Oh, I Think They Like Me

Yeah, shit got a little dicey for me last week because I actually posted people’s personal e-mail addresses from that faggoty video channel. After some editing and some discussions XXLMAG dot com has allowed me to keep grinding, but not before I was told about the do’s and don’ts inside the media world. Since I come from the no holds barred world of self-publishing I needed to learn the ropes of real world major media publishing…

Lesson #1 – Don’t get my ass sued. XXLMAG dot com will NOT be paying my legal fees.

Lesson #2 – Choose your battles smartly. The majority of the constituency over here isn’t the type to rise up against the machine that exploits the culture. They’re waiting to hear the next diss track.

Lesson #3 – Stick to what the people like. Anti-Southern rap diatribe.

Lesson #4 – Strt riting posts lik a txt msg reetahd. Ppl luv this.

Okay, okay, that’s not true. What I did learn is that XXLMAG dot com readers are a serious bunch and they love Lil’ Wayne’s swagger even with all the homoerotic undertones he throws around (not saying that there is anything wrong with being a ghey rapper). Fifty Cent and Cam’Ron have a lot of fans here too. Kirby Dominant and Chris Sinister… Not so much. I’m learning the landscape over here and I think I’m ready to go all in with y’all.

I’m never going to change the way that some of you feel about your favorite rappers, but I remember how I felt about Santy Claus when I was a child so I will cut you a break. For those of you that come here to this site and you are of drinking age, there’s no reason for you to remain ignorant and disconnected. Hip-Hop and rap music are being targeted for extinction and the people that will be affected the most are the folks that are your age. Hip-Hop and rap is being attacked from so many angles that in order to properly defend it you have to do the knowledge of it. Kids from the North and West need to learn about DJ Jimi and Luther Campbell and the origins of Miami Bass and Go-Go music. Dudes from the South need to study cats like Kool G Rap and the Cold Crush Brothers. If you love Hip-Hop and rap, if you really, really love it, then you will respect it as it grows older. Just like you respect your father and your mother. Just like you respect something valuable that you are collecting that will appreciate with age.

The biggest problem that Hip-Hop and rap culture are dealing with are the polarizing forces that won’t let the culture mature. Not that every artist or every theme has to be on some grown man shit, but the fact that those voices aren’t given mainstream access is critical. How much further might some of us be economically if we weren’t constantly being told to buy something to increase our self worth? Since when has consuming increased someone’s net worth? Saving their own money is how the Trump’s of the world stay rich.  It’s like immediate gratification is the only theme that we are constantly given. If I keep spending all my money to put some ‘D’s on my lifestyle how the hell will I ever accumulate some wealth? I want to get rich too.

There have too many get rich quick people with their hands on Hip-Hop and rap. Maybe this is why some of you are treating the culture as if it’s a disposable item instead of a valuable commodity. Would you throw a drawing by Picasso under the bus because it was old? Then why would you do that to YOUR art and YOUR culture? And at the same time why don’t you demand that YOUR artists create art that is valuable for your attention? This Hip-Hop and rap music shit is in our hands, especially YOUR hands. Are y’all niggas ready to hold tight to this shit as we go all in?

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  • Cashus Clay

    Nice to see ya back niggs


    yo u have been alil crazy wit posts but keep up the good work tho.1

  • OZ

    good post man.

    dont let the empire get ya.

    stay up.

  • thoreauly77

    already ready. never quit. never quitting.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    It’s good to be back pimpin’.

  • jaguar_paw

    mad props son.

  • Sexy Dexy

    hey baby, glad to be your #1 fan. Toodles.

  • That Dude

    Wonderful and sensible post man. I was really feeling where you were coming from.

  • me



    Billy Sunday *hearts* Bol…

    But never the less, good post…

    Listen to this:


  • John Brown


    Is good to have your controversial self back Billy Bolday. Nice post, see behind all the south bashing there is a blogger with something to say. I appreciate this blog as much as the previous one. I was wondering if YN had dont you like Tony did Manolo. Anyways listen up homie, dont blog for the rest of the week and start writting that “WHY BIGGIE WILL BE SHITTING ON JAY, IF HE WAS ALIVE” blog for friday (10 year since the K.O.N.Y passed away) That will be the smartest and best blog you would write to date here. By the way I do feel the same about the north, west, south and midwest accepting each others grind. Hip-hop to me is like a puzzle and to complete the puzzle we need pieces from all regions. Lets stop hating and throwing those pieces away and put em together and watch how hiphop will again be #1.


  • John Brown

    I just notice that your headline comes from one of your favorite groups from the south…DFB, lol….

    But Im glad YN kept you on this site.


  • derfla the hus’la

    it’s true what you said man people are treating hiphop like somekind of disposable shit and not an art form.

    people worship images especially the youngins what ever they see on tv they think thats the coolest shit.

    if we go back to basics and judge artist or emcees arcoding to skills things will be a lot different

    but thats almost impossible coz people choose to get brainwashed by mtv ,vh1 and other devilish networks.

    you know it’s over for hiphop when people think that the white rapper show is whats up and john brown is some kind of hiphop phenomenon.

    people will come in here complain about the media showing crappy hiphop but the same dudes cant wait for seasone two of white rapper show how hypocritical is that?


    Keep kicking the knowledge

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    The (white) Rapper Show was saving Hip-Hop believe it or not. In a very subtle way (and sometimes not so subtle when you see the way Lord Jamar pwned John Brown) the (white) Rapper Show was illustrating the roots of Hip-Hop. It illustrated the dedication that artists must have in their craft.

  • bottom boi G

    Billy Sunday, check this

    i was on aol today and i just happen to see how indian tribes in Oklahoma were cutting off over 2 thousand blacks of indian descent from the benefits they were recieving. I read the blogs and the responses still are gettin to me. White people came on there leaving the most racial comments. I can see if it was just one or two but this was the majority. I seen some one that said Blacks thinking everybody owe them somthing now the indians have finally caught on. I went back to defend the blacks the same way i do the south here but this was more serious. I left post on how blacks are affecting america postively now with more black doctors, politicians, bank owners, CEO’s. College Professors lawyers. The only thing they had to say was how blacks were the minority but majority in jail cells. They begin to say how hip hop is killing black people. I started thinkin about all the times I argue with you on your post but now im on a whole other level. Whites still look at blacks as if we were foreign.

  • Dr Flav

    Short Story: “I almost got my ass handed to me with a doorknob in it from YN’s office.” Congrats on the platinum blog, but you know anything with the south on it is highly marketable. I aint really feeling this so called protest you on, since I could care less about MTV. The hiphop I love started as a neglected bastard in the street and if thats where it has to return to purify itself so be it, I never needed corporations to tell me what to enjoy. “Thank you and goodnight.”

  • king blair

    100. that shit was real FUCK VIACOM the real organization controlling the youth with snap music, and white rapper shows that say “lyrics don’t matter, these mofos taking us to hell. and how YN gonna ride with them i thought this was hiphop on a higher level i guess i was wrong this is media controlled hiphop on a higher level. yall better watch your asses cuz the sauce is slowly getting better and the xxl is starting to look like xl.ELVIS WAS A HERO TO MOST HE AINT NOTHING BUT RACIST SIMPLE AND PLANE FUCK HIM AND JOHN WAYNE

  • jacquez
  • hoodsavior

    i think im a lil tired of these channels FORCING me to like the silly shit…artist having to change there whole shit just to keep up with the Jones’s…”i can make a mill sayin nothing on the track”…this being said by a NYC rapper..and his song is #1 in the country…and he literally…well..says nuttin on the track…hip hop isnt dead?

  • http://www.MOREMENOCAL.com Andres Menocal

    Preach on preach. ” And at the same time why don’t you demand that YOUR artists create art that is valuable for your attention?” Yo thats some great insight. I would like to scream on Jeezy for that if I could. His most recent joint was basura.


  • thatdukeSuave

    Liked it, billy. Real talk. Everytime I wonder if things in hip-hop can get worse, they do. The Renaissance is inevitable, right? Somebody gotta do something. Fuck MTV, radio, and anybody else that is telling us what is good music. Why are we not telling THEM what is really good? And not on a viewer-votes countdown show, cause they manipulate that shit worse than Bush’s campaign managers. It don’t matter what region its from, garbage is garbage. Co-sign Hoodsavior, NY too is puttin out bullshit. I’m with the rebellion. Time to lace tha boots up!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    If I keep spending all my money to put some ‘D’s on my lifestyle how the hell will I ever accumulate some wealth? I want to get rich too.
    Black people spend money b/c they dont value it…what good is a piece a paper with a white man’s face on it who probably aint give a flyin shit about us…what good does it do investing money into the stock market when we dont own anything…our money should be invested and put to use wisely…not saved…maybe if we get whats due to us then we can get this show on the road…but until then…our money will continue to end up in someone else’s hands…we need to own our own stores…the price of our cloths need to go down…we like to look good but they need to make the ish more affordable…nothing is wrong with wanting to look good my people…its in your nature…we need to own the places we do business with…if we spent our money more wisely they would have to listen to and respect us…because we make up a large % of the consumer market…

  • che

    Sure a destroyed picasso might be bad on the surface. but can you imagine the spectacle if it was sceduled to be set alight? imagine the media fenzy, the painting would become infamous. in time there would be conspiracy theories of it still existing somewhere in the world, every child would hear of it. it’d be more famous than the mona lisa.

    maybe this music has come to the end of it’s cycle. and maybe it’s the best thing for it.

    now pardon me while I find myself a good vantage point, get comfortable and watch it burn.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Damn Billy .. everybody’s treatin’ you like you just got out from doin’ a bid … I think that controversial post may have givin’ you more street cred so I guess almost gettin’ canned was worth it.

    Good post by the way …

  • thecollinb

    2 things:
    1)to quote your favorite rappers favorite ghey rapper “I’m a young nigga, i still think saving is wack.” -Wayne-…..there isn’t a hip hop quotable more on point than this one, a little squib over a beat that speaks in volumes to young black americas attitude towards money. we want paper for that instant gratification, so we can buy whats hot right now and end up being the very thing we joke about down the road, an old out of touch nigga (and if you need a reference just look down your block at your local old head wearing gold nugget jewelry and Aquavelva cologne still thinking he’s got it) instant gratification is economically killing our culture more so than leaning with it and rocking with is
    2) Don King once said a kid in the ghetto will take a bag with 20K cash sooner than he would take a check for a million dollars….mind you they’ll tax the hell outta that ass at the local check cashing joint (cause who in the hood can say they own a check book?) but they don’t know enough economically to understand how much money DOESNT have to do with hard cash. they have to have it in their pockets to make it rain or shut the mall down but they havent been educated in how people with real paper, wire paper, operate.
    i try to educate my people on the importance of credit but the only request i end up hearing the most is “how can i get a pin number to get cash off my credit card?”…and it’s in that question that i know that we’ve lost, economically.
    this had nothing to do with your otpic by the way

  • C.Rob

    wow, u stay dissin Wayne, but u are Bol’s dick like a fat white bitch! heres 3 tips for ya

    1. be original
    2. get ur own
    3. listen to more Lil Wayne, u will become a believer,

  • http://www.myspace.com/pizomuzik Pizo

    nice post…

    get at me





  • EReal

    It has alot to do with the younger generation. Us older cats arent swayed by bullshit like sales, beefs, diss tracks, or fads. These young cats that you see on here (ggggg-unot, Dipset 4 life, ect.) buy into all of that shit and base their opinions on such, rather than quality or content. It’s like Young Buck said on 106, “I dont sweat alot of that beef stuff you hear about, because most of it isnt true. Like I just saw Jada in Vegas and we payed tribute to Bob Marley”. Thats the truth right there. People think this shit is real, they go on the internet all day to argue on numbers, who said what, and type in all caps to rep their favorite label / rapper. They act like they just got a contract with Dipset or G-unit or somethin. Game says 50′s a snitch and even tho its been proved other wise and his own boys that were pissed at him repped his street cred, 50′s a snitch. Game is a stripper, Cam’run has A-I-D-S and drinks snapple(funny as shit), and people believe it. I mean you have people saying that Weezy F(ucks) Baby is the GOAT, you have kids with LiL fucking Boosie in their Top 5 DOA, WTF?!?! I dont buy into that bullshit, I laugh and buy what I want not what Im told. So if it isnt corporate America killin hiphop its these young kids not knowing shit about hiphop, not knowing shit about the history or the legends, they just jump in the hiphop genre and rep Young Dro as the GOAT. GTFOH with that bullshit. These kids are brainwashed or some shit and its ridiculous. Just my .02.

    Oh yeah, FUCK MTV. I already hated those fuckers, in fact I hate all the video channels, even the basement. All they play is trash like Tum Tum. When I heard that song ‘Caprice Musik’ I wanted to swollow the bidness end of a .45, LOL.

    1 hunned.

  • Rizzop

    Good shit…Lil wayne looks like a muppet! Nigga trying to upstage Nas and Jay on black republicans and cant even catch the beat……Niggas got heart though, they trying to catch dudes, but i aint buying yet.

    KRS, Rakim, NAS kanye (classic)> all wayne/juelz bullshit

  • derfla the hus’la

    Billy sunday

    saving hiphop? tho I only got to watch a few episodes of that show I don’t think it was able to speak to me on that level.I cant really ague with your observation on the show coz I only watched a few episodes but I can tell when people are acting for the camera’s.

    that show had nothing to do with hiphop but rather another way for your best tv network to sell you a product.

    And Sunday you have not said anything about that B.e.t exec. that said bet does not play conscious rapper’s such as common and the lupe’s coz they are to intellegent for the bet audience.do you think this shit is true?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    It’s my responsibility as an older fan of the culture to enlighten and entertain younger fans coming to the culture from their vantage point. Dips, G-Unit and everyone has their place in Hip-Hop when it’s all put in the proper perspective.

    The exec at B.E.T. you refer to is Steven Hill. He is actually a cool azz nigga outside of the job, but even he has bosses who have bosses. When that comment was made what was your reaction? Did you send an e-mail blast to B.E.T. or did you just shrug your shoulders?

    Stop sleeping on the power of your single voice.

  • king blair

    the only person at bet worth anything is reginald hudlin and thats cuz he writes black panther the best comic book on the stands that has a black character them other niggas don’t get a pass

  • EReal


    I was just over at SOHH and the dude from the SOHH left coast blog is crying cause YN called them out in the Snitcheezy F(ucks) Baby issue’s editorial.
    I cant believe that any of those lames over at the SOHH blogs think they could even TOUCH (pause) any of the XXL bloggers, LOL.

    Anyway, yeah I feel you. Hiphop is everyones and you know me, Im all about everyone having their own opinion and voice. Its just that they’re the future of this whole thing and i’m a believer in not knowing where you’re going if you dont know where you’ve been, kna mean?

  • sweetdickdaddy


  • thatwhitedude

    glad you’re still around billy and good post, i’m starting to second guess XXL’s cred if they seriously thought about canning you cuz of that one post, i guess YN is afraid of the TI’s as well…and i also think its a big stretch to try to argue that the white rapper show is actually beneficial to hip-hop, i think it does more harm than good but thats just my opinion, keep it one hunid (like that slept on southern album from scarface’s crew of proteges)

  • EReal

    LOL @ YN!!!!!!!!!! Get em!!
    Look you little peons, don’t ride my dick and give me props all while trying to diss at the same time. I was just warning you to get your wieght up and prepare for a fight, but F#%ck it, if it’s on, then it’s on. Of course it was going to get back to me about your little blog, but I’ve peeped this little bullshit site out way before I decided to get Iin the game, so I know what I’m up against. Watch me SUGE KNIGHT ya’ll whole situation. It won’t be a sneek attack either, like biggie Yella Boy will kick in the door wavin the…… You fill in the rest, now let me get back to what I do best. Takeover shit!!!!
    SOHH Your next!!!!

    Posted by: Elliot Wilson at March 6, 2007 1:11 PM

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    There’s a lot of shit I had to learn about what goes on when you write(blog) for someone with the exposure that XXL has. If I write something that punches a rapper in the jaw then I may end up with a letter from said rapper’s lawyer. It’s all fun and good at a website that doesn’t make any money and has nothing to lose, but this is the big leagues right here and the bullshit doesn’t fly.

    That being said I was told to keep grinding like I do and just to watch myself from crosing that line into someone’s personal shit. I need to respect that much. It’s only right.

  • corey

    nice post

  • EReal

    @ Sunday

    Bol dosent respect shit and gets away with it all day everyday, how come they wont let you do you? Because, you’re actually sparking intellectual thought and trying to impower these ignant bastads??
    I think they fear you, mang.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Bol doesn’t do dumb shit like publish peoples personal e-mail addresses inside of his posts (I know, wild alliteration).

    I can do my thing here but I need to do it smarter. If them MTV humps had sent their lawyer over here claiming harrassment then you have to answer a lawyer with a lawyer. You know how much a lawyer makes in an hour?!? Let’s just say that its a lot more than this blogger makes.

  • derfla the hus’la

    I cant send that dude an email all I’ll do is throw racial slurs and profanity at the dude you know me. but if you do it in my behalf it will be cool.

  • http://xxlmag.com eskay

    Billy ain’t going nowhere, mark my words.

  • EReal

    Where did the E-mail addys come from if they’re private??

  • WhiteChoco

    respect the past!

  • thecollinb

    Sounds like Sunday could benefit from Pre-Paid Legal, i’m sure there’s an ex convicted felon posting up in your blogs that could help you out ocky.
    and please remember Bol got shut down about 3 months ago when he started talking greasy about interscopes pull with the magazine….that shit got shut down like a youth dance at a baptist church

  • king blair

    If elliot wilson realy wants to put these young ninjas in perspective he should pull these fools coats an do an issue of xxl dedicated to real hip-hop name the 25 best mc’s,top ten groups,25 best albums and give these kids a history lesson that reps hiphop for real it a shame people don’t know bout krs,moe dee,chuck brown,and others legends that make this shit possible.i’m sorry your not a gangsta if you have a myspace page niggas in the hood don’t type and surf the web while selling rocks,someone has to expose these fools,kissing a man on the lips is gay no mafia.stop following this wack gambino culture built on the backs of slaves and disrepects us at any chance.kids need to see that the realest shit pac did was “brendas got a baby” not “hit’em up”.yall want real hip hop this is my top ten albums all time
    1.jay-z : reasonable doubt
    2. biggie : ready 2 die
    3. nas :illmatic
    4. dre.dre : the cronic
    5. wu-tang : 36 chambers
    6. public enemy : it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
    7. ice cube : amerikkka’s most wanted
    8. rakim : paid in full
    9. bdp : criminal minded
    10. snoop : doggystyle
    do the knowledge/ do to few dollars /i’m do to dimolish/ crews brookland through hollis/ to a hood near you/ what the fuck-HOVA

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Pifferachi

    man fuck an opinion, keep the blogs up, but stay true to self.

    and thats all that matters.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Pifferachi

    powerful blog, lmaoooo, i remember the Jukebox Network aka Video Music You Controll, and all the shit it exposed me too outside of East Coast hip-hop and actually remembers a time where i would scrape up a few bucks to cop the latest West Coast release be it an MC Eiht, Spice One, Too Short, Snoop, or whoeva else was poppin on da west from DJ Quick on down to King Tee album physically from a record store, all retail.

    like i say when postin on various places i do post, more and more each day i lose hope for the future of this hip-hop shit where it seem dudes are more concerned with everything else about a rapper than what should count, and thats the quality of musical output.

  • Hurricane Game

    @ Sunday

    U Have to be the biggest swagger jacker in the history Of Jacking(No Homo) U Have used one of Bols old blogs in everyone of ur blogs since you’ve been here. The whole Hate on the south thing. But u aint shit. Ur a fake, a phony and youre blogs are garbage. Bol sucks but you suck Bols dick.

  • the~ghost~of~hip~hop~past

    Finally a blogger with a fucking brain….Tara you cool but you a little soft…..Billy Sunday is the Malcolm X of Hip Hop blogging while Tara is the MLK……not 2 bad but i’m more of a Malcolm person…..but yea i agree with what you say…….you see music like rock and roll last forever because people respect it’s past and honor it….they don’t try and diss there legends because of their age…they honor and respct them…..our generation needs to stop that ignorant shit and start respecting our legends…..we need a change……..but like PAC says…..something will never change…

  • the~ghost~of~hip~hop~past


  • Dr Flav

    What dude is telling you is that they put him in check, like a renegade hoe on the track. Email addresses, if they were accessible via the site are meant to be used to communicate to staff. If Sunday encouraged reader to recklessly harass them or he obtained the addresses in an unofficial manner and then posted them, then he is an idiot and if I had stake in XXL, Id scream on him too for fucking with my money.

  • Bang

    Are y’all niggas ready to hold tight to this shit as we go all in?


  • http://www.myspace.com/laxhihop HIPHOPFLATLINED





    CEE LO



  • rec

    Good on you Billy!

  • Cuban Link

    No!Billy!U just lost the love I had for u building up from ur last few posts (No weezy F Baby!)Bol hates on every moving thing, and he still has a blogging job.Dont sell out on us!

  • NickeNitro

    Does this mean no more posts about Sonic “Totally Dude” Youth and that you’ll write about hip-hop artists that you like so people will check them out?