Tax write-off Tuesday

When you get all your new music either for free from the labels themselves or for free the same way Carlos Mencia got his first bike, you tend to lose sight of album release dates. I mean, what difference does it make when an album hit the stores when there are hardly any stores left anyway?

Hence I was surprised to read this morning just how many rap albums are being released today. In addition to the new Redman, which I would imagine is the most highly anticipated among us aging haters, there are also new albums by Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Young Buck, Lil’ Flip, and “hot” newcomer Mims. And that might not even be all of them.

My guess: the last week in March must mark the end of some sort of fiscal period for these labels and so they’re releasing all of these albums so that they don’t carry over into the next period, for tax purposes. How else to explain the fact that so many of these albums, except for the Mims, which is brand new, and the Prodigy, which doesn’t count anyway, have been held up for ages for a variety of reasons.

Probably the most dramatic of all was the situation with Lil’ Flip’s I Need Mine. I’m not sure of all of the back story, nor do I particualarly give a shit (this is, after all, the guy who did that teh ghey-ass “Sunshine” record), but, supposedly, Lil’ Flip was having issues with his label and decided to leave, and the label retaliated by leaking his album to the Internets. Damn.

As far as I know, Redman’s relationship with Def Jam hasn’t been nearly as contentious, but you could hardly fault the guy if he decided he wanted to take his proverbial marbles and go home. I’m not sure whose fault it is that it took so long for Red Gone Wild to be released, but, alas, it finally was and it looks like it will only be the latest in a series of high profile fuck-ups for that label.

My review of the new Redman:

Redman – Red Gone Wild: Album Review

Similarly, I’m not sure what the thought process was behind pushing back Young Buck’s Buck the World, but my guess is that they didn’t want it to be tainted by the whiff of failure emanating from the likes of Mobb Deep’s Blood Money and Lloyd Banks’ Rotten Apple. In the interim, Fiddy has managed to stir up some shit with Cam and Team Rocket, but I doubt that will actually generate much interest.

My review of the new Young Buck:

Young Buck – Buck the World: Album Review

Speaking of Mobb Deep, Prodigy’s new Return of the Mac is pretty good, if not quite as good as the likes of Tom Breihan or my London Bureau Chief Akuma would have you believe. The only thing is, you wonder how Prodigy could possibly top this with HNIC 2. You’ll recall that Mac is just supposed to be a mixtape to generate interest for that album, but I don’t know. He might want to rethink that one.

Akuma’s review of the new Prodigy:

Prodigy – Return of the Mac: Album Review

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  • Josh

    After Buck’s comment today, this very well might be his last album on G-Unit…shame because he’s the best MC in the crew…We all know that 50 is way too loyal to Yayo to just let Buck’s comments slide…

  • John Brown

    Atleast Bol reviewed Red Gone Wild unlike his alter-ego Billy Sunday.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I think I’ll snatch that Redman

    Prodigy said on a radio show, “Return of The Mac is just a warm up to HNIC”…he even down-played it

    Buck never really moved me…gansta turned rapper = not interested but i would listen to what he has to say in an interview though….

  • jburg

    Man it unbelievable how much you hate. Damn you must have had an awful life growing up.

  • King_Ben U Bezzy

    Bol is a fake cliched 90′s fat kid. Go watch the “teh-ghey ass interview with him. When asked about all the fucked up shit he says he less than half-ass defends himself sounding very homo. You would think he would be one of those fat kids who could talk shit but he’s just all fat and shy. Bol u disappoint me dawg.

  • dubzz

    Okay, can we actually get someone to review the Red Man Album..this is bullshit…damn

  • I Fux

    THE Prodigy album is dope.

  • EReal

    If you goto Bol for hiphop album reviews you should kill yourself.

    What is “failure” as far as sales? Is it when you do Consequence or Artest numbers? Or is it when you ONLY go Plat Worldwide or ONLY go Gold US, thats a faliure??
    I dont get it with the whole sales thing, thats why I dont really give a fuck. IMO, All three of these albums are worth owning.

    Redman’s new tracks have been strong and he’s commited to this comeback. Ive already bought the album but like Ive said it hasnt gotten any rotation cause Ive been rockin the Buck the World. The tracks I have heard are fire and if you’re one of those cats that bitches about the old days, you better buy this album. In fact, buy 2.

    Buck the World is HOT. Im lovin the aggresive tone and the actual content. Those of us who actually listen can tell that there is some deepness going on here on this album. The hype tracks are dope too and the song with Snoop and Trick Daddy was bad ass.

    Prodigy I have to hear first. Im a big mobb deep fan and i really like P’s strong gully lyrics. I havent really heard many tracks from this album because I have a job and Ive spent most of the past week in Miami in a stuper. I’d have to give it a brief listen to se if it was really worth paying for.

    Bottom line, get the Buck and Redman albums, they’re worth it.. and Bol you suck at reviewing albums, all you can do is attempt to say something witty or something shitty about every track. No one should ever, ever, listen to yor opinion of hiphop and if they do they get what they deserve.

    1 hunned.

  • A&RsAreTrulyCluless

    Redman is a buy based on seniority alone, Buck is optional, and Mims is forgettable by the end of the week Pop-Rap fluff!

    Good Day!

  • yai

    Return of the mac had great production on it, but as 4 prodigy, it’s hard 4 me 2 listen to his gangsta rhymes when he gets punked all the time and used 2 rock ballerina dresses, and im sorry 2 all u mobb deep fans cuz they are legends, but that kinda ruined it 4 me…keep it up alchemist, ur beats is sick

  • DANJA29

    Yeah, I’m guessing it’s merely a matter of time before Buck gets his walking papaers from Fiddy. If he doesn’t, it’s only because Fiddy has seen how busy Buck can get with a fork and doesn’t wanna be the next piece of meat loaf. Either way, this album has been tossed out abruptly on some “ahhh, just put it out” shit.

    The Red joint I’m sure finally came out on some write-off shit. And that sucks considering that Red deserves better than that. He’s at least managed to prove himself more important than Method Man… Red has at least been part of a hit record in this decade. But it looks like they just gave him the Meth treatment on this album. And that’s WITH a single produced by Timbaland.

  • DANJA29

    As for Prodigy… blah. I hear he kinda got back on his rap game, but he’s just become a big letdown.

  • Fernando

    Co-Sign Ereal,

    Bol’s reviews count for nothing. He only likes old hip hop or skater boy white hip hop. He is a faggit ass hipster who can only appreciate a couple styles of rap. DONT EVER LISTEN TO HIS REVIEWS OF SOUTHERN OR WEST COAST RAP. He obviously is impaired to understanding it and thus makes fun of it (like most hipsters).

    The Redman album is probably pretty good. The Young Buck album is sick. If you have any kind of speakers in your car (which Bol definitely doesnt b/c there is no point for speakers when all you listen to is sad emo bullsh*t like Radiohead, Gin Blossoms, or 9 inch nails)) then you have to pick up Buck’s album. The beats are ill.

  • Fernando


    Bol is feeling himself some Maroon 5 (homo greatly implied)

    You are BANNED from all hip-hop reviews. Go start a blog for Spin magazine or something you sellout bootch.

  • Atl’s own

    Buck shit is banger afta banger!

    everybody better cop it!

    and that redman too (if for no other reason than its red)!
    i haven’t heard it yet but i’ll pick it up when i’m finish playin da shit out of Buck!

    i don’t fuck wit mobb deep nor mims!

  • Pancho

    well Bol…as long as you kept it strictly hip-hop for once…

    I actually checked out your website for the first time…your way less…controversial on there. (Though why you always have to use wit for reviews?).

    Anyways…when will you grace us with a review of the Timbaland-”Shock Value” album? (lmao…bet you’re loving that Fall Out Boy collabo aren’t ya?).

  • these posts are racist

    BOL u a lame can’t write for nathen/
    talk a lot a stuff but i don’t feel what you sayin/
    u see i’m like a nightmare so peep how i speak/
    education ivy league but raised in the street/
    born and raised in the ghetto and i beat the odds/
    walk into meetings upsetting snobs/
    then i go online and refute blogs/
    written by self haters, BOL is spam/
    you jump on the banwagon and diss Muslims, man/
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    instead of wasting your talent and wasting your ink/
    try to spread love, understanding for your youth is wasted/
    be an intellectual not a bigot and racist/

  • these posts are racist

    Oh yeah, forget to let you guys know…I’m also an Emcee…

  • Belize

    That new redman is hot….def jam needs a enema…meth album (last year) is good too

  • ESL Representa

    these posts are racist Says:

    March 27th, 2007 at 5:08 pm
    Oh yeah, forget to let you guys know…I’m also an Emcee…

    …….uhhh yeah?!?!?!

  • FuckYouPayMe618

    I bought red’s shit the album is dope. Havent heard buck shit yet. im gone download it later. LoL

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    Reds album is hot, gonna flop thou sadly.Bucks CD is fucking fire, and that new Prodigy shit is maaaadddd good I think he may be moving back up to his old standards.I doubt he’ll ever be on Shook Ones Pt II levels, but he may come close.

    Also, that Lil Flip CD is hot, im really digging that kind of music for a change.

  • Fuk Dipset

    That Team Rocket shit was funny as hell. Finally bol does something good.


    u know DICK about Hip Hop fat man…

    u Prince B. look alike!

  • billblackfish

    Listen to Bol hes an expert listener

  • Moe Real

    these posts are racist Says:

    March 27th, 2007 at 5:08 pm
    Oh yeah, forget to let you guys know…I’m also an Emcee…

    ^^Also? Also an emcee? You mean on top of being a commenter on XXL? You’re one talented cunt, you scuzzy cunt.

  • billblackfish

    Hey BOl Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • EnglandRepresent

    That Red will be fire. I could give a fuck less about the rest of that shit.

    Bol this one’s for you, I know you love a bit of Joss Stone,,2007140284,00.html

  • noz

    Oh shit Bol you just got keystyled on. Lets get this e-cipher poppin, yo.

  • http://WWW.MSN.COM King Ben U Beezy !

    I think the “These post are racist” guy is teh ghey. “Switch up your flow shit is garbage what you tryin’ kick knowledge”. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.


    “walk into meetings upsetting snobs/
    then i go online and refute blogs/”

    You have such action-packed days!!

  • these posts are racist

    The Real Roxanne, is that you? Awww, snaps!

  • these posts are racist


    Watch it playboy, “or the next rhyme I write might be about you…son is shook!”

    P.S. I’m kidding, but BOL is an ignorant racist.

  • EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    March 27th, 2007 at 5:08 pm
    Oh yeah, forget to let you guys know…I’m also an Emcee…
    I thought everyone was a rapper now anyway.
    At least everyone with a myspace page is a rapper.

  • these posts are racist


    I’m your favorite bloggers least favorte rapper…

  • The sauce

    I am 30th youngins

  • EReal


    You got a Myspace page??

  • these posts are racist

    Nah EREAL, no myspace page.

  • Washington

    A better line would have been “free the same way Carlos Mencia gets his jokes”.

  • Price Of The South

    50 better bring it b/c Buck just put the pressure on him to bring a hot record, b/c Buck the world was hot dude showed some crazy growth with the content and lyrically. 50 won’t drop Buck, because Buck is the only thing keeping G-unit popping right now ESPECIALLY in the south. If he wants to make up for losing Game he needs to keep Buck. Prodigy record was cool, I loved the beats, but P showing signs of getting back to being the old Prodigy, pre-Takeover. MIMS record bought it, but haven’t listened to it.

  • dolo

    Post are racists: don’t quit your day post upsetting snobs, unles s you wanna upset blogreaders for free with them mims-esque rhymes

  • B-Real….

    I aint from the hood but i know real hip hop, Dead Prez, Wu Tang, Big L, Screwball, Cormega, Gangstarr, Nas, D.I.T.C, O.C, Smif-n-Wessun, Rakim, the list goes on. I’m fed up of ppl liking albums because they think the artist is street!! After the first album no one is a street nigga hangin on the corner with a blunt & a 40..(except maybe 1 or 2 niggas who will roll up in any project) Like the music for the beats, flow & lyrics!! Support real hip hop, if we stop buying into this comerical bullshit South & club music no one is going to make another classic.. And there has not been a classic since 2002!!
    Once again support REAL hip hop, G-unit aint hip hop!!!

  • trasporti

    Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!

  • toscana

    E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))