I Did Inhale, and I Liked It…

The first day of the week is already here again. Dayum! I remember getting home from hanging out on Friday night pretty early. I just got my check cashed from the spot up the block and I went to the liquor shop to get myself that good shit. Fuck a Grey Goose, that good shit is Belvedere. If you fucks with vodka, and I fucks with vodka, and if you like French fries, and I like French fries, then you need to fucks with Belvy. That shit is fermented with potatoes instead of grain. Plus the shit is distilled like a thousand times so its smoother than a fuck. Anyhoo…

I gets home early and I have a special treat for myself. I have a bottle of that Branson. Now I don’t never fucks with the narcotics anymore (and neither should you), but I was about to preview the new Devin the Dude album and I wanted to be in the right state of mind, i.e. altered. I called this weed Branson although it isn’t the official Branson since that spot got shut down years ago, but its this light green shit in a mothereffin’ testtube. I was getting lifted just staring at the shit. Since everyone was saying that this album was the truth I wanted to do it the proper justice and put my mind on that next level. Don’t front and act like music doesn’t sound better in the headphones after an el of that piffy.

Devin is familiar to me from that Dre album twenty years ago. I prah’lee haven’t checked for him because I’ve never heard him on the radio. Chances are that I never will, although this album has at least one track that should be programmed into every ClearChannel affiliate. Devin’s flow is so laid back and smooth I can’t believe it’s not butter. No way this dude is not from Cali. But he’s not from L.A., he’s from Houston, the Mid-Westsiiiide. Texas is taking over this Hip-Hop shit word to Kevin Durant and the Longhorns. I can hear so much soul on this dude’s album I can’t believe that he and 3000 haven’t collabo’d before. Devin is too talented to pigeonhole himself with his radio unfriendly content, but I suppose this is how he keeps it real. Support real Hip-Hop and buy the Dude’s new album ‘Waiting To Inhale’ when it drops. Just fit it inside your weekly weed budget like a box Dutch Masters.

What A Job This Is – You already heard this track several times on this site. 3000 and Snoop guest on this joint. Real Hip-Hop soul is going down. This will be the official convertible song during spring break in Corpus Christi. Someone will getting broke off proper while this shit plays and 3000 calls it.

Hope I don’t Get Sick A Dis – The piano on this track sounds like some classic Dre shit. Devin’s flow with some production from the Doctor would be unreal. Literally tongue in groove (nullus) like the young Snoop over Dre tracks.

She Useta Be – I’m so high right now and the Dude kills this hazy sounding track. He tells the story of a chick that let her body go from “elegant to elephant”. LMAO when he spits about the meal she makes for herself. This is some of the best Hip-Hop since Biz Markie talked about people catching the ‘vapors’.

Little Girl Lost – Devin even has one of those new fangled sensitive Hip-Hop tracks about runaway girls a la Ludacris. Your favorite man-kissing rapper guests on this song. I didn’t let his weak flow ruin the album I was experiencing. Bun B also put 16 on the song, but at least his shit was compelling.

Nothin To Roll With – This is Dude’s ode to his bong. It reminds me of the time that I didn’t even have two quarters to buy a White Owl so I used the paper bag that my forty ounce was in.

Cutcha Up – This joint is my favorite track on the album and that’s a fucked up thing to admit since it’s a paean to pedophilia. Devin explains why it’s so much better for a young lady to gain experience from an older man before she truly enters the world. I almost wouldn’t mind my 15yr old daughter dating the Dude. He sounds like he would be so nice to her when he busts her cherry. Update** – This joint is really a paean to the piff. Commenter Sam Juicy points me to Noz’ blog for the video link. Dude is kahrayzee.

For everyone that fucks with the Dude on the regulack this music is nothing new to y’all. For the rest of us that are just getting up on the Dude it’s a fun segue into an artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously. You don’t need to be altered to enjoy the album either so leave the drugs alone unless you are in college. That’s what college is for and Devin The Dude’s ‘Waiting To Inhale’ should be acknowledged as the mandatory Spring Break 2007 soundtrack.

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    I been checking out my advandce copy & this shit bangs like crazy. i even liked that skit with the boom, lmao, especially the second one.

  • thoreauly77

    i’ll check it out over a six-pack of heinekens. i think i’ll have to skip out on “cutcha up”. i dont think there is anything cool or funny about statutory rape.

  • http://yourallwelcome.blogspot.com/ 911

    The more I listen to this album the more I realize its not even as close to being as good as; to tha X-treme or the dude…If people like this album they’d love those two…IMO…song description is pretty much on point…especially cutcha up…1

  • http://myspace.com/shondellm Dell

    I”m from NY, and I got up on Devin a few years ago while down south. This album is sick, his content is hot ’cause he spits about stuff that everyone can relate to. Check out his collab with Alchemist Where can we go, or his album, The Dude, that’s another classic from him.

  • Sam Juicy

    cutcha up is an extended metaphor about growing weed dude. check noz’s recent columns for link to a video

  • Atl’s own

    dude been sik u niggaz betta cath up!

  • Cashus Clay

    Spark Up a Spliff and Enjoy Devin the Dude

  • Starchild

    I been bangin cutcha up since tuesday and I aint think it was abt growing weed. Great album. Its out here in houston

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Sam Juicy,
    You ain’t never lie. If I re-read Noz column again then I’d prah’lee know this. How sick is the Dude?!? LMAO

  • http://myspace.com/twerkolator twerkolator

    little girl lost > runaway love

  • http://yourallwelcome.blogspot.com/ 911

    The fcuk..metaphor…wow…


    Devin makes music thats chill and fun plus he has skills.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

    Favorite line from a Devin The Dude album is “…at least she’s big & cute- not big & fucked up, u done fucked an ugly skinny girl- so nigga what’s up…”

    Classic none the less…

    BTW Bun B said that rhyme, but it was on a Devin album tho! lol

  • king blair

    you fucked over me dog i thought we was cool how we gonna get these two big bitches in the pool…show’em what that pussy made for: best devin song ever if you aint got Scarface-my homies 1 this song alone is worth the album

  • John Cochran

    You and the homie Noz are making me want to heat the shit bad as hell. Imma cop up on tuesday. I used to have a homie that listened to all down south shit, like triple six and ugk and shit. I wasnt tryin to hear it though, cause back then east coast music was actually good. He used to bump that to tha extreme hard as hell. Now I see what he was on.

  • Cuban FUCKINING Link

    ^co-sign I really want this album bad now.


  • Hurricane Game

    nO hOMO To the Title to this Poorly written Blog.
    Fuck U Silly SunGhey!!!

  • Rizzop

    Devin been that dude for a minute…Best album of 07 so far….


    Just trying ta’ live = Waiting to Inhale

  • Were Read 2 Def

    That’s it…I’m copin dis shyt.

  • John Brown

    I wanted to do it the proper justice and put my mind on that next level. Don’t front and act like music doesn’t sound better in the headphones after an el of that piffy.


    Real talk right there, I remember one day just smoking with my homeboys and we had just gotten the DMX debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” and listening to “Damien” blazed on a dirty (coke + weed) I was only 14 at the time and when me and my friends realize that he was talking to the devil we just tripped out and started laughing.

  • John Brown

    Devin’s album will probably be a classic but I bet alot of people will sleep on it. Just like T.I.’s first ablum “Im serious”. But I will cop 3 one for the house, one for the car and one to keep it unwrapped cause it will be a classic.

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “The more I listen to this album the more I realize its not even as close to being as good as; to tha X-treme or the dude…If people like this album they’d love those two…IMO…song description is pretty much on point…especially cutcha up…1″

    I think “WTI” is way better because the subject matter is broader and his song are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier!

  • EReal

    Flawda and Cali got that piff game locked. Its all in jars around my way homie. Holla Back! (No John Brown)

    I was surprised by Devin man, now i gotta cop. The tracks I’ve heard are just sick man. He’s so laid back and chillin and his guest spots are nice. I really hope he sells, but he probably wont.
    Devin and Redman got me ready for 07′ forreal. The Red tracks I’ve heard are just as sick. I dont know about everyone else, but I think 07′ is lookin good for later in the year. I think alot of people had a fear of droppin to early because of the glut of albums in the early and late 4th quarters of 06′. We’ll see.

    1 hunned.



  • http://ifux.blogspot.com I Fux

    Album is dope and I have been singing the praises along with my Belize but good to see the love on some dope music

  • giantSupreme

    you be hating like a muthafucka on lil wayne. doggie if the dude didn’t see homie’s talent and lyrical ability he wouldn’t even put the boy on. other than that your shit seems on point. definitely will be checking for his album tomorrow.

  • http://www.myspace.com/southpeezy Maurice Garland

    Sonny Cheeba…Bun B didnt say that rhyme…that was K.B.

  • oogaBooga

    website is trash

  • Fernando

    Lol at ghey man Bol somewhat hating on this album @ Byroncrawford.com

    Why does Bol even listen to hip-hop?? All he feels is Gin Blossoms, Ween & other weak ass emo-rock. Every rap fan fux with Devin albums but not Bol? Probably too many heterosexual refernces for a fat man with a lisp and a taste for Phil Collins.

    Bol is Garbage. I can see him head-banging to Liz Phair as we speak.

    BTW…WTI is a SICK album. Satisfying all the way through. Its a cant miss. I burnt it of the Internet because I am poor, but when I get some funds I will cop it just on GP.

  • MB

    I’m glad to see people finally taking notice to the Dude’s music. The boy been fire!!!

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