Puff Diddy Is The ’300′ Of The Rap Game

Last year when XXLMAG Dot Com first allowed me a guest spot on this blog site I told you dudes that Diddy was not to be fucked with.

P Diddy is the King of all Jigs

Diddy is hardbody deluxe in this rap shit. Not just because he gets it on and popping, but because he always beats the charges. Can you tell me a battle that he has lost? He will not lose. While all of your favorite rappers are lining up to get shot in the leg for street credibility guess who’s pulling the trigger? While you all were laughing at the shiny suits you should have taken some time to read the label – 100% Teflon.

In the latest Diddy news we find ol’ boy is being sued by some Los Angeles real estate magnate T.I.’s son. Apparently Diddy gave this kid a one piece with no biscuit in front of dude’s fiance. As if Diddy were somehow jealous that homeboy was about to marry this broad. I’ve never partied with Diddy personally, but I have partied with people that have partied with him and to a person they tell me that the only reason Puff japped dude in the face was because dude got out of pocket and let some slick shit slip from his mouth. In all likelihood it was the ‘N’ word and Diddy gave homeboy something to hold as if his name was KKKramer. Puff certainly didn’t need his girl because finding a pretty chick in L.A. during Academy Awards weekend is like finding a stripper who blows trees at Freanik. They’re everywhere.

Diddy will squash this scandal like so many others he’s had to endure before this one, but one starts to wonder when he will finally get worn down from this lifestyle. “Heavy lays the head that wears the crown” – Some old English fuck.

Who’s going to see the movie ’300′ this week? That shit is going to be wild hardbody. It’s a fictionalized account of the battle of Thermopylae. The story goes that the Greeks were being invaded by the Persian army. The Greeks were outnumbered something ridiculous like 1million Persians against 1K Greeks. Because the Greeks were held down by the warrior nation state Sparta they were able to push the wigs back of the Persians long enough to get their reinforcements into the war.

All I know is that the people that did the flick ‘Sin City’ are doing this joint too and the previews have been sicker than cancer.

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  • thoreauly77

    i think 300 is going to be pretty sick. and yeah, diddy is hardbody, but damnitall if i can just never consider him an artist… except maybe a bullshit artist.

  • Malik C.

    Welcome to the bandwagon. Frank Miller wrote both of graphics novels 300 and Sin City. Sin City 2 is supposed to come out this year too.

  • jacquez
  • king blair

    diddy ass kicker of the decade
    death row fucks with bad boy suge man gets shot,pac disses diddy gets shot,biggie tries to mleave bad boy gets shot, steve stoute release video when told not to catches a ass whoopin wit the moet bottle, nigga diss puff he and shyne shoot up the club diddy goes free.not to mention beating them charges from the concert incident puff is nice wit his the king of gangstadom

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Justice may be blind but she knows what money smells and feels like ..

    If heavy cake can get you off a murder charge, it for dam sure can you outta a smackfest accusation.

    300 is gonna be ill .. that dude who plays the main character gotta be one hell of an actor. In the previews he screams “this is Spartan” with more feeling than Tupac in his rant at the end of “Hit ‘em up”

  • thecollinb

    word on the street is that dude started in with that “oh you mad cause i’m stylin on you” shit and got his bowl spiced…either way, chalk another one up for Sean Combs. 2 years from 40 and still punchin niggas in they shit.
    props to Sunday for using Japped without referring to bootleg products

  • Were Read 2 Def

    People wit money get everything they want.



  • EReal

    LMFAO @ “finding a pretty chick in L.A. during Academy Awards weekend is like finding a stripper who blows trees at Freanik. They’re everywhere.”

    I was wonderin when u were gonna blog on this Sunday. Puff is defs that dude. I been laughin since I heard this news and Im still laughin. Puff is the hardbodiest dude in the rap game, fuck what yall heard.

    300 is gonna be dope. Im going to a screening tomarrow before it opens. This is the only movie I’ve actually been stoked on seeing in a hot minute. Sin City was one of my favorite flicks and the cinematoraphy they used in that movie and 300 is fuckin beautiful. (No Weezy)

    1 hunned.

  • jr

    Come holla at me

    thanx for tha promotion opprotunity Diddy cuz u aint shit!

  • http://myspace.com/twerkolator twerkolator

    @ king blair:

    i feel you, but too bad puff wasn’t there when his homie wolf got into it with BMF…

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    @ Twerkolator:

    Wolf was hardbody too so that let’s me know how B.M.F. rolls

  • Hurricane Game


    Infact everytime Sunghey writes this Ima leave a big NO HOMO!!!

  • Boner Jams 03

    i dont mean to sound like no groupie nigga but wolf was from my hood…mt. vernon ny..aka murdaville…and so is puff…don’t beleive that harlem shit for a second

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I can’t let that slide young. Wolf was from Co-Op City, Sec. #5

  • king blair

    p.s. …..lil cease gets on the radio and disses diddy over big’s publishing the next week maino kicks his ass and has a dvd out wit a diddy shout out,not to mention when cam and jimmy caught that ass whoopin at the rucker during their fuck bad boy beef and yall know what i’m talking bout when jimmy high jumped the fence while cam was moon-walking

  • crackis great!!

    u know pd diddy is gay right? no kidding

  • j

    yo suday get ur facts up jigster. the author of the sin city graphic novel is the author of the 300 graphic novel. opposed to being the same people who who did the sin city flick are the ones doing this one. just thought u should know my nunzio. keep them posts up.

  • thatwhitedude

    the greeks invented homos..


    300 looks mad ill.

    Diddy is probably the gulliest artist ever because he can physicaly murk you or pay someone to do it. You forgot to mention that Puffy spit on the dudes friend also.

  • che

    it’s often the commercially successful suit wearing dudes that are actually the most likely to fuck someone up.

    diddy and jay-z are the best examples of this. between them they’ve shot more guns(1), sold more drugs, stabbed more dudes, been in court more times and fucked over more business associates than everyone else in rap put together. and guess which 2 guys are making the most money in hip hop/rap right now?

    (1) not to mention jay shooting his own brother.

  • Cuban Link

    i no its hard to believe but 300>Norbit.Just barely thou.And thats just judging from the previews tho.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday


    I will pay you cash money to tell Diddy to his face that being hardbody is ghey. Diddy will slap the taste from your mouth.

    I fucks with Frank Miller on the regular (nullus, of course) That nigga crafted the daredevil saga in which Bullseye killed Elektra and he also wrote and drew the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. That shit is the greatest Batman story of all time.

    Greeks made that homo shit mainstream but Sodom and Gomorrah is where that shit first popped off. That’s why you can be arrested in some states for giving your girlfriend backshots. That shit is considered sodomy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    So Diddy is ill because he has poor impulse control and can’t stay out of trouble but somehow manages to beat the case? I’d respect him more if he had the wherewithal to avoid getting involved in stupid ass incidents like the the one you mentioned AT ALL.

    As for “300″, Frank Miller is a genius…Fuck the ancient Greeks, though. I’m all for the Persians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Numidians, Kushites, Sumerians and other brown ancient peoples that ruled the world that people DON’T make movies about. One.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^You forgot to bigg up Carthage

  • Cashus Clay

    The nigga Puff shoulda been in 300 cuz hes hardbody enough to deck u in front on ur girl

  • derfla the hus’la

    p diddy pop eye is mafia……

  • John Brown

    finding a stripper who blows trees at Freanik.
    ah yes the good ol days…Puff wasnt playing when he paid that ghostwriter to write that chorus for “I got the Power” from his No Way Out album. Once again shows that Puff was paying dudes to rhyme his shit ahead of time. Check it out

    “I be, that nigga that yo’ niggaz can’t fuck wit
    That nigga that yo’ bitches wanna creep wit
    That nigga that you can’t get along wit
    Playa hate but you wanna do a song wit
    That nigga that you see in the videos
    That nigga with the jewels and the jiggy hoes
    That nigga that’ll die for his main man
    That nigga with the gettin money gameplan”


  • EReal

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    March 6th, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    I will pay you cash money to tell Diddy to his face that being hardbody is ghey. Diddy will slap the taste from your mouth.

    You mean Diddy will “Smack fire out your ass”
    His words, not mine. LOL

  • http://DAHSHYT.BLOGSPOT.COM Belize

    Ahhh..reading the comments in ur old blog give me memories…

    anywayz..fuck Diddy.
    Free Shyne

  • Incilin

    Ohh, I see. They let you back into this site but only if you put commericals in your blogs about films that have nothing to do with hip hop. You didnt even make an effort to properly tie the two together.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^No nigga, I am going to see the movie ’300′ about some dudes that live and die for that hardbody shit and your man Diddy lives that shit in the rap world. If you can’t find the connection you need a seeing eye dog.

  • mannyworld33

    thecollinb Says:

    March 6th, 2007 at 4:23 pm
    word on the street is that dude started in with that “oh you mad cause i’m stylin on you” shit and got his bowl spiced


  • razor

    hardbody is the gayest shit ive ever heard

  • EReal

    Razor is teh gheyest handle I’ve ever heard.

    Why not lazer, or blade, or blazer?

    Fuckin Herb, GTFOH.

  • WC Repper

    I’m so fuckin glad I live on the WC because we don’t say no gay ass shit like hardbody you homos! Don’t make me Tim Hardaway on you! As for Diddy, fuck that PUSSY! It’s real easy to be tough when you have six bodyguards around you. Oh, and the spittin’ on the girls thing, real ‘hardbody’ you idiots. If it was me, I would have pulled the chick and left the boyfriend standing there with his dick in his hand. Now that’s what a real man does! Grow the fuck up!
    As for the movie 300, that shit looks nice! Gotta love a good war movie!

  • Bang

    If I catch Puffy without bodyguards I’m putting him in the Cobra Clutch, fuck that

  • Joe

    You’re a retarded moron. Saw the sneak of 300 and it was gay, so I guess in that respect your analogy works.

  • EReal

    @ WC Repper

    Yeah, yall just say stupid shit like “piffy piff” and “thizz face” GTFOH.
    Plus yall still ride for the dumbest shit evar, gayngbangin. Killin each other, wow thats real cool.

  • youngc20

    “Some old English fuck” is William Shakespeare you asshole. Your blasphemous misnomer of Shakespeare doesn’t even add anything to your blog. I just don’t understand how its cool to call Shakespeare that. Like I’m truly puzzled.

  • Anonymous