Can Ja Rule mount a comeback?

So I heard that new Ja Rule song “Style on ‘Em” in the Bangers section today. I didn’t really like it, but I never really liked hardly anything Ja Rule ever did. Even back in the day when he was on that Jay-Z song from the Rush Hour soundtrack, and his first bigh hit “Holla Holla;” I was never that crazy about the guy. Nullus.

And of course I never liked any of that bullshit he did with J-Lo and Ashanti, which is what he’s really popular for anyway. (Remember when J-Lo dropped an n-bomb on a song with Ja Rule? I’d like to see her try that shit today – though I suppose she might qualify as authentically black under the Beyonce clause.)

For a while there, he was on a roll, but then 50 Cent had to go and fuck it all up. Where as both 2000′s Rule 3:36 and 2001′s Pain Is Love both went 3x Platinum, The Last Temptation, which hit stores about two months before Get Rich or Die Tryin’ only went 1x Platinum. And then 2003′s Blood in My Eye didn’t even go Gold.

Of course what’s ironic is that as much as Fiddy clowned Ja for making songs for the bitches, he went and did the same thing as soon as he blew. First there was “21 Questions” and “Magic Stick” and then there was all of those G-Unit songs with Joe, and “Candy Shop,” which is essentially “Magic Stick” + Fat Joe’s “Lean Back.”

Meanwhile, Ja’s career has been more or less on hold due to the Irv Gotti money laundering trial. That “New York” song with Fat Joe and Jada, in 2004, was his last semi-hit. In 2005, Def Jam put out a Ja Rule’s greatest hits album in time for the holiday season, which usually doesn’t bode very well for an artists prospects career-wise.

According to the world’s most accurate encyclopedia, an album called The Mirror is scheduled for this summer. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out. You’ll recall that Ja and Vanessa Carlton are now label mates. Maybe the two of them can collaborate on something.

If this new song is any indication, his new tack seems to be “borrowing” silly catchphrases from boring mixtape rappers – in this case Nyckz, the guy who got punched out in that infamous “Oh, you mad cuz I’m stylin’ on you” YouTube clip. But this could just be the track for the streets and the mixtapes.

Either way, Nyckz himself is decidedly nonplussed, and rightfully so. After all, that damn stylin’ on you bullshit might be the only worthwhile thing he comes up with in his career, and now here comes Ja Rule stealing it right out from under him as part of his comeback attempt.

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  • these posts are racist

    “Of course what’s ironic is that as much as Fiddy clowned Ja for making songs for the bitches, he went and did the same thing as soon as he blew”…


    Your misuse of the word ironic is pretty funny. That’s not ironic…it’s just a type of hypocracy.

    Stop hatin’ on Ja Rule man. He made some good party/club songs that we all danced to…I actually miss those fun songs.

  • jfoxgotraps

    he was supposed to make his comeback with exodus. he got smashed by 50 n em. what more do you need to here from this guy, he messed up, committed career suicide. Let it go. set an example for future chumps. QUIT

  • Bol

    >Stop hatin’ on Ja Rule man. He made some good party/club songs that we all danced to…I actually miss those fun songs.

    That’s because you’re teh ghey.

  • EReal

    Fifty wasnt doin the type of shit that Ja was, they are chick songs, but not whole songs with chicks singin and him singin and shit. People get that twisted all the time.
    Ja did the worst thing he coulda done. He took what he was successful at and flushed it as soon as 50 harassed him. He tried to get on some serious g-ish and noone believed him. He should did him, stayed doin what he does and made his dough. Instead, he got Ja Ruled.
    He isnt gonna ever come back period. He’s a joke. I dont know anyone who ever bought a Ja album, or that would now. Especially because of that faggoty haircut he has now.
    He should either go back to what he was doin before and sell to the bitches, or just lay low and ghostwrite or produce or some shit. This to me is a losing battle for him to try to stay relevent and the fact he stole that shit from nyckz makes it even worse. I mean damn dude, you’re biting a no name rapper, WTF?!?!
    Ja is a lame.

    @ Posts
    I think he was saying its ironic that 50 used that as an attack to take him off his game and discredit him, and then used similar styles to sell boocou records afterwards. I think that would count as irony and hypocracy, lil homie.

    1 hunned.

  • King Ben

    Backdown murdered Ja.That song where he does the grease video remake with Ashanti,John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’s version was more gangsta,that shit murder him. Ja was comfy until queer-unit dismantled his team, and rep. he will always be that rapper fif murdered. It was murdaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Did spit some hot shit on track 5 of the streets is watching though. You was crazy with punchline flow, now you the ladies man where the punchline go? Style on em’. HA!HA!


    i never really got how 50snitch called JaRule out on all them bitch songs, then the nigga 50snitch turns around and does 21 questions and that love song on the gheyunit cd, can someone explain!(not to mention the love duet with Oliver). they both suck, and couldnt write decent lyrics to save their lives, but im just curious… shyne.

  • Cashus Clay

    come summer Ja Rule will be cleaning my fucking windshill in the middle of Queens but at least he has a chance to Bufu Vanessa Carlton

  • Incilin

    Funny how Nycks responded and now Ja’s got beef with another street level artist. I wouldnt be surpirsed if Ja did mount half a corny ass excuse for a comeback and then got ethered by Nycks who then got famous/a deal off it. lmao

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I never really fuck with Jah’s shit (no Amaechi) but the song sounds like it’s gonna get radio play. Something tells me however that Justin Timberlake could’ve made a more popular song over that beat. Not a good look for a “hip hop comeback”


    damn EREAL, i cant believe you got 50′s dick out ur mouth to type that long paragraph nigga. you act like you know them niggas, get a life.
    no 1 hunned bullshit.

  • EReal

    LOL @ BOL & Cahsus

    Lonzo you’re just a hater. The types of songs Ja was doing were no where near what 50 did. His maybe had singin on the hook or w/e, but not singin the whole damn track. Dont get it twisted.
    BTW, who did 50 snitch on??

    Haters are lame as fuck. What? Yall got no opinion, so you let some rapper dictate for you?? Beleive everything you hear and read? If this is the new generation, my kids are gonna be in trouble. Think for yourselves sheepole.

    1 hunned.

  • P

    50 Cent sings alot…that is all

  • John Cochran

    Fifty went and made his name synonomous with Ja rule forever. Thats how you destroy some one. But honestly, It may not have been that bad if it weren’t for the inc.’s legal trouble. I liked Ja on the one blood remix and that Musiq song with Fat joe. He’d have to have a super, super, MC hammer type hit to come back though. He shouldn’t feel too bad cause Fif aint that hot anymore either.

  • Rockcity

    Yeah 50 b singing please some1 explain 2 what the difference is?

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Only some rappers can get away with singing on a hook (ODB, maybe Cham) but 50 definitely ain’t one of them. Let the rappers rap and the singers sing ..

    (.. and the poppers pop and the breakers break, we’re 2 cool cats, it’s like that …) -Run DMC for all u sloooooow people

  • thoreauly77

    i think the bigger issue at hand is that JA RULE FUCKING SUCKS.

  • jacquez
  • EReal

    @ LONZO

    Why dont you get 50′s and MY dick out your mouth, pussy??

    I was commenting on the blog, fucktard. The issue was Ja and 50, wasnt it? So when I respond you say some dumb shit out your face like that??

    Look what you wrote, you said 50 more than I did in “my long ass paragraph”. At least I have somethin to say besides bullshit haterism. An actual opinion. I mentioned cats like you. Little haters, have no opinon, nothing to say, no intelligence, so you post bullshit hate comments based on some shit you heard from Gayme or whoever the fuck.
    Why dont you grow the fuck up, go to school, learn how to talk to grown folks and come back when you actually have something to say for once.
    Hater, get off my tip and do you.

    1 hunned.

  • these posts are racist


    I’m not arguing that Ja Rule is in the same category of Tupac, Biggie or Jay-Z…I’m just saying, his rapping skills are definitley more sophisticated than say, a Young Joc, and other southern garbage flooding the airways…and although I never bumped a Ja Rule CD, there were songs that I could at least dance to or not turn the radio when they came on. And compared to the garbage they play now…I’ll take Ja Rule and co. on the radio at least, any day.

  • King Ben

    Song Cry was some real emotional shit (no homo) I forgot that one props.

  • these posts are racist

    This is pretty funny, regarding Mims…this is why i’m hot…,harvilla,76021,22.html

  • SaN

    given how money fucked 50 up and now he is just a bully,i sometimes wonder if he could have really ethered ja without Em’s help.looking at 50 ‘s recent ‘beefs’ he hasnt ‘ja ruled’ anyone(game,diddy,cam etc).so i think ja fucked up by bringing Em into it,dont beliv me?if Em jumped on Game the DA wont hav sold shit at all
    I hunned(imma say it till Ereal explains this abortion of the english lingo)

  • Meka Soul

    >…in this case Nyckz, the guy who got punched out in that infamous “Oh, you mad cuz I’m stylin’ on you” YouTube clip. >

    the funny thing about it, through all the excitement, his mitchell & ness hat got spun all the fuck the way around on his head from the punch.

    but i digress.

    catching feelings because someone swiped your catchphrase = the new bitch move.


    ereal, uhhhh???? u want me to learn how to talk to grown folk? so u mean ur old?….calm down internet thug, u proved my point, u do need a life. im off to my gym, nigga, unlike u my life doesnt revolve around hip hop bloggin, i get on here to pass time at work or school, bitch. so calm ur pussy hurt, bitch made ass down before u work up a heart attack.
    free shyne and twisted black!!!

  • Meka Soul

    >BTW, who did 50 snitch on??>

    not to interject myself into another man’s conversation [pause], but “ghetto qua’ran” had a lot of “interesting” topics.

    waitaminute… wasn’t ja supposed to rename himself “loki” or some faggety shit like that?

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Meka Soul Says:

    March 15th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    catching feelings because someone swiped your catchphrase = the new bitch move.


    co-sign … but you know what? catching feelings because someone swiped a catchphrase that you didn’t invent = bigger bitch move.

    Nyckz didn’t start that shit. He just wants someone to target to boost his name up. Ja is an easy target cuz people already don’t like ‘em.

  • Combat Jack

    Please cop Devin The Dude “Waiting To Inhale” next Tuesday! Hillarious!

  • John Brown

    Ja needs to stop it. First he backed down from 50. And then when he responded it was to late. Then NY turned their back on him. If Ja and Irv wouldve been smart they would had pushed Crackchild and Cadillac Tah. But they went and pushed Ashanti (WTF?)carrer. Also, why didnt no one from Def Jam backed up their multi-platinum artist. Look at the roster that Def Jam had when 50 was going at Ja. Also Ja got to big headed, going at 50 is one thing but he went at DMX and Busta in a short time. We all know what DMX had to say (I believe the song was called Ruled Out.) And as for Busta well, go listen to that Hail Mary remix with 50, EM, and him, verse #3 I believe. In total he got ethered by 3 artist from his own backyard (NY)
    50-BACKDOWN + many mixtapes songs
    Busta- One verse (hail mary remix)
    DMX-Ruled Out.

    BTW, I think that 50 made Ja look soft but didnt kill his carrer, Ja’s fans turned on him when Busta dropped that classic verse.

  • EReal


    Your point? You never had one you lame. You still dont have shit to respond. Internets thug? Did I threaten you? Nope. Another lame ass attempt at saying something meaningful. Off to your gym? What you tryna lose some weight or somethin?
    Dont act like you know shit about me homie. Im at work for your info, LOL. I use these sites for the same reason. The thing is, that I acually have opinions to share thats why you see my name.
    LOL @ You and your curse words. Does that make you feel better about yourself? Calling people names? LOL.
    You’d look like alot bigger of a man if you’d come with some substance to your argument instead of saying I proved your non-existant point.
    You’ve proved my point about lil haters catchin feelings and having nothing to say, so thanks lil homie.

    Im not tryna hog up the comments breakin you down lil man, or waste any more time on you, so maybe next time. OUT!

    1 hunned.

  • Cuban Link

    i liked jas shit off Venni Vetti Vecci, and New York New York & all the songs hes done with Ashanti, but I think thats cuz I

  • Dr Flav

    Ja is alright with me. Dont forget his Lil Mo collaborations. I think he paid his dues and found his popular niche. Nycks need to quit, he would do better trying to hop on a remix. Cosign Combat Jack on Devin, also cop that 8ball and MJG, I also am diggin that Slim Thug Boss Hogg Outlaws too.

  • AirlineGeneral

    Fat ass fucker

  • Fernando

    Bol : “Thats because you are teh ghey”


    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Good one Fat Boy!!

    TPAR gets all angry everytime you clown Islam, and then acts all smart. Now he is sticking up for weak Ja Tool songs. What a gimp.

    Ja Rule got ethered by 50. I cant believe nobody from the INC. stepped up. They folded like lawn chairs. If he would have played it right, he could have blown up right along with 50. Staying in Beef seems to be a great carreer move these days. But Ja sucks anyways so I dont really care.

  • Fernando

    Im a huge 8ball & MJG fan….but seriously, Diddy is ruining them. Damn near all the beats on the new album are on some teh ghey Diddy sh*t and arent even close to the funky Memphis style that they are known for. Not to memtion that the topics they rap about seem to have gotten a lot stupider since a few years ago. So sad. At least that new Devin the Dude should be sick.

  • Young cane

    @ Erreal
    > I was commenting on the blog, fucktard. The issue was Ja and 50, wasnt it

    Did this nigga just say “fucktard”? shoot when you & lonzo are done with your lovers quarrel you think you can leave some space for some real comments?

    (this is not one of them)

    ……fucktard? where you work homie? The GAP??? Ambercombe & Finch or some shit?

  • crackaish

    “Your misuse of the word ironic is pretty funny. That’s not ironic…it’s just a type of hypocracy.”

  • Fernando

    Cuban Link….

    You really liked “always on time”????????

    Damn, that was the fruitiest, most annoying song I have ever heard. To each his own I guess.

  • these posts are racist

    “and then acts all smart”
    -Fernando, as opposed to acting like you, stupid?

  • M.O.

    ja rule lost cuz he took too long to respond to 50. and 50′s a clown too, he’s ja rule reloaded. he pulled a fast 1 on all the suckas who bought his music

  • Meka Soul

    I never liked Ja, but I do feel that there is a place for him in hip hop. You see when 50 started clownin ja should have made the biggest duet ever. If that is how you feed your kids then that is all he ever had to say. AND THIS IS COMING FROM A PERSON THAT NEVER LIKED JA RULE (EXCEPT FOR “ALWAYS ON TIME”)COULDNT DENY THAT ONE

  • Rey

    I didn’t mind Ja Rule until he started taking himself all serious ala The Pledge remix. That came out way before GRODT and dude was already full of himself. No MIMS. Also, for old time’s sale.. To quote my Great Enemy: u a fat 40 year old virgin real world lovin kmart workin marmot lookin faggit ass nigga bol.

  • lostangel

    ja was the shit bk then he aint done much due to irv,50 smashed him but ja did hit him&em up on the ‘made u look beat’ 50 just copyed the songs 4bitchs, ja come bk hard with some party tracks… livin it up/extacey

  • jay yay

    f*ck that 2pac wanna be ass mada f*cka he a clown and he always will be. the last time he had a hit my grandma was born

  • BlackBoy

    I think this is all a set-up.

    Think about it, Ja and Nycks set this up. Nyckz goes in on Ja (nullus), setting up an easy opportunity for Ja to get a “W” on his ether chart (the “Crack Man X” thing sorta counts as one).

    It’s similar to a heavyweight fighting a hyped-up nobody, so he can get his weight up in his particular division to go at a belt….

  • John Brown

    Ja also ethered himself when he brought out his “bitchmade” side on that radio interview. I cant remember exactly what he said but I do remember him saying “YOU WANNA SEE PAC, COME BACK TO LIFE, YOU WANNA SEE PAC, BACK. BLAH BLAH BLAH” That shit to me was hilarious when I heard it the first time. Anyone knows where I can download it.

  • Meka Soul

    >I never liked Ja, but I do feel that there is a place for him in hip hop. You see when 50 started clownin ja should have made the biggest duet ever. If that is how you feed your kids then that is all he ever had to say. AND THIS IS COMING FROM A PERSON THAT NEVER LIKED JA RULE (EXCEPT FOR “ALWAYS ON TIME”)COULDNT DENY THAT ONE>

    looks like i have a doppelganger.

    i guess i’ve “made it” now.

  • John Brown

    Remember when J-Lo dropped an n-bomb on a song with Ja Rule? I’d like to see her try that shit toda.

    Ok I know J-lo aint hip-hop but why did she get all this hate towards her but Fat Joe never did. I mean they both are from the bronx and they both are puerto ricans. Besides J-LO was right there next to Puff when they shot up the club (FREE SHYNE). When was the last time you heard bout Fat Joe being at a club and shooting that shit up. Plus, like Yayo says “Fat Joe ain’t a gangsta he scared to fly” atleast J-LO was never affraid to fly.


    ja sucks and must die i bought his first album which was good. then i bought the second it was crap i mean pure garbage. the only reason he was selling was because me made that sappy shit for the ladies and them club hits. no guy i know owns any ja rule cd after his second one.

  • jawz on myspace

    i hope ja blows back up…and i hope he sticks to singin on hooks and shit…i’ll buy his album if he hasnt chagned from back in 2000 with lil mo and shit, if he changed up fuck it

  • Pancho

    Sometimes, I wish people could try to have a decent conversation about HIP-HOP…stop the hate DAMN! (Lonzo, These Posts Are Racists).

    Hate should only be directed towards the blogger (Bol in this case) or the topic.

    By the way…Ja Rule can come back if he spits like he did on the One Blood Remix…or makes songs for b*tches….

  • lexx brown



    Hopefully Ja Rule and 50 become irrelevant from hip hop soon since neither can rap very well. FREE Z-RO, FREE TEMPO, FREE SHYNE


    yo i agree with dr flav..ja rule found his niche makin all those love songs but then he ruined it by trying to act all hard going at dre and them on that source issue. i remember reading it and saying WTF are these fools thinkin!! but anyways ja rule will never come back.

  • Black SuperMan

    short answer hell naw free xxx vids

  • One Life

    Ja played himself going at too many people and to me it was Em that really did that due in. Cause when Em and Obie went at him WOW and Busta blaze Ja too. So, hopefully Ja can re-find his ninche and play his position and get money.

  • Ray J

    you are a hater. disguised as a blogger.

  • Dean

    I belive Ja can make the biggest comeback in history.

    P.S. I hear he in the Studio with Fat Joe & Jadakiss for a follow up to New York (that song was fire).

    Ja Rule – The Mirror – June 26

  • Will

    I think he can make a comeback if he goes back to making songs for the ladies. Aint nuthin wrong with luvin the ladies but people can see through that gangsta shit. Just stick to what u know.

  • sk

    Nckyz didn’t say that “stlyin on you first”. Heard that in a biggie song and on the last song on pharrell’s album it’s in the hook yes the pharrell album I listen 2 all music. And Ja’s career been finished like some1 mentioned up top when that “Backdown” and that remix with Busta. Busta hammer the nail with that verse.

  • sk

    Nckyz didn’t say that “stylin on you” first ***

  • sk


  • Yung Sincere

    for once i think bol actually did an ight job on this post

  • allnice

    Ja got ethered, but 50 really didn’t finish the job on son that hard. If his name is still relevent in the industry, he can still sell records. I think his situation is similar to Prodigy when Jay ethered Mobb Deep. The P is still making music and getting his money. As long as you don’t get MC Shaned up, you can still make some good cake.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “the last song on pharrell’s album it’s in the hook yes the pharrell album I listen 2 all music” – SK

    love SK’s hearfelt and tearful confession that he listens to Neptunes ‘Beautiful’ when he showers in the morning.

  • US47

    Okay okay okay!! For the past few months i’ve red these so called comments here and i’ve seen nothing but hate hate and hate! If you don’t have anything else to say at least keep your posts short!
    Now, as mentioned nyckz didn’t invent that “I’m stylin on you” phrase. Like SK said I also recall hearing it in many songs YEARS before nyckz said it (sorry can’t remeber song or artist but i think it was biggie). It would had never even been noticed if he hadn’t got his a** whupped because of it.
    Now what comes to Ja and 50… Personally, I like both of them. I like the whole Unit, I like Game I like Jada even the Puff Daddy era Diddy. And still what I most of the time listen is Gangstarr, Jeru, Pete Rock & C.L Smooth and other mid-90′s classic material. I have no hate for the old or the new because those cats make all different kind of music and yeah I like b*itch songs, gangsta songs, hip hop songs and dirty south songs (not all of them f*ck cats who can’t rhyme). Speaking of which Ja can rhyme. listen to him in “One blood” or his new song “Free”. Or in his 1st album. If you hears pre-Country Grammar Nelly you find out he is (was) one of the illest from the South! So definetly, Ja gon make a return. He’s now working out the formula, trying out different styles to come up with! Watch these two dudes come out in June! Before I Self Destruct June 19th Mirror June 26th! Only one week between them.

  • Khalil Amani

    I guess I’m too old for this debate! I was 18 years old when Rapper’s Delight hit the airwaves. That makes me 46 years old presently. Back then, every thug, hustler, pimp, and gang banger would get busy on the dance floor because that song represented the ‘hood! Now. When Jah Rule was hot, his shit dominated the airwaves and the clubs. He had danceable song with catchy hooks and definitely a unique rap style. I saw him in concert and was pleasantly surprised with his live show… all post 50 cent. This is what I think. Ja found his niche with the sing-song and duet collabos. Until 50 Cent “EXPOSED” him we all jammed to Ja’s shit. I mean, Ja had some club bangers that the women loved! And by extention, the hardest thugs loved but had to front because of what 50 was putting out. I think that many of us have no freethinking bone in our body. Whomever is the “rapper du jour” (rapper of the day) that’s who we flock to and diss the rest, as though 50 Cent’s “opinion” of Ja is the “Gospel.” Personally, I like 50 and I like Ja! What would rap be if everything we heard was 50 Cent-esque? Rap is not MONOLITHIC!!!! That’s how the genre survived when many thought it to be a fad. When you ride with me you might heard some 50 and then the next CD might be Ja. I’m just saying, why don’t we respect artists who make good music? Ja made good music! When I’m PARTYING I want to feel good and I want to feel some amount of introspection (think 21 question). I know it’s not politically correct to give Ja his props, but I think we’re being hypocrites to do otherwise. Anyway, just sitting at my desk trippin’.

  • Convict

    fuck xxl and all yall haten ass bitch niggas its murda

  • derfla the hus’la

    lol blogger beef are funny.

  • P-G


  • yaboy

    ereal, that ’1 hunned’ shit is quite teh ghey

  • Fernando

    Whats so original about “stylin on you” anyways?????

    That just seems like some corny NY sh*t that got blown up. It was funny that the dude got so mad that he socked ol’ boy

  • Da 4 Building

    Str8 up Ja had 1 good album his 1st one. His other joints was yack and dudes was talking about how yack he was b4 the 50 shit. 1st he came out hard…then he took the singing route…then came back hard again. You can’t do that in this rap game. Mobb Deep was never the same after that 112 song. If you got fans riding 4 u then keep coming with that music they want 2 hear because all u end doing is alienating your original fans and the new ones u gain r trend hoppers. Ja still has a place in hiphop just not in my deck. Check out for some good music.

  • Pimpinizeazy

    Ja’s career is over. No-one wanna hear him on a song no more and i would be suprised if anyone wanted to work with him no more.

    If he and the Inc. had cum harder at Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit then maybe he would maybe still be around? ACTUALLY….Maybe not lol!

  • sk

    this “bitchmade” guy “Beautiful” is Snoop’s song produced by the Neptunes. The last song on Pharrell’s album is “Show You How To Hustle”. smh

  • Prince Of The South

    I think both dudes are talented, but as long as 50 and Eminem are still making noise in the industry then Ja won’t do much. He’s a talented artist, but he’s done. If he was smart he’d ghostwrite for Artists that can’t complete whole songs on their own and are potential big sellers (Game 870k Diddy 537k Young Joc 780k Jada and Cassidy b/c they nice) As an artist he’s got almost no chance of comming back, but anything is possible.

    People think dude just started singing on records last year but check God’s Plan and Power to the Dollar. The people who got at Ja for singing (50 Busta Em and Dmx) all used a melody on their chorus but they pointed out he always did it on tracks like Mezmorize. Damn near every rapper uses a melody but Ja did it to the point where you got sick of it (Rainy Days and I Cry)For every love song 50 did there was a gangsta song (21 questions/Backdown Candy Shop/In My Hood Best Friend/Hustler’s Ambition)

  • latinpistol07


  • Da SnOwMaN

    naww that foo is hella weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!50 will murder that foo…he is dummi weak…………yuefeemee????????????

  • TC

    JA WHO ????


    Can Ja Rule mount a comeback?
    Offcourse NOT
    Can a dead body come back to life HELL NO


  • Federal Ranga

    LMAO @ all you mufuckaz that commented on any of these posts more than once (Meka Soul, EREAL, Lonzo, TC, SK, Ya Boy, Fernando…).

    And just to show you how easy it is not to… any of the names got anything to say about it… I ain’t replying back to ya’ll… Cuz then I’d have to come back. So I’ma sit back and laugh as ya’ll add ANOTHER post just to say your “fuck yous” and such.

    BTW… “Free Shyne” is gay as hell and so are da people dat say it… don’t da nigga only got like 2 years left? Even HE ain’t complainin no more.

  • Everybody is dumb on here except me

    MEnlie women lie but numbers can be bought -get em JA

  • Scorpion

    Fisrt thing I wanna clear up here i the 50 taking his style. First off all faggotts, 50 has not took Ja Rule’s style. If you guys really knew hiphop, then yopu would know that 50 has been harmozing hooks from DAY ONE. You got that DAY UNO! Go back to Power Of A Dollar. Go back to teh track 50 has with Nas and Nature, Too Hot. They have harmoniing hooks. Even Many Men has a harmonizing hook. Ja Rule made tracks for chicks, with chicks in them. Also, he really tried to “sing”.EX.Rainy Dayz w/ Mary J. So stop all teh misconceptions and know your history before you post your wack ass non thinking comments. 50 is what Jay Z was when they hated him, and soon they will love him again. 50 took Ja style, lol, dumb asses.

  • Young Stunna

    LOL what a hateful post… NEW YORK NEW YORK & CLAP BACK were good songs so im rootin ja to make a comebaack

  • Hurricane Game

    Those Were pretty Gully Songs. I Mean Ja’s Subliminal in New York was mean.

    free shyne and twisted black!!!

    Free Slim too. I mean he shot an undercover FBI Agent. U Dont get more Gangsta than that.



  • brothers

    whoever wrote this article is full of shit and can go fuck themselves

  • Price Of The South


    March 16th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

    Can a dead body come back to life HELL NO

    Damn that was cruel homie. Jesus came back to life but Ja isn’t Jesus right. This’ll be the biggest story in 07 Ja goes platiunum.



  • Edjoodelky

    First of all
    No More Yellow Nigga… Undercover Interscope writer… XXL was the biggest Magazine Left for us the source felt off… Ja Rules Suffer the biggest Blow when Yellow nigga at XXL magazine become 50 cent and Emenim Interscope Public relation.
    THEN CANDY SHOP 50 cent the whole singing go on for ever.
    what made Ja-rules Comeback might be big
    if it do it with himself no artist…bring better concept.
    Ja-rule need to be the under-Dog be the victims
    be honest how you lost… let the fan get compassion about the whole situation.
    when they doing video… have different rapper cameo on the scene…Niggaz from NY. ATL . LA

    Mass the Comeback hard… Get that officials cover at xxl Mag like dudes when that shit on they locker.
    focuse on the P.R and The Music as well…

    The Game miss u

  • Brian

    I think it’s way too late for Ja to come back. I mean there are very few rappers that are big right now. Who is there? Lil Wayne,Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and maybe 50 Cent still… Even these guys with the exeption of Lil Wayne only go platinum these days and they were selling tons of records and going diamond when Ja was still relevant (eminem, 50 Cent were) and Jay Z was selling way more than he is now a days. Same with 50 Cent and Eminem. I’d like to see a Ja Rule come back but honestly i don’t think anyone would buy his album b/c no one buys albums anymore. And they haven’t for a few years now since 2006 i think. Me personally I was a huge rap fan but stopped because it was a waste of money and every time a rapper promised a great album from start to finish it ended up being only one good song and rest crap. So I think in this climate it will be tough for Ja but not because of 50 but because it is seriously hard for anyone to sell anymore.

  • ARUN

    lets be honest no-one gives a shit if Ja beefed with 50, even as a 50 fan, igotta admit that. But the second Em decided that Ems gonna say something on the Mic, Ja burned. Ask Benzino.