Who Gives A Fuck About A Gotdamn Grammy?!?

Apologies to Black man Noz for the co-opting of his previously used headline, but I remember when it was some big shit to see rappers at the Grammy awards. When Jay-Z brought out all of Marcy projects to sing the ‘Hard Knock Life’ hook that might have been the greatest moment ever in the history of the awards. That was the Grammy’s right? Anyhoo, Lauryn Hill also came off with like a thousand awards too that year making shit feel extra right in the Hip-Hop universe. So maybe my problem isn’t with the nominating committee, maybe my problem is the fact that no one in Hip-Hop is making classic albums anymore. I mean, what was the last album that you could bump all the way through without skipping? NaS last album was good for rap music and The Doctor’s Advocate was my favorite album from last year, but neither of these disks were classic material.

Is it our fault that the record industry doesn’t use A & R staffers for their rap artists anymore? We demand content almost instantly. Can you picture waiting for an album without hearing any leaked tracks or mixtape exclusives? The pressure that rap artists are under to keep putting out fresh content means that there are going to be a lot more mediocre tracks than bangers when their albums are finally released. This over saturation of production wears the artist out. He can’t go on tour and make his money if he has to stay in the studio making new tracks. Does Coldplay have to release mixtapes for their fans? What about James Blunt? Who by the way has the most hardbody name of anybody that isn’t involved in rap music.

I am going to try and go for six months without requiring The Game to release a mixtape or a music video. This way he can tour a little bit in support of his album and then he can get back into the studio with his special group of ‘Not Doctor Dre’ producers that manage to create a soundtrack that shows Dre’s fingerprints more than O.J. ‘s bloody Bronco. Even though he’s no longer retired, I will give Jay-Z some more time off to find his passion for rap music again. The Clipse can have the entire year off in order to make an album that is listenable past the first single. I’m such a good dude that I will even volunteer to A & R a project for the Roots Crew where they cover the greatest songs evar in rap history. This way we will definitely get a platinum Roots album. Not that it was ever all about sales, but damn, the Roots deserve a platinum plaque for saving Hip-Hop.

The Roots might be the only way real Hip-Hop makes it back to center stage on these awards shows since most of these voters can relate to someone holding an axe on the stage better than they can relate to someone just holding a microphone and their nuttsachs. Awards shows are a tricky enterprise for Hip-Hop artists since the people that give these honors aren’t connected to the music whatsoever. It’s only validation that you have found a popular audience and never a true recognition that you are part of the paradigm of artists within your genre. At the end of the day Wyclef will have more Grammy awards than NaS. I don’t think we have any question about which one of these dudes is the greater rapper. I guess in the end the question remains, “Who gives a fuck about a gotdamn Grammy?” – © Flavor Flav

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  • Devil Down Under



    I don’t

  • Hurricane Game

    The problem is that those white kids that used to buy rap albums are no longer interested. Instead we got Homos like Justin Timberlake stealing raps sales.

  • Hurricane Game

    Oh yeah OJ did it.

  • illadelph’s finest

    true that.


    Nice post,

    people think because artist constatnly drop 5 mixtapes plus an album in a year they’re great artists. Um…no it means they deliver 100 mediocre songs rather than 20 bangers. Mixtapes are practice and albums are the championships. Come on we talin about practice…practice…not the game…but practice.

    most albums become classic because the music lasts the test of time.

  • John Brown

    I’ll tell you who gives a fuck bout a grammy. Every damn artist who makes a C.D. Grammy equals more money, more money equals a better living. Youll be a damn fool if you are a artist and say you dont care if you win a grammy. Grammy are what Oscars are to actors and what Championships are to athletes. Writers like yourself are hungry for a Noble Prize arent yall? So I am guessing that you wouldnt like to be recognize as one of the best writers or bloggers of that year. So then just ask yourself one question “If you write for nothing, why are you writting for?”

    Hallelujah…Holla Back

  • Sun Tzu

    E AKA THE REAL NORIEAGA just posted one of the wisest things ever said on this website

    Unless people take heed to that, we’re gonna be stuck in hell musically when it comes to Hip Hop

  • Sun Tzu

    also lmao @ the Iverson quote


  • jacquez
  • john cochran

    Hurricane Game, Youa hata cause JT album was alright. You know the reason why it was alright, cause he had time to build producer-artist chemistry and craft a hot album, which is the whole point of the post dickhead. Anyway, I been saying this for a minute to my niggas. Rappers always have to hurry up and release for fear that they will loose steam. So, they have producers constantly emailing them beats instead of sitting down working with them. They have no time to sit down and create whole concepts, they are forced to just get in the booth and say something so the man can sell it.
    I wouldn’t have been mad if not one rapper one a Grammy this year, cause no body deserved one.

  • EReal

    Or you could go on tour with a studio bus, so you could do both…

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaanswermikeyd Dip Set City

    Gotta love the AI reference. But as usual the “Rap” catagories are a joke. Lupe Fiasco was the hip choice this year. It’s obvious the Grammy’s are not for any of us XXL readers. Maybe we need to start the XXL Awards? And for real, check out the James Blunt album. Good stuff, good stuff

  • skip

    @ john brown I Think writers want a PULITZER more. Just my opinion

  • derfla the hus’la

    I think your last paragraph sums it up, the deserving artist hardly gets recognition and the grammy’s kinda looks at the commercial apeal of the hiphop game……so i don’t agree with john brown coz h’se talking about the artist’s point of view but clearly this post was directed at the fans.

  • Incilin

    As far as classic albums, yes I agree and you make a good point about the mixtape game. But really great music is still being made, i point to last year’s artisic acheievements (Which were all commerical disappointments) as Fishscale, Game Theory, and yes – Hell Hath No Fury (How you can not like this record is beyond me)

    Sad how hip hop greats like pac, big, rakim, and nas never won a grammy and wycelf has.

    And the best grammy moment is ODB’s; “Wu-Tang is for the children!!”

  • Belize

    Scratching my nutsacks > watching the grammys

  • EReal

    ^ You have more than one nutsack homie? (No Cam’runnin out the Rucker)

  • http://sexy-results.blogspot.com Ian

    Immediately thought of the Willie D quote when I woke up this morning. Much like “Fuck A War,” “Trophy” is more resonant now than when it was written.

  • Gutta

    i have to agree with john brown, theres not a person or artist that doesnt want to get recognized for what they do. i also agree with billy sunday that the people that vote for rap and r&b dont really listen or have any understanding of the music thats being put out, thats why artists like will smith,kanye, and eminem are always gonna win. case in point, last night at the grammy’s, everybody knows t.i. should have won best rap album cuz he had 2 or 3 hit singles and he put out a movie but somehow luda ends up winning,not to take anything away from luda but t.i. had the strongest movement of 06 and i personally think he(t.i.) got robbed.


    i’m with u on this one Sunday…

    we’ve attained “mainstream acceptance”, not it’s time for us to concentrate on US!

    Fuck the establishment, we are the establishment…

    Fuck the Grammys…

    Wen they go to their after parties, who’s music do u think they’re bumping???

    Hip Hop… Unless it’s at Prince’s or Neil Youngs house!

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz da’realestwritin’

    you think I give a damn about grammy, you critics can’t even stomach me, let alone stand me….”the white boy”.

  • John Brown

    Here is idea for a post Billy.

    “If Luda would had stay in chicago and never moved to Atlanta, would he still be one of the best rappers right now. Remember his style is “Southern” not mid-west. He probably would had been another NELLY.

  • Combat Jack

    ^”what was the last album that you could bump all the way through without skipping?”

    Sean Price – “Jesus Price, Supastar”

    Brother Ali – “The Undisputed Truth”

    Both circa 2007.


  • Cuban Link

    Noz is black?

  • thp

    The reason why is that most people who listen to hip hop know how to use a computer and thats why sales, and in result, Grammy’s will continue to remain mediocre. Take a look at who now buys CDs anymore and I imagine it consists of mainly older people, and/or parents buying their kids music.

  • Ricardo

    I was just talking to my boy the other day about what you discussed here. Nobody expects Bob Dylan or Steely Dan (sorry but I am a classic rock fan too) to put out albums every other week. Artist need time to grow and experince time off in order to write songs that actually have some meaning and can stop being so repetative. Maybe the youngstas need to learn how to wait for new material. Remember when you had to wait 4 years for Tribe to put out a new album? But when they did, boy was that a great feeling. Ahhh…the god old days (yea, I am pushing 30) Peace out!

  • lostone

    Nos thinks he’s black


    Let’s see a picture of Nos.

  • thekingof118

    u just mad that no east coast rappers were invited.

    hip hop is not dead… it lives in the south.

  • Belize

    @ E

    yeah my left and right makes two..therefore, nutsackz

    Tom Green has a nutsack..no homo

  • EReal


  • John Brown

    am a fagot

  • Cuban Link

    thekingof118 Says:

    February 12th, 2007 at 11:46 pm
    u just mad that no east coast rappers were invited.

    hip hop is not dead… it lives in the south.

    ^^^^^^exactly, hip hop is dead.PS nice post Sunday

  • Keystone

    I guess now we gotta watch teh BET awards to really know who did the best that year. I think mixtapes should be more of just things that didn’t make your album.
    People like lil wayne(6 mixtapes last year) won’t hit his peak because of all the songs he kept making and all the features he was on.
    Some artist can still do it, like tupac, who make a mass of music in a short period, and loyal to the game was hot, even tho he died 10 years ago.

  • bottom boi

    these post are so fucking funny and entertaining. If you from the south dont get mad just read this shit. This is a bunh of old ass niggas on typing about hip hop is dead. Bring Kool G back and MC Serch or brother ali whoever the fuck that is. only brother ali every one knows is brother muhammad ALI thats a legend. no matter if you young are old you still support ali now matter where you form. Thats a real legend. Now tell me a rapper other than PAC who made that inpact to this day on everybody young and old. PAC is the only true legend. IF hip hop started in the east every other coast perfected it. PAC came and took over until his death Biggie talked about them same shit all the time. Crack pussy and how ugly and fat he was. NOBODY and I MEAN NOBODY in NEW YORK can fuck with BIG PUN lyrically. Past or present. IF pun was still iving and hip hop was just based on east coast style rap. Then JAY Z wouldnt have had a chance. PUN would have made all the shit look silly. and yall call nas legend. For the fuck what? Cuz nas made ether and illmatic? what else has he done at least jay made somthing of his self took, took over a company, made himself the biggest living name in hip hop. While Nas was trying to live off of the success of ETHER. Anytime Nas speaks of himself he brings up ETHER. Yea you ethered JAY but end the end you turn into his bitch. You work for the nigga. what kinda of shit is that. NAS is overated. This the same nigga that when he did rep queens he was making songs like OOCHIE WALLY WALLY now the nigga talking about africa and egypt and shit now niggas like damn he deep. he the top 5 bull shit

  • Okay

    What kind of journalist uses a title like that to get their point across. Let’s be educated.

  • big reggie

    did anybody think that maybe people are tired of hearing that obnoxious bullshit! i am. peace out.