No the John Brown cover wasn't real but I'm still revival minded (I'd never vote for Bush!). I know a lot people thought we were gonna go B.I.G. for the 10 year anniversary of his death. Yeah we did it with 'Pac before (what a headache that was) but things done changed. We'll always ride for Big Poppa and our never before seen photos truly have never been seen. This time though we decided to fall back 'cause a couple of dead mags (a rap one and a rock one) decided to get all up in our Kool-Aid.

I told ya muthafuckas a long time ago, I don't like to share. There's no time in the morning you can set your alarm clock to, I can't be outsmarted or beatin' to the punch. I run this shit until I decide I don't want to do it no more. While you pitiful publications get put to sleep this summer. Like Craig Mack before his comeback once advised:Y'all won't be around next year. And I ain't hiring any of ya. My name ain't Grand Puba and I ain't checkin' any résumés.