Last year when XXLMAG Dot Com first allowed me a guest spot on this blog site I told you dudes that Diddy was not to be fucked with.

P Diddy is the King of all Jigs

Diddy is hardbody deluxe in this rap shit. Not just because he gets it on and popping, but because he always beats the charges. Can you tell me a battle that he has lost? He will not lose. While all of your favorite rappers are lining up to get shot in the leg for street credibility guess who's pulling the trigger? While you all were laughing at the shiny suits you should have taken some time to read the label - 100% Teflon.

In the latest Diddy news we find ol' boy is being sued by some Los Angeles real estate magnate T.I.'s son. Apparently Diddy gave this kid a one piece with no biscuit in front of dude's fiance. As if Diddy were somehow jealous that homeboy was about to marry this broad. I've never partied with Diddy personally, but I have partied with people that have partied with him and to a person they tell me that the only reason Puff japped dude in the face was because dude got out of pocket and let some slick shit slip from his mouth. In all likelihood it was the 'N' word and Diddy gave homeboy something to hold as if his name was KKKramer. Puff certainly didn't need his girl because finding a pretty chick in L.A. during Academy Awards weekend is like finding a stripper who blows trees at Freanik. They're everywhere.

Diddy will squash this scandal like so many others he's had to endure before this one, but one starts to wonder when he will finally get worn down from this lifestyle. "Heavy lays the head that wears the crown" - Some old English fuck.

Who's going to see the movie '300' this week? That shit is going to be wild hardbody. It's a fictionalized account of the battle of Thermopylae. The story goes that the Greeks were being invaded by the Persian army. The Greeks were outnumbered something ridiculous like 1million Persians against 1K Greeks. Because the Greeks were held down by the warrior nation state Sparta they were able to push the wigs back of the Persians long enough to get their reinforcements into the war.

All I know is that the people that did the flick 'Sin City' are doing this joint too and the previews have been sicker than cancer.