Red Gone Mild?!?

It seems as though the bullets in NYC may not have to fly after all because of Tony Yayo’s poor judgment.  Maybe Wyclef Jean swooped in at the eleventh hour and convinced Jimmy Henchman to hit the G-Unit where they will really feel pain – their wallets.  Actually, I think that there was poor judgment on all sides that led to this situation since the victim was a 14yr old on his way to work at an internship at 9:30pm?  What does a 14yr old do at the offices of an entertainment company at that time of night?  Maybe showing your kids the nightshift when they’re young is really the way to scare them straight.  Since we have a few days off for anyone from Interscope to get arrested or go to court I though that maybe we could talk about, uh, rap music.  You know, that shit we all love to curse about to one another.

I was supposed to file my review of the new Redman album on Sunday, because that is my name and shit, but I have been busy conducting interviews and compiling information on all of the G-Unit madness going on in NYC.  Just in case anyone expires you want to have the obituary already typed up and edited.  True story, I saw three different ages for Tony Yayo posted in newspapers and on television over the past weekend. My favorite is that he is 25.  And why not?  If Lil’ Wayne can be 24 when his arrest report from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department says that he was born in 1979, why can’t Tony Yayo be 25 too?  You do understand that the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department cross references a national database to check people’s names and birth dates?  Especially since jigs have the godawful tendency of giving their children names with too many vowels and other stupid shit like misplaced accents and final ‘E’s.  So Lil’ Wayne is still 16 and Tony Yayo is 24.  Who gives a fuck anyway?

What if Wayne has that shit the kid from ‘Webster’ had where he stops growing, but he is really like 50yrs old.  Like imagine if Wayne is older than Baby on some BabyFace Finster type crime boss shit and the only reason that he calls Baby his Daddy is because Birdman is a top.  Who the fuck cares anyway?  I agree with you kids.  With all these television shows like ‘Queer Eyes’ and ‘Will & Grace’ it was only a matter of time before some rapper got ghey with it.  I just thought it would be Will Smith before everybody else.  But who the fuck cares?  Just ask Noz, he loves Lil’ Wayne, nullus, I suppose but I can’t confirm that much.  By the way, this is my like twentieth post here or something.  I should do a post about this being my twentieth post, but no, this post is not about me, or Tony Yayo, or Noz, or Lil’ Wayne.  It’s about my nigga Redman and Def Jam finally releasing his too long awaited album ‘Red Gone Wild’.

Redman has enjoyed a phenomenal career as one of Hip-Hop music’s most gifted and charismatic rappers. He’s translated that into all kinds of opportunities outside of the recording studio as well, but without a major album to circulate in six years I had turned to looking at milk cartons to see if I could find any news of his whereabouts.  I think that the t.I.’s had decided that party rap music with complex metaphorical and simile filled lyrics was no longer en vogue with the kids. Maybe the t.I.’s were having their own backpacker backlash.  All I know is that I’ve missed Redman’s zany antics since everyone in his peer group has been forced to become gangster killers.  My mind just flashed to the Busta Rhymes video for ‘Dangerous’.  Busta Rhymes used to be a cool cat.  What happened to him?  Yeah, I know…  Who the fuck cares?

That’s why I don’t even feel like giving you humps a review.  You’re only gonna go DL the album from Limewire or Napster or whatever you effs use to steal your shit.  That IS Red’s biggest problem right there.  His fanbase is a bunch of thieving humps.  When are you shitbags gonna go out and buy some fucking music?  Think about all the Carmen Bryans of the world who won’t be getting jobs at record labels because they will all be going out of business.  Think about the Mexicans that work in the factory that makes the special jewel cases.  How will that dude send money back to his ten children in Mexico City.  And what of the Chinese lady that works at the factory that puts the shrinkwrap on the CD’s.  Some of you effs argue to me that your poor, but all of you bitches will spend money on piss water and not my favorite rap artist so I admonish you all.  Go somewhere else and read a review of the Redman album.  Go somewhere else and read of review of his live show.  Just don’t come back here until you have bought his new album.

Did I say that this was my twentieth post?  Yeah, I know…  Who the fuck cares?!?

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  • DUB

    ummmmm 1st??

  • MC

    unintentionally… first?

  • tseliot

    rambling, incoherent, and a strange infatuation with (and random knowledge of) gay subculture — you go from tony yayo, to lil wayne, to a non-review of redman. seriously, what’s the point of your blogs anymore? you’re a fucking parody of yourself.

    just when i think you have your schtick on lock, billy, you come at us with this unfunny, adhd-soaked shit. go home.

  • wow

    lol dude fused for different posts in one

  • derfla the hus’la

    confused on what iam really suppose to comment on

    nway i’ll say reds album will be aight i mite i repeat i mite grab it the last red album i actually bought was muddy waters the rest where jus downloaded but who really cares?

  • bumbaclot

    nigga never post again

  • Malik C.

    What? Whatever I can understand what you mean. I was going to go buy it tomorrow. According to my bitorrent friends it’s good.

  • king blair

    if its on itunes ill cop it but jig aint just drivin to mtarget for one cd that malpractice was some shit so i gotta hear this first,but i just downloaded buck

  • Rizzop

    Bout time for redman…jay needs to get fired for fucking the best hip hop label up promo wise…..Free Joe buddens!

  • John Brown


    This post wasnt about Wayne or Yayo but damn you mentioned their names more than Redman.

  • Atl’s own

    focus damn it! do u have A.D.D or sumtin’ this shit iz all over the place!

  • New York Nigga

    u an idoit man da 14 YEAR OLD WAZ JIMMY HENCHMAN SON! owner of CZAR ENT!

  • Whoa

    why should i waste my money on an album that they didnt take da time to work on. they just splapped da same 14 songs on verybody elses album. if u dont give me a classic i aint spendin my HAD earn money

  • thatdukeSuave

    Talkin bout Wayne so much had your writin come out like his rhymes…SPORADIC! Still, I can dig it, and folk need to buy it for real. Red can’t keep livin off of them “How High” DVD royalties forever.

  • jaywah

    i’m hearing 2 seconds at a time of this new album as it shittily streams away on this shitty computer.. all guys hating on billy for this means he must’ve hit a sensitive spot bc you are the d-bags that he’s talking about jacking albums not buying… most amusing shit yet, keep it up

  • EReal


    Whatap, I was enjoying a brief hiatus from my XXLmag fam and schoolin the lil d’bags around here by getting chemically inebriated and fuckin madd bitches at WMC 07 down in Miami. I also went to Ultra Music Festival 09 which was sick if yall grew up in the 90′s and know the heaven which is drugs and loose bitches while listening to techno and breaks and fuckin people up on the dancefloor. We had a sick-ass lil condo above this resturaunt on 9th & collins with a balcony facing ocean drive in south beach. Yeah bitches it goes down like that. Anyway, Im back from my drug induced haze and looks like I’ve missed alot.

    I went ahead and bought the Redman and Young Buck Cd’s today. I have yet to get to the Redman as I just got them and Buck was in rotation on the way to work today. All I can say about Red is that the tracks that Ive heard in the bangers were crazy, and they were enough for me to contribute. Plus the news of a 2nd Blackout and a How High sequal got me stoked. Redman is just that fun, crazy cat, that you love listening to while blazin crazy. He’s been takin this rap shit alot more seriously and tho I cant review the album yet, I know its gonna be worth it.
    What I can tell you is go buy that Buck album because that shit is CRAZY. He’s got some deep shit, some club shit, some beat your ass and stab a rapper shit, I mean this album is nice if you like south. The track with Snoop and Trick is INSANE. Aight yall, Imma go reply to all the blogs I missed while I was tappin sluts and takin drugs you’ve never heard of. Ch-YeAH

    1 hunned.

  • King_Ben U Bezzy

    Red album dope pick it up.

  • FLIP

    I enjoyed it. This post, that is.



  • Jay


  • Were Read 2 Def

    U yellin at the audience isn’t gonna make em buy Redmans album. FYI…I have been waitin 2 buy after work today, along wit Young Bucks.

  • Lazy

    we do need red’s crazy antics today ever since o.d.b. died and busta and luda tried to be serious to represent their respective regions.
    where’s the “got your money”‘s, “woo ha”‘s, or even the “southern hospitality”‘s?

  • Xbreed

    I did go and buy Redman. He is one of my favorite mc’s of all time. I love the entire def squad. Why can’t Keith Murray get a legitmate record deal??? Red Gone Wild is insane. Reggie Noble is a hip hop genius. Go cop it….support real hip hop. Yo Sunday ….can we get that review now????

  • runnin’ with more kids than day care

    Redman is one of the illest. Peep that freestyle on Green Lanterns radio show. When Paul Wall was up to spit his, he got caught out there like a deer in headlights. He forgot how to speak… Er-uhh. He couldn’t even rap about grillz… Redman’s a legend man. He gets busy, no question. Paul Wall is fuckin’ joke.

  • Duke Lacross

    This “blog” was so bad that I lost my interest in the entire XXL site for the day before I could read anything else. XXL has no business letting you screw up its rep by posting this type of stool. Please get fired.


    Was it take your son to work day or some shit?

    Teach the boy some writting skills before you let him post a blog for you.

  • king blair

    red gonna go wood blame jay get dropped an go to koch kids this is what labels do when they wanna drop u they have an escuse this aint jay fault l.a. pull the strings and this his way to write niggas off an push’em out the door

  • dubzz

    Damn….Sunday…i mean…I feel you and all…yea allot of these guys are going to download the album…but damn went about this whole post the wrong way..but anyway…Yall should go cop that Red Gone Wild…22 tracks of classic red man fire…

  • AK


  • daesonesb

    people that read xxl mag dot com are dumb.

    the kinda dumbasses that have some fake entertainment company and adds me on myspace, only to put a comment up on my board with flashing lights and something like … “holla back young blood! ONE!!”

    fuck all yall.

    go break out the vaseline and watch the leather so soft video.

  • EReal


    Do YOU even know what the fuck you’re talking about?? Go back to SOHH you faggot.

  • billblackfish

    GO limewire!!!!!!!!!

  • Belize

    Didnt download the album playboi…

    I BOUGHT IT! Dammit!

    “Pimp Nutz” is my shyyyyttt!!!!

  • Mr.Gangsta

    damn that was some harsh shite man!

    fuck it

    I’ll give red 13.00 well he probably will see .50 of that cut lol

  • spung

    damnit, you’re talented

  • Cashus Clay

    Took a while to get to the point but the Red album is def a must buy

  • Daesonesb

    ereal, im not the one who wrote a damn essay for this thing. take a joke and calm down.

  • I Fux

    Billy Sunday I think found out that Bill Duke is his father, nhjic

  • Fernando

    Does Bol know that you are stealing all of his material and catch phrases???

    Nullus? T.I’s? Jigs??

    Damn Billy, you a bitin ass mofo.
    With that said. Eff buying Rap albums. So many are garbage anyways, Im not spending a dime on these uncreative fools until they prove me sumthin. Last Five Albums I PURCHASED…

    1. Messy Marv & San Quinn “Explosive Mode 2″
    2. Devin The Dude “WTI”
    3. Snoop “BCT”
    4. Meth “4:21″
    5. Mac Mall “Thizziana Stoned”

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Hey Fern,

    You can’t copywrite words you effin immigrante.

    Go to hell if you can’t buy any music. Let’s see if I stop buying vegetales what would happen to your azz. Back to San Salvador to herd mangoes and coconuts.

    Eat Bol’s dick and then kill yourself.

  • This is fake shit

    I never knew XXL hired a buncha racist fucks. Its sad tho that red couldnt get real production for this

  • TheUltimate

    Bol, your alias is hilarious! You should do an entire post on stage ages in hip hop.

  • Incilin

    Wow, 12 posts in and u have lost all hope. It look noz like 6 months to make tha fruitfly post. it took like 6 posts to write ur equivelent. so wha if no one listens to u? ur jus a blogger anyway. stop acting like we’re supposed to take wha u have to say and go do something about it. and even if we did, so wha? its not like niggas is gonna be like; “sunday saved hip hop” or nothing. i wonder how long it’s gonna be till u just say fuck it.

    I really need to find a red review that i trust. i always read the all music guide but they didnt post on him yet (or buck or prodigy) hmm… and how come XXL never reviews albums like that? or el-p which everyone here seems to love. anyway, i gota go dl the red album jus to see wha the deal wit it acutlaly is.

  • billblackfish

    This album is worth $5

  • EReal

    “Let’s see if I stop buying vegetales what would happen to your azz. Back to San Salvador to herd mangoes and coconuts.”
    “Eat Bol’s dick and then kill yourself.”

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^^^ I didn’t come here to save Hip-Hop. I came here to save your soul.

  • Fernando

    I never brought up copyright infringement. I was only noticing how uncreative you are that you are bitin Bol’s stankin ass steez

  • Federal Ranga 22

    Ya’ll mufuckaz is stupid. Yo, Sunday, I get to come back Redman shit was FYA! And I gotta co-sign wit EREAL Buck shit was off da fuckin chain… lastly as a nigga that was “Born N Raised” in da county of Dade… (Miami, bitches!!!) I know exactly where you was, homey… it’s party central ova there… but damn, nigga, cross the bridge and get off da beach like a real nigga come where da REAL fun is, playboy!