In my genre, there is problem

If you notice, a lot of the best hip-hop lately has been brought to us by the marketing departments of major corporations. For example, there was the Kanye West song “Better Than I Ever Was,” which I believe had something to do with a new model of Air Force Ones or some such bullshit (I know next to nothing about shoes), and was sponsored by Nike anyway. And I read the other day that there was a Ghostface and Rakim concert at this year’s South by Southwest sponsored by Toyota’s Scion division.

Obviously the idea is that hip-hop youth will see how much money these companies are willing to spend to spend to commision such works and hence will come to associate these brands with the genre. Which would seem to make sense, at least businesswise – it’s been proven time and time again that dumbass kids will run out and buy, say, Courvoisier by the case if it’s mentioned in a Busta Rhymes record. Also, there doesn’t seem to be nearly as much objection to commercialism in hip-hop as in other genres.

Where as in other genres it’s often popular – though to a lesser extent than it was before – to object to any and all obvious commercialism beyond the usual being signed to a major label, in hip-hop, the idea of turning down what essentially amounts to money for nothing is verboten – the idea being that, I was raised in the ghetto, god damnit, and anything I have to do to get out that doesn’t involve reading and writing is fair game. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of artists approached with such opportunities can hardly claim to need the money.

Notorious hater that I am, I object to anyone getting money because I’m jealous and also because I hurt my neck jerking off. But I wonder if there’s a case to be made for so much unchecked commercialism in hip-hop. I don’t think corporate sponsored hip-hop is bad as a rule. In other words, I can appreciate an instance in which both the genre and the corporation stand to benefit, but what about the cases in which the corporation is obviously just taking from hip-hop without giving much, if anything back?

I know you d-bags don’t like when I mention Jay-Z in post, but take Jay-Z for example. If you notice, his last several prominent business ventures – the fake executive position at Def Jam, the basketball team, the clothing line and so on and so forth, for which he’s been venerated as some sort of visionary hip-hop businessman, have all essentially involved him being the token black front for tall Israeli interests. “Big deal,” you say. But think about it: why would so many of these companies need a black front in the first place?

At the very least, this could be viewed as a matter of them using a highly regarded figure in the black community to sell poor black people a buncha shit that they don’t need (champagne, expensive clothes, etc.), but in some cases the extent of the fuckery goes much deeper. Take for example the way Jay-Z is being used as a front by the New Jersey Nets to justify moving a lot of poor black people out of a rapidly gentrifying area of Brooklyn. Call me a hater if you want, but it’s hard for me to view that as anything other than the TIs exploiting hip-hop for their own benefit and Jay-Z playing right into it.

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  • noz
  • Tek

    Good post Bol.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Two words. Real Talk.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    But on another note, I reside in the neighborhood where Jay-Z is being puppetted around as the visionary Black businessman. Even before the development’s owner wheeled Jay-Z out there was so little mobilization from the indigenous community. The only people that are active are the gentrifiers. Why shouldn’t they reap the benefits? And why shouldn’t corporations reap the benefits off a Hip-Hop fan base that is fiscally retarded?

    Your boy Noz’ favorite rapper left school when he was 13?!? And he will represent the Hip-Hop genre for at least the next five years. Get rich or die tryin’ my nigga.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    >”… because I hurt my neck jerking off.”

    oh, so that’s what happened.

  • Hashim

    I couldn’t understand how when Jay-Z became the “brand manager” at a beer company people clapped it up like it was a power move. Dude is literally trying to sell more alcohol to Black folks, as if we need that in our community.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Hash, are you fucking kidding me. Niggas wanted to have a parade after it was announced that Jay-Z and GM developed a paint hue.

    Niggas said to me, “Jay-Z got his own COLOR nigger! What you got?!?”

  • Dr Flav

    Blame Steve Stoute, he making a mint off of doing it, check out his recent Business Week Article. (I saw it on Nah Right in the lite, no Miller, section) How do you hurt your neck… LORD, NEVERMIND!

  • N.O. 4 life

    this is the best thing you ever posted…lets see how long this lasts

  • Meka Soul

    co-sign this entire post.

    >Niggas said to me, “Jay-Z got his own COLOR nigger! What you got?!?”>

    hearing people say that reminds me of how asinine & befuddling the hip-hop nation has become.

    i’m gonna trademark the number 214 just for the hell of it.

  • Fernando


    Black people being exploited…..Im shocked. There is commercialism in everything, but the reason hip-hop is being over-commercialized is because so much of it revolves around material things & money. I mean, you have to figure Nike paid Nelly a pretty penny to make that Air Force 1 song.

    It probably started when Hennessy realized that their sales quadrupled once Pac dropped their name a few times in some raps. Courvoisier quickly summoned Busta, and even O.E 800 got on the bandwagon with the “Step to the Real” campaign featuring 8Ball & MJG, & some other west coast rappers. St. Ides started it off with all the 1 minute rap songs featuring Snoop, Wu, Ice Cube, etc.etc.

    Since so much of Rap is about image, the next logical step is to attach products to the image that people want to replicate. So young black & white kids figure that to be more like Jay-Z, they need to wear Gucci loafers & drink over-priced Champaign.

  • Bol

    >this is the best thing you ever posted…lets see how long this lasts

    Don’t worry, I’ll be back on my game tomorrow…

  • FLIP

    Notorious hater that I am, I object to anyone getting money because I’m jealous and also because I hurt my neck jerking off.
    Here’s where you lost me.

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Notorious hater that I am, I object to anyone getting money because I’m jealous and also because I hurt my neck jerking off.”

    WTF? Nullus!

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Even before the development’s owner wheeled Jay-Z out there was so little mobilization from the indigenous community.”

    Not necessarily true my dude. I too have lived in that vey same neighborhood and what struck me as inspiring and unique, as far as gentrified neighborhoods go, is that the percentage of Black homeowners residing in Prospect Heights is significantly higher (25 – 30%) then say the percentage of Blacks who own in neighboring and lilly White Park Slope area (um, like .00003%). In addition, many of said Black homeowners take great pride in having kept ownership of their properties, or “riding the storm’ when shit was hectic, when PH was literally Hamsterdam (remember when niggas ran up in Foxy Brown’s house and hogtied her mom’s n’nem at gun point back in ’97?). A lot of these homeowners have specifically mentioned to me that they don’t mind White moving in, as long as Black keeps a great portion of real estate in check. Specifically, the very same Foxy Brown’s mom is extremely active in ensuring that young Black (fucked up credit and all) buy from old Black just to maintain the status quo. Once the cot damned Nets move in, the economic tsunami that is sure to occur will mos def wreak havoc to Black who have held it down on the low, being quite proud of their modest lifestyles. The peaceful environement that they’ve worked their entire lives to attain will become insane! I agree with bol in that, this time around, Jay, as power broker and pawn to the TI’s won, surrounding Black community, not so much.

  • Pancho

    oh wow…great post.

    I only accept the commercialism that Nike put out this year with the “Classic” song…the Air Force 1 has been a vital part of hip-hop the past several years…everything else the big corporations are exploiting…

    it’s what we get though for wanting to get $$$ and associating with these big coporations.

    oh…when Bol refers to himself…it’s sarcasm, right? (hope he is…cuz him hurting his neck while jerking off is not the type of info we need to hear…)

  • EReal

    Good post Jabba.
    >I hurt my neck jerking off.>
    Wouldnt you have to have a neck first before you could hurt it??

    I digress.

    HipHop has been like this and always will be. Its a money machine and the art will always be secondary. There is no going back to “the good old days” of hiphop. Someones gonna do it and just as much as you or I dont agree with it, its gonna happen.
    I dont think its right to put Jay up on a pedestal for selling his soul to get rich. Shit do what you do. At least 50, tho, has some decent shit. Like vitamin water instead of beer, and G-Unit Books instead of Jay-Z blue. Shit, 50′s even makin condoms. I dont think people give enough credit to 50 for that. He’s not playing into those Jigg stereo types of promoting cars, alcohol, and sports.
    Either way, I do think its alot better for the kids to see people like 50 and JayZ doing the corporate thing and getting that T.I. paper because maybe it’ll show them something more. Not just I wanna be like Weezy, 13 year old dropout who looks like a dirty ass bum frog and just talks about stuntin with his daddy when hes fucking 28 years old. You want your kid hangin around and shit when he’s 28? nope. It shows them to be more than a Jeezy or a Jim Jones or some shit. It shows, IMO, that you can be something even bigger, get that corporate dough, the legit cake. Maybe that will be a segway into interest in corporate money. Maybe thats too much to hope for.

    1 hunned.


    Why hate Hammer for selling out when most rappers today do the same thing. Maybe their commercials arent as gay (remember that Taco Bell commercial with the pants)but they are definatleuy stupid. Have you seen the Games shoe commercial. At the end he says “Its not a shoe, its my shoe” That doesnt make sense and it dosent sound cool it sounds retarded. Bol your taste in rock is shit by the way.

  • Dr Flav

    Steve Stoute= Jay Z blue/GMC, BUDWIESER, TI Chevy Commercials, Mickey D’s Im Lovin It w Justin Timberlake… Its more to Stoute than a Diddy Moet bottle to the dome.

  • Fin

    Good post Bol. Think about how corporations collude to push specific agendas too; for instance MTV refused to play the Pack’s independent Vans song because they claimed it was an ad, but they play the Classic AF1 song which IS sponsored by Nike.

  • Ashim

    Wow@ how Jay-Z becomes the popular scapegoat for all things commercially or corporately involved and inherently wrong with hip hop. 8 years ago it was Diddy. When do you think we’ll start taking responsibility for some of this? I mean, if it didn’t work, the corporations wouldn’t do it.


    XXL is F’ning up…im not even going to change the name or his email…ill just post with and put my handle below…

    DJ Formerly Known As N-CREDIBLE:

    thats me^^^^^

    Jay-z is a fake…he only cares about himself and behind closed doors I think he would help the “man” oppress us as long as he gets his cut…you know a lot like Judas did Jesus(not his real name…another can of worms)…as I’ve stated before…we (hiphop/black community) are amongst the top spenders…this is the reason why every race from around the globe comes to our communities (stores) and in our homes (commercials) to rape us…our money heads down a oneway street that leads str8 out of the community…Jay-z is no better than Condaleza Rice(i hope i spelled it wrong)…she does not represent black folk…she and he are to cought up in their own success to see that they are not living up to their responsibility…If I was in Jay-z shoes…I would create jobs for my people…I would open up the RIGHT kind of stores in the community…like a franchise…that is why we get know where as a people…due to lack of leadership…they say we have leaders in high places but they are no better than the ones who neglect us…one word puppets…

  • malik7mile

    yea i feel u…its just true…hip hop is gettin fucked…hip hop is the most popular culture and genre of music…jus like he mentioned earlier they tell the rappers what product to put in there song ….for example hpnotic….when did niggaz start dirnkin this when someone mentioned it i n there raps…all real niggaz no hpnotic taste like kool-aid, but everybody was drinkin it bcuz they want to be like there fav. rappers…its just like what they do in africa…they pay the black man nickel and dimes for diamonds and sell them for thousand of dollars…the black man is all was gettin raped and the rap game is no different…thats why we need to come together as people and take control of our culture and stop the man from eat off us and feedin us crumbs ~united we stand and divided we fall~ food for thought

  • Federal Ranga 22

    Oh, Lord. This shit’s been going on since Hip Hop started… Ya’ll acting surprised and having MORE convos over THIS SHIT?

  • DobyDigital

    I’m gald to see over on the side there that Rich Boy making it all the way to #3 on the charts is today’s top story. its now top news when a rap album makes it to #3? i thought that song was one of the hottest songs in the country?

  • Malik C.

    Can’t really say anything that has already been said or touched on here. To lean on the rock comment though, most of these kids would rather die then be deemed commercial or be exploited(Kurt Cobain, not really Courtney got him). I can respect that because that’s more about the music. But there have always been dude who would have rather been a house slave then just try to help themselves.

  • missile 6

    This post is interesting in its own rights. What amazes me is the fact that whichever way a black person does business someone will hate on him. You guys tout the success of rappers who do nothing but speak of selling dope and bodying niggas who ain’t from they hood. Every song that seems to make it into the top ten of whatever list, rather it be xxl or BET is a misogynist song towards women and encourages poppin pills and beamin up to scotti. Then on the flip side a guy does some legitimate businesses and yet still you find a way to be a crab in a barrel and bring them back down to your sad world of hating. Learn how to take responsibility for your own lives, a rapper promoting a liquor company shouldn’t be your reason for drinking. Blacks have been using themselves to sell liquor for a long time, gin and juice, 8ball, brass monkey, etc. So what do you guys suggest that these artist should do to make money, oh sell dope again probably. They are doing the same things that athletes have been doing for years. Its not centralized with blacks, watch a little t.v., people have been using other people to sell there products for a long time. The end justifies the means, if these corporations give us enough money to help our own people then thats what counts the most.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    WTF is missile talking about?

    These happy go lucky niggas get a blog and now they think they know shit.

  • Notorious A.G.C.

    your on a roll with good posts!.

  • short sleeves

    see Sickamore’s “battle with the Oreo sportswriter” post. The “Oreo” proceeds to break him down to his very last compound regarding how black business’ are exploiting their own.

    docile and complacent citizens tend to body themselves. Don’t blame Jay-Z. He already told you suckas he’s a hustler.

  • TS

    man Bol, i guess TI may’ve been clever (retarded) when Mos Def debutted it, but now it’s just retarded.

    everyone knows you got somethin’ against rappers who manage to be both successful and genuinely talented (and better than Biggie,) it’s cool. but the fake prez of Def Jam? come on now. Young Jeezy and Rick Rowws are his hustlin’ brothers! i’ll bet he at least had some hand in signin’ those crazy cokeheads.

    actually, ya make some true points in your post, it’s just that i probably don’t see the “exploitation” in it that other people do.

  • kayos

    Maybe if black folks took care of THEMSELVES and worried about makin sure “lil timmy” actually did his homework, the conversation can change to something about blacks exploiting others. Blacks will continue to be exploited until they dont allow it. Point blank. I went to HS in Fort Greene, I ran around the downtown area like i owned it, and let me tell you this. back in the late 90′s till now, it was a pretty decent place. It wasnt Bed-Stuy or ENY… it was a cool place. And it seems like as good a place as any to move the Nets to. where should they move to? the “Boonies” so us tax payers can pay 2 have 2 beef up the infastructure where there previously was none? MAAAAAANNNNN that area is less than an hour away from damn near anyplace in NYC outside of way up in the Bx or way out in Qb… Stop worrying about the next man doing what he is doing. He sint selling drugs anymore. He is selling himself, which is what we all do EVERYDAY! Dont be mad because he sells himself for more than the 10 bux an hour you wish you could be making….

  • Atl’s own

    damn! fuckin great post bol!
    neva thought i’d say that.

    although i have kno objections to gettin da loot!

    and i think J being in the position he is in, is a positive thing 4 the youth. they need to kno that regular ass niccaz can make it without attending Morehouse (great school by the way) or bein’ born wit a silver spoon, or the ability to jump high or watever!

  • missile 6

    billy x. sunday i knew shit before the blog partna. i guess if i don’t think like you i’m stupid. i still ain’t hear you say what these guys should be doing. they say niggas a hate no matter what you do. billy just proved that. the point is look around niggas ain’t the only ones being used.

  • missile 6

    billy x sunday, thanx for checking the blog by the way

  • Young B

    Lets not forget that jay-z met with kofi annan the U/N Sec General to provide Africa with new iniatives for clean water. It seems whatever our rappers do to be positive we tear them down.

  • Incilin

    I’m wit ya on this, but dones’t Jay know he’s being played too? hmm….

  • amedawg00

    This post was point and very analytical Bol. Once again, you illuminate issues plaguing the black community, i.e. rampant commercialism and materialism when that should be the last thing they should be pursuing. Let the nigga call a spade a spade without resorting to the racist or uncle tom slurs. Keep keepin it real fatty!

    and you must address this in further detail..i mean!!

    “Notorious hater that I am, I object to anyone getting money because I’m jealous and also because I hurt my neck jerking off.”

  • http://asjkl;fdaskl probably a lesbian

    hey fatty mc fatterton, why don’t you go suck a cock fattass. talking bout’ my hommies, kanye and fergie

  • Billy X. Sunday

    missile6, no problem player


    wow Bol, ur actually making sense!

  • Cuban Link

    Take for example the way Jay-Z is being used as a front by the New Jersey Nets to justify moving a lot of poor black people out of a rapidly gentrifying area of Brooklyn. Call me a hater if you want, but it’s hard for me to view that as anything other than the TIs exploiting hip-hop for their own benefit and Jay-Z playing right into it.

    ^First off, Jay aint moving the Nets, its some fat Jewish guy who used to live in Brooklyn.People just think its Jay cuz hes from Brooklyn, hes famous, and noone gives a shit about some fat Jew that isnt famous.

  • Cubano Link

    also, the industry commercialization= drug dealers, straight up and down. They sell shit to their buyers who can barely afford to live and find food, and they sell shit we dont need, but we’re addicted to cuz it makes us feel better about ourselves, if only for a little while (until the high burns out; until the next nice thing comes out)And last, they could give a shit about their buyers, they treat them like shit, and just want their paper.

  • Ghost

    Commercial endorsement is kind of a funny thing nowadays in hip-hop. On that scion tip, the whole thing seemed kinda fishy to me. I mean, why should toyota give a fuck about the hip-hop community. I’ve been to a slough of locally promoted shows with the scion logo on the flyers and at the end they would hand out free scion shit. It all seemed like a ploy…but then they hook up with peanut butter wolf and do mixtapes with unsigned artists and even gave my boy Reach (KC represent) the grand prize in their “Next Up” competition! If they do actually give a fuck about the hip hop community, they are doing it in very subtle and perhaps inconsequential ways.

    I went to a DJ Premier show at this small bar in kansas city for FREE all because of scion. and the only thing remotely endorsed about it was that there were some cats (promoters prah’lee) chillin’ in hot cars outside of the venue.

    Can this progress, or will we just sing praises of hip-hop leader poster boys (big ups to Jay and Russel regardless).

    PS – Did y’all know Aesop Rock was comissioned by Nike to make a continuous 45 minute composition specifically for working out to? What’s up with that? Get the money I guess…

  • houston’s finest

    great post

  • DocZeus

    You know if Jay really wanted to contribute to his community, he would pressure building a moterfucking North/South Brooklyn Queens subway line. It should NOT take two hours to go from Astoria to Coney Island! And the motherfucking G line does not count.

  • Guy DeBord

    Is it one-sided when amy winehouse refs Slick Rick for cred? What kind of fuckery is that?

  • RDL

    Billy X. Sunday Says:
    Your boy Noz’ favorite rapper left school when he was 13?!? And he will represent the Hip-Hop genre for at least the next five years. Get rich or die tryin’ my nigga.

    WOW. Billy u are really obsessed with Wayne. What does Wayne dropping out have to do with Bols post on corporations influence on hip hop?

    Glad you think Wayne will represent for the next 5 yrs..I say much longer but only time will tell.

    Also if it matters to u Wayne is enrolled in college and getting a degree. How many other millionaire rappers u know who want to get a college degree just cause?

  • NOZ


  • derfla the hus’la

    so whats really new about all this bol you think the T.I’s will ever stop exploiting blacks even those who have made it big…..

    this shit is nothing new the whole blog is jus nonsence coz you come to no valid conclusion it seems to me you’d love to be be exploited in many different ways by tall isreale’s

    conclusion bol you are still a fag and breaking your neck while jerking is jus not cool.

  • jacquez
  • these posts are racist


    Of course Hip Hop is over commercialized. It has been for sometime. Indeed, many have argued that the cultures lack of creativity and continued use of violent and mysognistic themes is pushed for by corporations who know this will sell. I agree witht this and believe it has stifled the creative/rebellious/progessive nature of hip hop.


    As to your point that “dumbass kids will…buy…[anything]if it’s mentioned in a Busta Rhymes record”, sounds a lot like many of your racist/Islamophobic blog entries. You and many others will buy anything that right wing/racist news agencies mention in a broadcast.

    As they say, apply your principles against the man in the mirror…

  • Hottsauce

    It all makes sense now! The truth is that “the man” has been exploiting black people for years. It seems that every time corporations need us to do a “song and dance” for them we do it. Granted, artist get handsomely paid for it, while consumers get sucked in to buying their crap. What fucks me up inside is that the so-called “hardcore artist” are the media darlings! They’re doing the same shit that MC Hammer did and being praised for it, while he was almost kicked out of the black race.

  • EReal

    @ RDL

    Probably tryin to up his weak ass vocab and writing skills. Since he cant write.


    Maybe he’s gettin a business degree to make sure that ugly ass Turdman dosent jack all his paper like Turdman did to everyone else who ever went to the Cash Money Mankisser label.

    Just ideas.

    btw Sunday was harassin Noz, not Lil Wetsalami.


  • Cinsere

    The realest post you ever wrote!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    How the hell is Lil Wetsalami going to go to college when his bio in Wikipedia says he dropped out of school when he he was six years old?

    That nigga still got to go to kiddiegarten with his Cat in The Hat rhyming ass.


    Commercialism is always going to play a factor. If you really think about it, its been there for years. Someone will always sellout for a buck. And yeah its going to be the white man doing the exploiting because they own every fucking thing. I think from a personal standpoint you should be able to look back at some things and say I’m proud of what I did. But when it comes to money(the root of all evil) the greed overshadows everything.

    I think that we have enough black millionaires out there to come together and build there own corporations and set their own standards instead of running to the rich Jews or whoever the case may be for support. But I dont know man, its always politics to everything. I dont know if we should really place the blame on certain individuals(Jay-Z’s or whomever) because they came from poverty also and they trying to make sure that their kids and grandkids reap the benefits of a good life.

  • EReal


  • these posts are racist


    It’s hysterical how you keep calling Jay-Z a fake executive or front person, etc. The man is about to be worth $400,000 million dollars. Do you know how much money that is? As of now, he is worth over $200,000 million dollars. How many people are worth that much money?

    Also, its funny that you will call him a “Fake Executive” now, but if something happens at Def Jam, you’ll blame Jay-Z…Inconsistent playboy, inconsistent.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    Wow!!! Some of you cat’s would “hate” on rain water…

    You know the best way to help poor people? Not to become one of them.
    WE are in a financial “comma”; all exposure, helps all of our causes.

  • sam

    I like that your swipe at the jews was (somewhat) more subtle in this one.

    Rappers don’t seem to care who they’re fucking over by getting rich. Do you expect dudes that gloat about selling crack and ruining peoples’ lives in the process to give a fuck if they’re making people spend their money in the wrong places?

  • these posts are racist

    I love how BOL will condemn racism while being racist at the same time. Whether its Anti-Muslim or Anti-Arab or Anti-Jewish…

    How can you condemn racism and be racist against others in the same entry?

  • billblackfish


  • rar

    religious bigotry is not racism. you might argue the two are just as bad as one another, but they are, nonetheless, not the same.




  • Price Of The South

    It’s a problem when people get into hip hop for the money and not for the art. You got these new dudes rapping that don’t know anything about the old school hip hop. You play them some Wu and tell them it’s new and they’ll say it’s wack but tell them its old and they on their nuts. Same with Pac. People call Pac the greatest and can’t quote a line he spit off any of the cds he dropped when he was alive, except the radio records. Hip Hop the new hustle and it’s sick if you really love the art.


    Above: no doubt. Huge difference between a hot *ss Hip-Hop loving rapper.. who makes millions because he’s so good at what he does.. and some punk who’s been blessed with rhyming ‘Hot’ with ‘Not’ who’s basically trying to cash in. Since he’s part of the Hip-Hop generation it suits him best to rhyme.. but he ain’t no damn part of no damn Hip-Hop culture.

    As far as the Jigga thing. He’s a hustlin’ nigga first. He wants to get cake and could care f*cking less who gives it to him and what he need to do. If Aliens come down and tell Jay “we give you 500 mill if you join our race and make a song about our race” he’ll do it. But he does what you and I do getting money the best way we know how and can. We got sh*tty jobs – and we’re doing damn near everything to keep our jobs. He’s doing the same.. but in an opposite manner cuz he’s rich as sh*t. But he’s doing the same sh*t.

    Bol.. good point. We should as black people not stoop to hating on the jews obviously.. I mean: they use Jay, Jay uses us.. it’s not a color thing. It’s a money thing.

  • Esskay “Ayo!” Franks

    “Notorious hater that I am, I object to anyone getting money because I’m jealous and also because I hurt my neck jerking off.”

    Kudos, Bol!

    I love the self-deprecating humor. If you can shit on everyone else’s work, then you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously either. I noticed a change in the tone of your blogs about a couple of months ago. I don’t know what sparked it, but I love that you can go from shitting on Jay-Z to cracking on yourself, to making insightful points. You’re at the top of your game, Bol.

    nhjic to this whole comment, just because

  • TaZ

    it is sad that hip hop has digressed to revolve around commercialism. The art should remain in front of all and although many of these men say they care for what they do and the message they put out, it is clear in their music that they are bold faced liars. This is why so many turn to the underground scene. to relinquish their sense of passion and art.

    In the words of the great Immortal Technique, “You’re only Independent til your major so fuck you!”

    Thx Bol for making a good post and although i dont always agrre with some of the bullshit you put up, i have to respect yo for when u make such bold statements as this. At least someone can stay true to their art…

  • Cuban FUCKING Link

    mc hammers black?!!?!???!!?!?!

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