Does is it strike anyone else as odd that of all the rappers in the world to hate on, people always seem to be picking on Ludacris? What did he ever do that was so bad compared to some of these other d-bags?

If you notice, this latest round of Ludacris hate seems to be surfacing right around the same time he somehow managed to win the Grammys for both Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album. Even last year, the Ludacris hate seemed to pick up around the time he was in the move Crash, for which he didn't even receive any awards.

Granted, as a rapper Ludacris is marginally talented at best. He has a certain knack for making the kind of records that don't require much thought in the first place, but then so does Pimp C and Crime Mob and Jibbs and so on and so forth.

On the one hand, I'll admit I was kinda bothered that an album like Release Therapy could be considered the album of the week, let alone Album of the Year. But on the other hand, is it not the m.o. of mediocre artists on bullshit corporate labels to do well at the Grammys?

Also, look at what it was up against. Between the likes Releast Therapy, King, Food and Liquor, In My Mind, and Game Theory, I'd say you can pretty much flip a coin. Except for that Pharrell album, they're all at least okay, but none of them is an unqualifed masterpiece or anything.

I can't help but wonder if there isn't some sort of element of self hate at play here. You didn't see cracka-ass crackas calling for John Mayer's head when he won Song of the Year for that schmaltzfest "Daughters," now did you? Hmm...

Of course the knock against Ludacris vis a vis, say, John Mayer is that his music is demeaning to women. Never mind the fact that if I was a woman (nullus), I'd probably be pretty offended by crap like "Your Body Is a Wonderland" - maybe the douchebaggiest song possible.

But perhaps more so than any uber-popular rapper out, Ludacris has built his career on songs that could be viewed as degrading to women. Examples would include the likes of "You's a Ho," "I've Got Hoes in Different Area Codes," "Move, Bitch Get out the Way," and so on and so forth.

Still, do any of these songs come off as genuinely misogynist? Because that's not the vibe I pick up when I listen to them (not that I listen to them very often). If anything I think these songs show that Ludacris has an appreciation for black women that obviously extends a lot deeper than my own.

I see the latest front in the war against Ludacris is a petition written by some d-bag for black people to boycott Luda because he performed at a party for Paris Hilton, who's been known to drop the occasional n-bomb. Pshaw!

I'm not saying Paris Hilton isn't kinda racist, but who isn't? If she was really that racist, then why would she have invited Ludacris over to her house? Don't front like you wouldn't have been over there with the quickness.