Since most of you humps that love Lil’ Wayne will argue that actual lyrics don’t mean anything anymore when considering who should be crowned the best rapper I have decided that the best rapper is now Rap Cat. He has a swagger that is off the meat rack, literally. He has the cars, the jewelry, the money and the ho’s love him. He’s not going to get arrested for possession of schedule IV drugs either. Catnip isn’t illegal.

Rap Cat wasn’t born in 1979 either like Lil’ Wayne was. Rap Cat was born in the 2000’s so he is way younger than all the rappers in the game now. By the time Rap Cat is Jay-Z’s age he won’t be president of a record label, he’ll be president of the United States. Just like Obama. From a back alley all the way to the oval office. Rap Cat is spitting that real life gutter garbage can truth. Can you imagine Rap Cat over some Mannie Fresh beats? He would kill Lil’ Wayne in a freestyle battle because he just don’t give a fuck about shit. Rap Cat is that nigga on the streets right now. Peep game…

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  • DocZeus

    This is fiyah! His punchlines are crazy!

  • 2nice

    your a fucking idiot…get a life

    tha carter 2>>>>>hip-hop is dead

  • Conor

    Wow, this is what this blog is reduced to….

  • FLIP

    That, coupled with this post, had to be the most redicuolous, most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen…in life.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    LOL! Rap Cat actually sounds better. And is less annoying. And has done less damage to the image of black adult males who love this thing; our thing called HIP HOP.

  • Amazed

    Wow this dude really hates Lil Wayne. So much for saying anything worth while having to do with Hip-Hop lets just hate on one rapper as much as possible. I am pissed I actually wasted my time reading this garbage blog. I wont make that mistake again.

  • Pancho

    LMFAO…oh the sarcasm…

  • thoreauly77

    you think rap cat is black, white, latino or asian underneath all that fur? rap cat is tha mofockin bizness!

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    …the most accurate post ever made on the website.

  • fuck what they heard its what they need to know

    wow, i’ve never met someone so jealous of another human being than billy sunday is of lil wayne, these faggot ass bloggers need to quit jackin off to jay-z lyrics hes old he sucks hes out of lines to swagger jack, look out for the carter 3 people

  • EReal


    RapCat defs has that swag. I’ve been singin his shit lately at work and shit man. Ill be like ‘meow meow-me-meow me-me-ow me-me-ow’ LOL.

    RapCat is official! Get wit it, or get out the litter box, niccas!!!!

  • dubzzzzz

    Ha…isnt that the cat from those Sonic burger commercials..ha..funny shit

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Triumph, the insult comic dog > Rap Cat

    Triumph got all the “bitches” (literally) and he’s down with Eminem so you know he can Dre Beats!

    Peep the cover to his album:

    1.) It’s got explicit content
    2.) He’s pimpin wit a Cigar in his mouth
    3.) He got 2 bitches on the cover
    4.) He’s a Rottweiler .. and anyone knows a Rott with whoop the shit out of a cat.

    5.) He got a song on the album entitled “cats are cunts”


  • Incilin

    This is such blatant marketing. I don’t know if you realize it. Maybe you got paid to do this (which i doubt, but I never really know these days). Most likely you did it because you thought it was funny (which, admittly it is) but this post has become a ploy for viral marketing (wiki it if u wanta know what it is).

    Why do i say this? I work in viral ad tracking and I ended up coding this ad! (I even considered putting XXLmag as a source) I’m not saying I didn’t like the blog (Altho its pretty tongue-in-cheek)

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    on other thing …

    Triumph had beef with Eminem, now he’s down with him.

    Beefing with a rapper only to subsequently make up is the “Hip Hop” thing to do now-a-days, so he making all the right moves.

    (next he just has to get himself arrested for driving without a license or missing a court date and he’ll be “full-fledged”)

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Incilin admits that Rap Cat pwns Lil’ Wayne

    M.E.O., you surprise me, with an acronym like yours you should be riding with Rap Cat.

    This shit is making me hungry though.  I’m going to get a Ghetto Big Mac

  • TC

    LMAO, he’s better than Cam’ron

  • James

    Why does Billy Sunday hates on the South so hard. Yeah there are a couple of gimmick rappers down here but so does new york. Lil Wayne stepped up and took over the game and until someone takes his spot he is number 1. You can’t even name the last time a New york rapper went platinum. I Think the last New York rapper to go Platinum was Julez Santana and thats only because he went to the South and followed our trends.

  • http://nahright.com iLL Change

    yo for real, Rapcat > Lil Wayne.

    he got the four-finger rings wit “Rap Cat” on em.

  • true G

    He already got the cover of Trill magazine!!!

  • EReal

    LMFAO @ Ghetto Big Mac

    That fat ass nukka!!

    Big Mac Sauuuuuuuuuucceeeee!!!!
    Big Mac Sauuuuuuuuuuccceeeeeee!!!!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    > M.E.O., you surprise me, with an acronym like yours you should be riding with Rap Cat.


    u got jokes .. huh

  • DylanMMc

    A new hip-hop king? Watch out Jay-Z, move over NAS

  • sicksmybrotha

    damn that nigga was ugly that rapped those few bars. Looked like beetle juice and shit.

  • Keystone

    aahahhaah hilarious, but serious, billy you are the biggest lil wayne hater i know. Almost EVERY SINGLE POST is a diss to him. But this one was funny.

  • these posts are racist

    Why does lil wayne lie about his age?

  • EReal

    @ Sick

    Hell yeah, I was like, who the fuck is this ugly nukka, beatlejuice’s regluar height cousin n shit?? LOL

  • Realspitta

    Damn u be on weezy nuts and u dont even like him. This post was boring.

  • Fin

    Dude was rapping about his come up; real talk, back when he used to sell cds out the back of his car.

  • Meka Soul

    i quit rap.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Rap Cat has a MySpace and he really is younger than Lil’ Wayne.

    All these cats in the rap game that call themselves cats but are really dudes aren’t keeping it real.  Rap Cat is the realest cat in rap.

  • Ali

    You love lil wayne far too much, same as bol loves lupe a little too much…..

  • Malik C.

    Best post I’ve ever seen here.

  • smoke 1

    fuck that i ghost write for rapcat wheres my shine

  • Hakoon

    Motherfuckers can’t front, Rap Cat IS that nigga. Just look at his chain hangin low & that all-over print colourful BAPE hoodie!

  • outya’self

    this nigga goin hard for real did y’all hear 12th bar! this nigga crazy wit’ da’ flow namean.coppin two of dem’ joints!

  • http://www.sungmusic.blogspot.com kitty cat was hungry so I fed it


    i said MEOW MAN!

  • The Bizness


  • jericho

    his cd will do dimond and smash all kinds of records

  • DANJA29

    WOW. Bol handles Jay and you handle Wayne, huh?

  • dat dude

    damn dude u have to be THE BIGGEST HATER ive ever seen its cool to voice your opinion that u dont like wayne but almost every post u had lately is about him i mean hop off his dick if u dont like him bring it up once and leave it alone but u cant keep tha nigga name out your mouth u doin his marketing 4 him i guess u aint got nothin else to talk about

  • N.O. 4 life

    It doesnt get any lamer than this

    It is funny to say that you dislike wayne sooo much that you put a blog out about him every week. When you don’t like someone you act like that person does’nt exist.You on the other hand talk about him non stop like only a hater would do.

    next time you hat on wayne in one of your blogs please use your mind and come with legitimate reasons why he is not the best…so i can destroy them one by one

  • Pancho

    ^^^one reason can trump all other reasons as to why Weezy is the best right now…

    where’s his classic album at?

  • LOC

    You remind me of a bitch that a nigga fucked and left her stupid ass so now she just bitter.
    Can you go a week without talking about this nigga?

  • king blair

    i get ur point wayne is homo an not really great at nothing but kissing men but damn homie u just killed the nigga

  • C.P

    That shit was funny as hell…..i actually enjoyed it….and compared to Dj unk, mims, young leek, jibbs, young capone, bow wow, lil romeo etc. rap cat is the equivalent of a track featuring Pac, nas, biggie, big l, big pun, az, kool G rap and other Hip Hop legends

  • J Gutter

    Billy sunday a dumb bitch he was born in 1982, he the best rapper, he has lyrics, and my nigga got better management now holla at the boy Ya Dig!

  • dante severe

    I’m not so much into RAP CAT anymore. I like his early stuff though.

  • J Gutter

    King Blair Who u listen to?

  • http://xxlmag.com DC’s Finest

    Oh my god, this is actually accurate…
    Rap Cat > Lil Wayne, Cam’ron and Jim Jones

  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK


    My boy Son Of King Rebel’s passport makes him 2 years younger than he actually is. Weirdly, he is still really ill on guitar regardless.

    I hope Rapcat’s PR ARE paying you droog, and I hope THEY are paying all the RapDogs that popped up in 2001 (check google, there were tons – my boy Sleazy E made a fortune off of selling a RapDogg song to Polydor.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theebonystones Walter Patrick

    I say he fits right in. He nicer than that Southern dude out of NY…oh he’s really from NY???

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    best post ever.

  • fdsfdsfds

    wouldnt bone thugs n harmony be good for the discussion of flows without lyrics?

  • Bang

    Oh shit!

    this cat’s official!!!

  • Sam


  • Sun Tzu

    lmao @ all the people actually takin offense to this…goddamn u people are dickridin fans

  • derfla the hus’la

    lol…… rap cat got ugly video hoe’s tho


    damn nigga can you go a day without jumping on wayne’s dick. you obviously keep talking about that nigga for some reason. why you doing this shit stain for a post that nigga stacking millions. go kill yourself before it’s too late.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Rap Cat might be from the west coast because he is steady rockin’ the baby blue Carmelo Anthony #15 jersey.

  • Kelso

    Lil’ Wayne is garbage compared to Rap Cat

  • J.R.O.

    Damn, dope lyrics, dope flow, everything.


    hhahahahhaa i wonder who the fuck wasted time making this video in the first place

  • MonstaDon

    She poured out a lil’ milk and everything.



  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    Rap cat is not black or latino, he’s asian and his album is called “Last of a Dying Breed”…get it?

  • Joseph Tegano1000

    KING CURTIS, fuck everybody its g-unit lyfe, this blog was just proving how dumb you actually are Billy aka mr “i got tha cock on lock”

  • Randy Watson

    big ups 2 u mr sunday, this is quality!

  • 40ozking

    Ego Trip has got to be behind this. When’s the reality show on VH-1 droppin?

  • hustle hard

    cmon b, some of the shit weezy spit sometimes b havin me puzzled but u have to listen to his shit, the carter 1 is crack, to me its on of the hardest concept albums in a while, the carter 2 was a real good album 2, hes killin the mixtape scene, hes gettin his bread up, people need to stop hatin…this summer he droppin, i cant feel my face, the album wit juelz santana, then he droppin the carter 3, and then he droppin dedication 3, cmon people he puttin in work…if u think hes whack u must b crazy…cus he fittin to take hov place, and thas not even on no hatin shit, hov need to go back to being sean carter the hustler, fuck all that pretty shit. but thats jus my opinion

  • http://www.myspace.com/melodesiac RBrentley


    Not even gon’ lie… as of the time of this post… I’d prefer Rap-Cat to at least the top seven acts on Billboard.

    That’s where things are right now.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Yo do yall think American tennis player Vince Spadea, ranked #76 in the world, can son Little Wayne (nh)?


    It’s a close call, but I’ve give a slight edge to W Fa-go Baby. Spadea has a better freestyle but Little Wayne might could make better songs, at least with the help of his ghostwriters.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    It is funny to say that you dislike wayne sooo much that you put a blog out about him every week. When you don’t like someone you act like that person does’nt exist.You on the other hand talk about him non stop like only a hater would do.

    next time you hat on wayne in one of your blogs please use your mind and come with legitimate reasons why he is not the best…so i can destroy them one by one
    what he said

  • http://xxlmag.com DC’s Finest

    someone did a great job at making dis video. Da caqt got hos, cars and everything. Its a better video than “We fly high” if not the same.

  • dc lady

    who were the idiots that actually took time and money to make this video? it was funny though.
    is it just common place now for people to make such a mockery of hip hop? or
    is hip hop making a mockery of itself?

  • http://www.stayhonest.com Honest

    Yo, we directed that video, and let me say – it was an honor to work with Rap Cat, he treated everyone with respect and never stopped trying to make the most slammin video ever. Every time we went to get him in the trailer he was working on new lyrics, he’s a hit making machine.

  • http://trifelife.wordpress.com spotrusherz

    smh @ all you idiots getting offended and/or not getting billy’s point.
    GOAT post. im linking this on my blog.

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  • Its me snitches

    man what the fuck rap cat is a piece os shit u dumb fuck what kind of fuckin comment is that suppose to be ur really fuckin stupid i hate xxl mag!

  • Its me snitches

    man what the fuck rap cat is a piece os shit u dumb fuck what kind of fuckin comment is that suppose to be ur really fuckin stupid i hate xxl mag!

  • http://www.myspace.com/bkler Guro

    bullshit i think u a hater
    bkler is tha truth

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  • http://xxlmagazine micheline

    can some body tell lil wayne to do a video really representing new orleans? also the video with real project chicks doing our real bounce dances and doing them the way new orleans do it. not that stuff beyonce is trying to do. lil wayne you feel me? put new orleans bigger on the map.



  • Black Scrilla

    Who was on crack making this. How much did they pay those girls to make a fool of themselves. That s$#t wasnt funny. Dis s#$t is taking up space take it off immediately

  • Bartholomew Surles

    Stop hatin because the nigga is from the south and he the shit.Short and Simple