The Hero Of The Zeros

Let me tell you that I didn’t intend on writing about Wayne because he is becoming old news to me since I haven’t heard any new music from him. Then up pops this latest ‘freestyle’ remix and the internets goes crazy as if some really good music or lyrics has come down from heaven. Like any responsible Hip-Hop fan I tune in to see what all the hype is for and I end up losing two and a half minutes of my life. Is this really what being the best rapper alive has come to? The Lil’ Wayne ‘We Takin’ Over’ freestyle amounts to nothing more than cat in the hat rhymes with a nonsensical theme.

I understand that Lil’ Wayne was prah’lee playing around to show his humorous nature, but he needs to start writing down his rhymes like most competent emcees. Flowing off the top of his head shows all of his deficiencies within his rhyming skillsets. For chrissakes people, this dude is almost thirty (born 1979) and he still rhymes as if he were a sixteen year old. It’s not just depth of subject matter that Wayne lacks but just plain old common sense. Kudos to Sickamore for transcribing the lyrics to Wayne’s off the top of the head freestyle. I say it’s off the top of the head because the theme of the lyrics is brainless. Peep game

Lil’ Wayne tries his best to construct a few verses with polysyllabic terms early in the song. Like any nickel and dime emcee he immediately proves that he should stay in the shallow end of the pool instead of trying to come into the deep water.

“Creative gifted bastard
Spit sporadic”

Don’t we all know that sporadic means ‘occurring singly, or occasionally, or in scattered instances’? Does that word fit with someone who is supposed to be a prolific emcee? Is sporadic how you would want to describe yourself if you had a strong work ethic? Wayne might as well have said that his mic skills were mediocre. That alliteration is more apropos. I was going to stay away from the whole “kiss my daddy” part of the song because it’s silly. I imagine that this is how Wayne addresses all the people that have been questioning his manhood and his sexuality. Not that it matters anymore in Hip-Hop, which has been coming to terms with it’s homo side by the fact that gets so much work and Ja Rule is making a comeback.

Study the transcribed verse of ‘We Takin’ Over’ from top to bottom and see if Lil’ Wayne isn’t trying to tell us a message. He says “No Homo” before he even starts to rhyme. He wholeheartedly admits to kissing a man on the lips with whom he is not a blood relative. He later rhymes about a wet salami (extra nullus) and then he speaks about hanging out with all of his boys in the gayest city in America, even gayer than San Francisco – Miami Beach, Florida. He names his boys and the things they like to do together. Nary is there any talk about females in his rhyme.

Granted, this is a ‘freestyle’ and since he doesn’t write down his lyrics he is prah’lee using his fond recollection to construct the verse. The song is still slipshod and shows that Wayne is far from the best that the rap game has to offer. Listen to the NaS and Game track that XXL has posted for some real Hip-Hop and rap lyricism. Wayne has got a long way to go to reach Game’s level and Jayceon is even younger than Wayne. Birdbrain needs to get his 401k a rhymebook and some broads before I will be impressed with his weak lyrics and weaker metaphors.

On a final note, one of Wayne’s lines in the freestyle says, “It’s a bakery here just trying to get dough”. Now if a bakery doesn’t already have dough in it, how the fuck is it a bakery? Wayne would have been better off saying something like “Cash Money is a bakery, we just watch the dough rise, before our eyes, then we move them pies”. See how simple that was and contextually correct. If I can help your favorite emcee make his rhymes better trust me, your favorite emcee is NOT the greatest alive.

If you are one of the retards that thought Lil’ Wayne crossed some new ground with his freestyle you are the reason that Hip-Hop is dying. Go out and buy yourself some Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat books and a Speak and Spell, or better yet, just kill yourself.

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  • Che

    haha! killed it.

  • sunra7

    I agree with you, Dude! But i wanna say that lil’wayne is a good flower , that’s it . When he says he’s the best rapper alive , I agree with that ,(fro me rappers are the mtv mc’s) but he competes with TI and Jeezy , these modern Mc’s who take a lot from Jay-z party-flower side but forget tracks like D’Evils.
    But if Weezy says he’s the best MC alive , I will say go to sleep! Even Game and even Chamilionaire (Mixtape Messiah) beat him. I don’t even talk about Nas,old-ass Jay or even Ghostface….


    “…lil’wayne is a good flower,..”

    LIL’ WANG IS A GOOD FLOWER. right on

  • twerkolator

    “Now if a bakery doesn’t already have dough in it, how the fuck is it a bakery?”


  • Crewzta

    Nice agreed.

  • king blair

    a real nigga shouldn’t have to say no homo-jadakiss…wayne is decent at best mc but the gayme is worst if he aint raping bout 64′s,any 90′s classic album,or smoking dr dre’s cock dude is trash his albums have little replay value at all and he appears to be just a gimick don’t forget the gay ass butterfly tat i see why dre rides with 50

  • Huey P. Langston

    Billy, I love your work, but you come off as an old man, who wasn’t lucky enough to get a record deal, when you write shit like this. Quit correcting other people’s rhymes. That’s the lamest shit ever.

    Personally, I think this freestyle is the truth, but that’s beside the point. Wayne’s verse from “Hollywood Divorce”, proves he can be as conscious as say a Consequence if he wanted to. He even ripped Andre 3000 on that song.

  • hustlaz ave


  • EReal

    Not that it matters anymore in Hip-Hop, which has been coming to terms with it’s homo side by the fact that gets so much work and Ja Rule is making a comeback.

    Sunday ETHERED with this post right here, man. Break that shit down. What nobody also mentioned is theres a version of that track out I heard on the radio and on a mixtape I picked up over the weekend that has T.I., Wayne, and Fat Hoe on it and Fat Hoe even kills Wayne on it man, lol.
    Like Ive said, limited vocab, no wordplay, weak metaphors and verbs. All dude has is flow and swag, str8^. Sadly thats all you need for these retards to think you’re the greatest alive. I.E. Jeezy outselling NaS. Its sad as shit.
    Someone needs to post that version that has T.I. and LiL Wetsalami (Nullus) back to back and watch T.I. kill this dude, seriosuly. Id rather listen to Fat Hoe’s verse and I cant stand his lard ass or his ugly wife that looks like the asian whore from the VH1 Video Vixen special. Real Talk.

    Bravo Sunday. This shit had me lmfao and sayin ‘forreal tho’ the whole post.

    1 hunned.

  • EReal

    Oh and LMFAO @ “Birdbrain needs to get his 401k a rhymebook and some broads before I will be impressed with his weak lyrics and weaker metaphors.”

    LMAO!! Birdman’s 401k, holy shit. hahahaha

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I don’t really believe that the rhyme was an “off the top” freestyle. Wayne wrote that shit. Hey, you gotta give dude credit though, he can rap good, plain and simple. He’s from the south and he’s on a way higher level than 4dl,DFB, Jibbs J-kwon and a whole slew of those mediocre rappers.

    He’s the best, that’s for sure, but you can’t really say he’s wack either.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^True, Lil’ Wayne is light years above DFB and D4L but he is no where in the league of best rapper alive. His spit is just not that compelling. There is no need to press rewind for Wayne.

    Like some dudes say some shit that is just so incredible, mathematical or supernatural that you have to press rewind in order to hear those verses again and again. That Is what the best rapper alive does. That is how the best rapper alives lyrics should make you react. I listen to Wayne and I shrug my shoulders. Dudes flow is meh.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Thank u billy sunday for this great post. Now all I need is 2 read DJ Ncred stupidass rebuttle.


    Don’t we all know that sporadic means ‘occurring singly, or occasionally, or in scattered instances’? Does that word fit with someone who is supposed to be a prolific emcee?
    LMAO, I’m sure his fans have never heard the word sporadic prior to this freestyle.

    Co-sign this entire post.

  • DocZeus

    You know whenever my fellow ’80s babies wanna say that Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive or even that Lil Wayne is an exceptional lyricist. I wanna smack them in the head with a GZA verse. GZA is the perfect example of a pure lyricist because his verses are so simple yet so unbelievably conceptual.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    He’s the best, that’s for sure, but you can’t really say he’s wack either


    Typo .. meant to say He’s “not” the best …

    and Co-sign EReal .. T.I. killed this beat

  • render

    LOL what the fuck is with your obsession with ‘polysyllabics’? You sound like a fuckin 9th grade dropout who thinks a long word is inherently intelligent. It’s the meaning of the words, and what they convey

  • tseliot

    Dwayne Michael Carter Jr (born September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana)

    That makes him 24. He was born in 1982, not 1979. Obviously, your ambition far exceeds your talent. Nice try though.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^Yes marshmallow brain, it IS all about the meaning of words. So don’t use a large word if you don’t know what it means.

    Your favorite rapper says his spit is sporadic. This means infrequent, or rarely. Is that the word that describes his style?

    Wayne should stick to cat in the hat type rhymes since larger words are not in his wheelhouse.

  • Huey P. Langston

    I think anyone who expects hip-hop artists to use big words properly is getting too caught up in the semantics and doesn’t appreciate the artistry of lyricism, which is different than other verbal forms of expression like, say, poetry.

    I do agree with you that Wayne is spitting some incorrect shit. But I think it’s at the sacrifice of looking for new ways to express himself. At least he’s not biting as much as some of the suggested greatest MC’s of all time. I mean he bites, but I’d rather hear you say some shit I’ve never heard then bite some shit I’ve heard before.

  • Cinsere

    Thank You!!!

    “If you are one of the retards that thought Lil’ Wayne crossed some new ground with his freestyle you are the reason that Hip-Hop is dying.”

    WORD! Fucking lames! lol

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Wikipedia will lie to your face all day long.

    Atlanta Fulton County arrest docket

    Lil’ Wayne = 70′s baby

  • Dr Flav

    All I can say is, evidentally he is someones GOAT, maybe not yours but someone. Some of these region lovers should not be so insecure about thier GOAT, he may be your greatest, but not someone elses. Waynes campaign for GOAT is working for his demographic and insulting someone for thier opinion or taste is juvenile. (no pun intended) PS you make dough in a bakery, the flour, eggs, milk, salt, oil and powder doesnt mix itself.

  • my opinion

    Ok…now I totally believe WAYNE IS NOT THE BEST DEAD OR ALIVE. BUT, currently he is the “hottsest”. As in controversy, appealing to different crowds, doing R&B joints, and s__t like that. Its his consistancy that keeps him looked @. People just have to understand that. Alot of people are better RAPPERS than Wayne, but if nobody shows their face enough, then we just agree with they guy who says it all the time. You cant hate on wayne and say he isnt the hottest. But dont say dumb s__t like “he’s the best”.

  • king blair

    lil wayne– goat of the homo thugs

  • Brilliance

    Dr. Suess > Lil’ Wayne

  • GoSox

    they haven his age as that cuz when he was younger he’d be fucking 3 years older than he was….so when he was 18,he’d be 21 so he could drink and that type of make’s sense that they lied bout his age cuz he started so young..that he needed to gain 3 years ahead of time to go to clubs and shit like that…but you can tell this nigga’s a complete hater..cuz dude be studying his each and every line to pick out negative’s of it….thats how you know he’s the best rapper out…and wayne don’t write line’s down either

  • thatdukeSuave

    Weezy’s entertaining everyonce in a while, but I can’t even listen to his Predator-lookin’ ass w/o smh. He ain’t real, he ain’t the greatest, or even top 10 (IMO), and his voice sounds like he’s still trying to get his balls to drop (nullus). As far as Game not being able to go 8 bars without name-dropping everyone he knows, at least he stays on topic, blends his ideas together, and don’t kiss fuckin guys! I’m not a wayne hater, but lets see Whoopi do a whole 16 on topic without nonsense, made-up words and wack ass onomatopoeia (look it up bitches). Til then, enjoy his bullshit, but keep him off that damn pedestal!

  • Dr Flav

    As far as the use of sporadic, he spits rhymes in scattered instances WITHIN VERSES, see Go DJ. “AND SHE KEEP ASKIN/HOW IT SHOOT IF ITS PLASTIC/YOU’LL SEE HOW IF YA BOY RUN UP/SHE SAT BACK AND CUT THE CARTER BACK UP/…” What Wayne does is scatter the words at varying tempo, but hey I just listen for entertainment, Im not seeking the universal theory of atomic fission.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Touche on the bakery comment.  I think you just created the category that Wayne can be the best in.  Most ENTERTAINING rapper alive.
    If there were a caveat about Wayne being the greatest Southern rapper alive I would still have issue. Everyone wants to judge the best rapper on everything except his rhymes. What the fuck are record sales? What the fuck is a swagger? What the fuck is a flow? The greatest/best/G.O.A.T. has to have lyrics before all that other peripheral shit to even rank and Wayne don’t have the lyrics to match up with the best.

    Lil’ Wayne has got to get his weight up. No, literally… Did you see that arrest report? Dude weighs 140lbs. WTF?!?

  • JhonWatson

    There is a lesson to be learned here………Kids stay in school!!


    Sunday, my hateful friend, props for a detailed deconstruction job, but sorry to bust your bubble – it was WRONG!

    If someone says they “spit sporadic”, it doesn’t necessarily refer to how often they spit. It can also refer to HOW they spit – they could spit in a sporadic fashion – on beat, off beat, double time, half time, lotta words, few words – which describes Wayne’s flow.

    As for the bakery thing, when one runs a bakery, one of the most important things is, duh – getting dough! Otherwise you can’t make bread! Or pies! Or profiteroles! Therefore Wayne’s rhyme was much better than your boring, beentheredunnthat attempt. Stick to blogging.

    As for that Game/Nas joint, I am a fan of both, but it was pretty cliched and boring. The Wayne joint excited fuck out of me. Stick your own no homo there, all you terrified closet cases.


  • sauce money

    BIlly, you are too caught up with the whole polysyllabic words thing. Who cares?
    I guess I missed the part where it was more important for an Emcee to impress than entertain.



  • Malik C.

    Damn this post kept me rolling the entire time. People always want to spread love and it is needed with all the shit that goes on, but I need a good ol’ fashion lyrical bashing from time to time.

    Sidenote(anyone)-What’s going on with the Ghostface and MF Doom album?



  • whitechoco

    haha you crazy sunday!!

  • Dan

    maybe he just aint trying to impress ya’ll

  • Sam

    Dude’s voice sounds like some 12-year old…

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Is there something psychological for you Wayne fans that hurts your feelings because he was born in 1979. It’s no big deal being a 70′s baby.

    I will trust that police docket before that Wikipedia entry since Wikipedia has BeYonce turning 23 every year.

  • Dr Flav

    Now Wayne is by no means a GOAT in my eyes, but I give him credit for what he does, without getting into his personal biz, because if rumor is correct a lot of fans feelins would be crushed @ the DL discovery of thier favorite rapper. While looking up polysyllablic’s literal definition, I discovered this word, sesquipedalian, I think that word describes the reason behind a great loss of interest in traditional east coast rap, using large words in raps doesnt work for everybody.

  • thoreauly77

    beyonce = forever twenty three cocoa butter yum-yums.

    lil wayne = someone fed that mogwai some fruit snacks after midnight.

  • Combat Jack

    Good shit my dude. The nerve of these Wayne stans.

  • Dr Flav

    ***Tires of slow posting of comments/beef heads to SOHH***

  • Pierzy

    Well done – kudos for this column!

  • Mannie

    ok This Is Jut Ridiculous every single time i cum on hea theres a new article hating on wayne wtf the nigga is nice and dass it god daym fuking ignorat and sporadic if interpeted in the correct way wud mean sumone of his talent does not occur consistenlty and they come abou tin irregular intervals so basically nobdy out rii now is on his level and maybe sum one later on in the future thnk you sucka!!

  • jacquez
  • Billy X. Sunday

    Flav is gone, but look at the word he left us with…


    Now why do I find the fact that someone is taking the time to educate us entertaining?

  • Mannie

    More Lil Wayne Hate Dass Crazy everyday for the past week more and more articles on him and aint it funny ya jus did the daym cover with him on the fuking front with a 3 page article inside … fuking bias b … sporadic if interpeted rii in this freestyle means that sumone of his talent on his level occurs in irregular intervals saying noone is nice like him and noone will b for a while dumasss shyt fuking pick any lil thing to hate on this nigga

  • John Brown

    I just got one thing to say. That Wayne must be doing something right for people to love and hate him. I mean there is a saying “Dont worry about if they talk bad about you, when they stop talking then theres the problem”.

  • Combat Jack

    Quoting Wayne “Damn right I kissed my daddy
    I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is
    And I’m his kid I stunt with my daddy”

    Um, no!

    I think as an executive, Sickamore would be great for Lil’ Wayne’s career in a Steve Stout kind of way. You know, doing an endorsement deal for Wayne to push lip gloss and all types of lip products for men and men on men kissers. Imagine, Lil’ Wayne rapping about Chapstick, Blistex, or even being Kiehl’s new poster boy. HOT!

    Nullus, of course.

  • The Chancellor

    Sunday, top of the morning to ya
    this post is top shelf, people of hip-hop weezy goldberg shoutout to to the roc by the way, is waaaaaaaay overrated, i dont even care that he kissed baby but im more troubled by his comments that he is better than hova NO WAY

    and oh ya gillie da kid > weezy goldberg

  • Dart_Adams

    Ouch! Thanks for saying this before I had a chance to, Sunday. One.

  • K.O.T.S.


    Since when was hip-hop all about lyrics. Last I remember hip-hop was not founded on lyrics. Check your history dawg. I dont recall RND-DMC being lyrical and to this date they are held as the best group ever. You NY fucktards dont accept that hip-hop was not built on just lyrics and its a shame because it was invented in yall backyard.


    Wikipedia will lie to your face all day long.

    Atlanta Fulton County arrest docket

    Lil’ Wayne = 70’s baby

    Word F’n Word!

  • Cinsere

    “I think you just created the category that Wayne can be the best in. Most ENTERTAINING rapper alive.”

    Actually, I think Jim Jones has that crown…lol

  • rec

    all you kids with the mtv attention spans the “G.O.A.T.” said it himself : “Lyrically i’m supposed to represent”…that wasn’t merely a suggestion…

  • EReal

    @Dr. Flav

    He said “trying to get dough” not “trying to make that dough”, which would have also made more sense.

    How is that a sporadic rap? Its a simple rhyme scheme, its rhymes on the last word of the bar. As opposed to say eminem where every other word rhymes.
    Eminem “no apologies” – The Re-Up
    “I choke mics like affixation
    When I’m strangling my own throat masturbating
    Fuck yeah I’m a basket case
    And I mastered this rap shit till my ass gets wasted
    Till my assassination, till I’m slain cuz of some fags infatuation
    .44 Mag’s fascination a taste for disaster and if that’s the case then

    No apologies, nah suckers I’m not sorry
    You can all sue me; y’all could be the cause of me
    No apologies, y’all feeling the force of me
    No remorse for me, like there was no recourse for me
    No apologies, not even acknowledging you at all
    Till I get a call that God’s coming
    No apologies, laugh fuckers it’s all funny
    I could spit in your face while you’re standing across from me
    No apologies”

    Eminem is the sickest MC alive. Wayne cant even hold a candle.

    1 hunned.

  • thoreauly77

    sesquipedalian- its kinda funny that the literal definition of this word is “a long word”.

    damn those long words! thats what killed new york hip-hop! damnable damnersons!

  • LOC

    Damn dude, you got so much hate in your heart for Wayne. You talking about everybody wants to judge the best rapper on everything except his rhymes, but apparently you the main culprit in that. When you write about Wayne you judge him on kissing and shit more than anything. You hate that nigga more than you do his flow. Just too much hate, on Wayne and the South in general. I still can’t get over a grown ass man not knowing his regions in America. Still blown over that.

  • Pancho

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Damn…I do enjoy listening to Lil Wayne…he can sipit fire on a consistent basis…more so than the majority of souhtern rappers these days (that Takin Over remix is still hot either way)…

    My problem is how these Lil Wayne idol-worshipping fans proclaim Weezy as the best rapper alive…

    Like I say…Weezy can’t call himself the BEST until he drops a CLASSIC….’nuff said.


    some people hate…some people hate…i think they lost their mind…

    …you are blinded by your hate…

  • Pancho

    CLASSIC ALBUM…what I meant to say

  • Patton

    When Wayne says he “spits sporadic” he’s talking about his flow, which changes-up all the time.

    Wayne does need to step his game up to be the best. Doesn’t have that storytelling that makes BIG/NaS so special. But he’s better than 95% of what’s out there, because his rhymes are weird and scatological and his flows get so crazy.

    Game’s got some skill, but he doesn’t have any content. I could give a damn how many groupies snub him or how many rims he’s got. Wayne’s better by a mile.

  • Dr Flav

    E Real Im on a Sprint so I Didnt type the whole verse, my point was to illustrate the stop/go sporadic/spasmatic style Wayne uses. (just remembered Kurupt Used sporadic in a verse) Thoreauly, using big words for no reason, see Mobb Deep Infamous Skit, that made Keith Murray bomb on them.

  • Meka Soul

    >lil wayne = someone fed that mogwai some fruit snacks after midnight.>

    ha! though, in his case, it was prob’ly some chicken.

  • blute

    You are the blogging equivalent to Camron. We understand you don’t like wayne. Let it go.


    Hey Billy, off topic…

    But is your name an homage to the baseball player/evangelist of the same… and am I the first person on here or dallas penn to catch that…. anyway….

    I find lil’ Wayne wildly entertaining and personally think his flow is ridiculous, however he certainly lacks a lyrical depth that my favorite NY rappers have.. i think NOZ brought up some valid points on his blog..

  • Belie

    I feel u…

    the sad thing about these wayne stans is that all weezy is proving is that homoerotic lyrics can be accepeted in hiphop

    See…this is why I listen to Reggae/Dancehall cuz they dont play that chichi man rass…


  • thoreauly77

    gawsh meka, thats so racist.

  • Ace

    Lil’ Wayne = Hip Hop is Dead

  • yaboy

    wayne is not worth talking about at all.

  • DANJA29

    LOL… while people are pickin’ niggas’ rhymes apart word for word, I hope all this meticulousness is used when they used to rock to Method Man, Das EFX, and other niggas who used to be looked at as “ill” because they said all kinds of wacky shit.

  • Mark

    Has any body heard Tip’s verse on we takin over, it’s waaaayyyyyyyyyy better than everybody else’s, but everybodies still stuck on wayne. Talk bout Tip flow or sumthin.

  • Cortez

    This is the most accurate post in the history of the internet, period.

  • giantSupreme

    nigga you stay hating on wayne. i just mentioned thiso on the last post and now you got a dedicated page to him. go home with your tired-ass posts doggie. you just won’t accept the future for what it is.

  • Willie

    Wtf? Do you have anything better to do with your time? Big ups to Dr. Funk for explaining something to this dumb ass. Step your rap game up, that shit you ‘corrected’ was terrible. Stick to blog writing.

  • Incilin

    Wayne is a good rapper (And yes I agree Game is better than him, I don’t know if hes the best alive, but at the moment I say game is my fave). Wayne isn’t going for that lyrical style so I dont judge him on it. His delivery is incredible and his approach to rapping is fhresh and new. I don’t care what you say, his flow is not “meh” its totally off the walls and memorable. You say he’s like the kid in the shallow end of the pool. I say while all the other kids went into the water, Wayne stayed on the beach and made a sand castle. Wit the ultimately limited skill set he has, he has managed to make something of his career.

  • Federal Ranga

    Co-sign wit E-Real…

    Eminem is da best rapper alive… (fuck it) I’ma go so far as to say best rapper… PERIOD.

    Miami Beach is pretty gay, and I’m from Ovatown, one of Miami’s ghettos. But to say Miami Beach is gayer than Fransisco? The fuck outta here. MB’s got nuttin on San Fran. And as far as I’m concerned Long Island, NY is EASILY infested with fags.

    And why da fuck is everybody here tryna use big words now? Who ya’ll fooling? And who cares what year lil Wayne was born? Who cares if Wikipedia screws up? I mean come on.. half of ya’ll leaving comments would fuck B’s moms before HER and she’s like what? 47?

    Buy da music you want. Stop hating. Get off people’s dicks. Stop saying “teh ghey”, Jeezy’s shit is hotter than Nas’, Kingdom Come was wack, NY Hip Hop BEEN dead, and will somebody PLEASE slap the shit outta Ja Rule for tryna make a comeback.

    And please stop leaving like 50 comments on one page… if ya’ll wanna keep replying each other’s shit… why don’t ya’ll mufuckaz just exchange phone numbers and talk?!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    @EReal … I feel what you sayin’ about Em, but like I told you once before, as far as lyrical ability, I still think Canibus can get at Em in a written battle rap anytime (not freestyle battle though)… making a song or an album worth shit is WHOLE different story though as Em got that on him all day.

    I thought is was appropriate to bring that up since XXL just did a piece on Canibus.

  • ManFrizzLe

    South Beach is KILLING IT…just got back adn it’s the hottest spot on the East Coast hands down, so don’t hate on him for living it up down there…the homos stay away from Ocean for the most part hahahaha

  • the ruler

    LOL @ whoever wrote this. If hip hop is your hobbie, change it, if hip hop is your life, kill it!

  • dat dude

    Come on dude grow up anyone can sit down listen to a freestyle and make it sound bette, i agree wit u on some things but overall ur a hater it obvious it was a total off tha head freestyle and u shittin on him like it was sumthin he spit for his album jus chill man aint nobody say nuthin bout Jay-Z horrible freestyle on grammy family and it was way worse than this

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Yo, I’m back like cooked crack! What did I miss?

    Oh, my homie Noz is riding on my azz sweat? One thing for sure is that Noz will know dudes birthday by heart. He’s real good at shit like that.

    Nullus to all of this. Let’s go see what duke is saying…

  • Billy X. Sunday


    This is a fantastic and heartfelt post Noz, but I think your infatuation with Wayne has caused you to become blind with intellectual oversight.

    Wayne is NOT the best rapper alive. PERIOD. Not because he kisses men because plenty of rappers do, but because he is not the best rapper.

    Vocalisations are part of what the first human instrument brings to the game. The fact that Wayne can pant and chirp and slur his speech makes him an entertaining and interesting rapper, at best. In order to find yourself a viable candidate for BEST RAPPER ALIVE shouldn’t you have to be good at… RAPPING?!?

    Now when I say Cat in the Hat rapper I understand that there is a place in hip-Hop for these people. Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein are two of my favorite authors and their prose is often spartan (and sporadic). I wouldn’t dare submit Dr. Seuss’ name in a contest for best author alive (yes, I know).

    My job here, and I take it seriously sometimes is to guard against the forces of supremacy who would one day reduce Hip-Hop and rap music to semi-lyrical utterances. Scatman Crothers was an artist albeit, but he shouldn’t be the definition for jazz music. His part was truly small. Supremacy will one day try to rewrite the history of Hip-Hop just like they do all other cultures, and there will be a narrator whose voice has a slightly British accent and he WON’T be a Black man.

    F.Y.I. Huey Langston – you have a slick pen name but you don’t know shit about my grind nigger. Real talk is that I don’t know any rapper birthdays like the historian here does but I do know ‘Trane’s born day. Why don’t you get back in your lane and peep some of that soft core shit your crew is famous for?

    Wayne is NOT the best rapper alive, not hate bitches, just real talk. It looks like some of y’all can’t handle the truth.

  • Nullus

    Noz already ethered you on the “spit sporadic,” but I’d just like to add that there is, in fact, boldface reference to women in this song. As Sickammore transcribes, “If a girl gotta voice then she talking about me!” Damn homey, if don’t care about wordplay in action, go to a damn celebrity poetry slam so David Banner can blow your mind with his “deep poems.” Or, better yet, bore yourself to sleep on the last five Nas albums.

  • Iluv hip hop

    LIL has the best talent so far..this guy been in the game since he was youg..Yes he was rapping about guns and drugs since he was a teen..time changes and he progress to become very talented…Distinctive style,voice,charsma and as Lupe fiasco, the don’t sit there and a tear apart a freestyle its just a freestyle..and the guy is only 24..and stop tearing down another black man…just entertainment..OH yeah I love Jesus..we should love everyone..God Bless! P.S even though Im a Christian I still like to her what people have to say..God Bless again!

  • southern hospitality my ass

    wayne wasnt born in no damn 1979 he was born in 1982

  • derfla the hus’las

    this is one good blog I dont see any hate in Sundays blog he stated facts

    lil wayne not lyrical, is that hating?

  • J Smitty

    THat NIgga BIlly a BItch!!!!

  • J Smitty

    THat shit was a playful freestyle when that nigga iz serious I listen to him all day before the game that nigga comparring a song to a freestyle compare a song to a song!

  • Ali

    haha chea thats pretty funny….he aint tha greatest but i still like him he’s hella good….ur underrating him a lil bit tho cuz tha carter 2 was fire & maybe im thinkin he actually freestyled and it wasnt a fond recollection….cuz if it was it shouldve been better than that

  • tom

    this is the best post ive read from you. wayne is nice for a new orleans rapper, but he luda, chamillionaire, and andre 3000 got him beat easily.


    Oooooooooooooooooh, blogger beef!

    “…It’s about to be, a what, a girl fight…”

  • Mole

    billy your a fool, but props on the game big up. thats ma nicca right there.

    SPORADIC ALSO MEANS : exhibiting random behavior; patternless

    READ UP ON UR DICTIONARY NOT JUST TAKE ONE MEANING WEN IT HAS 2 DIFFERENT MEANINGS. i fink wat ur favourite rapper is saying is that he is unpredictable and to all you fools who believe everything you are fed. HOPE YOU FEEL LIKE FOOLS NOW

  • Mole

    where is my post?

  • E Dubb G

    eehh eehhh!! wrong!! first off Weezy is 24 so if he is nearly 30 that must mean i am nearly 26 (im 22) 2nd yea sometimes i wonder myself wot is weezy chattin about, but these dayze to many ppl seem to think that rap is only about tellin hardcore stories about politics and the bad shit that is goin on. if you look back through time at other musics there are plenty of groups and single artists that sing about un-relevant stuff but that trak was still classed as one of the best so why does rap have to be that way huh? its about flow, thats wot most music is about, and weezy can do it with the best of them, once again people bitchin about wayne, but he showed ya’ll on like father like son, and on carter II, sometimes people trip, shit happens, but he will pick himself back up you’ll see, then dudes like you who wrote this article will be eatin ur words. one

  • g-villian

    this whole article is top notch hatin they should have awards for people that take this much time out of there day to hate if you don’t like the man just don’t listen to his music simple as that i don’t see you people going to some country singers web site in tellin them how much you hate there music.

  • thatdukeSuave

    *off topic*
    Can’t wait til the real King of the South drops. T.I. vs. T.I.P. gonna be sic, especially if he’s for real about hittin the studio with Eminem. If it’s more TIP than T.I., I smell a classic…


    wow…great post!!!!

  • Rizzop

    Slow down son, you killin em. Lil wayne gettin ethered by a blog? Thank you for showing cats this dude is in no way , shape or form the best rapper alive….

  • Rizzop

    “Don’t we all know that sporadic means ‘occurring singly, or occasionally, or in scattered instances’? Does that word fit with someone who is supposed to be a prolific emcee? Is sporadic how you would want to describe yourself if you had a strong work ethic? Wayne might as well have said that his mic skills were mediocre.”………………….If hip hop lives in the south, it needs to get evicted!!!!


    lmao@ sonny cheeba!!!!!!!!

    this shit was funny, wonder why toilet bol didn’t comment.

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  • EReal

    LOL @ Sonny
    LMAO @ “Oh, my homie Noz is riding on my azz sweat? One thing for sure is that Noz will know dudes birthday by heart. He’s real good at shit like that.”

    @Manny – Im sure Jabba Teh Bol will hafta bring his tranny lovin self into the frey. Just wait. LOL.

    Noz’s blog was well written, with lots of emotion for his boy Lil Wetsalami, but I still agree more with BXS.

    Weezy, Noz is your mans, BUT YOU STILL SUCK!!

  • Atl’s own

    Billy yo whole post is just trash, after reading Noz post yo shit just sound sumtin’ like hate!

    although i thought it was a waste of my life after reading it!

    u and everybody on here kno da boy killed da track; so u make up shit to hate!

    u know (i hope) that your interpretation of wayne’s use of the word sporadic and the bakery line were far off the mark of the initial uses in the song.

    Any one wit 1/2 a brain can hear wat dude meant but apparently u don’t have that 1/2. See Noz’s post to see how wrong u can be.

    then u tried to make a point by expanding on yo incorrect interpretation; how stupid is that!

    if u hate dude fine but don’t just make shit up to support your hate!

  • Atl’s own

    don’t u fuck boyz kno Hip-Hop is a permanent resident of the south now; just like ya favorite lame nas!

  • lowendtheory00

    *shakes head* I swear I must of woke up to “07″ in some twisted bizzaro twighlight zone of hip hop when weezy is even getting this much discussion. I cringe when i read these “best rapper alive” comments. *sigh* sorry XXL I’m Done. See ya’ll at underground hiphop dot com. Peace

  • EReal


    See how T.I. murders this beat and shits all over Lil Wetsalami’s annoying squeeky voice. The Verse he spits on that mix is better than the one we’ve been discussing anyway.

    Do IT!!! LOL.


    This dude is just OK on the mic. Not a lyracist by any stretch.


    First of all, I’m not a LIL WEEZY fan but why is it ( Billy Sunday ) That you’re refering to the fact that Wayne misused the word “sporadic” when New Yorkers are the original “peoples” to start commercialized slang that had absolutely no ties to what the initial definition was? Tight…Hot…Dope…Da Shit. The fact of the matter is that Hip Hop did in fact start In New York or Queens Bridge (Where the fuck ever), but Southern rap is essentially a completely different genre. Memphis, New Orleans, and Jackson were the pioneer cities for Blues, funk, and Jazz which was the origin of what would eventually become hip hop seeing as though these were the first major African American musical entertainments. Reggae played a big part as well but when was the last time you heard heavy polysyllabic verses or lines in reggae period? If you want to get technical the south had more to do with the progression of urban music than any city in the North. We never complained when NY “M.C’s” failed to give credit to pioneer musical cities or when “Outcast” got booed off of the stage of the Source Awards because of the ignorance of the East Coast, West Coast beefs. “The South has got something to say” and now we’re saying it. Maby not through polysyllabics, or through bitterness or anger. Defense perhaps, but I would say we are entitled to that.

    I thought you were for the expression of the black man…What’s wrong with having fun? Or Diversity?

  • NoMamesBuey

    Quality post Sunday.

    To the moron Wayne stans that bring up the “you hate Wayne, you hate the South” line, pls go to wikipedia & learn about

    association fallacy

    There are plenty good Southern MCs. Just because I evaluate Wayne is OK at best (pause) & his album Carter 2 as mediocre-to-wack, doesn’t mean I “hate the south”.

    The south has plenty of quality MCs:
    Phonte (Little Brother)
    Strange Fruit Project

    BTW, this is analagous to right-wing extremist “wingnuts” that claim “If you don’t support W Bush, you don’t support the truths & you’re helping the terrorists” Obvious association fallacy

    The association fallacy is like a virus in some folks’ brain

    In closing, by yall’s logic, you would conclude
    1 Jim Jones sucks, therefore all Northeast rap sucks
    2 Nelly sucks, therefore all MidWest rap sucks
    3 Fergie (Black Eyed Peas girl) sucks, therfore all California rap sucks

  • NoMamesBuey

    to those that say that like Wayne, there have been past cases of rappers who had unique flows yet didn’t really say shit in their lyrics, such as Fu-Schnickens, Das Efx, & Method Man, the difference is these MCs

    1 > Lil Layme in rapping
    2 did not claim in every interview & rap verse to be the “best rapper alive”
    3 did not have an army of stans/dittoheads (no Rush Limbaugh) parroting this Wayne “talking point” daily

  • Young Stunna


  • NoMamesBuey

    ^association fallacy again. WTF

    Lil Wayne ain’t the south. Read my comment son

  • Chad Biggz

    I’ve been likin Wayne for a while now. And I like him before he claim he was the best rapper alive. Now maybe he is not the best out. But damn he is the most talked about emcee. A couple years ago only how I could read up on Wayne was to go on Cash Moneys website. Now I can go anywhere to hear people hate or prays the so called best rapper alive. Personally didn’t like the freestyle. But hated the fact that you wrote the Game is a better emcee than Wayne. Everythin Wayne raps on is not the greatest but he’s killin these guys out here. I can’t think of anyone who is hotter, word to MIMS!

  • triplesixninja

    that’s funny how everybody keeps referring to wayne as a gremlin predator whoopi goldberg knicca

  • J.R.O.

    Real T, Sunday. Real fuckin’ T.

  • Hightop F Baby

    If youre going to critiscise, the least you can do is Get your FACTS right, Weezy’s 24, doesnt that mean he was born in 82 not 1979, and if you dont like him, dont listen to him, simple as that,

  • why

    hate, jealousy is a weak emotion

  • E.Saint Boi

    Wayne is no where near to being the greatest rapper alive. He cant stay on topic for 4 shit. and he is not better than T.I. I can say that he did try to grow up on Tha Carter 2 but it wasnt better than Trap Muzik. But 4real though the 1 person I think thats can say their the best rapper alive is Lupe Fiasco. because the boi is just that fye.

  • NoMamesBuey
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  • izzy

    iight i know that he hasnt done anyhting crazy lyrically since tha carter 2, (which was insane) but you cant deny the fact that the kid flow ridiculous

  • Meech

    yo you are one stupid ass mother fucker. you don’t understand what it takes to make a beat like wayne does and rhyme so perfectly to it. obviously, he’s sold millions of cds and i think thats millions more than u ever will sell if u tried u pissed off bitch. when u said wayne hasnt come out with any new songs i almost shit my pants… i hear a new wayne song or freestyle almost every 2 days. i dont see any other rapper using other artist’s hit beats and creating a whole freestyle that makes the song better than the original. the way you “corrected” lil waynes lyric was fucking retarded, it didnt flow at all it sounded like a 3rd grader wrote it. …”before our eyes, then we move them pies”…

  • Lil Wayne FAN

    first of all nigga shut yo ass up man dam u a lame u fuckin HATER thats wat i call sippin on that HATORADE stop hating and get yo lame ass a life he is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE nigga u a lame n a nobody U THINK HE CARES WAT U THINK UHHH… NO hes spits sick lines that no one could think of Game is good but he aint better than lil wayne HE KISSED his DADDY get over it SUCK MY DICK n see if it wont be the town u bitch ass hater hahaha go get a life u lame ass bastard LIL WAYNE FLOWS HEADLESS NO MIND

  • walt

    yo the fact of the matter is.
    this is a fucking mixtape son. if you wanna be the english teacher of xxlmag and go around and correct everyones shit go ahead see how much cred your columns get, probably just as much as they do now which is very little. wayne spitts on twice as many beats and tracks as any mc out there and 90 percent of the time its killed and pure gas. and let us not forget about his REAL ALBUMS the carter’s which if you wanna make a fool out of yourself write another diss column about then you need to be writting blogs on myspace not xxlmag.
    this article was obviously published because its one of the few that actually wanna go against the grain and say wayne is not the hottest. and i guess some idiots bite that but the ones who actually listen to wayne compared to the rest of the industry…welll i guess REAL REALIZE REAL son




    “Even the paralyzed feel my impact as I..
    skim back over my words that on the page
    Im lying, I don’t write
    I get high and ignite ”

    and if your hatin on dipset too…ur a waste of life


    ‘Young Stunna’ simply said, “You hate all south rappers so obviously you’re going to have a biased opinion.”

    Which is not consistent to your “association fallacy” principle. (NONAMESBUEY) It actually breaths life to a new topic. The writer of this column is “obviously bias”. Which brings pertinence to my initial segment.

    Perhaps he is not bias on this topic, but my point was to simply flush out all of the defects of his post by returning to the source. The fact of the matter is in dealing with wayne you must first consider the fact that he is from a completely different region. ( A region that has more to do with the beneficial musical outlets of the urban community than the latter.) Nas uses the word “Hot” quite often. Not in reference to the climate or his personal polar opposites and he gets away with it. Why is it that when Wayne uses a word in his own creative sense, he gets an entire column written about it? Polysyllabic verses don’t make you a good M.C, it makes you a good New York M.C., and I suppose we should simply lay down our rights to seize the music ourselves because of your creation of such a genre. Why? When you took Jazz and Blues and funk music and made it into something of your own and we had no complaints of who was better at it. Motown even turned it into a genre they call their own. (we respect that)

    All in all, opinions are opinions. If Weezy wants to believe that he is the greatest rapper alive let him do so. You are treating this as though our freedom of speach has been taken away because your almighty opinion has fizzled its way to the summit of your thought process. Stick to what you listen to and stop criticizing. It just makes you seem as though you have nothing better to do. Go listen to Jay Z’s latest album and keep rewinding.

  • d. b. cooper

    As much as Lil Wayne is not the best rapper alive (and he’s not the best rapper alive to the power of about 500), Game is not as good a rapper as Lil Wayne (or about half of all MCs still doing their thing). Word to Sean Price.

  • AR

    I agree. Wayne is below average at best…especially these days, but so is Game so I really don’t see the point of comparing them.

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  • D Pills

    Thank you for writing this article. Lil Wayne is ass but still has so many dickriders. That nigga is nowhere near being the best rapper alive and never will be. Hes fuckin wack

  • miltee

    hey idiot, shut the hell up and listen to ‘amen’ by l’il wayne. if you don’t think that’s lyrical you obviously don’t know hiphop at all

  • Suspence

    I haven’t read every post on this disjointed discussion, so if this point (in defense of Wayne as an MC/artist/rapper) has already been brought up, oh well…

    Being a complete MC is much like being a complete basketball player… there are differing areas of your game to focus and attempt to perfect. Many players excel in particular areas (shooting, defense, ballhandling skills) but it is extremely rare that a player excels in two or more areas, but when it does, players like that are often considered among “the best”.

    In an MC’s case, lyrics, flow, and delivery are often the top 3 skills people listen as most important for an MC to have.

    With this being said, often when I encounter people who dislike Lil’ Wayne, they love to concentrate strictly on the admittely unvaried nature of his lyrics and subject matter as if those two things comprise the entire definition of a good rapper/MC, but neglect to mention his clear excellence in very crucial parts of rapping/MCing like delivery and flow.

    Lil’ Wayne’s incredibly diverse delivery is to, me, unparalleled. In many of his acclaimed freestyles he is able to access a myriad of accents, tones, and cadences that mirror without biting the deliveries and “swaggers” of many artists. While early Carter 1 and 2 comparisons to Jay-Z were valid, all Wayne’s deliveries and flows after The Dedication 2 have been able to morph into styles quite like others but still his own. For example, on the recent “Poppin’ (Remix)” by Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne mirrors Ludacris better than I’ve seen probably anyone.

    On the freestyle being discussed in this blog, the author completely neglects to mention both the numerous flows and deliveries that Wayne was able to glide through during that track. I challenge anyone to go back and listen to that track, looking not purely at lyrics (one facet of being MC),but concentrating on
    how many deliveries and flows he grows through.

    Which brings me to lines like, “It’s a bakery here, just trying to get dough”, which were not only overthought by the author of this blog, but misguided. Wayne delivers that line in a comedic “White” voice, almost like a joke. The emphasis of the punchline is rooted in the power of its delivery.

    Lastly, from a pure riding the beat standpoint, Wayne has one of the most elastic flows in the game and will weave 10 flows in a 3 minute freestyle. Don’t believe me? Listen to his “Upgrade U (Freestyle)”.

  • ill will

    papoose vs lil wayne……..

  • ill will

    ay yo when he drops an illmatic, ready 2 die, me against the world, blue print, HE IS THE BEST RAPPER (OFFICAILY) ALIVE……


  • Rob P

    Clearly this muthafucka has NO idea wut he is talkn about cuz Wayne wuz born in ’82. But, sure OK.

  • koolayde

    Suspence Says: “With this being said, often when I encounter people who dislike Lil’ Wayne, they love to concentrate strictly on the admittely unvaried nature of his lyrics and subject matter as if those two things comprise the entire definition of a good rapper/MC, but neglect to mention his clear excellence in very crucial parts of rapping/MCing like delivery and flow. ”

    Ok one thing you need to understand is the fact that that argument is the reason that guys like jeezy are hot…at the end of the day lyrics are the most important part of rap.not flow not delivery…lyrics seperate the great rappers from the good rappers and the horrible rappers.Lil’ Wayne is maybe the greatest babbler ever because he can say anything stupid and make it sound good..but that doesnt change the fact that he is babbling.At the end of the day the thing that a real hip hop fan wants to hear is lyrics.A lot of wayne’s success is the work of a producer making beats that fit his flow and his voice. Wanye is a good rapper but definitly not the best at any point in his life.This is the first time Wayne has actually had any type of originality in his flow and delivery and he comes up babbling.He started out rapping like BG then when they broke up he started rapping like jay-z and now he’s done with rapping like jay and started just trying to be like him by not writing. The problem is when Wayne doesnt write he doesnt make sense.But he’s god these guys on his dick so hard he could say anything that rhymes and because his voice and the beat mesh so well they will love it.

  • natalie

    lil wayne is the best rapper it pay sound like a bunch of jun k to some people but yall dont take the time to sit down to listen to what the man is saying compare jay z music to lil wayne lil wayne make jay z sound like trash and jay z never was the best rapper alive


    lil wayne is absolute garbage and billy sunday is absolutely right. wayne is not good. not the best at all…he just sucks…why people are on his dick is beyond me