The Ray J sex tape

Never let it be said that it doesn’t pay to some famous person’s little brother. In fact, it might even be better than actually being famous yourself. While your more famous sibling is out making all the money and/or killing people with their car, you get to stay at home and spend your considerable allowance on the finest pussy money can buy.

Case in point, my pr0n connect kris ex recently came through with a copy of the Ray J sex tape. You’ll recall that it was announced a few weeks ago that Brandy’s little brother had sold a Pam Anderson-style home video of himself and Kim Kardashian – daughter of the OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian and, more importantly, bff of Paris Hilton – to the pr0n company Vivid, who would be releasing it on DVD.

Interestingly enough, the video is being billed more so as a Kim Kardashian sex tape than a Ray J one. And if you visit the Kim K Superstar site, there’s no mention at all that Ray J just so happens to be ’90s era R&B star Brandy’s younger brother. Hmm… Of course Kim Kardashian herself is taking a cue from her best friend forever and claiming to have had no idea about any of this, but to date it’s not like she’s sued or anything, and obviously it’s kinda too late now anyway.

Here’s the thing: watching Kim K Superstar, it’s pretty obvious the whole thing was staged, which is not to say that it’s so good that it couldn’t have been the work of a couple of amateurs. On the one hand, the production values (the lighting, camera and what have you) do seem a bit better than they would be if this really was just a shitty home video of two kids fucking. But the real issue with Kim K Superstar has to do with the quality of the acts presented therein.

To her credit Kim Kardashian is fucking smokin’. Her ethnic background is Armenian, not unlike the guys from System of a Down, which gives her a sort of swarthy, Mediterranean look. One thing you’ll notice is that, while her skin is kind of an odd yellow color, the actual tone of it is remarkably the same all over her body. In particular, her vagine – shaved except for a tiny landing strip – is roughly the same shade of yellow as her face, and damnit if it’s not one of the most incredible vagine’s I’ve seen in a pr0n evar.

She’s also got a pretty nice set of cans, though you’d hardly know from watching Kim K Superstar. In the beginning, she mentions something about how they’re real even though people always wonder if they’re fake, which I though might have been foreshadowing, but nope. She only pulls them out of her bikini top briefly, and even then it’s not at a very good angle. My guess is that she might be waiting for Playboy to offer her a million dollars or something before she gives anyone a good look at them.

The real problem with this video though is that for so much of it the camera is trained either on Ray J’s unit (nullus) or his ass bobbing up and down on top of hers (nullus again), as if anyone would want to see that. In general, you get the idea that Kim K Superstar is intended for women as much as it is men and, in general, people who don’t watch enough pr0n to know the difference between the real deal and Girls Gone Wild bullshit.

As such, I can only recommend Kim K Superstar for the sheer novelty of watching Brandy’s little brother pound Robert Kardashian’s daughter hard in the ass (which, admittedly, would have been ridonkulously high if this was 10 or 12 years ago).

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  • FLIP

    LMAO, BOL you are that nigga!

  • hmmm

    bol u ever had any pussy?

  • champlain

    Bol, pretty much the same take i had on it…kinda a waste of my time…she is a looker nonetheless tho…oh and ur own site is what makes my day go faster…except for the explaining i have to do when im laughing out loud…any good excuses??

  • raf

    what happened to the much-hyped golden shower?

  • SaN

    coincidentaly i ‘acquited’ myself with the tape yesterday(fuck every1 who thinks the internets are shit)
    my take is,i really dont get this people wo wanna tape themselves fucking,so Kim was lyin wen she said she didnt want the tape to come out.(shit dude even has an introduction telling us to ‘jerk off hard’,the nerve on dude!),but this white chicks really are the dumbest people i hav seen wen it comes to a black dick(bless the mofo who started the rumor dat we r well hung).bottom line is was kinda disapointed cos i expected ray j to ‘dot the bitch in the eye or something Max Tucker style.Bitch is cute tho,and cosign Bol on the vagine,ohh b4 i 4got,da editing was shit cos he moans didnt go together with the action,and she said ‘im about to come’ to many times

  • Dr Flav

    Wake me when its Kitten, Obsession, Cherokee or a prime rate new jack pron star.

  • the izza

    I was thinking about clashing it with Superhead, but seems like Superhead would squash Kay Kay…what do you think?

  • Bol

    >I was thinking about clashing it with Superhead, but seems like Superhead would squash Kay Kay…what do you think?

    I think you should anyway, just for the sociological value.

    I never saw the Superhead tape, but I’m sure it’s better than this.

  • nick
  • Dr Flav

    Oh yeah and LOL @ “A special report,” like Ray J is Clinton in the Lewinsky hearings.

  • Fernando

    Where can one download this without buying it??


  • DANJA29

    LMAOOOOOO @ “killing people with their car”

    but yeah, I’ll pass on this bullshit.

  • derfla the hus’las

    you could at list link the shit you’re talkin about…….could she be the new super head?

  • Rap thang

    niggas like fucking spanish pussy. Come to think of it. i’m I the only nigga still fucking with black bitches?

  • bizness

    Downloading it right now!

  • Fernando

    From where Bizness? Torrent? Limewire?

  • V.O.R.

    >niggas like fucking spanish pussy. Come to think of it. i’m I the only nigga still fucking with black bitches?

    Silly niggas. No one on the internet gets laid.

  • John Cochran

    Nando, somebody posted it in the eye candy forum. I agree too, that bitches pussy is pretty as hell. Man I love spanish bitches cause they bodies look like butter pecan ice cream and shit. Sistas got good pussy of course, but the shit be like 4-5 different shades.

  • Fernando

    I saw nothing in the Eye Candy Forum.

    Ill just have to find it myself. Guarantee Im not gonna pay for that BS.

    Somebody come off a link to download this ish. BOL?

  • SaN

    ur best bet is torrents dude,try,bt u wont enjoy it at all,bt see 4 yrself

  • Jealous

    Bol you forgot to mention that Ray J is seriously packing. From what I seen, he really doesn’t know what to do with it, but i would’ve never thought Ray J was so blessed in that area. And dude was eating her out the whole time. Kim’s leg was all shaking. Wish I was her.

  • John Cochran

    The eye candy section under community. You prolly looked in the one above. Its right there homie, the full version.

  • che

    lol at fernando desperate to knock one out over a bol post.

  • dat coon nigga

    this video was shit tell the jew bastard thats runs vivid video i was my $30.00 back the is more of the coon then her pretty ass plus all she does is bone jigs


    fern… go to

    step ur game up!

    plus that Timbaland album leaked, and it’s DOPE!!!

  • Moe Real

    Just pay for it Bol. You are in desperate need.

  • hahahha

    hahah,if BOL says shes armenian,she is not spanish dumb mfuckers,haha,armenia and spain is a big difference

  • Federal Ranga 22

    Alfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!! Yo, what the fuck is up wit Ray J? And I still fucks wit black bitches, too!

  • jacquez
  • mr. fly as a pelican

    I used to hate bol, but now I kinda dig his sense of humor. Funny fuckin story, I don’t know who this bitch is, must find some pix of her.

  • http://yoyo billblackfish

    Hey Bol Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • k swanger

    Good post Bol,
    I wont be buy it, but I’m pretty sure if it sells well, by this summer a few more “celebirties” will be “releasing” their own sex tapes…(i.e. Cassie/some reject from Flavor of Love/Lil Kim?)

    Just a thought.

  • @by

    her vagine? LMAO! Thank the almighty good Lord for Borat and Bol, hell anything starting with the letter B (balloons, bongos, and bikinis anyone?) for that matter.

  • Robbie

    Damn – no reverse cowgirl action?

  • dilshady

    I’ve seen the tape,shes hot man

  • weezybaby

    While your more famous sibling is out making all the money and/or killing people with their car, ***********



  • billblackfish

    I think bol liked what he saw with all these stupid words he uses nullus, ghey he proly looped up that ass shot of ray and is still not sleepin

  • Rodjilius

    didnt kno ray j was like dat

  • Tyler

    Bol, is coming thru again with some cutting edge and hard hitting *(no homo) reporting. Goodlookin’ my friend. Good lookin’.
    Get wit’ it or Get Rolled over By it



  • katt

    nasty…….even for video tape sex

  • Were Read 2 Def

    this is mannyworld33 and xxl got me under the wrong screen name! good post toilet bol!

  • jamesBrown

    i’m convinced you a virgin

  • rikerz

    dammit…what ever happened to the norwood siblings?? their rep has gone down the tube…oh well this whole country gone down the tubes too.

  • Punchline

    Why the fuck he was making that stupid face when he layed his head by her ass Kim following in the foot steps of her best pal Paris Hilton they both got something in common they both bad at blowjobs lol!!!!

  • Belize


  • yoyo

    Guys the bitch isn’t spanish she’s Armenian