Let the pile-on begin

We’re only about two months into 2007, but already there’s been a PBS documentary as well as a CNN special about how hip-hop (rather than, say, steroids or the Arab community) is the worst thing that ever happened to this country.

If you notice, this is happening right at a time when hip-hop is reaching an epic commerical nadir. Just how bad is it? According to an AP story’s that’s been making the rounds today, rap album sales were down 21 percent from 2005 to 2006.

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!

Furthermore, 2006 marked the first time in 12 years that top ten best-selling albums of the year did not include a rap album. While album sales are down across the board due to motherfuckers stealing, hip-hop is doing especially bad.

Granted, part of it has to do with the fact that the rap albums last year weren’t very good, but many are suggesting that this may be a sign of an increasing backlash against hip-hop. After all, how many great rap albums were there in the late ’90s, when rap was at its commercial peak?

A recent study by the Black Youth Project showed a majority of youth think rap has too many violent images; and in a poll of black Americans by The Associated Press and AOL-Black Voices last year, 50 percent of respondents said hip-hop was a negative force in American society.

Here’s the thing though: it’s not like hip-hop just became violent or ignorant last year. Some would argue that it’s been like that all along, but I don’t know that it was especially worse last year than it was, say, five or ten years ago.

If you notice, a lot of these same d-bags coming out of the proverbial woodwork claiming rap album sales are down because it’s too violent or it degrades women (check the god-awful AP story, “Hip-hop faces increasing backlash”) are the same d-bags who are always picking on hip-hop.

Think about it: it’s long been accepted as a fact that the vast majority of rap albums are purchased by white men. What kind of cracka-ass cracka do you know who would stop buying rap music because they thought it was too degrading of black women?

As a black man with avowed cracka-ass cracka tendencies, I can tell you for a fact that the more rap music is degrading to black women, the more I’m tempted to reach for my wallet. The reason I’m not buying nearly as many rap albums as I used to is because I just plain don’t like it anymore.

Record labels have decided to champion southern rap at the expense of all other types of rap music, but the truth of the matter is that southern rap bares about as much relation musically to the kind of hip-hop most of us were raised on as the Backstreet Boys do to Pavement, i.e. not very much.

So is it true that there’s an increasing backlash against hip-hop? Probably, but not for the reasons the liberal Jew-run media would have you believe.

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  • Dre

    That AP story didn’t even mention downloading.

  • Snapper

    what aids is to sex the south is to hip hop.

  • thoreauly77

    bol- no doubt, hiphop has been sucking balls, comparatively speaking. there are some bright spots though, like the new el-p album coming out, and um, well, yeah that. the post was fine until the dumbass “liberal jew-run media” comment and your comment about degrading black women. in a time when cnn is considered the liberal alternative to fox’s conservatism, we’re all in trouble, not just hiphop.

    bol = the black bill o’really? yet somehow is a backpacker?

  • Mero

    white kids buy whats makes them cool-

    a few years back, acting ghetto was cool
    everyone was rocking the baggy clothes-

    whats in now? emo rocking-
    how many popular white kids have a piece and chain?

    music sales are related to white teenage fads

    it has nothing to do with music

  • EReal

    While album sales are down across the board due to motherfuckers stealing, hip-hop is doing especially bad.
    Why you think that is? Maybe because the people that listen to primarily hiphop are more likely to steal the shit? Hmmm…


    Maybe its a backlash against rappers because we’re sick of hearing about how fucking rich they are and what kind of pathetic penis extension of a car they paid $250,000 for(No Jim ‘borat unitard’ Jones). The public may be more likely to buy something like Young Jeezy because at least he’s talkin about the money he made from slingin, not his rap money.
    Why would you buy an album from someone talkin mostly about how much money they have from selling shit sandwich albums to you??

    Theres 2 of my reasons.

    1 hunned.

  • kareem


  • JJ


  • content

    Rappers are sellouts and fans rape thier potential profit b/c artist are only concerned with rapeing the industry and not making quality music.

    You get out what you put in.

  • dbaghag


  • JJ


    I hate to say this but Hip Hop is getting to the point of having no meaning. Every song sounds like every other piece of shit out there. If rap can become a little less generic then it would get back on track and where it use to be. I’m Out

  • these posts are racist

    “Probably, but not for the reasons the liberal Jew-run media would have you believe.”

    Bol-what are you talking about??? “jew-run” media? Do you realize that this is racist/ignorant and not true?

  • Meka Soul

    since when has the AP become i legitimate news source for hip-hop music?

    hip-hop is a negative force in american society. so you mean to tell me that hip-hop is on par with slavery, racism, discrimination, poverty, crime, the glass ceiling and other random-ass fucked up shit?


  • Tag

    “What kind of cracka-ass cracka do you know who would stop buying rap music because they thought it was too degrading of black women?”

    Paul Wall?? Haha

    “The reason I’m not buying nearly as many rap albums as I used to is because I just plain don’t like it anymore.”

    Well this explains all the indie-rock rage against the machine crap we got to read about.

  • jacquez
  • http://www.molie-mo.hi5.com molie_mo

    yeah bol u always say things abt jews wat are u racist?

  • john cochran

    There’s nothing out worth buying for the most part right now. I mean, it’s not like there’s a classic being put in the stores every tuesday and people are ingoring them. there hasnt been a hiphop new release since december, and even those werent that good. That doesnt make me say hiphop is dead or it’s pioson due to it’s content, that just makes me pull out my old shit until something good drops. People are runnig around like the sky is falling right now, but this will pass. I think the decline will make more new rappers just go indy and not let the jews and the crackers run our culture for us anymore, so whatever’s going on now may be a good thing. I’m sure it doesn’t matter to bol though, cause he’s in the crib listening to fall out boy or some shit. 1

  • Pancho

    Why do we give a damn what the AP has to say about hip-hop…

    Oh, can someone explain why Bol has some kind of vendetta against Arabs?

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    @ these posts are racist

    NEWSFLASH: This country is racist

    If the reason that you’re pointing this out is to somehow try to make a difference, beginning at the blog section of a hip hop website is the wrong place to start.

  • Fernando

    Not a bad post Bol.

    I agree that the “Commercial” hip-hop that the major labels market sucks really really bad right now. It seems like I have to convince myself to like somebody these days instead of just feeling them (nullus) right off the bat. Besides some random “underground” stuff that I bought last year, there isnt a single major album that I was remotley tempted to buy. Jeezy is garbage. I dont even understand how he is selling albums right now. WTF??

  • jburg

    Good post! I agree totatlly.

  • NoMamesBuey

    It’s suprising that so many American folks (black, white or other) have the logical fallacy that all rap is misogynistic or otherwise promoting “bad values” based off some of it being this way.

    To show the hypocrisy we should start a “Boycott Norah Jones” petition due to the show this logical fallacy that no one applies to rock music.

    After all
    1 allmusicguide.com says Norah Jones & Marilyn Manson both are in the “rock” genre
    2. M. Manson has SATANIC LYRICS
    3. all rock including Norah Jones should then be boycotted because satanic lyrics insult my values.

    I don’t believe that of course about rock, just showing the ridiculous logical fallacy that all rap = mysogny

  • NoMamesBuey

    It’s as if all these rap artists with largely positive lyrics
    a. don’t exist. Note – I myself don’t “write off” cats with some “negative lyrics” such as The Clipse. But for those that do their ARE plenty of artists that are “positive”

    b. didn’t put out good or great albums in 2006

    The Roots
    Leroy Smokes
    Shinsight Trio
    Wale Oyejide
    Little Brother
    Dilated Peoples
    Lupe Fiasco
    Mos Def
    Murs & 9th Wonder
    Pigeon John
    Soul Position
    Strange Fruit Project
    Tego Calderon

  • Cuban Link

    makes no sense, explain how NWA and Ice Cube solo pushed so much?And tell me they were not violent…

    But its true that you can just be violent.U gotta be controvesial and revolutionary too.I mean MOP really dont do shit other than threaten to rape ur wife and kill you, and they never push much.Same for Trick Trick

  • thoreauly77

    fern- i have no idea either. i live in santa barbara and i have NEVER heard anyone listening to jeezy. of course, it IS santa barbara. but i guess the answer is that the south supports its artists, and the south is a huge region. gott agive them credit for supporting eachother i suppose, it just sucks that they support an “artist” like jeezy. whatevers, right?

  • these posts are racist

    “(rather than, say, steroids or the Arab community) is the worst thing that ever happened to this country.”

    BOL-What does this mean? Define “Arab Community” and explain what “they” have done to “this country”? Then, please explain what should be done to “them”.

    You’re racist, ignorant and inaccurate.

  • Flip

    This post is rediculously on-point.


    yo the rappers just gotta chill on the profanity too get back in every whitey’s ipod.

  • Meka Soul

    >You’re racist, ignorant and inaccurate.>

    but at least we don’t try to blow up your vice-president.

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • tim

    hip hop sales are down for two reasons:

    1. hip hop audience is getting older. they group of us who grew up when rap was at its highest in the mid to late 90′s are now approach in 30 years old and all that booty bouncing and gun clapping aint cool no more.

    2. the younger crowd i mean the 12 – 18 year olds are computer fans meaning all they do is download music and put it on thier ipods now

  • tim


  • rawr

    # these posts are racist Says:
    March 2nd, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    “Probably, but not for the reasons the liberal Jew-run media would have you believe.”

    Bol-what are you talking about??? “jew-run” media? Do you realize that this is racist/ignorant and not true?

    Do you realize you’re a complete fucking moron? You think he writes that and he doesn’t know what it says? Nincomfuckingpoop.

  • MEM

    this is hypercritical.

    with all the columns you’ve put out downing our music and now talking of the media kicking hip hop when it’s down

    At least the CNN special took at look at both sides


    Sales are down simply because the music is wack. You don’t really expect the general public to want to support a genre where “the best rapper alive” is a homo thug.

    As for the issue with Jeezy still selling. His production is sick you can put his cd(no these posts are racists) in your car and blast the music till your ears bleed. Not to mention Trap Or Die, Thug Motivation 101, and I Am The Street Dream were musical masterpieces.


    fuck the media…

  • j

    i think rap is declining because all mcs think about is the money. Not the music. tupac was good cuz he had a message in most songs. everyone now is just braggin with a hot beat. hip hop is more beats then anything. thats one of the only reasons i still listen. once an mc comes around with something worth rappin about shit will change. another thing is they rappin bout being in the hood or killin ppl and shit. then ppl question their street cred? i thought ur a rapper? u don’t need to shoot ppl? everyone is clearly fake now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pizomuzik Pizo
  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I say stop making it an objective (they know who they are) to put out so much negative material…sure it is ok to represent the struggle as you are supposed to but leave the negativity out…leave killing out but talk about how we are being killed…leave the drug dealing out and talk about how it affects the community…leave the pimpin out and talk about how we need to mend our broken relation ship…smell me…the problem is these labels are giving the degenerates all the shine and glory…in-turn all the kids have to look up to are degenerates…these rappers have a responsibility and the ones who are sucessful this day and age are livin up to the responsibility…where are our leaders…we have none…oh i forgot…we got 50 cent and Jay-z…GTFOH…MAN THE FUCK UP…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Edit: …successful this day and age AREN’T livin up to the responsibility

  • Realspitta

    yea rap sucks now im waiting on lil wayne cd to drop. I havent bought a cd this whole year.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >this is hypercritical.


  • EYES

    isnt this what industry execs said over 20 years ago that rap was just a fad…?

    IS it true, or is it that in our broadband lifestyle that revolves around bootlegging heavily in the hip hop community and the fact that technology makes it easy for any street hustler to acquire a cheap ass home studio and claim to be a rapper has watered down the product to the point where if someone tells you that they’re a rapper, you pay it no mind, due to the fact that every tom, dick and harry thinks that’s what they are?
    furthermore when rap was at its peak it was innovative, there were degrading songs, but then there were songs that had meaning from the very same artist that, which gave them a balance. Nowadays you have dumb asses rapping about nothing and having punch lines that dont mean shit, on a hot track, which really aint shit but a repetive loop and a hook. Do these young ass rappers truely believe that in 3-5 years time anybody will remember these songs… hell no hip hop don’t leave in the south or anywhere else… that shit lives in the 90′s, up to the jigga’s retirement end of fuckin’ story!

  • Hottsauce

    Yo, I agreed with the whole piece until you started degrading southern rap music. Here’s what I wanna know…what the fuck is rap dudes doing to revive hip hop? Saying hip hop is dead or doing something to revive it? Hip hop is dying cuz all we hear is the same muthafuckas talking about the same ‘ol shit. Bitches, cars, and clothes. Fuck, if I could make a rap song by just talking about my Air Jordans and get industry pay for it, I would too! Wake up hip hop listeners! The left wing media is trying to make hip hop a lost and forgotten art mostly listened to by the incredibly dense and moronic. We need to make a conscious effort hear and purchase music with substance AND a tight ass rhythym. Let’s give our kids something to look back on like the ol’ school did for us.

  • AZ

    Of course white people don’t really care what the urban community does until it some how affects them

  • http://rapspace.tv MMG

    Hip hop ain’t dead but the cookie cutter formulas that the “moguls” have pimped for the past five years is deader than MC Hammer’s career.

  • http://www.thetrustfund.org Bob

    everyone should stop bitching about the lack of good albums. the importance of the album is a rock concept that has somehow become the standard for critical analysis, which is silly. hip hop began as a singles format, and now its come full circle. don’t you all have ipods, mp3 software, and cd burners now?

    of course, the record companies might be behind this–what else do they have to sell?

  • http://hipercitical MEM


  • Realspitta

    hip hop isnt dead. We got lil wayne, chamillionaire, nas, t.i., rhymefest, busta rhymes, shawnna, ludacris, lupe fiasco, saigon, clipse. We just gotta support the real artists, instead of letting them flop.

  • Realspitta

    Rap artists thats killing hiphop we dont need to support. Mike jones started it.

  • scenik

    now why’s everybody so mad at the south for???

  • Incilin

    What I don’t get is that rap is selling less but the labels don’t wanta change thier stragateis and stop giving bullshit southern rappers deals.

  • rawr

    Hypercritical is a word, Bol. I thought you were white, too.

  • Hov

    Roc la familia



  • Harminder Singh

    WTF?? How is the Arab community the worst thing to happen to America. This guy is a dick riding faggot.

  • Ace

    The pile-up on rap began back when ice-t dropped cop killer, and it wasn’t even a rap song. Mainstream wasn’t ready for a form that vividly, and accurately, assaulted its complacency and would not allow you to turn away from the brutality and violence that surrounded any youth who lived in an rundown urban neighborhood. Some cats went political, others told it like it was, but regardless they were giving White America a wake-up call. The only way White America could dull this edge and make themselves feel better was to throw money at rappers and control the media outlets. Once that happened, they could say they wanted a more “streetwise” image or whatever other bullshit that made rap pedestrian, stripping it of its intense wordplay and self-conscious referentiality to both the streets and its audience. It became about partying and bullshit, but, not like BIG (one love), it’s not clever in any way; it’s just dumb with its pointless rhymes and shameless narcissism. A lot of this, almost all in my opinion, is Atlanta’s fault. But a lot of blame can be placed on the fact that 2006 released a ton of forgettable rap albums, mainstream and underground. There are a lot of good emcees right now, rap is trying to come back, but, in the end, it comes back to one simple principle: friends don’t let friends listen to fuckin’ wack ass hip-hop.

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    So…let’s get this straight. Hip Hop (actually just mainstream rap) isn’t selling because it is stale, derivitative and unimaginative. It’s also getting criticized by everybody and their mother (including yourself) and once CNN makes a special and Byron Hurt’s doc is aired on PBS you (of all people) make a post defending it? Are you schizophrenic? Because we already know you’re a hypocrite.


  • plus

    wow – 512 words, and you didnt SAY a cotdamn thing. fine work.

  • Hurricane Game

    This is how much I Hate Bol.
    The other day I Met my Girlfriends Best Friend. I Asked him his name and he said Byron.
    So I Kufi Smacked him To he ground and then gave him a couple Bizness Hands to the face.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Hypercritical is a word, Bol.

    In hip-hop, “word” means something along the lines of “really.”


  • embee

    i cant believe people actually let bol get to them, this guy’s whole job consists solely of being controversial

  • hokum

    Man, you all wrong on this bol. Hip hop has totally fallen off but its because of the violence, misogyny and–most of all–the trappin and the bling.

    Jay and Nas and a lotta the older cats can get away with it (or could) because they had skill, flow and creativity. These younguns weren’t paying attention when class was in session. Now there’s no flow (best selling Jeezy don’t even rhyme) and they just watch Scarface for content.

    Ain’t nobody out there right now, either, like the Fugees, Public Enemy or wu tang. Those groups had monster sale because they had monster talent.


    bol is the whitest black dude ever. everytime he writes “cracka ass cracka” or rips on jews, just imagine him saying it with his quiet, lisp covered, weird ass voice. we’ve seen the video! i cant take you seriously. drop some lb’s.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    Gotta co-sign wit my nigga Tim…

  • Thug Lord


    The South, musically, shares alot of the same influences as West Coast Hip Hop and I grew up on that shit in the early, early 90s. Shows How Much U Know another minus on your report card. COme Back Stronger nex Tyme!!!!!


    The South, musically, shares alot of the same influences as West Coast Hip Hop and I grew up on that shit in the early, early 90s. Shows How Much U Know another minus on your report card. COme Back Stronger nex Tyme!!!!!


    The South, musically, shares alot of the same influences as West Coast Hip Hop and I grew up on that shit in the early, early 90s. Shows How Much U Know another minus on your report card. COme Back Stronger nex Tyme!!!!!


    The South, musically, shares alot of the same influences as West Coast Hip Hop and I grew up on that shit in the early, early 90s. Shows How Much U Know another minus on your report card. COme Back Stronger nex Tyme!!!!!



    “southern rap bares about as much relation musically to the kind of hip-hop most of us were raised on as the Backstreet Boys do to Pavement, i.e. not very much.”


  • derfla the hus’la

    same niggas complaining same niggas watch and support the white rapper show….hypocritical mofo why do you guys let the media tell you what to buy? it seems like mofo jus want image’s rather than skills these days


    Bol..how was that Biggie greatest hits album you downloaded of the net? I take it you did not download from iTunes.

  • Jason Murk

    Rap sucks because there are no rap ARTISTS anymore. Only self proclaimed “HUSTLERS” who jump on the mic to make a quick buck. The art is dead. Now it’s all about making money.

    Stop using the south as a scapegoat for the fall of hip hop. It’s not their fault. All those new york flunkies I hear on the radio (50, cam, banks, memphis bleek, etc) aren’t doing a damn thing to rectify the situation either. And yeah there are alot of shitty southern artist out right now, but it was the same way back in the late 80′s – early 90′s when there was an abundance of shitty new york artists running the game. Had it not been for the emergence of the south, hip hop would have been dead years ago… cause the new york niggas were destroying it.

    And I don’t know about you, but Southern Rap reminds me more of Africa Bambaata, the Fat Boys, and the old days of poppin and lockin waaay more than MF Doom or anything the east coast has to offer. Maybe new york just needs to open it’s eyes and go back to its roots…

  • http://www.myspace/djzappout Dj Zappout
  • ???????

    hip-hop iz not dead, its juss these new artist dats raps bout jewerly, cars, hoes, and money, dats makin hip-hop look bad. i liked dat shit in da late 90, earlier 2000′s (no limit, cash money era). now its gettin old and played out. New york need to stop bitchin and get there roots back, its da south turn to shine, but it won’t last forever. Dats y im happin livin in da West coast, cause we juss mind our own bizness(cept gayass game) makin music our way..

    253 fo life


  • That White dude

    Man I fuckin wish we controlled the media

  • http://xxlmag.com bruce wayne

    fuck u all…stop listening to the white man comment on hip hop…hip hop has and always will have the greatest influence on this country moreso than any other genre of music. if you think i’m lying just watch TV for ten minutes and listen to the phrases half of america uses…hip hop will never die, whether it be good or bad, it will always dominate the youth and the one way to reach out to the people…recognize

  • Inf

    Man fucc da south..Has anyone noticed that since their “reign” began hip hop has sucked….I know yall country bamas gonna start talkn about we hating but idc yall suckk and ya artists wud prolaly get ate by sum mixtape cat..True Story

  • eauhellzgnaw

    I’m not sure whether to admire or pity the wishful thinking that leads one to believe that Mos Def, Lupe, and Dilated Peoples dropped great albums last year.

  • BlackJackTripper

    I agree wit most of yall wit hip-hop losin itz soul to materialism. Corporate big wigs are pumpin artists in da south dat have little or no substance in their rhymes to keep da southern crowd happy since theyre da ones still coppin albums. I live in da south n southern hip-hop radio plays nothin but south rap. They dont play nothin from NYC,Midwest, or da West Coast unless its da #1 song in da country. Dats regional racism. I like sum south rap(T.I.,UGK,Lil Wayne,36 Mafia) but I want 2 hear whats poppin everywhere else too. Dats why sum niggaz in da south refuse 2 cop albums from anywhere else b/c theyve been brainwashed by da local djs n local media dat every1 outside da south is against em and it turns into a us vs them or us vs. da “hataz.” All tru hip-hop headz need 2 support each good new artist{Saigon,Tru Life,Papoose,etc..) nationally rather than locally to keep it relevant. Some south rappers are just as lyrical and full of substance as up north mcs but theyre pressured from the labels to scrap dat and just appeal to what every1 else is doin b/c da labelheadz dont want 2 jeopardize a market they see as still fruitful as the others r declining. Its all politics as usual.

  • DANJA29

    Doesn’t this current state of affairs make you kinda regret all the complaining we did in the late-’90s? I don’t think we realized how bad it could REALLY be, and we just wanted to bitch about somethin’. Only now, since white kids have found something else to attach themselves to and there’s no money in it, people wanna start declaring it dead. Add that to the fact that it really DOES suck now, and it seems all the bitchin’ we did 8-9 years ago was about 8-9 years too early. NOW is the time for us to start complainin’.

  • NYG

    lol @ Hurricane Games post hahahaha

  • eartoeargrinnnnnnn

    Most of the people who made Hip Hop music take center stage were not and are not Hip Hop heads.

    The’re the club heads, the followers, leeches and so on.

    The maintream shit is for the most part, creatively stagnant and cookie cutter bullshit.

    The roaches scatter.

  • http://adsdad.com This blogger is punk


  • http://adsdad.com This blogger is punk


  • mrruger

    r u serious is that all you east coast dudes do is bitch and moan like your bloody tampon is leaking through your skirts Damn on every hiph op sotes its thousands of east coast dudes crying about hip hop this and hip hop that. The real reason yall mad is because the south has came and given yall women a whole new outlook on life. They love the way we make them bounce in the club. the love our souther slang, they hate that boring ass east coast music. So now the dudes seeing the south take all there chicks now they all teary eyed hoppin on internet sites to express they feelings. The south makin money we not hating on nobody. it was funny cuz when I was NY girls was giving me ass just to hear me talk. they love southern dudes up there. i put that on my life its the truth. Any south dude that been to NY know what Im talkin about. They tired of the boring lames up there.

  • EReal

    HipHop isnt dead,

    it lives in Ghostface’s guest bedroom.

    Real Talk. LOL.

    Naw, I just find it funny that everyone says the music is bullshit and needs to be different or higher quality and then Ghostface bricks. WTF???

    1 hunned.

  • these posts are racist

    Yes, I understand BOL says racist things to get a rise out of people. I will still point it out, even if my response sounds elementary or even obvious, i.e. “you’re racist”. My point is, hip hop was founded by people who come from the bottom, the oppressed, etc. This is a hip hop web page and hip hop blog, etc. Some of things BOL says is exactley what Hip Hop was created to combat; disgusting generalizations/stereotypes, of different minority groups. Moreover, BOL’s (and many commentators) views on Muslims/Arabs, etc. are simply memorized catch phrases that the Bush admin. and Fox news has taugh them. They think they are being smart and critical, but they are actually not thinking. Nor have they studied the issue/issues for themselves, they use the same catch phrases that the right wingers have coined…the sad thing is, they don’t even realize it.

    BOL-here’s a novel idea. Try using critical thinking…Actually, try this: an experiment. use your logic (or lack thereof) that you employ against Arabs/Muslims, etc. and criticize yourself, (whatever race, etc. that you are) and see how fun it is.

  • that boy dizz

    hip hop aint dead it’s just in a wheelchair

  • these posts are racist

    BOL–How do you define the “Arab community?” How have they been “out out of check”, and what should be done to them.

    BOL-Get your mind right playboy.

  • EReal


  • Sin-cere

    Hip Hop is dead b/c the rap fans have become rap critcs. Secondly, Magazines and the internet have destroy the anticpation bad reviews on good or bad music. Thridly, I called it the Biggie and Tupac effect..the wannabe Thug imagine..And the Flossy I want to be King (but have not been crowned on your own work)..I donot think Hip Hop is daed in my world..but on MTV, Radio and Bet its dead..

    Lil Brother dropped two Classic, Lupe drop and ill album, Nas, Jezzy and Hi-Tek did a great Job on perseving the the passion in which makes hip hop fun.. But most of the artist barely touch 200,000 if that..Back in the day it was about being up on good music before the artist got hot…what happen?

    Turn off the radio and turn on your brain… Stop suppoting the Bs mixtapes and the fake images… do you fools listen music or jus scheme throu it.. Peace!

  • http://www.myspace.com/theofficialprime Prime

    the REAL hip hop I grew up off of is diminishing like the polar ice caps. LOL BOL brought up a good point how the media champions southern music to down grade the hip hop I grew up off. I get mad to hear bullshit concepts. I have been following your columns for a minute now. these weak ass artist are yanking down curtains and exposing shit that don’t need to be exposed. No need to front but the music industry has changed and has not been for the good. Whitney said crack is whack but is crack back??? seems like the artist today have a ten word vocabulary. there are no good concepts anymore. this fakeness plaguing the industry is ingulfing the true passion drive and love for the game into a blackhole. I am an recording artist and producer I make my own beats and write my own lyrics. I am an unsigned artist with a true passion for music. music is my craft and I have perfected it. there are alot of cloud nine rappers that have devalued the grind for us underground unsigned artist making it hard for us to succeed. check out some passion and real feel good music by me. myspace.com/theofficialprime

    Holla at ya boy if ya feel what I gotsa bring.

  • jimmy connors

    rap album sales are down for two reasons…

    1) why would you spend money to hear someone talk about how they don’t even care about art or rap or music –once you buy the cd, you got hustled. Not only that, chances are after the first album goes gold, the MC and his wack-ass crew are going to put out another album laughing about how rich they are because they hustle clowns like whoever bought their first album.

    Now people show how they feel by running their own little hustle… they just download whatever they like and fuck the consequences. After all, these guys are supposed to be gangsters. They don’t need my money to get over, right?

    2) rap/hip-hop just doesn’t represent black youth the way it did in the 90s. Black people are always changing styles and rhythms and slang… rap cats seem to be in some ivory tower thinking that just because rap was too-cool-for-school in ’93 that’s the way it’s always supposed to be.

    I’m no expert but it seems to me that a lot of black folks both young and old have moved on… some people are rediscovering old rock and funk and reggae thru the internet. Other cats are getting into indie rock and electro and putting some 21st century funk into that kind of music…

    Street cats might want to act tough and everything, but I think we’re all getting tired of the war and hate being sold to us everyday. Back in the day, rappers seemed like our friends… giving us the 411 on what was up on the streets, good or bad. Now so many rappers just play the drug-dealing psycho role…

    It’s cool if you’re a drug-dealing psycho, but what about all those kids in the projects who are the victims of street thugs… the last thing they want to listen to is some sub-literate dumb-ass survival of the fittest pseudo-thug rap. I hate to bring the Bible into this, but back in the day, cats like Eazy and Cube and Wu-Tang seemed like they were on the side of David… today’s cats like 50 and all them seem like Goliath. They are bullies… who wants to listen to that kind of thing over and over? only someone with severe mental problems themselves, I think…

    finally (I know I said I had 2 points, but I just thought of this), most people who grew up on rap know cats who gave up most of their teens and twenties chasing a rap dream that never came true. Sure some cats were local and wack, but a lot of cats that didn’t get shine in the last few years were and are better than 99 percent of TV rappers.

    how you gonna give some wack tv rapper your dough, when 1) you got a whole bunch of classic rap you can listen to anytime you want and 2)you know for a fact that your boy can murder half these fools in a cipher on a dime…

    people started feeling like the game was fixed and corrupt… cats got big and didn’t give back to the streets… so now people are like fuck it…

    we have to face facts… hip-hop is always going to be around, but rap 2007 is square and new cats and new sounds are the only thing that will bring it back around again…

    plus who says black people gotta rap anyways… fuck rap… we need more John Lee Hookers and more Grace Joneses… black people who sing from the heart and not for Simon and Randy and Paula

    if you don’t put love into the music how you gonna expect love back from the people?

  • jimmy connors

    oh yeah, i’m black…

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Hip Hop is faking it’s own death … it’ll be back come summertime.

  • these posts are racist


    Nice post playboy. Where did you learn that phrase? BOL. And where did he learn it? Fox news.

    Your ignorance is sad.

  • these posts are racist

    ^EREAL and BOL Lupe, ridiculous/ignorant and racist.

  • these posts are racist

    BOL-a true disgrace to hip hop and the struggle that so many have endured to ensure racial justice and equality for all people’s living in the US and around the world. XXL, it’s time to revise yourself.

  • NoMamesBuey

    GnawDeezNuts – once again hating on some albums, prolly without even listening to them.

    This dude always hates on many albums but I don’t recall dude ever recommending any album. It’s like, dude, do you actually like rap in general?

    But hey “everything ain’t for everyone”, so even you didn’t like Dilated, Mos Def, & Lupe, why not check out 2 of the other 15 quality albums I mentioned?

    Who knows, if you actually like rap you may change your opinion that “all current rap sucks”

  • Manshutup

    You all need to shutup

  • EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    March 5th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Nice post playboy. Where did you learn that phrase? BOL. And where did he learn it? Fox news.

    Your ignorance is sad.
    Do you even know the definition of ignorant?? Obviously not because you’re misusing the word.
    It was a joke, alluding to the fact that you may be Lupe coming in here to harass Bol. Obviously a little over your head huh??

    Look, lil homie, people come on here to dicuss and joke and talk about music and hiphop. Noone cares or even reads your attempts to convert and make a difference, ok. Religion is a little heavy and moreover this is a music site. You act like the Muslim version of N-Cred(no offense to him). Im trying to not get rude about this, but it’s a waste of time, guy. Besides, haven’t you ever heard of the first ammendment? This guy is a journalist and has a right to it just like everyone else. SO, please, for your own sake of looking ignorant yourself (yes I do know the definition) take my advice and dont come in here trying to force your beliefs on everyone and then calling them ignorant racists when they dont share your view, it’s really not a good look for you, lil homie.

    1 hunned.

  • dartparker

    Professor Griff ass cat…

  • these posts are racist

    EREAL–I respect what you say playboy…but I’m probably not your lil homie. I’m 27 and unless you’re older, I’m your big homey.

    That said, you seem like a reasonable dude and I meant no disrespect, just giving my opinion too.

    Ignorant, in this context, means “not knowing.” BOL and yourself (w/ respect to Muslims/Arabs) are ignorant and espouse racist views…that’s, a bad look.


    Are you kidding me?? This is the best thing for Hip-Hop. Making it into a controversial topic will do nothing more than to help resurrect Hip-Hop. Branding it as dangerous will only appeal more to the youth. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that actual music companies sponsored if not produced some of the articles and shows.

  • Slobodan Chutzpah

    “The more hip hop is degrading to black women, the more I’m tempted to reach for my wallet.” Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Here’s one “cracka-ass cracka” who loves both hip hop and booty but has always found the misogyny in hip hop disgusting. As any sane person should. Unless they are burdened with massive complexes about their masculinity, and have to compensate by degrading those scary, scary women.

  • Eternal

    I’m from the south, so I really have a right to talk about these wack ass so-called rappers in the south. The south has really killed hip-hop. I’m to the point that I don’t even listen to rap anymore. I grew up on Scarface, Ice Cube, MC Shan, KRS-1, too many to name. But hip-hop need a messiah!!!!!!

  • ry
  • south 19

    It is not Southern rappers fault NY rap sucks right now. Record sales have dropped b/c white people buy the majority of records sold. But now they are going to free mp3 sites rather buying entire albums for the one song that they like.Therefore all music is suffering. Check the stats all record sales are down roughly 10-20%.

  • jrjomo

    Couldn’t have a decent article without trying to shit on the South. Hip Hop has been similar to what we used to listen to since Biggie. During his Hayday anything he said in NY was like scripture and when he hated on anyone elses style, it became dead in a matter or days. The ushering in of the bling bling/wanna be white gangsta era from everyones favorite NY rappers started this shit, Biggie and Jay-Z. The South caught on to the coat tails and drove a fork in it. The label heads have their say in this as well, but they only looked at what the top few artist were doing and made everyone else do the same thing. You had a few that were not of this mold, but their time came and went like the introspective Tupac, to the Suge Knight Tupac.

  • Mike Loomis

    If sales are down, it’s because of the A&R people at labels. They’re out of touch and not signing or supporting the sort of artists the people really want to hear. Instead of looking at millions of talented acts, some older, some younger, they want to chase tired trends.

  • LOL