatest rapper evar.  Byron Crawford says that the last Snoop album was the most slept on in Hip-Hop for 2006.  I tend to believe him since his website tagline says that he is the only Hip-Hop website in the world.  People slept on that 213 album too.  Red’s skits are hilarious as usual and this one joint called ‘Ice Cream Man’ is effin’ reedirkulon 4000.

I remember going to the album release party for Red’s ‘Malpractice’ CD.  It was at this club in downtown Manhattan.  There was some dude dressed up in the Redman mascot costume acting the fool all night.  He was just dancing crazy and bumping people and touching chicks slightly inappropriately.  We hung out all night waiting for Redman to show up.  Come to find out later on that Red was there all along inside the mascot costume.  That nigga Redman is crazy.  That nigga Redman is Hip-Hop.

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    album was aight…

    i liked the beats, but he just seems alil, dare i say “dated”…

    Red’s that nigga and his flow is ALWAYS on point, but the Storch song was wack… and a couple other joints didn’t pass “the test”

  • Yes Yall

    Album is Tight between him and Buck they got the best album this week

  • billblackfish

    The album is kinda wack big ups for the pete rock gimme one beat though

  • billblackfish

    How come nobody talked about the weatherman lp the beats on that album are tight the flows are understandable and the guest are great no stupid mofo gov matic or any other gilla house retard

  • billblackfish

    I’d say that the red album is better than the devin album isnt that funny devin is already forgotten maybe rap-a-lot is the graveyard not koch

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Devin hasn’t been forgotten. I think Red and Devin’s albums both remind us why we listen to these dudes.

    Don’t call Red’s flow dated just because you’ve heard it before.

  • ThingAlec

    I agree. Redman is exactly what we need today in hip-hop.

  • Cashus Clay

    real hiphop is making a comeback with Reds album devins shit aswell as Some UGK coming out next month Its pretty dope and nope Devin hasnt been forgotten am still vibing and roll my spilffs to his shit

  • billblackfish

    Billy X Sunday are you a clone no originality get new name and go listen to those dated flows on the red gone wild album or all the weed and B*tches on the devin album We NEED a new canibus album

  • Eman

    Copped the prodigy and redman. Redman is sick for real the shits on point the beats and lyrics are refreshing. I wanna smack whoever said prodigy return of the mack was tight cause its boring as fuck. Prodigy ryming lame ass verses over alchemist throw away beats. And im not running my mouth alchemist is my favorite producer.

  • Brick Cheney

    Reggie’s held the title of Brutallest Line Ever for like 9(?) years now, after “I keep comin’ til sperm pour from your boots” on that song where LL got sad about Canibus.

  • NickeNitro

    Hell yeah — Red Gone Wild is that shit! Dare iz a Darkside is still my favorite Red joint, but this one’s up there. March has been a great month for hip-hop, and this one is the best of everything to come out.

  • epicSpitts

    who da fuck reviewed prodigy ish again?? it is absolutely no contest between red and havoc’s untalented half. swear I think Hav should start writing his verses. Anyway, yea Red is mos def what we need in hip hop right now.

  • derfla the hus’la

    yo red never disapoints me when it comes to them beats.
    but sunday cant agree with you about that punchline statement I think Eric sermon is also a beast at punchlines son, maybe these two would go toe to toe

  • John Brown

    If Snoop only rapped about weed he might be the greatest rapper evar.

    LOL…as funny as that line is, its so fucking true. Anyone remembers that song “BLOWS MY MIND” of thar Neptunes album called The Neptunes present…Clones. IMO thats one of the sickest song dedicated to Marijuana.

    RED’s album to me came at the right time. I bought 2 albums myself. Oh yea that Buck album is crazy as well..

  • John Brown

    Redman’s shit was worth my 16 bucks

    DAMN Billy, go to Best Buy or Circuit City where it only cost $9.99. That way you save yourself around 6 dollars and buy yourself a 6 pack of Heineken’s (just look for some change around your car or house or room to put the rest).



  • Billy X. Sunday

    You have to be kidding me? You have to know that Red has been writing Erick Sermon’s shit.

    Real talk is that Sooperman Luva pt6 is the only thing that seems dated on the album, but that is Red’s tradition so he has to kick it anyhoo.

    ‘Red Gone Wild’ was good shit even though you humps DL’ed that shit to death.

  • bizness

    Listen my friends I am in all support of Redman and “true” Mc’s but untill they remove themselves from the machine that is partnered with the likes of the RIAA I dont care one bit to buy they albums.


    p.s. download sounded nice lastnight. good album.

  • runnin’ with more kids than day care

    Red is one of the illest. But this album is kinda long winded and left me with the same impression as Meth’s last album. Too much filler.

    But then again, I’ll take Red’s filler tracks over Lil’ Wetkisseezy’s whole catalog.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    The machine?!? Everything we do is powered by the “the machine”. The machine called capitalism is the shit we all live with. If you decide to consume some good shit the machine will focus on bringing more of that shit to you. If you consume crap then the machine will continue to give you crap.

    You used your parents’ money to buy your computer. Use your allowance to support some real Hip-Hop.

  • DANJA29

    “Listen my friends I am in all support of Redman and “true” Mc’s but untill they remove themselves from the machine that is partnered with the likes of the RIAA I dont care one bit to buy they albums.”

    Riiiiiight. A better excuse would simply be the truth, which is- “I ain’t buyin’ what I could jump on Limewire and get for free”.

    But yep, it’s out, and everybody knows it’s out. If this shit flops, it’s because Red’s “fans” didn’t go to the store and buy it. I don’t care if it wasn’t heavily promoted, or whatever- if you know it’s in stores and you downloaded it anyway, you are part of “the problem”.

    Niggas say they want “real hip-hop”… do y’all want it enough to show the labels that you’d BUY it?

  • Reyo

    Album is heat! Only thing “dated” is cats opinions on this site when it comes to anyone who came out before 2000.

  • Ruroni Kenshin

    My Nigga REDMAN is Back!!!! RED has Gone Wild he’s flows don’t sound dated, RED was always on points. This is the reason to love hip-hop I bought it yesterday this maybe up there with the RED 3 (Whut Thee Album, Dare IZ a Darkside, and my favorite RED LP Muddy Waters) REDMAN cames back from a 5 year hitaus but honestly he never left if you heard both ill at will mixtapes. Buy this album if you want to hear real lyricism and even the beats are great and RED is funnier than ever listen to MR Ice Cream Man skit LMAO 2 days straight. I even like Malpractice but RED Gone Wild should have been that album but I got all 6 of RED’s album still need the ill at will mixtapes and Welcome to the Bricks one. REDMAN still got heat and I support real artists I don’t download I actually buy great hip hop but however if I hear it before and it’s wack that 13 bucks still in my pocket don’t waste my time on wack rappers or commerical rap that sucks.

  • billblackfish

    Ya bunch of morons rjd2 said it best

  • EReal

    I copped the Redman and The Buck and they’re both tight. I actually like the Redman better than the Buck which is surprising to me because Ive been waiting on the Buck.
    The Redman shit is just a breath of fresh air man. Takin this shit back to when it was fun, not all about Cocaine and makin Money.
    I remember the MTV(fuck them) Cribs episode with Redman and he was still in the hood livin all bummy and shit but he had like 150,000 worth of recording equipment in that bitch. His homies were crashed ont he floor. This was around the Blackout and How High times so you know he had money, but he was just hood like that. Evey since then I was like, Fuck Yeah Imma support this cat because he’s just like me.
    The album is sick as fuck, the Red and Devin are gonna be hard to beat as the best of 07′ but theres lots more comin soon.

    LMFAO @ Canibus album. LMFAAAOOOOOOO!!!
    Canibus album?? Hahahha! Kill Yourself.

    1 hunned.

  • derfla the hus’la

    yo sunday didn’t know that red wrote for erick sermon daim i’ll have to check this for myself tho.

    any way reds album was aight but honestly it lucked that red we know that rah rah shit the hyper shit that red use to give us

    even he’s weed song with snoop was kinda sleepy not as exciteing as “pick it up”

  • ishmizzy

    Yo danja29 said it best when he said yall bum ass nigga r killing this shit wit downloading if u went and bought these albums like redman devin the dude ghostface and more we would have way better hip hop than what we have today and we woulda for yrs rappers aint trying cause we killing the sport lets make these guys sell millions and half the rap world of pink banging bunnies would dissappear and it would be back to ill freestyles actually good mixtapes wit creazy freestyles and songs not these fake bootlegs album mixtapes I need me some hev e components pt2 if these artist sold there would be way more competition why u think everyone rethinking there strategy this yr the year real hip hop take over nas coming in the summer again jay aint playing beanie back on the roc its over east taking our shit back {no disrespect to the south} I love yopu guys but its our time

  • Atl’s own

    got dat Red and Buck.

    i agree red shit seem dated sumtime. but dat shit still fie!

    and that Buck album is crazy, dat nigga won’t even come out my CD drive.

  • Hip-Hop Lives (KRS-ONE is back)

    Certified Classie

  • Combat Jack

    Listening to Red’s new album was like pounding out an ex-girlfriend. You forgot why you broke up with her, but in the process of smacking, remember how tight the skins (old school term) were.

  • Jay

    first of all devin the dude SUCKS!! his shit is fuckin wack as helllll…
    got redmans album its hot as hell
    young bucks album wont come out my cd drive either since i got it yesterday i got prodigy n mims to prodigy was good n mims was borin im fly this im fly that fuck u..but other than that bucks shit lived up 2 the hypes its fire as fuck and redmans shit is difently wut hip hop needed COP BOTH!!!!!

  • billblackfish

    Canibus diss are retared you must not have heard rip the jacker

  • billblackfish

    Devin only sold 25k and J-dilla sold 8k in thier first weeks I dont see these albums going bronze They are already platinum album downloads on limewire

  • Belize

    Still bumpin the album

    AyO Sunday…what u think of 4:21 from meth? I thought that was the most slept on album of 06′.

  • billblackfish

    4:21 that was wack go listen to some ras kass

  • DJ Mydas

    i don’t know if i got the wrong version, but i bought the Red cd from the record store today and there was no Ghostface on it…did i get screwed or did Sunday download the bootleg version?…

  • billblackfish

    No billy sunday is just an idiot there was a song called future thugs with ghost and luda but it wasnty on the final version alos there was an eminem song called i c dead people you’ll need tio download that shit

  • DJ Mydas

    yeah…i got “Future Thugs” on mixtape..

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    >>”Redman’s shit was worth my 16 bucks just for the sheer amount of content that the CD included.”

    u got ripped i got it for $9.99 at fye.But i only listened to it once, im hooked on that new Black Milk CD.But that song Dis Iz Brick City is hot.

  • billblackfish

    The black milk cd is the shit

  • Were Read 2 Def

    This is dat shit. Don’t sleep on dat Keith Murray verse, either. I might not sleep when Eminem calls Reggie Noble da goat. He comes thru, always.

  • Slim Pickens

    Reggie Noble may be a goat in a past life but he is not the g.o.a.t Someone needs to listen to canibus or ras kass those are the contenders

  • Billy X. Sunday

    DJ Mydas,
    BillBlackFish is right that I am an idiot. It wasn’t Ghost but another Gilla House W.C. called GovMattic. The song is called ‘How U Like That?’ and the shit is fiyahstarter.

    DJ Mydas, you are saving Hip-Hop.

  • kt

    about time its been too long finally some hiphop you can zone out to and knowbody gets hurt it reminds me when epmd was concidered hardcore before niggas lost their minds and every rapper became fake ass mobsters new jersey bringing new york back ohh shit my niggas

  • Mike

    album is bangin’, but one mistake: Redman was on Ghostface’s album “More Fish” not the other way.

  • b-ease

    Red is dope. But the complaint everyone seems to be having regarding the “datedness” of some of the punchlines is true. Still, the production is the best on a major label album since King (or maybe even since Documentary).

    Prodigy’s joint is dope. Not the end-all be-all return to form that some of us were hoping but his verses are entertaining in a way that they havent been in LONG time. i wasnt surprised by the beats tho, alchemist has been doing as much dull shit as dope shit for the past couple years anyway.

    I bought both of these joints at Best Buy for 9.99 each. Everyone else should do the same.

  • http://WWW.MSN.COM King Ben U Beezy !

    Do agree with B-ease on both albums thou.