Weezy F. Hornbeck

The Lil’ Wayne cover of next month’s issue of XXL stops short of actually calling him the best rapper alive or better than Jay-Z (a la Wayne’s Complex cover) or whatever, but I notice they did have the sheer balls to put him on the cover instead of Biggie, who died 10 years ago (damn) this March. That’s gotta mean something, right?

I mean, had they put, say, Fabolous or Lil’ Jon, both of whom supposedly have albums coming out soon, on the cover, with a little blurb in the corner that says “We’ll always love Big Poppa,” that would’ve just been wrong. But at least Weezy F. Hornbeck is a pretty good rapper.

Is he really the best rapper alive, as he likes to claim? I’m sure plenty would beg to differ, but it’s not like there isn’t a case to be made in his favor. Below, I’ve put together both cases for and against Weezy F. Hornbeck being the best best rapper alive.

The Case for Weezy F. Hornbeck

The guy’s got skills. He rarely raps about anything of any consequence, but damn it if Weezy F. Hornbeck can’t string words together with the best of them. At the risk of invoking the language of the oppressor, he’s truly a credit to his region.

The guy’s got balls. He called out Jay-Z in that issue of Complex, and then his version of “Show Me What You Got” pretty much pwned Jay’s version. So far Jay has yet to really respond. At least Pusha T from the Clipse called him teh ghey on the radio.

The guy’s prolific. As Woody Allen likes to put it, 80% of success is just showing up. You can be as talented as you want, but if you never do anything, what difference does it make anyway? Where as some of his peers seem to disappear for years between albums, Weezy F. Hornbeck always seems to have some sort of new album or mixtape in the works.

The Case against Weezy F. Hornbeck

He raps about bullshit. How much of a feat is it, really, to rap effortlessly about things that don’t really require any effort in the first place? I realize rapping about being hot and riding around in your car and what have you is what they do in the South, but still.

His albums. The guy’s got some good albums under his belt, but so does Noreaga, and I don’t see anybody other than a few random reggaeton fans calling him the best rapper alive. Where is Weezy F. Hornbeck’s Reasonable Doubt, or even his Doctor’s Advocate, for that matter?

He’s suspect. There should be some sort of rule that you can’t kiss another man on the lips and still call yourself the best rapper alive. That’s just sending out the wrong message to today’s youth.

What do you d-bags think? Is Lil’ Wayne really the best rapper alive? If not, who is?

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  • ????

    My ass is the best rapper alive if you think that this fag is better than Jigga.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com Balolin

      Man yall stay ridin jiggas dick! his shit aint THAT nice! His old shit was hot, but get the fuck off his jock!!! Wayne goes way harder than jay now and thats the bottom line, Waynes flow is so sick that shit should be against the rules to lay on a beat!! lol. Give the Man his props, Jiggas gone (the REAL jigga, not this lame ass nigga spittin now soft as hell) and WEEZY F> BABY is here! 07 nigga it aint 96!!!

    • Tony Tone

      Everybody keep talking bout reasonable doubt a classic but niggas wasnt talkin bout it til Jigga proclaimed it as a classic and after he got hot. When jigga was sayin he better than BIG nobody had shit to say, but wayne say he the best now everybody got something to say. Yall New York niggas need to stop being so fuckin bias. Yall not hot no more so just give the shit up. Nobody from the east coast especially.

    • http://N/A Strong island

      well, i have to say the same thing as someone else has said…wheres his Illmatic, or Only Built for cuban linx, or Ready to die??? has to get more solid work under his belt before he can say he’s the best. i mean if you wanna be Technical Lupe Fiasco is Waaaaaaaay more lyrical and poetic than him, and he actually uses a nice selection of Vocab. which Wayne dosent do!! so in closing i’ll say this: Wanyne is nice but he definitely has come with more Classic work for me to believe him.

  • lukee lefty

    no, but then again i just know good music

    for real though greatness is measured by your influence lil wayne is a great punchline rapper but he hasnt/cant influence the hiphop nation like say the younger hov can

  • http://stealinmywavesandshit.blogspot.com jl3969

    ‘There should be some sort of rule that you can’t kiss another man on the lips and still call yourself the best rapper alive. That’s just sending out the wrong message to today’s youth.’

    pearls of wisdom.

  • the one

    Yeah, you cant call yourself the best rapper alive after you kissed another dude. I dont care If It was his REAL father. Even without the kiss he aint the best. Maybe top 7 or 8.

  • thoreauly77

    the best rapper alive?

    been sitting here for a minute….. and i honestly can’t say. thats some sad shit.

  • DANJA29

    the whole Biggie thing is like this- XXL has already covered every got-damn thing they could on Biggie (unless someone wants to get in touch with his barber and do an article on how long it took to cut Biggie’s fade). Putting him on the cover this year for the 10th anniversary would have to be matched with content within the magazine. And since they don’t have anymore to cover (unless someone wants to read about how Bad Boy butchered his work and created ‘Born Again’ and ‘Duets’), why bother with a cover?

    They’ve done the makings of Ready To Die and Life After Death. They’ve interviewed Ms. Wallace twice. Interviewed the Mafia. Interviewed Kim. Interviewed Mister Cee. Interviewed Enuff. Interviewed his baby moms. Put up an old interview with Big himself. Did an article on his lyrical skill. Basically rendered him the greatest of all time. What’s left?

  • asign

    got a point

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    As we all know this is the official hate on WEEZY web site…no matter what you wet wipes have to make mention of him…why…because he is doing big things…keep in mind that he is 24 years old…i repeat keep in mind that he is 24 years old…Jay is what 36…and you confused hopless stans still worship the ground he walks on…given that…Weezy has 10 plus years ahead of him…and like he said…he will stop when he is assasinated…nobody…and i mean nobody…can bring what he brings to the table…lyrcism, word play, swag, youth, hunger, and experience…who can bring all that to the table…you wanna know what his classic album will be…it will be The Carter III…mark my words…sure he tainted his image with the whole Daddy thing and the kisses but that shit was sincere and had nothing to do with homosexuality…it just goes to show you that the boy dont give a fuck about what niggas think of him…can you say Curtis Jackson…Weezy is what the game needs at this point just like the game needed 50 cent…mutha uckas got to comfortable…but Weezy gonna revive the state of hip hop…wanna know how…wait and see…

  • mannyworld33


    GOOD POST!(that’s 2 in a row)


  • Atl’s own

    weezy dat fie!

    and both “Carter” albums and “da block is hot” were better than da “doctors advocate”

    and if u think weezy musik don’t have substance then u listenin to slow!

    However, weezy is not da best rapper alive as long as Aundre 3000 is breathin’!

    i mean 3000 be singin nowadays, but will still eat yo favorite rapper alive!

    log out!

    just bought a cadillac!

  • Mike

    fUCK nO BESIDES Wayne being able to string words together tight, he is what is worng with rap today; a loud-mouth, fake crack slanging, wannabe gangbanging fraud that lacks song creativity and realness. Niggas are just riding with him because he is one of the only niggas around makin records consistently and he was hyped. He calls out names but really don’t want no problems because when these niggaz get at him he hides behind his daddy. (Ex. Jay-Z, Young Buck, Gillie Da Kid, The Clipse, B.G., list goes on. I keep it real tho, his club shit bangs, he reminds me of an more lyrical Ying Yang Twins. Stick to that club shit, leave the street talk to the real gangstas. P.S. He better be cool because the Unit is on Dip-Set head and we know they roll together, and Buck already on Wayne head, and best believe Lil’ Wayne don’t want those problems! Fo real!

  • EReal

    I dont even see where people can say that Lil Whoopie is the best rapper alive. Period.
    I know that he can spit, but as far as his flow, his sawg, his voice, all that.. Im not feelin it personally.
    Theres at least three MC’s in the south alone that I believe are just as good and/or better than Whoopie.

    1. Luda – Like I’ve said before, if anyone is maturing as a rapper and getting into social issues and the things that legends attack on wax, its Luda. He has an excellent work ethic and a commitment to advancing his lyrics and style and maturing his content. Luda did a great job of what I call and Eminem revolution.(I.E. Slim Shady Ep / Marshall Mathers LP) He put out a couple playfull albums to get everyone to listen and not go over their head, then he started droppin knolwedge(Run Away Love, which Nas touted as one of his favorite tracks). In my opinion Luda’s 2nd verse on “grew up a screw up” was one of the best in the south in 07.

    2. T.I. – T.I. is about his grind as well and dosent get enough credit for his work ethic and maturity either. King was a major step up in content for T.I., and along with showing his acting skills, he has branched out to doing R&B tracks as well. I would take T.I.’s verse on My Love over either of Whoopi’s current R&B verses. T.I. has also showed his boss mentality and matured his swag and look as he’s grown in the industry.

    3. Chamillionaire – Maybe one of the most slept on lyrical monsters in the south. Cham can switch his flow and swag on a dime. In the King Kong track he switches his flow up 3 times in one verse. Cham is also a prolific writer dropping some of the sickest mixtapes in the south. His first album was crazy, and Mixtape messiah has shown that we’ve only seen the begining of Chams affect on the game. I would take Cham in a battle every day all day against whoopi.

    Those are three examples, IMO, of mainstream southern rappers that are as good if not better than Lil Whoopie. Not to mention Little Brother and other lyrical backpackers that reside in the south.
    Now dont get me wrong, I like alot of Whoopi’s stuff. Mostly his older stuff where he did alot of writing and The Carter was nice. But you really gotta show me more than that to be “the best MC alive”.
    Those are just in the south, I havent even mentioned any other coast and as you can imagine I could go on and on.
    Now these are just my opinions, so dont go crazy lil stans. I’d also like to note that Im from the south and I enjoy southern hiphop.

    Yet, to me, if you cant win regionals, how you gonna goto nationals??

    1 hunned.

  • Bobo D

    It’s true that he does create a catchy
    song that which spwans rap culture
    i.e. the “drop it like it’s hot” hook
    on juves back that ass up or
    the overused word “bling-bling”.

    But let’s be real. Weezy is alright,
    he has a hunger. More to say like a
    lion. He only hunts out other rappers
    when he’s food aint coming (now that
    every tight rapper and even mannie
    have left cash money), the rest of the
    time he’s past albums where just a
    yawn. But if he does come harder on
    he’s new album then the rest, maby,
    just maby, he will
    be in the running for best rapper of
    the year (never alive). It takes
    too much to best rapper of the year,
    never mind the alive part and Weezy
    seems to be a lazy to me to get the
    crown and hold it.

    Ohh, I’m starting to compare rappers
    to animals, fuck sports.
    Next 50 Cent the killer shark, he
    smells blood and he chases the pray.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Good Post Bol … Unbiased yet opinionated with room for feedback.

    I think Weezy is a helluva rhymer and you hafta respect the fact that he is constantly working (Feature-ing and remixing Busta-style). I don’t he’s the “greatest rapper” cuz the word “greatest” is an opinion but lyrically he’s better than 80% of the cats in the industry.

  • Mike

    This nigga is far rom the best rapper alive. In reality he is what is wrong with rap today: he is fake, (no record of him slanging New orleans, had money all his life), he is wannabe (i’m from L.A. home of the B’s and C’s, and this nigga is no BLOOD), he is an coward (throws shots at rappers but hides his hands when niggas get at him example-Young Buck, CLipse,Gillie Da Kid, B.G.,Juvenile, list goes on) and he lacks creativity and is ignorant as fuck. The defintion of an Studio Gangster-Lil Wayne. One thing he is good at tho-club hits. Go the Nelly route Wayne. You remind of a more lyrical Ying Yang Twins. P.S.- Wayne better be cool because a storm’s brewing, G-Unit vs. Dip-Set, AND WE KNOW WAYNe is down with them a that Fake Blood Movement, and Buck is already on his head…that nigga need to C safe homie..

  • weezybaby

    lil wayne weezy f baby, is, the best rapper alive…..



  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    wayne is far from the best rapper alive. you don’t have to give the crown to jay, but weezey definitely don’t get it. everything wayne does is a copy of jay, lets just be real. go back and listen to his past mixtapes, how many jay references can you find…..don’t worry i’ll wait. he is far from the best rapper alive, i still like b.g. better than him.

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngbroadway Bundles

    Broadway is!! Seriously!

  • A-Payne

    Weezy’s got the type of hustle that hasn’t been seen in the rap game since Pac. He releases the major albums but still puts out hot mixtapes. It’s that steady flow of music that keeps everybody feelin him. There’s no question. Weezy is the best rapper in the game today.

  • weezydaboss

    weezy da best rapper alive..dat simple

  • Meka Soul

    i quit.

  • Hannah Smith

    Biggie Smalls RIP. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Hannah Smith

    And yeah, I’ll be buying The Source’s Biggie tribute cover. It’s what you do.

  • 1st Down

    No way. He’s a great lyricist, but you can’t be considered the best if your rap about nothing but bullshit like he does. You got to have at least some substance to be considered the best in the game.

  • steve

    you cant jock someone for years and then suddenly be better. dude cant see:

    dre 3000

  • MAS

    The Carter II is his best album to date but it isn’t his classic. He still has a long career ahead of him to produce the best album he can possibly make. Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, & Ghostface all have better cataloges to me and I would rather hear a verse from any of them then Lil Wayne over pretty much anything

  • derfla the hus’la

    I like the case agianst better they mo real and to the point.lol

  • Big Tone

    At the end of the day it’s not about who sell more album, who drives the best cars or has the most ice, or who can fuck the most hoes. It all lies in who gives the people what they want. Jay Z did that from 96-01. Weezy has been doing it from 99 to the present. And as of now Weezy is the best rapper alive. Have you clowns been listening to the mixtapes this guy has been on lately. He has murdered at least 5 mixtape that know of off hand, and that’s been since like November of 2006. Now Jay Z did his thing for a number of years, he gave us good music, standards to live by with hip hop culture and many other things. But his time is up…i.e.”Kingdom Come”(Horrible album). Rap is like any other profession. People need to know how to bow out and retire when their time is up. Don’t stay in the game, or retire and comeback, and be remembered for the wack, horrible albums that you did when you “thought” you still had it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    Best rapper alive? Did Rakim, KRS One, Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Rev Run, Scarface, Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Andre 3000, Eminem, Lord Finesse, Slick Rick, etc. ALL die in an explosion yesterday? SMH. One.

  • http://dman8784myspace.com dubldealing

    pound for pound this nigga has gotten better every fucking album..he didnt even curse on his debut..he keeps appearing on everyones songs to keep his name in the streets and im saying he;’s already got his classic albums mane..THE CARTER 2-was his classic it by far is up there for one if not the best southern albums EVER…this dude’s got the flow he goes in and does songs off the top of his head ala jay-z and biggie…thats all for now 1

  • Boner Jams 03

    The best rapper alive is Bart Simpson…

    Everybody if u can/do the bartman!

  • Boner Jams 03

    The best rapper alive is Bart Simpson…

    Everybody if u can/do the bartman!

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz da’realestwritin’


  • j

    buy the source mag with bigon the cover people… theyre on the way back…xxl isonly good for their bloggers

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    …Weezy has 10 plus years ahead of him…and like he said…he will stop when he is assasinated…nobody…and i mean nobody…can bring what he brings to the table…lyrcism, word play, swag, youth, hunger, and experience…who can bring all that to the table…

    all i hear is hatin in the comments no substantial facts…tell me who in the game can bring what weezy brings to the table…oh and andre 3000 been rapping like Weezy lately…ANDRE 3000 says,”Im a BIG fan of his work”…all yall doing is hating on this dude because he is from the south…if the nigga was from your city you would have started a fan club by now…to hold on to memories is pathetic and a lot like a old head would do…this is 2007…WEEZY cant be touched…all i hear is he kissed baby he waint the best…GTFOH…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    …he doesnt say he is the best rapper ever he says HE IS THE BEST RAPPER DOING IT RIGHT NOW…and guess what he gonna have the thrown before the year is over…meaning it will be official…


    Not the best rapper alive but he does have the Tha Carter II which in my opinion is a sure classic. Plus even though I like Andree 3000 better he got killed by Wayne on Hollywood divorce.


    Sheek Louch….best rapper alive

  • http://www.first.com First

    I’m the best rapper dead.

  • Boner Jams 03

    the best rapper alive is Bart Simpson…

    “everybody if u can/do the bartman!

  • http://yahoo.com quin_c813

    He gay…nuff said!!!!

  • content

    I’d give it to Chamillionaire. He’s cocky as hell on the mic but off it he’s a humble dude.

    Wayne has gotten too caught up in himself and although he hasn’t lost his work ethic he has lost that underdog persona that keeps an artist sharp.

  • tubz

    weezy heavy but jay the best in the game…. uk stand up!!!

  • nike

    when did weezy pass luda….luda will smash dude right left center. luda is better in every way…

  • Incilin

    Ahh, personally I would say the Game. He’s just as nice but some of the things he raps about is of consequence and importance. The only really good album Weezy has is Carter II (Which is only as good if not as good as the documentary or doctors advocate). And Game is just as profilic (Altho he spends too much time dissing and beefin)

    But i will say that Weezy’s best days might still be ahead of him. He’s got the world watching and he’s on top of his game right now. his next album just may b that classic you speak of.

  • philly

    No he’s not the best rapper alive. He’s not better than Jay NOW or Nas NOW and maybe TI is a argument. I mean who is he influencing. Good punchlines but no substance. Jay made niggas change they shit up. Weezy aint been thru enough to move me to say he the best. I listen to Kingdome Come, vol 3 blueprint, black album, and Reasonable more than I listen to Carter 1 + 2 or dedications. They were cool when they came out but thats it. I don’tneed to go back and hear that shit because whatever at the moment im going thru he weezy won’t move me. Jay go A LOT of shit to talk about. The more I listen to Kingdome Come the more I apreciate it. Jay adresses shit. I mean even on the Jeezy remixes or slim thug, or Rick Ross, or dear Summer orMike Jones.Stuff the past 2 years. I mean he kills shit with lyrics and still have substance. Fuck a punchline, give me meat. And his Corporate takeover freestyle was redicolous. Better than Wayne version of Show me what you got!! INTEGRITY PEOPLE> INTEGRITY is a major part. Carter 3 will be great I hope but hes not the best especially when you coppied niggas since you been out. get your own IDENTITY

  • 2Sam


  • Big Work

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive. And it is because of a myriad of things. He has the lyrics. He has an amazing flow. He can switch styles without even blinking. He’s got tones of swagger. He’s always hungry for more. While some rappers may possess a couple of these qualities, none have the complete package. That’s what makes lil wayne such a great rapper. Tha Carter 2, in my opinion, was a classic. I don’t know how Tha Carter 3 is going to be, but I can’t wait to find out

  • john cochran


  • Stray

    AESOP ROCK is.

    Clearly Bol’s dumb ass knows nothing else than what’s on MTV.

  • Nate aka konfidence

    Weezy is good but he is no where near some of the other rappers out right now.

    1.) Chamillionaire. this dude has done more underground than t.i. has done in his whole career. This guy just rhymes everything. All you have to do is listen to mixtape messiah and you’ll know that he’sso talented. He is way too slept on and its a shame that he is pretty much only known for ridin dirty.

    2.) Ghostface. He’s been so good for so long and his storytelling ability is unmatched. Shakey dog to me is an amazing song (fishscale) and that song alone (not to take away from any of his other major accomplishments) shows me that his storytelling is unmatched by any other. Oh, btw, supreme clientele is considered one of the 20 best rap albums of all time

    3.) Jay-z. I must admit. Kingdom come was a shit sandwich. The only two good things that came from that album were the soundscan freestyle, and the lost ones beat. other than that everything hov has ever dropped has been fire. hardknock life vol. 2 was underrated. resonable doubt was genious. the black album was fire all the way through. (he should have stopped there) He’s an amazing lyricist.

    AND TO ALL YOU IDIOTS WHO ARE TALKING ABOUT “OH What about krs and ll cool j, and big daddy kane” we’re mainly talking about the mainstream rappers today…SO SHUT UP

  • J.R.O.

    “How much of a feat is it, really, to rap effortlessly about things that don’t really require any effort in the first place? I realize rapping about being hot and riding around in your car and what have you is what they do in the South, but still.”

    So true.

    And, XXL only gives a shit about sellin’ magazines. That’s why Wayne is on the cover on the ten year anniversary of Biggie death.

  • The Pope

    > There should be some sort of rule that you can’t kiss another man on the lips and still call yourself the best rapper alive. That’s just sending out the wrong message to today’s youth.

    ^B, this bit is right up there with that post about punching the gay dog. Classic ish. No homo.

  • Adam

    Chamillionaire is the best rapper not weezy.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    NCRED … I’m all for Weezy just as much as you are (no Damon Wayans in Beverly Hills Cop)

    BUT … honestly .. you can’t think that overall Wayne is better than Ludacris (we talkin’ South MC’s here now). Ludacris is an artist in every sense of the word (rappin’, actin’).

    I’ll give you one thing, Wayne did rip the “Georgia” beat harder, but i’m talkin’ overall.

    The reason that the comments on here are filled with a little X-tra hate is cuz people like yourself over-exaggerate his worth. Like I said, I would easily put Weezy top 10 as a lyricist but sometimes you go overboard with the rantin’ and ravin’ about him which cause the sensitive internet thugs to “flex their fingertips” and bust a “submit comment” on your ass.

  • Atl’s own

    weezy dat fie!

    and both “Carter” albums and “da block is hot” were better than da “doctors advocate”.

    and if u think weezy musik don’t have substance then u listenin to slow!

    However, weezy is not da best rapper alive as long as Aundre 3000 is breathin’!

    i mean 3000 be singin nowadays, but will still eat yo favorite rapper alive!

    log out!

    just bought a cadillac!


    He’s suspect. There should be some sort of rule that you can’t kiss another man on the lips and still call yourself the best rapper alive. That’s just sending out the wrong message to today’s youth.
    Co-sign and anybody defending Weezy is a homo

    Dude can rap but he’s way overrated.

    Game > Weezy and it isn’t even close

  • http://www.thesbdexperience.com livefromthe225

    just as jay-z was once the best MAINSTREAM HIGH PROFILE selling artist, so is Wayne at this point…that’s not to say more underground dudes like Sean Price or lower profile cats like Lupe aren’t better BUT for what’s it’s worth amongst the big dogs of the industry right now he outraps the multitude hands down…and as stated earlier he is a lethal combination of youth & veteran…once the subject matter gets more wordly everyone can hang it up

    not a stan, I’ve been knowing of this boy’s talent since 9-7 when he was probably better then than now


    Weezy can spit, i won’t lie, i quote some of his shit to myself for chuckles…

    But “The Best Rapper Alive”???

    HELL NO!!!

    The day Jay, Nas, Luda, Eminem, all die- then he still would have alot of niggaz to go thru…

  • white shoes johnson

    ghostface is the best rapper alive.

    bun b, scarface, t.i., and b.g. are all better than weezy.

  • therealwayno

    I agree with NIKE. What about Luda?

  • Testes

    I agree with NIke, what about Luda?

  • mzfinegirl

    yea lil wayne is the best rappa alive. nodoubt. and he aint suspect.

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Best Rapper Alive? Tie between Jay and Nas. Their understudies? Lupe & Budden. Deal with it. Lil Wayne isn’t the best rapper in the South, and he doesn’t even place north of the Mason Dixon. Good article, Ash. UNO!

  • Lil Wayne’s #1 Fan


  • 1906

    Nice post… I gotta say Bol has really stepped his game up since they put Diet-Bol right next to him. Meanwhile Sunday continues his renditions of when shock-blogging goes wrong.

  • Life After Death

    Nice post… I gotta say Bol has really stepped his game up since they put Diet-Bol right next to him. Meanwhile Sunday continues his renditions of when shock-blogging goes wrong.

  • http://myspace.com/therealmaed M.A.

    Alright you can say whatever the hell you want to say about Wayne… but he is not the best rapper alive… the guy is a FUCKIN phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan, and he was born in 79 not 82 so he’s actually 27 not 24 “look at the police reports”… and he’s a clone when he 1st came out he road B.G.’s dick, then he jumped on G.D.K.’s, then Jay’s, now he’s jump all on Santana’s dick… oh yeah and he always talks about being shoot that bitch nigga Cheddar Bobbed himself posing in a picture with a gun… and like everyone else said he’s suspect homo… but honestly I like Wayne he’s a cool dude but not the best rapper alive or ever

  • mzfinegirl

    why do yall hate on wayne so much and quit comparing him to jay or nas. obviously he is better cuz yall always comparing him to them two. now yall know yall woudnt compare 50 cent to them. cuz he garbage. but lil wayne is great lyrically.jayz albumm sucked. nas was good. but i rather listened to waynes 6 MIxtaPeS IN 2006. WOW who does 6 mixtapes AND an album all in one year. tell me that is not skill. and wayne improves by ALOT every year. jayz gets worser with each album. reasonable doubt was his best album. nas stays around the same lyrically. and eminem has definetly fallen off. his first two albums were his best work. tell me a rapper that has improved as much as wayne. i bet your favorite rapper only gets worser and worser lyrically.

  • mzfinegirl

    OMG yall say b.g. better than lil wayne! now thats hate. b.g. talks about the same subject matter. hes trash. and he cant rap.

  • Rick Kane

    Best rapper alive or best rapper to put out an album and some mixtapes recently? If the debate is over best rapper alive, no way Wayne wears the crown. As previous comments have mentioned, Jay, Nas, Eminem, Andre 3000, etc. are better than Wayne, if you are looking at their entire catalogue.

    The only reason we’re having this debate is that none of the best rappers alive have put out a great album RECENTLY and Wayne put out Carter II and some good mixtapes most recently.

    Is Carter II better than Kingdom Come? Yes. Is Wayne’s catalogue better than Jay’s? No. Is Wayne at his peak better than Jay at his peak? No.

    Same is true for Eminem, Nas, Andre 3000 and possibly others.

    I give Wayne his respect. He’s putting out fire lately, but he’s put out plenty of trash over the years as well, until just recently. Give me two or three more albums as good or better than Carter II and I’ll start talking about Wayne as best rapper alive. Maybe he’ll do it, maybe he won’t. Until then, we just don’t know where he belongs in this debate.

  • Boner Jams 03

    My top 5:

    5. Young MC
    4. Stephon Urkell (pronounced Ur-kell…not to be confused with Steve Urkel)
    3. The Gooch
    2. Doug Funny
    1. King Hippo

  • C.Rob

    If not him then who? Wayne is the best nuff said…


    Lil Wayne is the most improved mc but still years behind nas and clipse. The tracks on the mixtapes are hit and miss. He should subtract all the garbage and come out with less material.

  • TS

    i don’t know cuz i really haven’t heard much of the dude’s work, but Jay’s my fav rapper and even i think some of his fans need to chill. dude _was_ consistent as hell but KC proves he doesn’t have it much anymore. or if he does, he’s been lazy. if we’re just talkin’ ’bout who’s the best currently, it doesn’t take a ton to be better than Jay’s performance on that album.

    all i can say about Wayne though is dude’s voice is nasal as hell

  • Monsta

    papoose and cassidy jay-z J-hood nas b.g. game young jeezy so many people

  • OG Frank

    I wanted Biggie on the cover tho, not this faggot

  • the real yellow nigga

    the little niggas a retard that raps…
    he’s the best rapper that kisses men on the lips with his eyes closed…
    that means he’s a passionate rapper that likes to kiss his dad on the lips…and tryin to defend it by sayin they on some mob shit is ri-cock-ulous. fuckottahere nigga.

    XXL has just turned into a gay porn mag.

    YN goes on about how he don’t wanna be like all the other mags and put BIG on the cover. I guess no one’s put a little gay rapper on their covers yet…you win nigga.

  • blergmatic

    “I realize rapping about being hot and riding around in your car and what have you is what they do in the South, but still.”

    Southern rappers are the only ones that do this? This is all that southern rappers rap about?

    Who did you blow to get this job?

  • http://myspace.com/therealmaed M.A.

    Oh yeah and you can’t be the BEST RAPPER ALIVE unless fans say it and not proclaim yourself as the best rapper alive… I mean Wayne hasn’t even made a classic album yet and Tha Carter III is his 7th solo album… If this album don’t do muti Platinum numbers he might as well drop this hold act… and I mean big numbers like 5mill not 500,000 or 2mill

  • Rae Tha Great

    Its probaly between Kanye West & The Game or Lupe, Saigon, Tru Life, or Papoose. Peace

  • 10 A C

    Wayne da best hands down, nebody say he not is in denial

  • rxsalt

    when is this shit ever going to stop? speaking of “language of the oppressor”…

    “There should be some sort of rule that you can’t kiss another man on the lips and still call yourself the best rapper alive. That’s just sending out the wrong message to today’s youth.”

    when is this shit ever going to stop?

  • scenik

    face it…he’s the best.

  • hasler09

    weezy fire but ‘best rapper alive’ no way!!!i think if he could make a classic album he might get there but he aint yet!there are alot of good rappers like weezy n game who are gettin alot better but it seems the older u are the better u get to a point like jay n nas r vets n they are always in the mix so maybe in a weezy will b there in a few years but not yet!!!


    Is XXL in the Cash Money Payroll, first he gets the #1 most anticipated album of 07, now he gets the cover. As far as him being the best rapper alive? theres at least 10 rappers better than him out right now. Just because he did a better version of Jay-Z’s “Show me what you got”, all he did was flip the words and ride the same flow. As of right now ANDRE “I wear funky clothes but carry a strapp at all times” 3000 is the best rapper alive and thats only off of one vers in an stupid ass song, Andre just took the title and “walked it out”.

  • DirtDoggy

    Lil Bow weeny > Lil wheezily Goldberg jk.

    Seriously though his voice is annoying, sounds like a chipmunk with bronchitis.

  • Atl’s own

    weezy is good!

    But Andre 3000 is da best rapper alive; fuck it ever!

  • rich

    Weezy is one of the worsr MC in the game I can name about 100 Rappers that lyrically shit on Wayne.

    This nigga think he couldve been part of the wu, fuck outt here his ass wouldve been carrying equipment and occasionally replacing U GOD as the wackest member of the Clan.

  • http://xxlmag.com M0Bread

    When lil wayne calls himself the bestrapper alive he wants you to take his craft more seriosuly. Whos the best rapper alive? who knows but i know one thing all the great rappers have 3 things in common swagger, lyrics,and a flow and lil Wayne got all of them. And a nother thing why when people are considered legends know one whats to say someone is better are just as good

  • http://www.MOREMENOCAL.com Andres Menocal



  • http://xxlmag.com M0Bread

    when lil Wayne calls himself the best rapper alive he is saying this so people could take his craft more serious. Lil Wayne is in the top 10 alive like it or not….And another thing why when someone gets crowned a legend ya make it seem like there is know one better are as good. What is considered best changes with time

  • http://myspace.com/imonlymarlon marlon

    If your 24 or over, I really can’t see you callin wayne the best alive. We heard the golden age when we were growing up. Anyone from 24-32 knows what I’m talkin about. But if you younger, I can see your argument cause most of the young’ns can’t get on the level of rap of jay new album, nas, lupe, kanye, common. A few reasons why.

    1. His competition. TI, luda, and chamillionaire all are more complete rappers, but don’t take the complete “thug image” that wayne takes on. TI has the swag much better, Luda will bury lyrically, and chamillionaire has much more to say than wayne.

    2. Thug Image-wayne is the main rapper still holdin on to a grill and the wannabe thug image. Youngstas love that shit and all think there from the hood and think its cool what he does and talks about. He has the dreads, tats, and diamond grill that for some crazy ass reason young people love. Older cats can respect luda, ti, jay, nas for puttin on some real clothes when needed. Youngstas don’t realize that u can’t do that shit 4ever!

    3. He’s a rebel. Wayne, one thing I’ll give him is that he doesn’t care what people think about him. The chains, biker jackets, leather pants(some gay ass shit), kickin it wit dipset, kissin a man, he truly doesn’t care what people think and does say what he wants. Fans have always liked people who go against the norm, and he does that!

    But when u come out and disrespect the person u look up to and used his style, dats fuckin dumb and crazy! I’m in louisiana and the last time jay-z came to new orleans, wayne was in the crowd screaming like everyone else. He’s a fan. He fuckin reminds me of terrell owens, he won’t shut the fuck up. He puts up good stats, but he’s a cancer at the same time to the league(hip-hop). He’ll never be better than jerry rice (jay z)

    I’m out. Be EZ

  • http://www.myspace.com/belizeanbway Belize

    Best Rapper alive is Yung Butplug!!!!

  • DevoG


  • South Ambassador

    First of all…….I’ve been sayin’ this for 30 years! No matter what yall say, Wayne is more talented than Jay, but some backups be better than the starter….but they’ll never get any burn b/c the starter (Jay-Z) has been leading the league for 10 straight years.

    He could never be considered the king of the south until T.I. died, his background doesn’t match up right….too many questions about him. He’ll just have to be satisfied as the best lyricist.

    ——Remind you Wayne is my 2nd favorite rapper——

  • 100 Dollars

    Lil Wayne reminds me of retards who took the small bus to school.

  • Ace

    Fuck No wayne ain’t da best..He ain’t no where near cassidy level..and Plus all wayne talk about is stuntin with dem wack ass metaphors he got FUCK WAYNE and I’m 4rm New Orleans.





    1 MAC
    4 B.G
    7 FIEND
    8 BIG MIKE


  • Stax On Deck

    Y’all haterz really are jus some serious lamez. Y’all talk shit about Weezy, but at the end of the day y’all faggots bump his music…

  • Hurricane Game

    Hes a good rapper but he is setting the wrong example for kids.
    Kissing men is a big no.
    It should be illegal and be put to a stop.Kids look up to Weezy and Kissing men is not what we want our kids to do.
    No Homo to the multiple times kissing Men was mentioned

  • nobammer


    When you gonna discuss about fiddy vs camron beef?

  • skip

    @big tone

    wtf “do u listen 2 music(kingdom come)or skim through it” or “it has 2 be dumbdowned 4 u”

    but the middle songs r weak 8-10

  • skip

    co-sign MARLON. chuuurchhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Prince Of The South

    Weezy is barely better than Pusa T he can’t see Nas or Jay when you look at it Line for Line. With the flow he still not seeing Nas and he definately not seeing Jay. I don’t like Weezy, but I ain’t a hater and will give respect when it’s due and he’s hot. I think it’s cool after all these years he’s finally making noise. He’s good, but I think he’s smelling his own piss a little too much, somebody like Luda, Nas,or Cassidy need to tap him so he becomes humble again because TI too scared to do it.

  • r

    lil wayne voice i wack

  • EffYou

    If his mixtapes are hot as people claim to be,he should be alot bigger than he is right now.Droppin 6 mixtapes in a year ?? How bout making a hot album instead of makin all these mixtapes..That’s what’s wrong with the music today,ever since 50 blew up off the mixtape thing,niggas think that’s the easiest way to get a buzz.Mixtapes dont show your TRUE talent as an artist,they just show people u know how to rhyme off someone else’s track…I’m not sayin that wayne aint nice,but his songs aren’t timeless..Someone give me some of his “classic” songs.Not talking about his mixtape stuff either

  • hoodsavior

    ok “show me what u got” is a SINGLE…wayne version was a FREESTYLE…how does wayne outshine him if he gets to talk about nuttin and jay has to make sales out of it??


    rite now wayne is the best thang smokin. people kill me bringing up shit about his past and his gang affiliation. r we talkin about the best rapper or the realest nigga alive….nobody said he was super gangster but the boy can spit. jay z was about 26 when he dropped his 1st classic (reasonable doubt). niggas is comparin wayne albums he did when he was 17, 19 yrs old to jay shit. wayne career has officialy started wit that carter 2 whe he was 23…was jay this nice at 24??? doubt it

  • ak47

    best way to put it…… weezy is the kobe of the rap game right now. hes got the talent to be one of the greats and there aren’t too many people doin it better right now.

    hes not the king…but the prince. he will be the king unless someone can lyrically murder him consistently and take the thrown that hes about to inherit.

    he is definetly the king of the south though. sorry t.i.

  • weezyfbaby??

    of the top 10 rappers that are better than lil wayne not in any order though

    chino xl
    royce da 59
    crooked i

    hell even gillie da kid is better than weezy f. baby “weezy fucking baby” get it?

  • S.EYES AKA “the premier financier”




  • S.EYES AKA “the premier financier”


  • Dipset

    Cam’Ron=best rapper alive

  • dre4life

    name 1 best rapper ever who never had a classic album, no classic than u not the best. with that said, tha carter III doesn’t have to b on reasonable doubt level, but it better b close 2 blueprint at least, orelse gorget about best rapper alive, u wont even b on no mag cover

  • lala

    wayne been doin mixtapes before 50. everybody has been doing mixtapes before 5o. And has got a whole bunch of new fans. cuz i remember i used to be the only one listening to wayne and lovin him. now everybody tryna take my man. and thats all u hear is his mixtapes or the carter 2 playing in the ride. wayne finna take ova with the carter 3

  • lala

    best rappers alive and dead(no order)

    lil wayne

  • lala

    why are u comparing lil wayne with jayz. lil wayne is only 24 or something. how old was jayz when he made reasonable doubt? jayz time is over.

  • http://yahoo.com B.O.M.

    Wayne is 27. He said in xxl that he met baby in 93 when he was 13, so do the math.Cockroach lookin lil fuck cant keep hi story str8.

  • http://yahoo.com B.O.M.


  • JZ sux

    hmmm well since most of u idiots dont really listen to good music let me inform u that the former best rapper i guess? Jay-Z(overrated) is washed up not saying that weezy is the best because he isnt i do not understand why everyone cant just agree that Eminem is the best rapper alive. Weezy is overrated so is Jay-Z his new album is garbage hes out of his era and will never be good agian he should have stayed in retirement. U will all see once agian when Em drops his new album and it sells over 5 million copies agian that he is the best hands down soo fuck Jay and Weezy

  • JZ sux

    im pretty sure weezy will never bring someone into the game like em did with 50 weezy is too consumed with himself to rap about nething meaningful soo lala u need to make room for em in ur top dont hate cause hes white dawg

  • philly

    Wayne was the one whos coming at jay, his idol. Thats why he gets the comparisons. And so the fuck what he is 24. He gloats about rapping since 12 plus he got 6 albums. None classics. None changed the game. And none worth going the fuck back to listen too. Like Beans said before “U little 16 bar spitter”. Do you think Jay, or Nas, or Kanye, Or Ti care about spitting some punchline raps for a verse. Then come out with cd’s and aint saying nothing? How many ventures do Jay got going on and he still give you substance songs. Even “Hollywood” is real. Corporate Takeover should let you no that if Jay wanted to he could kill shit like before. Wayne has NO classics. I repeat none. And wayne says he was in the streets and he raps about “Honda Accord with a trunk full of raw”. Jay in 95 “in my lifetime” was 25 when he made that. Go listen to that shit and see the REALNESS AUTHENTIC DEEP HONESTY AND RELATABLENESS of that song. Real street shit. WAYNE is 24 and what song do Hustlers or non-hustlers say damn I feel that. So don’t give me that age shit. He dissed him so now all his work gets critiqed. Make A week Ago or STreets is Watchin or Wanna Ride, or Allure then we say you can be the best. Not no 16 bar cute rap with Chris Brown or LLoyd. Real recognize Real

  • LALA

    Im just kidding JAy-Z is the greastest Rapper Alive Lil WAyne is garbage

  • Mayday

    Maybe i’m getting too old for this rap shit but I have no idea how anybody who actualy listens to hip hop can claim that he is the best rapper alive. In my opinion he’s one of the worst and ugliest ( dude looks like he’s fucking retarted!!!). Pick any New York rapper
    besides Jim spandex jones and he’s way better then that little fuck! Have you guys ever
    heard of Nas, Raekwon, Saigon or even unsigned
    cats like Stimuli or Quan. Even if you are too ignorant and only check out the south, Scarface, Smitty and T.I. are fucking miles ahead of Whoppie!

  • BPSN


  • BPSN


  • Chuck

    Bol pretty much hit the nail on the head with the last item off the “case against” list: He is SUSPECT. Once you have that label, it is difficult to overcome and have a career. Even if you manage to do that, it is pretty much understood that you are automatically out of the race for the crown. Game is a perfect example of this (I won’t get into all the bullshit with him that has played itself out over the past 2 years, most of you probably already know the deal). He has too many little rumors and things working against him: (1)The “alleged” gayness (the fact that there’s a picture of it really doesn’t help), (2)the alleged lying about his age (arrest report from last year – you may or may not remember the incident – shows him to be three or four years older than he says he is, even though that general rumor has been floating around for at least a couple of years), (3)shooting himself in the chest(I’m pretty – not absolutely – sure he admitted doing that), and a new one that you may not have heard about: (4)him getting smacked by a member of his crew. Usually if the rumors are false they tend to die down after a while but (1),(2), and (3) don’t seem to be going anywhere. When certain rumors persist, they tend to take on an air of truth. He may be able to fool those 106 and Park kids and they’ll crown him king (let’s face it, little kids can’t remeber shit, and when they do they remember it wrong), but anyone that’s a little older will see through that and they will not let him off the hook. Even if you remove that from the equation, in order to be king, you need four things: (1)pop appeal, (2)wordplay, (3)ability to say something of substance, and (4)original/ill song concepts. As far as I can see, Wayne has the first two and that’s it. Also, can someone answer this question, because I’m genuinely curious; also feel free to correct me if I have the facts wrong. Assuming Wayne is as old as he says he is, Didn’t Wayne’s real father die when he was twelve, and didn’t Baby “adopt” him almost immediately afterwards, on the same day, in fact? Hasn’t Baby supposedly had ridiculous amounts of money at least since ’98, when Cash Money first popped? They were ballin’ in pretty much every video, right? In that case, if Baby has been rich for at least eight(that we know of) out of the twelve years Wayne’s father has been dead, why would Wayne have to move weight? When would he have done it? Between ages twelve and sixteen? Twelve seems a little young. Keep in mind that he was putting out albums in that time period that were hard to find outside the NO region. Whether you like Wayne or not, all these things put together can be boiled down to one word: SUSPECT. If he wants to be king, it’s gonna be an uphill battle.

  • JZ sux


  • young dubb

    right off the bat dude is not the best rapper alive or even close. bar for bar no one is touching nas or jay-z and thats almost 11 years after reasonable doubt and almost 13 years after illmatic. all weezy does is rap bout the crack game. lets set the record straight if you aren’t big poppa(god bless the dead) don’t only rap bout how many keys you done moved. leaving the legends alone the next one up is THE GAME. sorry to all the hating mutha fuckas who think the west coast is weak since pac passed(god bless the dead). the GAME literally ethered 50 with bar after bar of complicated lyrics, made joe budden an unknown, and made hova think twice before going at him. after game it has got to be pusha t & malice from CLIPSE. two albums deep and bout 90% of their shit is already classic in my book. hell hath no fury was rated a classic in this very publication and all weezy ever got was XL. to round out a top three you must not forget about TI. yes he is from the south and yeah he still needs to put in work, but he is getin in that level of amazing talent. he went platinum when no one else could, he ruled the south with an iron fist. and not one dude in the industry wants it with him. when luda tried goin at him TI just ignored him knowing he was the better rapper already.

    so no way in hell is weezy the top rapper alive. he is probably top fifteen at best and thats only if he wipes baby’s lip stick off his cheeks.

  • L.B.C

    fuck that hoe the game is the best rapper ever

  • jaw

    fuck weezy

  • Jani B

    what the fuck this coward can’t be the best as long as you got people like chamillionaire and Jay-z out. Plus if you notice he’s a come and go rapper he’s good on one song to shitier than mike jones and mobb deep combined on the next.

  • Weezy King

    Chamillionaire sucks all i can say one hit wonder he cant touch lil wayne.



    “Can say don’t rhyme, and its gon’ rhyme…”

  • Doug

    PHONTE from LB…get yalls heads straight

  • Rell

    Im not going to front Im feeling Mr.Please Say The Baby, but he is far from the best rapper alive. He just got hot a couple years ago, now all of a sudden the game is his, talk about arrogance.Last year he said HOVA was his favorite rapper now all of a sudden your better than him, please it seems to me you have been hangin around Juelz too much and caught some of that Dipsetitis.He not even the top in the south he number three to T.I. and Jeezy, people only workin with you too get shine you aint nothin but trampoline,just gettin used so people can get higher.The Best Rapper Alive to me is Jigga, he been able to adapt his style throughout the years he’s been in the game.

  • Wez

    This gay..euhh guy Bol don’t know shit about Hip Hop, you need to delete your ass off the internet and go and get laid or something.
    Ps did Jay stole your girl or something, get your weight up, not your hate up homeboy!!

  • connor

    i don’t really care who he is and isn’t fucking. the dude is obviously the best out, certainly better than jay-z, who i think has been canonized to an irrational extent. it’s fucking lame that when people call jay out on not actually maybe being so great, they lose all their critical credibility. he just isn’t that good; the “classic” album had the same song 10 or 12 times, and the rest of them were mixed bags at best.

    sometimes wayne’s verses mean something, and sometimes they don’t, but he’s fun to listen to every time, and he can hold my attention even over a boring beat. that’s more than i can say for anyone out right now.

  • loves da music

    This nigga weezy got tight lyrics.But to call the carter 2 a classic is crazy.u wanna know wat a classic album.illmatic,ready to die,all eyes on me,doggystyle,both chronics,marshall mathers lp,36 chambers,adventures of slick rick,straight outt compton,the fix,get rich n die tryin,stillmatic,both blueprint,the infamous.iz the carter 2 good compare to these albums.

  • Doug

    oh yeah for you ignorant faggots out there…since when is this hating? stating your opinion…LIL wayne sucks and is not the best rapper alive, hes the most overrrated rapper alive. Thats not hating thats my opinion so shut up with the hating bullshit

  • Myspace.com/Derrickonthebeat

    Chamillionaire is the best rapper alive… Hands down. and if not he will be. ya dig. yall boys better stop sleepin… I dont gotta prove.. u’ll see

    Oh yea… want some beats? Holla at me at http://www.myspace.com/DerrickOnTheBeat

  • Kid Wave

    Luda vs. Weezy, who would win? Luda is a BEAST, I repeat, A BEAST ON THE MIC. People are claiming since Wayne puts out the most mixtapes and guest appearances, that he is the best. Nigga get the fuck outta here. Luda and Nas and Jay can drop albums every couple years and put up double-triple plat numbers because everyone knows they gonna bring it. Weezy is doin all the mixtapes so people don’t forget about him because if he left the game for a year or two people wouldn’t really notice. And tell me how Wayne being 24 and Jay 36 makes Wayne BETTER? Sure Jay dropped Reasonable Doubt when he was 26, but he was just STARTING OUT. That was his FIRST ALBUM. Because unlike Wayne, Jay was actually hustling, unlike Weezy, who just SAYS he was, but really didn’t do shit. Wayne has had 3 albums before Tha Carter and Carter 2 and those 3 albums sucked ass. All 9 of Jay’s albums are fire. ALL NINE OF ‘EM. Wayne will never be better than Jay regardless of what he does from here on out because Jay has a flawless catalog, while Wayne already has 3 whack albums. 3 whack albums that will always be there and that he will never be able to get rid of. By the way for people that said Kingdom Come is whack, the fuck were you listening to? Maybe you were expecting 106 and Park rhymes, but this is grown music, listen up and rewind it again, you little fucks. Regardless of all that, Luda is better than Wayne. I would put Wayne about #9 in rappers ALIVE. And that’s just at THIS MOMENT. If you look at overall, Wayne isn’t even in the top 50 all time, if the top 100. And for the person who said why people keep comparing rappers to Jay and Nas, it’s because Jay and Nas are the best rappers alive, and if you can’t bring it better than them, you aren’t anything special. Weezy should worry about being better than someone like Ludacris or T.I. or Game before he starts going at legends like JAY-Z. “you little fucks fall back for real, 30′s the new 20 nigga I’m so hot still”

  • rock da block

    wayne doing a better versuon of jays show me what u got beat does not make him better than jay.its easy to do a better version of another dudes song when the dude has already set the standard and flow of how the song should be done.its even easier when the song is the other dudes lead single which automatically voids the need for lyrics while urs is a reestyle.

    jay-zs crporate takeover freestyle shits on anything any rapper including weezy has dropped since 2003 wen jigga himself dropped the ignorant shit freestyle.

  • mzfinegirl

    yea bol jus hates rap period

  • REo

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive get weight up folks

  • mzfinegirl

    yall muthufukas pressed yall kno deep down inside lil wayne is the best thats y yall makin lists and shit to prove he aint. yall saying he gay. he is not gay. trina? nivea? and even if he was how does that affect his lyrical ability? then yall saying he aint the best cuz of jigga. come on now yall if u listen to kingdom come and the carter 2 wat would u ratheer listen to? exactly the carter2. Then yall talking about show me wat u got. lil wayne killed him. jay lazy ass could have made a better versionof the song. it is not easier to make a better song over someone elses i bet jim jones couldnt do it, or dfb couldnt. so yea. yall writing huge paragraphs on why lil wayne aint the bestwhen yall kno he is. or yall at least kno he close. because other wise ud just be like “no he isnt the best rapper” instead of making a huge statement. thats preessed and yall mutha fukas kno he is the best.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    This is mitape shit aka throw away lyrics…ask Jay and Nas if they got anything left in the tank…Weezy just left the gas station…

    Um Look at here
    S B donks 5 7 5 jeans
    five thousand dollaz on muh fuck’n wallet chain
    I b wil’n mane
    Ima Island mane, there aint nuttin else by me mane
    I tell em’ float on and go on to da ozone im so gone my blunt lika polon i prolon
    and hold on to it lika trumbone im so blown.. in arm i got dat cock bak i dont need dat thumbone
    so cum on..u get dat 1 wit da drum on..it..das dat 1 dat go,”thit thata thit duh thit duh thit” im so terrific
    wen i spit..put muh foot up n yo ass..now kick’n n yo shit, now im pitch’n at cho bitch. and she catch it wit ha
    lip, naw she catch it wit ha mouth, and since im da president she try to catch it on her blouse, i tell her,
    wwooooooo eazy babii, im king cake so she eat da babii. Wait, shit gets way mor crazier..we flip da bitch like
    she wuz ina gymnasier. I aint fuck’n wit dem bitches wit dat stadium…das no dome…bitch go home..yea yea bitch bitch bitch go hhoommeee. yea bitch bitch i spit da hundred winters on muh snow comb.lil nigga walk’n like he get his bowl on. Boss man..pimp stroll pimp stroll. i can let muh money go wen da wind blo, bet it cum rite bak lika rental. and bet dem bitches undastand me like 10 4. NIggaz is simple, like instramentalz, im bet chu bitches undastand me like info. Get cha top choped..and get trimed low..sumthin like muh Benzo, ridin wit my friend’s hoes, no i mean my hoez friendz, fuck’n all my hoez friends, takin all my hoez endz, dat would make da globe spin. I tell deez yung niggaz pimp or die. dont get dat benz if dey not split dem eyez..get dem thighs, spin dem tires. And if you reach your eye..i dont preach i speech and giv u beef wit dem fries. yea..cum 2 da beach nd find, i liv where all da little seagles flyy. See babii im so high..all i need u 2 do iz jus shut up and ride…bitch bitch shut up and ride. bitch bitch shut up nd ride
    yea, look
    and me and Mac iz jus 2 niggaz frm da same hood, fell from da same tree, cut frm da same wool.. Im jus a young lion and he da young bull. Not sammie da bull, da pistol on my hip den i gotta hammie 2 pull. I hada lammie at skool. I think it wuz Di’Obloey, im T I RED, im T I RED, U D I ED Bcuz of wut u sed. shit, im sharp as an image, and i keep it bumpin like like a mothafuck’n rimish. 2 twins drank me up like dinice, wen im finish..i say feel it, wen im finish dey say weezy u killed it, i hop on yo shit and dey say weezy u healed it. so fly got wingz tatooed on me. da gun glued on me. but i pop ya in ya stomach, now i got me yestadays food on me, well dat wuz real rude homey, and i smell lika weed plant..young money mothafucka where da cheese at.

  • babyboy

    1- Mos Def (black on both sides) can u handle it??
    2- Talib Kweli (beautiful strugle) classic, underated still
    3- Method Man (his last album straight classic in my opinion) underated and bad promotion can really fuck u up

  • angry1

    understand that most of the weezy-lovers here point to Tha Carter as his best album or “his classic” if u will. That also happens 2 b the album that most acknowledge Gillie the Kid for. It was definitely suspicious when all of a sudden weezy switched up the flow and style like that. Just pointing that out. I also liked the point that someone earlier made about T.I. and Luda being as good or better. Luda gets slept on so easily in this conversation. Sad but true. If I had to crown sumbody in the south Luda is wearin it.

  • Sam

    Biggie was and IS the greatest rapper ever lived, there’s no doubt about it.
    Saying Chamillionare and Weezy/Jeezy are the best rappers alive is just wrong…
    Nas is the best rapper alive, Jigga can’t put all his skills into the songs no more, unlike Nas, although not as good as before.

  • ManFrizzle

    Bol is on point…weezy hasn’t really made any meaningful music yet, but his mixtapes are killing everything…nicest flow out period, and i’m a hova worshipper…jay went at him the last verse on “trouble” from kingdom come, clearly from his play on weezy’s name (little) and by what he says in the verse…

    unh, you little niggaz ain’t deep you dumb, you niggaz ain’t gangsta you gum, I chew little niggaz
    hock-too, spew little niggaz, I can only view little niggaz like little niggaz
    but in lieu of little niggaz trying to play that boy, I phew phew little niggaz with the latest toy
    unlike you little nigga, I’m a grown ass man, big shoes to fill nigga, grown ass pants
    prolly hustled with your pops, go ask your parents its apparent you’re staring at a legend
    who, put a few little niggaz in the they place before trying to eat without saying they grace before
    blasphemous bastard get your faith restored you’re viewing your version of the lord god
    mc little nigga, applaud, or forever burn in the fire that I spit at y’all I rebuke you little nigga
    the meek shall parish, ill roof you little nigga, Im a project terrorist, cute you little niggaz
    think you in my class subsitute little niggaz soon feel my wrath, I mute you little niggaz
    you a little nigga, I shall abuse you little nigga, I’m a ill nigga, now shoot you little niggaz
    go somewhere and play, cuz the day I loose to you little niggaz, no day

  • mzfinegirl

    wow that verse was wack.he said niggaz in every damn line. damn jigga is falling off

  • REy

    people is sayint the carter2 lil waynes best album gillie claimed he wrote the first album but even if he did the carter 2 was better. nobody aint say nothing bout the carter1 we talkin bout the carter 2 dumass.

  • mzfinegirl


  • mzfinegirl


  • mzfinegirl


  • royce

    wayne doing mixtapes because he love rapping

  • http://www.carpemundus.com CarpeMundus

    wow, bol put it down on this one. here’s our tribute to him


  • Kid Wave

    to MZFINEGIRL, no he isn’t the best rapper alive. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard anyone write-
    “it is not easier to make a better song over someone elses i bet jim jones couldnt do it, or dfb couldnt.”

    so you comparing lil wayne to dfb and jim jones? no wonder you got his dick so far down your throat. go listen to lil wayne, bow wow, and d4L, thats your type of shit i’m sure. you probably think they got lyrics for days. HAHAHAHA

  • U-God

    remember what Luda did to T.I.? i don’t care if T.I. couldn’t respond, what would he have said? When Luda is on point, he is almost untouchable

  • U-God

    and T.I. has credibility for DAYSSSSSS, Wayne has 0, I repeat, ZERO, credibility. So you can just imagine what Luda would do to him

  • ThatDude #1

    Of course MZFINEGIRL would rather listen to Tha Carter 2 over Kingdom Come, cause you are too young to understand anything Hov is talkin about. Just stick to watching 106 and Park girl, and keep votin for Pretty Ricky and Weezy F. Baby!

  • Amillion

    Y’all keep dissin Jay and Nas for because they are “lazy” and don’t put out mixtapes like Wayne. Do they need to? Why the fuck would they put out mixtapes 6 times a year? They already established their legacy, and they know albums are what makes you a legend, not mixtapes. You can call them lazy, but simply put, they are so good they don’t need to drop mixtapes to keep them relevant (like Weezy), they are relevant regardless, because they are legends.

  • Amillion

    Naw he ain’t the best rapper alive, never has, never will be.

  • flournbake

    Best Rapper Alive? Not even in the discussion. No way is he the best rapper alive. Not even top 100 all-time. What does he rap about?

  • God’s Child

    Luda would eat Lil’ Wayne alive.

  • God’s Child

    First, Lil’ Wayne has to be better than anyone else in the South. He is not better than T.I. or Ludacris. And one on one against Chamillionaire would be a good battle. So, not only is he NOT the best rapper alive, and not even close to that, he’s not even the best rapper alive in the SOUTH.

  • Gutta

    first, lil wayne is not the best rapper alive. I’m not sayin it cuz im “hatin” on him or the south, he hasnt done enough to be called the best rapper alive. second, hes lying about his age which off top takes away from his credibility as an artist. last, he got “caught” kissing another MAN on the lips. If weezy is “the gay rapper” thats is business but we dont wanna see that shit homie. I dont wanna sound like a lil wayne “hater” cuz i do like weezy’s music and listen to his mixtapes to hear what he gonna say next but he has to make a classic album or move some units to get that kinda praise. regardless of what people say about hov and his “diminishing skills” he still the best living until somebody takes him down and the only person i can see with the ability to do so is nas and they are playin for the same team so……

  • Gutta

    wayne wont be the best rapper alive until,god forbid, jay and nas arent alive. wayne, first has to prove hes better than his peers(t.i.,game,ludacris,lupe fiasco,etc) just to name a few.


    cam’ron is the best rapper alive but weezy is 2nd.


    and for all ya’ll saying nas no way is that nigga goat the niggaz whole career was a dissapointment.


    oh and this will be the first xxl mag issue that im gonna cop since last years cam’ron issue

  • moore

    oh shit so when did rakim, nas, jay, big daddy kane, andre 3000, and ice cube die? dont get me wrong, weezy is hot (no weezy f baby) but best alive? get the fuck outta here!

  • God’s Child

    In order to be the best rapper alive, you have to be the best rapper in your region. Lil’ Wayne first has to prove he’s better than Ludacris, Andre 3000, T.I. and Chamillionaire. I do think he’s better than Chamillionaire, but none of the others. Weezy is a good punchline rapper, but so are Lloyd Banks and Fabolous, ya dig? It doesn’t mean shit towards you being a real MC. He’s on a Juelz Santana level, which isn’t very high up.

  • Jaymac


  • http://www.myspace.com/tedwa Teddy

    i’m a big fan of wayne myself but after the lash out at jay-z, i still think his dope but his been on jay’s dick for a minute the title best rapper alive was from jay-z he brought out the carter collections like jays carter collection his style is completely bitten of jays style so he cant be better his just a remnant of jay-z

  • sexi_chocolate404

    LIL wayne is not the best rapper alive but the boi can rap. yea he talkin bout some real stuff and sayin some off the wall stuff that no one will never say, but he jus cant be caterogized as the “best” rapper alive. It all can be seperated into north and south, east and west. think about all the rappers b4 his time even came to shine

  • Green Light Special

    NO he isn’t the best rapper alive because….Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim, Andre 3000, Ludacris, Big Daddy Kane, T.I., Ice Cube, The Game, Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel are all still alive!!!!!!!


    We all know this guy take some of Jays style, dick rides the nigger and says hes the best alive, there should be a law that prohibits that you cant do that, and i feel jay for not saying anything, why should he, we all know thats some bullshit, it seems that its a common thing to go at the top niggers to get your name up, thats corny to me,just make hot songs, why keep the next man name in your mouth to pop off, thats some gay shit,but my niggers are here to end all this corney shit, REAL HIPHOP IS HERE (myspace.com/blu-black)

  • Rizzop

    Ask any rapper and they would tell you he aint the best alive, HE said that! And what criteria are you using to say whos the best?

    Longetvity: He been in the game but wasnt even the hottest nigga on the hot boys!

    Creativity- Raps about the same shit over and over. I got money,i got hoes and i a boss…nothing else

    Flow: He just switched his style to sound like Jay-Z check his first 3 records and get back to me.

    Classic Material. He recent albums are his best work. And they arent classics

  • http://xxlmag.com Red-nose123

    Ya’ll know weezy has gone downhill since he put out the prefix and suffix albums that is when he was in his prime and lately its been all bullshit with his gay ass songs he puts out that shit makes people really not like him but the boy still got all those karats like he a fuckin vegetarian

  • http://xxlmag.com Red-nose123

    he has the potential to BECOME the best rapper his best rapper freestyle will tell you that from the suffix

  • Matt Herbz

    Eminem is the best rapper alive. Marshall Mathers LP: the best album.

    I’m Matt Herbz of the White Nigga Movement. Here is a fact: Eminem became our honorary spokesperson in 2001 after it was evident he was the realest White Nigga in the game. Peace to all my White Niggaz putting it down for the movement. WNM07!

  • jacquez
  • mannyworld33

    M.A. Says:

    February 9th, 2007 at 6:22 pm
    Alright you can say whatever the hell you want to say about Wayne… but he is not the best rapper alive… the guy is a FUCKIN phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan, and he was born in 79 not 82 so he’s actually 27 not 24 “look at the police reports”… and he’s a clone when he 1st came out he road B.G.’s dick, then he jumped on G.D.K.’s, then Jay’s, now he’s jump all on Santana’s dick… oh yeah and he always talks about being shoot that bitch nigga Cheddar Bobbed himself posing in a picture with a gun… and like everyone else said he’s suspect homo… but honestly I like Wayne he’s a cool dude but not the best rapper alive or ever
    co-sign! lmao!

  • Smoothlp

    I am a Weezy fan, but there is no way that he is the best alive. However he does have the potential to be in the top five. He has got the flow and swagger that is needed but he keeps talkin about the same stuff. If he would start talkin about some real shit I think he could have a classic on his hands.

  • X-Mas Kid

    lil wayne will never be the best rapper alive…..hes not fuckin w/Lupe…and for the most part…no one in the history of rap has gone where Lupes went….American Terrorist,Daydreamin,the cool,and do i have to say it…NEVER LIES…

    Most Legends havent even been were Lupes been when it comes to deep concepts…Lyrics..and wordplay…

    get the fuck outta hear…weezy lost

  • X-Mas Kid


  • pockets

    the thign about wayne is that, if u look at his lyrics, they are sometimes just awful n garbage. but ill admit theres somethign abuot his style and the way he spits that makes him listenable. greatest ever? stop making me laugh

  • pockets

    lil wayne will never be the best rapper alive…..hes not fuckin w/Lupe…and for the most part…no one in the history of rap has gone where Lupes went….American Terrorist,Daydreamin,the cool,and do i have to say it…NEVER LIES…

    Most Legends havent even been were Lupes been when it comes to deep concepts…Lyrics..and wordplay…

    get the fuck outta hear…weezy lost


    YES YES O GOD YESSSSSSSSSS thank u for someone else finally thinking like me. lupe fiasco owns the game rite now, no one can touch him, and food and liquor was album of the year

  • pockets

    X-Mas Kid Says:

    February 12th, 2007 at 2:26 pm
    lil wayne will never be the best rapper alive…..hes not fuckin w/Lupe…and for the most part…no one in the history of rap has gone where Lupes went….American Terrorist,Daydreamin,the cool,and do i have to say it…NEVER LIES…

    Most Legends havent even been were Lupes been when it comes to deep concepts…Lyrics..and wordplay…

    get the fuck outta hear…weezy lost


    YES YES O GOD YESSSSS finally someone else out there who agrees with me. no one rite now is touching lupe fiasco, he could very well be greatest of all time, and food and liquor was album of the year

  • EReal

    I thought Id like to point out that all three artists that I made a case for in my comment above all won grammys last night.

    1 hunned!

  • gotta be kidding

    this clown ain’t the best at it…and for all thoes that think soo i gots one word for ya NAS..

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    EReal Says:

    February 12th, 2007 at 2:46 pm
    I thought Id like to point out that all three artists that I made a case for in my comment above all won grammys last night.

    1 hunned!
    did pac win a grammy

    1 hunned!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Top 5 reasons hip hop has become commercial:

    *drumroll please*

    5.) Pac died
    4.) Jay-z stepped in
    3.) success is based off album sales
    2.) a lot of people think a grammy validates good work
    1.) The ones pushing the buttons

  • tsmith7791

    so i guess bol finally killed himself. i blame the parker report.

  • rok

    Weezy should be named ” Baby Jay”

    He is hot but his concept of flow derives from Jay Z and he isn’t the BEST lyrically. Shit you got NAS, JAYZ, JADA, TALIB and MOST DEF, COMMON, ANDRE 3000.

    All the above would eat BABY JAY in a heart beat!!!!

  • lukee lefty

    wayne is barely fucking with Fabolous as is Weezy is the Steve Nash of the rap game

  • Fernando

    Lupe owns nothing….calm down.

    Fabolous??????? Talk about washed up. I bet him & that terrible female singer are tryin their hardest to get off that sinking label

  • E Dubb G

    yo real good points from both sides, but there is alot of things that prove weezy could be, or may well be in the future, thee best or one of the best. he’s bought out like 6 albums and sold like 8.5 mill, Tha Carter an Tha Carter II are real good, he has some shit hot tracks on there, an Like Father Like Son is also good as fuck, after the release of the second carter jigga wanted to sign him, so if weezy wasnt that good why would the so called best want to sign him? instead he signed basically with himself. the dude is also 24! 24! how many people can say they have released 6 albums, another out this year, alot of mixtapes sold more or less 8.5 mill and is 24! thats some shit, he has time, plently of time to rap about heavy meaningful stuff but why does it always have to be about that? he can string words together like nobodys business, and anyways if we had the money like he did from a pretty early age havin the fuckin fun he is havin wouldn’t some of us be rappin about the fun shit we do? you wait, weezy will bring out an album that people will be talkin about for years, will it be Tha Carter III? maybe, if its not he still has ages to do it, but i would put money on it that it will more than likely be sooner rather than later


    show some god damn respect to the best rapper alive you assholes

  • thatwhitedude

    all yall are weezy haters plain and simple…yall are so blind to it and just repeat the same BS arguments…how the fuck is he at all like jay-z???he doesn’t sound like jay at all, and sure he might use lines jay has done but so do a lot of other rappers, plus jay-z, the “best rapper alive” himself jacks lines all the time, mostly from biggie, plus i’ve noticed him jack lines from non-commercial artists like UGK all the time (c. “i don’t mean a bitch in the sense of having a pussy, but a pussy with no goddam sense, trying to push me” – 99 problems)..the fact is people jack lines from other rappers ALL the time, which is why XXL has a section for it every month, and the most jacked rapper right now is jay, so don’t get mad at weezy for doin something everyone does right now, plus jay did it with big constantly…

    and then there’s the whole “weezy is gay” BS, okay great there is a pic of him kissin his father (adopted yes, but its still his dad) on the lips italian style, europeans do that shit all the time, it just shows how homophobic the hip-hop community/black people really are….

    then there is the whole “his shit is ghostwritten by gillie”, okay well then who is writing all his dope shit now since the story broke?????? he writes his own shit and gillie was just trying to get big off a popular rappers name by bringin up lies, shitty rappers do it ALL the time (c. jim jones, ras kass, tru life, etc.), if gillie really was writing all those great rhymes for weezy then how come he is broke? how come he can’t write some good shit for himself now? cuz its a fuckin lie…

    then there is the whole “weezy is a pussy for not respondin to gillie” thing…okay well how come its okay for a big rapper like jay to refuse to respond to people on a lower level than him dissing him, yet its not okay for weezy to do the same fuckin thing?? hypocriticism, go look it up, wayne would be an idiot to respond to gillie no matter what he say cuz he has everything to lose and gillie has nothing, same reason why jay doesn’t respond to just about all disses nowadays, including the diss wayne threw at jay, if wayne is a pussy for not respondin to gillie, then so is jay for not respondin to wayne…

    the whole conclusion of this all is that wayne might not be the best rapper out right now, but hes pretty fuckin good at rappin, he gets better with every record, he is a beast on mixtapes, had one of the best mixtapes out last yr, and is basically in the runnin for best rapper out right now, if not the best…the problem is a combination of people gettin upset that a southern rapper could possibly be the best out, something that has never been done before, and a lot of people in their jaded little heads still want to beleive that jay is still the best out, he used to be, held the reign for yrs, built a dynasty, will go down in rap history, and is a damn good business man, but he is not the best anymore, let some new youngins compete for the title, especially after that garbage called kingdom come dropped…now call me a jay hater and go back to thinkin weezy is the gay one while you’re the one who secretly would fuck jay-z if given the chance…truth




    LIL WEEZY IS GOD & hands down is the best rapper alive after him i’d say cam’ron


    who wants to see biggie on another cover let alone read about him?like c’mon but good choice on puting the best rapper alive lil wayne on the front page gaurantee them issues gonna fly off the shelves.

  • haterslove

    i agree with the white dude.

  • haterslove

    jayz is old and cant rap anymore wayne is going to takeover

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Jack

    LIL WAYNES got skills but he needs to talk about real issues like poverty and aids before he can be put ahead of anyone he also needs to show his more grown up ceo side and make some good buissness desisons.

  • WAtup

    i bet obl getting hard off of all these comments we giving him.

  • doctor69


  • WTL

    Apparently no one here has ever heard of Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, as well as other rap legends. Has anybody call this nasal motherfucker a legend? PLEASE…someone make a decent arguement here!

  • EnglandRepresent

    smh @ Wayne even bein mentioned in the same sentence as the Notorious One….fuckin blasphemy. Take that little gerbil lookin nigga off the front page and put my manz Biggie on, even if you ain’t gonna write an article on him. 10 years since the King of Hip-Hop passed and the shit has’nt been the same since. We’ll Always Love Big Poppa.

    Fuck Wayne, the nigga is batty, if a rapper takes a dick up the hoop it discounts him all together.

    And N-CRED, what the fuck are you on about you freak? If a nigga kiss another nigga on the lips – it means they like men, it does’nt mean they respect each other it means they wanna do weird shit to each other. Fuck they breed ‘em weird down South.

    Best rapper down south – Killer Mike, best rapper alive Nas then Jay then Styles P then Lupe

  • Chad Biggz

    Ok Ok Ok….its my turn.

    I love Weezy, Jay, Nas, Joe Budden, sometimes Fab, Lupe, shit the nigga Boaz too. I am feeling the pros and cons that the Bol is talkin about.

    Wayne got skills. And when he’s finishin rappin we will be having convos on who was the BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME Nas, Jay, BIG, Pac, or Wayne. Sorry old skool I aint say Kane, Rakim, or who ever else yall was feeling back in the day.

    Niggaz knock Wayne cuz most people will say he was born wit a dog butt (a bitch ass nigga) and I will agree wit that. And kissing Baby in the mouth is just fuckin nasty. But why are people bring that up when he been kissin Baby in the mouth since like the 500 degreez LP. But now Wayne is the hottest rapper out right now. Yeah other niggaz is up for grammys. And winning all these awards on BET, MTV, VH1 and all that bull. But who got the hottest mixtapes out (Dedication 1 & Dedication 2), one of a hand full of albums that went platium lately (Carter II), and is on everyones remixs and damn single (Make it Rain, the Lloyd shit, Avant shit, I can’t think right now 24 is on).

    Wayne to me is the Best Rapper Alive right now. His last album can stand in the ring wit Hip Hop is Dead, The Doctors Advocate, The King, and whatever else you think was hot last year. What I knock on him is he let Gillie the Kid shit on him. And he aint have nothin to come back to shut up this dude. Shit, Trina even put out a diss song.

    So Wayne can call hisself the best rapper alive as long as he is still droppin quotable verse on damn near ever rap album out and his own mixtape and albums. He needs to shut up and just rap. And Weezy F. will shut yall haters up!!!

    *****The Logo*****

  • Dread Nada

    What’s the criteria for bein the best rapper alive, other than bein alive.
    1.Lyrical content
    2. Lyrical impact upon listeners motivations and trends i.e. pac made ya wanna ride on ya enemies
    3. publicity and hustle, if know one ever saw Ali box he wouldn’t be the greatest, swagger can be thrown into this category
    4. lyrical wordplay
    5. Quantity of albums (mixtapes included, other wise Saigon, Papoose etc, wouldn’t even be considered
    6. Consistent Quality (How often is it fire)
    On these basis wayne takes the cake with #3 and #5 other than that he’s top6 or better in the rest of the categories,
    Category#1. Nas, Lupe, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Game, Saigon, Luda, Mos-Def…Wayne way down the line seeing that he refuses to give wind to issues relating substance
    #2. Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I.,Game, Jeezy, Wayne
    #3. Wayne hands down…that niggas everywhere
    #4. Lupe hands down, watch his you-tube freestyle on the basement or listen to food and liquor, Nas, Game, Wayne, Fabolous,
    #5. Wayne
    #6. Lupe (personally I’ve never heard him come weak…ever)
    if something missing add to tha list then tally it up, so far it’s tight between him and Lupe. On the three MC categories It’s a few that have em beat

  • mzfinegirl

    Kid Wave Says:

    February 11th, 2007 at 8:42 pm
    to MZFINEGIRL, no he isn’t the best rapper alive. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard anyone write-
    “it is not easier to make a better song over someone elses i bet jim jones couldnt do it, or dfb couldnt.”

    so you comparing lil wayne to dfb and jim jones? no wonder you got his dick so far down your throat. go listen to lil wayne, bow wow, and d4L, thats your type of shit i’m sure. you probably think they got lyrics for days. HAHAHAHA


    Kidwave i dont listen to dfb or bowwow. u are ignorant. im saying that it wouldnt be easy for just any old rapper to rhyme over another artists beat and do it better than they did. thats wat i was saying about lil wayne that he could enough to make show me wat u got better than jay. barely any other rappers could have made that beter than wayne or even jay. matter fact i dont think t.i. coulda made that better. so shut the hell up and quit bein ignorant. jus becuz lil wayne isnt your favorite rapper doesnt mean u don t have to listen to him. thats just my opinion About lil wayne i dodnt say U HAVE TO BELIEVE HE IS THE BEST. thats jus wati think. And since u wanna know my taste in music i listen to alot of people like royce da 5”, t.i. twista, lupe fiasco, nas, remy ma, shawnna. them people right now is doing it big except lupe and shawnna. but otherwise thars wat i dont listen to? wat the fuk do u listen to? u mentioned bowwow. thats wat u listen to?

  • philly

    Edubb it has and will always have to be about substance. At the end of the day you can’t continously listen to shit that has no meaning or effect.Yea it may be hot and get a rewind, but 2 months from now that shit will be put to the side. Vol 3 Blueprint Vol 1 Black Album and Rsnable still get play. I don’t even listen to Carter 2 no more because I don’t need to. He’s a good lyricist, but Jay is great lyrics and with substance. Before you debate think about A LOT of jay songs and how you felt, or related to what he was saying. And notice we only remember and comment on Wayne mixtapes, not album songs. But we ALL recite Jay songs, he never do mix tapes but when he did in 03 for the Sneakers he killed it. “Mike Jordan of mike recording, Kobe maybe Tracy Mcgrady…”.So he give you the substance, plus the songs, plus freestyles when neccesary. And you dickheads nead to think. If Jay has lost it, how is corporate Takeover Great and basically what weezy doing with all these songs but he fell off? Jay is taking it to another level that I bet Weezy, Jimmy, And the rest of these fucking haters will try to take it 2 years from now. Luda and TI are already taking notice. So If Jay WANTED TO, he could resort back to his old ways. But for who and for what. Catch up mentally, or stay in your realm of little Weezy

  • philly

    Plus you cant be the best if your whole career you followed and dickrided. Who has wayne influenced and what game has he changed? When Hov said a simple word “roc-a-fella yall” on reasonable it was a rap. We own our label and Im a hustler and my lyrics are believable and deep. (Can I live, D-Evils,Feelind it). And when Jay made Imaginary Player a year later he CHANGED THE RAP GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weezy hasn’t changed shit. “Ok then, Make another HOV”. Weezy a good lyricist and came a long way. I was a big fan and was saying he was little Hov b4 all the hype now. I noticed the liking of Jay by weezy. But once you got dipsetitis and say you better than jay then its a rap. Who the fuck are you to say some shit with no classics. 106 & park is who he were aiming for with that comment. But them youngins no nothing about life or the streets. Niggas made they money and moves and lived that life the past 12 years listning to Hov. Niggas went to school and fucked chicks listning to Hov. Niggas now got careers listining to jay. Girls kney to cop that Jay and got they floss game up. You cant fool them. Maybe the kids

  • big phill89

    THERE IS NO BEST. u cant name one rapper who can handle every rappin cat in the game. too many styles out there. now wayne has put out some hot shyt but he the only nigga cash money got. i mean baby need to sit his ass down u know he do!! haha and if gillie the kid was speaking the truth? man i dont know what to say,.. i mean skillz dont mater anymore? back in the day if your single wasnt bout shyt u wasnt droppin no album period. niggaz just want the spot light i mean ther is no reason to go at jz. there is no reason for game to spit shyt at g-unit feel me? JUST RAP NIGGA DAMN!!!! if your shyt is hot niggaz will support it. they need to put biggie on the cover. just for the fact these cats today dont give a phuck about the hiphop culture and its history and these niggaz need to know that shyt.


    I feel you (PHILLY) these little niggers think lil wayne can say a few hot words on a mix tape, with a few good albums and now hes the greatest, he can never be on the same level as JAY-Z because he mimicks him, meaning (uses his style as his own) its not hate its real talk, he cant even fuck with (lupe) now hes hot, and his first album is a classic, too me.

  • Hip Hop Ain’t Dead

    U all needa stop hatin on weezy, I can’t say he the best rapper alive and all that but he on his way.

    Don’t 4get about Texas tho where I think two of the best rappers alive is, and Im talkin about Z-Ro and Trae.

    FREE Z-RO!!

  • sirtrell

    lil wayne is the best hands down fuck what yall talkin bout he killed jay z own his first song back so jay came with a bang and wayned banged em in his personal life is non of our business all i care about is the music

  • http://n/a swing, davante

    Wayne is the best. Most consistent (by far) Hardest Working (by far) Best Known (by far). Fuck if he dont talk about shit, fuck if its all lies. He does it better than any one else. Hes a rapper he makes the best rap music. Educational? not so much…he’s a rapper not a teacher! True? Maybe not. Its art not non-fiction. Inspirational? Maybe, but who cares. The Carter is the best album I’ve bought since the Vol. 1, well maybe Diplomats Double Disk (but thats a group album). If he aint the best then who is? like the other nigga said maybe Andre but hes an actor and a singer. Lets title him best all-around!!!

  • HollyWood

    Wayne sittin back laughin at you niggaz. Yall think this nigga really care what people think about what he put out. if you lookin for punch lines, and fresh metaphores, waynes your man. nah he aint rappin bout shit like lupe, but that niggas still got skill. who cares if tha nigga kissin another nigga. i bet he dont have to jack off like you geeks. haha. get a life nigga.

  • HollyWood

    oh yea. he is by far the most consistent rapper. 90% of his songs are clean.

  • http://south Georgia boy

    Wayne is da best.All challengers will get killed if they step up.Weezy just got da game wrapped up right now.I don’t see no one else in his ranking.

  • thechi2000

    Man if one of ya’ll hoe studs mention T.I. one more time… He don’t even come close to Weezy lyrically Weezy is the best in the south by far… Dude is wilding when he say he better than jay and he suspect as fuck but he’s also a beast when he spit, there is no denying him the crown in the south but once you cross the mason dixie it’s a wrap north nigga’s will eat Weezy for dinner… Bottom line is Jay-z is Weezy’s idol dawg and thats real talk.

  • thechi2000

    Man if one of ya’ll hoe studs mention T.I. one more time… He don’t even come close to Weezy lyrically Weezy is the best in the south by far… Dude is wilding when he say he better than jay and he suspect as fuk but he’s also a beast when he spit, there is no denying him the crown in the south but once you cross the mason dixie it’s a wrap north nigga’s will eat Weezy for dinner… Bottom line is Jay-z is Weezy’s idol dawg and thats real talk.

  • Ashley

    Lil’ wayne is the best rapper alive your just a hater b/c u don’t got what he does

  • Fly like a grown up maggot

    Listen, no other rapper in recent memory has straight killed everything he’s been on like Weezy. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future people stop lettin wayne on their shit cuz 9 times outta 10 he’s the best rapper on the track, regardless of who’s track it is. He jus showin cats up left and right…Everyone jus needs to drop the Bullshit and let the raps speak….thats all thats real anyways

  • Marco

    First of all some niggas just dont understand wayne cause they stupid. Now im no defending wayne cause ANDRE 3000 is the best there ever was. yes i said it! dre that shit. just listen to the rap fuck the singin (his singin hot too)listen to the raps

  • rell

    nigga juelz shittin on him on da mixtape

  • Prince Akeem

    You’re all wrong, Pharoahe Monch is the best rapper alive.

  • http://www.sanzkdni59.org/libera libera

    i’am really impressed!!

  • http://www.sanzkdni59.org/formula-1 formula 1

    Chi ha fatto questo? E un buon posto per trovare le informazioni importanti!:)


    you can’t spell
    Crap without



  • edwind95

    yeHe does have mad skills but dam he still hasn’t tooken Jay and Nas off their throne what compares to Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic c’mon ya’ll jay Jay and Nas still alive !!

  • edwind95

    Yeah Wayne does have mad skills but dam he still hasn’t tooken Jay and Nas off their throne what compares to Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic c’mon ya’ll Jay and Nas still alive !!

  • http://www.entertainmentonfire.com HipHop

    one of the best fasho… hes insane he needs a shrink gotdamnit…

    other names…hov… lupe.. pharoah monche.. mos def.. pac (im still ridin w. that net vid of him @ the studio)

    haters form a single file line.. all questions and comments must be submitted in writing

  • judge

    all of u r goin on like wayne suddenly transformd in2 a super rapper afta tha carter but he waz alwayz gd wit tha metaphors n flow on lights and 500 degreez so wat he xpanded mo lyrically on tha carter n gt mo grittier das wa rhymin duz 2 u gt betta n wiv age u get mo mature n u niggaz cnt understand dat so it meanz gillie mus of bin ghostwritin 4 him das wack, u niggaz tlk about how hiz 1st 3 albums wer wack u probably ain even boverd listenin n u jus sayin dat cuz u dint hear it i ain gna lie he did mek alot of mistakes wiv hiz single choices on da 1st 3. i dun agree wiv kissin a man on da lipz but das hiz adopted father if das wa he wna do den das wa he wana do has nuttin to do wiv hez rappin skillzn n das what we talkin bou here jus lyk if kellz wana fuk underage gurlz den dat dun tek away frm him bein a gd singer. you r goin on about how hez not real 80% of rapperz ina game ain dun half wat dey z dey hav itz entertainment. n ur boi jayz bin stealin niggas lines hiz hole career buh u styl rate him the best buh i gess wen jay tek a biggie line itz a tribute wen ne wun do it der jus dick ridin n copyin hiz style init 2b honest itz cuz dis nigga ain reli ur conventional rapper n cuz he ain ppl dun wana look at him itz u ppl hu mek it hard u dun lyk change if sumwun ain bin producin 4frm da beginin n they start producin da goods da crap cuz dey werent alwayz doin it frm da start dat makez no sense das wa u sayin u ppl sayin lil wayne ain der best rapper alive but hu knos he cud b so cud 50 otha rappers sum that ain even bin signed yet, rappers like wayne t.i hueva sai things lyk dis 2 get attention da fact u lot r even arguin about shows dat itz workin

  • Castro

    Ok, first off I think its hilarious that everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was bumpin the carter (1) and now they hate. Oh the fickleness. To say that Weezy raps about shit is not saying anything new. Who in hip-hop (besides some of the conscience rappers) really talk about anything THAT relevant. Youre gonna knock him for talking about riding in his car and things of that nature. OK, “Ballin”, any song by 50 scent, Jay-Z, Clipse (cocaine rap, self indicting themselves, smart), Kanye talking about all the name brand shit he buys which basically just makes a bunch of old rich white guys even richer ($500 LV baseball cap? Ignant to say the least) you get my point. What Im trying to say is that you knock him for doing things that other rappers do but they dont get the same criticism. Why? And to touch on the issue of his jeans, how smart is it to spend $300 + on some pants. Seriously, Im guilty as well I bought Iceberg shit, Evisu, Versace that kind of stuff but it was stuff I liked. Who gives a F*** if anybody else did they didnt buy my shit. The cum-stain and bullethole comment in one of these blog posts is stupid. Grow up and stop downing someone just because it makes you feel better about what you have or dont have.